Second edition of Neil Young’s Archives Vol II now available to pre-order

Neil Young / Archives Vol II second edition

US pre-order now live

As previously discussed on SDE Neil Young‘s Archives Vol II box set sold out of its 3000 print run in less than 24 hours and so the record label will be releasing a cheaper version next year, which is now available to pre-order in the USA.

Neil Young says this second edition “will offer all of the music and discs with a smaller book”. If you missed out and you want some positives, this second edition is almost $100 cheaper than the other version. It includes the same ten CDs and oversized fold-out Archives Poster as the deluxe edition, plus a 24-page booklet (replacing the 252-page hard bound book). The packaging for the retail edition is in a slip-case box, smaller than the deluxe edition box.

At the moment, it’s only listed on Amazon in the USA but it should filter through to other retailers over the coming days/weeks/months.

Archives Vol II 1972-1976 has a release date of 5 March 2021.

Compare prices and pre-order

Neil Young

Neil Young Archives Vol. II (1972 - 1976)


Archives Vol II 1972-1976

# signifies an unreleased version of a song, while a * signifies a song that has never been released in any form

Disc 1 (1972-1973)
Everybody’s Alone

1. Letter From ‘Nam *
2. Monday Morning #
3. The Bridge #
4. Time Fades Away #
5. Come Along and Say You Will *
6. Goodbye Christmas on the Shore *
7. Last Trip to Tulsa
8. The Loner #
9. Sweet Joni *
10. Yonder Stands the Sinner
11. L.A. (Story)
12. LA. #
13. Human Highway

Disc 2 (1973)

1. Here We Go in the Years
2. After the Gold Rush
3. Out on the Weekend
4. Harvest
5. Old Man
6. Heart of Gold
7. Time Fades Away
8. Lookout Joe
10. New Mama
11. Alabama
12. Don’t Be Denied

Disc 3 (1973)
Tonight’s the Night

1. Speakin’ Out Jam *
2. Everybody’s Alone #
3. Tired Eyes
4. Tonight’s the Night
5. Mellow My Mind
6. World on a String
7. Speakin’ Out
8. Raised on Robbery (Joni Mitchell song) *
9. Roll Another Number
10. New Mama
11. Albuquerque
12. Tonight’s the Night Part II

Disc 4 (1973)
Roxy: Tonight’s the Night Live

1. Tonight’s the Night
2. Mellow My Mind
3. World on a String
4. Speakin’ Out
5. Albuquerque
6. New Mama
7. Roll Another Number
8. Tired Eyes
9. Tonight’s the Night Part II
10. Walk On
11. The Losing End #

Disc 5 (1974)
Walk On

1. Winterlong
2. Walk On
3. Bad Fog of Loneliness #
4. Borrowed Tune
5. Traces #
6. For the Turnstiles
7. Ambulance Blues
8. Motion Pictures
9. On the Beach
10. Revolution Blues
11. Vampire Blues
12. Greensleeves *

Disc 6 (1974)
The Old Homestead

1. Love/Art Blues #
2. Through My Sails #
3. Homefires
4. Pardon My Heart #
5. Hawaiian Sunrise #
6. LA Girls and Ocean Boys *
7. Pushed It Over the End #
8. On the Beach #
9. Vacancy #
10. One More Sign #
11. Frozen Man *
12. Give Me Strength *
13. Bad News Comes to Town #
14. Changing Highways #
15. Love/Art Blues #
16. The Old Homestead
17. Daughters *
18. Deep Forbidden Lake
19. Love/Art Blues #

Disc 7 (1974)

1. Separate Ways
2. Try
3. Mexico
4. Love Is a Rose
5. Homegrown
6. Florida
7. Kansas
8. We Don’t Smoke It No More
9. White Line
10. Vacancy
11. Little Wing
12. Star of Bethlehem

Disc 8 (1975)

1. Ride My Llama #
2. Cortez the Killer
3. Don’t Cry No Tears
4. Born to Run *
5. Barstool Blues
6. Danger Bird
7. Stupid Girl
8. Kansas #
9. Powderfinger #
10. Hawaii #
11. Drive Back
12. Lookin’ for a Love
13. Pardon My Heart
14. Too Far Gone #
15. Pocahontas #
16. No One Seems to Know #

Disc 9 (1976)
Look Out for My Love

1. Like a Hurricane
2. Lotta Love
3. Lookin’ for a Love
4. Separate Ways #
5. Let It Shine #
6. Long May You Run
7. Fontainebleau
8. Traces #
9. Mellow My Mind #
10. Midnight on the Bay #
11. Stringman #
12. Mediterranean *
13. Ocean Girl #
14. Midnight on the Bay #
15. Human Highway #

Disc 10 (1976)
Odeon Budokan

1. The Old Laughing Lady #
2. After the Gold Rush #
3. Too For Gone #
4. Old Man #
5. Stringinan #
6. Don’t Cry No Tears #
7. Cowgirl in the Sand #
8. Lotto Love #
9. Drive Back #
10. Cortez the Killer #

39 responses to Second edition of Neil Young’s Archives Vol II now available to pre-order

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  2. David Hartley says:

    Paul, it looks like there definitely IS more of the first box (so much for the “limited edition of 3000”). I got this email, and it is back up for sale for $249.98 in his store:

    “After the initial run sold out in less than 24 hours, NEIL YOUNG is releasing an additional batch of his monumental Archives Volume II: 1972-1976 deluxe edition box set, available exclusively via The Greedy Hand store at Neil Young Archives (NYA). In tandem, Young is also announcing a retail edition of the set. Both releases are now available for pre-order and will be physically released on March 5, 2021.”

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Okay, my ‘bad’ as they say… Very surprising, tbh.

    • Michael says:

      David, I got the same notice. Perhaps by March 5, 2021, my anger about this Neil Young marketing campaign will have waned, and I’ll order a copy of the second run of the deluxe edition box set.

      I read that the second run won’t include a certificate, and the ‘II’ numerals (for Archive Vol. II) are printed in red rather than black to distinguish the second run from the first run — but, does that really matter to anyone? I still wish the box set was being offered in a Blu-ray format like “NY Archives Vol. I” was 11 years ago.

  3. Keith says:

    Well I just ordered from Neil’s UK store, just pick the UK option to pay in real money and not pay any addition VAT with the post office.
    Bought the Retail version I dont need the book it’s about the music after all. Hopefully this will sit like a clone against the volume 1 CD set but probably not.
    This is what should have originally should have happened a pre order to gauge numbers plus a few extras for late comers. All with enough time to get an idea to the pressing plants and minimise costs.
    The marketing of this has been totally botched.

  4. Carl Jacobs says:

    Hello all Rusties
    Good to hear that us lucky ones will get a letter of authenticity for the originally released and sold out box.
    I will therefore keep the original set sealed with the letter of authenticity protected in poly, to prevent shelf wear.
    When I saw the “rereleased” or “reissued” and “reimagined” sets, yes I seriously considered pre ordering both sets, keeping the deluxe set sealed as well.
    On reflection, I’ll likely just stick with preordering the retail edition and hopefully via my favourite bricks and mortar store – Badlands in Cheltenham U.K, or via their online store.
    I watch the original unboxing video and play the retail edition and protect the discs in proprietary poly sleeves that I’ve used for a few years. The box will be protected in poly, again to prevent shelf wear. Thus allowing as many people to get a copy.

  5. AdamW says:

    Also, in the most recent batch of responses to “Letters To The Editor,” Neil says that Reprise set the price for the After The Gold Rush 50 vinyl set, not him, and that he agrees that “the price is too high.” Seems like a bit of a cop-out, but there you go.

  6. Tom m hans says:

    It’s still way too expensive, maybe the price comes down, otherwise I can still cancel my US pre-order.

  7. Barry says:

    Latest issues of Mojo and Uncut both have a 4 page review of the set if anyone’s interested (I’ve yet to read but the scores are good – 9/10 and 4 stars).

    Both mags also have very positive reviews for McCartney III.

  8. Paul Gray says:

    I wonder how much it will cost over here? £125 or less and I’m in. What are the chances of Archives 1 being re-released in the same format?

  9. Darren Linklater says:

    You can actually get a copy…..

    I am surprised this came so quickly. Neil must have felt a pang of guilt over the original fiasco.

  10. Peter Wilson says:

    A second edition of the deluxe is back up on US Greedy Hand store too with release date 5 March.

  11. Phil says:

    Smaller book, smaller box, same music, same high-res downloads, and all at a lower cost?

    I’m half inclined to cancel my order of the first version!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure you’ll get the hi-res downloads…

      • Jarmo Keranen says:

        The Second Disc site says there is, if you buy it from Neil’s Greedy Hand Store!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          That’s the point. It’s a Neil Young Shop exclusive. Since these will be available *everywhere*, it’s not correct to say that they come with the hi-res download.

    • Knockerz22 says:

      I just read on Neil Young’s website that retail edition also includes high resolution downloads of all tracks on this new box set.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Pretty sure that’s a Neil Young store exclusive.

        • Nathan thomas says:

          His site doesn’t say the set ‘includes ‘ the hires files. It says a link to the hi-res files will be emailed to the buyer on the release date, so it’s perfectly feasible they may only email the link to those who ordered via his site directly

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            That is what I think is happening. His site has a ‘bundle’ and the box is part of it and the other stuff is extras.

  12. Richard koloda says:

    wowo the flippers on ebay might be taking a hit –saw one went for $3K last week, –I just bought mine from amazon –now two questions how much smaller will the book be, and could we someday buy it separately(?) –and will we get the Hi Res download files as well?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, apparently the big book will be available separately (according to NY).

    • Brian Stanley says:

      Since all I wanted in the first place were the discs (well, not the three I already bought separately), I’ll certainly try to get back what I paid for it to someone who actually wants the deluxe book.

  13. BSR says:

    I’m sorry to say that this initial price would be outrageous even if this were all new previously unreleased material which it is not. When the price drops down to 10 per CD, then I’m in. Gee, perhaps Neil is as big a $%$#! as some have said.

  14. Toby says:

    So confused. There is also a “deluxe” edition that looks almost exactly like the original 3000 run and is the same $250 price. But Neil specifically said they were not going to recreate this? Where does that leave the person who spent GBP2,260 on eBay a few days ago for one of the original 3000 run. Well, I’m looking froward to my version arriving in a couple of weeks. If not having to wait until May next year is one of the benefit of the first run, then so be it. NYA II is going to be amazing despite the shambolic release.

    • Barry Whiting says:

      @Toby – this is message on the website (strangely this popped up after I had placed an order).

      “After the initial run sold out in less than 24 hours, Neil Young is releasing an additional batch of his monumental Archives Volume II: 1972 1976 deluxe box set, available exclusively via The Greedy Hand Store!”

      Wonder how many “additional” equates to?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        There is definitely no more of the first box… I’m confused by this message.

        • Craig says:

          There will be a new version of the “Super Deluxe” which is sold out with slightly different coloring at the same price point. Same cds, same book and high res downloads. Also the smaller Version you have advertised here, Paul.

          This is all per NYA. The contents should all be streaming by 11/20.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I can’t believe they are doing this after saying they wouldn’t…especially at the same time as the new ‘retail’ edition. It seems they are really trying to confuse people.

          • WILLIAM ENGLAND says:

            the “vol II” is in red print – so easy to differentiate between the two pressings of the super deluxe.

    • Rupert says:

      Who cares about the person who spent £2,260 on e-bay. If he/she can spend that amount of money on a £250 box set, they are not short of money and not having sleepless nights about it.

  15. Sean Brown says:

    What’s difference between The Retail Edition, and The Deluxe Edition? Besides the hefty price increase, what do you get?

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