Shakespears Sister / Our History

The Complete London Records Collection – 11-disc box set

London Records are to release Our History, a multi-format Shakespears Sister box set that contains remastered and expanded versions of the two original London Records’ albums on vinyl and CD and a host of other content.

The box set contains the following:

  • Sacred Heart on black vinyl (remastered)
  • Hormonally Yours on black vinyl (remastered)
  • Sacred Heart (remastered) 3CD set (six-panel digipak with booklet)
  • Hormonally Yours (remastered) 3CD set (six-panel digipak with booklet)
  • DVD featuring the complete Brighton Dome gig from 2019 plus over 13 videos
  • The Ride Again EP on white 12-inch vinyl
  • You Made Me Come To This 10-inch vinyl
  • Hardcover photo book (44-pages) designed by original designer Laurence Stevens with foreword by Siobhan Fahey (individually numbered on the back)
  • Postcards, art print, circular patch

‘Our History’ box set (click image to enlarge)

Our History: The Complete London Records Collection is a 12-inch lift of lid box set with gold foil-blocking on the cover.

It’s important to note that the three-CD expanded editions are exclusive to this box. They will not be released separately as triple-CD sets in the future. London Records have confirmed this with SDE.

Our History will be released on 11 December 2020 and is exclusive to the official store. They are shipping with a bonus ‘I Can Drive’ CD single.

Sacred Heart Vinyl LP

A1 Heroine
A2 Run Silent, Run Deep
A3 Dirty Mind
A4 Sacred Heart
A5 Heaven Is in Your Arms
A6 Twist the Knife

B1 You’re History
B2 Break My Heart
B3 Red Rocket
B4 Electric Moon
B5 Primitive Love
B6 You Made Me Come to This

Sacred Heart 3CD set

1 Heroine
2 Run Silent, Run Deep
3 Dirty Mind
4 Sacred Heart
5 Heaven Is in Your Arms
6 Twist the Knife
7 You’re History
8 Break My Heart
9 Red Rocket
10 Electric Moon
11 Primitive Love
12 Could You Be Loved
13 You Made Me Come to This

Bonus tracks:
14 Pretty Boy
15 Mr Wrong
16 Run Silent [Restructured]
17 Dirty Mind [1990 Version]
18 A Piece of Heaven [Demo]
19 Heroine [Live in Leningrad]
20 Dirty Mind [Live in Leningrad]

1 Break My Heart [Extended Version]
2 Heroine [Extended Version]
3 You’re History [Maximized Version]
4 Run Silent [The Run Deep Mix]
5 Dirty Mind [Extended 1990 Version]
6 You Made Me Come to This [Extended Version]
7 Break My Heart [Shep Pettibone House Mix]
8 Heroine [Heavenly Remix]
9 You’re History [Voodoo Remix]
10 Run Silent [Revolution Remix]
11 Dirty Mind [E-Zee Remix]
12 Break My Heart [Yesterday, Today Mix]

1 Dirty Mind [Original Mix]
2 Sacred Heart [Original Mix]
3 Heaven Is in Your Arms [Original Mix]
4 You’re History [Original Mix]
5 Red Rocket [Original Mix]
6 Primitive Love [Original Version]
7 Could You Be Loved [Full-Length Version]
8 Break My Heart [Copa Mix]
9 Dirty Mind [1990 Handbag le Palais Mix]
10 Run Silent [Revolution Dub]
11 Break My Heart [Acidic Mix]
12 Dirty Mind [1990 Roughed Up]
13 Break My Heart [Break My Dub]
14 You’re History [Instrumental]
15 Run Silent [Instrumental]
16 Break My Heart [Shep Pettibone Dub]

Hormonally Yours vinyl LP

A1 Goodbye Cruel World
A2 I Don’t Care
A3 My 16th Apology
A4 Are We in Love Yet
A5 Emotional Thing
A6 Stay

B1 Black Sky
B2 The Trouble with Andre
B3 Moonchild
B4 Catwoman
B5 Let Me Entertain You
B6 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Hormonally Yours 3CD set

1 Goodbye Cruel World
2 I Don’t Care
3 My 16th Apology
4 Are We in Love Yet
5 Emotional Thing
6 Stay
7 Black Sky
8 The Trouble with Andre
9 Moonchild
10 Catwoman
11 Let Me Entertain You
12 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

Bonus tracks:
13 Remember My Name
14 Out to Groove [Demo]
15 Are We in Love Yet [Remix]
16 Cat Worship
17 Stay [Radio Mix]
18 I Don’t Care [7” Remix]
19 Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Remix]
20 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [7” Version]

1 Stay [Acoustic Version]
2 I Don’t Care [Henley Board Mix]
3 Goodbye Cruel World [1992 Alternative Remix]
4 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) [Alternative Piano Mix]
5 Black Sky [Unsegued Version]
6 The Trouble with Andre [Unsegued Version]
7 Are We in Love Yet [Abbey Road Mix]
8 Let Me Entertain You [Full-Length Version]
9 Emotional Thing [Luke Mornay Emotional Mix]
10 Black Sky [The Black Widow Mix]
11 Goodbye Cruel World [BTO Remix]
12 Stay [Andre Betts 12” Remix]
13 The Trouble with Andre [Chris Thomas Remix]
14 Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part One]
15 Black Sky [Dub Extravaganza Part Two]

BBC Session, 1992:

1 Are We in Love Yet
2 I Don’t Care
3 Catwoman

Live at the Town & Country Club, 1992:

4 Heroine
5 Dirty Mind
6 Are We in Love Yet
7 Red Rocket
8 My 16th Apology
9 I Don’t Care
10 Black Sky
11 Stay
12 You’re History
13 Goodbye Cruel World
14 Catwoman
15 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
16 Hot Love

Ride Again 12-inch EP

1 Time to Say Goodbye
2 When She Finds You [Single Mix]
3 C U Next Tuesday [Perfect Mix]
4 Dangerous Game
5 All the Queen’s Horses [Video Mix]

You Made Me Come To This 10-inch EP

A You Made Me Come to This
B You Made Me Come to This [HMD Pulsatron Mix]

DVD Shakespears Sister Ride Again: Live in Brighton, 2019

1 Intro
2 Goodbye Cruel World
3 Heroine
4 Dangerous Game
5 Dirty Mind
6 My 16th Apology
7 Heaven Is in Your Arms
8 The Trouble with Andre
9 Emotional Thing
10 C U Next Tuesday
11 Time to Say Goodbye
12 All the Queen’s Horses
13 When She Finds You
14 Black Sky
15 Stay
16 Are We in Love Yet
17 I Don’t Care
18 You’re History


19 Catwoman
20 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)

+ The Visions of Shakespears Sister: Videos

21 Break My Heart
22 Heroine
23 You’re History
24 Run Silent
25 Dirty Mind
26 Goodbye Cruel World
27 Stay
28 I Don’t Care
29 Hello (Turn Your Radio On)
30 My 16th Apology
31 I Can Drive
32 All the Queen’s Horses
33 When She Finds You
34 The Russian Film: featuring Dirty Mind and Heroine live in Leningrad, 1988
35 Catwoman [Live]

172 responses to Shakespears Sister / Our History

  1. David Tiberi says:

    I just received my box set, and I am so glad that I pre-ordered this! The care that went into making this is so impressive, not to mention that I didn’t realize that the 10″ vynil of “You Made Me Come To This” is a numbered edition (makes up to the gaffuffle of forgetting to number the bonus CD single)….I have and always will be a huge fan of this group, and it shows in this box set that they appreciate their fans and admirers…Love Live The Queens!!!

  2. David J says:

    I can’t say that I’m impressed with how Townsend Records have resolved this problem they’ve had. For me, it beggars belief that they didn’t know until an hour before they shipped that the CD’s weren’t numbered, leaving you no time to cancel if you wished to. Also, to then take your disappointment and turn it into an opportunistic marketing cash grab for 10% off another purchase is beyond the pale. Why not give us 10% off this purchase then, if that’s the way you’re going to go? Or better than that, why not just print up and send us the numbered version of the sleeve at a later date? Or number them by hand or something. I’ve priced the cost of printing and numbering 1,000 cd sleeves at under £200, so hardly a bank-breaker.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Honestly… who cares if the sleeve for the bonus CD is numbered or not? It’s a freebie bonus item which is exclusive to the SS shop. If they had said they weren’t numbered in the first place would you have not bothered to order the box set? In their position I wouldn’t even have bothered with the 10% off next purchase but you aren’t even happy with that. Having numbering on a freebie bonus CD with this box set probably represents a fraction of 1 percent of the overall value, but you want 10 percent off the entire purchase? Get a grip. I’m sorry, but this faux outrage is kind of ridiculous. Let’s get worked up about *actual* problems, please.

      • David J says:

        Nothing’s free Paul, that’s just a sales line, a way of modelling the overall offer. And you’re missing the point about the 10% off – it’s the opportunistic way of levering in an extra sale on the issue that bothers me, not the money – and I’ve said, you can easily print up a batch of sleeves at a later date, far cheaper than a 10% deal is likely to be if everyone takes them up on it. And my feelings aren’t inauthentic. Thanks for replying though.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          In my opinion they don’t need to do anything. Clearly some manufacturing cock-up, but it’s such a minor issue. The CD isn’t really part of the box set in the first place.

  3. Gavin Turnbull says:

    OK so earlier today I purchased Shakespears Sister albums 3 & 4 today. The RSD Releases of #3 (Blue & Red Vinyl) & Songs From the Red Room (Gold Vinyl).

    I think I’m having to take the plunge here and buy this boxset after all. Damn me & my OCD. You still owe me that “A Christmas Number One” CD though Siobhan!!!

  4. James Giraffe says:

    I’ve had a dispatch notice too. Exciting! They’ve also told me that the I Can Drive “numbered” CD single will now not be numbered. No skin off my nose, but I can’t wait to see what’s on that. No tracklist has been announced for that, as far as I know.

  5. cdmaniac says:

    It looks like mine shipped on Monday the 7th. No shipping notice, but early is good

  6. Daniel says:

    Bought it. Took me a good while to actually arrive at that decision though…

    Find it abit strange that the Ride Again EP doesn’t have a CD counterpart.

  7. John Archbell says:

    I’ve been revisiting this page numerous times, eyeing up that beautiful ‘Our History’ boxset. I have spent an absolute fortune over the last couple of months and I expect I’m not the only one! There has been an array of wonderfully curated boxsets released recently that I’ve bit the bullet for – U2, Prince, Ultravox (both vinyl and CD boxes), Elton John, Transvision Vamp (Both CD and Vinyl) and John Lennon. I’ve also added past releases including Madness Full House with the 4 x vinyl fold out set and other bits and pieces including a signed copy of Bryan Ferry’s Royal Albert Hall gig on both CD a and vinyl.

    Anyhow, I’ve finally taken the plunge and gone for Shakespeare’s Sister! I love the first two albums and not really listened to the later stuff so this suits me. It’s about as comprehensive a boxset can be and I take pleasure in the knowledge that I have both CD AND vinyl in one set. My only regret? It’s a small one – that it’s not signed. For just a thousand pieces I can’t understand why it couldn’t be signed?

    Oh well, looking forward to receiving it!

  8. chibb says:

    Still can’t decide whether to shell out for this or not.
    Do you think they’ll re-release the individual albums on new vinyl or will this be the only way to get them?

  9. Johnny Cakes says:

    Presently showing for $157 (plus S&H) via the US link to their site. Sadly too expensive for me this Christmas, but maybe good news for someone else!

  10. Gavin Turnbull says:

    I’ve been a HUGE SS fan since the beginning. I saw them every time they performed in Glasgow – even when they opened up for Prince. I was such a fan I even subscribed to the Official website to get all the exclusive demos, rare downloads and physical format purchases over the years and posted regularly on the forum however I still cannot forgive SS for being conned out of £8 to buy the “A Christmas Number 1” CD back in 2013. Yeah, I know it’s only £8 but I’m now a retired pensioner due to Multiple Sclerosis so every penny counts. I emailed “The Official Shakespears Sister shop ( which was run by Anthony Mark Hemingway?)” way back in 2016 and never received any response nor the CD or a refund. Sad!

    I refused to pay £75 to see them live during their last run of shows – what a cash-cow that was especially as I’d seen SS (minus Marcy years ago) along with the other 40 or 50 fans for about £20 a ticket. I’ve never left a gig actually feeling sorry for the performer in all honesty.

    Anyway, this box-set would have been a day 1 purchase for me – especially as I’ve just upgraded my audio set-up to include an excellent record player but nope, SS will never receive another penny from me.

  11. joe says:

    I am so looking forward to this and I am very happy I ordered it. I have a turntable and will enjoy the vinyl as well as the CDs. To have a remix of “The Trouble With Andre” has me so excited. Hope it arrives intact and in a timely manner. Thank you Siobhan and Marcella for being a soundtrack to my young adult life.

  12. Kauwgompie says:

    I wish I was a bit more principled with this stuff. In one of my earlier comments below I complain about the $43 shipping charge (still ridiculous). Then today I buy the thing. Only a 1000 are made worldwide, which it says on the SS website so I believe it. That pushed me to ignore the shipping cost. Then again Donna Summer’s estate said only 1500 of the Encore boxes were made. They sold out and it is now available again everywhere. Very frustrating & conning.

    As far as the bundled vinyl and CD’s, Paul explained it makes the box economically viable for the artist. So it’s that or nothing at all. I rather have a box. I won’t ever touch the vinyl but so be it. I prefer CD only but if that means no box then pls give me both vinyl & CD.

    • cdmaniac says:

      Kauwgompie: I am your twin. Except I am going to sell the vinyl.

      • Seb says:

        I’m a triplet – just joined that club too. $310 total to get it here but I would be kicking myself for years if I let this slip away.

    • Dan R says:

      I am in the same boat. I complained below about the price and multi-format nature of the thing, but I’ve finally caved in and ordered one. After all the ridiculousness and inflated pricing of Neil Young’s Archives Vol II, suddenly this didn’t seem so bad. I mean, it still is bad, but clearly I’ve lost all perspective, which is obviously what the makers of these sets are hoping for. I just hope nobody releases anything for the first six months of next year so that my finances have time to recover.

      • Dan R says:

        Changed my mind about this, cancelled my order. It really is too much vinyl for me. I’ll wait for the standalone CD versions.

  13. Calico Moonchild says:

    If Mute/ BMG can have their arm twisted into releasing Yazoo’s “Three Pieces” on CD (when they really did not want to), then hopefully a similar pressure can also be successfully applied to London/ UMG, thus encouraging them to develop common sense (against their will) and alter their originally conceived formatting options/ marketing also.

  14. Dirk says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. I adore Shakespears Sister, and I would have snapped up the 3-CD sets in a heartbeat, but I have no interest in any of the bloated extras. It saddens me that this seems to be the direction that a lot of deluxe editions are headed in. We’ve been treated to some wonderful packages over the years, but this just smacks of the industry trying to grab as much cash as they can before the physical media market collapses, rather than trying to keep it going for a bit longer by offering packages that are actually worth the price tag.

  15. Glenn Roger says:

    I was excited beyond belief about this Shakespeare Sister box set! When you get right down to it, it is everything all rolled into one. To me, it’s worth it to get the full package since I am such a huge fan. I am no doubt sure that once this runs it’s course, everyone bitching about it will have wished they got a copy. I am particularly excited about the Sacred Heart 3 cd and the concerts, you get an older concert plus the reconciliatory concert. Instead of lamenting why everything isn’t released individually, we should celebrate this release as a monument to Siobhan and Marcella’s brilliance!

  16. Calico Moonchild says:

    It’s only two albums, who even wants the compulsory price point raising vinyl anyway? Plus, why is the Solo/ Marcy free “I Can Drive” single being used as an early purchase inventive when the DVD intentionally omits these highly sought after (yet equally Marcy free music videos)?

    This whole set is a limited content, two album era, shameless and blatant over priced cash grab!

  17. Dan R says:

    Just one more voice adding to the complaints about mixed media sets. If it were just the CDs and DVDs (at a reasonable price) I’d have pre-ordered this straight away and be gleefully awaiting its release – but that unwanted vinyl, and the hefty price tag attached because of that, has meant that I’m just not going to buy this. So the band loses a potential sale of their box set, I lose from not getting all the extra content on the exclusive discs – everyone loses. But if they’d issued 2 separate sets, one on CD and one on vinyl, say £60 each or whatever, everyone would be happy – including those people who want both. As it is, I guess I’ll have to wait for the standalone 2CD sets. Grumble grumble.

    • StevieG says:

      You hit the nail on the head. I really hope they reconsider and offer a few option packages.

    • Aldona says:

      I could not agree more!!! I would have ordered the CD versions in a heartbeat. I have not ordered this set and really think I can do without the 3rd CD on both albums (Although to be honest, I would really love it for “Sacred Heart”). Still I don’t want all the extra vinyl. To be honest it doesn’t make sense to me to pay that much AND buy stuff I don’t need/want.
      I am happy for every collector who appreciates this set, I am! But I wished they would cater to all needs, not just for the few hardcore collectors (who also have the funds)…

  18. MARK LEVY says:

    Would be nice to have a separate DVD otherwise I’ll just have to make do with CD/DVD set I got some years ago.

  19. Anthony says:

    I’m surprised the price tag is getting so much bashing. Comparatively, three years back, the Bananarama reunion live box set was £90, and that only included the same show on audio, DVD and Blu-Ray, and the large format book. This set has so much more than that and is a much better value product.

    The Zoom element and bonus I Can Dive disc are now sold out, by the way.

    • Brian says:

      Bananarama also released all of the different options individually. I got the Blu Ray and CD set for around $25. I was happy, they made a sale, win win.

  20. Drew Littlefair says:

    Dont care about the cost, this is something i need. I have been especially waiting for the 3 cd set of Sacred Heart for nearly a decade now so im sooo xcited. Flew to the UK last year just to see and meet them during their tour so this is the icing on the cake. Yeah it cost me an extra 40 pounds to get it shipped to Sydney Australia but I know it will be worth it xx

  21. Jon Mac says:

    Despite not being interested in vinyl, I’m a fool for anything Siobhán and Shakespears Sister related and the box set *is* beautiful so I had to purchase one even though half the content is useless to me. The extras on the CD’s are brilliant and pretty much everything a fan could want but it’s just a shame the 3 disc sets won’t be released for those without funds for such an expensive set. My only major gripe is the inclusion of DVD – how quaint! In this day and age when 80% of households in both the UK and US have an HDTV and 4k TV’s uptake increasing tenfold, to be releasing video in a dying media that looks terrible on most home’s set-ups is ridiculous IMO. They should have released the live gig as a Blu-ray and kept the DVD for the videos (unless they could be adequately upscaled).

  22. Shane says:

    Yeah sorry but never heard anyone singing praises for mixed media sets, don’t anyone try to make that happen. I see no reason for sticking a customer with the vinyl of the album where you give them the expanded CD version. Like who needs that? It’s also such a contradiction, like, here’s a ton of tracks from that album’s project on CD, best quality, and in case you feel like ignoring this plethora of versions, you can also revert to just playing the original album, yes but only on vinyl. Only to raise the price of the set. At least for movies they give you the DVD for free when you buy the BluRay, here it’s clearly an overcharge.
    And please, what is this “you can always resell the vinyls”? As if having to (yes, having to, because you know darn well that a fan who wants this content has to buy it, it’s like sticking it in your face like a carrot to a donkey) spend 133 PLUS 35 for shipping isn’t bad enough, you’re supposed to go through the hassle of trying to resell the vinyls, that also probably nobody will want or need and also hope you can recoup the money? Sure, more work. That’s all we want when having to pay so much!
    I really hope they cave and release the whole CD sets separately, in the meantime I preordered immediately but I might cancel.

  23. joel ivins says:

    i couldn’t take it…i paid $200 for it to be shipped to the us, than sucked up an additional $35 overdraft fee…i feel i may need professional help…lolol…what can i say, seeds of love and our history hold a very special place for me…ill just eat peanut butter and jelly until the new year

  24. Davers says:

    It seems no matter what’s done, people moan. This is a collector’s piece that’s exclusive to the store. It’s a luxury item. It’s limited. Buy it or don’t. I’m broke thanks to The Rona, but you best believe I ordered this. It’s gorgeous, and it has loads of previously unavailable content. Bummed I missed the Zoom party thanks to my crappy iPhone, but ordering this was a no brainer.

  25. Kauwgompie says:

    I was ready to buy this but $43 shipping to the US? Sorry but that’s a no.

  26. Mark says:

    I Can Drive Cd single: does it only include ICD ?

  27. Ryk says:

    Not a SS fan, but if I were this would be the perfect box set for me. As a purchaser of vinyl, CDs and DVDs (blu-ray’s included) these mixed media sets are great.

  28. Not only do I find myself agreeing with Chris Squire and Stuart Ansell about the merits of mixed media boxes-in some cases I don’t understand why they DON’T do it. For example, the Beatles deluxe sets-I wish they would do an Uber mixed set as there must be a lot of punters want both. Similarly, the Bowie boxes.

    • Quante says:

      I don’t dislike mixed media sets, depending upon the scale of the release and the associated cost, but it is better to have choice and then everyone can buy what they want. The Fleetwood Mac cd / LP combinations were excellent, but only because the price was right. Kate Bush got a lot of grief for the lack of additional content, but separating out the cd’s and lps into multiple boxes made it both expensive (at full price), and affordable in that it offered a pick and choose option to suit budget, era and format. Once the price had dropped it became a very palatable proposition.

      Even on the Fleetwood Mac combined sets, I find myself using the expanded cd versions that I’d bought prior to the full sets, as they are easier to hand, but I do like the large scale format of the booklets in the cd / LP sets. Prince offering the cd set in the 12″ format packaging is brilliant for the people who don’t buy the vinyl, as they’ll get the booklet at full size, something that was lacking with the 1999 cd size box. The Beatles did screw people over by denying them the book with the LP versions of the deluxe sets, but overall more people prefer the flexibility of buying the individual sets.

      • Derek Langsford says:

        I would expect many vinyl fans would already have a CD/DVD player as vinyl was scarce for several decades and CD was the only option for most music. I am sure many of us abandoned vinyl and went all digital and don’t have a turntable and have no intention of getting one.

        So I bet those saying mixed media is fine are largely in the former group while those eschewing it are in the latter.

        Surely, the best compromise is to keep analogue and digital formats separate? And to give the consumer the choice to purchase only what they want and not have to store items they don’t want and will not use. I would advocate for discounts on bundles when people want to buy both. But if there is more than one vinyl record in a mixed media boxed set, I’ll refuse to go there (Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk excepted as it was a double LP). This set joins the list of no-gos for me along with Muse and Rush.

    • blink says:

      I don’t understand why you can’t simply buy the Vinyl and CD set when they are available separately but need to have them in one set (unless they then both come with whatever shared additional content, which I don’t believe would have been an issue for the examples you used).
      On the other hand I find it quite easy to understand why one would NOT want to buy both CD and Vinyl. So offering them separately to me solves that problem without creating a new / different one.

  29. Aaron Van Wyk says:

    Awesome!!! Have been waiting for this for years. Sacred Heart is one of my fav all time albums regularly played on turntable. Would love to upgrade my originals to remastered & expanded editions Plus more.
    Though, with current conversion rate to Australia dollar, total cost inc postage is $295 (£165)
    You really break my heart :(

  30. FaheyFan says:

    The usual US fans moaning it’s a PAL release. But is it?

  31. gwynogue says:

    Why no cassettes?!?!?! (just kidding)

    I love SS (no, not THAT one, LOL) so when I saw the email alert about an 11-disc boxset, it was the BEST news after an absolute shit year. But then I saw the dreaded phrase: “mixed media”. (cue scary music)

    As a CD lover, I’m not thrilled about the cost-blowing vinyl being lumped in, especially as the vinyl EPs have tracks that aren’t on the CDs. And I’m sure there are just as many vinyl lovers annoyed at the cost-blowing CDs and their exclusive tracks.

    Plus I live in Australia, so no doubt the item cost/size blowout will induce a shipping cost blowout – leaving me to carefully consider what should have been a “must buy” for me.

  32. James Giraffe says:

    Maybe a daft question, but how many discs in this? 11 or 12?

    11 are stated here and on the Shakespears Sister shop, but the official shop says “2LP + EP + 6CD + 10” single + 2 x DVD + photo book + 12” art print + postcard set + patch in outer box.”

    I count that as 12 discs.

  33. Foxee says:

    This is a BRILLIANT collection with a lot of thought put into it and at an extremely good price. It’s just what the fans wanted and I find it absolutely unbelievable that people should moan and pick holes in such a wonderful celebration of one of the most interesting and innovative female duos of all time . For god’s sake, get over yourselves and focus on all the positives here. This is definitely the release of the year for me and beats most of the predictable overpriced RSD releases and all of the cliched colour vinyl rereleases hands down. If only more bands put this much effort into their back catalogue and offered so much value for money!!

  34. Nico Seperas says:

    This is so amazing. Whilst California burns in the fires, I have something to look forward to!
    So glad they are using the same designer. If I had one wish it would be for the vinyls to be coloured.

  35. Alan says:

    Although it’s stated that the three-CD sets won’t be released separately, I’m reading this to mean that the two-CD versions might be, particularly as there is a separate wallet specifically for the third CD in each case. Why would this be separate if all three CDs are exclusive to the box?

    If I’m right, I’ll wait. If I’m wrong, I can do without this. I already have the Ride Again vinyl separately so presumably they’ve included it in here to use up their unsold supplies. Pet Shop Boys mixing DVD and blu-ray in the same release is one thing (who on earth wants both?) but mixing vinyl and CD in a luxury set like this is a step too far.

  36. Colin Rutledge says:

    No complaints from me – this boxset seems perfect. I collect music on all formats (yes even laserdisc!) so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest when it includes a mixture of vinyl and CDs, plus I love some visual content in the form of a book and the DVD. Price seems very reasonable for so much content. Ordered immediately as don’t want to miss out.

  37. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    maybe i am the only one here. but i will say that i only like “stay” – song and video.
    it touches me when it came out. but others i don’t like from the duo. sorry. for me a “one hit wonder”. so this set is useless for me. for others: the set looks nice – enjoy!

  38. Tom S. says:

    Any word on the 2 LPs getting a standalone release?

  39. David Hannah says:

    I ordered my boxset as soon as i saw it advertised. Happy with the overall set, although my only critique would be the LPs should be coloured vinyl.

    For those who are bemoaning the inclusion of records in the set, sell those on ebay and recoup some of the cost of the boxset. I’m sure you could get £20 for each LP and get £40 back in your coffers.

  40. Saar Freedman says:

    I went ahead and ordered and even got in on the zoom party early buyer deal

    Point is this may very well be our only chance
    You can bemoan the price and the format mix

    But fact is those are limited
    And we may never have more if they are gone

    These releases have a long history of being discussed and never issued(search the site here for some historical blog entries)
    And most releases and re-released Siobahn released independently are long gone and not repressed (including a deluxe “3” edition
    So i think anyone hoping got stand-alone releases is taking a chance
    These may come or never will
    And the box will triple in price

    Try for example to find a decently priced copy of the jethru Tull deluxe
    Think these will be reissued? Maybe as a single cd
    Its very rare that deluxe editions are repressed
    And with the cd slowly being put out to pasture
    The consumer market is crazy
    Cds are losing ground
    These will probably pop up on silver and red vinyl
    But as much as we complain and cry injustice
    I doubt something so lavish will be reproduced

    Especially a project With such troublesome history

    $150 is a lot
    But this is probably a good investment

  41. Basil James Maher says:

    I bought it first thing this morning, but mainly because I wanted the expanded CD’s. I have no use for the vinyl, but not sure if the CD’s will be released on their own in the future. I am more than happy to sell the vinyl copies to anyone who is willing to purchase them. I live in the USA, but can ship internationally if needed.

  42. David says:

    Their History a better title?
    (but not They’re History!!)

  43. The tracklisting for the CDs is fantastic. It features everything a fan could have asked for + stuff I didn’t even knew existed. Empty vaults now, I guess. and I’m so happy the reunion tour was properly recorded.

    However, living in a third world country made me stop collecting physicals completely so I’d kill for these remasters (+ the 2019 concert audio) to be made available for streaming (even if it’s on a later date).

  44. Craig Hedges says:

    Just read through comments, is there an email address for London records/Warners that all the unhappy punters could contact. I think it is a valid point that has been raised.
    Not a really a SS fan but love the title. 31 years in the making.

  45. Anthony says:

    I like the box, I must say. However, I would normally bemoan the mix of vinyl and CD in the one set, so I completely understand that viewpoint and it’s a fair one. The CD sets appear to be in 2CD Digipaks and the LPs are obviously individual, so I suggest the long term plan is that those will be available on their own next year? The third, bonus discs are in their own card wallets and will no doubt remain exclusive to the box, along with the DVDs (1 promo videos, 1 live show), the 10″, the book, etc. But the die hard fans will want both CD and vinyl formats, and those extras which are pretty interesting. 16 unreleased tracks/mixes, and a further 10 rare/first time on CD selections also. They’ve planned the content quite well, keeping the key material on the 2CD sets, and the more curio-like stuff is kept in the box.

  46. Laurent says:

    Like many other contributors, I don’t see the point of mixing vinyl records and CDs in a boxset. This makes it uselessly pricey.

    And, yes, I’d like to know if the tracks were remastered.

    My very favourite track is “Hello (turn your radio on)”. Sadly, ALL THE MIXES available in the boxset:
    1 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (Album Version)
    2 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (7inch Version)
    3 Hello (Turn Your Radio On) (Alternative Piano Mix)
    were all ALREADY commercially available on this single record, a 1992 digipak: London Records ‎– locdp 330, London Records ‎– 869 923-2 [no, I’m not interested in “live” versions, thank you]
    What’s going on? No other existing remix? No early mix? No demo? No instrumental? No nothing?
    Were the original multitrack tapes destroyed in the Universal USA fire?
    I cannot understand why there are not many more “previously unreleased” remixes from “Hormonally yours”…
    It’s not the band’s fault, hence the question: are the multitrack tapes lost or what?

    Last but not least, I hope that, this time, the DVD will feature a descent copy of “Hello”, without visible “interlacing”, respecting the original 4:3 ratio, in black & white, with the proper & clean “7inch version” as soundtrack and not the usual copied/pasted version with an audible audio gap at 3:33…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Maybe the band aren’t interested in putting demos or early mixes in this box set? If you weren’t allowed to put anything that’s been ‘commercially available’ before on a reissue before then there wouldn’t be much content on most deluxe editions or box sets.

  47. Yani P says:

    Always makes me laugh when they put things like… Over 13 videos….why not just say 14 videos or however many there are…

  48. shakespears brother says:

    I hope this is just a visual project because I wonder why they cropped Siobahn’s face on the “sacred heart” cover ?

  49. joel ivins says:

    i really can’t for $200…no matter how much my mouth waters

  50. FM says:

    Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. I have waited years for remastered and expanded CD sets of Sacred Heart and Hormonally Yours. It’s finally here, but I would have to buy a bunch of useless stuff I don’t want and have no need for, all for the sake of inflating the price.

    I will not be buying this. And I will not be buying some future 2CD set either, knowing that there’s a 3rd CD they could have included, but didn’t because they think they can squeeze more money out of me by making it exclusive to the big bloated box.

    Happy to part with my money (and I have many many times for Shakespeare’s Sister releases in the past!), but I’m not doing it for this cynical cash grab. Do better.

  51. shakespears brother says:

    way too expensive

  52. James F says:

    Last month I would have pounced on this immediately but having recently been made redundant I now need to consider what I spend my money on and the mixing of the formats has made the purchase unjustifiable and unaffordable for me – a shame as I’ve been looking forward to this for years. Maybe if there were less mixes and more unreleased tracks I might have been tempted but I still need to pay for the upcoming Sign O’ The Times super deluxe and the Divine Comedy boxset so something had to give!

    • Quante says:

      My sympathies James. I’m in furlough limbo currently, which will go one way or the other pretty quickly. If the news is negative, like you the Prince Sign O The Times cd box will survive, but not the LP box.

      As for this release, it’s not my thing, although they were enjoyable in concert last year. On their own shop website, you can buy the deluxe singles 2 cd edition for £10. That’s value for money.

  53. RJS says:

    I voted “Publish all, regardless” on your Twitter poll about forum posts. For this release and comments for other releases featured on your site, the general consensus seems to be CD or vinyl, please. Obviously some do like mixed formats. I suspect most labels will be looking at the comments on this site. Let them see that mixed releases and lucky dip DB picture discs are unpopular. I’d have bought the forthcoming Lou Reed New York but I refuse to pay extra for a vinyl disc that I will never play.

  54. Dave Finch says:

    This is nothing short of bribery! And WAY over priced! Shame really, as separate sets they would fly!….as I’ve said before, the people running the industry these days know nothing!…..not all, but certainly the majors! Where are all the music lovers and not bank managers and idiots! Bring back the mavericks!

  55. mattNYC says:

    the dreaded mixed-media box strikes again. i have no use for vinyl so sadly, this is a pass for me.

  56. Graham says:

    Another box that could have been a 6CD+DVD (or preferably blu-ray!) book bound release, a la Jethro Tull or Marillion’s recent reissues. Retailing for £40-£50. Or even a single Blu-Ray retailing for £20-£30…

    Instead there’s entirely unnecessary duplication in order to add 4 slabs of vinyl that many of us won’t even play. I don’t see a price, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is adding ~£100 to the price. The reason is easy to see – you make three times the profit on a £150 set than on a £50 set.

    Nothing against vinyl for those who want it, but using it to push up the price of a boxed set is basically wrong. Separate releases for silver discs and vinyl, please!

  57. HS says:

    As someone who already own both albums and both Greatest Hits compilations I can not justify buying this. I would never play the vinyl and while I would like to own the albums remastered with extra material the price is just way too high. I´ll pass.

  58. Axel P says:

    No CD-sets-only? It will be without me.

  59. musicmen says:

    hi dear its really just on the official website? not amazon or other place? its extreme for canada the price shiping thanks you advance for any other informatiom.

  60. Rich Venn says:

    I love these two albums and just purchased this box set. Even though I only want the CDs, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass in case these remasters are not made available again.

    If there are any vinyl lovers who want to just buy the vinyl content, let me know and we can work out the details. Cheers!

    • Dunczilla says:

      It’s only the vinyl that I’d be interested in, so I’d be very reluctant to fork out for everything in both formats. However, the nerdist in me would be equally reluctant to break up a “set”. A vinyl OR cd option would have been mint, especially as my copy of Hormonally Yours is worn out!

  61. StevieG says:

    I love Shakespears Sister and i would snap up the CD deluxe releases and the tour DVD in a instant but the vinyl is of no use to me and feels like unnecessary expense sadly. Times are hard for most right now, a few different packages and price plans would have been appreciated.
    If a deluxe release of the studio albums and the tour DVD are released individually or in a different package in the future then i will get them but this set as nice as it looks is not really what i was hoping for.

  62. Norm Authier says:

    I was excited about this as well until I saw that it’s only available in this one, multi-format package.

    I too had moved on from vinyl a long time ago, and I had long been looking forward to getting remastered and expanded versions of their albums on CD. And the DVDs being in PAL format are of no use to me since I’m in Canada.

    Let’s hope that they’ll reconsider a CD-only release because the track lists are fantastic!

  63. Kiki_ says:

    that kind of box that overlaps vinyls and CDs are completely useless to me… A full CD box set would be nice (and priceless) ! and an vinyl box set for those who wants it

  64. Stephen says:

    I’m liking this, however mixes missing and I actually don’t want the CDs. I might buy it then out the CDs on eBay.


  65. CJ says:

    As much as I want it, I’m going to have to seriously think about this one. I have trouble justifying paying this much when half of what I’m getting is vinyl that I’ll never play. I would love the CDs and the DVD, but I might have to just let this one go and forget about it.

  66. Jon M says:

    Anyone know what the track listing is for the I Can Drive single?

    I was able to snag the box (I don’t want the vinyl either but no choice on this one) and I got the cd single but no tracklisting available…..

    Can’t wait for this been waiting years ever since the Sacred heart reissue 3cd tracklisting showed up on Siobhan’s old website and then nothing happened….until now.

  67. Larry Davis says:

    I’d go with this but not until everything else is paid off and all my preorders of 4Q releases come out… Prince, Bob Mould, TFF, etc…I have no prob with mixed media at all…and there are collectors who buy both formats, so this saves the trouble…just received the limited Yello “Point” box and it’s another great example of mixed media done right…I also do wish that this set was also a complete collection, not just London Records, at least the “I Can Drive” CD single is included…it was on London, but not the whole “#3” album…I hope there are copies left after January…have a strange feeling there will be…

  68. James Giraffe says:

    I wonder if the I Can Drive CD single will be the same as the one that was released. I’m hoping not, because surely everyone buying this will already have that CD single.

    I’m intrigued by the “Original Versions” on Sacred Heart.

    I’m a massive fan, and I’ve met Siobhan a few times (she’s lovely), and even though I don’t want the vinyls, I’ve placed an order.

    • Jonathan Riley says:

      keep in mind the I can drive single is limited numbered to 500 hand signed copies on their site .
      Even if the box is available after January I doubt the 500 copies of the cd single will be

      • John 79 says:

        Is the freebie CD single signed by the band or is it just hand numbered ?On the band website it says hand numbered!
        Any track release of the freebie?

  69. Jonad says:

    Why, why, why do they mix vinyl and CDs? I have no use at all for vinyl. Therefore I will not buy this box set.

  70. Straker says:

    I was going to moan about the forced bundling of CD+LP and DVD instead of blu-ray but I see I’m late to the party on that!!! They might have got my money for a CD only set but they’re madder than Fahey if they think anyone other than obsessives will be shelling out that kind of money for such a contrived/compromised box.

  71. Steven says:

    Well I want the vinyl and cd sets so happy, ordered!

  72. Wayne UK says:

    Wanted the CDs but havent bought vinyl in 20 years. So it’s a no from me. Why keep mixing the two? It’s ridiculous.

  73. Ray says:

    Hmmm… i’d buy this for CD+DVD, although i already have their Best Of CD/DVD from 2004. I’m wondering if the music videos will be sourced from good masters as many have said, DVDs are compressed and they have the technology now to upscale videos to HD for Blu-ray, or go the whole hog and find the original film and scan to HD from that like most record companies are doing. Otherwise, it looks like a good set. The 30th anniversary of Harmonally Yours is coming up, so hopefully they’ll do a special set for that fingers crossed!

  74. Anthony Grice says:

    Yes Paul has said many times but they said the same about Yazoo and they relented. I’ve been saying for years the mixed format box set is a bad idea. I hate it. I thought I was the only one. Glad to see I’m not. Maybe record companies will finally see they are missing out on a lot of sales if they continue.

  75. DR says:

    It’s so infuriating when the labels don’t consider CD consumers. I’m only interested in purchasing the CD sets if available separately. Pass otherwise.

  76. Jason Hillard says:

    Any idea if any of the versions of Goodbye Cruel World will be the first 1991 mix which was released initially?

    Just wondering if it has been renamed, shame if it has been missed out.

  77. Russ t says:

    Once again, an uber-pricey ‘deluxe’ box set that includes an utterly dead format (DVD).
    If the material isn’t Blu-ray quality and can’t be upscaled – Ditch it. It’s ludicrous to include a loooong gone format like DVD in premium releases like this. If you can afford this much for a box set, then I’m pretty sure you’ll have moved on from DVDs about two decades ago. And this is a 2019 live gig – so why has it been issued as a dvd? Cheaper?
    I’m 50/50 on this box set. Nothing signed, black (?!?!) vinyl…. and almost everything included I already own anyway.

    • David Bly says:

      DVDs are not an utterly dead format, at least no more that CDs are. Many people nowadys would tell you that they don’t need physical media at all, and that all they need are digital downloads of both audio and video material.
      But people don’t come to this website to purchase super deluxe editons of downloads, do they?

      Believe or not, there are some people who have still not ‘upgraded’ to Blu-ray, and for them, this is just fine. Last time I checked Blu-ray players will play DVDs, but not the other way round. Mind you, I recently pointed out that Robert Fripp in doing the King Crimson box sets has been providing both DVDs and Blu-rays, which more people should do, but that is unlikely to become a standard.
      But as for the quality – ”isn’t Blu-ray quality and can’t be upscaled – Ditch it”???
      So I guess you are going to throw out all your Blu-rays (and DVDs) of films from last century – especially those in black and white (what was WRONG with those people not making films in colour, anyway?) and videos of live music performances because they aren’t up to Blu-ray standards?

      I do agree that some of these boxes are way too expensive, but there are always going to be people who will buy them. Again I would turn to the Kng Crimson boxes for value for money where the latest one has 20 CDs, 2 DVDs and 4 Blu-rays, all for about $200. Of course Robert Fripp owns the right to the tracks, unlike many of the artists whose releases and their obscene prices are at the whim of the record companies.
      On the other hand – Paul McCartney – oh Paulie, come on and give us a break!

      As for having moved on about two decades ago, I’m glad you were precient in 2000 as Blu-rays didn’t come out until 2006. I hope you enjoyed those six years without any discs to play (and yes, I know you did say ‘about’).

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Although I always gravitate to the ‘best’ format, I still have loads of old DVDs (lots of region 1 imports from the early noughties like ‘Seven’ or ‘Fight Club’) and when I play them on my OPPO on my 50″ flatscreen TV, while I recognise they are not 4k blu-ray at the beginning, once you get into watching the film the quality isn’t bad enough to draw attention to itself. You basically forget about it and just end up enjoying the film.

        • David Bly says:


          Thanks for you mention of DVDs. Like you, I have a number of ‘foreign’ DVDs but in the ‘opposite’ regions. Plenty of region 2, a few region 4 (South America, Australia, NZ), and lots of region 3 (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea). And while you can get Blu-ray players that play all regions , I don’t think I would feel the need to re-buy some of the films I’ve enjoyed for decades now.
          I’ll also add that I’m sort of a purist regarding films. I must see them in a theatre before even thinking of watching them on a TV set.
          I once bought a S. Korean edition* of Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai’s ”2046” on DVD before I saw it in a theatre. I held off on watching it until I saw the film, which fortunately was only a couple of months.
          Now with most films (and especially foreign ones) not appearing in theatres at all because of COVID-19, I fear many may never be shown in theatres ever.

          * I was in Koreatown in NYC and saw a 2-DVD edition with bonus material and subtitles in Korean and English (virtually all SK DVDs have English subs), and bought it cause I knew the US version would be inferior – it was.

  78. Diarmuid P Dineen says:

    Way overpriced and too gimmicky.
    12” albums, 10” discs, CDs. Some great things in there but not as a package.
    I would pay half for just the vinyl.

  79. Michael McA says:

    I’ve had enough of this. Seriously. It’s disgraceful behaviour. Bang out of order. I’ve already – in the past here – queried this ‘vinyl and CD together’ nonsense – and now – again – CD sets unavailable.

    I WILL NOT BUY VINYL AGAIN. Was virtually forced into switching to CD back in the early nineties (I resisted for a few years) when I couldn’t get ‘The Red Shoes’ on vinyl. Re – bought my whole record collection on CD – many albums more than a few times over the years.

    They can stick their box sets where the sun don’t shine.

  80. CJ Feeney says:

    I suppose saying the 3cd sets are exclusive leaves the door open for singles boxes or some other format/configuration. But I can’t help thinking that leaving the most mass-market items in the big box is a daft decision.

  81. Martin says:

    Seems to me people who just want the vinyl should find people who just want the CDs and do a deal….

  82. Jonathan Riley says:

    It mentioned books is numbered. Any idea of the print run

    • Kauwgompie says:

      On SS website it says 1000 worldwide. Let’s hope they stick to that. I swallowed the $43 shipping because this is truly limited. Donna Summer’s estate said they only printed 1500 Encore boxsets and they lied. It was sold out and a few months later it is available everywhere again. A slap in the face.

  83. F says:

    Not a Complete Collection box set

    miss the third album ” #3″

    what a mess

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That wasn’t issued on London Records, this is “The Complete London Records Collection”

      • David says:

        Hi Paul.
        Do we know which version of Hormonally Yours is included? At some point the album was re-released with the single versions (which are substantially different) in place of the original album versions.
        Judging by the fact single versions are listed separately as bonus tracks I assume it’s the original version included (unless the bonuses are single edits or some such..)
        Also.. do we know if the live album is remastered? I don’t see that it is noted.

    • Anthony says:

      Exactly! If you are going to do it, do it properly!

  84. Ian Burgess says:

    Not a huge fan, but might have tried one of the CD sets if available separately. Like many others have said, I moved on from vinyl and I’m not going back. The mixed format is not for me thanks.

    Are you able to pass on our comments Paul? Or are we just whinging among ourselves.

  85. Steve says:

    Yet again being forced to buy vinyl that I don’t want or need. Ridiculous.

    • Don says:

      This is the same thing with movies on physical disc: every 4K disc is bundled with a Blu-Ray. And back when Blu-Ray was the tops, every new movie was paired with a DVD. Doubled the cost of the purchase. And there were no stand-alone versions… everything’s a dual disc.

    • Stuart Ansell says:


  86. Matt S says:

    Is this going to be offered through other outlets or will it be exclusive to the official store?

  87. Jonathan Riley says:

    Im trying to order but it says the items are unavaible when i click preorder
    It can’t be sold out already right

  88. Anthony says:

    I appreciate maybe the last two albums werent with London, but I’d want this to be the complete history. Shame.

  89. Lee Williams says:

    I love the thought of this – the expanded albums and DVDs, but I can’t understand why anyone would include three formats in one package. Aren’t geeks like us normally CD collectors or vinyl collectors? Neither wants to pay extra for things they don’t need. I’ll be waiting and hoping they do a Yazoo and release a CD version alone. I may even have been tempted if lossless downloads of the vinyl material we’re included. It’s a heartbreaking pass I’m afraid.

  90. Dennis says:

    I would get both 3CD editions and the DVD in a heartbeat, but I’m not paying 153 euros (which includes the shiping) to get a box full of stuff I don’t need (vinyl), but that likely contributes to (far?) more than half of the cost of the box set.

    I’ve never bought a box set with mixed CD and vinyl. Makes absolutely no sense to me.
    I hope they’ll reconsider and release the CDs seperately (and the vinyls too for those who are into those). Paul: some lobbying would be appreciated, we know you are being listened too by record companies!

  91. Steve says:

    At last!! Been waiting for this for years and vinyl and cds – heaven sent!!! Ordered in a split second!

  92. Shane says:

    Ordered! But still…stupid choice to mix formats and force people to buy vinyl or cd. I didnt want vinyls ij this case…

  93. Branny says:

    Love the first album but as others have said, I moved on from vinyl with the advent of the cd.

  94. garax says:

    Only ‘I Can Drive’ from the cancelled #3 album even though it did get a release eventually – and has the likes Billy Mackenzie on it so it’s a shame to leave it out in the cold.

  95. Ronnie says:

    So there’s exclusive tracks on CD and on Vinyl? Who comes up with this? when will people realize there are two different mediums, seperate them!

  96. Stefan Last says:

    Any idea if the two 3-CD sets will eventually be available separately? €140 for the box is currently way beyond my spending limit…

  97. Andrew r says:

    Also known as the pension cash in
    Let’s be honest I have a lot of time for these
    Ladies but an 11 disc box for a group that barely managed 2 cd’s back in the day . Overkill surely ?

  98. I don’t do vinyl anymore, so I’ll pass. Maybe there will be separate CD sets eventually.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      Paul has already said a couple of times that there won’t be separate releases for the cd’s – can no-one read anymore?! Lol

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        The 3CDs are exclusive. I think there will be standalone CD sets in the future but they won’t be as comprehensive (e.g. 2CD sets).

  99. Joe Mac Pherson says:

    I gave up my record player for the CD format, in 1988. I’m never going back to vinyl again. I don’t think it’s right to charge this much money because of the added vinyl records- records I’ll never play. Why do so many recording artists think everyone wants vinyl?
    Glasvegas, a band I’ve followed since 2010, finally released their new album after waiting almost 6 years. Their website clearly indicates, the new album is only available on vinyl. So, despite my loyalty to them for so long, it’s over.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      Maybe do a deal with a vinyl lover who doesn’t bother with cd’s and you can each have the bots you want

  100. Jim Edwards says:

    This looks amazing but why cram 12 tracks into one L.P? Make the albums doubles. It’s got to sound better.

  101. Rob says:

    Yeah, a lovely set, and a Zoom party with the band for early buyers! Nice touch.

    That said, I’m holding back hoping to be able to get the vinyls separately, just because there’s only so much budget I can fling at box sets in the next 3 pay days!

    • blink says:

      I don’t want the Vinyl, so let’s team up ;)

      My first thought was ‘yeah, finally’ and then I saw the forced Vinyl and price tag ($200 for me with shipping). Went from an immediate buy to a ‘have to seriously think about it’, as I have no interest in Vinyl whatsoever, have not bought any in years and no intention of ever buying any again. Would be a shame to not get the remastered CDs though, so for the first time in a long time I am even considering swallowing the Vinyl toad.

    • James Lindsay says:

      I agree with you, it’s great that everyone has a choice in how to listen to the music they enjoy, vinyl to streaming, my choice for this would be the vinyl, so like you holding back to see if a separate release will happen in the future

  102. Juha says:

    Why mix vinyl with cds? I dont want no god damn vinyl!

  103. Jason says:

    This looks to be a very nice set. Is there a reason Could You be Loved is missing from the original vinyl? Don’t remember if that or You Made me Come to This was on the original record, but since the latter is included on it’s own 10″…why omit CYBL?

    Many fans already bought Rides Again but it’s quite good so what’s another copy? Wish they’d offer Hormonally Yours as a separate vinyl release as well as the deluxe CDs for options but these are probably financial considerations. Remastered versions are definitely a welcome development in what seemed like it was just getting off the ground again when Covid hit. The concert video is an added plus!

    • Dave says:

      I remember Siobhan hated CYBL. Now the vinyl has TTK (originally only on cassette and CD) and YMMCTT (Originally CD only) so the vinyl must have been full.

  104. Jef says:

    This seems fantastic. I don’t play vinyl, but I would a CD/DVD-only version.

  105. Ian Harris says:

    I’d be so over this if it were just CDs and a DVD. Why oh why do they keep mixing vinyl and optical media. I don’t want the bloody records.

    • Juha says:

      My thoughts too!

    • Sucinaken says:

      Agreed! These mixed sets satisfy nobody except those who just like looking at the box on the shelf.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Are you sure about that Sucinaken?

        I use both regularly, in the car and at home when I want some background on – CDs
        When I have the time to really indulge myself and Listen to an album, breathing it in – Vinyl.
        For me, at least, a mixed box is far from just eye candy.

      • Stuart Ansell says:

        They absolutely satisfy me, so that’s not ‘nobody’. Is it?

  106. John in Manhattan says:

    Sub-Total: $157.00
    Estimated Postage: $43.50
    (DHL Express to United States of America)
    Total: $200.50 (154.48 GBP)

    and worth every cent!

  107. Steve Thorpe says:

    Wow – a big surprise! However please tell me that the 3CD sets will be made available on their own, outside the box set? I cannot justify purchasing this with so much of the content being vinyl that I will never play!

  108. mike says:

    Looks amazing but like many others I suspect we want the 3CD sets on own and not pay £120… We shall see if released separately!

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      Paul has the patience of a saint – how many times does he have to say that the cd’s are exclusive to the set & wont be released separately ?

      • Richard Rootes says:

        I was about to say the same thing

        I think (& hope) he must have developed a pretty thick skin over the years

        Criticism should be directed at the issuer, not the messenger

        Cheers, Paul

        • mike says:

          I think Paul will confirm that the exclusivity was a later edit, after my comment, people who reply pointlessly… and where have I criticised Paul?!

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