Sting / My Songs special edition

Sting / My Songs special edition

Double disc set offers a CD of live tracks • Live-only 2LP also available

Sting releases a new 2CD ‘special edition’ of his My Songs album in December.

This new version adds a bonus disc of 16 live tracks, while the previous French-only exclusive extended version of ‘Desert Rose’ is appended to the first CD.

There is a vinyl version too, but that does away with the studio re-recordings and just offers 11 tracks live across two vinyl LPs.

Even though My Songs isn’t very good (see the SDE review) the double CD set with the live tracks is only £10.99 in the UK right now, which is a pretty good price.

My Songs special edition is issued on 8 November and My Songs Live are released on 13 December 2019.

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My Songs - 2CD special edition


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My Songs - Live


Sting / My Songs special edition

My Songs – 2CD special edition

CD 1

1. Brand New Day
2. Desert Rose
3. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
4. Every Breath You Take
5. Demolition Man
6. Can’t Stand Losing You
7. Fields Of Gold
8. So Lonely
9. Shape Of My Heart
10. Message In A Bottle
11. Fragile
12. Walking On The Moon
13. Englishman In New York
14. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
15. Desert Rose (Dave Audé Extended Remix)

*Bonus Track

CD 2

Recorded Live from MY SONGS TOUR 2019
1. Introduction/ Message In A Bottle (Live)
2. Englishman In New York (Live)
3. Brand New Day (Live)
4. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Live)
5. Seven Days (Live)
6. King Of Pain (Live)
7. So Lonely (Live)
8. Desert Rose (Live)
9. Every Breath You Take (Live)
10. Russians (Live)
11. Fragile (Live0

Recorded Live from The Olympia Paris, 2017
12. Roxanne (Live)
13. Synchronicity II (Live)
14. Next To You (Live)
15. Spirits In The Material World (Live)
16. I Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Live)

My Songs Live – vinyl 2LP

1. Introduction/Message In A Bottle (Live)
2. Englishman In New York (Live)
3. Brand New Day (Live)
4. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Live)
5. Seven Days (Live)
6. King Of Pain (Live)
7. So Lonely (Live)
8. Desert Rose (Live)
9. Every Breath You Take (Live)
10. Russians (Live)
11. Fragile (Live)

39 responses to Sting / My Songs special edition

  1. Neil Hunt says:

    For those interested, I just spotted an HMV Exclusive Edition which has an extra bonus track on the first CD (If You Love Somebody Set them Free, 2019 version, Tom Stephan Vocal Remix). The track listing isn’t on their online store listing but I googled the barcode and it brought up the same exclusive edition for other online stores in Poland (livro) and Germany (mediamarkt).
    Its the same price as Amazon: £10.99 and also post free. Please note that the HMV store currently only takes pre-orders so after its release date it won’t be online to buy.

    • Glenn says:

      Wow, yet another version with another new bonus track. I have bought three copies of this so far (US Dlx, Japanese, EU 2 CD Special Edition) and now would have to buy that one to get a complete set of songs released here. Also need to keep one of the prior deluxe versions to have the live version of Fragile from the Olympia in 2017 which was dropped from the 2 CD Special Edition Paul announced in this post… Sad.

  2. Gregorio Afonso says:

    Every little thing Sting does is magic. Don’t care what album he comes out with . Love all his stuff. One intelligent musician.

  3. Rodolfo Martin says:

    This double CD was originally released in Japan only as My Songs Tour Edition. Sting is or will be touring Japan this month. I ordered for almost 30 dollars through a friend of mine in Japan. I am not happy with the original single album but I have been buying The Police/Sting albums and singles since 1978 and I have not missed a single one. Not buying this one (and other “not so good” future Sting albums) would make me feel like I possess an incomplete collection. So, I am an easy prey, a prisoner, of those artists that I have been collecting before the internet (I lived in Argentina then and getting to know about new releases was not something easy to do).

  4. DaveM says:

    Preordered from Amazon UK and they reckon the CD version is out November 8th. I guess they are wrong. December makes more sense as a potential last minute stocking filler. Wish they had just issued this version in the first place, but then they wouldn’t get my money twice.

  5. Tim South says:

    Look it really isn’t difficult. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it . Abuse of an artist isn’t required

  6. Charlie Waffles says:

    I remember the day I thought Sting was IT.

    I saw the headline, read the print, now I have to go throw up…

    Just retire, Gordon. You make me physically sick putting out this …garbage.

  7. Julie Smith says:

    I reallly like the updated versions. Especially to Roxanne. Never fails to amaze. Living legend at forefront of his trade. Ive been with him sine Roxanne in 1978/79 cant imagine life without him.

  8. Henrik says:

    Why NOT a 2cd live album of a show and NOT the cd you have one more time.
    A shame i think

  9. Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:


    Even though My Songs isn’t very good (see the SDE review) the double CD set with the live tracks is only £10.99 in the UK right now, which is a pretty good price.

    ha ha ha! that tickled me…. yeah…’s rubbish…but it is not expensive! hee hee!

    just buy something else….maybe that upcoming police cd box-set …from when sting was good and he had those 2 other guys keeping him in check.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My point was that £10.99 for a 16-track live album is quite reasonable, therefore you could arguing you are paying nothing for something that isn’t very good, which is okay by me.

  10. Gisabun says:

    I see Sting is following his friend McCartney and getting his fans to keep on buying.
    Egyptian Station was initially a regular version and at least 3 separate editions [i.e. Target, Japanese, etc.] with extra tracks. Then the 2CD edition and then the box set.

  11. Robert says:

    I wish that “My Songs Live” was released as a standalone CD. The new studio versions of his songs aren’t very good.

  12. JuanWooNoz says:

    Tis the season for “Stingalong-a-Christmas”

  13. Glenn says:

    This is a nice mop up of the EU/US deluxe edition with the French and Japanese bonus tracks along with the new live tracks. Nice that there is now an all-inclusive version. Will be the third version I have bought of this though…

    I like some of the updated tracks especially ‘If You Love Somebody Set Them Free’.

    • Thilo says:

      Hi Glen, did you ever hear the 1985 remix of “set them free”, released on 12″ single, unreleased on cd? -it’s a great version I think

      • Glenn says:

        Hi Thilo,

        Yes, I have the 80s 12″ but haven’t listened to it in years. Will have to dust it off again and give it a listen. As Paul has mentioned in the past it would be great to see a proper reissue campaign for Sting’s solo albums and related singles (especially the first 3-4 albums). There is a ton of material including soundtrack work, collaborations etc. that could be compiled. Comprehensive singles and videos releases would also be welcomed.

      • Glen says:

        Hello, different Glen here (not to be confused with Glenn).

        I remember that 12″. The dance mix runs about 8 minutes and in my opinion, is just okay. It was remixed by Jellybean Benitez, of whose work I was never a fan. (On the other hand, a Kevorkian remix was always a pleasure.) Anyone interested can hear it over at the Burning the Ground blog here: More interesting on the same 12″ is the Torch Song Mix.

        A helpful reader of the blog shared that this remix was released on CD:

        • Thilo says:

          Hi Glen, you’re totally right, the Jellybean remix of “If you love somebody…” Can be found on the CD Single of “Englishman In New York (The Ben Liebrand Mix)” in 1990.
          In 1985 the original 12″ Single of “If You love somebody…” Had a version with a running time about 4 minutes 50 seconds, it was totally rearranged, starting with the Word “if you need somebody…” and having no baking voices. There’s also a nice remixed version of “Love is the seventh wave” on 12″ single unreleased on cd, I think this is what Glenn, Myself and many other fans would rather have re-released on cd.

          • Glen says:

            Yeah, that’s the Torch Song Mix, performed with William Orbit.

            Both the 7″ and 12″ releases of “Love Is The Seventh Wave” had alternate versions, both labeled “New Mix”. The main difference for both from the album version is that the verse before the final chorus (if I remember correctly) is in a different key; the 12″ version is also about 20 seconds longer.

  14. Paul E. says:

    I have zero to complain about…only a thanks for Paul I’d like to pass along.

  15. Chuck says:

    I think Sting has hit all of the “I am out of ideas” high points:

    Re-imagined songs album
    Symphonic album
    Acoustic album
    Winter/Holiday album
    Collaboration with someone outside his normal genre album

    Has he done a children’t album yet?

  16. Ben Williams says:

    Glad I didn’t get this the first time – now worth getting for the live tracks :-)

    • Sordel says:

      I’ve only listened to it on streaming but there the live tracks are much better than the, um, “reimaginings”.

  17. Thilo says:

    Since the “My Songs” Album seems to be a flop, Sting record company is out to resell stuff a fan already bought one (or two or even more) times. I love Sting and his music, but he’s a ice-cold businessman. Probably he needs some money to heat up his castle…
    So I will act like always with Sting releases, I’ll wait until it’s cheap.

  18. Olaf says:

    I like Sting, I was at his concert this year, but this looks like grabbing money from fan‘s pockets, just like Sir Paul McCartney.

    Why he doesn’t release a box-set right from the start.

    I’ll buy the vinyl, if the price will drop under 20 €, too.

  19. Wolfgang Mintrop says:

    Interesting. The announced 2cd version in/for Japan will contain only 11 tracks on the 2nd cd. Sometimes it’s really good to wait …

    • Arie says:

      The Japanese version has 20 songs on the first cd.
      Including the five tracks 2017 live tracks on the above second special edition cd.
      It also has an extra live track: Fragile (2017)
      Missing track on the Japanese edition is
      Desert Rose (Dave Audé Extended Remix).

  20. As the live tracks from the “original” My Songs are the only ones I like – this is what he should have done from the start. May concider the new vinyl if the price drops below 20.

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