Roy Orbison / Black and White Night 30


Amazingly, it has been 30 years since Roy Orbison‘s 1987 television ‘comeback’ show A Black & White Night. To mark the occasion ‘Roy’s Boys’ – Alex Orbison and Roy Orbison Jnr – have gone back to the source footage and audio and re-edited, remastered and, if you are feeling fanciful, ‘re-imagined’ the television special, to create an expanded audio/visual document that will be available on CD/Blu-ray or CD/DVD in February.

The concert – filmed at Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles – was shot using seven separate cameras and there were hundreds of hours of footage that went unused and unseen. Roy’s youngest son Alex has gone back to this source material and, with the help of co-editor Luke Chalk, re-edited to reflect the correct set order as seen by those who attended the show.

Additionally, bonus features include an unseen (and unheard) alternate version of Orbison’s biggest hit Oh, Pretty Woman and a previously unseen Blue Angel.

Also new to Black & White 30 is a post-show ‘secret concert’ of five songs. It features alternate takes of Dream You, Comedians, Candyman, Claudette, and Uptown. This was filmed so it appears on the Blu-ray (or DVD) and the audio is offered to purchasers via download code (groan). All tracks (show, secret concert and alt versions) have been remastered by Richard Dodd.

As well as the full show and this secret concert, the blu-ray/DVD features a brand new 33-minute documentary which includes rehearsal footage and pre and post show interviews with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello, along with a photo gallery.

Black & White Night 30 is available on CD+Blu-ray or CD+DVD and will be issued on 24 February 2017.

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Orbison, Roy

Black & White Night CD+Blu-ray


Compare prices and pre-order

Orbison, Roy

Black & White Night CD+DVD





1) Only the Lonely
2) Leah
3) In Dreams
4) Crying
5) Uptown
6) The Comedians
7) Blue Angel+
8) It s Over
9) Running Scared
10) Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
11) Mean Woman Blues
12) Candy Man
13) Ooby Dooby
14) Blue Bayou
15) Go Go Go (Down the Line)
16) (All I Can Do Is) Dream You
17) Claudette
18) Oh, Pretty Woman (ALT Version)*
19) Oh, Pretty Woman

Secret Post-concert alternate versions (offered as a digital download within the CD)
20) (All I Can Do Is) Dream You*
21) Comedians*
22) Candy Man*
23) Claudette*
24) Uptown

* Previously unreleased
+ First time on DVD


1. Intro
2. Only the Lonely
3. Leah
4. In Dreams
5. Crying
6. Uptown
7. The Comedians
8. Blue Angel+
9. It’s Over
10. Running Scared
11. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
12. Mean Woman Blues
13. Candy Man
14. Ooby Dooby
15. Blue Bayou
16. Go! Go! Go! (Down the Line)
17. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You
18. Claudette
19. Oh, Pretty Woman
20. Oh, Pretty Woman (ALT version)*
21. Secret Show Intro
22. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You
23. The Comedians
24. Candy Man
25. Claudette
26. Uptown
27. Credits

Bonus Content

28. Mean Woman Blues (Rehearsal)
29. The Comedians (Rehearsal)
30. Blue Angel (Rehearsal)
31. Blue Bayou (Rehearsal)
32. Candyman (Rehearsal)
33. It’s Over (Rehearsal)
34. Interview Break
35. Running Scared
36. (All I Can Do Is) Dream You (Rehearsal)
37. Uptown (Rehearsal)
38. Dream Baby (Rehearsal)
39. I’ve Got An Idea – Bruce Springsteen
40. Photo Gallery

* Previously unreleased
+ First time on DVD

28 responses to Roy Orbison / Black and White Night 30

  1. brian patrick boyle says:

    I need to know if Elliot Scheiner did the audio remix for the Blu-ray/CD package?

  2. Colin Brown says:

    @Clem – the Blu ray disc is in Dolby True HD 5.1.

  3. Joe says:

    Unavailable downloads if you live in the UK.

  4. Clem says:

    Does somebody knows if the New blu ray is 5.1 hd master. Thank you.

  5. Colin says:

    I can confirm that the downloads are in MP3 320k format only. They’re locked to US region only, so elsewhere will miss out unless you use a VPN connection.

  6. jon says:

    wow i didnt know, typing in a little code and spending a few minutes downloading some songs was such a problem, takes just as much as it would ripping the cd to your computer
    just be happy the music is being offered.

  7. Stan Wool says:

    Looking forward to this, it’s a great set. Apparently, so I’ve read, the new mix brings James Burton a bit more to the fore, that’s never a bad thing!

  8. Bob preston says:

    Thanks Paul. Pre ordered immediately. Been waiting for a “remaster” of black and white night, and this sounds top notch. Have to agree with some comments, downloads are not the essential item, but a nice bonus. Unlike Flowers In The Dirt. No chance of purchasing that I am sorry to say.
    Now, please Mr Ferry et all, give us the first Roxy Music album box set.

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  10. Enrico G. says:

    No Blu-Ray for Italy???

  11. WKRP says:

    I will wait to hear what people see who get this. I remember the outrage at all the quick cuts, and hopefully they’ll do better than before.

  12. Mike C. says:

    If downloads are FLAC or other HD format I’m ok.

  13. Neil Bailey says:

    The Amazon UK listing doesn’t specify this as a Blu ray + CD release, and it appears the DVD package is the same price i.e £13.58 which is unusual. Maybe I’m missing something – any advice??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Advice is to trust SDE :)

      • Dave says:

        I was going to ask the same thing. The Amazon blu ray link goes to the higher priced CD version. Hope the link is indeed for blu ray as this concert is going to look amazing and don’t want the DVD version. 5th time I’ve purchased this but different camera angles, remastered audio and those rehearsals make it all worthwhile.

        The 5.1 mix on the last blu ray mix was outstanding. I isolated Roy’s vocal on In Dreams from that 5.1 mix and it literally sent shivers. What a singer.

  14. richie says:

    That CD dosen`t look to have enough room for a further 5 tracks and to split `em, say 2 on the CD and 3 to download would be daft.

    It is Monday and the moaners and groaners have to have something to vent their spleen on. I`d suggest concentrate it on Macca who must be held responsible for ROBBING his fans.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I haven’t vented any spleen on anyone. Let’s get things in proportion. Putting the word ‘groan’ in brackets is hardly raging against the machine.

  15. StevieB says:

    Decent amount of extra and improved (remastered) material here. Glad I hadn’t got round to buying it before, will go for this one instead.

  16. gogandmagog says:

    Usually for live material, CDs comes with less tracks than DVD/Blu-ray, unless it comes a 2cd set.
    And you are not given the chance to download if it’s 1 CD
    This time are only alternate versions and you have the chance…anyway, who cares if for 13 GBP you have a new Blu-ray!!!
    A bargain

  17. Scott G says:

    Paul, not too sure what the complaint is here.
    Many artists offer downloads of their products, especially when you buy in vinyl format.
    Also, it’s just as easy to rip the audio from the DVD or Blu-ray, both stereo and multi-channel layers.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The fundamental issue is selling CDs and then having ‘bolt on’ downloads. You *need* a digital download with vinyl if you want to have the music on iTunes etc. the same is not true with CDs. As I made clear I’m not raging against what they’ve done on the Roy Orbison set because it’s so cheap and the audio isn’t exactly essential, however this something I’d exactly want to encourage record companies to do.

  18. Bassel hassouna says:

    Is paul nccartney to thank for the new trends in download codes????? At least this is much affordable than fitd

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Forgivable here (to a degree) due to cheap price and on the assumption the main CD is full up. Flowers in the Dirt giving us two half-filled CDs more for £100+ extra!

      • Bassel hassouna says:

        Id hate to disagree Paul. I agree that the price is much cheaper but its about the concept. Pretty soon deluxe editions will be a booklet and a dvd and all tracks are downloadable and then the dvd will also be downloadable and youll find yourself buying a book with downloadable codes. Its the concept that really annoys me

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          As a champion of physical product, I don’t like it any more than you do, but for 10-15 mins of (arguably inessential) audio in a product with a price point of £13/4 I can see why they might have been tempted to do this.

        • Daran says:

          Canadian band Stars already have tried/done this with audio downloaded and just a lyric booklet posted out to you.

      • gwynogue says:

        Couldn’t they just put downloadable audio files on a DVD/BluRay -ROM section?

        I hate having to sign up to websites and mailing lists (that I NEVER hear from again) just to get something I’ve already paid for. I know the signing/registering is free, but it’s a lot of faffing about.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Good point. Erasure did that with The Circus and it worked really well. I suppose in theory the files are all ripple from the video section of the DVD / Blu-ray.

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