Sting / Duets

17-track compilation of collaborations

Sting will release a new studio album, Duets, later this month. As the title suggests, this brings together various collaborations, including those with Eric Clapton, Mylène Farmer, Mary J. Blige, Herbie Hancock and more.

The album also includes ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ with Shaggy from 2018’s 44/876 album, ‘Desert Rose’ with Cheb Mami, ‘Rise & Fall’ with Craig David (which is derived from the Ten Summoner’s Tales single ‘Shape of My Heart’) and ‘We’ll Be Together’ with Annie Lennox (which featured on the Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason soundtrack).

Eric Clapton plays on ‘It’s Probably Me’, which means it has to be the the Lethal Weapon 3 soundtrack version, since Sting re-recorded it sans Clapton for Ten Summoner’s Tales.

There is a new song, ‘September’, a duet with Italy’s Zucchero, best known in the UK for Senza una Donna, his 1991 duet with Paul Young.

The CD edition of Duets will be issued on 19 March 2021 (was 27 November/18 December 2020).

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Duets - CD edition


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Duets - 2LP vinyl


Duets CD

1. Little Something with Melody Gardot
2. It’s Probably Me with Eric Clapton
3. Stolen Car with Mylène Farmer
4. Desert Rose with Cheb Mami
5. Rise & Fall with Craig David
6. Whenever I Say Your Name with Mary J. Blige
7. Don’t Make Me Wait with Shaggy
8. Reste with GIMS
9. We’ll Be Together with Annie Lennox
10. L’amour C’est Comme Un Jour with Charles Aznavour
11. My Funny Valentine with Herbie Hancock
12. Fragile with Julio Iglesias
13. Mama with Gashi
14. September with Zucchero
15. Practical Arrangement with Jo Lawry
16. None Of Us Are Free with Sam Moore
17. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning with Chris Botti

Duets 2LP vinyl

LP 1

Side A

1. Little Something with Melody Gardot
2. It’s Probably Me with Eric Clapton
3. Stolen Car with Mylène Farmer
4. Desert Rose with Cheb Mami

Side B

1. Rise & Fall with Craig David
2. Whenever I Say Your Name with Mary J. Blige
3. Don’t Make Me Wait with Shaggy
4. Reste with GIMS

LP 2

Side A

1. We’ll Be Together with Annie Lennox
2. L’amour C’est Comme Un Jour with Charles Aznavour
3. My Funny Valentine with Herbie Hancock
4. Fragile with Julio Iglesias

Side B

1. Mama with Gashi
2. September with Zucchero
3. Practical Arrangement with Jo Lawry
4. None Of Us Are Free with Sam Moore
5. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning with Chris Botti

101 responses to Sting / Duets

  1. Nsthan Thomas says:

    The version with the signed artcard didn’t last long ! One way to shift a few extra units !

  2. SeanL says:

    Sound of vinyl had Sting signed art cards with the double album today …. a little compensation for a so so album. Hope the fans got one :)

    • Michael says:

      13 minutes to shift 200 copies, the website counter told me!

    • Darren says:

      Nope! Came home from work and saw the announcement in my inbox. Check website straight away…sold out. There just aren’t that many Sting fans who collect vinyl in the UK… I expect there’ll be some on eBay in March.

  3. Paul Austin says:

    Sting, Sting, Sting….so it’s come to this has it?

  4. Jeff Maddocks says:

    Something tells me that’s going to end up on the counter at HMV as one of those “2.99 with any purchase” items. By January. And I’d still leave it. It looks horrific.

  5. Trapdoor says:

    That artwork is atrocious as others have said above/below. It really does look like the kind of bootleg radio broadcast stuff that Amazon and HMV seem to still sell for some reason. Doesn’t Sting have some kind of quality control?

  6. Mino says:

    It would be amazing to have a duet with George Michael on his version of Roxanne! For sure George’s estate would give the permission to use George’s voice…

  7. Shawn C. says:

    Ugh. Oh for the day’s of “Dream of the Blue Turtles,” “Bring on the Night,” “Nothing Like the Sun,” and “Ten Summoners Tales.” I loved the Sting of that era, but this looks absolute crap. Uninspiring list of songs and uninspiring list of collaborators. I hate this and I haven’t even heard it.

  8. Brett says:

    It’s telling that in this year of all years, Sting apparently can’t think of anything inspiring to write about.

  9. Brad B. says:

    A telling sign on this release: my girlfriend is a lifelong Police & Sting fan & completist, including travelling to the UK from the US to see Sting tours in the past and us currently holding tickets for his rescheduled Vegas residency. Both her and one of her best friends who originally met over 20 years ago through Sting’s fan club both read this about this release and decided to pass. I know, not an uncommon phenomenon for music fans & collectors to finally stop on an artist or band but in this case these 2 even joked about Sting’s habit of always coming up with something every year on the 1st week or so of November just for the sake of having new product for the holiday season. When people who’ve literally spent thousands of dollars over the years supporting you give up on you that seems like a bad omen….

    • Old Bailey says:

      ‘Sting’ and ‘Vegas residency’ are words I never expected to see used in the same sentence…

      • John MC cann says:

        And every hotel will have a bellboy that looks suspiciously like a young sting!

        • Brad B. says:

          Y’know we joked about whether or not the MGM Grand would be clever enough to have any ‘Quadrophenia’ bell-staff on hand when his residency reschedules get locked. And yeah when we first read about this almost 2 years ago it seemed like a joke but apparently before the pandemic he was interviewing about this run, and it seems Sting is putting more effort into his residency production (when it happens) to the last 5 music releases he’s done! I’ll hopefully report back on it someday when it finally happens.

  10. Set Free says:

    Many other duets left off already mentioned. Add Sheryl Crow with “Always By Your Side”. More.

  11. Nancy says:

    Mylene Farmer’s new “best of” announcement!

    • Larry Davis says:

      Just saw the link…out Dec 4, will get the box/book version (59.99 Euros, not bad), thank you very much for this link…not available on Anazon France…yet… will get from FNAC…are they good?? As good as JPC?? I just have Words and 2001-2011, Mylene is frikking fantastic & I only understand a little French…her style is amazing…80s influenced synthpop/darkwave with Europop and I Feel Love Donna Summer meets Kylie & Madonna…but that doesn’t really do Mylene justice cuz she has her own vibe, plus she is just sexy as hell…I would love if Universal would put together a box/cube of all her studio albums in a compact box cuz the old original CDs in jewelcases are getting ugly and Mylene don’t do ugly!!

  12. Steve W says:

    I’m a huge fan of his early solo works but feel there is a sense of diminishing returns so won’t bother with this. Having said that I don’t think he’ll worry about this being a huge success, I doubt he needs this and, perhaps paradoxically, I wholly approve of him releasing material that pleases & interests him.

  13. Wayne C says:

    Although I really appreciate Stings work, I do find it a bit of a let down that he released a Complete Studio Collection set a few years back (which I purchased), only for two years afterwards for this to be expanded into a second box (admittedly with room for all the first box), which I also purchased!. Does this mean a third box will come out with
    room for the albums he has released since!. None of the albums over the past three years have been a patch on the earlier works sadly, but a larger storage box is now required.

  14. Jason says:

    The chap who designed the cover (Fabien Barral) is actually a very good designer (and big Sting fan, as has been mentioned). So I’d love to know just what record company process led to *that* final design. Jeez.

    • RODOLFO MARTIN says:

      I have to know Fabien for decades, before the internet age. The two of us were Sting and Police collectors. I know Fabien designs and I like to know that he was able to be involved with an official Sting album. I am sure that he had to work with a very low budget for this album and therefore this cover does not look like the album cover of his dreams. I will give him my feedback directly to him whenever I received my order from Japan.

      • Jason says:

        Hi Rodolfo. I’m sure you’re right! It would be very interesting to see Fabien’s rejected cover designs for Duets.

      • -SG- says:

        Yes the artwork has the vibe of a high end 90’s Italian bootleg CD. Using a picture that is not so flattering also gives it that “pirate” feel. In fact he looks a bit like a down and out pirate. Sting deserves better. This one ranks up there with the Buckingham McVie art, an album that also deserved a much better design, thankfully no skinny jeans in sight.

    • Michael McA says:

      It’s bloody awful.

  15. Bill F says:

    I do like Sting but have struggled with his last few releases…this just feels a bit lazy.

  16. MaxB says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I like that this brings together what I already have on different releases (other than the new tracks).

    There are enough Sting duets/collaborations for at least ten volumes.

    I hope this does well as I would like to see these volumes grow over time.

  17. Gökhan says:

    I would love to see this Russian “Songs from the Movies and Rarities” compilation to get an official release. It kind of brings together the “At the Movies” and “Duets” ideas. It could easily become a 4-CD-Boxset. The front cover is also much better.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There was an official ‘Sting At The Movies’ compilation which was issued only in Japan in 1997, which isn’t as interesting as this bootleg, but is still quite good.

      • Gökhan says:

        Yes, there is even an updated version of that release called “My Funny Valentine: At the Movies” from 2005, which replaces some of the songs with newly recorded ones. I would love to see this become a big boxset, completed and nicely remastered.

    • RODOLFO MARTIN says:

      Now I see why we did not get great albums by Sting in the last 10 years. He has been too busy recording collaborations with other artists!!

  18. Ian McJannet says:

    Seems to be a lot of negative comments on this one !!!!
    However my own opinion is that the vinyl & the C.D. on this one are an amazing price ….
    Not for me though as I’m not a big fan but if you are it’s a no-brainer at these prices …..
    Top marks to Sting management .. PAY ATTENTION PAUL McCARTNEY !!!!!

    • Christopher Bloom says:

      In the U.S., the price for this CD is $30 so it’s a failure in every way for me. Used bin or bust.

  19. Thilo says:

    I guessed the next Sting release would be his songs played backwards by a music box. I will try to get the Cd when it’s 5 € for the limited edition three month after release just to put it on the shelve. The limited edition sure will have „message“ and „Roxanne“ live versions.

  20. Bill says:

    Unless there is a difference in the actual product, on Amazon Canada it is 14.98 but on Amazon US it is 29.98. What gives?

  21. Todd says:

    I like the new (or even less common stuff) here on DUETS, so that’s a plus, I enjoyed the live DVD from a few years ago and all 3 versions of My Songs before that (well, to a point). But when Sting remixed the tracks from DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES for his “box set”… kinda gutted me.

  22. Garax says:

    At a similar age Bowie unleashed Blackstar. I don’t know, maybe Sting just hates music.

    • Nathan Thomas says:

      Though Bowie was, at the time of making Blackstar, facing up to his own mortality, so probably had more inspiration than Sting currently does.

  23. The FAQs says:

    Sounds horrible. Predictable record company tosh thought up by marketing dept. completely bereft of new ideas. List of PC names across a cultural and age demographic to appeal to everyone and no one. I’ll pass.

  24. Uknowme says:

    That cover looks like a bad discogs upload that was taken by a phone

  25. Lemmings says:

    Boo Boo Boooring. Also where’s Murder By Numbers with Frank Zappa?. At least this is an interesting duet.

  26. Paul Corser says:

    Release date has been delayed a week to 4 December. Looking forward to this as many tracks go down the jazz route.

  27. Zouzou says:

    Mylène Farmer’s hit single body of work is incomparable. I admit I loved Stolen Car a couple years ago but it quickly wore off on me… I wish she would put out a vinyl edition of the new best of coming out in December with all 52 tracks on a 5 LP boxset.

    • Simon says:

      Do we really need another Mylene “Best Of” though?!….there is only one unreleased track, the rest we can all listen to now if we want to !!….I do agree with you about Stolen Car. Not bad, but not on the same level as many of her other songs!….I was going to mention one example, but there are SO many wonderful classics!!

  28. Stephen K says:

    Maybe this is his response to criticism of “holding back the release of this backcatalogue”.

    Seriously, you can release the non-album material now, while most of the fans are still alive and there’s interest in record labels in releasing a quality designed box set, or you can wait until the public has gone full-streaming, and make fractions of a ha-penny off the random person who’s skipping around aimlessly through your playlist.

    The choice is yours, Sting.

  29. Johan says:

    The cover was designed by a long term Sting fan, Fabien Barral. When I see his collection on his website he must have been one of the biggest collectors of Sting in the world.
    He was allowed to ask Sting some questions in 1997, when he was 20. Funny read:

    • Gökhan says:

      I remember the interview and that website very well. It used to be my primary source for Sting releases, together with northnorthwest, which was run by Tom Rose.

  30. Jon says:

    I love Sting but he seems to be dialing it in these days. First re-recording old songs that really added very little value to the originals and now this pointless Duets album. It’s sad Sting still won’t deluxe editions be released.

  31. Shane says:

    Thank you for the Gims explanation, to be honest I thought it was going to be a negative connotation for French singers and….I was almost right judging by some comments :)

    It’s nice to read that some are interested by his duets with Aznavour and Farmer.
    Mylène Farmer is a hugely successful singer in France and limited areas of Switzerland and Germany and always manages to get number one singles and albums.
    But I can’t bear to listen to Stolen Car. I dislike it so much. But I hope Sting fans find it better than me, only a Farmer fan, did.

  32. Jeremy says:

    This includes Sting’s duet with French superstar Mylene Farmer (‘Stolen Car’). This reminds me that Mylene Farmer has a huge retrospective SDE multiple cd box set coming out on December 4th, just announced. Maybe you’d like to do a piece on this Paul?

    • Larry Davis says:

      Where is this Mylene boxset?? Dunno the title or anything…looked on Amazon France…nothing resembling a career spanning multi-CD boxset at all…last thing was some concert box from 2019…

      • H says:

        Hi Larry
        If you go on to Amazon France her new box set is Mylene Farmer histoires de – her limited edition box sets are phenomenal.
        No idea why she has never got the recognition she deserves here – her stage show last year looked amazing – well worth a look .
        How about a review Paul – might encourage the record company to release here instead of relying on imports.

      • Klaus says:

        @Larry Davis:

        Hi Larry,

        i think he’s referring to this release:
        Although imho it’s more huge in size 12″x12″ than in content…

  33. Tim South says:

    The Police in the East (1980) is getting an airing on BBC4 this Friday night as part of the Annie Nightingale punk and new wave evening…

    • Joseph says:

      I seem to recall where they are walking along and Sting is giving Stewart Copeland quite the business about his previous group!

  34. Joel Ivins says:

    i will probably get this…i have enjoyed much of sting’s career and i love a duet…crazy that it won’t ship from canada to the us…also crazy that it is currently almost $30 for the cd in the us…in cases like this, it’s streaming all the way baby

  35. bruce kelso says:

    time for sting to say goodbye. i am sure that the police hardcore fans would welcome unreleased vintage police video/ outakes etc more than this dreck.

    • Thilo says:

      Bruce, I agree!!! His last records are rubbish -compared to the ones of the last millennium- in my opinion. He could go the Peter Gabriel way and make one record in 10 years, but sure Sting will claim that he had a third writers block.

  36. Shelby Guinn says:

    I just wonder why it’s so darned expensive.

  37. Sid Ceaser says:

    Why is the cd $29.99 in the US? That is a crazy price.

  38. Larry Davis says:

    The title of this disc shoulda been called “Collaborations”, because some tracks are not exactly duets…the Mylene Farmer duet, “Stolen Car” is amazing…this disc is interesting because it’s a round up of all sorts of odds & sods from other people’s records with an international flair & 1 new track to boot…and peculiar his 2 biggest duets were left off…”Money For Nothing” yes, but also the #1 single “All For Love” with Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart…as for the cover, no comment…

  39. Timm Davison says:

    This seems an odd release consisting of no new material, but not specifically billed as a compilation – you could be forgiven for thinking it was a ‘new’ release. Maybe he’s trying to exhaust releases to get out of his recording contract? Or maybe his daughter needs a yacht for Xmas or something. Remember, nobody is forcing anyone to buy this!

  40. Joe W. says:

    How about taking original Police tunes, have Sting re-track half the vocals with his younger self! It’s My Songs and Duets in ONE PACKAGE!

  41. Ben in Colorado says:

    And it is today, upon reading about this pathetic release, that i know that the sting that I loved in the 70s and early 80s is gone. These duet gambits are a sure sign of an artist’s career being over.
    And I know people will point to the sales figures for other artists having done this and say “no they’re very successful”.


  42. Andrew says:

    Dear oh dear….how the mighty fall.

    Whilst a little effort could bring an amazing ” up Turtles ” box set, we get this lame dirge.
    Bargain bin in 2021

  43. Marc Sutton says:

    Another utterly pointless release by Sting

  44. Ben Williams says:

    Sting obviously likes putting out a disc every year now it seems and some years it’s not all new material…
    If Sting is doing this to make a bit of cash, a serious question; would he/the record label not make more by opening the vaults and releasing something a bit more fan-friendly like a classic concert or b-sides, outtakes etc? I for one would pay good money for that sort of thing rather than this Duets or My Songs stuff.

  45. RODOLFO MARTIN says:

    Zero production, not even a good cover, to cheap This is Sting harming his own discography. Don’t buy it! It will drop to less $5.00 after Christmas. Sting should be thinking of The Police or his own solo albums in Deluxe Editions format.

  46. Jorge Baptista says:

    He still has more duets to make a Second volume. Wait for Next year

  47. Chdx says:

    Cheb Mami, the pre-jail for voluntary violence, sequestration, drugging and attempted forcible abortion and trials over plagiarism years…

  48. Marc K. says:

    I can’t believe how ugly the artwork is……
    More repeats, more leftovers, more of the same.
    What’s next……The Duets live?
    I guess it’s all about the money…..agian. There will probably be some coloured ‘x-mas editions’ soon. Big Police fan and I used to like Sting solo, but that ship has sailed some time ago. These days Sting is just another big bore.

  49. Jeremy says:

    That would be ‘Maitre Gims’ a very popular French-African musician, rapper etc. A huge star in the Francophone world.

  50. Brett says:

    Ugh cash grab. Sinatra years afoot. At least Sinatra recorded all new duets remotely. Sting can’t even be bothered to do that. Yawn

  51. Seikotsi says:

    even though it’s quite random, it may be enjoyable to listen to. but what’s with the cover? it’s songs with 2 people and it shows 1/2 a person on a generic background. i’m fine with minimalist backgrounds, like the sade boxset, but this just looks like a bootleg.

  52. Shane says:

    What does “Gimms” mean?

  53. AndreasL says:

    Assuming same can be said about Herbie Hancock and Chris Botti?

  54. Nick Love says:

    He’s working his way right through the Elton John and Rod Stewart late career playbooks.

    • RODOLFO MARTIN says:

      So, Can we expect an American Standards Album by Sting soon? Oh My God! Where is the composer he used to be?

    • Jason M says:

      Rod Stewart? Pretty close. Elton John? Uh, a big NO! Elton continues to record new material,
      something Sting rarely does. Basically 2 full length albums of original material in 17 years,
      and 2 and a half if you count making an album with Shaggy, since he was too frightened to do
      one with Andy & Stewart. In the same time frame, Elton has 5 full length albums, and the one
      that was a duet album, was with the late Leon Russell, who I am sure most will say is a big step up from Shaggy / Scrappy Doo. Shaggy? Really? Was Ziggy Marley not available? And his “Box Set” 25 years is nothing but what was already available. Elton’s upcoming Box Set has6 of the 8 discs being B-Sides or unreleased tracks. So to compare Sting to Elton is an insult to Elton. Sting may be younger, but has been acting like he’s too old and proper to do anything fun. The Police reunion was the exception, but he absolutely had to do the tour
      without a new album. The idea of a Police album was too difficult a challenge. A shame,
      because a terrible Police album would have been better than making the tour look like a
      silly cash grab.

  55. Ern says:

    It’s a shame he did not include his other duet with Zucchero for Mad About You sung in Italian, Muoio per te.

  56. Christophe says:

    Who will buy this “product” who wants to hear Sting singing with Gimms Mylène Farmer or Charles Aznavour …Money for Nothing is a duet and should have been there. Sting wake up you don t’ need to release such mainstream collections

    • Michael says:

      Apparently it is Gims! a rapper from Zaire according to the internet.

    • Michael says:

      Mylene Farmer and Charles Aznavour… hmm. Not being a Sting fan I did not know about his forays into french music. Those look like the two most potentially interesting ones to hear for me.

  57. Dylive says:

    “It’s probably me” is not technically a duet, Eric doesn’t sing.

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