Sting & Shaggy: 44/876

Sting and Shaggy have collaborated a new studio album called 44/876.

The musicians originally got together to record one track – Don’t Make Me Wait – but one thing led to another and before they knew it, they’d recorded a whole album!

44/876 was recorded in Jamaica and New York with Sting & Shaggy being joined by various musicians and writers, including Robbie Shakespeare of Sly and Robbie, Branford Marsalis and Sting’s longtime guitarist, Dominic Miller.

The 12-track album is being issued on CD and vinyl LP and as a deluxe CD which adds four bonus tracks. There is a two-CD ‘super deluxe’ set which includes four Sting/Police classics (and Don’t Make Me Wait) performed live with Shaggy “& friends” in Kingston, Jamaica and an interview. These are on a bonus CD, however this version doesn’t include the four bonus track on the deluxe.

2CD ‘super deluxe’ of Sting & Shaggy’s 44/876

Also, there is a Target exclusive in the USA which has the same bonus tracks as the deluxe edition and a Japanese CD+DVD variant which includes the 16 tracks from the deluxe, adds two tracks from the Shaggy & Friends live tracks and includes a DVD with a couple of videos.

44/876 will be released on 20 April, with the vinyl to follow on 25 May 2018. JPC in Germany have a RED vinyl exclusive.

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44/876 - 2CD super deluxe


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Sting & Shaggy

44/876 - deluxe CD


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Sting & Shaggy

44/876 - vinyl LP


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Sting & Shaggy

44/876 - standard CD



1. 44/876 (Feat. Morgan Heritage & Aidonia)
2. Morning Is Coming
3. Waiting for the Break of Day
4. Gotta Get Back My Baby
5. Don’t Make Me Wait
6. Just One Lifetime
7. 22nd Street
8. Dreaming in the U.S.A.
9. Crooked Tree
10. To Love and Be Loved
11. Sad Trombone
12. Night Shift

Bonus CD (deluxe only)

1. Englishman in New York (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica)
2. Fields of Gold (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica)
3. Message in a Bottle (Feat. Agent Sasco) [live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica]
4. Don’t Make Me Wait (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica)
5. Roxanne (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica)
6. Cherrytree Radio Interview

110 responses to Sting & Shaggy: 44/876

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  2. Klaus says:

    For those interested:

    Sting and Shaggy played a concert in a church in Cologne (Germany) yesterday in front of 400 people who won their tickets via radio station WDR2.

    This can currently be watched via videostream on the website of said station.

    Here’s the link:

  3. Eric says:

    Glad that snobbery is alive and well, not. Happily will purchase and enjoy.

  4. Michael says:

    Personally I haven’t heard anything by either Shaggy or Sting in probably 25 years. But, I can’t help but thinking of Sting in Quadrophenia when looking at the cover. They should have tapped Phil Daniels to sing on something.

  5. Nass Khan says:

    Why does Shaggy want to do this?

  6. Gis Bun says:

    Nice way to p?ss off the fans. Multiple editions where one edition does not have all the versions. You would need the probably harder to get [and more expensive Japanese edition [with the mostly useless DVD] plus the deluxe 2CD edition to get everything.

  7. Charlie Waffles says:

    Ick. Time to retire, Gordon.

  8. DF says:

    They missed a trick by not calling their collaboration Shing or even Staggy …

  9. kook says:

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s any worse than that ‘Cowboy Song’ he did with Pato Banton (remember him?) – or the Godawful ‘Three Musketeers’ one with Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams.

    Maybe Sting has finally stopped trying to impress everyone with jazz fusion lute symphonies and is content just to knock out the odd disposable pop tune these days. OK, it’s no ‘Roxanne’ but it’s hardly offensive.

    That artwork though… oh dear.

    • Neil says:

      At least This Cowboy Song had a very good mix lasting nearly 12 minutes which didn’t feature Pato Banton.

  10. Greg says:

    I’m prepared to give this a go. I actually really enjoyed Shaggy’s last album “Out Of Many, One Music” where he collaborated with Sly & Robbie – it’s worth checking out!!

  11. The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _`_ says:

    They`ll be queueing round the block for this!

  12. MusicFan says:

    I do feel fans are quite harsh on Sting however I can see why. Personally I like his ventures into new musical territory. I like that he evolves musically as this takes the fans also into new directions.

    The Police and earlier Sting albums were and still are exceptional! However an artist can’t keep doing the same thing over and over. I am looking forward to this album as I really like the singles and I like Sting / Police when they play around with reggae as that broadens my musical horizons, but if I was given the choice, I’ve love a new pop/rock album!

    The Last Ship and cast recording are amazing and gives a deep personal insight into Sting’s life and for me this is a nice continuation of the Soul Cages.

    I will be seeing the Last Ship tour in a few weeks and I really can’t wait!!!!

    Also lets not forget he is 66 and still putting out albums and constantly touring!!!!

    • Marc says:

      This is just bad. The cover is bad, the graffiti is bad, the music is uninspired mainstream..and it is the opposite of new horizons. The Album Graceland by Paul Simon was a “new horizon” when the album came out (not the new mix stuff). But this? Shaggy is a mainstream artist, nothing new…no risk, not innovative. Just boring.

    • Kevin S says:

      Saw ‘The Last Ship’ in Liverpool last night.
      It was excellent. You are in for a treat MusicFan.

  13. tom says:

    The moaning about this collaboration is getting boring, this will be Sting’s biggest hit in years. He could have worked with a reggae artist with more “cred” but so what, it’s 2018 and cred is dead maaan!

  14. David says:

    Just waiting for the Jason Donovan Dub compilation

  15. cdmaniac says:

    The cover is like a vacation photo!

  16. Neil Parnell says:

    any chance someone can check the temperature of hell, rumour going round it’s frozen over

  17. J T says:

    It is April Fool’s DAY, Paul, not a whole fortnight.


    Then, I should talk, we’re subscribed to four years of it this side of the pond.

  18. tom m hans says:

    Oh Boy –
    I will be exhuming Bring On The Night on double vinyl and shutting down my cell phone – after that: Miles Davis. Shaggy? Why TF Shaggy?

  19. Steve W says:

    Ermm….. oh dear…..

  20. Neil says:

    I find it really sad in the respect Stings last decent album was Ten Summoners Tales in 1993 and since then his album have gradually got worse to arrive at this joke of a collaboration.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I thought the last record had some quite good songs on it, although it was a little bland in places.

  21. Charles Christopher says:

    I love how this site’s responses to things like this are droll and witty and understated – unlike a lot of forums (like YouTube, where literacy, wit and humanity go to die). It’s one of the things that keep me coming back to this forum, even when I’m uninterested in whatever is being released that week.

    As for this one, well……. Shaggy is having a great year in 2018, isn’t he? His back catalog doesn’t make him the most obvious collaborator with Sting, though you’d imagine Sting would work well with a reggae artist. Just maybe not a reggae artist most famous for “It Wasn’t Me” though.

  22. Chris Lancaster says:

    I always thought that Stuart Copeland looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Would be nice to see Sting back working with him rather than the ‘real’ Shaggy.

  23. Michael K says:

    Sting & Shaggy sounds like a wonderful addition to my Paul Simon Graceland Remix Edition. Maybe there are some unearthed mash-up opportunities that need to be further explored?

  24. Rik Skyline says:

    What you want is some boombastic romantic fantastic lover.

  25. Mark Reed says:

    MY EYES. That artwork is awful. I could do better with Photoshop, 5 minutes, and a cup of tea.

    Also, my ears. MAKE IT STOP.

  26. Bart says:

    So Sting just hit the bottom…their new single is just awfull . Man i just cant believe IT..

  27. John says:

    Did Sting think that recording an album with Shaggy would give him street cred?

  28. Pete says:

    Target bonus tracks are the same as the iTunes version

  29. markieface says:

    This will tide me over until the release of the Susan Boyle/Ghostface Killa album later on this year.

  30. Pekka says:

    Economically this could be a success for both of them?
    Quite brilliant idea actually, not sure if I buy this one myself though – “I´ll try”.
    “Don´t make wait” has like 8.000.000 views on YouTube compared to quite mediocre numbers Sting has had there with stuff from 57th & 9th. Reaching out for new audiences? Thumbs up for the idea, thumbs down for being an old Sting -fan. Trying to hang in there anyway: those few songs (digitally available) don´t sound too bad in fact – happy music. Could be much worse.
    And hats off! Career span from lute to Shaggy.

  31. Paul says:

    That really is the worst CD artwork I’ve seen in a long time. It makes it look like a bargain bin CD before it’s even released. And I really can’t bring myself to listen to the single because of it!

  32. Mike R says:

    Amazon USA not showing a physical deluxe yet ?

  33. Michael G says:

    Got to agree with Paul don’t shoot the messenger,blame the record companies.
    But I do hope Paul you will give the Barclay James Harvest 1st album box Set due for release a appraisal,plus maybe the release of the year The Wishbone Ash Box Set.

  34. Javier says:

    Japanese edition:

    1. 44/876 (Feat. Morgan Heritage & Aidonia)
    2. Morning Is Coming
    3. Waiting for the Break of Day
    4. Gotta Get Back My Baby
    5. Don’t Make Me Wait
    6. Just One Lifetime
    7. 22nd Street
    8. Dreaming in the U.S.A.
    9. Crooked Tree
    10. To Love and Be Loved
    11. Sad Trombone
    12. Night Shift
    * 13. If You Can’t Find Love
    * 14. Love Changes Everything
    * 15. 16Fathoms
    * 16. Don’t Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Rhythmic Radio Remix)
    ** 17. Don’t Make Me Wait (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston Jamaica)
    ** 18. Message in a Bottle (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston Jamaica)

    ・Don’t Make Me Wait (Music Video)
    ・Don’t Make Me Wait (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston Jamaica)

  35. Trash says:

    Not sure why this should be such a shock to everyone as it has been obvious that the two have been working together for a while (they appeared together with James Corden in an advert recently).
    On the basis of the first single it sounds like it might be a collaboration that works (I still remain lukewarm on Sting’s last album but agree with another post on here – the live show was one of the best I have seen in recent years).

    Incidentally – the 2CD deluxe edition seems to feature 4 extra tracks that aren’t on the Superdeluxe edition – I hate it when they do that!

  36. Paul E. says:

    1. If You Can’t Find Love
    2. Love Changes Everything
    3. 16 Fathoms
    4. Don’t Make Me Wait (David Audè Remix)

  37. Michael McA says:

    Dreadful artwork.

  38. Paul E. says:

    This makes perfect sense to me. The Police certainly had an admiration for Reggae and the 1997 “Reggatta Mondatta: Reggae Tribute to The Police” was well received as I recall. I like the new single and am in for the Target exclusive edition. Those discrediting Shaggy at this point in his career are simply uninformed- the pair sound great together.

  39. daveid76 says:

    At least it’s not Shag and Stingy…

  40. DaveM says:

    Maybe when Sting and Paul Simon toured together they had a bet on who could put out the most ridiculous future release:)

  41. MusicFan says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this release. The digital tasters so far have been great. After all Sting is merely returning to his reggae roots from 40 years ago.

    As usual there is the wild goose chase to find the different physical formats.

    The official store, Amazon and HMV have had disparate information for weeks. This is crazy as a product manager will know exactly what is being produced and for which territory. I just wish they would tell people and offer some clarity upfront.

    • Mike R says:

      Ditto. I’m really looking forward this this. Sting returning to reggae roots. Of course some younger gents may not even know Sting was in a little group called the Police who had quite a bit of reggae influence. This could be a great summer jam out by the pool.

  42. BritinDetroit says:

    Excellent product placement by FCA of the Jeep Sahara 33 seconds into the Sting/Shagman video.

    I will report back on any gigantic images of Sting on the outside of FCA HQ in Auburn Hills Michigan – should liven up my commute.

  43. Tim in Miami says:

    I have a love/hate with Sting. 57th and 9th was lazy generally but the tour was the best I have seen him in years. Then to come back with this garbage. And even worse all the press/stupid interviews and such is really sad. And even worse for fans, those who bought his European tour tickets now get treated to a dual Shaggy/Sting show and no refunds.

    Not even any reissues/vault stuff to console yourself with. This album will be the first Sting ever I haven’t bought first day of release, or ever. (And yes, I bought the lute album and the Symphonic coasting stuff)

  44. Daryl says:

    I understand to a degree (but don’t agree with) the recent Gary Barlow-bashing in the comments, but what are people finding to moan about with these two artists? Music snobs make me laugh sometimes…

    • Chris Squires says:

      I am not sure what I am reading is bashing Sting individually or Shaggy individually. Not much beyond “his last album wasn’t that great” (which I kinda agree with). I think it’s the seemingly random pairing of two high profile artists that don’t seem to have much crossover, since The Police last did something with a mild reggae influence 35 years ago.
      Compounding this are the recent announcements on the back of April Fools (Dub Sandwich) such as “Fleetwood Mac / Crowded House” and even more puzzlingly the Paul Simon….erm…. thing.
      So I don’t think it’s necessarily snobbery against Sting / Shaggy but more a confluence of the moment / It’s all about the timing…. kind of thing.

      I am with whoever said that he would rather have a couple of decent Sting SDEs from his early solo albums than a seemingly random and difficult to fathom collaboration. What next a Grace Jones / Chesney Hawkes duet?

  45. Dan says:

    The most interesting release for me that was announced recently recently (Last Friday) is Dannii Minogue’s album Neon Nights being released on vinyl for the first time with all the deluxe tracks, coloured and black vinyl.
    Yet, that wasn’t covered here and the coloured vinyl is sold out, instead we get Shaggy and Paul Simon remixes.

    • MusicFan says:

      That DM release is great. A job well done by the product team.

      It’s funny she always manages to squeeze something out on the tails of a Kylie release.

    • Love Neon Nights, I have the original CD and met Dannii in Montreal when she appeared at Musicplus video station at the time of release, she was quite lovely got my pic with her.

    • Jim says:

      My hilarious joke is still awaiting moderation? Unfair!

      • Jim says:

        Oh. It’s blank. Anyway it was about consulting the Book of Revelations for mentions of a Crowded House member joining Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon releasing a remix album and Sting/Shaggy collaboration as a sign of the end times. I’m more convinced than ever now.

  46. Richard says:

    Paul …. is this LIFE after a good Life .. Men, what a poor news lately … useless releases – stupid collaborations .. what happened to this dedicated website … Paul .??

    Come on give us some serious music and collectors stuff info… what about Steppenwolf LIVE or Todd Rundgrens Utopia … and the stuff for RSD 2018 let’s talk M U S I C again Paul ….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Paul Simon and Sting are hardly off-piste for SDE. Don’t shoot the messenger…

      • Richard says:

        Paul, I am not interested in “Picking” on Sting or Paul Simon (both highly respected for their catalog) The website SDE is read by many serious music lovers, and even though you are the messenger, it is “YOUR CHOICE” to promote or bring this crap to anyone’s attention… or not. This kind of information is NOT bringing SDE to a higher level …

        Sincerely, Richard

        • Stephen says:

          I think the mix on here is just right. Spot on. And great credit should go to Paul for that. You don’t have to read the articles that don’t appeal to you. But to be honest, hearing music fans enthuse/rant about the music they like or dislike is always interesting to me.

          • Stephen says:

            (BTW, I read this piece without being a fan of either artist.)

          • Michael says:

            How very true Stephen. One thing I love about visiting SDE is, even when the release holds no interest for me, reading what everyone (even when they’re bitching and moaning) has to say and there’s often fun gossip mixed in with the comments. I must admit, excluding the new Oleta Adams reissue, nothing this year has made me reach for my wallet.

            But, we’re all serious music lovers here. Go with the flow and wait for the moment Paul posts something that appeals to you. Everyday I hold my breath hoping to see Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, or Grace Jones in the headlines. Until then…

      • Eric says:

        In a strange way, it’s been one of the most enjoyable weeks of SDE….riotous reviews and hilarious comments. And it’s all been about music very relevant to SDE and its readership. It’s not Paul’s fault the world’s gone mad.


      • Matthew says:

        Keep it up, it’s great to have a bit of levity now and again, makes for lively discussion!
        If you’d put this months posts in front of me I’d have had difficulty picking out the April Fools one, truth stranger etc! Unmissable,
        Thanks for that Paul

  47. Marty says:

    I am always up for a bit more Sting, so to speak.

  48. MrSka57 says:

    Another lazy cover. Is this 2018 or 1988?

  49. tom says:

    Heard the title track this morning on Spotify, went to listen to the single which has very little substance but gets in your brain i.e. pop music(shock horror). Don’t think it is too unlikely a collaboration at all bearing in mind the early Police sound. Makes a change to hear Shaggy rather than the ubiquitous Sean Paul doing a bit of ,ahem, toasting on tracks.

  50. Klaus says:

    Does the title mean that this is limited to 876 units? ;-))

  51. Aaron says:

    Bob Dylan appearing on that new same-sex marriage ep ‘Universal Love’ could be along these lines expect it’s a great idea and his track is pretty excellent. He does ‘He’s Funny That Way’ and changes the pronouns so he’s singing to a man….it’s excellent

  52. Darren Briscoe says:

    I have to admit that I love the single so am looking forward to this album!

    • slapshot says:

      Same here, and I generally can’t stand reggae. Lovely song, no idea what everyone’s whinging on about…

  53. Aaron says:

    Ok this is getting silly now. What’s coming tomorrow? CSNY replaces Graham and Neil with Kate Nash and Will Young ?

  54. Neil McL says:

    FNAC has Coloured vinyl exclusives.

  55. Michael Fortin says:

    Target in the USA will have an exclusive physical version with different bonus tracks.

    • Rodolfo Martin says:

      My comparison of bonus tracks:
      Besides those tracks that Paul Sinclair has listed above, the following are the bonus tracks for Target and Japan editions:

      Bonus tracks on CD (CD + DVD edition Japan)

      13. If You Can’t Find Love
      14. Love Changes Everything
      15. 16 Fathoms
      16. Don’t Make Me Wait (Dave Audè Rhythmic Radio Remix)
      17. Message in a Bottle (Feat. Agent Sasco) [live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica]
      18. Don’t Make Me Wait (Live at Shaggy & Friends, Kingston, Jamaica)

      DVD Contents (in CD + DVD edition Japan)

      1. Don’t Make Me Wait (Music Video)
      2. Don’t Make Me Wait (Live at Shaggy & Friends)
      3. Sting & Shaggy Interview

      1. If You Can’t Find Love
      2. Love Changes Everything
      3. 16 Fathoms
      4. Don’t Make Me Wait (David Audè Remix)

      I will end up buying more than one release.

  56. Rodolfo Martin says:

    As always, there is a Japanese edition (same 18 tracks as in the deluxe edition) plus a bonus DVD. Why does the UK/USA, etc. editions break down the audio tracks in two CDs while Japan can make the fit in one CD? Does Japanese industry have the way to shrink data that is unknown in the Western world? By the way, Who is Shaggy to record and sign a record together with Sting? I am not into reggae music but I respect and enjoy it. I never heard about this artist until I got to know about this recordings some months ago.

    • frattonlad says:

      Really Rodolfo? He has had several enormous hits… Mr Boombastic, It Wasn’t Me and a damn fine cover of the Folkes Brothers’ Oh Carolina.

      Of course, all these are twenty years old so if you are under 30 they may well have passed you by!

    • Brian says:

      He’s a well known cartoon character who solves mysteries with a talking Great Dane.

    • Alan says:

      Maybe the Japanese companies don’t like to see their customers paying for the same item numerous times.

  57. Brian says:

    I don’t know what’s worse – this, or the escalating likelihood of nuclear war.

    • Chris Squires says:

      This whole week has been a non-stop game of “What’s worse”.

      It all kinda reminds me of Harry Hill.

      “Now I like Fleetwood Mac. I like Crowded House. But which is best? there’s only one way to find out…… Fiiiiiiiiight.”.

      My money is on the fact that the Paul Simon remix CD will turn out to be slightly worse than all out Nuclear war. At least Nuclear War ends at some point.

      • Stupidactingsmart says:

        What, is that Paul Simon remix CD one of those new-fangled never-ending ones? It’s even worse than I realised!

  58. Fitzysbuna says:

    no new version of walking on the moon ? well I am out !

  59. David Carter says:

    Stop it now, this is getting silly

  60. unique says:

    when this flops I bet shaggy denies doing it

  61. davide says:

    The Police 40 Years: I have just heard the first release will be “The Police Around The World” on DVD…

  62. DaveM says:

    Ironic, the only story I didn’t believe recently was the Dub Sandwich one, far too sensible. Then Buckingham, then Graceland Remixes and now this. Am I tripping or what?

  63. Luke Jackson says:

    I like how the album title reflects their respective ages.

    • Daryl says:

      That’s very good.

    • Charles Christopher says:

      “I like how the album title reflects their respective ages.”
      Boom, tish! Mr. Jackson, you’ve won the internet for the day!

      That cover……. I’ve been threatening to start my own music design company, That’ll Do Productions. I mean, it doesn’t look that hard anymore.

  64. daveid76 says:

    I heard about this a couple of weeks ago. The single is quite listenable actually.

  65. Luke Jackson says:


  66. David M says:

    Time to stop these April Fools now ….

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