Status Quo / Ain’t Complaining 3CD set

Next month, Universal Music will issue a three-CD deluxe edition of Status Quo‘s 1988 album Ain’t Complaining.

The band’s 18th studio album delivered three UK top 40 hits –  Burning Bridges, the title track and Who Gets The Love – and non-album charity single Running All Over The World reached number 17 shortly after.

This new triple-CD deluxe delivers a bonus disc of B-sides and extended versions (including the single and 12-inch version of Running All Over The World) and a CD of tracks performed Live at Wembley in July ’88.

All the discs have been remastered by Andy Pearce (“from original tapes where available”) and Dave Ling contributes sleeve notes (with band interviews).

Ain’t Complaining will be released on 28 September 2018.

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Status Quo

Ain't Complaining


CD 1
1 Ain’t Complaining
2 Every time I Think of You
3 One for The Money
4 Another Shipwreck
5 Don’t Mind If I Do
6 I Know You’re Leaving
7 Cross That Bridge
8 Cream of The Crop
9 The Loving Game
10 Who Gets the Love?
11 Burning Bridges
12 Magic

CD 2
1 That’s Alright – B-Side – 12″ version of Ain’t Complaining
2 Lean Machine – B-Side – 12″ version of Ain’t Complaining
3 Halloween – B-Side – 12″ version of Who Gets the Love?
4 The Reason for Goodbye – B-Side – 12″ version of Who Gets the Love?
5 The Greatest Fighter – Outtake
6 Running All Over the World – Single
7 Ain’t Complaining – Extended
8 Who Gets the Love – Extended
9 Rockin All Over the World – 1988 Re- Recording
10 Burning Bridges – Extended
11 Running All Over the World – Extended
12 The Fighter – Stand Up and Fight remix
13 The Fighter – Army Remix

CD 3 – WEMBLEY – 07/07/1988
1 Whatever You Want
2 Little Lady
3 Roll Over Lay Down
4 Cream of The Crop
5 Who Gets the Love
6 Hold You Back
7 Don’t Drive My Car
8 Dirty Water
9 In the Army Now
10 Rockin All Over the World
11 Don’t Waste My Time
12 Bye Bye Johnny

31 responses to Status Quo / Ain’t Complaining 3CD set

  1. James says:

    Love all quo albums will be gett ing rock till you drop perfect remedy and thirsty work deluxe editions on march 6th 2020

  2. mr mercury says:

    don’t forget in the army deluxe being released on the 28th to people.

  3. Julian Hudson says:

    When are they releasing a DVD of the frantic four live reunion concerts ??

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      Haven’t you noticed it’s been released in 2013 and two disc version includes cd too!

    • John Main says:

      These have already been released –

      Back 2 SQ.1 – The Frantic Four Reunion in 2013
      The Frantic Four’s Final Fling – Live at the Dublin O2 Arena in 2014

  4. elliott buckingham says:

    purchasing just for the 12″ mixes

  5. mike says:

    Dave Ling, a legend, great reviews in Smash Hits i remember!

  6. Shaun says:

    It looks like the live gig is the Radio 1 In Concert so nothing new or unreleased here as this would have been included in the BBC boxset. It’s not their worst album by a long way and not even their worst 80’s album so I have ordered it.

  7. Nick Love says:

    That guitar on the right in quintessential 80’s – 1 humbucker, vaguely Fender-y shape and a monster tremolo for that over the top 80’s style whammy bar action.

  8. Kev says:

    That live album looks so boring.
    Give us a live album of rarely played songs

  9. Gary Clutterbuck says:

    This is a pleasant surprise. Slightly disappointed that the mix of In The Army Now that was on the cd single of Ain’t Complanin’ isn’t also included, as it contains a small sample of Ain’t Complainin’ on it and has a few subtle differences to the original version. Nevertheless, I will probably purchase this new 3 cd set.

  10. Wazza says:

    By the looks of things on amazon 1982 and in the army now are coming out as 2CD deluxe editions at the same time

  11. Paul Jones says:

    An awful album, why another with that line up and the b. Sides were b.sides for a reason, should bring out a cd of Rick Parfitts Quo songs, that would be worth buying.

    • Helen Morris says:

      Rick Parfitt CD of his last tracks is already available and its brilliant

    • Erroll says:

      And the they don’t have the classic Caroline on the live playlist.
      I wouldn’t be interested in buying this complication. Like some one said it’s boring

      • Julian H says:

        That’s because ‘Caroline’ wasn’t part of the broadcast. I tried to get them to find out what happened to the missing tracks but to no avail.

        And @Paul Jones I strongly disagree with your comments on the b-sides. Yes, there was a reason: Stupid record company decisions! All the b-sides (except ‘Halloween’ which came from Rick’s unreleased solo album) were originally planned for the album (‘The Fighter’ should even have been the album title), but had to go because of the company interfering and demanding Quo to record songs such as ‘I Know You’re Leaving’. Like the Army b-sides, they are very good.

  12. Gary says:

    I kinda lost interest in Quo post 1984 but always heard good reports about their gigs and releases etc and fair play to Rhino Edwards for helping hold them together but having purchased the previous three single box set releases would of hoped they’d (or rather the record companies involved) sorted out who owns what so the final two instalments of the Quo 7” Singles can be released.

  13. Roger.F says:

    Really hoping they do the same set for ‘Rock ’til you drop album. I loved the b- side songs ‘mystery’s from the ball’ and ‘dead in the water’.

  14. Colin Gage says:

    Last decent Quo album was blue for you

  15. Aaron says:

    Magic! Definitely getting this

  16. JasonC says:

    Wasn’t Burning Bridges the big hit off this?

  17. JC says:

    Was a good album this. MAGIC a track I always though would have crossed over as a single. Who Gets The Love was a nice track. Guessing this will be the original mix

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