Sony to release a Sade 6LP vinyl box set called ‘This Far’

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

Six-LP vinyl box • Half-speed mastered • No CD set and no bonus material

Sony will next month release This Far, a Sade vinyl box set that collects the band’s six studio albums.

Diamond Life (1984), Promise (1985), Stronger Than Pride (1988), Love Deluxe (1992), Lovers Rock (2000), and Soldier Of Love (2010) have all been remastered at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Showell apparently worked from hi-res digital transfers of the original stereo master mixes, taken from the original tapes. No additional digital limiting was used in the mastering process.

The band (Sade are a band, remember) consist of Sade (vocals), Stuart Matthewman (saxophone/guitar), Andrew Hale (keyboards), and Paul Spencer Denman (bass) and we are told that all four of them were “intimately” involved in the remastering process and were at Abbey Road with the band’s longtime producer Mike Pela to oversee the work.

‘This Far’ 6LP vinyl box set (click image to enlarge)

All the albums are pressed on 180g vinyl and the sleeves have been “perfectly replicated” for the first time since their original release, and collected in a white outer box which was designed by Tom Hingston Studios in London.

I’m sure these remasters will sound great, but let’s try and squeeze between the massive twin elephants in the room; the lack of any bonus material and the fact that This Far isn’t coming out on CD.

Even Kate Bush recognised there was a place for bonus albums, gathering B-sides and remixes, when she reissued her catalogue in 2018 and you really have to work hard to make Kate appear more engaged and interested in reissues than you are. There are four non-album B-sides from the first two Sade albums alone, and plenty of single edits and remixes that could have – should have – been collected on a ‘rarities’ set. As for no CD version? Not really acceptable.

This Far is due out on 9 October 2020.

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This Far - 6LP vinyl box






  2. SALLY





  3. FEAR













  2. FLOW







  4. SKIN

143 responses to Sony to release a Sade 6LP vinyl box set called ‘This Far’

  1. Cédric B. says:

    Any Swiss people here looking for the deal of the century? has obviously made a mistake and is selling it for CHF 20,90 online :)
    I pre-ordered it and got it a few days ago for this price. They haven’t updated the price since then. So it should still work… No idea if they deliver abroad, I guess not.

  2. Alex Tan Arcangel says:

    Been a big fan of Sade but this is a pointless release. Re-releases should be remastered and should include bonus materials, remixes, extras, videos and the like. I would love to have a definitive re-release of Sade’s anthology with all the above stuff but this one is a sure pass for me.

  3. Louis T Ware says:

    I understand what your saying about Sade, the band. The band is actually very good! I think sometime after Love Deluxe or Lovers Rock, the band made a recording, they called themselves Sweetback…good cd as a matter of fact.

  4. Frank says:

    I want it on CD and remixes!!!!

  5. thomas doherty says:

    Is there any reason to believe these will be made available SEPERATELY a few Months after the box is released?

  6. Shawn says:

    Digital vinyl and no bonus tracks. That’s great. I don’t need to repurchase anything.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Shawn. If these were originally analogue why the digital transfer? This was a job for Kevin Gray as Sade deserves the best and so do we. What if you don’t want or can’t afford the box set? Standalone albums should be a given. The price of her back catalogue is prohibitive as no recent reissues for the everyday fan. Be well. Michael

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        They could be plenty of legitimate reasons… perhaps audio needs repairing in the digital domain, or the tapes are fragile.

        • Michael says:

          Hi Paul, possible but I am suspicious of the majors come reissue time. I have been rebuying vinyl during lockdown to replace LP’s stolen from a friends garage. So 85 albums in I have bought from all the major online retailers, Discogs traders, specialist record stores and everything from your bog standard copy to Music on Vinyl & Speakers Corner re-issues. No MoFi yet. The majors don’t come out well as all of my issues have been major label re-issues with four duds and a faulty Grace Jones box set that all required replacement. They attention to detail and quality is not there. They can’t even manage a decent protective inner sleeve and often don’t bother replicating the original inner sleeve Artwork (ie. Roxy Music Siren/Grace Jones Nightclubbing) No wonder the Sade MoV copies go for bonkers money. The fact that Sony have let her work go out of print for so long is telling. Now a box set with no option to buy standalone albums. Kerching . Why not release different options at once (ie, Stones Goats Head Soup) to give the fans a choice from the get go. Be well. M

          • James James says:

            Forget re-issues friend, seek out good originals, you ears will thank you :)

          • Soundwave 163 says:

            I noticed the re-mastered version of smooth operator sounds re cut. If so, pass for me on these “remasters”

  7. Per says:

    I don’t care about bonus tracks. If any extra stuff, I would like a live album and a book!

  8. GreetingsPopPickers says:

    Agree with the other comments re the lack of B-Sides, which is crazy. It’s not as if the B-sides are throwaway & more than hold their own in the context of the albums. An easy miss on this box. Had it have been Remastered Deluxe 2 x CD’s I would’ve bought in a heartbeat.

    Full list of the B-sides & remixes collated here..

    • Larry Davis says:

      You would think, from past experience, that marketers would put a vinyl box out first only, get punters all excited & get their wallets out, then a few months later, a CD equivalent with a bonus disc(s) of rarities, B-sides, 12″s, unreleased tracks, soundtrack exclusives, etc…like with Ace of Base, Transvision Vamp, the John Prine Atlantic vinyl box expanded to include the 3 Asylum albums, Fleetwood Mac expanding the 69-72 vinyl box to an 8CD box through 1974, etc…so you would THINK an expanded Sade CD/DVD box would be coming cuz this vinyl box is really plain & barebones…and there IS a sizable amount of extra content to include!! Many years ago, someone made me a 3CD CDR collection of this content, and it’s all great…waiting for an official set with this stuff…now still as it’s not coming according to Paul, and it really is a missed opportunity…I may buy the vinyl set, I love the import 2CD/DVD Ultimate Collection…and I saw that list of extras per Sade album, but something is missing… there was a really cool white label 12″ of “Pearls” as an awesome epic ambient house mix…I used to have it, but it must be an unauthorized bootleg…

  9. Jarmo Keranen says:

    I have never thought that Sade is the band. To me Sade means female singer. Is there anyone in the world who knows any other member of this “band”?

    • Tim Abbott says:

      You mean Stuart Matthewman (guitar/sax), Andrew Hale (keys) and Paul Denman (bass), the same three members that have been in the band as long as Sade Adu and have their names on the writing and instrumental credits for each album, and have played at every gig on every tour and have their photos in the album artwork?

      Nah. Never heard of them.

      • CJ Feeney says:

        A great live band. I would not have thought of going to see the live show, as thougt if them as solo artist and “for girls” but I worked at their show at Wembley Arena (1988?) and they were great.
        Very minimalist stage show with stark lighting and use of shadows and silhouettes.

        The cover art doesn’t help the casual record buyer to think of them as a band, though.

      • Louis T Ware says:

        I understand what your saying about Sade, the band. The band is actually very good! I think sometime after Love Deluxe or Lovers Rock, the band made a recording, they called themselves Sweetback…good cd as a matter of fact.

    • Deanery says:

      remember a badge I had..Blondie is a group.

      • CJ Feeney says:

        At least Blondie (the band) got on the cover, and Debbie (or Deborah) Harry had a distinctly different name for her solo work. Sade on the Absolute Beginners album is the solo artist using the same name as the band.

        • Bono Mayo says:

          You just made a Absolute Beginners mistake..It’s the publicly known person Sade singing the song,yes,but in this movie she’s the singing/actrice Athene Duncannon..
          Not performing as the Artist Sade….No sir..
          Sadly,Athene Duncannon didn’t make a album of her own,but who would’ve expected such too happen..

          • CJ Feeney says:

            Bono Mayo, as we are being pedantic, I stated album, not movie. The album credits are to the artist names not character names.

            The song is credited to Sade, but doesn’t make clear it is the solo artist not the band. And on the original LP sleeve very few other musician credits were provided.

    • Larry Davis says:

      The band is called Sade…however, the other 3 guys made 2 albums with guest singers and called themselves Sweetback for those records, probably because calling themselves Sade WITHOUT Sade Adu on lead vocals would just be weird and misleading…so with Sade, they are Sade, but without Sade, they are Sweetback, or Maxwell when they do Maxwell’s records too…

  10. Thom says:

    Quite concerned by the amount of people who think that Sade is a band whose reputation simply screams out for coloured vinyl. trinkets and obscure B-sides. I don’t know who you’ve been following for the past 35 years, but that’s not the Sade I know.

    I’m also puzzled as to what this obsession is with bonus material – it’s good for some indie band who put out dedicated B-sides or has a legendary trove full of unreleased material or mixes like The Beach Boys. But I guarantee that 99% of that material gets played once, raises an eyebrow as a curio, and filed away to never be played again. I blame The Beatles and their woeful Anthology for this mindset.

    Sade obviously see their albums as their catalogue, and don’t want them to be diluted with extraneous material (an approach very few bands with a decent catalogue – Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, can’t think of many others – seem to take). If the album’s good enough to stand on its own, it shouldn’t need something extra. What’s wrong with that, exactly?

    • Josh Higgins says:

      Sade has always been a band.

    • Wayne C says:

      That’s a good comment and fair, I’ve pre ordered this box set as soon as Paul mentioned it, I was on it. I have three of these albums which I bought when they came out but completely missed out on the other three (including Love Deluxe), which is my favourite by them by a country mile. I collect many of the artists you mention and I agree that outtakes of Steely Dan or Demos wouldn’t particularly appeal to me (even the Live in America album which I have) is un necessary. I’m happy with everything as is or has been. I can’t imagine an instrumental mix of Smooth Operator would be that essential to be honest. But each to their own. I’m just glad they are re releasing them on vinyl due to the Inflated prices of some of the harder to source vinyl.

    • Daniel says:

      I’m thinking that if they weren’t into remixes and non album b-sides why would they bother with them in the first place? Make Some Room is stunning and the Smooth Criminal extensions are amazing. And they choose to remix Never As Good As The First Time, Paradise and Cherish The Day for the single releases so I think they do enjoy it.

      • CJ Feeney says:

        It was the 80s, everyone got remixed.
        I’m not, for example, cryingout for a disc of Springsteen “Born in the USA” era dub mixes. I wasnt that interested in the Kate Bush remixes (but I listen to the three discs of rarities and b sides a lot)

        • Deanery says:

          the Kate Bush remixes from Hounds are great…..I put on a headset and fell asleep and woke to the remix of Running up that Hill… never sounded so good…..but for me there’s something about Kate Bush and the fall/winter.??

          • CJ Feeney says:

            Going off topic here, but if you like Kate Bush as an Autumn/Winter artist, you would appreciate Sandy Denny. You may already have some of her stuff.

            And I think there are three songs on KBs “Other Sides” set that you can compare to Sandy Denny’s versions.

    • Deanery says: put the albums out as they are but include an lp of b-sides… don’t like it, don’t play it… for me when I like a musician/group I want as much of their material as I can get.

      I really think the b-sides from Diamond Life are album worthy….I like the instrumental stuff too….I had these on 12″ vinyl but about 20 years ago in a downsize/move I gave them away…..not the easiest things to get back for me. It’s also nice to have all of this odd demo/b-side material on one album/cd…….you’re more likely to play an album’s worth of this material than picking through 45’s. A lot of material that is put on a b-side has merit but is left off because it represents are more experimental side of things…XTC’s Homo Safari series for example.

      I don’t think coloured vinyl is required in the case of Sade…it’s probably better with more ‘fun’ groups: ABBA/B-52’s.. Maybe they feel they have more luck marketing this as a minimalist/jazz pop sophistie bottled water set??? to another demographic.

      If this had been released with an album of demo’s/b-sides I would have bought it.

    • candyflip says:

      Amen, Thom…a great many of us will be happy with Abbey Road mastered Half Speeds of the original albums.
      All killer, no filler.

  11. HS says:

    I already have all the albums on CD but I would have bought a CD box with all the B-sides etc.
    A vinyl only release with no bonus material means no purchase for me.

  12. Caroline says:

    Should the title not be “Thus Far”…?

    • Straker says:

      Or “This Farce”….

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Since we are talking names, it is an anagram of “Shit Arf” (think West Country farmer trying to get remove someone from his land…)

        • gwynogue says:

          No CD and no extras means it ain’t ‘arf shit’.

        • Quante says:

          This Sad Fear.

          I love the photo of Sade at the top of the article.

          I had a great live recording from radio one of about half the Diamond Life album, which was aired months before the album came out. I played it a lot at the time. As much as I always liked Sade, I’m glad I was never looking at the schedules to see when a new album was coming out. I had enough angst following the pedestrian pace of Kate Bush and Stevie Wonder albums. Stevie Wonder has only released two albums in twenty five years – Coversation Peace in 1995 and A Time To Love in 2005. He knocked out two classic albums in 1972, let alone all the other albums of that period.

          A Time To Love and Aerial were scheduled to be released in the same week – talk about waiting forever for a bus to come along and then two arrive at the same time. I remember the adverts in the the music magazines for A Time To Love, only for Stevie deciding he needed to do some more work, and so it eventually came out six months later.

  13. Ronald Headen says:

    Very disappointed in no CD release and bonus features. That is the main selling point for me when choosing to buy material that I purchased when originally released. Hope there may be a future CD release. I still buy CD and vinyl.

  14. -SG- says:

    Sade or not, that’s a lot of money for 6 old records with no extras. Nice try, pass at that price. I already have my 3 favorites on vinyl anyway…. plus which version of Diamond life do we get?

  15. jd says:

    I would definitely consider this if it was on CD and even more if bonus trax were included.

  16. Paul Fitzgerald says:

    From a reliable source the box has space for a seventh album….wonder why that is ? ;)
    Anyway, my order is in and can’t wait to receive this.

    • Deanery says:

      I Loooooove Sade. It was all so clean…and they make a vey attractive band.

      This stuff doesn’t age for me at all…it doesn’t sound ’80’s…It was all part of that EBTG/Style Council/Working Week jazzy type thing….but Sade has so much natural class….not often found on my shores (Canada)….let alone anywhere.

      I’ve been waiting for and hearing reports of Sade cd’s coming out, remastered, with appropriate b-sides, etc……and then nothing for 35 years ….and now this. It’s nice. Better to have something rather than nothing. But they are such a visual band and then to leave that all behind and off this set…?

      The great single sleeves and the great enlarged 12″ sleeves (fave 45 sleeve – Is It a Crime/Helmut Newton) and the wonderful b-sides that were left off the albums – instrumental or otherwise; everything was played so well….obviously no interest in the places that count.

      I have all of the cd’s, Diamond Life on vinyl of course and STP on vinyl, a few 45’s, want some of the 12″ singles – not easy to latch onto.

      Dull box, no b-sides, no 12″ single sleeve replicas???, no clear vinyl, no cocktail glasses and cigarette holders? – no sale for me…..

  17. Bojidar says:

    Pure Boredom. Where are the 2 cds SDE of all albums.
    Where is the problem to issue these. After the Alison Moyet reissues I was secretly hoping for the Sade reissues to come next. Well I will skip the LP reissues for sure.

  18. eogan says:

    In my view, it’s naive to think that this set isn’t going to be released on CD. Isn’t the fact that it was cut “from hi-res digital transfers of the original stereo master mixes, taken from the original tapes” evidence that it will? If there were absolutely no intention of releasing this digitally, and the original master tapes are in-hand, then the proper way to master the vinyl (and I have to assume that Miles Showell would insist upon “the proper way”) would be to do it directly from said tapes, not from a digital transfer.

    When I say “this set”, I don’t necessarily literally mean this set. We could get expanded albums or deluxe editions on CD instead, for example, or this set or a more expansive one. But an artist’s entire album catalog doesn’t get digitized with the sole intention of releasing it only on vinyl. This release is not the endgame, but a by-product of something else that’s in the works.

    Releasing this on vinyl with no mention of a CD counterpart is merely the same marketing tactic we’ve seen employed several times over the past few years to get those who would buy the vinyl set only if it weren’t also available on CD to part with $29 per disc instead of $9. A cynical view, perhaps, but no decisions in a business like the music industry are made without a good reason that’s thoroughly debated over conference room tables (or, in this age, over Zoom).

    Interested in hearing your view, Paul, as well as others’.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Sade Adu has no interest in deluxe CDs… or CDs in general, it seems. I’m not guessing, as I was involved in a few Sade things for Sony that came to nothing (because Sade wasn’t interested!).

      • -SG- says:

        Though it is nice to have artist participation. It is nice when the contract does not require that they sign off on a project and the record labels can simply release what has already been previously approved for release. I do find it difficult to imagine Sade in the studio with the audio engineers going over the eq process of the new masters. I imagine the process of getting her to sign off on anything like getting the cooperation of a cat that has decided it wants to hide behind the couch. All of the Sade non album material should have been given a digital release 20 years ago. Easy money. I gave up and only need the uk 12″ for your love is king, which is not so easy to find in good condition.

  19. Jack says:

    The fact that they’ve only managed six albums in twenty six years speaks to a serious lapse in talent. It took them ten years to come up with ten songs for Soldier of Love. I venture if anyone reading this had ten years to write & record ten songs it could absolutely be done. Especially if you didn’t have to worry about earning money which apparantly this band doesn’t need to concern itself with.

    • Chris Squires says:

      Gold star for the most ridiculous comment for quite a while.
      You just can’t conflate the two issues.
      I suppose Kate Bush is a talentless chancer having only released 10 albums in 42 years and only 5 in the last 31 or 3 in the last 27.

  20. Kauwgompie says:

    Wow what a snooze fest. If the artist doesn’t cooperate, it’s a tough situation. So80s and Ben Liebrand Grand 12 Inches have some nicely sounding Sade remixes (doesn’t the artist need to approve that?). The just released Grand 12 Inches part 17 has the Smooth Operator/Red Eye medley extended version (8’49”). The So80s 13 has the extended version of Never As Good As The First time. The newly reissued Absolute Beginners has the remastered version of Killer Blow. Anyway, that’s what we’ll have to do to get those rare tracks. Sad but true. At this point a reissue of Diamond Life is almost as highly anticipated as The Seeds Of Love. It will sell for sure.

  21. Steve Bliss says:

    Y’all probably barked at that plain white record the Beatles released a few years ago. Sheesh. Maybe the “designed by” tag was a little unnecessary, but what’s a decent way to pull together a box set when all the individual sleeves have their original designs? Less is more.

    I’m not a fan of Sade, so this is a pass for me. Too many other releases coming up, competing for my $$$. But I will pull out my Diamond Life CD and give it a spin in honor of this release.

    Sounds like the used disc prices justify the cost of the box, even without extras – or the mysterious 7th record (let’s assume that will be a separate purchase). Colored vinyl, bonus tracks, or even a photo book would all have been great additions, but what are you going to do? The business decides a price point, then fits the package to that point.

  22. Alan M says:

    Halfspeed mastering carried out with care, interest and passion? Suits me just fine.

    As for Kate’s bonus material? Well that’s been a one time listen for me. Sits upstairs, whereas the studio albums get played.

    I feel the same about the Prince releases so far. It’s the albums i fell in love with. I’ve hundreds of boots that never really got listened to. Still never get listened to.

    Led Zepp, Queen, Beatles and so on. They’ve all had their bonus material glanced at but it’s always the studio albums i play. They’re the finished product.

    Last moan… single edits. Those Prince ones are a waste of vinyl for me. Why the hell do i want to hear a great song cut short?

    In summary… bonus material = curious/filler/dust collectors, studio albums = the main event, cd = i don’t want to pay that much for the LP!, digital and streaming = takes me back to the days of Napster.

    PS: Sade made some truly beautiful music. I imagine these remasters will do that justice x

    • CJ says:

      I do agree, to an extent, that some edits can feel like a waste of disc space, but at the same time, these are typically the “hit” version that everyone heard on the radio and that got them to buy the album in the first place. Sometimes they do feel truncated, but sometimes they take a track that might be a bit bloated and condense it down to pure magic. That’s how I feel about the edit of Prince’s “1999,” which I prefer over the album version, which seems to get a bit to “jammy” after the main body of the song, and I really hate the “Mommy, why does everybody have a bomb?” chant at the end of the album version.

  23. Col. says:

    Not my cuppa but have to say the Live Aid performance by Sade is the most under-rated performances of that great (musically) day.

  24. Shawn C. says:

    Personally, I’ve ordered and I’m looking forward to the box. I don’t have any of Sade on vinyl. I understand the disappointment that there are not “extras” but what I don’t understand is the total slagging off of the box. These are half-speed remastered 180 gram vinyl discs – they average about $30 bucks a piece in the box. I pay $30 bucks for vinyl all the time – this isn’t a scam.

    I also understand the disappointment in the fact it is not being released on CD. However, at we have to accept that CDs are simply not as marketable as vinyl. Vinyl is hip. Vinyl is cool. CDs are, to most people, boring. I jumped on CDs as soon as I could afford a CD player and have thousands of them. But over time I ripped them into iTunes and put those CDs in boxes. Even now, when I buy a CD I rip it and put it away somewhere. Or I don’t buy it at all and stream it. But vinyl? I keep it accessible, I take it out and play it and enjoy the experience. I think that is true for a lot of people.

    So, anyway, I’m excited about this set.

    p.s. don’t @ me about sound quality of streaming music, CD v vinyl, etc. I’m fine with it. Also, I don’t want to hear the argument about how artists get paid next to nothing for streaming. I spend a small fortune on vinyl and CDs every year. Plus, half the people who make that argument refuse to buy box sets like this one simply because they don’t include a bag of marbles or the 35 minute dance remix of “Smooth Operator” that they would listen to once.

  25. thomas doherty says:

    For those bummed no cd version look to the Japanese websites.They still purchase a lot of cds.There is a good chance there will be a Blu Spec cd box for them.Although pricey when you include shipping out of Japan.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      I bought the Bruce Springsteen collection vol 2 Japanese CD box, thinking I’d kick myself for the expense if it got a worldwide release later, but it hasn’t, and the box matches my vol.1 CD box so a real win.
      But that kind of release is rare these days – they did one for Simon and Garfunkel’s set a few years ago, but it was the bloated 12 disc set, and I just didn’t want that much S&G.

      I may be wrong, but Sade don’t have the global audience of S and G or Bruce.

      I’d love to get this, but space is always at a premium, so I will hang back and see if there is a belated CD release. I’d jump on a Japanese mini lp box, but there’s not much chance of that.

    • Bono Mayo says:

      There’s a good chance indeed,as there are already Sade ceedees in Blu Spec from Japan.Some years ago.No box, There’s another box with Sade cd’s..The Love deLux box.Of course,without the SOL work..And you also got boxes with 2 cd’s in it and with 3 cd’s in it..And my guess is,Sade doesn’t really like this kind of marketing..Does not mean it will not happen.

  26. A live LP in there would’ve made it a definite must have for me. Pretty sure “Lovers Live” never got a vinyl release.

  27. Paul MacLennan says:

    Seeing as I have some of the LP’s on original vinyl (and they sound great) and those that I don’t can be cheaply found for a few bucks (on LP and/or) CD…I’ll pass. If this set was coming out on CD, I would jump on it. Sony is leaving money on the table not issuing this on CD.

  28. MARK LEVY says:

    I would hope there will be a CD version in the future. TOTO’s set was only released on vinyl to begin with and then surprise surpise, a CD version appeared. I’m not actually desperate for SADE at the moment anyway, as I have a DVD with all her hit videos on it.

    • Tom M says:

      Yeah, CD versions appeared after The Police and Dire Straits vinyl sets (although no bonus cuts for the latter, nor the EP). I like Sade’s music and I hope we won’t have to wait years for a CD box.

    • jd says:

      TOTO’s $500 box included all the albums on vinyl and CD. They later reissued on CD in a smaller, much less expensive set, minus the blu-ray (w/ a 5.1 version of TOTO IV) and minus the book.

  29. Scarlet Jupiter says:

    The box is bow back on amazon, and as expected, the price is £130. Those who preordered it at £102, good for you. For me, as much as I would love the whole set, it’s so dull that I’ll skip. When, and if, Love Deluxe is available on its own, then I’ll spend.

  30. Dave B says:

    Thought I’d add my two cents worth seeing that a few people here have raised the issue of the extra space (potentially) left for an additional album in the box….

    In July 2018 Stuart Matthewman of Sade gave an interview where he stated that the band were currently in the studio working on their seventh album…

    Seems very likely – to me anyway – that the extra space would be for that…

  31. Joe Atari says:

    Ok, I agree wholly, its so basic. Maybe Sade herself just dislikes extras to the core albums. Less is more? Maybe not. Anyway, a while ago I did my own “bonus” cd mostly culled from YouTube, up to Love deluxe, I lost interest after that. Anything I missed?

    Smooth Operator & Snake Bite 7:28
    Red Eye 3:20
    Should I Love You 3:53
    Spirit 5:27
    Love Affair With Life 4:34
    Hang On To Your Love (US Remix) 5:25
    Killer Blow (Absolute Beginners) 4:37
    The Sweetest Taboo (Extended) 5:32
    Wired 3:32
    Never As Good As The First Time (Extended Remix) 5:08
    Keep On Hanging On 3:00
    Paradise (Extended) 5:39
    Super Bien Total (Extended Mix) 6:56
    Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Remix) 4:27
    Paradise (Instrumental) 3:03
    Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Mad Professor Remix) 4:27
    Make Some Room 5:00
    Feel No Pain (Nellee Hooper Remix) 5:15

    • mike says:

      Never As Good As The First Time (7” Remix)
      Paradise (Extra Beats)
      Turn My Back On You (Extended Remix)
      Turn My Back On You (Heff’s Remix)
      Keep Looking
      Nothing Can Come Between Us (Heff’s Remix)

  32. Russ T says:

    There’s half-arsed – and then there’s this Sade box set.
    Looks dull dull dull. And Sony need, desperately, to take their heads out of their arses and LISTEN to the public paying them to survive. This seems to be the main issue with record companies these days / they fail, over and over, to listen to the punters. A care-less approach to the paying public.
    Their customers.
    Their lifeblood.
    I’ll avoid this box set despite loving most of these albums.
    And ‘box design’? Oh please – what puffed-up pompous idiot classed this as ‘design’?! (‘I’m a graphic designer myself – I wouldn’t expect payment for this)

  33. Christian Harald Fex says:

    Very disappointed!!!

  34. Tim Abbott says:

    Love Deluxe is one of the greatest and most overlooked albums – Diamond Life is superb, but Love Deluxe is on a whole other level, and very hard to find on vinyl. I’ve got one and it sounds absolutely incredible.

    Also, the less-is-more approach seems to work for this. A bonus LP like the Flexible Strategies album in the Police box just doesn’t seem very Sade.

  35. Steve says:

    “collected in a white outer box which was designed by Tom Hingston Studios in London.”

    I’m doing the wrong job if “designing a box” involves creating that masterpiece and getting paid for it

  36. Brian Smith says:

    The title suggests there’s new material to come maybe?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      So did ABBA: The First Ten Years

      • Col. says:

        The follow up – It’s coming Paul (well at least 2 new songs). We just don’t know when! They just keep re-releasing / rehashing old stuff. No doubt there will be another Happy New Year 7″ Coloured vinyl out in time for Christmas too. I’m not being critical, just wish they wouldn’t keep fans waiting!

      • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

        that’s a good one paul !
        but the next 10 years will start with “i still have faith in you” in 2021. or 2022…
        about sade: i think there is a stragedy behind those “remastered vinyls”. i don’t think that they don’t made those transfers from the original tapes only for a limited vinyl release. the new album is ‘in the works’ and it helps to made the attention back to sade. i hope there will be maybe a bigger box set on the way than deluxe editions. i can understand that (maybe) sade won’t have the remixes on their album re-releases. but there are really good b-sides in all these the years.

    • Patrick Cleasby says:

      See my comment lower down. Space in there for a seventh!

  37. Casper Janssen says:

    Has Sony forgotten about the CD format?????

  38. Chris Squires says:

    This is rather an odd effort and the Kate Bush analogy goes even further in that she had the sense to carve out separate boxes. Many people might only want the first or last three in the set so will hesitate before buying the whole thing. I am guessing that there are those who adore The Hounds of Love but have never dipped their toe into 50 Words for Snow. Ditto Diamond Life and Soldier of Love.
    Sade would have been better off releasing two 4 album boxes, each with one album of extras so that early or late adopters of the Sade sound could fill in their gaps and many would still buy both. It would have been win-win. They sell more and we (the punters) get something more aligned with our needs.
    You have to wonder who makes these decisions. The Accountant or the chap with the degree in marketing but has nothing more than a free Spotify account because he’s more of a Netflix kinda guy.
    You mention that the band were closely involved….. hmm maybe there is the blindspot.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m close to 100 percent sure that Sade herself is the issue. I know for a fact that Sony would love to do a deluxe of Diamond Life but there’s only one reason that hasn’t happened. I do actually feel sorry for Sony. Maybe their past treatment of artists is coming back to haunt them, but with George Michael (RIP), Terence Trent D’Arby, Alison Moyet, Sade, Prefab Sprout, Eurythmics… they have a particularly awkward set of buggers who don’t want to do proper deluxe reissues of their albums.

      • Daniel says:

        It’s their right to do so. It´s their work. They can decide what they want to release and what not. If I can decide between the artist or the record company I would always follow the artist. The whole situation can change after the artist is gone…
        I’m looking forward to hear the original album tracks in a good quality on vinyl! Unfortunately at Amazon UK the set is currently unavailable.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Where did I say it wasn’t their right? It’s my right to walk out in front of moving traffic – doesn’t mean it’s a good idea…

      • Robert says:

        It is a pity that Sade doesn’t want a deluxe version of “Daimond Life” or “Promise”. I would have bought both.

        We can only hope that one day she will change her mind about this. The same thing goes for Terence Trent D’Arby, Eurythmics and for the George Michael.

      • Kevin says:

        I wouldn’t include George Michael in that list. The Listen Without Prejudice set was well done; Faith, although missing the “Monogamy mix” of “I Want Your Sex”, included non-album B-sides and remixes.

        • SimonP says:

          I was very surprised when the Moyet Four got released, as AM always seemed rather dismissive of them, like they were a part of her career she had no desire to revisit.

          Have to second the comments re the box. It took a “design studio” to come up with that?!

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Sony put loads of effort into those four reissues and then something happened and BMG ended up putting them out. I actually did a bit of work behind the scenes and saw the archive listing and put together some – what I thought were very good –  track listings with some quite interesting unreleased tracks, including unheard 12″ mixes, but Alison used her own guy to do them and there was nothing unreleased on them in the end. He did a good job though. My only minor criticism was that Alf didn’t include the 7″ of All Cried Out as a bonus track.

        • Glenn says:

          …and missed the ‘Father Figure’ Instrumental.

          Agree, Listen With Prejudice was well-done (believe Paul was involved in that) and looking forward to an Older reissue someday (along with Wham…).

  39. TOM RICHARDSON says:

    I absolutely adore Sade (The band AND the vocalist!) so wish this was a new album and tour announcement! As this is probably as likely as hens teeth at least a deluxe albums reissue or rarities collection or even a bloody CD release might have been nice! I know vinyl has a lot of fans (a trend surely instigated by the business to make loads more wonga – because I don’t believe for a second CDs went out of favour without some manipulation from the powers that be) but I am absolutely bored to tears with vinyl reissues personally…

  40. Patrick Cleasby says:

    Brilliantly, it’s going to have space for 7 albums, and contain a foam insert with a question mark on it. More official news due soon!

  41. mike says:

    Simply that the record industry is re-obsessed with vinyl as the margins available based on the price point that the public are now prepared to pay for vinyl are enormous compared to CD. Until the public is satiated this will continue. Sadly in my opinion but many, many will disagree.

  42. Richard S says:

    I was just thinking recently I fancied a copy of Diamond Life as I never picked one up back in the day. So hopefully these will also be released separately at some point in the future.

  43. Mark R says:

    I have to say I have only ever seen one Sade album in a charity shop and that was the Love Deluxe. £16 an album isn’t too bad but I not a big enough fan to commit to the whole collection. At least, not yet! I’ve heard that the first album is an 80s great.

    • Antonio Cunha says:


    • Wayne C says:

      Love Deluxe in a Charity shop!, now that is a rare beast and I hope you bought it?. The sound quality of that album is lovely and I actually paid £60 for it second hand five years ago for my other half . I always thought Love Deluxe was their best album and for me is the Peach album out of this box set.

  44. PdB says:

    This looks like a great set. I’m a casual fan but a lover of half speed vinyl (always curious to hear how they sound – they vary so much between release – but that’s half the fun) so I will buy this.

    I’m sure if this is a success, they would be nuts not to also do a CD set. Or if fans are loud enough (as they were with Yazoo’s Four Pieces) they may then.

    Anyhoots – u can’t please them all.

    • Chris Squires says:

      The worst half speed I have heard is Gentlemen Take Polaroids, which is such a shame as is it one of my all-time favourite albums. The first side is just about, minute for minute the best I have ever heard. But it does sound poor on the 45rpm version.
      That, of the dozen or so I have, is the only bad apple.

      • AndreasL says:

        Wish they would do a few Sylvian releases at half speed. Recent vinyl release of Gone to Earth very lackluster for such a musically rich album. Hopefully Steve Wilson might be interested one day in this and also Sylvian/Fripp, given his connection with the latter.

  45. Henry Watson says:

    £17 per record seems fair enough price wise.
    Did anyone get this from Amazon – currently showing as unavailable. Argh!

    • Rob says:

      I managed to preorder though at £109.99 rather than the £102ish Paul mentioned initially. I wonder if it’s now showing as unavailable because it’s either a limited run, or they’ve realised there’s a pricing error and are going to bump it back up.

  46. thomas doherty says:

    They should reconsider doing cd remasters as her catalog was only remastered for cd nearly 20 years ago.Also, an SACD boxset would probably sell well as would Hirez downloads.Sony needs to “think outside the box “ for once

    • Patrick Cleasby says:

      I you look at the vinyl mastering process used there will undoubtedly be hi-res downloads. What would be really great is if they came with this box as a bonus…

    • Brad B. says:

      Hello Thomas, I agree with you about an SACD box set for Sade. Sony after all basically started the format, the musical content seems a natural fit, and with only 6 studio albums to work with the box could be kept somewhat affordable to produce as SACD/CD hybrids. Not to mention the customer demographic for a box in this format; I think most audiophiles who still support the format would buy this as Sade isn’t entirely outside of most music lovers’ wheelhouse. I’ll keep my proverbial fingers crossed for something like this to be made at some point. Paul S. as always we appreciate your insights, especially about this artist in question, too bad she might be the sole reason one piece of product gets produced but not another, too bad really.

  47. Stuart says:

    A remastered CD box would’ve been a day 1 purchase for me, but like others I’ll just sit and scratch my head as to why this ‘elephant in the room’ isn’t being addressed.

    Surely if someone is paying for, and looking to recoup, the cost of remastering then they should put it out on CD as even though the price would be, say, 35-40 pounds compared to 120 for the vinyl they would sell many times more CD than vinyl.

    We keep reading that the music industry is struggling but decisions like this show that the industry doesn’t really help itself

  48. NICO says:

    No double Coloured vinyl with bonus tracks?!!! Looks thrown together by a record exec. will no input from the fans.. PASS!

  49. Jon J says:

    I’m unsure why there would be any market for a CD version of this set. All of these albums are easy to pick up on CD very cheaply and there would be no bonus tracks to justify buying them all again. I don’t recall the mastering on the original CDs being a problem either.

    I can see that some might want a vinyl version as the last three albums aren’t easy to obtain on LP, but £100+ still seems very expensive for such a bare-bones set with only 3 of the 6 LPs being genuinely hard to find. Even if they threw in something like a booklet, that might make the set a bit more special, but a white outer box hardly counts as added value…

  50. Trash says:

    Currently unavailable on Amazon UK???

  51. StephendC says:

    Funny about the comment about CD bias, I think it is a perfectly balanced site. I am not interested in vinyl cash cow products but they are a part of the reissue culture.

    Keep on keeping on Paul!

  52. Paul says:

    The Ultimate Collection released back in 2011 is practically this lot in CD format and more, yep I know it doesn’t have all the album tracks but has 29 tracks in total. So nothing new here, just get that in CD.

  53. pkrp says:

    Second-hand prices for the UK albums is currently thus (Median sold prices, rounded-up to the nearest pound): Diamond Life £7, Promise £6, Pride £8, Love Deluxe £90, Lovers Rock £100, Soldier of Love £75. I’d say that if you’re keen to get the last three LPs, this is an ideal way to pick them up at little more than a third of the total price. If you want the first few (DL and P are EVERYWHERE, Pride not so much), then go to Oxfam, Discogs or your local second-hand emporium where you’re unlikely to stretch to more than £30 for the trio.

    • Trash says:

      The only problem with buying second hand vinyl is finding decent copies – especially something like Diamond Life which has probably been played to death.

      I struggled to find a decent second-hand copy of Tears for Fear’ Sowing the Seeds on vinyl which is why decent reissues are welcomed by me at least.

      The amazon price of £102 sounded great. £130 is a little less enticing…

  54. Michael McA says:

    Have always intended on exploring Sade more. Only ever bought the first album way back then. Would have bought a CD set of this. Don’t do vinyl (been there done that) – and while I’m here – Supertrooper over 2 vinyl albums?
    How ridiculous. Up and down every 2 songs! It’s just silly.

  55. Danny says:

    Definitely appreciated and needed to be done, but yes lots of extras/rarities that should have been included

  56. Stephen Cooper says:

    I like it, but you can’t help thinking it could be more special. The design fits the brand. It probably won’t have a mass appeal, even though they did some great stuff.
    Add an extras vinyl, coloured, numbered anything just to give it the must have appeal.

  57. Luke says:

    Paul, where are all the CD releases that you promised at the beginning of the year?! It’s all vinyl!

    • CJ Feeney says:

      Nonsense. Look at the relaeses for September.
      Prince – both formats
      Ncik Mason – Both formats
      Rolling Stones – Both Formats and both Blu Ray and DVD caterred for
      Richard and Linda Thompson – comprehensive CD set with copious bonus material, very limited vinyl release (only 3 out 6 LPs with no bonus tracks).
      The Two Tone albums box- CD only,
      Tasmin Archer box – CD only,
      Fleetwood Mac: Both formats 8 CD (or a 4LP set which complements the earlier 4LP set)
      Lou Reed, Cranberries – mixed format box sets.

      Loads of CD and other releases. I agree there are lots of basic LPs released individually through the year, but I think the coverage for the genuine SDE’s has been great.

  58. Philip John Birtwistle says:

    Somebody give me a nudge when the CD version pops out…..

  59. Oliver says:

    Great. I really love the overall minimal approach which perfectly reflects the band in many aspects.

  60. Prem says:

    I’m sure these will sound great. I still have their first album on vinyl and it sounds fantastic.
    I would reckon they will all be available individually in the fullness of time.

  61. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    This site (as much as I enjoy it) is biased towards CD releases.
    When something only comes out on CD (such as Bowie’s “Conversation Piece”, Marc Almond’s “Trials Of Eyeliner” or Soft Cell’s “Keychains & Snowstorms” ) you never complain that it isn’t being released on vinyl.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hardly. I don’t complain, because I understand the economics. Keychains and Snowstorms was 9CDs, which means an 18LP set. If Sony are charging £130 for a 6LP set then it would be £300+ for Soft Cell. The amount of people who would pay that is TINY, therefore it is not economically viable and that’s why UMC didn’t do it. Bunging six CDs in a slipcase is dirt cheap, so it’s totally legitimate to question it.

      Also, most of that Bowie set DID come out on vinyl, via the seven-inch box sets (that everyone complained about), and the stereo remix of ‘Space Oddity’.

  62. Wayne C says:

    I think this is most welcome, obviously most people of my age will have Diamond Life on vinyl?. Which I remember was on every turntable I saw at friends houses at the time (think the more cultured Brothers in Arms, it really was that ubiquitous!). For me the real appeal Is “Love deluxe” which has always been hard to obtain and expensive, you can basically say at current prices of that album alone on the used market this is something of a bargain. Im rapidly running out of money from October onwards they are certainly coming thick and fast this year !. Pre ordered anyways no gripes from me.

  63. Mike says:

    No bonus material ?

    Very dissapointing

  64. Simon says:

    Some of the group’s best and most inventive work has been on non-album tracks which are difficult to get hold of. Either the band or the record label, or both, need to recognise the fans put the band where it is.

  65. Marc says:

    “(…) and collected in a white outer box which was designed by Tom Hingston Studios in London”.
    Not a lot of design there…

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