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Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI 19-disc box set

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be interviewing Dead Or Alive frontman Pete Burns for SuperDeluxeEdition later this week, to discuss the forthcoming 19-disc career retrospective, Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI.

I’d like to invite SDE readers who are fans of the band to submit a question and I’ll ensure that a healthy selection of the best are put to Pete as part of the conversation!

To submit a question, simply leave a comment below and put “QUESTION” before your question, to keep things clear and simple. All questions submitted by end of play on Friday 16 September will be eligible for consideration. Please try keep questions as short and to the point as possible. If you write an ‘essay’, then it’s far less likely to be put to Pete.

The interview will be published on SDE in the near future.  Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI will be released on 28 October 2016.

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Dead Or Alive

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In the box set:

‘Sophisticated Boom Boom’ (2CD)
‘Youthquake’ (3CD)
‘Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know’ (2CD)
‘Rip It Up’ (2CD)
‘Nude’/‘Nude Remade Remodelled’ (2CD)
‘Fan The Flame, Part 1’ (1CD)
‘Nukleopatra’ (2CD)
‘Fragile’/’Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes’ (3CD)
DVD1: Promotional videos
DVD2: ‘Rip It Up Live’ in Japan at the height of their international fame and a selection of UK TV appearances.



  • 1 I’d Do Anything
  • 2 That’s The Way (I Like It)
  • 3 Absolutely Nothing
  • 4 What I Want
  • 5 Far Too Hard
  • 6 You Make Me Wanna
  • 7 Sit On It
  • 8 Wish You Were Here
  • 9 Misty Circles
  • 10 Do It

Bonus Tracks

  • 11 Selfish Side
  • 12 Misty Circles [7″ Version]
  • 13 What I Want [7″ Version]
  • 14 I’d Do Anything [7″ Version]
  • 15 That’s The Way (I Like It) [7″ Version]


  • 1 Misty Circles [Dance Mix]
  • 2 What I Want [Original Dance Mix]
  • 3 I’d Do Anything [Megamix]
  • 4 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Extended Version]
  • 5 What I Want [1984 Dance Mix]
  • 6 What I Want [1984 7″ Remix]
  • 7 Give It To Me [BBC Session]
  • 8 Misty Circles [Dub Mix]
  • 9 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Dub] – previously unreleased
  • 10 Absolutely Nothing [Dub] – previously unreleased
  • 11 Misty Circles [Instrumental]
  • 12 Keep That Body Strong (That’s The Way)



  • 1 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  • 2 I Wanna Be A Toy
  • 3 DJ Hit That Button
  • 4 In Too Deep
  • 5 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm
  • 6 Cake And Eat It
  • 7 Lover Come Back To Me
  • 8 My Heart Goes Bang
  • 9 It’s Been A Long Time

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 You Spin Me Round [Murder Mix]
  • 11 In Too Deep [7″ Remix]
  • 12 My Heart Goes Bang [7″ Version]
  • 13 Lover Come Back To Me [Extended Version]
  • 14 My Heart Goes Bang [Extended Version]


  • 1 In Too Deep [Off Yer Mong Mix]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Performance Mix]
  • 3 Lover Come Back To Me [Extended Remix]
  • 4 My Heart Goes Bang [American WIPE-OUT Mix]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round [Alt. Album CD Version with ‘Rock It’ intro]
  • 6 Cake And Eat It [Alt. Album CD Version with unfaded intro]
  • 7 It’s Been A Long Time [Alt. Album CD Version with ‘You Can Be The First…’ intro]
  • 8 You Spin Me Round [Big Ben Mix]
  • 9 Lover Come Back To Me [7″ Bonus Mix]
  • 10 I Wanna Be A Toy [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 11 Lover Come Back To Me [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 12 In Too Deep [Instrumental]
  • 13 My Heart Goes Bang [Instrumental]

CD3: The Youthquake Tour – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 6th July 1985

  • 1 Cake And Eat It [Live]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 3 In Too Deep [Live]
  • 4 Big Daddy Of The Rhythm [Live]
  • 5 Far Too Hard [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 6 Misty Circles [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 7 It’s Been A Long Time [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 8 Lover Come Back To Me [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 9 DJ Hit That Button [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 10 What I Want [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 11 You Spin Me Round [Live] – previously unreleased
  • 12 In Too Deep [Encore] [Live]  – previously unreleased
  • 13 My Heart Goes Bang [Encore] [Live]  – previously unreleased
  • 14 You Spin Me Round [Encore] [Live] – previously unreleased



  • 1 Brand New Lover
  • 2 I’ll Save You All My Kisses
  • 3 Son Of A Gun
  • 4 Then There Was You
  • 5 Come Inside
  • 6 Something In My House
  • 7 Hooked On Love
  • 8 I Want You
  • 9 Special Star

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Come Inside [7″ Mix]
  • 11 I Want You [7″ Mix]
  • 12 Brand New Lover [Edit]
  • 13 Something In My House [7″ Remix]
  • 14 Hooked On Love [Edit]
  • 15 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Remix]
  • 16 Something In My House [Flamenco Version]
  • 17 Hooked On Love [7″ Remix]


  • 1 Brand New Lover [The Dust Monkey’s Love Bubble Club Mix]
  • 2 Something In My House [Mortevicar Mix]
  • 3 Hooked On Love [The Big Revolver Mix]
  • 4 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [The Sonia Mezumbda Memorial Mix]
  • 5 Brand New Lover [Up Ducky Mix]
  • 6 Something In My House [7″ US Wipe-Out Mix]
  • 7 Something In My House [12″ US Wipe-Out Mix Part 2]
  • 8 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [The Long Wet Sloppy Kiss Mix]
  • 9 Hooked On Love [La Vie En Rose Mix]
  • 10 Brand New Lover [Instrumental]
  • 11 Something In My House [House Instrumental]
  • 12 Hooked On Love [Instrumental] – previously unreleased
  • 13 Something In My House [7″ Instru-MENTAL Mix]

1987 RIP IT UP


  • 1 Brand New Lover [continuously mixed]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [continuously mixed]
  • 3 Something In My House [continuously mixed]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [continuously mixed]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [continuously mixed]
  • 6 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [continuously mixed]
  • 7 In Too Deep [continuously mixed]
  • 8 Hooked On Love [continuously mixed]

Bonus Tracks

  • 9 Mighty Mix [Part 1] – Wish You Were Here, What I Want, Do It, Misty Circles
  • 10 Mighty Mix [Part 2] Absolutely Nothing, Sit On It, You Make Me Wanna, That’s The Way (I Like It)
  • 11 Something In My House [Naughty XXX Mix]
  • 12 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [The Powerful Club Twelve]
  • 13 Something In My House [Short Version]


  • 1 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Club Mix]
  • 2 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Instrumental]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [Jail House Club Edit Remix]
  • 4 You Spin Me Round [Jail House Club Remix]
  • 5 You Spin Me Round [400 Hz – Kleopatra Remix]
  • 6 You Spin Me Round [400 Hz – Marc Antoine Remix]
  • 7 You Spin Me Round [Edouard’s Mix]
  • 8 You Spin Me Round [Kalk’s Underground Mix]
  • 9 You Spin Me Round [Blue Sky Mix]
  • 10 You Spin Me Round [The Yummi Extended Mix]
  • 11 You Spin Me Round [The Yummi 4am Mix]
  • 12 You Spin Me Round [The Vicious Mix]
  • 13 MEDLEY: Turn Around And Count 2 Ten/Blue Christmas /Your Sweetness [Accapella] (Live In Nagoya, Japan 29 November 1990)

1989 NUDE


  • 1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten
  • 2 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine)
  • 3 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye
  • 4 Stop Kicking My Heart Around
  • 5 Come Home (With Me Baby)
  • 6 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
  • 7 Get Out Of My House
  • 8 I Cannot Carry On
  • 9 My Forbidden Lover

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine) [Instrumental]
  • 11 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Alternative Mix]
  • 12 Love Toy [inst. version]
  • 13 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [7″ Version]
  • 14 Come Home (With Me Baby) [7″ Version]
  • 15 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Edited House Version]
  • 16 Love Toy [Full Vocal Version] – previously unreleased
  • 17 Come Home (With Me Baby) [The Deadhouse Dub 7″ Edit]
  • 18 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Radio Edit]

CD2: Nude: Remade Remodelled

  • 1 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Remade Remodelled]
  • 2 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Remade Remodelled]
  • 3 Stop Kicking My Heart Around [Remade Remodelled]
  • 4 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [Remade Remodelled]
  • 5 Give It Back (That Love Is Mine) [Remade Remodelled]
  • 6 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Remade Remodelled]
  • 7 Come Home (With Me Baby) [12″ Version]

Bonus Tracks

  • 8 Baby Don’t Say Goodbye [Extended Mix]
  • 9 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [The Pearl And Dean “I Love” BPM Mix]
  • 10 Come Home (With Me Baby) [The Deadhouse Dub]
  • 11 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [The Pearl And Dean “I Had A Disco Dream” Mix]
  • 12 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Instru-MENTAL]
  • 13 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Instru-MENTAL] – previously unreleased

1990 FAN THE FLAME (Part 1)


  • 1 Fan The Flame (feat. Gina X) – previously unreleased
  • 2 Unhappy Birthday
  • 3 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness)
  • 4 Total Stranger
  • 5 Gone 2 Long
  • 6 Lucky Day
  • 7 What Have U Done (2 Make Me Change)
  • 8 And Then I Met U
  • 9 Blue Christmas

Bonus Tracks

  • 10 Total Stranger [Remix]
  • 11 Unhappy Birthday [Heavy Metal Version]
  • 12 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Instrumental]



  • 1 Nukleopatra
  • 2 Rebel Rebel
  • 3 Sleep With You
  • 4 The Right Stuff
  • 5 I’m A Star
  • 6 International Thing
  • 7 Picture This
  • 8 Spend The Night Together
  • 9 Gone Too Long
  • 10 Getting It On
  • 11 Sex Drive

Bonus Track

12 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Radio Mix]


  • 1 Rebel Rebel [12″ Extended Mix]
  • 2 The Right Stuff [1994 Mix]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix]
  • 4 Sex Drive [Sugar Pumpers Extended Mix]
  • 5 International Thing [International 7″ Edit]
  • 6 Rebel Rebel [The Hole Mix]
  • 7 Sex Drive [Scream Driven Remix]
  • 8 International Thing [Nu-NRG 7″ Remix]
  • 9 Rebel Rebel [Safe Hands Remix]
  • 10 You Spin Me Round [Sugar Pumpers Pumpin’ Mix]
  • 11 Sex Drive [Peewee’s Extended Mix]
  • 12 International Thing [Nu-NRG 12″ Remix]



  • 1 Hit And Run Lover
  • 2 Something In My House [2000]
  • 3 Even Better Than The Real Thing [2000]
  • 4 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [2000]
  • 5 I Paralyze
  • 6 Isn’t It A Pity?
  • 7 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2000]
  • 8 Just What I Always Wanted
  • 9 My Heart Goes Bang [2000]
  • 10 Lover Come Back To Me [2000]
  • 11 I Promised Myself
  • 12 Blue Christmas 2000

CD2 – Unbreakable – The Fragile Remixes

  • 1 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [Y&Co. “B” Mix]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Zi Zone Mix]
  • 3 My Heart Goes Bang [Love Machine Remix]
  • 4 Something In My House [Deadend Of Eurasia Mix]
  • 5 Hit And Run Lover [Ventura Mix]
  • 6 Isn’t It A Pity [Bustard Remix]
  • 7 I Paralyze [B4 ZA BEAT Remix]
  • 8 Blue Christmas [P.K.G. Remix]
  • 9 Lover Come Back To Me [Earthquake Mix]
  • 10 Just What I Always Wanted [R.M. Hyper Techno Mix]


  • 1 You Spin Me Round [Punx Soundcheck Vs Princess Julia]
  • 2 You Spin Me Round [Mark Moore & Mr Motion Remix]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round [D-Bop Club Mix]
  • 4 You Spin Me Round [Metro 7″ Edit]
  • 5 Hit And Run Lover [Bonus Hit Remix]
  • 6 You Spin Me Round [Metro 12″ Extended Mix]
  • 7 Pop Life
  • 8 Why’s It So Hard
  • 9 Jack & Jill Party – Pet Shop Boys Feat. Pete Burns
  • 10 Never Marry An Icon – Pete Burns vs The Dirty Disco
  • 11 The Art – Pete Burns vs The Dirty Disco – previously unreleased


  • 1 I’d Do Anything [Promo Video]
  • 2 That’s The Way (I Like It) [Promo Video]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Promo Video]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [Promo Video]
  • 5 In Too Deep [Promo Video]
  • 6 My Heart Goes Bang [Promo Video]
  • 7 Something In My House [Promo Video]
  • 8 Hooked On Love [Promo Video]
  • 9 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Promo Video]
  • 10 Brand New Lover [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 11 Something In My House [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 12 Come Home (With Me Baby) [Promo Video]
  • 13 Turn Around And Count 2 Ten [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 14 Come Home (With Me Baby) [12″] [Promo Video]
  • 15 Your Sweetness (Is Your Weakness) [Promo Video]
  • 16 Total Stranger [Ruff Promo Video]
  • 17 Rebel Rebel [Promo Video]
  • 18 Sex Drive [Promo Video]
  • 19 Hit And Run Lover [Promo Video]
  • 20 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [2003] [Promo Video]


CONCERT FEATURE: ‘Rip It Up Live’ – Japan, 1987

  • 1 Hooked On Love [Live]
  • 2 My Heart Goes Bang [Live]
  • 3 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Live]
  • 4 Lover Come Back To Me [Live]
  • 5 Brand New Lover [Live]
  • 6 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Live]
  • 7 In Too Deep [Live]
  • 8 Something In My House [Live]
  • 9 Come Inside [Live]
  • 10 Son Of A Gun [Live]
  • 11 I’ll Save You All My Kisses [Encore] [Live]


  • 12 That’s The Way (I Like It) [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 12/04/1984
  • 13 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 14/02/1985
  • 14 Lover Come Back To Me [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 1985
  • 15 In Too Deep [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 1985
  • 16 Lover Come Back To Me [on ‘The Kenny Everett Television Show’] TX 11/05/1985
  • 17 In Too Deep [on ‘Wogan’] TX 17/06/1985
  • 18 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Christmas Top Of The Pops’] TX 25/12/1985
  • 19 Brand New Lover [on ‘Wogan’] TX 1986
  • 20 Brand New Lover [on ‘Roland Rat: The Series’] TX 1986
  • 21 Something In My House [on ‘Top Of The Pops’] TX 22/01/1987
  • 22 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [on ‘Blue Peter’] TX 10/01/2003


164 responses to Submit your questions for Pete Burns!

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  2. John Dean-Morton says:

    Checking this website approximately every 35 seconds for this interview to be posted.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Haha it’s coming soon. I did get to put a fair amount of SDE reader questions, so hopefully everyone will enjoy. Pete was lovely to talk to (over the phone) and as articulate as I expected :)

  3. Scott says:

    So, when might the results of the Q&A be online?

  4. Emma says:

    Were there ever plans to release further singles off “Nude” other than TAAC2T and CHWMB in the UK & Europe and if so which one(s) they were.

  5. Nacho Pajín says:

    Have you ever met the Army of Lovers? What do you think of their songs and style?

  6. Nacho Pajín says:

    Do you like Annie Lennox? What’s your favourite song of hers?

  7. Nacho Pajín says:

    Were you one of the Blitz Kids?

  8. Jerome says:

    Dear Pete,
    1) Are there any legal reasons that prevented the release of demo material in this compilation? Of course, I think of the demo tracks of Youthquake like the 25 seconds demo of YSMR we heard on the BBC program “the one show”.
    2) In some recent releases (That The Way I Like It (GREATEST HITS) for example) some tracks have a wrong speed like LCBTM & BNL. Are Steve & you always consulted before any release?

  9. J says:

    Pete, could you please explain the titles for each album; what inspired you to call them that, and also, why Dead Or Alive, what inspired that name, what did the name mean to you? Thanks, love the new boxset!

  10. lois says:

    Question Pete :
    100% tracks original master tapes ?
    Mastering perfect ?

  11. Benji says:

    QUESTION: How advanced is a new Dead Or Alive album?

  12. JavierN says:

    I don’t have a question. I just want to say Thank you, for sharing your talent. Your music helped me through the darkest times of my life.


    Question: Hi Pete im very hapy for this box is reléase thanks so much for this reléase.
    why give it to me ( original song) not appear on the new box set? and you tell me in a chat i the past years like made a cover for sylvester song ( dont stop ),its posible this dream come true?
    thanks so much doa forever.

  14. Xav says:

    QUESTION 2 :

    Why some mixes were not included, such as the Flip Mixes of the Japanese promo of Rip It Up, or the Danny Tenaglia mixes of Baby Don’t Say Goodbye US 12″, amongst so many others, which were unreleased on cd ?

  15. Xav says:

    QUESTION 1 :

    Pete, what is according to you, the best DOA album, and the best DOA song ?

  16. Christophe says:

    Ok thank you Pete for The box but my question is simple : do you prépare à New album and do you Want to come in France to make promotion . You come in 1997 for euro pride in Paris With Sparks , Jimmy sommerville and you make neveu french TV ! You have Many Many frenchs fans and we can’t to see you in Paris …merci thank you Kiss Steve

  17. Todd Wilson says:

    One of my favorite tracks is Nukleopatra, so my question is, why has a video never been released. It would TRULY be FIERCE

  18. Mark says:

    Will the DVD’s be “Region” free so it can be universally placed or just coded or the UK? If region free, I need to get this pre-order STAT as I am in the States.

  19. Karsten says:

    What is in your opinion the best melodie that you have ever written?

  20. Karsten says:

    What is the best rumour about you that you have ever heard?

  21. Joseph says:

    Good lord, half of you. Paul, your instructions in no way at fault here…

  22. Janet says:

    QUESTION: If you could stop time and live in any year or era, what would it be?

  23. Janet says:

    QUESTION: Who are your favorite fashion/style icons?

  24. Janet says:

    QUESTION: If you were not the famous Pete Burns of Dead or Alive, what would you see yourself doing for a living?

  25. J T says:

    Hey Pete, knew of you earlier but really got into you guys with “You Spin Me Round” like millions of others here in the U.S. where it and “Brand New Lover” continue to get a lot of play. Love them, but you’re one of those artists from whom successive singles off an album that didn’t do as well here as the first are actually my favorites. Specifically, I think “My Heart Goes Bang” and “Something In My House” are absolute classics, combining great songwriting, wit, exuberant instrumental hooks, perfect over-the-top arrangement and production, and of course your iconic performance, and I enjoy listening to them as much as ever! If you could choose one song you’ve released that you wish you could “switch” with one of your bigger hits because you felt it was the one that really deserved the greater initial and enduring attention, which would it be and why? Thanks for the great music and the memories they keep alive, and all the best to you!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You obviously missed the instruction to keep questions short and to the point…

      • J T says:

        To match your level of snark, the actual question can be deduced by finding the question mark (?), and reading the sentence that directly precedes it…


        Thanks for your consideration, and a vote of support for Soren Jensen’s questions 1, 3, and 5.

  26. Seth Moore says:

    Pete…what is your favorite ABBA song? What is your favorite Kylie song? What is your favorite Madonna song? Thanks!

  27. Soren Jensen says:

    And questions:
    3) Are there any extra tracks/remixes/versions from the two Stock/Aitken/Waterman produced albums that have not been included – and, if so, will they appear on a future release?
    4) Were you ever given finished tracks from SAW that you refused?
    5) I understand that the hi nrg tracks SAW did with Divine and Hazell Dean in 1984 was one of the reason you chose to work with them in the first place. Were there ever later tracks from SAW that you liked and would have wanted to “sound like”?
    6) Ever thought of working with producer Matt Pop on a hi nrg track?

  28. Nancy says:

    Musicwise, do you have any regrets about your career so far?

  29. Soren Jensen says:

    Hi Pete

    Been a fan of your music since January 1985 and I am SO looking forward to this new release!
    1) I read that some 30 tracks in total had been recorded at PWL for the Mad, Bad And Dangerous to Know album. Is this true and what happened to the other tracks? Any titles for these tracks?
    2) Why was Love Toy originally only released as a short instrumental and not a full vocal track?

  30. Nancy says:

    How do you compare the state of music today to the one from your heyday?

  31. David Bentley says:

    QUESTION: I have a copy of an old interview in Record Mirror magazine in which you said that Giorgio Moroder would hopefully be producing the next album after Sophisticated Boom Boom. As we all know, Youthquake turned out to be a SAW project. Did you actually approach Moroder? Is he someone you would still like to work with?

  32. Scott Truelove says:

    QUESTION: Loved all the multiple remixes from the 80s,Spin me round,Lover come back,Brand new lover,Heart goes bang and something in my house.
    What input did you and the band have on making these different versions?

  33. NIXX says:

    Hello Pete, my question is why did you not keep your deadlock hair longer as ive only seen one performance with it and i thought you looked amazing my fave cover is ‘misty circles’ how hot do you look (will you do my hair like that) im cheeky
    was you tired of being compared to another 80s pop star i wont mention the name don’t want to upset you but to be fair at that time quite a few people were wearing the deadlock look which i think was a huge influence from the Vivienne westwood 1982 punkature show xxxx

  34. gb says:

    always wondered if these lyrics from International thing (‘You made front page news
    across the world, When you overdosed in Rome’) were any reference to Kurt Cobain – and
    what were your thoughts on him?

  35. paul griffiths says:

    QUESTION………is the earlier stuff i.e.”Nightmares in Wax” gonna be remastered and released soon,,,,cheers pete

  36. Adolfo says:

    First time I heard your cover of “Rebel Rebel” I thought “but of course you did!” Have you always identified with that song and/or Bowie?

  37. Sean Lawler says:


    Did you enjoy terrorising all the spotty teenagers like me trying to buy records from Probe in Liverpool…nobody liked going in there when you were in there because no matter what we asked for we were treated with distain lol

  38. J says:


    Pete, did you plan or think out your vocal melodies and lyrics before going into the recording studio or did it literally all happen on the spot? I find it impressive when you say you never wrote any lyrics down ever.
    Also, how did most DOA songs begin?; with a bassline or drums, or a synth tune….. i believe you said You Spin Me started with your vocal tune for the chorus, and others worked off that, though i’m guessing most of your other songs weren’t like that? I’d love to hear examples of how other songs started.

  39. Thomas says:

    Question: Will this song recorded with Paul Masterson in 2006 ever get a release?

  40. Jeisson Serna says:


    Hi pete, I’m from Colombia. I’ve following your career and I just want to know if there is a possibility to do a Live concert series with a full band. I usually listen to the old Dead or Alive live shows back in the 80’s and I think you truly have a wonderful and so powerful voice. It would be a pleasure to hear the good songs the band have, with the magic of a live show.

    You are a world legend my friend.

  41. Anton Rodionov says:

    Hi Pete! Greetings from Russia! I’m a huge fan of DOA. This box is absolute must have for all collectors. QUESTIONS: which PWL related artists do you like, what’s you DOA fav album, did you heard russian version of “Something in my house” by Sergey Minaev?

  42. Nacho Pajín says:

    Is any of the featured albums going to be re-released individually? I’d like to own Nukleopatra and Fragile

  43. Nacho Pajín says:

    Which are the artist, album, and music genre you prefer listening to?

  44. Nacho Pajín says:

    Which are the artist, album and music genre you prefer listening to?

  45. Nacho Pajín says:

    How did you start performing with bands?

  46. Nacho Pajín says:

    When was the first time you wore something designed by Vivienne Westwood?

  47. Nacho Pajín says:

    Would you like to work with any other famous artist? What about Lady gaga or Beth Ditto?

  48. Rob says:


    Pete, What do you think of the state of music today? Are there any current artists you enjoy?

  49. William Gordon says:

    In the last few years there was a pic of you and Pete Waterman in his studio? Was that a photo op or was there something in the works at that time?

  50. Nacho Pajín says:

    Is the compilation going to be released in physical stores?

  51. Joe Howell says:

    Hi, Are you planning any new music video in the future ?

    I love you !

  52. HS says:

    What do you think about releasing such a great package, only to have certain people wonder if they can get access to the contents much cheaper by streaming or buying digitally?

  53. Lars says:

    Hi Pete,

    We still Hope there will released a Great duet with German-LGBT-Icon Romy Haag. The Box is a Wonderful Gift. Thank you very much and please make some performances and Fan-Meetings. WE NEED You ! ❤️

  54. Lars says:


    Hi Pete,
    Will there be any new Music Projects comimg Up?
    Would Love to Hear your Voice to a Contemporary commercual Sound of Today.

  55. James says:

    Did you & the band have control over which tracks were released as singles, or did Epic have final say? Do you recall any specific battles on this front? And do you have any favourite album tracks that you wish were singles? (For me, “Then There Was You” would have been a perfect single from “Mad, Bad…”)

    To echo the others’ comments: thank you for curating & releasing the box set. It was ordered in a heartbeat!!

  56. Giancarlo says:

    QUESTION: Hi Pete, taking a look at this very rich tracklist it seems that one of the most underrated Dead or Alive song is for sure “Lover Come Back to Me”. It didn’t receive a proper number of remixes and fortune at the time of its release and later in the years. Don’t you think the same?

  57. colin says:

    Hi Pete, How did you end up meeting Stock Aitken and Waterman back in the 80s, who approached who first, how did the collaboration come about and how come you did not work more than the 2 albums you did together.

    Fantastic box set only minor gripe is it’s a bit too pricey for some, so I Just wondered if these discs will ever be made available to purchase individually by album.? Cheers, Good luck with this Box Set and future projects, Colin Mitchell. Baguley, Manchester.

  58. gb says:

    any chance of doing albums-in-full gigs? – and which would be *your* favourite to do

  59. Timothy Harrison says:

    ….addendum…and why?

  60. Timothy Harrison says:

    Question; top 3 desert island discs?

  61. Tim says:

    Question; career highlights? And, like many on here have said thank you for the music.

  62. Scottieq says:

    Hi Pete,

    Are you not recording new material nowadays because your bored with it, or because you can’t make any money out of it, or because you can’t get funding to make it, or because your getting a bit older (like the rest of us) and the energy and voice requirements arnt there anymore?

  63. Scottieq says:

    Hi Pete,

    Why was there only 1 disc in the box set for ‘Fan the Flame – Part 1’? I thought there were many remixes and even other tracks recorded for that album that featured in live shows in Japan at the time?

  64. Mark says:

    Question: Some of the single versions on the “That’s The Way I Like It: The Best Of Dead Or Alive” compilation from 2010 were pitched incorrecetly and played slower. Will the single versions on the new box set be restored to the correct speed?

  65. JohnR says:

    If you had a TARDIS, is there any part of your career you’d go back and change? (I’d make Come Home With Me Baby number 1… everywhere.)

  66. Judd says:


    Hey Pete, ‘Love Toy’ is a fan favourite. What made you decide to release the vocal version of it now rather than it being on ‘Nude’ in 89?

  67. Kola says:

    Pete, which part of putting Sophisticated Boom Box together was the most fun and why?

  68. Lucy says:

    QUESTION: Pete, I would like to know if there is anything that particularly inspires or fires your imagination at the moment (art, fashion, literature, film, certain people?)

  69. Franck says:

    Hi Pete. Is this box set a kind of farewell to the music industry?

  70. Tristan says:

    Hello! I am here to ask if I can find some of the remixes in this box-set on youtube? I do not want to buy this if I am going to just get all of the remixes I have been finding on youtube for the past 4 years as much as I love Dead or Alive and Pete Burns, I just do not want to dish out all the money for stuff I have been hearing over and over again for years. I also wanted to know if you will put Fan the Flame through to Fragile on itunes as separate albums? I am dying to get those songs on my iphone without illegality you know?

  71. jaiye Ayling says:


    Will you be releasing any additional Albums, Singles or 12” Releases for download on itunes?

  72. Jon says:


    Pete, this box set really surprised all of your fans and we are truly grateful. It is a fantastic representation
    of your work. I love the Nude album, in particular. Turn Around and Count 2 Ten was a huge single and one of my personal favorites – I noted that Tim Lever and Mike Percy were featured on the sleeve of that single but they both left the band shortly after. Why did they leave? Were they involved in that album? Did you keep in touch with them once they started the One World production team?

  73. gwynogue says:

    QUESTION: Any plans/hopes for a comprehensive singles box set, similar to the Bananarama and Belinda Carlisle ones?

  74. Paisley Parque says:

    What is your favorite single other than You Spin Me Round & what song do wish had been a single?

  75. Hernan says:

    Hi Pete!!

    thank you so much for this new release, it’s a dream become true for me.

    my question,
    the new artworks/sleeves for fan the flame, nukleopatra and fragile were chosen by you?

  76. Lisandro says:

    Hi Pete, first of all, thank you for all the music you made! My question is: Do you and Steve consider a Dead or Alive reunion with Mike Percy and Tim Lever in the near future?

  77. Russ says:

    I am a huge fan… US based. Will this box set ever be available to download? Available from your website or possibly iTunes?

  78. Jonathyn R Brown says:

    QUESTION: Thank you for putting the time and effort into this wonderful package and the years of outstanding music it covers. My question is; Does this package represent a farewell to Dead or Alive for you, or is it simply a way to put the past behind you and start fresh?

  79. Karl Siniak says:

    Cheeky QUESTION 2:

    Was there ever any plans to further promote “Evolution” with a second single, perhaps “Hit & Run Lover” in the UK… It feels like the hit single that never was, and is a damn shame you and the band didn’t get more exposure of your artistry back in 2003 upon its release.

    (I was first introduced to your music by my first boyfriend in 2005 who was a major fan of yours and would frequently wear down as much of the Vivienne Westwood you were seen wearing, complete with Nukleopatra style wig… Lots of happy memories for me.)

  80. Karl Siniak says:


    A short while ago you were recording back at PWL with Pete Waterman and there was a photograph of you uploaded to Twitter holding a “Kylie Greatest Hits” Songbook… Was one of the recordings a remake of a classic Kylie track? If so, which one? If not, whatever came of those highly anticipated (and raved about by Pete Waterman himself) sessions?

  81. Michael khalsa says:

    QUESTION Did you record more tracks with SAW than what is on ‘Youthquake’ & ‘Mad Bad’? Also who did the design for this boxset & booklet? Thanks Pete adore you. xx

  82. tessa wells says:

    Hi, Pete. Do you think there will ever be another mail box set up to send you fan mail? Also, in case I never get another chance to tell you this, I wanted you to know you have a very special place in my heart and mean a whole lot to me. Congratulations on your box set.

  83. mintoncard says:


    Was your cover of U2’s ” Even Better Than The Real Thing” on Fragile a personal statement (ala the song “Nukleopatra”) or did you just think the song would be a fun cover? It remains my favorite U2 cover STILL!

    – Andrew

  84. Marc Gallo says:

    Question Pete what is your memories of performing at the Saint in NYC because it was a magical Night. Any stories you can tell me from that Night Thanks

  85. Randall says:


    Is there any music from you in the near future?

    Im Loving the Boxset announcement!!!!

  86. John says:

    QUESTION: Can you reveal any other plans for the band and/or its catalogue, like maybe a singles box?

  87. Sharlay DuShay says:

    QUESTION: Pete from the beginning of your career your are known by your long flowing locks. Does it get annoying when people ask if you are wearing a unit or wig?

  88. Danjam101 says:

    QUESTION: Looking back on this massive selection of fantastic music, what was the most difficult track that came to be, and why?

  89. Mehrdad Kermani says:

    You have done great covers throughout the years: That’s the Way, Rebel Rebel, Picture This, Even Better, Why’s It So Hard. Is there any song that you would enjoy covering? For example, any recent Madonna song? Or dare I even suggest a Morrissey/Smiths song?

    Somewhat related, would you work with the Pet Shop Boys again? Or let folks like Mark Ronson or Scissor Sisters produce/collaborate/remix?

  90. Tyler Miller says:

    Pete what’s next for you babe? New solo music?

  91. AJ says:

    Pete, will you ever release studio versions of songs from the early BBC peels and Pickwicks/Futurama gigs?

  92. Kitty says:

    QUESTION: HEY PETE! I was wondering if you and Steve are going to sell more merchandise online, and also would you do any more tours or performances? You’re such a wonderful performer and I wish I could meet you and the band >~<❤️

  93. Tom Ridyard says:

    Hi Pete! Hope you’re well, I love all your albums and was wondering do you have a favourite album cover? Youthquake and Nukleopatra covers are amazing! Tom X

  94. Chris says:

    Hi Pete! This is amazing thanks for sharing this with us. Question are there plans for an album of new material in the works?


  95. Don says:

    Question: Pete, who do you admire these days?

  96. Spiro says:


    ..but no question really. Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for the new anthology and to send some love your way. xo ;-)

  97. Mathew Bowen says:

    Question. Hi Pete . Looking forward to receiving this amazing box set! My fave album by you is Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know but the album didn’t quite catch alight like Youthquake did in the UK. Why do you think this was? And what did you think of other artists who were on SAW rosta at the time? Mel & Kim , Princess etc . Thank you Pete for being such an inspiration for so long X

  98. I’m so excited for this boxset! I have been a fan since I was 10 years old., I used to bunk off school just to hang round Probe records and to catch a glimpse of you, I wondered do you ever go back to Liverpool or when was the last time you did?

  99. Robert says:

    Hi Pete! First, thank you soooo much for this box set. If given the chance would you have collaborated with jake shears (scissor sisters)?

  100. Tony West says:

    QUESTION – Will there be separate releases of the remastered albums for those of us who can’t buy the box set?

  101. Paul Dunford says:


    First of all I am so pleased this box set is coming out and is a dream come true.

    My main question is: Are Dead or Alive still going or have they gone into ABBA split where no one member will say “That’s it”, either way I have and will always love DOA and “That’s the way (I like it).
    Keep on spinning us round please and come back to us before we get In too deep.
    My kisses are saved as My heart goes bang.
    Ok I’ll stop now

    Lots of love

    Paul xx

  102. Dove says:


    Hello Pete . Your music has helped many gender benders of different generations release their own creative energy . I was just curious if you could tell the story about how the nukleopatra song came to be . It’s an anthem and it’s tongue and cheek lyrics are brilliant .

  103. Matt says:

    QUESTION: If you could have recorded any other SAW track, what would it have been?

  104. Jack says:

    Hi Pete!

    I was wondering what album you had the most fun working on? And what’s your favorite song from that album?

  105. Glenn says:


    What other reissue releases, if any, are in the pipeline? Will the individual albums receive their own releases in deluxe format?

  106. JPH says:

    Question for Pete… Wayne Hussey left Dead Or Alive and went on to have a career on the darker side of life in The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission… Were you a fan? Is there any contact with Wayne? I think a collaboration now could be very interesting… Congratulations on recognising what your fans want and delivering! Cheers, Justin

  107. Pete says:

    Sorry that was a QUESTION!

  108. Pete says:

    Wondering why the International Chrysis single mix of Rebel Rebel was missed off the set and whether we will be getting this mix somewhere down the track, maybe on a remix compilation?

  109. Karen says:

    Question. A few years ago you went into Celebrity Big Brother. If you hadn’t entered before would you do so today, and who would you choose as your celebrity housemates?

  110. Larry Davis says:

    QUESTION…Oh Pete, dear boy (girl??), when I first heard the band in 1984/1985, I thought, wow, this is how Culture Club should have sounded like, with more balls…cuz they always had a wimpy side, despite their pop goodness. Have you and Boy George ever felt in competition, or were you two ever friends or were there talks of collaboration?? Thank you Pete, this box looks awesome. By the way, my Fan The Flame Part 2 question was asked already.

  111. RJSWinchester says:

    Question: Is it true that you played keyboard for one-hit wonders D:Ream back in the nineties?

    • Dave says:

      D:Ream ‘one-hit wonders’, really? You are posting just like the people that are ignorant to the careers of DOA and calling them one-hit wonders because all they know is You Spin Me Round.

      D:Ream had far more hits than Things Can Only Get Better and were also very successful remixers for many many well-known acts.

  112. Gord says:

    Question: This incredible retrospective collection is a glorious view of the past, but what does the future hold for Pete Burns and Dead Or Alive? New music? Further reissues? A glossy coffee table art book? (*Hopes for all three*)

  113. Carl says:

    Hi Pete,
    In the past, there have been stops made at last minute for some releases (eg the 12″ collection).
    What changed your mind to allow this new box release to come together and be hands on in the curating?

  114. arnaud says:

    hello Pete,
    Thanks for your music
    will you planned a singles box set?
    Love from FRANCE

  115. Stan says:

    Pete / Steve,
    Thanks for the release of ‘Sophisticated Boom Box’ 2016, a definitive collection in one great package. It would be nice if all the early Dead or Alive / Nightmares in Wax songs could be released on CD as well. Also, have you any plans to recored or release any new songs / albums.

  116. Alex Falcone says:

    QUESTION – Most of us will never know the feeling of releasing an entire body of work to the public such as you have done. You’ve just looked over your entire career and encapsulated it into one box. Did that make you feel proud? Nostalgic? Sad? Exhilarated? Accomplished? Regretful?

  117. Ted says:

    You are fabulously opiniated. Do you regret any of the things you said in the past and have you made up with any of the pop stars that you dissed?

  118. colin says:

    Hi Pete, How did you end up meeting Stock Aitken and Waterman back in the 80s, who approached who first, how did the collaboration come about and how come you did not work more with them as the first time (You Spin Me Round) did so well for you went so global worldwide? Fantastic box set only minor gripe is it’s a bit too pricey for some, so I Just wondered if these discs will ever be made available to purchase individually by album.? Cheers, Good luck with this Box Set and future projects, Colin Mitchell. Baguley, Manchester.

    • colin says:

      I meant after the second album, I know SAW produced the first 2 DOA albums! Why not collaborate again after that?

      • Pete says:

        Pete said in his book that they didn’t want to wait, so they produced “Nude” themselves. They wanted to record in 1988, but SAW were busy with Kylie, Jason, Bananarama, Donna Summer, Sinitta, Sabrina, Brother Beyond…. you get the picture.

  119. Joey coco says:

    Hi Pete
    Firstly thanks for the last 30+ years of music !
    Who would you most like to remix one of your songs ? Thanku

  120. David says:

    Pete, firstly thank you for everything you’ve done.and continue to do. My question is:-
    Which music video did you enjoy making the most, and why? X

  121. Roman Azbukin says:

    Question: How there was an acquaintance and further collaboration to Stock, Aitken & Waterman?

  122. Charlie says:

    Dead or Alive haven’t toured in recent years, Could we expect any live dates to support this new release?! I know younger fans like me (18) would kill for the chance, love ya x

  123. Margo says:

    is there any hope for your performance in other countries (other than the UK )? if so, in what countries ?

  124. Though many will remember you (+DOA) the most for releasing “You Spin Me Round”, what song would you want to be remembered for? What song are you the proudest of? Thanks :)

  125. Kauwgompie says:

    I can’t believe words still come out of those lips but apparently so, so here is my question. Is he still popular in Japan and will the Japan release contain any bonus tracks or material?

  126. Tiziano says:

    Thank you so much for delivering the very best with this amazing box-set encompassing your legendary career.
    My question is: are the original 35mm films of “Rip it out live!” and “Disco in Dream”, or even any other filmed DOA gig, available for a future HD/Blu-Ray treatment? Or were the gigs just shot on video? Thank you so much, living ICON.

  127. Daniel says:


    Hi Pete

    Are all the tracks on your forthcoming box set remastered from the original tapes?


  128. william says:

    A lot of super deluxe editions came with picture booklets or explainations on the songs. Will you have a booklet like that that will come with future deluxe releases of your cds?

  129. Dayvv says:

    QUESTION: Rip it Up had two LaserDisc releases in Japan; one was normal sized, and the other was an 8″ LD (with less songs on it). Why were there two releases in this market?

  130. David says:

    QUESTION- The most exciting part of this set (for me) will certainly be the Youthquake Live CD. Are there any plans for a live concert or a tour in the future?

  131. Peter Gillon says:

    QUESTION: Pete will there be any new material being released for us? P.s so happy this new box set is being released, you have made us fans very happy indeed xxx

  132. David says:

    QUESTION- was this box set compiled just by yourself & Steve, or did any of the former members of the band have any input?

  133. Dayvv says:

    QUESTION: Other than yourself, who has been your favorite producer to work with?

  134. Mike Escamillo says:

    Hi Pete thank you so much for this outstanding box set looking forward to the vinyls box set as well .
    My question is I know a few years back that Steve was talking about online merchandising website hopefully with the Big success of the pre-orders for the box sets we will see the light of this and A new album ❤️

  135. Dayvv says:

    QUESTION: The cover of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know appears to be similar to the cover of Phantasmagoria by The Damned–in fact, they were taken by the same photographer. Was this simply an homage to The Damned, or is there some connection between the bands?

  136. Paul Ives says:

    Question : When you heard the initial cuts for You Spin Me Round did it instantly give you that feeling of ‘this could be it’. Took it’s time but a huge hit in the end.

  137. Question: Has all tracks in the box set been remastered from the original master tapes? Can’t wait to get my copy! :)

  138. Keezy says:


    Will Fan The Flame part 2 get a release?

  139. shannon says:

    this box set is a dream come true for your fans! it’s so much more than expected. foes this mean there could be new DOA music in the future?

  140. Dave says:

    Cheeky question number 2 – what happened with the Pete Waterman recordings a few years back? PW was buzzing on twitter at one point saying how good you still were, that a single had been recorded overnight then, nothing more.?

  141. Dave says:

    Pete – will the unreleased tracks from your various album recording sessions ever be issued?… and also how difficult was it for you and Steve to decide what to leave off from those sessions for this fantastic set?

  142. David says:

    Pete,does it bother you that your image may have detracted from the fantastic music you’ve made?

  143. Thanks for the amazing box set.
    Will there ever be any new material from dead or alive or Pete burns and is there any planned live dates to promote the boxset?

  144. David McCallum says:

    Your favorite collaborations? Any “collaborations-that-might-have-been”? Dream duets? Have you ever sung a duet?

  145. Paul says:

    Although less well-known, a lot of people like the early incarnations of the band (Nigtmares In Wax and the early Dead or Alive singles) – is there a chance that we might see a compilation of those early tracks that aren’t included in this box?

  146. Cormac says:

    QUESTION: “How did the Pet Shop Boys collaboration come about?” Or/and “Did Morrissey and you ever make (sweet) music together?”

  147. Omar says:

    Hi Pete. Thanks for finally making this dream come true for all DOA fans! Always wanted to ask you if you’d recorded any more tracks even demos with Zeus B. Held around the time of Sophisticated Boom Boom that’ve never seen the light of day.

    cheers, Omar.

  148. Scott says:

    Pete, are there any plans to release the early independent singles starting from the Nightmares in Wax single up the 1982 single ‘The Stranger’, early BBC sessions, or even some of the tracks not included in the box, such as the ‘What I Want’ re-recorded B side version of ‘The Stranger’?


  149. Loz says:

    Why has none of the Early Independent stuff ever been reissued ?….there is enough of it to make a great compilation album.

  150. Stephen says:


    Hi Pete, this box is a dream come true, but my question is: to what extent was Fan The Flame part 2 recorded and how come it remains unreleased? Will the tracks recorded for it ever see the light of day?

    • Loz says:

      Fan The Flames part 2 was release only in Japan as a promo CD …. it has 11 tracks.

      • Dave says:

        No it wasn’t. Fan The Flame Part 1 is the only one to be issued. Fan The Flame Part 2 has never been released, even if it was ever recorded. The cassette that Pete gave away on his ’91 / ’92 tour of America was called Love Pete and has been bootlegged as FTF Part 2. If FTF2 existed even as a Japanese only promo believe me, I’d have it.

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