Status Quo / The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996 / new 12LP vinyl box set


A new Status Quo 12LP vinyl box, The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996, will be released in February next year.

This box set kicks off with 1981’s Never Too Late and works its way through to 1996’s covers album Don’t Stop. A bonus LP of classic B-sides, The Other Side Of Status Quo is also included. That contains some rare mixes and ‘The Milton Keynes Medley’ (see full track listing below).

The audio has been remastered by Andy Pearce and this will come with a digital download code.

The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996 will be released on 24 February 2017.

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Status Quo

The Vinyl Collection 1981 - 1996 [VINYL]



Side 1
Never Too Late
Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
Take Me Away
Falling In Falling Out

Side 2
Long Ago
Mountain Lady
Don’t Stop Me Now
Enough Is Enough


Side 1
She Don’t Fool Me
Young Pretender
Get Out And Walk
I Love Rock And Roll

Side 2
Dear John
Doesn’t Matter
I Want The World To Know
I Should Have Known
Big Man


Side 1
A Mess Of Blues
Ol’ Rag Blues
Can’t Be Done
Too Close To The Ground
No Contract

Side 2
Win Or Lose
Marguerita Time
Your Kind Of Love
Stay The Night
Going Down Town Tonight


Side 1
Rollin’ Home
In Your Eyes
Save Me
In The Army Now

Side 2
End Of The Line
Red Sky


Side 1
Ain’t Complaining
Everytime I Think Of You
One For The Money
Another Shipwreck
Don’t Mind If I Do
I Know You’re Leaving

Side 2
Cross That Bridge
Cream Of The Crop
The Loving Game
Who Gets The Love?
Burning Bridges


Side 1
Little Dreamer
Not At All
Heart On Hold
Perfect Remedy
Address Book
The Power Of Rock

Side 2
The Way I Am
Tommy’s In Love
Man Overboard – Jumps
Going Down For The First Time
Throw Her A Line
1000 Years


Side 1
Like A Zombie
All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)
Fakin’ The Blues
One Man Band
Rock ‘Til You Drop

Side 2
Can’t Give You More
Warning Shot
Let’s Work Together
Bring It On Home
No Problems


Side 1
Goin’ Nowhere
I Didn’t Mean It
Point of No Return

Side 2
Sail Away
Like It or Not
Soft in the Head

Side 3
Lover of the Human Race
Sherri, Don’t Fail Me Now!
Rude Awakening Time
Back on My Feet

Side 4


Side 1
Fun, Fun, Fun
When You Walk In The Room
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
You Never Can Tell (It Was A Teenage Wedding)

Side 2
Get Back
Safety Dance
Raining In My Heart
Don’t Stop

Side 3
Proud Mary
Johnny And Mary

Side 4
Get Out Of Denver
The Future’s So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)
All Around My Hat


Side 1
I Wonder Why
Milton Keynes Medley (Mystery Song / Railroad / Most Of The Time / Wild Side Of Life / Slow Train)
In the Army Now (Military Mix)
Dreamin’ (Wet Mix)
The Quo Cake Mix (The Wanderer / Whatever You Want / Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like / Roll Over Lay Down / Rain / Break The Rules / Rockin All Over TheWorld)

Side 2
Running All Over The World
Burning Bridges (On And Off And On Again) (Extended Version)
Ain’t Complaining (Extended)
The Wanderer (Sharon The Nag Mix)

13 responses to Status Quo / The Vinyl Collection 1981-1996 / new 12LP vinyl box set

  1. fan says:

    I’ll wait until Thisty Work and Don’t Stop are available separately from the box
    since the other records are easily available

    I really hate those box sets where you must buy again and again (no pun intended)
    what you already have

  2. daveid76 says:

    Rick Parfitt dead at 68

  3. Iain says:

    Im torn between this and Cliff Richard for my nan. Awful collection!

  4. andy says:

    What would life be without bees……………

  5. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Still waiting for the Deluxe CD of Blue For You……..

  6. Brian C says:

    Re Danny F:

    Small corrections:- Thirsty Work was indeed releaed on vinyl ( I have a copy) .

    From memory Quo performed some signing sessions of the album in HMV (?) stores in certain towns.

  7. Les London says:

    As a Quo fan since the early 1970’s there is nothing in this boxset to tempt me personally any real Quo fan has all this stuff time and time again anyway so not really sure who this is aimed at.

  8. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Shame the Rock Til You Drop bonus tracks aren’t uncluded on the Other Side Of. The updated version of 4500 Times is cracking. Definitely a mixed bag of a period in Quo history but they did find their feet again after with Under The Influence, Heavy Traffic, In Search Of The Fourth Chord & Quid Pro Quo so shame it stops with the, in this context, inappropriately titled Don’t Stop!

  9. Danny F says:

    It is a box focused on Quo fans indeed. Although it is probably true 80s/90s material is not close to their 70s heyday, records like Never Too Late, 1982, Back to Back or Rock ‘Til You Drop are great rock records which worth an opportunity.
    It will be first time in vinyl for Thirsty Work and Don’t Stop, although there is also a reissue announced by Demon of Don’t Stop in white vinyl (also Under the Influence in blue and Party Ain’t Over Yet in yellow).

  10. PeterJH says:

    Being born early sixties, and loving the 70’s, the 1st box was essential. This one is not. I wouldn’t buy it at half the price.

  11. patjoller says:

    totally… a complete waste of money considering the low level of quality material. Nothing beats the 70’s quo, so no need to fork over a lot of money for this.
    I still save never too late and rock oil you drop from the garbage pile

  12. Simon F says:

    The first Quo vinyl box set which I got from Amazon dirt cheap thanx to an SDE alert, was really good although IMO in should of included both Never Too Late and 1982 to make it a full ten years round up. Sadly after Back To Back the rot set in and this once mighty band headed downhill faster than the proverbial runaway train until they ended up like some utterly embarrassing end-of-the-pier act. A great shame, and I will not be adding this to my collection.

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