Signed editions of Ricky Gervais’ Life on the Road soundtrack available


Pre-order a SIGNED version of Ricky Gervais‘ David Brent Life on the Road soundtrack…

The album will be issued on 19 August alongside the new film. There is no premium for the signed version (signed as ‘Ricky Gervais’) and this soundtrack is also available on vinyl and (unsigned) CD.

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David Brent

Life on the Road signed CD

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David Brent

Life On The Road [VINYL]


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David Brent

Life on the Road standard CD



1. Ooh La La
2. Native American
3. Lonely Cowboy
4. Freelove Freeway
5. Life On the Road
6. Slough
7. Thank Fuck It’s Friday
8. Lady Gypsy
9. Please Don’t Make Fun of the Disableds
10. Paris Nights
11. Don’t Cry It’s Christmas
12. Spaceman
13. Equality Street
14. Ain’t No Trouble
15. Electricity

20 responses to Signed editions of Ricky Gervais’ Life on the Road soundtrack available

  1. Mark says:

    I do remember an interview with Ricky Gervais around the time of the original Office finishing where he was asked if he’d release the Simply Red cover as a single. His answer was that the cover was a joke but if he released it as a proper single he’d become the joke. Times have obviously changed.

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    “This joke isn’t funny anymore.”
    – David Brent

  3. gwynogue says:

    I guess the autograph trend is a way of encouraging/enticing people to buy physical product instead of downloads – you can’t sign an MP3 – especially as illegal downloading is a big problem. It might also make the buyer feel like they are ‘connecting’ to the artist and making the item seem more personal.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      With the likes of Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc., I don’t think illegal downloading is quite the problem that it was 10-15 years ago.

      • RJSWinchester says:

        I should add that musicians and labels are so keen to sell physical copies because although the streaming options I listed above are legit, they pay out peanuts in royalties. A thousand sold physical copies will earn much more than tens of millions of streams.

  4. Auntie Sabrina says:

    I prefer a mighty sword myself…

  5. don cooper says:

    “My pen is mightier than my sword”
    David Brent.

    (I may have made that up)

  6. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Signed releases do boost physical sales and those first week chart positions, which is no bad thing in my opinion.

  7. Joseph says:

    The tipping point of pre-signed items is nearly upon us, yes? It has so quickly become so common that very soon it won’t be enough. I understand the cost/benefit ratio is currently quite favorable, but the novelty is wearing off because who wants what everyone else has?

    Most shocking is the complicity of artists. If Roger Waters & Ricky Gervais are on board, who isn’t? Is it an ego thing? Doing it for the fans (benefits public image)? All written into the contract in advance? What spell are artists under?? Strange this vital new angle emerges after decades without. Once again, result for the labels…

  8. Christian Olson says:

    What would be funny if “David Brent” would sign on his CD:

    “You’re more than a huge pair of tits,
    David Brent”

    “I’m feeling sad because none of them were you,
    David Brent”


  9. Trash says:

    Not sure if you are being serious but assuming you are:
    Surely this is like a painter signing a painting?
    I remember a friend saying they went to a League of Gentlemen concert and not having anything else on him he asked Robert Fripp to sign a cigarette packet, to which Mr Fripp responded “I only sign work that I have created” – which seems fair enough to me.

    Anyway – each to their own. I quite like meeting an artist and getting them to sign something of theirs.

    • RJSWinchester says:

      “Not sure if you are being serious but assuming you are”

      I was being 100% serious.

      “Surely this is like a painter signing a painting?”

      Not really. They are two different art forms. An artist signs a painting as a form of authenticity and to declare it to be officially finished.

      But like you say, each to their own but, as somebody asked in another thread recently, does a signed copy sound better?!

  10. Russell Emberson says:

    But will they be signed as David Brent, Ricky Gervais or Jimmy Smith?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Ricky Gervais. He’s just confirmed this on twitter (nice of Ricky to retweet my tweet to his 11 million followers)

      • RJSWinchester says:

        Did it include a link to SDE?!

        Like another reviewer previously wrote, I see this is vandalism! I went to see Mike Peters of The Alarm doing one of his acoustic solo sets in Southampton a few years ago. It was a very enjoyable show (as usual) and at the half time break Peters was signing merchandise and posing for photos. I bought a numbered CD in a white digipak and as I handed over the cash it was slid along the counter for Peters to sign. With his marker pen poised, I shouted out “No!”. I’d have demanded a swap for unsigned one if he had signed it!

      • Paul Murphy says:

        Now I’ve got an extra 11 million to get in before on a Deal Alert? I think I’ll give up the fight.

  11. mattt says:

    Will this be signed by Ricky Gervais or David Brent?

  12. Chaz says:

    Any idea how he’ll sign the cd? Ricky Gervais or David Brent?

  13. Pim says:

    Such a shame the vinyl isn’t available in a signed edition.

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