Saxon / Solid Book Of Rock – 14-disc deluxe book set: SIGNED edition

Edsel will issue Sold Book Of Rock, a massive 14-disc Saxon deluxe set in August, that delivers an enormous amount of audio and video material and comes as an exclusive edition (500 only) signed by Biff Byford.

Sold Book Of Rock contains all nine studio albums (with eight bonus tracks) issued between 1991 and 2009, along with two bonus CDs: Classics Re-Recorded originally issued with the initial pressings of Killing Ground, and Lionheart – rough studio mix, which was originally put out on the 2006 limited edition.

The new set also comes with three bonus DVDs – the limited edition DVDs originally released with Lionheart (issued in 2004), The Inner Sanctum (2007)and Into The Labyrinth (2009).

Everything is packaged in a large format 12″ x 12″ book (the new cover painting is byPaul R. Gregor) which has all the lyrics and credits, and photos.

The 500-only Amazon UK exclusive comes with a print of the front cover signed by Biff Byford. The price at the time of writing is £60, but with a favourable exchange rate and VAT deductions that’s about $63 for US fans.

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Solid Ball Of Rock (1991)

  1. Solid Ball Of Rock
  2. Altar Of The Gods
  3. Requiem (We Will Remember)
  4. Lights In the Sky
  5. I Just Can’t Get Enough
  6. Baptism Of Fire
  7. Ain’t Gonna Take It
  8. I’m On Fire
  9. Overture In B-Minor / Refugee
  10. Bavarian Beaver
  11. Crash Dive

Bonus Tracks: 12. Requiem (We Will Remember) [single version] 13. Reeperbahn Stomp

Forever Free (1992)

  1. Forever Free
  2. Hole In The Sky
  3. Just Wanna Make Love To You
  4. Get Down And Dirty
  5. Iron Wheels
  6. One Step Away
  7. Can’t Stop Rockin’
  8. Nighthunter
  9. Grind
  10. Cloud Nine

Bonus Tracks: 11. Princess Of The Night [live] 12. Forever Free [live]

Dogs of War (1995)

  1. Dogs Of War
  2. Burning Wheels
  3. Don’t Worry
  4. Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
  5. Hold On
  6. The Great White Buffalo
  7. Demolition Alley
  8. Walking Through Tokyo
  9. Give It All Away
  10. Yesterday’s Gone

Bonus Tracks: 11. The Great White Buffalo [live] 12. Denim And Leather [live]

Unleash The Beast (1997)

  1. Gothic Dreams
  2. Unleash The Beast
  3. Terminal Velocity
  4. Circle Of Light
  5. The Thin Red Line
  6. Ministry Of Fools
  7. The Preacher
  8. Bloodletter
  9. Cut Out The Disease
  10. Absent Friends
  11. All Hell Breaking Loose

Bonus Tracks: 12. Solid Ball Of Rock [live] on SPV 74192 CD in 2007 13. Crusader [live] on SPV 74192 CD in 2007

Metalhead (1999)

  1. Intro
  2. Metalhead
  3. Are We Travellers In Time
  4. Conquistador
  5. What Goes Around
  6. Song Of Evil
  7. All Guns Blazing
  8. Prisoner
  9. Piss Off
  10. Watching You
  11. Sea Of Life

Killing Ground (2001)

  1. Intro
  2. Killing Ground
  3. Court Of The Crimson King
  4. Coming Home
  5. Until Hell Freezes Over
  6. Dragon’s Lair
  7. You Don’t Know What You’ve Got
  8. Deeds Of Glory
  9. Running For The Border
  10. Shadows On The Wall
  11. Rock Is Our Life

Bonus CD – ‘Classics Re-Recorded’:

  1. Princess Of The Night
  2. Crusader
  3. Wheels Of Steel
  4. Motorcycle Man
  5. Strong Arm Of The Law
  6. Denim And Leather
  7. Dallas 1pm
  8. And The Bands Played On

Lionheart (2004)

  1. Witchfinder General
  2. Man And Machine
  3. The Return
  4. Lionheart
  5. Beyond The Grave
  6. Justice
  7. To Live By The Sword
  8. Jack Tars
  9. English Man O’War
  10. Searching For Atlantis
  11. Flying On The Edge

Bonus CD:

Studio Audio – Rough Mix

  1. Witchfinder General
  2. Man And Machine
  3. The Return
  4. Lionheart
  5. Beyond The Grave
  6. Justice
  7. To Live By The Sword
  8. Jack Tars
  9. English Man O’War
  10. Searching For Atlantis
  11. Flying On The Edge
  12. Beyond The Grave [single version]

Bonus DVD:

  1. Lionheart – in the studio [3.32]
  2. Lionheart – live [7.40]
  3. Beyond The Grave – promo video [3.45]
  4. 5.1 96k high end sound mix of the entire album [11 tracks] [45.09]

The Inner Sanctum (2007)

  1. State Of Grace
  2. Need For Speed
  3. Let Me Feel Your Power
  4. Red Star Falling
  5. I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
  6. If I Was You
  7. Going Nowhere Fast
  8. Ashes To Ashes
  9. Empire Rising
  10. Attila The Hun

Bonus DVD: “A Night Out With The Boys” [41.26]

  1. To Hell And Back Again
  2. A Night Out With Boys – The Idea
  3. A Night Out With Boys – Not Really
  4. See The Light Shining
  5. A Night Out With Boys – How It Started
  6. Redline
  7. Suzie Hold On
  8. Stand Up And Be Counted
  9. Frozen Rainbow
  10. Never Surrender

Into the Labyrinth (2009)

  1. Battalions Of Steel
  2. Live To Rock
  3. Demon Sweeney Todd
  4. The Letter
  5. Valley Of The Kings
  6. Slow Lane Blues
  7. Crime Of Passion
  8. Premonition In D Minor
  9. Voice
  10. Protect Yourselves
  11. Hellcat
  12. Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
  13. Coming Home [bottleneck version]

Bonus DVD:

  1. “Perceval” – Spanish art film, directed by Pablo Aragues Millan [20.09] [in Latin with subtitles]

(Biff plays King Arthur)

  1. “Let There Be Light” – documentary about the live staging and lighting [36.48] [in German with subtitles]
  2. Audio interview with Biff Byford – Biff talks about the songs on “Into The Labyrinth” [18.44]

17 responses to Saxon / Solid Book Of Rock – 14-disc deluxe book set: SIGNED edition

  1. Paul Wren says:

    It would be fun to see this as a vinyl package!

  2. Paul W says:

    What agreat deal just put my order in

  3. Straker says:

    I wonder if there’s just 500? This was sold out, “currently unavailable” last week, shortly after I ordered it on the 8th and yet since Paul’s post it’s suddenly available in depth again.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m pretty sure the ‘currently unavailable’ was them getting the Amazon listing sorted.

      • Straker says:

        As I say, the signed 500 edition was available to buy as normal when I saw the listing early June. Couple of days after that the quantity decreased and ran out at which point it went to “currently unavailable” in the same way the Blancmange set did which would seem to indicate all 500 sold. This is the normal way these limited Amazon listings behave. If they come back in stock it’s usually only in ones or twos as people change their minds and cancel. Never seen one where the edition quantity is so low, come back in-stock in-depth like this as if it’s just gone on sale.

    • Dave says:

      Ha! Maybe they will add a zero or two at a later date !

  4. Dean says:

    I’m not a fan of Saxon, so this is not for me – but I did want to drop a comment simply congratulating Edsel on putting together a great package at a reasonable price. They’re truly to be commended.

  5. RikTheHib says:


    Saxon – Live to Rock!


  6. Regan Judson says:

    A 5.1 surround mix of Lionheart is on the bonus DVD?? I ordered this package even before noticing that detail!

  7. Steve j says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this Paul
    Already have the vinyl edition but this was too good to miss as £10 off the normal pre release price plus the limited print
    Looks a brilliant package

  8. jimmy agates says:

    Ordered. Been hoping for this since the vinyl equivalent (Eagles And Dragons) was released a couple of years back. L ETA hope Demon get it right :-)

  9. tom m hans says:

    ordered – though the best records will always be the EMI/CARRERE records. Up the irons!

  10. Dr Magus says:

    Any album with a song called ‘piss off’ gets my vote!

  11. Auntie Sabrina says:

    What a great package Biff…

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