SDE’s acclaimed McCartney interview feature available as printed booklet

In response to overwhelming demand, SDE has produced a limited run of special ‘keepsake’ printed editions of the acclaimed ‘In Their Own Words: The Producer’s on Paul McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt‘ feature, that was first published on 22 March on this blog.

This is a professionally designed and printed 16-page, saddle-stitched document that contains the whole 9000 word interview feature (as published on SDE) along with 1200 extra words from Messrs Horn, Lipson and Hughes that are exclusive to this printed edition.

Professionally designed and printed 16-page booklet

This document has been designed to slot into the Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe edition (see image below) and will always be at hand to reference and enjoy when you are digesting the contents of the box set and listening to the album/bonus audio – hence the idea of a ‘keepsake’ printed edition. It should also fit nicely into the vinyl package.

The ‘keepsake’ printed booklet slots nicely into the FITD box set

The outer cover printed on 260gsm uncoated card with the inner pages on 160gsm uncoated stock. The 500 signed/numbered copies now SOLD OUT. However due to demand we will do a further print run – these are not signed or numbered but still include the exclusive content.

These booklets are for sale now on the SDE shop priced at £5.00. 

Click here to purchase the ‘keepsake’ printed edition of The Producers on Paul McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt at the SDE Shop.

Praise for this interview feature article by SDE readers:

“The interview is really fantastic… It is very informative and will go down as one of the greatest insights into Paul’s working methods in his solo career.”

“Invaluable document”

“Stupendous article”

“One of the best McCartney articles I’ve ever read. And I’ve read LOTS!”

“Fantastic work”

“Incredible work”

“So many good insights into Paul and his creative process in this, I’m going to have to reread it a few times”

“It is a most worthy companion piece to the musical treat that we soon will get. Your time and effort, and your passion, are greatly appreciated by us all.”

“Fantastic article”

“Really amazing interviews”

“So great to read something this in-depth about one of Paul’s albums”

“Wow. This was magnificent. Really. Fascinating. Well balanced. Really interesting deep dive on both the personal and professional level. I was sad when it ended.”

136 responses to SDE’s acclaimed McCartney interview feature available as printed booklet

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  2. Gerbrand says:

    Sold out. Any chance on a third print? Thanks in advance, Paul. Great site.

  3. Felipe Diaz says:

    It’s a great idea, too bad you won’t ship to Latin America. Disappointing…

  4. Fernando de Oliveira says:


    Still no chance to ship to Brazil?

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  6. David Rubin says:

    Just got mine and love it. A bit tight in the box but that is fine.
    I cannot wait to show some friend and have them wonder why theirs did not come with one also.
    I will then let them know where to get one.

    Thanks and what a great web site.
    Please keep up the incredible job


  7. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Received mine today here in Finland, thank you very much Paul! Excellent quality and it fits like a glove into the box set. In fact, it’s so beautiful that I’m contemplating wearing gloves when reading it

  8. Dr Avalanche says:

    Mine arrived today as well (in The Netherlands)
    Very quick service Paul; great!
    And I’m very very happy with it.

    Too bad the post(wo)man couldnt or wouldnt read the ‘PLEASE DO NOT BEND’ on the envelope. At the moment the Macca-booklet is lying underneath the ‘Rolling Stones 50’ book and hopefully it will be ‘unbend’ without tto much damage. :)

  9. Eric says:

    Got my shipment confirmation e-mail this afternoon! Will look forward to it.

  10. Chris Woods says:

    Mine arrived. Thank you very much. It complements the box set perfectly.

  11. Jesper Hall says:

    #136 ☺ Great quality – Thank you very much. I very much look forward to read the extra stuff.

  12. andrew r says:

    Hi paul just received best £5 i have spent this year
    Quality packaging too ! Thanks

  13. Colin Fletcher says:

    Paul, do you have any plans to do something similar for the Beatles Sgt Pepper set? Maybe an expanded article on the preview you recently attended? If you can get an interview with Giles Martin, or one of the other guys who’ve worked on the reissue, I’m sure you’d get a lot of interest in producing another booklet.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Would love to have had a long chat with Giles but he’s a busy man it seems. He’s currently working on the music for the next Kingsman film and he’s on the board of Sonos! So Apple/Universal aren’t really offering any time with him :(

  14. Sean L says:

    Received mine this morning, excellent quality Paul, cheers

  15. Colin Fletcher says:

    Received mine this morning. A great supplement to the official box set.

  16. PDS says:

    Mine arrived this morning. Excellent quality and a great read. Number 92 !

  17. Guido says:

    Will it fit into the sleeve of the Vinyl Edition?
    I’m not going to buy the box Set.

  18. Ian Moore says:

    Ordered (thanks to a friend who lives in the UK, as delivery to Argentina is not available haha)! Thanks a lot Paul, this was a really GREAT labour of love!
    Best regards,

  19. Andrew Mogford says:

    That’s amazing Paul – selling all 500 so quickly! Wonder if I managed to get number one or if the premium subscribers got the first ones! Will find out soon, I’m sure.

    Congrats on the success of this – I’m sure you know how much we all value what you do, but successes like this surely reinforce that!

  20. LeBaron says:

    Thanks Paul.
    Just ordered. In my mind, I’ll receive Nr 501 out of 500 :)
    Thanks for all that you do on this website. Make me feel proud to be part of this community.

  21. LeBaron says:

    Tried to order, it says ‘Inventory Issues’.
    Can it already be sold out? I’m so disappointed as I am to receive my FITD SDE edition tomorrow… :(

  22. R.naud says:

    I didn’t order the deluxe box set. Too expensive for now, although I’m still hoping prices will go down and I’ll be able to buy it.
    However I ordered the SDE ‘keepsake’ supplement which in itself is worth anything that’s in the books in the box set :)

  23. Graham Burbage says:

    Hi Paul – I was delighted to receive the e-mail saying I’d be receiving a copy gratis. Very much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work.

  24. Ralph MacGillivray says:

    Hi Paul
    Nice idea. I’ve ordered partly because it looks nice and hopefully because it helps support you and all the stuff you do. It’ll fit inside my original vinyl copy and I got a CD a few years ago too. The box is a bit rich for my tastes but it is one of his better late albums. I used Paypal because I’m lazy but please clarify if a direct card payment would give you a better margin. I’m sure we’d all be happy to do that if it works better for you.
    Thanks for all your good work

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Ralph. Paypal is fine.. it doesn’t really make much difference, to be honest. Cheers, P.

  25. Leonard Lotti says:

    This is so sad, I was about to order it, but found out that you guys are not shipping to Brazil.

  26. claudio oliveira says:

    …i’m afraid there will be no more Macca interview booklets avaible as sales usually run fast (as only 500 copies of it were made…)

  27. claudio oliveira says:

    hi Paul and Fernando! i’m waiting for it since Sam Brown box set release…

  28. Fernando de Oliveira says:

    Paul, how can I order it to Brazil?

  29. Dave says:

    I had to laugh about the idea of SDE issuing the missing CD. In an ideal world that is exactly what should happen when the artist clearly ignores the wishes of those who pay a premium for what should be a complete physical package not some horrid deluxe/download hybrid. Have ordered your booklet in the hope that I may at some point have something to store it in. ;-) At the moment there is a ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ shaped gap on that Archive shelf. Thank goodness that the Pepper set has side-stepped this download nonsense.

  30. Wayne Klein says:

    Now if you could just convince McCartney and his team to let you put out CDs for the download content for your followers….I know it would never happen but one can dream!!

  31. tilfan says:

    Just ordered. It’s a pleasure to spend a little money in order to get an item of high quality which production comes straight from the heart. Thanks a lot, Paul.
    PS: I did not order the new edition of FITD yet. I already purchased the “World Tour Pack”-Edition back in 1989….

  32. Bojidar says:

    So why not issuing the missing Cd with the bsides exclusively from SDE to add to the box. Go for it Paul :)

  33. Hermen says:

    Great idea! I’ve just ordered it. Will it be send with cardboard in the enveloppe so it will not be damaged during the trip to my box? …Yes…, I’ve bought the other ones so I had to buy this one also :-(

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, booklet send in a cardboard-backed envelope and it’s also send in a cello-bag to make sure it doesn’t get scuffed etc.

  34. Eric says:

    Just ordered a copy, glad the shop accepted other forms of payment than just PayPal as that’s the reason I hadn’t got around to donating yet!

    Will look forward to reading this properly, away from the computer screen. It’s a great idea.

  35. Stuart Hodgson says:

    Just ordered after reading newsletter. Looks great Paul, keep up the good work on Super Deluxe.

  36. Brian M says:

    ordered…must have missed the ‘premium content’ feature. what is it?

  37. mark turrell says:

    is there a downloadable version with extra bonus words in it? :) (kidding)

  38. Dwayne H. says:

    Looks great! Ordered and on the way to Vegas!

  39. Domingo says:

    Paul, just ordered.

    Thanks, Thanks, thanks

  40. Michael Wiley says:

    Ordered! Although this is the WORST time for you to give us an incentive to buy a box set. Daaaaamn you! :) The funny thing is, I’ll have this booklet long before I have the actual box set. Paul Sinclair: Restoring the good name “Paul” for Macca fans everywhere.

  41. Kauwgompie says:

    Ordered! If anything it’s to support you Paul as I’m not a big McCartney fan. As a completist, will buy that box if the price comes down. If McCartney read all the replies to your FITD articles here, to get back at people he probably told his management to somehow assure the price will NEVER gets lowered, haha!
    I do hope there will be more of these in the future!!

  42. Richard Cosgrove says:

    What a great idea, and one that perhaps could be repeated for other legendary album releases in the future!

  43. Peter says:

    Ordered, Keep up the great work Paul. Its much appreciated !

  44. Todd R. says:

    Hopefully, this won’t have to become a habit… then again…who’s complaining?
    Not this one!
    Kudo’s Paul
    -Todd R. CLE.

  45. Alan Waldock says:

    Ordered my copy yesterday. Great idea Paul. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to getting this and putting it in the FITD box.


  46. Unfortunately I shan’t be buying as I’m not Paul McCartney fan but what you’ve produced is very impressive in both the quality of the content and the physical end product.

  47. El Nino says:

    Hope you consider more doing more of these – your recent buying trip articles would make a good illustrated booklet.

  48. Friso Pas says:

    Wow, thank you so much, Paul.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your in-depth piece, and hopefully the day comes, that I can pick up this SDE for a reasonable price. And then, read your excellent companion booklet again.
    Looking forward to more of this.
    (Listen Without Prejudice? Tango In The Night? The Seeds of Love?)

  49. DaveM says:

    Paul, how do I add the shipping to the amount? I calculated it at £1.50 for my postcode but on check out it is not added?

  50. Daryl says:

    Ironically, I think more people will end up buying this than the controversial box set!

  51. Matthias says:

    Ordered. Fantastic idea, Paul!
    I was really impressed by the quality of this interview and I’m glad to have it soon as a printed edition.
    “Flowers in the dirt” was the first Macca Archive series superdeluxe boxset I didn’t buy when it came out while I like the album much more than for example “McCartney II”, but I will surely buy it in the future when the price will come down though I’m still upset about the download only aspect.

  52. Straker says:

    If this isn’t a future eBay collectible I don’t know what is!

    Will you be sending a copy to Macca, Paul?

  53. Steven Robertson says:

    Its a great article. Hopefully you can do more of these going forward :)

  54. Willy says:

    Brilliant idea, Paul!

    Remember when Q magazine gave away little CD-sized “sleevenotes” booklets covering various iconic albums, to slip into the jewel case? This is in a different league from those… I hope there will be more!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks… I do indeed remember those Q Mag sleevenotes things. I had Hounds of Love and a few others (long since lost, though!).

  55. Jeremy says:

    I really enjoy and am clearly much better informed by all your many different efforts here Paul so this was an easy “Yes!” I don’t own the new set yet so may just stick with the vinyl version on hand and put this inside/alongside. May this be the first in a new occasional series. Many thanks!!

  56. Eamonn says:

    Superdeluxeedition goes superdeluxeedition. Post-modernism rocks!

  57. Ern says:

    Ordered. Looking forward to this, read some of it online.

  58. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Ordered! My box set is still unopened and it will stay that way until my booklet arrives :-) Thank you Paul!

  59. claudio oliveira says:

    …how come no shipping to Brazil???

  60. Webvan says:

    Great initiative, just placed an order as well. The box set, dunno, maybe later if/when the price drops…

  61. Larry Davis says:

    Just ordered as well, as it’s a nice piece, being the price it right and it’s truly limited…whether I get the box or not, this is a nice keepsake…but I had to get Sir Paul’s OTHER 2017 box first, that being “Sgt Pepper” by his, er, OTHER band…and waiting for the price to drop…saw other things in your webstore I may buy in the future, like that Moody’s box…full support for splendid work, Paul…

  62. Paul English says:

    Great Paul – ordered!

  63. Emili Lafarga says:

    Happy April Fool’s day!!

  64. Geoff G says:

    I just ordered one, to go with my Super Deluxe Flowers (which I love, btw). Wow, you did a very professional job with this. I am impressed, and very happy to get this. Thanks Paul!

  65. Gavin Hilzbrich says:

    Thanks, Paul. A great idea.
    Looking forward to receiving it.

  66. Ben Williams says:

    Wonderful, thanks Paul! Have just ordered a copy!

  67. noyoucmon says:

    Ordered! Hoping it can fit tucked inside my original Flowers LP. ;)

  68. Rob says:

    Ordered, a no brainer.
    Also got round to donating, apologies for not doing so sooner.

  69. Daryl says:

    What a wonderful idea!!

  70. Brian Doran says:

    Ordered. Great idea and addition to this set.

  71. Stevie B says:

    Isn’t there a downloadable PDF version?

  72. Diego Imperatore says:

    Just ordered! Thanks a lot!

  73. Cyrille says:

    Great initiative Paul,

    ordered right away. Thank you for all your hard work !

  74. Graham Turner says:

    I wasn’t personally interested in the McCartney box set although I did read the interview article and thought it was excellent. If I did have the box set I would definitely have jumped on this – it’s a wonderful companion piece and I’m impressed with the care and attention that has clearly gone into designing the booklet.

    I hope this run is a success so that it might be possible to produce other similar items in the future.

  75. Chris Squires says:

    If you can be arsed to “knock this up” at a reasonable price, quite quickly, to a decent quality and designed to fit the set…you know where I am going with this….?

    Something to do with a little CD of downloads that could have been made and accommodated within the original package without reprinting….

    Seriously Paul, you are just making Macca’s crew look bad!

  76. PAUL LUPTON says:

    Quite new to SDE but loving every minute…..Ordered promptly at a great price.

  77. Andrew M says:

    Ordered in anticipation of getting the set one day when the price drops. Thanks for making this available at a good price Paul and sorry I didn’t donate at the time.

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