Shapes That Go Together: A-ha return for 30th anniversary concert

A-ha to Rock Rio / Photo: Just Loomis

A-ha have tonight announced that they will perform together for the first time in four years for Rock in Rio 2015.

The concert will double as a 30th Anniversary celebration for both band and festival. The first Rock in Rio was in 1985 and a-ha famously played Rock in Rio II in 1991 and performed in front of 198,000 people – a world record (for a paying audience).

“The huge concert at Maracanã Stadium in 1991 is one of the absolute highlights of a-ha’s career.” says Magne Furuholmen, adding, ‘It was just impossible to turn down this request to celebrate the festival’s 30 year history,’ Magne explains, ‘especially as it coincides with the 30 year anniversary of the band itself.”

Earlier today it was confirmed that 2015 would see an extensive reissue programme from Warner Music and fans new ‘bigger news’ was coming tonight. The smart money was always on either an anniversary tour or a gig.

The band told the world they were calling it a day in late 2009 and subsequently spent most of 2010 saying goodbye to their fans on the Ending On A High Note Tour. A live album was later released to commemorate the final concerts.

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  1. Don S says:

    Love the site! Love the updates! Love that a “fan’s” expertise is recognized and consulted in an official capacity (“Big Chair”)!

    (ahem) continuing…

    Love a-ha’s music! Love that there will be re-issues! Love that there will be reunion(s)!

    “…there’s just not enough love in the world…”

  2. William Corfe says:

    Look lets be honest here, our friend is simply wrong. I have to say SDE has become not only my Goto site for all Music related releases but also, its clearly been an influence in the artists releasing better box sets Eg, Tears For Fears SFTBC. I can only hope that this continues into the future.

    Paul what you do is so important and is clearly working, keep it up mate.

    For the future I would like to see some more interviews happen with the Artists and Producers themselves, these have been sporadic but still very much wanted.

    I think you honestly need to put a call into Steve Wilson’s team for the new album hey.

    Love your work mate….keep it up

  3. Todd R. says:

    Z tho, don’t cover Z. Thanks in advance (kidding).

  4. Paul Edwards says:

    I wanted to Echo the sentiments of others. I Love a wide spread of music from the 60s to cheesy 80s pop and all I between via Yes and Floyd.

    This blog is great- I’ve found lots of old and new music to listen to. I wouldn’t dare say don’t cover X or Y

  5. Andy says:

    I was at the “last” gig in Oslo, 4th Dec 2010, it was a strangle night, superb gig but at the same time not believing a band so good could be finished. Perhaps it was several years premature (probably tying in with the end of a record contract) but they certainly deserve a 30th anniversary, I think the world needs a-ha, there’s no other band quite like them, I hope for many more years from them

  6. Steve Burke says:

    The Blu-ray of the final gig of the farewell tour is worth picking up if you like A-Ha but never saw them live.

    Good to see they still want to rock.

  7. Hans Jörg says:

    I read all news no matter if they are of interest for me or not. So Mr fed stfu

  8. Tim says:

    Have to say I agree with the above comments…I’m not a fan of Jellyfish (though to be fair I don’t really know their stuff so couldnt comment) but have read the articles Paul’s written about the re-releases with real interest. Such articles/re-releases have made me seek out music by other groups I’ve never listened to or sought albums by, and while some have been pants, others have been amazing….it’s the joy of discovering!

  9. Christophe says:

    Yep, agree with both comments above…Don’t spoil the fun for people like us…What Paul does is great, and I do browse the net quite a lot for news site such as this one. Sometimes some posts don’t interest me so I don’t read them. Simple as that. For A-ha, you do not seem to be a very music literate person, show some respect please !!!!their music is nowhere close 1Direction. Great POP Music, for which bands such as U2 and Coldplay often pay respect to. NUFF SAID

  10. Fed up of this eighties pop says:

    Is this a super deluxe box set issue news? Please report only on box set releases, not live performances of eighties pop rubbish.

    Aha, wham etc, not really music is it. One Direction will be on here next.

    • Gary says:

      Ah come on Fed up of this eighties pop, surely it’s up to Paul what he decides to report on. This ties in with the news of teh A-ha reissues. If you don’t want to read it you can always skip past it. Not all that hard really, and a lot quicker than writting a grumpy reply. Have a bit more empathy for the work that goes into making this site what it is.

    • Fed up of fed up of 80's pop says:

      If you don’t like the updates then don’t read the site. Nobody cares what you think.

    • Charlie says:

      You really don’t understand the group and therefore can’t comment. There was SO much more to them than that “one hit wonder” (take on me) band.

  11. Brian says:

    Well Depeche Mode = AWESOME! There’s always the posthumous albums.

  12. Depeche Mode = AWESOME! says:

    Never believe any musician when they say they are hanging up their guitars for good. Unless they have flatlined.

  13. Jon says:

    They never said goodbye to Australia… and I ain’t going to Rio.

  14. Stu says:

    I see that money I spent travelling to see them twice on their ‘farewell’ tour and buying the farewell cd/dvd was well spent then.

    Crafty Norwegians.

  15. Daran says:

    Great band, and the only band I missed live (and I don’t know why that was). So it is tempting to go to Rio, but sods law being what it is they will realise how much they love being back together and be playing in London a few months later

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good news… but I ain’t going to Rio – unless I get invited all expenses paid with a press pass (rather unlikely).

  16. Alan Baldock says:

    Status Quo must be proud of them. Nothing is ever final in music!

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