Steve Hackett / At The Edge Of Light

Steve Hackett will release a new album, At The Edge Of Light in the end of the month.

It’s the former Genesis member’s 25th solo album and comes two years after The Night Siren. The album features “a vast amount of styles ranging from guitar driven rock to epic orchestration, from world music to the reflective and atmospheric” is available as a good value gatefold 2LP+CD edition with the music pressed on three sides of the vinyl and the fourth featuring an etching.

CD+DVD mediabook of At The Edge Of Light

A CD+DVD ‘mediabook’ edition offers the entire album in 5.1 surround sound on the DVD. The same disc also gives fans a hi-res stereo mix and a documentary called ‘Somewhere at the Edge of Light’.

JPC 2LP+CD exclusive on blue vinyl

Also, JPC in Germany are offering an exclusive blue vinyl 2LP+CD edition of At The Edge of Light. Like the black vinyl this features the side 4 etching.

At The Edge Of Light will be released on 25 January 2019

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Steve Hackett

At The Edge of Light 2LP+CD black vinyl


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Steve Hackett

At The Edge Of Light (Ltd Cd /


At the Edge of Light 2LP vinyl

Side A:
1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals
2. Beasts In Our Time
3. Under The Eye Of The Sun

Side B:
1. Underground Railroad
2. Those Golden Wings
3. Shadow And Flame

Side C:
1. Hungry Years
2. Descent
3. Conflict
4. Peace

Side D:

At The Edge of Light CD

1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals
2. Beasts In Our Time
3. Under The Eye Of The Sun
4. Underground Railroad
5. Those Golden Wings
6. Shadow And Flame
7. Hungry Years
8. Descent
9. Conflict
10. Peace


5.1 surround and hi-res stereo mix

1. Fallen Walls And Pedestals
2. Beasts In Our Time
3. Under The Eye Of The Sun
4. Underground Railroad
5. Those Golden Wings
6. Shadow And Flame
7. Hungry Years
8. Descent
9. Conflict
10. Peace

Making Of:

Somewhere at the Edge of Light (documentary)

25 responses to Steve Hackett / At The Edge Of Light

  1. Mike Thorn says:

    The HMV Q&A and signing has been in effect moved to Kingston-upon-Thames thanks to Indy store Banquet Records. They still also have the white vinyl edition that only independent shops got.

  2. Ray Oakley says:

    Sadly, I learned today that the Steve Hackett Q+A and album signing session at hmv Oxford Street on Saturday, 26th January has been cancelled.

  3. Geof says:

    And of course: in Japan, there’s two studio bonus tracks, “Teach Yourself Valcan” and “Roulette.” But, there’s no Japanese 2-disc version, so if you want the bonus cuts AND the 5.1 mix, you have to buy the Japanese release for the two songs and the US or Euro versions for the 5.1 mix. Bend over, fans.

    • Phil Morris says:

      This has been a regular feature for the last few Japanese editions of Hackett’s albums. Oh, and the first bonus track is called Teach Yourself Vulcan. (I know it’s misspelled on at least one site.)

  4. Carl Jacobs says:

    The blue vinyl makes nine versions yes 9 to date:
    Black vinyl, white vinyl exclusive to Burning Shed and U.K. indie shops, translucent red vinyl and clear vinyl via record company web site, vortex vinyl exclusive to Hacketts web site and now the German blue vinyl all with cd. CD / DVD media book, std cd and the obligatory Jap paper sleeve.
    Yes is the answer.
    As well as the HMV gig mentioned above there’s also a 5.1 playback at Everyman Cinema Crystal Palace on 21st Jan.
    Carl Jacobs

  5. Gisabun says:

    Unsure why he didn’t release a CD/BR edition like the last 2 studio albums.
    And of course expect some live CD/DVD/BR compilation in late 2019 or otherwise in 2020.

  6. Gisabun says:

    @John Barleycorn/CJ Feeney:
    Hackett has been cranking out live [and studio] releases since 2012. Since 2013, he has release 5 CD/DVD/BR compilations [Hammersmith, RAH, Liverpool, Japan, Birmingham] that feature at least half the show of Genesis tracks. [Tokyo Tapes from 1998 had 6 of 17 were Genesis tracks.]

    • Clem Feeney says:

      The point I was trying to make is that he could JUST do Genesis revisited for the rest of his life and a new album every decade of two (see Roger Waters for example) but he puts out a new album every two years or so, which is a decent rate for a well established artist.

      I’m sure that the Genesis gigs gives him the income he needs to pursue his new recording projects. And for the fans it’s good to have at least one member of the band playing the material o a regular basis. The number of live album.s is a bit OTT, but if that’s where the money is, they’ll keep coming.

  7. Gisabun says:

    @John Barleycorn:
    “Sirens” had 11 tracks and 57 minutes. Since he is still in the neo-prog realm, it could still be 60+ minutes.

  8. elliott buckingham says:

    that could quite easily be love over gold with a mountain photoshopped in

    • Steven Roberts says:

      I don’t know who Mr Hackett gets to do his album artwork these days, but the last few studio albums covers have been shockers….

  9. Nelson Lee says:

    Looking forward to seeing him live at Southend cliffs pavilion in November. Always puts on a great show !!

  10. Tom M says:

    The “Wolflight” CD+Blu-ray available for €6.99 at

  11. Aaron says:

    Had the cd/dvd in order for a while now. Last few albums have been excellent as well as the live sets. Usually pretty great packaging also.

    New Anthony Phillips box set coming out at the same time. 4 disc set for Seventh Heaven.

  12. Imogen says:

    Signed copies available from his official webstore

    • Tom says:

      In addition, his web store has an exclusive limited “Vortex Vinyl” edition – also signed if purchased through the presale.

  13. John Barleycorn says:

    Kudos to Mr Hackett for still knocking them out… although 10 tracks is somewhat ungenerous, he does have good standards when it comes to the product, packaging and presentation. He’s certainly had a more varied career than he ever would have had by staying in Genesis. His voice isn’t the strongest, hence why he collaborates a lot with others.

    Just listened to ‘Underground Railroad’ and his new direction appears to be embracing the American ‘West’ which is a rather curious feeling… the musicianship is always top notch even when the finished songs can be somewhat patchy.

  14. CJ Feeney says:

    The LP/CD set is good value. I’d go for blu ray if he did one but the CD/DVD is the better option here. Good to see him putting out new material on a regular basis when he could make a living just doing the Genesis revisited stuff.

    • John Barleycorn says:

      to be fair CJ Feeney he is still doing that… as his UK Tour in 2019 is billed at a revisit of ‘Selling England By The Pound’ from 1973 plus his solo release Spectral Mornings from 40 years ago! He will fit in some of the new material sure but he knows what they like and they like what they know…

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