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Pre-order a SIGNED copy of the new SDE-curated box set

The full track listing to the forthcoming five-disc Sam Brown box set, The A&M Years 1988-1990 can finally be revealed…

This SDE-curated 4CD+DVD set compiles everything officially released by Sam during her period at A&M, including both the Stop! and April Moon albums in full and more than two discs’ worth of bonus audio, including single remixes, unheard alternate versions, B-sides and extra tracks from the singles along with 14 previously unreleased demos (including two never issued songs I Cried and Wasted Away).

This package also includes a first-ever DVD release of Sam Brown… The Videos. Previously available only on VHS, this selection of seven promo videos is newly compiled from archive one-inch reels for optimum quality and actually expands on the original version by including bonus Sam Brown interview clips and behind the scenes live and in-the-studio footage! Original aspect ratios for the clips has been maintained (the DVD is NTSC, all region, so will play everywhere!).

Original tapes were transferred for this release at Abbey Road Studios and it was mastered at Fluid Mastering (who worked on other SDE sets such as Paul Young and It’s Immaterial). Sam Brown has provided a track-by-track annotation in the 24-page booklet.

The A&M Years 1988-1990 comes packaged in a clamshell box and can be pre-ordered exclusively from the SDE online store for shipping in early December. A limited quantity of the box set SIGNED by Sam is currently available.

Please note: that this box set will not be available on Amazon or any other retailer for about six months. It’s exclusively available via


Sam Brown / The A&M Years 1988-1990

CD 1: Stop! + bonus tracks 

  1. Walking Back To Me
  2. Your Love Is All
  3. Stop
  4. It Makes Me Wonder
  5. This Feeling
  6. Tea
  7. Piece Of My Luck
  8. Ball And Chain
  9. Wrap Me Up
  10. I’ll Be In Love
  11. Merry Go Round
  12. Sometimes You Just Don’t Know
  13. Can I Get A Witness
  14. High As A Kite
  15. Nutbush City Limits

Bonus tracks

  1. Stop! (7″ edit)
  2. This Feeling (7″ remix)
  3. Can I Get A Witness? (Pete Brown 7″ remix)
  4. Stop! (full length version)
  5. Your Love Is All (instrumental remix)*
  6. This Feeling (Pete Smith version)*
  7. Can I Get A Witness (Eric Thorngren 7″ mix)*

CD 2: Stop! ~ B-sides, extra tracks and demos

  1. Tender Hearts
  2. Living In Your Own World
  3. Leave It Be
  4. Blue Soldier
  5. Poor Frank
  6. Bones
  7. Soldiers
  8. Window People
  9. Pitiful World
  10. Walking After Midnight
  11. Kids
  12. Art of Persuasion
  13. Your Love Is All (4-track demo)*
  14. Stop (demo)
  15. It Makes Me Wonder (demo)*
  16. Merry Go Round (demo)*
  17. Sometimes You Just Don’t Know (demo)*
  18. Wasted Away (demo)*
  19. I Cried (demo)*
  20. Trick Of The Imagination (demo)*
  21. Hold Me (demo)*

CD 3: “April Moon” + bonus tracks

  1. April Moon
  2. With A Little Love
  3. Mindworks
  4. Kissing Gate
  5. Where You Are
  6. Contradictions
  7. Once In Your Life
  8. Hypnotised
  9. As One
  10. Eye For An Eye
  11. Troubled Soul
  12. S’Envoler
  13. Henry
  14. Pride And Joy
  15. Now And Forever
  16. The Way I Love You

Bonus tracks 

  1. With A Little Love (7″ remix)
  2. Kissing Gate (7″ edit)
  3. Once In Your Life (7″ remix)

CD 4: “April Moon” ~ B-sides, extra tracks and demos 

  1. Long Way Down
  2. Dolly Mixture
  3. Is It Mustard or Mango?
  4. Here You Are Again
  5. Trick Of The Imagination
  6. No Man Is An Island
  7. The Tune With No Name
  8. Feel Like Making Love
  9. So Far So Good (B-side)
  10. Hold Me
  11. Think About Your Troubles**
  12. Tune With No Name (Part II)**
  13. Smile**
  14. April Afternoon (April Moon 4-track demo)*
  15. Where You Are (demo)*
  16. Once In Your Life (demo)*
  17. Hypnotised (demo)*
  18. Troubled Soul (demo)*
  19. Henry (demo)*

*Previously unreleased

**Previously unreleased on CD

DVD: Sam Brown… The Videos

  1. Walking Back To Me promo video
  2. Stop promo video
  3. This Feeling promo video
  4. Tea promo video
  5. Can I Get A Witness promo video
  6. With A Little Love promo video
  7. Kissing Gate promo video
  8. Once In Your Life promo video
  9. Mindworks promo video

Features unseen archive interview footage between the videos.

59 responses to Sam Brown box set: full track listing

  1. mike says:

    Having just bought the Mindworks cd single, is it too late to request the removal of The TuneWith No Name please Paul ;) ?

  2. Calicomoonchild says:

    Pre-ordered. The memory of both the “Can I Get A Witness” (featuring Reg Hollis of TV Cop Show “The Bill” A.K.A. Now deceased Actor, Jeff Stewart) & the “Kissing Gate” Videos on former Saturday Morning perennial favourite “The Chart Show” are indelibly etched on my Memory!

  3. Richard says:

    Have pre-ordered last saturday for the signed box.
    Have been listening en really enjoying her “43 minutes” and “box” albums, so I hope that there will be more Sam Boxes in the future.

  4. Troy says:

    What a fantastic box set. I’m a fan of this era of Sam Brown’s career in particular. Her 1st album was such a pop classic. Her voice can do so much not just on what she showcases on Stop! My favourites have always been Can I Get A Witness?, the operatic Tea, With A Little Love & Nutbush City Limits. I can’t believe how many extra B-Sides were recorded. Most artists have a few but damn there are album’s worth here. I’m excited to listen to them. I’ve ordered this! Nice work.

  5. SimonP says:

    Is there a difference between Stop! (full length) and the album version?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The album version cross-fades with Your Love Is All. I thought it might be nice to give fans a ‘clean’ version of the full-length version.

      • Steven says:

        I’m pretty sure I have a version of Stop! somewhere (maybe on a compilation CD) which features a shortened version of the sing (it omits part of the organ solo). Was this not the original 7″ edit – or was it an edited version specific to the comp (so they could maybe squeeze an extra song on the disc?).

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          7″ edit.

          • gwynogue says:

            I have a couple Australian comps that just use the album version, but do a clunky fade-out during the organ solo – dreadful treatment of a brilliant song!

            Looking forward to this but I haven’t ordered it yet – I need a few weeks for my wallet to recover, LOL. After SEVEN Crowded Houses AND TWO Stevie Nicks all in one/two weeks, the poor thing needs a holiday. :)

            If my Dead Or Alive box hadn’t been delayed for a month, my wallet would be flatlining right now.

            Then again, with Donna Summer in a couple weeks, FOUR Alison Moyets the week after that (along with my DOA, Kate Bush AND Yazz in that same week!) my wallet will need more than a few weeks – I’m afraid I might have to leave Sam until after Christmas/New Year. :(

  6. Alfonso says:


  7. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Ordered. The next box would include the following four albums by Sam Brown? One can always hope.

  8. dave says:

    paul .sounds great . limited to what ?

  9. Francis says:

    ORDERED! – It is nice to be able to update the old CDs with this newer expanded disc set.

  10. Malcolm says:

    Great news Paul, ordered my copy. Thank you.

  11. Saar Freedman says:

    Please add Israel as well. You missed my request above :(

  12. Rickjapan says:

    Paul, the next step in your nefarious plan to wring me dry of all money has succeeded, couldn’t resist it so one set ordered (and signed, too, at no extra cost!!!???!?!?! Is there no limit to Sam’s & your generosity???).

  13. Stefan Richards says:

    Nice box, great extras & excellent price. Worth it for ‘Your Love Is All’ alone.

    Ordered, can’t wait to receive it.


  14. Thomas Williams says:

    That is a real shame this cannot be ordered from Amazon until next year as I prefer ordering from there (much because I don’t like paying for stuff until it ships and you are gyaranteed lowest price up until release date and free shipping). Just got to be patient a little while longer I suppose…

    • Steven says:

      Yup, chances are it will be cheaper when Amazon start shipping it – but a) it likely won’t be signed, and b) you could in the meantime have had the benefit of listening to it for six months.

      Decisions, decisions….

  15. Saar Freedman says:

    Hi Paul
    Wanted to snag a signed copy pre-order but Israel is not on the list of countries in the drop down shipping menu…

  16. claudio says:

    …how come there’s no shipping to Brazil???

  17. Robin says:

    Paul, excellent track list. I already have all the CD singles but am really looking forward to finally hearing the three “As One” extra tracks as well as the previously unreleased tracks (especially the two “new” songs).

    Is Sam’s track-by-track commentary just for the original albums or does it also include the songs released as b-sides and extra tracks?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks for the positive vibes. Sam’s commentary is just for the album tracks but does include the bonus tracks issued on the original CDs.

  18. seweryn says:

    I mean …u can’t buy it…. they don’t send to Poland:(

  19. Emmanuel Trouillet says:

    Ordered the signed box as soon as I received the pre-order mail yesterday.
    As a Sam Brown fan, I already own all the period CD singles BUT I need the unreleased tracks.

    Thank you Paul for your good taste in music ;)

  20. Steve Foster says:

    In that case Paul, consider the Box Set pre-ordered via the SDE Shop (just paid via PayPal) :-)

  21. paul kelly says:

    will they selling this on amazon uk or hmv high streets

  22. Adrian Brown says:

    Glad to be able to order this at last. Looks like you have made a great job of this box. Can’t wait to hear the demos and unreleased gems. Keep up the good work.

  23. Steve Foster says:

    I have a confession to make – I had completely forgotten about Sam Brown (sorry Sam) but having watched the promo clip for the Box Set, I’m now really keen to order it and re-discover Sam’s work for A&M (if only Joan Armatrading could get this sort of Box Set treatment – if that ever becomes a possibility Paul, please contact me as I’m aware of many rarites of hers that no one ever talks about!).

    Only problem is, I can’t find a pre-order Link on Amazon UK. Has this been put up for pre-order yet..?

    Great work once again Paul. This look extremely comprehensive.

  24. Barry WW says:

    Being in the USA, I had never heard of Sam Brown, but I ordered anyway because of Paul, who I trust!

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Some info on Sam Brown:A soulful session background vocalist turned solo artist, with several UK top 40 hits. Sam was continuing a family tradition, because her mother was also a session background vocalist.

  25. Steve Redford says:

    Ordered signed copy ta

  26. Peter says:


  27. Tom says:

    Ordered. I only remember Stop and the duet with Fish (just good friends) but I liked the teaser and the wonderful, wonderful Paul Young box. Go SDE!

  28. Andrew Mogford says:

    My one wish is that Brian May and Roger Taylor decide to give unrestricted access to the vault and appoint Paul to produce an anthology. Imagine how good that would be!

    Great work as always Paul.

  29. Lorne says:

    Does the money get taken now or December?

  30. Angus Kidman says:

    Just pre-ordered. So thrilled to have a full summary of this stage of Sam’s career, and also thrilled to be able to support all the excellent work SDE does. Thanks Paul, it’s so appreciated!

  31. Robert says:

    Ordered! A long-wished-for boxset come true. Thank you!

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