Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years four-CD super deluxe edition

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

Universal Music will reissue Simple Minds‘ 1989 album Street Fighting Years in March across various formats, including a four-CD super deluxe edition box set.

Produced by Trevor Horn and Stephen Lipson (fresh from their work on Paul McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt) the record ended up sounding very different from the previous album (1985’s Once Upon A Time).

The band were initially expecting the producing duo to deliver what Charlie Burchill describes as  “their thing” (meaning synths, sequencers etc.) but Horn and Lipson didn’t think that was the right approach, with Trevor saying (in the excellent Daryl Easlea sleeve note interviews) that “I don’t think the Frankie thing would have suited them. I wouldn’t impose something on someone”. Jim Kerr says “We thought Trevor and Steve would be the answer to everything. We thought we’d hitch our wagon to them. It turned out that they likewise thought they had taken their whole thing to a max and thought it would be great to work with a band who could just knock it out.”

They ended up exploring atmospheric soundscapes and incorporating slide guitars, accordions and in general exuding a more celtic/folk rock vibe (the album was recorded in the Highlands of Scotland). Street Fighting Years delivered the band’s first and only UK number one single ‘Belfast Child’ (which was the lead track on the ‘Ballad of the Streets EP). Three further singles were all top 20 UK hits.

The four-CD box is packaged like the previous Simple Minds super deluxe sets and comes with a hardcover book with photos and interviews with the band and Trevor Horn and a Simple Minds poster. It offers a remastered version of the original album on the first disc (by Andrew Walter), a selection of 15 edits, B-sides and remixes on disc two and then two CDs featuring a previously unissued live concert from L’Arena in Verona, Italy (recorded on 15 September 1989). Sadly, there are no demos and or a surround sound mix of the album as part of this offering.

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

There’s also a two-CD deluxe with the first two discs from the box and a 2LP vinyl edition (the original was a single LP) which is notable for including When Spirits Rise, which was a CD and cassette bonus track back in the day.

Street Fighting Years will be released on 6 March 2020 via Universal Music.

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Simple Minds

Street Fighting Years - 4CD box set


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Simple Minds

Street Fighting Years - 2LP vinyl


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Simple Minds

Street Fighting Years - 2CD deluxe


Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 4CD box set

Street Fighting Years – 4CD box set

CD 1 – Street Fighting Years remastered

  1. Street Fighting Years
  2. Soul Crying Out
  3. Wall Of Love
  4. This Is Your Land
  5. Take A Step Back
  6. Kick It In
  7. Let It All Come Down
  8. Mandela Day
  9. Belfast Child
  10. Biko
  11. When Spirits Rise

CD 2 – Edits, B-Sides and Remixes

  1. Belfast Child (edit)
  2. Mandela Day (edit)
  3. This Is Your Land (edit)
  4. Saturday Girl
  5. Year Of The Dragon
  6. This Is Your Land (DJ Version)
  7. Kick It In (edit)
  8. Waterfront (’89 remix)
  9. Big Sleep (live)
  10. Kick It In (Unauthorised Mix)
  11. Sign O’ The Times (edit)
  12. Let It All Come Down (edit)
  13. Sign O’ The Times
  14. Jerusalem
  15. Sign O’ The Times (C.J. Mackintosh Remix)

CD 3 – Verona part 1

  1. Theme For Great Cities ’90
  2. When Spirits Rise
  3. Street Fighting Years (live)
  4. Mandela Day (live)
  5. This Is Your Land (live)
  6. Soul Crying Out (live)
  7. Waterfront (live)
  8. Ghost Dancing (live)
  9. Book Of Brilliant Things (live)
  10. Don’t You (Forget About Me) (live)

CD 4 – Verona part 2

  1. Gaelic Melody (live)
  2. Kick It In (live)
  3. Let It All Come Down (live)
  4. Belfast Child (live)
  5. Sun City (live)
  6. Biko (live)
  7. Sanctify Yourself (live)
  8. East At Easter (live)
  9. Alive And Kicking (live)

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years 2LP vinyl reissue

Street Fighting Years – 2LP vinyl


1.  Street Fighting Years
2.  Soul Crying Out
3.  Wall of Love


1.  This Is Your Land
2.  Take A Step Back
3.  Kick It In


1.  Let It All Come Down
2.  Mandela Day
3.  Belfast Child


1.  Biko
2.  When Spirits Rise

Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years

Street Fighting Years – 2CD deluxe

CD 1 – Street Fighting Years remastered

  1. Street Fighting Years
  2. Soul Crying Out
  3. Wall Of Love
  4. This Is Your Land
  5. Take A Step Back
  6. Kick It In
  7. Let It All Come Down
  8. Mandela Day
  9. Belfast Child
  10. Biko
  11. When Spirits Rise

CD 2 – Edits, B-Sides and Remixes

  1. Belfast Child (edit)
  2. Mandela Day (edit)
  3. This Is Your Land (edit)
  4. Saturday Girl
  5. Year Of The Dragon
  6. This Is Your Land (DJ Version)
  7. Kick It In (edit)
  8. Waterfront (’89 remix)
  9. Big Sleep (live)
  10. Kick It In (Unauthorised Mix)
  11. Sign O’ The Times (edit)
  12. Let It All Come Down (edit)
  13. Sign O’ The Times
  14. Jerusalem
  15. Sign O’ The Times (C.J. Mackintosh Remix)

240 responses to Simple Minds / Street Fighting Years four-CD super deluxe edition

  1. mike says:

    Picked up the 2CD for 4.99 in HMV, quite enjoying it at that price! Sure I havent heard some of those edits before.

  2. Michael Kraxenberger says:

    I have been holding back with this box set for the longest, especially after reading the comments and the disappointments in regards to this set. Since I own all the other box sets, I finally was like “OK, lets get this for the collection.” The box arrived today and it looks fantastic. In my opinion, the record companies could add a little more protection to those flimsy card board sleeves – but that’s just me. I played the first CD with the actual album and I was WOW!!! Is this the same album I’ve listened too when it came out? I was 16/17 back then, but still have the original CD. I always loved this album and it has always been somewhat of a constant to me that I play at least once a year. The remaster sounds spectacular and I’ve noticed a lot of things that I haven’t heard before – almost like listening to the album for first time. Of course, this is only my personal opinion, but I would recommend to not to sleep on this release and let it go out of print. As far as the B-Sides and Remixes go: I think its pretty much the same as it was on the Themes Series and especially for this album, there weren’t a lot of Remixes around, so this is all there was. Am looking forward listening to the next CD’s from this set. As always, thank You Paul for your fantastic coverage. I can not even remember how many years it has been that your site is usually the first thing I check every morning (unless FC Bayern plays :)

  3. John Thomson says:

    I said I took the explanation of the 4 missing tracks at face value and I do. It is also a possibility, however that as AM had more than a bit part on OUAT, they were just unlistenable. Either that or JK’s flubbed vocals. Doesn’t really matter. I actually quite like the “warts and all” side of of it. The Barrowlands gig on SITR was the same – if not even rawer. I don’t even mind the flub sustain on Charlie’s guitar on Easter.

    I’ve said elsewhere that I welcome their response – most of it makes sense. I just don’t buy into the view that UMG are blameless in this as the mistakes were entirely avoidable.

    I went to 4 UK gigs in 1989 and being in my mid-teens and obsessed, they were jaw-dropping. In reality, the set list was pretty unimaginative and some of the songs were too long and ploddy, but we have a pretty good, if not flawed snapshot now.

    I would really welcome downloads of the encore, and then just draw a line under it and look forward to the postponed tour.

  4. John Thomson says:


    A message from Universal regarding the recent Street Fighting Years boxset to address questions that have been raised here and on other forums.

    Street Fighting Years: Remastering
    This reissue was mastered by Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios in November 2018. So, unfortunately, the press release mentioning Andrew Walters was incorrect.
    The raw transfers from the master tapes included several defects which required fixing. For example, there was tape judder and volume drop-outs on two of the tracks, which were fixed by Simon Gibson. These problems were not on the 2002 remasters, being artefacts on the 1989 masters. Therefore this release is actually a remastering of the original master tapes. (This is the case with all the previous Simple Minds Super Deluxe editions – the original masters are always used when available).
    There’s been fan feedback where they’ve said they’ve heard new musical elements on the album thanks to the new remastering.

    Verona: The distortion problems with the last 4 tracks
    The first stereo mix-down of the Verona concert was used for this project.
    This material was listened to many times over – and pops, clicks, distortion etc. were removed – but the issues reported, especially timing issues with the last four tracks, were not noticed.
    The intention is always to transfer the stereo mixes of concerts direct to CD with minimal intervention i.e. no edits, no remixing etc. What is on the CDs is on the original tapes.
    Again, we’ve received fan feedback where the live CDs has been praised, and they’re happy with the material.

    Verona : The Missing Four Tracks
    The tapes used were the most complete stereo mix of the concert available in the archive. This was the first step towards the production of the Verona video back in 1990. The “missing” four tracks were the first to be left out of this process – it wasn’t a decision made when we were compiling the box-set, but one by the band, producer and/or management at the time.
    The press releases were clear that this was “most of the previously unissued Verona show from 1989.” It wasn’t advertised as the complete show.”

    My response on Hoffman

    The 4 missing tracks story is an interesting yet novel one, and impossible to disprove.

    I’ve taken it at face value.

    Not noticing the tape wobble?

    Funny thing to admit to, given their multiple listens. Less funny that we’re stuck with it, and no fixed downloads coming by the look of it.

    They can always change their mind of course.

    Picking over the bones of record company screw ups is normally a rather interesting way of spending my time. Can be quite entertaining. I’m being flippant of course.

    At the moment, not so much…

    That’s pretty much it with this one, I think.

    I’ve said several times that I love the mastering on Disks 1 and 2.

    Verona I can live with. Just about.

    Typos and incorrect credits? I’d be more annoyed/irritable if I was Gibson or Crouch.

    As a paying punter?

    I’ve come to terms with it.

    Doesn’t rule out forever a future visual remastered Verona release I suppose.

    The upcoming INXS one from around the same time is great I understand.

    The demos will never see the light of day though.

  5. Pat says:

    The fact that there is an excellent audio source of the Verona gig available makes the wonky tape debacle of the encore just unacceptable…Honestly, who gets paid at Universal to oversee these projects ? They made blunders in the SITR and OUAT boxes too , but this one takes the biscuit.. feel like an idiot after spending €60 on what was a less than impressive package to begin with.

    • James K says:

      What a deception!
      Mispelled words in the book, old master on the 1st CD (and not a brand new one as advertised), uncomplete Verona concert and unlistenable tracks (pitched wonky notes as an old tape).

      DON’T BUY THIS BOX!!!!!!!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Why do you think it’s the ‘old master’?

        • James K says:

          “Why do you think it’s the ‘old master’ ? (Paul Sinclair)

          1) Because it is written in the booklet : “disc 1 remastered at super audio mastering by simon heyworth” (that is the description of the 2002 remaster), despite the sticker on the box that claimed “4-cds newly re-mastered”

          2) Because you wrote on this page : “remastered version of the original album on the first disc (by Andrew Walter)”… and the booklet says that the remaster was made by Simon Heyworth.
          Only the discs 3 and 4 (Verona concert) are credited as remastered by Andrew Walter. And it it’s really shit, with a variable tape speed which makes the last songs totally unplayable.

          3) Because it is written on the streamed Super Deluxe edition on Spotify, Deezer and Qobuz : “Remastered 2002”

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            You should complain to Universal Music.

          • John Thomson says:


            I initially thought it was a tweaked ’02 and believed the booklet and not the sticker.

            However, on closer analysis the master is quieter with a bass boost and rolled of top end.

            When Spirits Rise is actually louder with a DR10 instead of DR11.

            It has been noted that there is “dither” in parts of Soul Crying Out.

            For the avoidance of doubt, this is definitely a new master.

            It is a shame that UMG tasked Walter/Gibson with remastering SFY, yet they have not been credited for it on the product itself.

            The new master and Disc 2 are actually really good.

      • Julian Carver says:

        has the thread for this deluxe set been deleted from Hoffman forum?
        I can’t find it at all.

        • Pat says:

          Deleted for me too …someone at Universal has a bit of influence, methinks !!

          • Renaud says:

            Same for me.
            it seems that Universal prefers to censor rather than repair its mistakes …

          • Julian Carver says:

            looks like I may have been blocked from the hoffman forum for stating the facts.
            my posts are not being seen over there.

            Now universal has issued an official statement which basically reads as ” Tough luck folks nothing will be done”
            Wow im disappointing and heartbroken its last time I buy any of these products from universal again.
            Stay safe people God Bless everyone !!

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Where is this official statement?

  6. Paul English says:

    Mine just arrived

    Playing the last four Verona tracks now. Not a great experience.
    The slightly smaller dimensions
    By the looks of it, the missing four live tracks would have fitted across the two discs?

    The disc of single edits & remixes which is surely worth the asking price alone
    Nice poster
    Decent book – plus I have added in the SDE interview booklet with Jim Kerr and Stephen Lipson (a great read)

    It beggars belief that no one played back the check discs.

  7. Julian Carver says:

    wow this sucks… It turns out they have used a faulty soundboard tape for Verona audio not the original multitrack recordings.
    so really that makes it an official bootleg. not a superdeluxe product.
    4 tracks missing, 4 tracks totally screwed up.
    So Verona concert is missing 8 tracks in total, this has to be the worst box set ever compiled.

  8. Julian Carver says:

    Universal has made a huge error on this box set The Verona concert last 4 tracks on disc 2 are unlistenable due to Wonky tape problems.

    • Renaud Ziegler says:

      The last 4 tracks are totally unlistenable. Lot of wow and flutter like an old tape.
      And I paid £110 for that piece of s… ? This is theft.

    • Geoff G says:

      I agree. Biko definitely has a tape stretch, and Alive and Kicking just sounds wrong! It was fine up till Biko…

      I hope they reissue a corrected fourth disc. This Super Deluxe wasn’t the most impressive to begin with, and the issues on fourth disc just makes it worse.

      • Julian Carver says:

        yes I agree East at easter sounds dire also.
        surly they can at least give us the downloads of the 4 tracks already missing. which would have pitched correctly. It seems what’s happened though they have used a soundboard tape that’s damaged. Now that is shocking because the original verona was a multitrack high quality recording back in the day. not some cheap bootleg.

  9. Julian Carver says:

    Is it my imagination or is the pitch totally off on these new Verona box set recordings? listen to East at easter and Alive and kicking. then compare to the original b side versions.. this new live album sounds like the recording is off pitch. sounds out of tune.

  10. Steve H says:

    Box received and book credits clearly state “disc 1 remastered at super audio mastering by simon heyworth”. Paul you’ve received a different copy from me.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’ve just checked and realised that what I was looking at only refers to discs 3 and 4. So this is correct. Sorry!

      • Steve H says:

        Thanks Paul, that explains it!

      • Julian Carver says:

        These new Verona live tracks sound off pitch to me out of tune pitching flat
        .listen to East at easter and Alive and kicking then compare to the original live b sides versions from verona. bad mastering in 2020? all I’m hearing is out of tune piano.

    • Renaud Ziegler says:

      The advertisement announced a new master, and it is the old one from 2002.
      The verona concert is missing 4 tracks, and the last 4 tracks are totally unlistenable.

      Thank you SuperDeluxe, I lost my money. I hope you’ll propose replacement discs soon.

  11. Chris says:

    Any idea why there is no hi resolution version of this release available for download – Simple Minds have generally been very good in providing hi-res versions of releases.

    My one thought is that this was originally digitally recorded using early digital recording technology, which was generally limited to 16 bits, making hi res not really applicable…….

  12. Ross Baker says:

    Amazon have just updated my delivery date to ‘8 April – 19 May’. It was already running four days late with its initial arrival date of today. Similarly, both of my Tears for Fears boxes – ordered separately – are now due to arrive a week late. This is with a Prime account, too. How can the world’s biggest entertainment retailer be so crap at getting stuff out? At one point a pre-order on Prime would guarantee the item on release day.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s not Amazon it’s Universal. The SDE shop’s Hurting boxes are going to be a week later too.

      • Ross Baker says:

        Ah yeah, I’m aware of the issue with The Hurting, but given that copies of Street Fighting Years are already out there and I ordered mine a few weeks ago, I can’t believe it’ll take until April or May for them to get my copy out. Also I thought the Big Chair box was still going to be shipping on time, but that’s running a week late on Amazon too (I made two separate orders).
        I had several orders arrive a few days later than release day last year too, so it seems to be a long-running issue for me.

    • Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

      Amazon are becoming atrocious now they have dominated the market, i’m in the same boat as you regarding my street fighting years box set, i complained my ass off about it though, I’ve also got a Leonard Cohen order that i placed in January that they can’t give me a delivery date for, i actually got a £20 promotional credit from them due to the amount of f*** ups they’ve made to my orders lately, and i have 6 pre-orders sitting in my account all paid for and waiting for release, i doubt they will arrive as promised though.

    • Mark says:

      I have the same delivery date from Amazon (April/May). I then ordered it from Townsend Music, who said after placing the order that they have no stock and no idea when stock would arrive so have cancelled Townsend and back to waiting on Amazon. Any ideas how likely it is that amazon will fulfill these orders?

      • Ross Baker says:

        Given some of the comments above about errors with the live discs, I wonder whether this is a matter of them making replacement discs. Utterly baffling. I, too, went with Townsend, but have the same error, so am going back to Amazon who at least will only take money when the box actually arrives. What a ludicrous situation! Hopefully we get an announcement soon…

  13. Oliver T says:

    Just wait until the fan community one day hears ‘People Stand Up Again’. There’ll be no more discussion about demos being an irrelevant inclusion on a box set. Just as ‘In Every Heaven’ was like a lost child reunited with it’s parent album, so is PSUA to SFY

  14. Michael says:

    The set is finally showing on Amazon US and starting at a whopping 82 dollars for the 4 cd set. 29.99 for the 2 cd.
    I will hold out. I would like the 4cd. It will come down, I guess. I lucked out and got the NGD box for about 35 dollars new… which is a great box. This one has much less. But if it goes to 35, I will get it for sure.

    • Kyle says:

      So this is out and does not appear to be newly remastered at all. It’s the 2002 remaster by Simon Hayworth. All the promotional material mention a new remaster by Andy Walter at Abbey Road. Am I missing something?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        The new one was remastered by Andrew Walter and Simon Gibson. Why are you saying it’s Simon Hayworth?

        • Kyle says:

          Somebody in another forum posted that CD1 in the super deluxe box is credited to Simon Heyworth, who did the 2002 remaster. They may be talking out of their hat. I haven’t seen the credits myself so can’t verify. I did seek out this information specifically though, as all services streaming the super deluxe have the album as the 2002 remaster.

          Was intending to buy the vinyl but may wait until more people have there hands on this.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            That’s wrong. I have it and it’s credited to Andrew Walter and Simon Gibson.

          • Kyle says:

            Thanks for that information Paul. That’s all the verification I need.

        • RobS says:

          Just received the 2LP vinyl and it states on inner sleeve that it was remastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering. Can’t see any other indication of mastering e.g. nothing in dead wax etc

  15. Gregory says:

    Qobuz has a preorder for the full digital release with the content of all 4 CDs and guess what ? Tracks from the main album / first CD are currently displayed as “2002 remastered”. Really hope this is a typo. I can’t image the new digital edition or the box set having the 2002 remaster on it instead of a brand new one. And no hi-res version to be seen as preorder at Qobuz. Have you seen one anywhere ?

  16. clive johnson says:

    A total balls-up…

    Here’s what we have – all for the princely sum of £43;

    CD1; The album (remastered)
    CD2: B sides (including 3x Sign o’ The Times and 2x This Is your Land)
    CD’s 3+4 An incomplete Verona gig (4 songs missing)

    Oh, and a book and poster.
    Its remaster so, big deal! Its still SFY. Its still the same album! Why remaster the thing?

    NO 5;1 either

    Whoever put this together has the imagination of a wet flannel!

    • Gabriel Souto says:

      Agree and agree and agree. What it would take to have a COMPLETE 1989 gig officially released???

  17. Jens G says:

    The band and universal could address discontent, boost media interest and sales by unveiling a ‘Simple Minds Revolution’ website (in the spirit of ‘Street Fighting Years’), modeled after Radiohead’s Public Library but smaller. Make a great selection of demos, missing live tracks and video clips available for free and create some buzz in early March.

  18. Mathew Lauren says:

    Lots of interesting comments below. My $.02: SDE and Paul have “turned me on” to many bands & REs I’d have passed-on, otherwise, but DID NOT (simply) b/c there was a (decent) 5.1 mix attached to the release/RE. Seems a waste IMHO, that SM decided to pass on the inclusion of a 5.1 mix here.

    Based on many comments below, a belated (stand-alone) 5.1. Blu-ray Disc of “SFY” would probably be a hit!

  19. Renato says:

    Hello, Paul!
    Unrelated, but are there any chances of The Verve’s Forth and The Cranberries No Need to Argue ever being released as SDEs? I’ve got the first three Verve albums and the first Cranberries one, but haven’t heard or read anything about Forth or No Need to Argue.
    Thanks for your work, the blog is an invaluable source of information!

  20. Gerry Hassan says:

    Nobody who has been a serious Simple Minds fan can think that Street Fighting Years is the best this band produced.

    This album IMHO is the final end of them as a contemporary rock band – a descent evident from the mid-1980s and the bloated, pompous, stadium rock of ‘Once Upon a Time’.

    And as for what is/was the best Simple Minds album: that is a fierce competition between several highs in their early years. But if you think it SFY you really dont understand the first thing abt this band, their rise, fall and re-emergence.

    • Robert Muenster says:

      Pretty arrogant to explain to people what a real Simple Minds fan is and what isn’t … I respect your personal opinion – but you should also accept that other people disagree with you.

  21. Jon C says:

    If there was a standalone BluRay audio release for this album (perhaps with the videos added) I’d be first in the queue.

    But, as is. the most I can justify is the 2CD, as there’s just not enough value in the box set for the significant (proportionately) extra outlay

  22. Mark W says:

    While not perfect with regard to the “fifth disc”, it allows fans to have all the released content in a remastered format with updated liner notes in one box. I have been a SM fan for 35+ years and own hundreds of their releases across nearly every format. Stop complaining and appreciate physical releases while they still exist!

    • Collier de la reine says:

      @ Mark W. You’ve missed the point on content & price. Your first sentence matches the 2CD set, for £14 : Remastered released content & new liner notes in one box at a reasonable price. That does not apply to the 2 live discs of incomplete concert audio, in the bigger space-wasting box, for an extra £43.

  23. djcm says:

    I propose to do something before this ship sinks. We fans (also consumers) can make our voices heard and try to put this right.

    Why not a campaign aimed at Universal to release a 5th cd containing some of the famous SFY demos and the 4 missing Verona tracks.

    The additional cd could be slipped in the boxes without UMG having to remanufacture them. Just a sticker on the cover is needed to indicate
    it’s included in the set (for instance, it has been done some years ago with the initial pressing of the New Order « retro » box set).

    Here is what this « bonus » cd could include (all this material exist in the vaults and is well documented on the Dream Giver site) :

    CD#5 SFY « Live & rare » from the Virgin archive

    1) People stand up again (vocal) – Monitor Mix #2 (6:11)
    2) Sometimes when it rains (instrumental) – Monitor Mix #1 (6:25)
    3) Dusseldorf beat (instrumental) – Monitor Mix #1 (6:47)
    4) Power in the darkness (vocal )- Monitor Mix #3 (5:42)
    5) Belfast Child 12″ version (vocal) – (6:55)
    6) This is your land (vocal) – Rough #3 (4:53)
    7) Room (instrumental reworking) – Monitor Mix #1 (7:05)
    8) Street Fighting Years (instrumental) – Monitor Mix #3 (6:31)

    9) Wall of Love (live in Verona) 6’36
    10) Once upon a time (live in Verona) 5’53
    11) Oh Jungleland (live in Verona) 5’44
    12) Big sleep (live in Verona) 7’05

    Total cd length 75’47

    Who want to help to start a petition ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s not going to happen, I’m afraid. The boxes have all been manufactured… and waiting to ship in March.

    • Julian Carver says:

      This extra disc idea with demos and Verona’s 4 missing live tracks, should be a lossless download then…if it’s to late for an extra cd to be slipped into the box.

      The disappointment of this box is unbelievable and shocking.

      • Neil says:

        Didn’t Universal issue both disc and booklet replacements for the faults found within the initial SITR SDE ? If it’s too late for inclusion in March, why can’t they supply the fans with the fifth disc at a later date,with the proviso that we can provide proof of purchase? It worked last time,why not now ?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Because they don’t want to give fans a “fifth disc”. If they did, the box would have five discs in it…

    • David says:

      They rarely release demos and having listened to the silver box stuff and every heaven from the NGD box I can understand why!
      Life in Oils and the early demo of Every Heaven were OK but the rest are rubbish.
      It makes the final album for a reason.

      With this SFY box it’s disappointing for many reasons highlighted on here and elsewhere. I won’t be buying it. Others will. End of.

    • Danny Payne says:

      Is the Verona concert the full tracks ? as opposed to the audio on the Verona video VHS that came out that was a mish mash of some edited and cut live track and interviews ?

  24. Robert Muenster says:

    What a missed opportunity! No 5.1 mix, no BD/DVD, (almost) no previously unreleased material, not a single (existing!) unissued song from the SFY recording sessions … I was so looking forward to this box, but this is really a bitter disappointment. This release is not for fans – it’s purely about making money!

  25. Collier de la reine says:

    I’ve been a fan for 38 years. My expectations being, the contents of this album box set, for what i consider is the band’s greatest work, would for the higher price, naturally mirror the offerings in the previous album box sets plus more.

    Instead, along with the gut renching disappointment, I feel slapped in the face that I’m expected to pay £40 for 2 extra discs above the price of the £14 2CD edition, whilst this stratospheric price shockingly offers *NO* Blu-ray /DVD of the singles video & TV performance clips, Verona concert, 5.1 surround sound mix or demos/ outtakes / early versions.

    Come on Universal and the band, WHY treat the fans this way ??

    I will NOT be spending my hard earned cash on this painful insult.

  26. Denniz says:

    Ill give this a pass as well.
    There’s a wealth of outtakes and demos from the period – and some in excellent quality. Demos/jams such as Power In The Darkness, Sometimes When It Rains, Dusseldorf Beat and proper songs like People Stand Up Again (actually heard that one) couldve been included after some additonal mastering perhaps. Besides including officially released songs in various stages of completion.
    Curious as to what kind of reasons Kerr and Burchill had, if they were the ones who opted out…

    Such a colossal shame, such a hugely missed opportunity.

    • patjoller says:

      People always seem to complain. If they did put a DVD with Verona on it they would say “it’s a rip off, the DVD is on the seen the lights boxset”. It’s a fact that they are reluctant to release songs in demo forms, an all previous deluxe releases there are none (except one on NGD). I think this box is way more interesting than the once upon a time box. That one was a real let down. 1) the live show is an album we all know and already have 2) the bonuses are only remixes of the same tracks. So even if there’s a 5.1 mix, that box is a shame. Can’t wait to hear the verona show and read all the interesting facts about this album.

      • Denniz says:

        Agree, the OUAT box was a huge let down, mostly by not including unissued live material – and retreading LITCOL once again. Uninspired. It’s a known fact there’s not much in terms of outtakes and (surviving) demos from OUAT, but that’s far from the case here. There’s a well documented and archived vault for SFY demos on digital media. Even if J&C didn’t want to issue demos, there’s still plenty of recorded gigs and video material to choose from. The Verona gig isn’t even complete. And then there’s the lack of video material, documentaries and surround mix… Simply put, not enough value for money.

  27. Chris says:

    I was looking forward to this one, but the cost of the 4CD edition without the surround sound mix which we were treated to on their previous box sets, is too pricey for me. I guess that sometimes in life we don’t always get exactly what we want. I enjoy buying and collecting “physical product” releases, especially deluxe CD box sets from my favourite bands. However this time my money shall remain in the account for something else instead.

  28. Michael Ward says:

    Pass on this one sadly. Now my hopes turn to a Sister Feelings Call / Sons and Fascination SE. Any chance the Minds go backwards in their catalogue (and the glory years) rather than forward into the lean years?

  29. Tim South says:

    Luv this album. It will sell because it is better than anything else out there right now. £56.99 , £36.99 it’s the content that matters . If you don’t have the content remastered , don’t have the show on CD ; it’s an excellent purchase. Don’t like it , don’t want it – no sale. Easy

    • Neil says:

      Tim,you are fully entitled to your opinion, I respect that,but you said it yourself, “it’s the content that matters”. What content ? To many long term Simple Minds fans,like myself, this album holds a very special place in their hearts and to see it treated in this sloppy, haphazard way is a very bitter pill to swallow indeed. We all know that there is so much more that could have been added to this release (in fact, we were expecting it !) and if the band or Universal could not deliver it,for whatever reason, they need to be completely up front about it. Otherwise, it will come across as either total incompetence or worse, utter contempt. This,for me,was going to be the musical highlight of the year. To say I’m disappointed is a massive understatement.

  30. jason richards says:

    57 Quid? I’m trying not to swear but that’s taking the urine, I’ll see how much the postage is from the States to the UK.

  31. Quante says:

    The reaction within the comments is interesting as it gives direct feedback to Universal who have managed to upset the majority of SDE Simple Mind fans who’d like to purchase this release. They may be surprised at the reaction, but at least they now know.

    There is a background story to the product release that Paul has intimated was not easy, and has resulted in a package that potential purchasers of box sets are now unhappy with. I’d assume Paul isn’t in a position to tell all as it’s not his position to do so.

    Universal should now do what all good companies should do and communicate what the issues are. It gives them the opportunity to explain why 5.1 surround etc. isn’t included. It doesn’t improve the product, but it provides transparency which leads to understanding.

    Even better, is if that following the poor consumer reaction, Universal work to Improve the content, and then come back with an amended box set. Nothing is impossible, but it can be if the parties involved want it to be.

    Being a good company and repairing damage to a product / customer issue is hard. It is easier acting like a poor company, however unintentionally that may be, and letting a negative situation carry on. At least it costs zero to do nothing. The upside for the smart company reacting cleverly and making improvements, is the enhancement to reputation and increased sales. No one ever sold less by giving their customer what they wanted. Everyone in a commercial environment knows what the right thing to do in theory is. When it comes to looking at the costs to make changes, many organisations get it wrong and walk away from what they know is the better path to take.

    I read the Universal press release for the Street Fighting Years reissue and it is well written and informative, just as it should be. Universal now need to to up their game and communicate some more with their consumers. That at least costs nothing, and can only be positive for Universal and its customers.

    • OV73 says:

      Thank you – this is a well expressed post.

      I have read hundreds posts of very disappointed fans on this site, the official FB page, and others. I have never seen a reaction like this. Clearly, there is something about this release that had struck a raw nerve. For myself at least, SFY represents a high point of the band in terms of atmosphere and musicianship. Also, it was the last album with Michael MacNeil. It holds a very dear place in my heart as a fan of over 3 decades.

      A 5.1 mix would have been truly glorious and I would also have loved to hear the entire Verona concert. As for the demos, that would have been a real gift but I understand that bands might be reluctant to do this.

      I think what is most disappointing is the lack of transparency. Openness in communication is considered an objective good in modern society. It is thus surprising that an SDE of SFY is being released that is quite different from the previous 3 and without explanation as to why there is this difference.

      I do hope that Universal is reading these comments. For the first time in 32 years I am actively considering not buying a Simple Minds’ release.

  32. Street Fighting Tears says:

    Jumped to 56.99 on Amazon UK today!

    • Eric says:

      It’s never worth that! I go on the basis of a tenner a disc so if they’re gonna up the price to that, with all that’s missing they can rotate!

  33. Stevo says:

    Definitely the starting point should have been the Mandela Day demo, played on BBC Radio 1 two days before the Wembley show, still no digital release of this.

    As pointed out, various shows I attended on that tour were also recorded, Bercy for one. I did attend all the Italian, French and UK shows, and saw plenty of filming. There’s plenty of TV coverage that could have been included, but I’m sure copyright issues may have stopped this happening and the fact possibly there’s no actual master copies at the relevant TV companies themselves.

    Surprised omission though was that they didn’t put the Radio Documentary on this set from deluxe box sets of the time. Virgin had the permission to release them then. Also the Theme For Great Cities intro music for that tour was unique and could have been included.

    The vinyl could have included the non-album single b-sides, at no expense to the vinyl quality. ‘Year of The Dragon’ and ‘Saturday Girl’, the latter as someone in this thread already states was good enough to be on the album itself. I remember talking to Jim about that backstage after the Modena show, though he was still buzzing more about the result of the Scottish Cup Final that evening, which we all listened to on a small radio during the soundchecks in the afternoon.

    For me it’s a missed opportunity, but as a collector, with all of my grumblings, I know I’ll still will buy this set (at some point), it’s an addiction which some record companies rely on us collectors doing without thinking at times.

    • Wayne C says:

      I’m guessing you must have gone to the Roundhay Park show which I attended, sonically for an open air event the sound was the best I have ever heard. Amazing clarity, even after all these years it stands out as being a special event. One I personally will never forget!.
      This album deserved more when releasing this, a lot more. I also loved that introductory music before they went on stage which was really something.

      • Stevo says:

        I sure did, first time I’d been to the venue, it also kicked off the UK leg of the tour. Very hot day too.

        • Redders says:

          That was fortunate. It was bloody freezing for Wembley Stadium on August 26th. Typical UK Bank Holiday week-end weather!!

  34. Steve says:

    I agree with all the grousing about the lack of hi-res/surround mixes. I do notice this release will have a hard-cover book. The one weakness of the 3 prior SM boxes was definitely the printed material. I’ll speculate it was not possible to include the desired DVD/BluRay content, so the improved write-up is being included to boost the value. Too bad, a definite missed opportunity.

    I’ll be joining the group off to one side, waiting for the price to drop before I buy this one.

  35. Wayne Klein says:

    Without a lossless option here, I will just go with the two Cd set. Missed opportunity from the band and the label.

  36. Remon says:

    Perhaps the missing live tracks from Verona 1989 could be made available online? That wouldn’t be too much hastle to arrange by the record company.

  37. Wessex char says:

    Agree that no 5.1 is very disappointing as the album to me, would seem to be perfect for this; also missing tracks from the verona concert is annoying. Having said that it’s finally being released and including (remastered) single edits and mixes all in one place is in keeping with the other box sets.

  38. Paul G says:

    My only question and concern is whether the deluxe box is a flip or lift top lid? If it’s flip I’m not purchasing!

  39. Marc says:

    I just don’t understand why they left out a 5.1 mix, as I remember reading such a mix has been done years ago. Why did they decide to keep it on the shelf?

  40. Darren says:

    Will there be a single-disc CD release?
    I don’t get it. New Gold Dream, Sparkle In The Rain and Once Upon A Time all had single-disc versions.
    Life is literally too short to listen to remixes/edits of the same song.
    I just want the original album, remastered.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, there is one. I didn’t bother putting on this post because I didn’t think anyone would buy it!!

    • Poptones says:

      If you only want the remastered album, this album (just like all other Simple Minds 80s albums) has already been remastered and repressed in 2002.

  41. mark says:

    I have been waiting so long for this, this album means so much…just want the vinyl. My only gripe is that its two records and not just one, i don’t get why they do this…well..i do, money.

    • David Carter says:

      I am sure it will sound a lot better on 2 discs rather than one and as long as its a gatefold sleeve will look better too

    • Arnd says:

      The original LP squeezed almost 60 minutes on one record. That comes at the expense ouf sound quality. Not acceptable for a deluxe release.

  42. fish says:

    I’m not a fan of this band and never heard of them, however I do have a comment on the box set contents. I know everyone likes different things and that’s fine. Personally if I was a fan of this band I would be excited for this set, due to the fact that it includes a live show. That would be enough for me. The demos I rarely listen to, and the surround sound thing is nice but doesn’t compare to an unreleased live show. If they had to choose between them I would always want the live show over incomplete songs and a dvd audio disc. But that’s just me. I hate when the bands I listen to don’t include a live album with remasters/box sets.

    • richard says:

      never heard of them? seriously?

      • Derek Langsford says:

        Really fish? I agree about demos – interesting for one or two listens, but I have the same opinion of live shows. The Sparkle in the Rain set concert on CD is almost unlistenable – poorly recorded and the performance was weak. I’ll take a 5.1 mix over a live show any day. Immersion in a discrete 5.1 (or more) mix of an album I love is a revelatory experience. I’d take a live DVD/Blu-ray over a live CD, but a 5.1 mix over both.

        Each to their own!

        • SimonP says:

          Must’ve been too busy in Marillion?

        • Ryk says:

          Yep, 5.1 over live for me also. Personally, I find live albums to be poor (and poorly recorded) versions of the studio mixes. Probably why I’d rather spend money on more physical music than on a gig. And physical music I can revisit over and over again at (essentially) no additional cost.

  43. Gavin says:

    I never understand the interest in hearing demo versions. They are generally never meant for release and never sound as good as the finished version.
    I prefer to have live stuff added.
    As for 5.1 mixes. Does anyone actually ever listen to them more than once?

    • Klaus says:


      Yes, me for instance.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Yes, all the time.

    • Donald Chump says:

      Yes, I can listen to the 5.1 mixes in the car.

    • RJS says:

      “I never understand the interest in hearing demo versions”

      Very true. I was listening to the second disc (demos) from the Legacy Edition of The Stone Roses debut earlier today. Absolutely awful and I took it off after two songs. Except for some Dylan material from the various Bootleg Sessions releases, demos are almost exclusively a one time only listen and then shelved and forgotten about.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        There are demos, demos and demos… and then The Stone Roses demos!! They are truly abysmal but hardly typical.

        • musicoloog says:

          Lots of times I prefer demos over the album versions. Demos sound the way the artist wanted a song to be sound. Producers will change the songs the way they like it or think it has to be sound (not always, but often songs are over-produced if you compare these to the original demos)

          In other words, I really like demos and it’s a shame this SFY box-set won’t have any included…

  44. mikey471 says:

    Agree with most of the comments already made. For me a 5.1 mix was a must have. This is a lazy attempt at a box set considering what could have been included. It’s as if the record company are sabotaging physical releases so they no longer need to bother with them.
    When you’re expected to pay £40 for only part of what should be included and an edited concert it comes across as a rip off and showing disrespect for the group’s fans.

    • Neil says:

      Totally agree with you.As others have already stated there is plenty of material that could have been added to this boxset to make it a worthwhile purchase. To omit it is bordering on criminal.If the band or record company can’t be bothered to give this type of project the care and attention that it deserves, why bother at all ? As a fan of the band for nearly 40 years I can’t express how disappointed I am with this lame,half hearted effort and will definitely not be buying on principle alone.

  45. Mark T says:

    Agree with the general chorus that this is disappointing, why couldnt the record company just follow the contents of the previous SE releases? Adding insult to injury is the additon of a poster, does anyone over the age of 15 get excited or even interested by the inclusion of a poster with a record?!

  46. Richard S. says:

    I’m not a massive SM fan, but I do have the other 3 SDEs and they have much better content. I’m not gonna bitch about it, but these do seem a bit light in comparison. So what’s happened this time? Is there some kind of rights issue or something? Why can’t someone just say why they have done what they’ve done, why does it have to be such a mystery?

  47. Neil says:

    Everything on disc 2 is available elsewhere so in theory it’s just a coaster and shouldn’t have been included. Between the price and the content which is very poor they are certainly going out of their way to encourage people not to buy this. One comment below stated that this was fabulous value for the content where they are getting that idea from i have no clue.

    • blink says:

      “Everything on disc 2 is available elsewhere so in theory it’s just a coaster and shouldn’t have been included.“

      This is such nonsense. Going by that most content of any deluxe edition should not be included and most 2CD editions should not even exist at all.

      Of course all of this should be included, just because it exists elsewhere does not mean everyone already has it or can easily get it.

      I’d like to see the reaction if anyone did that. The reaction now is nothing in comparison to that ;)

      Here is what to me each remaster should contain

      – The full original album with all bonus tracks different editions possibly had
      – all 7 inch mixes, extended / alternative versions and b-sides (unless there are like 10 mixes of the same song, then pick the most interesting 3 or so)

      For the SDE add the mixes you left out above, maybe a live show, maybe some outtakes / demos if they are of high enough production quality and the tape is still in good enough shape (both of which seem to be doubtful for this album).
      If you feel like it, add a DVD/BluRay, but that is entirely optional. A 5.1 is even more optional and should probably be its own thing, just like Vinyl.

      Also, make sure to not add Vinyl to the package to not shoot yourself in the foot and have people go for the 2CD edition instead…

    • Ross Baker says:

      One of two points always comes up in these threads: in this, someone states that b-sides have already been released so they devalue the boxset. In the R.E.M. ones, someone states that not including the b-sides devalues the boxset. The bands and labels are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  48. Vince Williams says:

    With regards to this, I will give it a miss, no unreleased stuff etc.
    With regards to the missing videos, I wonder if this is the same problem XTC had with their Duke’s boxset where they can’t include videos anymore due to a change in the licensing rules?
    If so this needs to change!

  49. Stuart Holland says:

    I’m disappointed that the live CDs have missing tracks like ‘Wall Of Live’. Its not even the full set list.
    For that kind off money they could have done a cd on unreleased demos like “People Stand Up Again”.
    So come on guys you can treat your fans better than this. It’s like their trying to rake in as much cash as they can before it’s time for Jim to hang up his mic.

  50. Re my first reply…please ignore…I meant to say…..

    No Demo’s…..No Unreleased Tracks……very disappointing….at least ‘New Gold Dream’ box set had more to offer

  51. Redders says:

    I wonder if the “Alive & Kicking” from Verona will be the complete song? It has always puzzled me as to why on the version released on the ‘Let There Be Love’ 12-inch/cd-single why the ending faded out just as Annie McCaig started to sing.

    • Street Fighting Tears says:

      I think that was during the period that singles were limited to 20 minutes of music, so they faded it to fit within the time schedule

    • David says:

      I think you answered your own question. She murders it so the fade is most welcome.
      She’s no Robin Clark!!

    • Stu H says:

      At the time there were rules around classifying singles. The maximum length for each single format was limited to 20 minutes playing time, hence Alive and Kicking being cut short. I’m sure the full version will be on this box set.

  52. Thomas Newton says:

    I was looking forward to snapping up my first Simple Minds boxset on the day of announcement. Unfortunately, on reading the specs and seeing the huge downgrade on the previous boxes, I’ll be resigning myself to getting the two-disc version instead. Shame.

  53. wahmbeck says:

    SFY is my absolute 80s favorite album. More than JOSHUA TREE or PURPLE RAIN.
    But this release is disappointing. No demos, no videos (no DVD), no 5.1 mix, an incomplete concert.
    I had been looking forward to the publication so incredibly; but this release is really sad and not worth spending 50 Euros on it (with DVD and 5.1 I’d pay 60 Euros).

    But so or something like that (almost) everyone else wrote here. :-(

  54. Wolfgang Mintrop says:

    I’m also really disappointed. No kind of (positive) surprise. Who needs this f***cking EDIT versions? Why no complete Verona concert?

  55. henrik says:

    I agree with all of you.
    Really looked forward to this.
    No dvd concert film
    No bonus disc
    No 5.1
    Not fuld concert.
    Record company or SM please explain this dissapointing realease.
    Agree with the ones that support to send a message to the record company and SM forums to let Them know this is sad.
    Damn feel sad for this reissue.

  56. Dave H says:

    I’m another person who is disappointed with the latest deluxe edition especially after the previous three boxes which all included the album in surround sound. This was the album that was crying out for a surround mix especially with Horn & Lipson producing. Trevor Horn has previously released material in 5.1 so I’m surprised he wasn’t asked to revisit this album.

    Is there something more to this than we know. Have the master tapes gone missing like Reckless by Bryan Adams? i.e. Burnt to smithereens in the Universal fire?

    The previous releases also had a high res stereo version of the album which was also a plus point. The hi res stereo version is only available as a download.

    As for the live material, I was personally hoping it was going to be the Wembley 89 concert when the Scots took over Wembley and there wasn’t a football in sight. The Silencers, Gun, Texas and Simple Minds – what a great day that was!

  57. dazzler says:

    I’m not a die hard Simple Minds fan or an expert on their back catalogue and the 2CD release will do for me, although it contains a lot of edits. But I read a lot of disappointment in the comments. Why is it so hard for record companies to get things right? Because they don’t bother one bit. Why not involve fans? It would be at least a chance to explain why the inclusion of some key tracks might be impossible. I never understood the point of releasing a live set soundtrack if there is visual content. Most of the times live audio content is a lame way to fill up space on deluxe editions. A live dvd makes much mire sense. I hope Universal will at least put the missing tracks in the Verona soundtrack. I won’t by the overpriced superdeluxe box set, but the die hards deserve a lot better. If artists or records are still relevant today, it’s also due to the neverending (free) promotion fans have made during all those years.

  58. Hudson says:

    I own the NEW GOLD DREAM SUPER deluxe boxset. Enough Said.

  59. Harry Willliams says:

    The Label should be sacked. No excuses for asking us to buy an incomplete live gig… Utterly lazy… the band and this album deserve so much more. There is so much extra relevant content already out there pertaining to this period that could be quickly polished up and added to this currently woeful offering…

    Just off the top of my head:

    Short MTV SFY Documentary:

    ‘Wall of Love’ ….An example of the quality of the Paris Bercy concert they have on file:

    Brilliant 52 minute Career Spanning Audio Documentary with tons of insights:

    A gorgeous four part SFY Rockumentary with interviews and reflections from all the main protagonists including Peter Gabriel:

    Get a clue label…

    It’s no wonder fans take matters into their own hands in their quest to obtain quality product…

    • DiscoDave2000 says:

      @Harry Williams it appears you’ve done your homework. This would have been great video content! I’m fully aligned with most other commentors – a live in-concert DVD would have been preferred to live CDs, and of all their albums, Sreet Fighting Years would have probably sounded most amazing in 5.1 with Mssrs. Horn and Lipson having manned the controls 30 years ago. This was going to be my first Simple Minds SDE as it is my favorite SM album . Looks like the 2 CD edition for me.

  60. Andy creedy says:

    Why cant they give us a full concert on dvd? Ive waited 30 years for a decent live version of wall of love and its missing! 40 years in the business and simple minds only offer 2 live DVDs none of which are complete shows. If you value your fans like you say please listen to them!

  61. Bob Gaulke says:

    I’m guessing that the lack of surround mixes/unreleased material is due to the fact that the master tapes were vaporized in the universal fire.

  62. Adey says:

    Many fans on here are quite rightly VERY unhappy with this half baked release. I for one will be showing my Disappointment by NOT giving the fatcat label bosses my hard earned money (unless the boxset drops to around £12.99 on universals great offer store website, when they cannot shift enough units)

  63. Geoff D says:

    I’ll add to the chorus of disappointed SM fans – this is my fave SM album and I’d hoped – and really expected based on previous sets – much more. What this means to SM is my $ will just go to another artist.

  64. iain c. says:

    Yeah a really disappointing release.

    A full uncut Verona show would have fitted on two CDs, with only the second encore of Sanctify Youself, East At Easter and Alive & Kicking (25mins in length inc. a second Themes Remix outro), flipping over on to a standard fifth disc and keeping with the disc content of the previous releases. There were also some interesting one-off live tracks and rehearsals that were recorded between April & June 1989, so perhaps they could have been added to the fifth CD to flesh it out nicely if the band simply didn’t wish to add any of the studio out-takes that may not be up to scratch audio-wise. ie.

    Disc Five
    Sanctify Youself (Verona)
    East At Easter (Verona)
    Alive & Kicking (Verona)
    Theme For Great Cities Mix #2
    Summertimes Blues (Mandela Concert, June 11 1988)
    Songs from the tour rehearsals in Dublin where the above version of Big Sleep is sourced.
    Ghost Dancing (no Gloria medley) (Paris Bercy, June 20 1989)
    And possibly – if they were recorded:
    Take A Step Back (May/June 1989 leg)
    New Gold Dream (Birmingham NEC, September 1989)

    Then add some variation on a 5.1 mix, or the verona performance film remastered and some bonus footage like some of the TV spots/tour docs from the era and that would have then been an excellent SDE.

    All the SFY demos:

  65. Tim South says:

    Paul/folks, I know that there are some people who are pleased with this release and others not so. The 2CD version is fabulous value for the content. The boxset looks amazing and i must say to Universal music that they set benchmark for these releases. The price, hopefully will drop below the £40 mark by release day but many thanks to EVERYONE involved in this project

  66. Andrew says:

    Hmm, 2CD version for £13 or the 4CD one for £40, so £27 for an incomplete concert and a poster I don’t want. More content is what I want.
    Total missed opportunity again here. As if the company want it to fail so they can justify not having to make any more.
    Poor, very poor.
    I will give it a miss

  67. Alan Jones says:

    As a Simple Minds fan and collector since 1979, I had no hesitation in preordering the 4 disc set and vinyl. Yes it would have been nice to have some unreleased tracks and certainly an extra disc of the radio broadcasts previously on cassette, also Verona and promo videos on DVD. The lack of 5.1 audio is not a surprise as to my knowledge it has never been produced (unlike NGD and OUAT which previously came out originally on DVD audio, so I assume was easy enough to incorporate into the deluxe sets). I’m really looking forward to the vinyl although I would have preferred a 45rpm double LP Abbey Road remaster as per the Japan ones a few years ago, which sound excellent. If I’m being extra fussy a colour vinyl version would have been a nice touch.

    • Jason B says:

      Sparkle In The Rain had a multi channel mix for the SDE and BD release…that had not been previously released?

      I just think not having a 5.1 mix of this album is a missed opportunity and that the price of the SDE is a bit of an insult to fans when previous SDE’s had more content and, at least, had the effort of the 5.1 mix to take into account.

      • Derek Langsford says:

        I was disappointed they used the same 5.1 mix for NGD that was on the original DVD-A. A couple of the songs did not have native discrete tracks to create a 5.1 mix and the faux 5.1 of them was so different they stuck out like sore thumbs. Was hoping they would upgrade those tracks as 5.1 processing from stereo had improved since the original DVD-A, but they didn’t. So I have the same 5.1 mix twice. Same for OUaT. As you said the 5.1 for SitR was new at the time. Very disappointing there’s no 5.1 for SFY.

  68. What? Kerr? Worry! says:

    No surround no pound

  69. Michael Kelly says:

    Hope you can use your influences. This is getting absolutely slaughtered. We have all this stuff. Absolutely nothing to offer and the buyers are not happy. No 5.1 or full gig or bonuses. Utter shit. Please pass on.

  70. Dan S says:

    In two minds about this, really. Themes Volume 4 already mops up (most of) the contents of CD2, and I’m guessing the Verona concert is the soundtrack to the live DVD? Previous SM boxes have been a day 1 purchase for me, but I’m going to wait until I read how good / bad the remastering is. I do hope the TSoL box set, whenever it appears, isn’t so disappointing.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      The involvement of Paul in the TSoL box and the divulged presence of a 5.1 mix is enough for me to be sure it will be excellent, satisfy fans, and will be a firm pre-order upon announcement. I truly hope that Universal don’t take the response to the SFY set as how music fans feel about all boxed sets. Many have met expectations including the Marillion and Jethro Tull sets and the SftBC box that Paul also worked on. I just hope they don’t tinker with what was already done for TSoL.

  71. Cristiano says:

    SFY, is my favorite album of the group. I have waited a long time for the reissue of this fundamental album, but I must express all my disappointment.Why not re-propose on DVD the Verona concert released on VHS many years ago? And why then leave the video clips out? Personally I do not like at all the various mixes and remixes and frankly they seem more of the fillers than anything else. Too bad, it seems to me, a step not really successful .I will console myself by going to see them next summer in that of Taormina. And I hope that during the evening they will propose some songs from this beautiful CD.


  72. Tom says:

    Sadly the concert is not the entire one. Wall of Love, Once Upon a Time, Oh Jungleland and Big Sleep are missing. Big Sleep is part of CD 2 though. I’d preferred they left out the 1000nd version of Don’t You instead of either, especially Wall of Love. This song was one of the highlights of the SFY concerts. I don’t mind for 5.1, so the release of a SFY concert is what I wished would be included, allthough they should have put out the entire 3 hrs show on 3 discs and add a DVD or Blue-ray featuring the entire concert on film. The tracks on CD2 were previously featured on the 4th singles box.

    The one thing I’m now waiting for is a proper release of the show in January 1985 featuring Bono on NGD. It was released in parts on single B-sides and the silver box and features freat new arrangements of some classic SM tunes. A bootleg exists (Summertime in Glasgow) but the sound isn’t that great but the versions are. It would make another great box combined with the also still missing entire Rotterdam show from December 1985. These (to me) were missing on the OUAT-box.

    You cannot please everyone and the choice isn’t 100% mine but I’ve waited so long for a SFY show, that it suits me alltogether.

    • Christian P. says:

      Exactly, i thougth the same, why another version of “Don’t you” and leaving out the rare and beloved “Wall of love” …a 5.1 mix had been fine, DVD video content a bonus, but the missing of “Wall of love” live is the biggest dissapointment for me. I hope that theband gets aware of all these comments and that someone can convince them to release that song online as a download….that would cure my pain.

  73. Michael Fowler says:

    Surprised at all the negative comments; absolutely love this album and delighted that Verona features on 2 of the discs. Pity there isn’t a fifth disc of unreleased material but I’ll be preordering straight away and once I’ve played it to death my mind will quickly wander off to dreams of Real Life and the Sons/Sisters double album getting the same treatment!

  74. Chris Squires says:

    We are in dangerous times. It’s a vicious circle that is created by our dwindling numbers (those interested in physical media) and a barely masked desire of the record companies to push everyone towards streaming or downloading. So, create a second rate box set that shouldn’t sell due to its many faults And this just tells them that no one is interested any more.
    It’s so sad. When something that is created with even a modicum of care, that is well curated, well produced and reasonably priced, even allowing for a decent profit, will sell quite well. I think the major labels see that as more of an inconvenience than an opportunity. So give us a polished turd that gives you the excuses you need.

    • Phil says:

      Hi Chris. I have always enjoyed your contributions to this site, however I can’t grasp your point here. If a commercial enterprise wants to stop losing money, they don’t do it by losing more money.

      • Chris Squires says:

        Ha, good point Phil. I wouldn’t put it past them though in a loss leader kind of way. Knowing they want to get to a downloading only scenario but without the guts to just do it.
        I just find it hard to believe that there is someone whose job this is will think they’ve done a good days work. It took minutes for a large percentage of fans to pull it to bits. The maddening thing is that they have had the advantage of a pretty good blueprint. As me old man used to say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I just struggle to come up with an alternative reason for them to break a successful and well received mould.

  75. Geoff says:

    Yeah this is the first Minds box set I will likely skip just not much meat on the bone with yin’s one. If I happen upon it in the 40$ range on eBay someday maybe but unlikely. Too bad as I like he album but don’t love it.

  76. Shane says:

    Could not care less about a remixed album which is a fake (=5.1). Could have done with some more mixes tho. Will defo buy but at lower price.

  77. Luke says:

    2CD set for me, like I did with Sparkle in the Rain remaster. Not interested in the live material at all. The other boxsets (New Gold Dream, Once Upon A Time) I do have in their full glory.

  78. Joe Atari says:

    One thing I didn’t realise until recently, Lou Reed is an uncredited vocalist on This Is Your Land. he crops up in the middle section….. Any explanation on how that came about?

    • Neil says:

      He isn’t uncredited as he is mentioned in the sleeve notes with Stewart Copeland.

    • Redders says:

      I think I recall Lou Reed was credited on the 7-inch single of ‘This Is Your Land’ which was released a few weeks before the album. How it came about is mentioned in the ‘Street Fighting Years’ songbook, which is a mixture of sheet music and interviews. I do remember Jim saying they went to Paris to do Lou Reed’s vocal, but I’ve forgotten how the ball got rolling.

  79. Thib says:

    Most fans are extremely disappointed and won’t buy it. We should express our dissatisfaction to Universal. After all this box is aimed at the hard core. And it will a financial loss if the set misses it’s target. Maybe everything is not lost. Through the social network, us, fans (or consumers) have some sorts of power. I remember, some time ago, New Order fans were so underwhelmed when the “Retro” box set was announced that the label (London records) decided at the last minute to add an extra disc of rareties. . Let’s make our voices heard ! Let’s start a petition to get what we are looking for : an extra cd of demos and outtakes (and a 5.1 dvd/bluray if this mix exist in the vaults).

    ? (it worked also when U2 fans asked the release of the Slane concert DVD in 2002).

    • OV73 says:

      Is there a contact person at Univesal to whom we should address our complaints? I’m extremely disappointed that there is no 5.1 mix.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        The relevant parties read SDE. Things aren’t as clear cut as they may seem with this box, and let’s just say that artists are not always on board with a compiler’s vision and that should be considered.

        • Julian Stockton says:

          This is undoubtedly the most important (and well informed) comment in this entire thread. I do wish that everyone wouldn’t automatically blame the label for situations like these.

        • Christ2 says:

          Hey, Paul, just saw this comment of yours before I commented on the first one. I had a gut feeling when I read your initial post on SDE that something was iffy. Now you seem to confirm that. Could you say anything more without breaching terms? I mean, even if the artists weren’t on boared, you say relevant parties read SDE and it was more than clear what people on here wanted.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            All I would say is that just because people want something, it doesn’t always follow that the record label is able to deliver it, even if they would like to. I don’t think anyone at Universal thought “I can’t be bothered to repeat the fairly successful formula of the other Simple Minds box sets this time around”. Sometimes at labels you do get sheer ineptitude that leads to flawed reissues, but I happen to know that isn’t the case with this set.

        • Neil says:

          I’m sorry Paul, but with the greatest respect that comment is not cutting it with me at all.If the compilers and Simple Minds could not come to an agreement over the content for this boxset the record company are under no obligitation to release. This is another lazy, uninspiring offering from a band who are doing their very best to alienate an extremely loyal fanbase.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Not exactly sure what you mean by “not cutting it”. I’m sure most here would agree that this box as it exists is better than the record company releasing nothing, which you seem to be suggesting is what should have happened.

  80. Toni M says:

    As most say, this was a great opportunity for a surround mix: probably the best Simple Minds album for 5.1

  81. Adey says:

    No dvd? Boring album. This lacklustre box isn’t worth £43 imho compared with previous releases.
    It was the last sm album i bought for a good few years, and the one that put me “off” simple minds. Listening to it again decades later, I’m not surprised.
    Imho this was the point u2 and simple minds went in totally different directions. Such a shame.

  82. JuzzyB says:

    I have always considered this album to be a pompous pile of old shite, had always been a fan of the band before but they jumped way over the shark with this one. I had been wondering however if age had mellowed me enough to re-assess it, and as I have the other boxes maybe I should continue the collection and attempt to enjoy the likes of Biko and Sign O’ the Times in lovely 5.1 surround.
    Well, now I don’t have to worry about it. I’ll call it a lucky escape.

  83. Rich says:

    I’ve bought all of these remasted box sets so far, including the Rejuvenation one, despite already having the deluxe editions of Big Music and Graffiti Soul (with the extra disc of covers), but this will be the first one I don’t buy. I have all the singles on 3″ cd and the original album limited edition box Set (the one with the book and cassette tape interviews) and that will do me – unless the price drops considerably.
    I aways thought “Great Wall of Love” should have been a single from this album. I would have much preferred to hear a 12″ version of that on this 2nd disc than all those boring edits.

  84. the real mike says:

    As an occasional ‘ver Minds’ fan who has the NGD, SITR deluxes and the excellent Themes cd singles, i think I can only echo the general opinion that this is a missed opportunity.

    As a small aside, as a collector of late 80s remixes, I did enjoy listening to the Unauthorised Mix of Kick It In and CJ Mackintosh’ excellent piano driven new jack swing remix of Sign Of The Times on Themes today – though neither bear any resemblance to the originals! – and thought there must be more unreleased versions out there.

    Everything in 1989, especially by big name mixers, had vocal, dub, bonus beats etc mixes, so the archive must have them somewhere I would think? I appreciate most SDE readers wouldn’t give a monkeys about such niche collecting but it might have added interest.

    I assume the edits are on various GH compilations, could any SM collectors confirm please?

    • psykomyko says:

      Agreed. For me, remixes are always the biggest draw for me with bonus tracks, particularly if single edits are available elsewhere. I’ll take unreleased studio material over live recordings (other than songs only performed live).

    • Derek Langsford says:

      The (single) edits for Belfast Child, This is Your Land, Kick It In, and Let it All Come Down are on the Celebrate set and some are on other best ofs, but I can’t track down the edit of Mandela Day on any SM compilation. Only see it on a CD promo and 12″ single. There are extended versions of Street Fighting Years, Mandela Day, and Kick it In on the Theme 20 CD which don’t appear to be in the SDE.

      • Street Fighting Tears says:

        I think those extended versions are actually just the live versions, from Verona (if we are talking about the bonus CD in themes)? SFY is about 10 mins I think, but looking at the iTunes times for the Verona part of the SDE, that includes When Spirits Rise as an intro

  85. Norn Cutson says:

    Lovely, thoughtful design; uninspiring content.

  86. James Wilson says:

    No surround mix I was so looking forward to hearing this album in 5.1 what a disappointment there’s absolutely no point buying this box set.

  87. Mike says:

    That’s a shame, I was hoping for demos or alternate versions of tracks. The Verona concert looks like they’ve just taken the audio from the home video release and cut out the talkie bits?

  88. James says:

    No surround mix I was so looking forward to hearing this album in 5.1 what a disappointment there’s absolutely no point buying this box set.

  89. Derek Langsford says:

    I echo the disappointment of many here. I was hoping for a set comparable to the SDEs for the previous 3 albums (despite their flaws). But given that there are no extended mixes associated with the singles, that I do not care for live albums, and this album was where my interest in them waned severely, my desire for this box hinged on a 5.1 mix. So, no 5.1, no sale. At most I’ll get the 2 CD set, but having just picked up the 3 CD version of Celebrate even that is doubtful as its only the b-sides that would be new for me.

    I feel torn in multiple directions: supporting the labels releasing physical product; not rewarding them for coming up short; conserving my cash for more worthwhile releases; and ultimately, being a digital music collector, questioning the environmental impact of buying physical products if I can easily acquire and own CD or higher resolution files.

  90. MnsrArgonat says:

    Agree with most of the above – as someone that liked the more ambient album tracks on this album (the title track, ‘this is your land’, etc) I feel that the lack of a 5.1 mix is a great loss. Not that I have the equipment to play it on, tho’, but even my old ears can hear the compressed soundscapes that are dying to come out of some of these songs…

  91. No Demo’s…..No Unreleased Tracks……very disappointing….at least ‘Street Fighting Years’ box set had more to offer

  92. Kauwgompie says:

    What a disgrace. No 5.1, no demos, no alternative mixes, no take outs, etc. In other words, nothing interesting was added to this box.

    There are already many live performances of the SM so the last thing I need is another 2 discs of live stuff. You can pick up the 2cd for 13 Pounds but if you want the 2 live discs you need to buy the box for 40 pounds so that is 27 Pounds for the 2 live discs! Sorry, not going to happen!!
    My max for this massively flawed box is $20 to $25 pounds.

    How awful that they moved away from the format they used for all previous box sets. I was definitely counting on at least a 5.1 blu-ray. I’m severely disappointed.

  93. Musicoloog says:

    Great, superb album. Nice box-set, but a fifth disc with unreleased material is missing…

  94. Ross Baker says:

    A surprisingly sparse box in comparison with the earlier ones – one wonders whether the album’s less-than-stellar reputation meant lower sales were expected and thus a smaller budget.

    I’m gradually moving towards digital for listening, with my physical purchases limited largely to a handful of all-time-favourite artists, and box sets, so this is the sort of thing I wouldn’t mind sticking on my shelf, but as others have said, I’ll be waiting for it to drop considerably in price…

    I suppose the question now is whether this series will continue. I’m quite fond of Real Life, but none of those ‘90s albums have the commercial or critical clout of the band’s ‘80s peak… I’m more inclined to think we’ll get a Rejuvination-style box of Real Life, Good News, Neapolis and Our Secrets Are the Same, maybe with Real Live ‘91 as a fifth disc.

  95. Mark Millar says:

    I hope someone from or linked to the band sits down and rethink the format of this release. They should be releasing 5.1 DTS release and or blu ray like Sparkle etc. Think its a tad to late but should be considered. Disappointing.

  96. Soren says:

    the 2-cd set looks great

  97. Kiki_ says:

    This time I will probably opt only for the 2Cd edition, as the 4-Cd only offers a live (and i’m not in the live CDs in general).. I’d probably made my mind up if the 3rd CD was a demo/ unreleased tracks thing, and the 4th on a blu ray of the concert…

    But, let’s be honest, it will probably be the last time to rediscover this album (their biggest selling LP, isn’t it ?)

  98. Street Fighting Tears says:

    Bit disappointed, this was the first album of theirs I got into back in the day. £30 extra for the 2 live discs does feel a bit steep, but it has SDE Deal Alert all over it for later in the year. Can wait until then. Also, will the box be the same size as Sparkle and New Gold Dream or smaller like Once upon a time? Full gig with the missing Wall of Love, Once Upon a Time, Oh Jungleland and Big Sleep may have felt slightly better. I get they include all versions / edits (though I think some are missing), but there seems to be nothing ‘new’ in there.

  99. Chris2 says:

    I cannot believe they abandoned not only nlu ray but 5.1 all together! I am hugely disappointed! I really was looking foward to finally getting this release in high res. I really do not get it!

  100. Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

    Beyond disappointed with this, was really hoping for a 5:1 mix, even though I’m not a ‘hipster’ a total own goal by the band, thus could have been an epic release for an epic album, its sadly mediocre to poor, if its not too late to reconsider it would be good for them to reevaluate the contents but I daresay its already through production

  101. Adam says:

    No surround sound, no purchase.

  102. patjoller says:

    Well finally, the box I was waiting for. My hopes were too high as I was expecting some demos as there are tons listed on Simon’s website. But as usual the band stay from releasing them. And demos are ok to listen to once, but that’s it. Couldn’t care less about the 5.1 mix so I’m not disappointed at all and I really wanted the verona show so it’s there (not in full I know). And as there’s big sleep on the b sides disc (not recorded in Verona, but still..), we’re only missing 3 songs.
    Once upon a time is still the weakest link in this reissue program. Can’t wait to have this SFY deluxe box and read the booklet

  103. David says:

    Echoing other comments a massive missed opportunity.
    The album is a recent remaster and When Spirits Rise on vinyl are about the only positives but not even a vinyl pic disc option!! (yet….)

    Verona (why not another gig?) should have been the full 3 hours or if you’re going to drop tracks remove the ones already out there such as Soul Crying Out, Mandela Day and the god-awful Kick it In. I could live without the gaelic melody too.

    No Ronald Prent 2004/05 remastered version? It’s done and just sat there (unless it got torched during the Universal fire?).
    The vault, mandela day 88 version, the cassette interviews, 1988 and 1990 mandela concerts, etc etc

    May buy the vinyl but i can see this tanking badly and no more box sets.
    Such a shame.

  104. Gordon Machray says:

    Another release where the only interesting thing is the artwork and how it will look in my collection.
    It’s confirmation of my early concerns and an own goal for what could have been a great release. What could have been a 5.1 mix, a video remaster, outtakes, demos (OK this was always unlikely) and interviews is now a damp squib.
    My concern is that with the content being almost bereft of anything new, that sales will be very poor, which means no chance of a Sons / Sisters boxset.

  105. Eric says:

    I agree with the majority here. Their most lush, full & atmospheric album is literally banging on the door asking for a 5.1 surround sound mix & why no live DVD of the Verona gig & the videos of the singles? What a wasted opportunity. Do these accountants who run music labels really have a fucking clue what fans want in these not very cheap special editions?. The answer is a clear NO!!!!!!!! Not keen on these edits, you play them once & that’s it!!! But, I’m going to buy it anyway cos it’s a brilliant album & it will look great next to the other boxes. For anyone who’s not heard the 5.1 of “Sparkle in the rain” it’s brilliant!

  106. Andy says:

    Worst news of 2020 thus far for me, as a huge SM fan. Verona has already been released in several formats and any true fan already has the b-sides on the singles.
    Oh well, nothing to see here, move along….come on Mr. Steven Wilson, we need some love here!

  107. Otto Jung says:

    No 5.1 mix, no DVD, no unreleased stuff – no reason to buy it.

  108. Mind says:

    Very poor release !!
    Verona gig is incomplete , 3 or 4 songs missing
    No 5.1
    3 versions of a cover song???
    I’ll pass

  109. Michael says:

    Wow. Surprised there is no dvd audio. I hope they put out a blu ray. I think the atmospheric qualities of the album would benefit from a good surround mix like with NGD and Sparkle in the Rain.

  110. Wayne says:

    No 5.1 = no reason to purchase.

  111. Marxisn't says:

    I had the original box with the music book and radio tapes (I remember Johnny & The Self Abusers on there… I think that would have made a more interesting set as a CD transfer than the B sides with a few live tracks tagged on.

    I actually saw them on this tour…. and was massively unimpressed! To be fair the band were doing stadium shows in the middle of arenas and it didn’t work and it just seemed overblown and over the top at the NEC and it’s the only time I have ever preferred a support band = The Silencers (I remember Jim Kerr coming on to sing The Real McCoy with them…. Great tunes and I never understand why they weren’t they massive!). One thing I do remember was the queue to get the tickets on a Sunday morning (I think?) that spanned from the ticket office to the train station… While people were trying to get on the phone to the box office… Better days of sadly better music!

  112. Roger C says:

    Us fans have all this already so why release a different version of Verona? Where are the demos? Where are the out takes? The only saving grace is it’s on double vinyl finally but what a complete let down again.

  113. David Carter says:

    Disappointing deluxe edition , Ill probably plump for the vinyl as I do like this album and the extras arent really worth it

    • Karen says:

      To say I am underwhelmed is an understatement. 2 CD version seems to be merging the original Street Fighting Years with Themes Volume 4.

      I wonder if they will do a SDE of Real Life and Good News From The Next World??

  114. Chris Bell says:

    Three versions of Sign O’ the Times.
    Five radio edits.
    No full 1989 show.

    Wow. This is profoundly disappointing.

  115. Martin says:

    Liked some of this album years ago – Seems a bit of a missed opp and inconsistent with other releases. If other of their SDE’s are anything to go buy the price in the coming year will fall like a stone which I will look at then

  116. Steven Roberts says:

    So does anyone hear think that the exclusion of a 5.1 mix for the album is a GOOD idea?

    Because I sure as hell don’t :(

    • blink says:

      If it brings the price down, which it obviously does, I do. I never cared for 5.1, ever.

      To me it is as useless as including vinyl with the CDs. It counts against the set, as I pay for stuff I will never listen to. So convincing me I ‘need’ a set that contains either is a lot harder and I usually go with the 2 CD or whatever edition instead.

  117. Ken says:

    Are the Verona cd’s just the soundtrack to the Verona DVD or the actual concert recording without all the arty cut-aways that the DVD has?

  118. Nuno Bento says:

    HUGE disappointment. The SM album with the greatest surround mix potential (it’s not casually billed as “atmospheric”) and they completely skip on the DVD/BluRay format. Which means also no full Verona on video (not even the old edit), no promo videos, no TV appeareances, no interviews, nothing. Speaking of interviews, those included in the bonus cassette from the time are absent as well. Even the Verona concert is edited. What a disgrace.
    I will not even speculate if they do have that surround mix and are just keeping in on the shelf.

    After all the time waitinf for this set to arrive, it couldn’t be more underwhelming.

  119. RogerL says:

    Yup – was looking forward to this one but like others have said, why no 5.1? Live versions do not interest me so I’ll probably buy the 2 CD version but wait until feedback from others say it’s a worthwhile remaster. Is it just me or does the actual box look different size wise to the previous ones?

  120. GTR says:

    A maligned album but one I really enjoy. ‘Belfast Child’ is a superb track & production. As is ‘Let It All Come Down’.

    They must have balls of steel for including 3 versions of ‘Sign O The Times’ though…

    For those who haven’t heard the b side ‘Saturday Girl’ do check it out. It’s terrific. Should have been on the album.

  121. Jean Christophe DERRIEN says:

    I really love this album and I was interested in any unreleased remixes or b sides.
    I might be wrong but it’s not the case ?

  122. Gregory says:

    I truly welcome the release of this SFY box set. But I’m really disappointed by the lack of 5.1 mix for this album.
    I don’t get why Sparkle In The Rain got a 5.1 mix when this album didn’t. Based on what sonically speaking those albums have to offer, this should have been the other way round.

    • Tom from FIN says:

      Soundbar systems and streaming have beaten surround dudes with their discs years ago. That’s why the industry has been dropping 5.1 releases.

      Most target groups / generations don’t want to have speakers all over the place and prefer streaming over CDs. They are heading into the same bin with 8-track tapes, unlike LPs and fairly newly C-cassettes, which also have renaissances especially amongst hipsters.

      • Chris Marsh says:

        “Most target groups / generations don’t want to have speakers all over the place and prefer streaming over CDs.”

        Really? Most of the folk I know would FAR prefer to hear music played from a CD (or DVD or BluRay) over a decent sound system – with however many speakers are required. The alternative? Aid Pods ffs? . And, in case you hand’t noticed, CDs still VASTLY outsell vinyl.

        The huge difference between CDs and the 8-track that you liken them to is the fact that the sound quality of a good CD is far, far better than any of the currently trending media. The sound quality of 8-Track was, even at the time, dire.

        Vinyl reminds me of yo-yos and hoolah hoops. Vastly inferior to today’s toys but still making the occasional come-back.

        Cassettes were crap in their day and remain so – no matter how enticing they may be to the strange folk who buy them.

        • Will says:

          I’m guessing he is talking about people in their 20’s who listen to Taylor Swift and drill music, not Simple Minds demographic.
          At the very least I was expecting a hi def remaster of the original album on a DVD.
          I was also expecting a plethora of demos and early cuts which rumoured of exist and maybe a full unreleased gig, not Verona.
          Very disappointing.

        • Tom from FIN says:

          Dear Chris, these megatrends are certainly not about sound quality of course, but the about the evolving mainstream market.

          Hifi consumers like 5.1 enthusiasts are minority there and the product popularity has been diminishing for many years already. Quite obviously not profitable enough and definitely not growing market for music industry players.

          Vinyl and cassette demand of course will never surpass CDs in quantity. Market is demographically different and the profit margins in LPs have been tempting to produce, although the quantities have been much lower than in discs. Small series can easily be profitable and it is value-added marketing and branding for musicisans themselves.

          Target there group is completely different althoug smaller than in streaming. Nostalgia sells and LP enthusiasts / collectors and hipsters always have purchasing power too. And like back in the day too, newer generations mostly couldn’t care less about the sound quality. Streaming yes, digital discs no.

      • Michael says:

        Even without full surround set ups, hi def audio on blu ray is worthwhile.

        • Derek Langsford says:

          I understand that music listening is far more casual now than it used to be in the 60s through 90s. But as music had gone in one direction, movies have gone in the opposite direction with VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and now 4K. And a number of people have they own set ups to watch movies with multi-speaker sound. Even a lot of streaming shows are now transmitted in 5.1. Why do they do that? There must be demand and customers. So the potential audience for 5.1 audio is still there.

          I agree with Michael, blu-ray audio in stereo can be a joy to hear and have been saddened that blu-ray audio did not become the default physical music format, having a resolution that is almost indistinguishable from analogue but without the vulnerabilities of scratches, warping, surface noise, and deterioration with each play.

          If the readers of this website are in anyway representative of the target audience for this boxed set, then Universal have committed a gross unforced error.

      • blink says:

        If anything should be headed to the bins, it is vinyl and cassettes. Both are inferior to CD and have been for a long time (when talking about sound quality, maybe you like the haptic experience of an LP better, there still is no case that can be made for cassettes though).

        I see the Vinyl resurgence as further proof that people’s decisions are irrational, we got plenty of examples of that recently, this is just one of them ;)

  123. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    No Demos = Big Mistake

    No Surround Sound = Bigger Mistake

    I will buy but not for £40+

  124. Remon says:

    As expected….a truly disappointing box. I like the Verona CDs but still not the complete gig. I never will understand why “edits” of album versions are of any relevance. it’s all a repitition of the b-sides, which initself were never really interesting. This was an interesting period and album; it deserved more (although i never expected them to remix the entire Verona show like Pink Floyd revently did for Delicate Sound of Thunder)

    • Paul English says:

      @ Remon

      The single edits make sets like these worth buying. They’re the versions of the songs we heard on the radio at the time so they deserve to be anthologised here.

      • O(+> Peter B says:

        Agreed. I bought a lot of 7″ singles in the 80s and 90s and box sets without 7″ edits are incomplete to me.

  125. Matt R says:

    No Blu Ray? This is disappointing.
    New Gold Dream, Sparkle In The Rain and Once Upon a Time are all excellent on Blu Ray.

    • Tom from FIN says:

      Well, no wonder really that “no Blu-ray” happened to the latest Simple Minds re-release too. Marginal market to start with has all but vanished now.

      Blu-ray audio has been dying for years, like all digital discs. DVD-A and SACD are dead already and Blu-ray is the latest disc victim. Device manufacturers have been rapidly dropping them over the past two years too.

  126. Philip G says:

    The 4 CD set – overpriced, uninspired selection of extra tracks, no surround mix.

    The latter is particularly disappointing, as Trevor Horn’s widescreen production would have sounded fantastic in 5.1.

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