Steven Wilson / Transience issued on CD


Vinyl-only compilation comes to CD

Steven Wilson‘s Transience compilation was a vinyl-only affair when issued last autumn, but is now being made available on CD…

The 13-track album is a satisfying ‘personally curated’ collection of material recorded between 2002- 2015, Actually it’s not 13-tracks anymore since the CD offers a bonus track, Happiness III.

Amongst some great material, Transience features superb songs from Hand. Cannot. Erase., including two versions unique to this compilation – a single version/edit of Transience (actually longer than the album version) and a new five minute edit/mix of Happy Returns (different from the ‘radio edit’ included on the HCE blu-ray).

Other tracks on Transience include two numbers from The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) and a new recording of the Porcupine Tree classic Lazarus based on a live recording, subsequently overdubbed and edited in Wilson’s studio.

This new CD edition of Transience is released on 16 September. The 2LP vinyl is still available.

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Steven Wilson

Transience CD edition


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Steven Wilson

Transience 2LP vinyl


1) Transience – single version (3.10)
2) Harmony Korine (5.07)
3) Postcard (4.27)
4) Significant Other (4.31)
5) Insurgentes (3.54)
6) The Pin Drop (5.01)
7) Happy Returns – edit (5.11)
8) Deform to Form a Star – edit (5.53)
9) Thank You (4.39)
10) Index (4.47)
11) Hand Cannot Erase (4.13)
12) Lazarus – 2015 recording (3.57)
13) Drive Home (7.33)
14. Happiness III ( 04:31 )

13 responses to Steven Wilson / Transience issued on CD

  1. peter kloostra says:

    Very productive musical talent. This album / cd gives a very good overview of his more accessible side. He is to my opinion the best musician of the 21ste century.

  2. A-lo says:

    Ok, I’m done buying the vinyl before all the versions come out. No wonder there are still some left, for once! People are finally onto him. Good thing he produces the best music available…

  3. Fatoldbloke says:

    I acquired a promo CD when it was out earlier. My CD is now probably not worth as much. Oh well.

  4. Michel D. says:

    Steven Wilson is the master of the re-issue, so anything that is released by him (be it as Bass Communion, Porcupine Tree, No-Man….) you can bet that it will be re-released again later on!

  5. John Hirst says:

    So are we ever to believe an artist again. I thought Steven Wilson was the soul of integrity, but this was to be “only ever released on vinyl”. I would probably have bought the vinyl version anyway and as I got it at a gig I managed to get a signed copy, but i you can’t believe what an artist says then what hope for a record company huckster?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Did he actually say that though? On his site he says that so many people complained that it wasn’t on CD, that they felt they should issue it.

    • Norbert says:

      The label has the rights to publish the album and not the artist. Many artists even have to ask if they can play their songs live.

  6. Dave says:


    I’m curious what you’re getting at with the OT reference myself.

  7. alan hansen says:

    the 2015 version of Lazarus is probably the gem here for fans/collectors, even though i’m wholeheartedly prefer the original. this new version of the song is otherwise only available on cd from the MOJO magazine compilation “David Gilmour & Friends.”

  8. Phil Morris says:

    Would I have bought this on vinyl, had I known there would be a CD edition? And am I surprised this *is* being granted a CD release?

  9. ‘Happiness III’ is already available on the ‘4 1/2’ EP he put out earlier this year, so avid fans who already own ‘Transcience’ and ‘4 1/2’ need not get too concerned about having to buy this new CD ;-)

  10. Neil says:

    Steven Wilson. This generation’s Ozric Tentacles.

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