SDE-exclusive: McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues – A4 booklet

Limited numbered edition • SDE exclusive • Signed by editor Paul Sinclair

SDE brings together almost a decade of Paul McCartney reissue reviews and analysis in a new limited edition ‘keepsake’ booklet McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues.

Number seven in the SDE’s ongoing series is the biggest A4 booklet we have ever produced – it will contain a hefty 52 pages of content and will feature in-depth illustrated reviews of the McCartney reissues via a combination of archive content from the website (some of it updated) alongside new reviews and fresh insight.

For example, the booklet will include the ‘Raider of the Lost Archive’ feature from 2011, ‘All The Best’ a look at the best McCartney tracks on each solo/Wings album as well as full in-depth reviews of the following deluxe reissues:

  • McCartney
  • RAM
  • Wildlife
  • Red Rose Speedway
  • Band On The Run
  • Venus and Mars
  • Wings at the Speed of Sound
  • Wings Over America
  • McCartney II
  • Tug of War
  • Pipes of Peace
  • Flowers in the Dirt

This booklet features a stunning cover photo (which McCartney aficionados will guess which B-side it refers to!) and is professionally designed, saddle-stitched and litho-printed publication. Only 1000 of these numbered editions are being produced and I will be personally signing each copy.

Available to pre-order ONLY via the SDE shop. Use this link or the buttons below. McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues will ship on 4 and 5 of August 2020.

98 responses to SDE-exclusive: McCartney: 10 Years of Archive Reissues – A4 booklet

  1. Graeme says:

    Just received today here in Melbourne. What an excellent read on sunny winter day here in a locked down Melbourne while listening to Macca. Well done Paul its Excellent!

  2. Antoine VEIT says:

    I received the book last week. I could not stop reading it. It is really well written and an absolute must have for a Macca fan and record collector as I am.
    Thank you Paul for the very good work!

  3. Marcus Garside says:

    Received mine few days ago and yikes how much have I spent, still great things to have.

    Great book and think agree with what have said re some of the sets, the DVD are espeially disappointing on some of the sets.

    basded on this booklet decided to buy the Flowers in the Dirt – Anniversary Edition booklet and look forward to this arriving shortly.

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  5. THOMAS LONG says:

    My McCartney Archive book arrived a few days ago ( Tom/ Rochester, NY) and fantastic – the history and background of each release along with the insight regarding each Archive release thoroughly enjoyable and an excellent read ‘
    – great job and LOVE the website as well – thank you

  6. Max Wilbury says:

    My copy arrived yesterday (Berlin, Germany).
    Thank you Paul. Indeed a labour of love. I really appreciate all the details, the illustrations are brillant (bravo Lucy Barnes I understand).
    I’ll dive in the reading later today. I’ve got a feeling I’ll pull out some Paul McCartney Archive Collection from my shelves on the coming days.

    Thanks again.

  7. Matthias says:

    Mine has arrived today. Thanks a lot! It’s a labour of love. The print quality is great. Funny idea of the back cover that looks like Paul’s shirt on the shot with the koala bear.

  8. Andrew Dixon says:

    It’s arrived! The print quality is superb. My first impressions in this video –

  9. Nigel hanniford says:

    The booklet is superb and very professionally done, a great companion to the archive series.
    Am reading this now in a very hot garden, well done Paul and Paul!!

  10. Gareth Pugh says:

    And mine has just arrived. It’s bloody brilliant – really well thought out, lovely design inside and out, a nice little idea in the ‘ready reckoner’ table at the end of each Reissue’s feature – and great engaging writing – which gives praise where praise is due but doesn’t shy away of calling out the shortcoming and coulda-been-shoulda-beens of some entries in the PMACollection. If you are a collector of this series and are unsure of getting this – seriously, do, it’s a fab (sorry) companion piece to your sets. Thanks Paul!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank you Gareth!! I’m naturally delighted to hear such positive feedback and really pleased you are enjoying the content. P

  11. Hermen says:

    Got the box, got the 2cd version, got the triple vinyl… So let the good read come to my household soon…

  12. Stuart Graves says:

    I am sure this has been answered before but why no ‘Press To Play’ ? Fantastic album, some cheesy 80’s stuff but I love cheesy 80’s stuff. Footprints is up there with the best imho

  13. John Barleycorn says:

    Here’s an idea… could SDE produce a Special Deluxe “best of the irate responses“ A4 booklet from all the comments, perhaps with a spot UV cover, ribbon divider, balloons and present that to MPL? I am sure the SDE readership would crowdfund that! You won’t be short of content…

  14. Francisco says:

    Hey Paul, why is the Band On The Run archive “not good” according to your latest newsletter?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You’ll have to buy the booklet for the full analysis :)

      • Normand says:

        That’s fine, Paul! I’ll wait for full analysis when I‘ll get your booklet, around mid-August, I hope, because receiving an order from UK to Canada is slower than usual due to the actual global situation, but I am patient ;-)

  15. Normand says:

    Dear Paul, in your last newsletter (SDE’s Week in Review: 14 June 2020), you wrote «…some lows (Flowers in the Dirt, Band on the Run). » I understand for Flowers in the Dirt (prices, songs to download instead of their availability on CD or vinyl) but I’m intrigued by your « low » regarding Band On The Run. Are you going to talk about it in your booklet? If so, I look forward to read you. Otherwise, what do you mean by “low” regarding this edition that I bought in 2010 at half price during a big sale on a Saturday at HMV Canada, CA $ 22.99, yes taxes included (OK, I scratched a “lucky” coupon and got a 50% discount to take advantage of it. I felt so privileged, of course). And at that time, I didn’t know there would be other Paul McCartney Archive Collection in the future. It was a beautiful box to get.

  16. Pfjeww. The new Archive Collection box is going to be even more expensive.
    They keep going up…
    But I guess in time I will surrender. Like to keep the collection complete… Hoping for a sharp deal later this year ;-)
    And this time lots of music and video, so that’s better than for instance drawings from some person who’s also on tour….
    Start saving (cause I expect Let it Be box – later on this year).

    Thanks for everything.

  17. Kim says:

    Just ordered the booklet, thanks for all your great work, Paul! Cheers from a Brit in Chicagoland!

  18. Kevin says:

    Hey Paul…just ordered the Archive Book!! Looking forward to reading thru it in Philly while listening to Flaming Pie Archives :)

  19. Is there any hope for London Town and Back to the egg to receive the deluxe treatment Paul Sinclair?

  20. Nick Iacurto says:

    You stated that this is booklet #7. I have “Flowers in the Dirt” The producers.
    Is there anyway that I can get a copy of the other 5 that I am missing?
    Today I ordered Flaming Pie in all formats. So excited about the archive series. Flaming Pie is one of my favourite albums from Paul. I ordered a copy of the Collector’s Edition from Paul’s Website, Special Deluxe Edition from Japan along with the 2 cd, 2 LP and the 3LP all from Japan.
    Thank you for providing such interesting insights on upcoming releases. Great job, well done.

  21. M says:

    Ode to a koala bear – b-side to say,say,say

  22. Tom D says:

    Just ordered, looking forward to this. Loved the FITD one!

  23. space7monkey says:

    Hello, ordered from France too, thank you!

  24. Richard Harris says:

    Just ordered Paul – looking forward to it. The Before the Dawn Kate Bush and Andy Mackay/Phil Manzanera books were both excellent.

    Another one here hoping that we get a (sensibly priced) London Town set before too long.

  25. Cyril says:

    Hi, Just ordered the book from France.
    Hope McCartney will release soon enough the London Town archive too !

  26. Larry Davis says:

    Ordered it earlier today…and someone brought up the Flowers one, and I forgot about that, thought “do I have that one??” And occurred to me…yes I do!! Still waiting on my copy of the TFF one but you are likely sending it with the Ace of Base box I ordered from you… packing it all together I gather…debating in my mind which version of FP I will order…might go for the deluxe or wait for a price drop…but that collector’s one is too much money…

  27. Kauwgompie says:


    I have 9 of the 12 box sets (soon 10 out of 13) and this is a great enhancement. Thanks for your website Paul. It’s such a joy to visit multiple times a day, looking for new releases and deal alerts.

    Stay safe and healthy everyone!

  28. Jeff D says:

    Thanks Paul……just ordered it…..cant wait to read through it…..thanks for putting this together!!!!

  29. Harry Lime says:

    Reminds me of Notting Hill; “..if you can find one unsigned I understand they’re worth a small fortune”…

  30. Peter Muscutt says:

    Is it just me, or does Macca look slightly worried to be holding that koala? It’s like the photographer just told him the koala has explosive diarrhoea and “hold him still so he doesn’t go off”…

  31. Ray Zirkle says:

    Can’t wait to see this book! I’ve collected every issue in the archive series and now with
    “Flaming Pie” coming…this will be a nice companion book to go with them. So! I ordered
    it today and cheers from Wisconsin USA!

  32. noyoucmon says:

    I’m excited to have this. My brother and I are forever referring approvingly to “things Paul said” (Sinclair, not Macca), and it’s good to have some of it in print to put on my shelf and revisit from time to time. I’ve got your previous McCartney booklet tucked in my Flowers in the Dirt World Tour Pack from 1989. This will go near it, maybe in the deluxe Wild Life box that I just cracked open this month (if it’ll fit!).

  33. Andrew Dixon says:

    Ordered! The Flowers In The Dirt book you did was a great addition to the Archive Collection box so I am happy to assume this one will be as good!

  34. John says:

    Ordered “keepsake”
    Not going to order Flaming Pie
    To expensive

  35. Hi Paul
    Just ordered the book. Was wondering, did you ever manage to track down the ltd version of the Tug of War box cause I remember you received the same dubious excuse as I did from Amazon France? I’m still gutted about that as I’ve never found one that hasn’t been silly money.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No I didn’t! Lovely though that Collector’s edition of Flaming Pie looks, don’t think I’ll buy buying it… for one thing it’s too big to go on the shelf with all my other deluxes.

  36. Normand says:

    Paul Sinclair, you are a Winner! Bravo for all your A4 booklets, especially this one to come.

  37. Paweł says:

    Great item! Ordered – thank you Paul, all the best from Poland!

  38. frank says:

    Ordered! Hey Paul, will you sign mine “Paul (McCartney) Sinclair”? ;) j/k

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I do a ‘Roger Waters’ if you really want me to :)

      • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

        Haha yeah, Roger waters autograph…..”anything you like, except roger waters”,

        . . ..You could sign it “the walrus”, because , after all, the walrus was Paul.

  39. andrew Ricci says:

    Hope its gone through Paul your site said something about abnormal traffic
    i paid but no confirmation .Fingers crossed

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thank you Andrew. I can see it has gone through. Abnormal traffic? If anyone else gets that I’d love a screenshot please!

  40. Wouter Bessels says:

    Ordered the book. Excellent, Paul. Again something to look out for, just as with the Tears for Fears booklet. Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Wouter

  41. Joe Morgan says:

    Hi Paul just ordered booklet looks interesting great cover photo too. Take care joe

  42. Duane Rodriguez says:

    Just ordered the booklet here from the US.
    Looking forward to it!

  43. Iain B says:

    To channel Terry Wogan, hoping to get one of the rare unsigned copies!

  44. Cristiano says:

    I just ordered the booklet.

  45. David Burgess says:

    Ordered – really enjoyed the FITD one, so no pressure!

  46. René V says:

    Just ordered a copy. Look forward to it.
    Thanks for all the great work Paul.

  47. David Rubin says:

    So these will be autographed by Paul. Just not the Paul we were hoping for.

  48. Jez says:

    This looks fantastic, ordered!

  49. mpb says:

    how much is the limited keepsake booklet with the koala’s signature?

  50. hendry doran says:

    Booklet ordered. Cheers Paul

  51. David says:

    Hi Paul
    I think I just PayPalled you but the booklet is still in my cart??

  52. Atane says:

    Being the proud owner of the first 12 Macca’s Super Deluxe box sets, this will be the perfect addition to this great collection.
    A no brainer !!
    Thanks Paul !

  53. Mark says:

    Ordered. Hoping for a low number Paul!

  54. Trash says:

    Ordered without hesitation.

    For a very very brief moment when I saw signed I thought maybe… maybe.. :-)

    Looking forward to this Paul, your previous ones have been a very high standard.

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