Suede 25th anniversary box set

25th anniversary deluxe set • 4CD+DVD • Signed sets sold out.

This March, Demon Music will issue a five-disc, 25th anniversary edition of Suede‘s 1993 debut album, with limited quantities available with a print SIGNED by frontman Brett Anderson (now sold out).

The Mercury Prize winning album is expanded to four CDs and a DVD and is presented in bookset packaging similar to 2016’s Coming Up 20th anniversary set.

The first CD offers the album, the second associated B-sides, while the third disc offers a fascinating chronological look at early Suede via early demos sessions and monitor mixes, culminating in the first ever release of an April 1992 Mark Goodier session. At that point in time, the band were yet to release a single, but the BBC radio session delivered powerful interpretations of future 45s Metal Mickey and The Drowners alongside Sleeping Pills and Moving, both of which would feature on the Suede album, which was still nearly a full year away from release a that point.

The band’s Live at the Leadmill gig from February 1993 was issued on DVD as part of the 2011 deluxe edition but here is released on CD for the first time. The DVD on this new edition promises much, including the Suede’s first ever TV appearance and their turn on Jools Holland’s Later... programme which features a slightly different arrangement of So Young. Also, fans get to enjoy an hour-long film of songwriters Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler discussing the writing and recording of the album – and all the B-sides! This is a new film with the pair are in discussion with journalist and broadcaster Pete Paphides.

In a new note the booklet Brett Anderson recalls the recording of the album, and it includes printed lyrics, hand-written lyric drafts, tape box images, and photos from the band’s collections. Also, the packaging has been improved since the Coming Up reissue, and this deluxe set doesn’t have those horrible plastic clips that always break, and opts for the side opening folio/wallet similar, to R.E.M.‘s Out Of Time super deluxe from 2016.

Suede will be reissued on 30 March 2018.

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Suede deluxe set - standard edition


1. So Young
2. Animal Nitrate
3. She’s Not Dead
4. Moving
5. Pantomime Horse
6. The Drowners
7. Sleeping Pills
8. Breakdown
9. Metal Mickey
10. Animal Lover
11. The Next Life

1. My Insatiable One
2. To The Birds
3. He’s Dead
4. Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
5. Painted People
6. The Big Time
7. High Rising
8. Dolly
9. My Insatiable One [piano version]
10. Brass In Pocket

1. The Drowners
2. He’s Dead
3. Moving
4. To The Birds

ISLAND DEMOS, January 1992
5. Metal Mickey
6. Pantomime Horse
7. High Wire (My Insatiable One)*
8. The Drowners*
9. To The Birds*

EAST WEST DEMO, March 1992
10. Sleeping Pills

11. The Drowners*
12. To The Birds*
13. My Insatiable One*

14. Metal Mickey*
15. The Drowners*
16. Sleeping Pills*
17. Moving*

18. Diesel [instrumental] [studio outtake]
19. Stars On 45 [rehearsal room recording]
20. Sleeping Pills [strings]

*previously unreleased

February 1993
1. Metal Mickey
2. Moving
3. My Insatiable One
4. Animal Nitrate
5. Pantomime Horse
6. The Drowners
7. Painted People
8. So Young
9. Animal Lover
10. Sleeping Pills
11. To The Birds

THE LATE SHOW [7.5.92]
1. The Drowners
TOP OF THE POPS [24.9.92 & 27.5.93]
2. Metal Mickey
3. So Young
4. So Young
5. The Next Life / Brett and Jools
6. My Insatiable One
Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler discuss
“Suede”, track-by-track, with Pete Paphides

122 responses to Suede 25th anniversary box set

  1. Antonio says:

    Shocking packaging on this reissue. My ‘book’ fell apart after a couple of weeks, the stitching/glueon the inside simply disintegrated. Pity they didn’t go with a normal vinyl sized box set.

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  3. Alessandro says:

    Listening to CD1 and it sounds better than the 2011 reissue. I suspect they didn’t rehash the old remaster. It sounds much less harsh to me, and crankable without giving me headache. Bass is right, not too “boomy”, and they worked well with the mid-range.
    I will listen to the other discs tomorrow.

  4. Mike Melody says:

    Ordered the amazon exclusive and standard edition and i’m returning both.
    The exclusive edition had a ripped disc hold slot. The spinal string dangling out. They clearly don’t put much care into handling when placing the discs inside. Won’t bother replacing.

  5. Chris Squires says:

    The amazon exclusive edition has disappeared completely from the listings…or is it just me?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      So it has probably sold out then…

      • Chris Squires says:

        Ah, yes that was my first thought, but EVERY other time it still has the product outline and picture and it just says “Currently unavailable”.

        This page has just disappeared. When I click on my order it says

        “Looking for something?
        We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.”

        It doesn’t come up on an Amazon search. It has disappeared…….

  6. kook says:

    I really hope Edsel or whoever finally get it right for the inevitable DMS 25 box next year. The 2011 reissue was OK as far as it went (although personally, I never like to see ‘bonus’ tracks bunged on the end of an album) but the 20th anniversary edition – with the cassette and the carrier bag (?) – had Trotters Independent Trading written all over it.

    Call this a pre-emptive whinge but the complete ‘Introducing The Band’ film surely has to be included next time, not to mention the appearance on ‘Later’ and the previously overlooked b-side ‘Asda Town’. There’s also an incredible Butler-era live recording from early ’94 (bootlegged as ‘Performance’) which would be a welcome addition… although perhaps not for Richard Oakes. Worth a listen if only to hear Brett sort-of rapping on ‘Stay Together’.

    Third time lucky, maybe??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I can’t see them doing it a third time, to be honest.

    • GaryS says:

      Is ‘Performance’ the Blackpool Tower gig that was broadcast on Radio 1? Great quality; would love an official release. The 2011 release was good for the unedited ‘Asphalt World’ and ‘Wild Ones’… must be more in the archives? I’d love to hear the album as it was when Bernard left, before it was finished. Not saying they did a bad job btw. The 20th anniversary DMS box was just crap… the same stuff we already have with an added tape and carrier bag.

      I’m guessing the audio on the debut 25th anniversary set is the same as the 2011 (i.e. no fresh remaster). The only reason I’ve ordered is for the signed print really. I see the vinyl is out again for RSD too…. I think Suede/Demon might be due a fresh approach after this!

      • kook says:

        Yes, I believe that gig was at Blackpool – around the time ‘Stay Together’ came out (so ironically, right on the cusp of Butler quitting the band).

        Paul may well be right to say another reissue is unlikely. I’m not sure whether I’m being optimistic or cynical in expecting it to happen but I guess we’ll see in about 18 months…

  7. Phil Wilson says:

    The signed on is back in stock 7.28 am 24th March, 24 left at the moment, they put about 30 on last night, grab one quick though

    £40.61, cheaper than the unsigned version

  8. Domingo says:


    I bougtht two copies, but I´m going to cancel one of them today at 9 o’clock (Paris time). Get it quickly.

  9. Mike Melody says:

    I hope the Leadmill gig is not just the amateur audio from the audience recorded video from the 2011 DVD.
    The Amsterdam live CD from the 2016 Coming Up set was disappointingly muddy / badly mixed too. Was there really no better quality recording of another show from that era?

  10. Bobbyjean says:

    I just cancelled mine so it’s available now on amazon.get it quickly

  11. Steven C says:

    I got a signed one, thanks again to Paul…
    wish Bernard signed it too..
    Bernard is to Suede what Johnny Marr is to the Smiths

  12. Alan B says:

    For some strange reason you get Amazon’s auto rip for the non signed edition but it wasn’t advertised with the signed edition despite both editions being the same (apart from the signed print of course) Wonder if it will be available for the signed edition when it is released.

    Also isn’t it a bit strange that the signed version sold out quickly only to re-appear briefly a couple of days later. Do Amazon hold some copies back? If so why do that? Surely it can’t be cancelled orders becoming available again – after 2 days people are cancelling? Surely not?

  13. Tim Joseph says:

    If it really wanted to be complete, there’s the “Volume” version of “My Insatiable One” and a couple of tracks from Glastonbury missing. And to repeat Rob earlier, only one of the BBC tracks is previously unreleased.

    • Rob Dickinson says:

      I think the ‘problem’ with this release may be that Suede aren’t keen to release any of the stuff recorded prior to their first album, (although surely some of the tracks would be recorded and ultimately jettisoned at the same time as the songs included on ‘Suede’ ) as there’s a good selection of songs ‘out there’ on Youtube that sound-wise, are acceptable (especially given the quality of some of the recordings on the 2011 reissue) notably
      Wonderful, Sometimes
      Be My God
      She’s A Layabout
      We Believe In Showbiz
      Natural Born Servant
      There’s others too, although the sound quality on Youtube isn’t wonderful that’s not to say the band don’t have superior recordings.
      I know it could be argued that since they weren’t on the album they have no place on the reissue, but isn’t this kind of thing exactly the reason for ‘Deluxe’ editions? Personally I really like the above tracks, and would rather pay out for these than others – again.
      And I know that I don’t have to buy it, so I’ll not be, but I’m a touch saddened that so many people have given the lack of ‘new’ material.
      Rather we stand together and say “This isn’t good enough”.

      • Eamonn says:

        We Believe In Showbiz is from the DMS era and was released on the 2011 deluxe of that album. Guatemala is from Coming Up time but I agree with a lot of what you say.

        I think Paul said before that they probably gave us too much on the 2011 versions especially if they were mapping out further reissues. The problem I have with this 25th anniversary edition is that little work has gone into curating it. They clearly haven’t raided the archives any further since the last reissue – it’s just the demos left over from the sessions that featured in 2011 and the BBC session which, nice to have though it is, the song selection is similar to the demos. Demon being part of the BBC, probably always had access to the session recordings.

        Four versions of The Downers on one CD without any real difference between them yet no alternate mixes of the biggest hit from the album, Animal Nitrate.

        There’s a strong chance that the DVD discussion with Brett and Bernard is lifted from the same time they sat down to do the one on the DMS20 edition and which formed a lot of the quotes from that album box-set they also brought out a few years ago. So apart from the new note by Brett, I imagine this has been ready to go for some time with little will to look for a different live show, or album session outtakes. There’s nothing from after mid-’92 here on the demos disc. Coming Up didn’t replicate the demos from the 2011 version so it’s just, personally, disappointing and a missed opportunity to search for early versions of stuff like The Next Life, Breakdown, So Young etc. I know an instrumental version of The Big Time exists which is beautiful.

        As for the early pre-Nude recordings, I’m not sure why none are included if copyright has been sorted. Maybe the band just don’t like them – but I don’t see how any are worse than Stars On 45, sound quality or just general quality.

    • Rob Dickinson says:

      There’s also the acoustic version that was recorded with just Brett & Bernard for the Mark Radcliffe show that came out on a free cassette with Vox magazine. I don’t know if they played anything else that night, but it would make for a better release than the Mark Goodier session. Similarly the acoustic versions of A Day In The Life, My Dark Star and The Living Dead from MTV’s Most Wanted not included on the DMS rereleases… I think Suede could really do with putting a little more thought into their re issues.
      As ever, there’s always the “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it” argument. I just know there’s so much more that we, ‘the fans’ could be offered.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Thanks to your alert, yesterday i managed to order a signed copy before they went sold out!

  15. Aevion says:

    Man I wish they hadve brought these out in 2011. I’ve bought all the 2011 reissues and I think they’re great, but damn I LOVE the casebound book sets! This would go very well with my Night Thoughts set and the Brett solo collection as well…. Maybe when/if the price comes down a little bit I’ll pick this up and the Coming Up set as well.

    • probablyrustin says:

      But then they wouldn’t be able to make some fans buy them all over again as more expensive individual packages again a few years later, would they? They’re mostly a catalog band at this point, gotta find ways to keep the income flowing ;)

  16. Andreas says:

    The last album was amazing :-)

  17. Domingo Martínez says:

    Thanksgiving Paul.

    I got It :)

  18. Bobbyjean says:

    I’ve just noticed amazon put 4 in my basket instead of 1.I guess i will cancel 3

  19. alexandros says:

    and…we missed it. sold out :/

  20. Damon Marzano says:

    Limited sold out again.

  21. Mark says:

    Out of stock again it seems

  22. CraigH says:

    All gone again. I’ve gone for it despite having god knows how many versions.

    Suede remain a ‘must buy’ band for me with the one exception being the abysmal DMS boxset which I’ve never bought – it’s always hovered at about twice the max price I’m willing to pay for it.

  23. Sean says:

    Nice one guys just ordered ! Brett’s signed autobiography is up for pre-sale at Waterstones right now too £16:99 plus postage :)

  24. Heinz says:

    Back in stock right now!

  25. Neil McL says:

    Signed copies back up be quick

  26. Tony Orwell says:

    I dont know that they would have sold 220 copies over night so I would keep a close eye on this item in the near future.

  27. Andrew B says:

    All aboard Suede’s ‘We Saw You Coming’ ship, I have the 2011 set, why do I have to upgrade again and again and again. Talk of scraping the barrel.

  28. Kauwgompie says:

    Ordered the signed version immediately, thanks for the heads up Paul. $55 including shipping to NYC, not bad. I figured it would go as fast as the signed Blancmange Tapes and it did.
    The only song from the 2cd/dvd version not on the new SDE is Just A Girl (early demo). Inexcusable of course but fine, we do get a nice bunch of extras including the entire Leadmill gig so Im happy.
    I couldn’t use the £10 off as I had used it earlier in the day to buy the Deal Alert Bowie box. $70 for ANCIANT including shipping to NYC is insanely cheap. I much criticized that box but for that prize, even I couldn’t let it go. Again, my principles out the door.

  29. Mike Melody says:

    What a shame, would’ve loved the signed print. Why can’t they make an announcement in advance so everybody has a chance. Oh well, at least the regular version has now come down in price, the amazon price policy should honour for those who ordered at the higher cost.

  30. Jonna says:

    If anybody can add and answer to me please:
    I bought the 2011 vinyl-boxset and all the 2cd/dvd-deluxe-editions (which came out in 2011 too), but I haven’t bought any other anniversary-editions at all.
    Do they have much overlap between 2011 editions? are the essential to get?
    Im talking about these: Coming Up: 20th anniversary super deluxe edition, Dog Man Star: 20th Anniversary super deluxe box set, and of course this upcoming Suede 25th anniversary boxset.

    I think, if I should get them that I could actually buy them from iTunes..
    What’s your verdict here, if I have the 2011 editions is it worthy to get any other boxes?

    • probablyrustin says:

      Personal decision. Look on Wikipedia to compare the track listings on the same album page. For this one in particular, I don’t particularly care for radio sessions and live tracks (especially considering the concert was already on DVD), plus the DVD offers less interesting content this time around. The 2011 version (which I have) contained all the b-sides and most of the demos already, and a better DVD, so I won’t bother. Similar situation for the other re-reissues so far, but again, personal choice.

  31. Rob Dickinson says:

    A spurious claim regarding the ‘previously unreleased’ Mark Goodier’ sessions. At least three of the tracks have featured on compilations.

    • Jorje Chica says:

      I know the Goodier session of Moving (as Movin’) was released on the free Melody Maker tape Five Alive, and Sleeping Pills was released on the Melody Maker charity CD …Hold On. Not sure about a third one. An Evening Session of The Drowners got a release, but I don’t remember seeing any of the other two Goodier sessions get an official release.

  32. Peter Yarrow says:

    I was at the Leadmill gig in 1993!

  33. Kevin Galliford says:

    I’m not buying this, the reissue from a few years back was more than good enough for me, How many times can you milk the same cow.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Every day actually (my in-laws are dairy farmers)

    • paolo says:

      Honestly one can’t help but thinking why they couldn’t simply come up with vinyl reissues in 2011, and then start a 20th anniversary SDE campaign with “Suede” in 2013, “Dog Man Star” in 2014 and “Coming Up” in 2016. With “Head Music” coming in 2019 and “A New Morning” left to its deserved oblivion.

      • Stan Butler says:

        Sometimes I think I’m the only person who liked A New Morning. It wasn’t a masterpiece but I always enjoyed it and the b-sides of that era.

        • Trash says:

          @Stan Butler – I have the same impression (so at least there are two of us).

          I’m going to get shot for saying this but I listen to A New Morning much more than I listen to Suede or Dog Man Star… true story!.

          • Caroline says:

            I like A New Morning, it’s a just a very different kind of album. A gentle spring afternoon rather than a rain-drenched autumn night.

            I won;t be having this – happy with my original 1993 vinyl of the album and the 4 singles and the superb 2011 edition.

          • probablyrustin says:

            I like some aspects of A New Morning, mostly thanks to the deluxe edition. That whole track listing should have been thrown out and redone from the ground up. The album is shockingly poor overall considering the quality of some of the b-sides and standout tracks. But their albums took a nosedive in consistency after Coming Up… In its original form it earned some (but not all) of the disdain.

        • Aevion says:

          I personally quite like that album. However I need to be in a particular mood to listen to it, as it is with every Suede album for me. The b-sides are particularly good too.

  34. Federico says:

    Thanks Paul , was able to order one !

  35. Rik Skyline says:

    May I add as well – It hasn’t sold out quickly today, it was actually available for pre order yesterday.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, but in reality only a tiny minority would have been aware and pre-ordered before today. So I do think most of the sales have come today.

      • Alan Wilson says:

        That is correct, the Amazon sales rank showed this at around the 400 mark before it was more heavily advertised today on here and other sites, the sales spiked up at around 1:30pm today onwards and pushed it up to somewhere in the 30’s in the sales rank.

  36. Rik Skyline says:

    Early Suede, those were the days. I’ve still got my carrier bag.

  37. Paul Waddington says:

    Dagnabbit! I didn’t open the alert email when I saw it, cos I instead chose to not let the shepherd’s pie burn and to feed the kids. Tea finished, pots washed and it’s now sold out. Ruddy hungry kids!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Unlucky, but bonus points for being a good dad! If Demon give me one then you can have the one I’ve ordered (remind me nearer the time).

  38. John T says:

    signed exclusive – sold out

  39. Friend of Brett says:

    As much as I love Suede this is a pure cash in and one I will pass on. The Coming Up re-issue had packaging issues and the majority of items have already been released. The 1993 Leadmill gig is nice to have but not even a £10 discount can sway me to pay 32 quid for a live show if that makes sense.

  40. paolo says:

    Ok, I guess Edsel will never stop milking Suede back catalogue. Without “Love & Poison” on the DVD there’s no point on swapping the 2011 deluxe reissue with this one. Oh well.

    • Larry Davis says:

      As there is stuff still missing, not carried over from the 2011 reissue to this one, I may rebuy that cheap and combine with the new one for completion’s sake…I THINK I may still have the US VHS “Love & Poison”…I used to have it, not sure if I sold it or not, as I used to have the 2011 reissue…

  41. Alf says:

    Currently unavailable. I can´t believe they have sold out 750 in two hours. What a bad luck, two hours disconnected and I lost another limited item. I´m so frustrated now I won´t be buying the regular item considering also it´s more expensive. Bigthanks, Amazon!

    • Phil Wilson says:

      This was on since last night, possible before that too, I ordered last night, then cancelled and reordered once I saw the £10 off offer

    • Janice P says:

      Just watch Ebay now they have sold out Alf – some of the 750 will be on that site, for certain! Sadly genuine fans like yourself don’t get a look in over the profiteers!

  42. Kevin says:

    If this contained new remastering, I would consider it.

    It should be noted: I can’t make that ‘if’ big enough.

  43. Jeremy Kay says:

    Think I’ll be passing on this one at the moment and learning my lesson from before, these things always come down in price and it’s annoying paying top dollar when it’s half the price later down the line….I’m getting a little annoyed at Suede actually, or is it just Edsel, reissuing and repackaging Suede material, we don’t have to buy it obviously but as a collector we all know we want stuff regardless…..To top it off Edsel usually mess it up in one way or another. Change of quantities from 500 to 750 of the Coming up SDE Amazon exclusive, poor packaging (those darn springy plastic clips, thankfully fixed), marks on cds, scratches and pressing dust and dirt on vinyl, that’s just the physical stuff never mind how we feel about the repetitive content. The previous Coming Up SDE was an amazon exclusive with an exclusive 10″, that struggled to sell and those 10″ singles then turned up on their own in my local record shops for £7, Brett’s collected work box was limited with a signed print and struggled to sell. Where do they go next, Dog Man Star SDE, oh wait, we’ve already had one of those a few years back, do we need another in a smaller box next with some more demos a hours worth of Brett waffle to justify it? Anyway, just trying to make a point, sounds a bit ranty now but there we go…..

    • Aevion says:

      I guess it’s pretty easy for Edsel to reissue these, as Suede own their back catalogue and it looks like they’ve let Edsel have their way with it.

      In saying that, I quite like these newer sets, and I’ll probably buy them eventually (just because of the packaging). My only criticism would be that not everything from the 2011 set is on there, which is a shame as I’d very much like to sell my 2011 one and replace it with this.

  44. Mark says:

    Annnnnnd, they’re gone

    • Larry Davis says:

      Wow, already?? That was fast…I knew they’d be gone quick, but not THAT quick!! Sheesh!! Thank goodness I preordered yesterday!!

  45. Andy K says:

    Dog Man Star as well, please…

  46. Alan B says:

    Sold out already. Just as well I ordered it an hour ago!

  47. Domingo says:

    Too late for me¡

  48. Gazelle says:

    Shame the DVD is limited to BBC TV appearances. It would have been good if the following was also included:

    THE NEW SESSIONS (ITV) [08/06/1992]
    Animal Lover
    My Insatiable One
    Metal Mickey
    The Drowners
    Painted People
    Sleeping Pills
    To The Birds

    THE WORD (Channel 4) [30/10/1992]
    Brass In Pocket

    BRIT AWARDS (ITV) [16/02/1993]
    Animal Nitrate

    THE BEAT (ITV) [1993]
    So Young
    Sleeping Pills

  49. Eamonn says:

    Was really looking forward to this but they’ve just duplicated the 2011 reissue with a few add-ons. The Leadmill gig again?! Just without picture this time. There were plenty of great Suede gigs from that era (Clapham Grand with guest appearance from Siouxsie Siouxsie), even an audio version of the old Love & Poison video would have been an improvement.

    Where are the alternate versions of the songs recorded in late ’92/early ’93 (So Young, Breakdown, The Big Time, High Rising etc.),? We already had multiple early versions of The Drowners, Insatiable One etc. on the 2011 version. And I’ve read before that rights to their pre-signed career (Art, Be My God, Wonderful Sometimes etc.) has reverted to them, yet no sign again.
    At least for the Coming Up 20 all the demos and monitor mixes were previously unreleased. I thought DMS20 was a let-down but this is a piss-take. They’ve rinsed me once too often with their constant reissues, no more.

    • Eamonn says:

      My comment from yesterday is awaiting moderation, not sure why, it was constructive criticism, nowt rude!

      I can only imagine that any outtakes/alternate mixes from the album sessions and the later-written songs have either been lost/deleted or they are too close to the final versions to deem them worthy of release. So Young and The Big Time had different working titles though (“Stonesy” and “Samba” I think) so you imagine there was some sort of gestation period where embryonic versions existed (ie So Young before Ed Buller put the lovely piano flourish in the middle eighth). I realise I’m geeking about this but it is one of the favourite eras from one of my favourite bands and I’ve been anticipating this release for quite a while so to see them just lazily regurgitate so much stuff is very disappointing.

      I’ve not seen the tracklisting elsewhere so I’m still hoping Paul has been shown a dud, though thats just wishful thinking.

  50. Kauwgompie says:

    This is a great deal. Quickly jumped on it because those 750 signed copies will be sold out in an hour or so I suspect. Just like the Blancmange Tapes.
    Glad I didn’t have to mess around with the £10 off. I bought the A New Career In A New Town box this morning with the £10 off. So it was £55. I much criticized that box but for that price I could not let it go. Since you can only use that £10 once, that was it.

    For those who have the 2cd/dvd version, the only song not on the new SDR is “Just A Girl – early demo feat Justine Frischmann). Not sure why this is not on the new SDE, quite ridiculous if you ask me.

    This new SDE gives you an additional 10 unreleased demos/mixes and 11 live songs:

    The island Demos:
    -High wire (my insatiable one)
    -The Drowners
    -To The Birds

    Single Monitor Mixes:
    -The Drowners
    -To The Birds
    -My Insatiable One

    BBC Radio
    -Metal Mickey
    -The Drowners
    -Sleeping Pills

    And of course the 11 live tracks from Live At The Leadmill. The DVD also has new material. I think i will keep my 2cd/dvd copy because the dvd has 2 concerts Taj the new dvd does not have. Plus the original videos that the new dvd doesn’t have either. I think they made that box with the thought in mind that the old 2cd/dvd should still offer some value for the real fans. Justified or not.

  51. deceased says:

    They could have included Be My God & Art for completeness sake…

  52. Urs says:

    Still no “Be My God”/Art”? :-(((((

  53. FRENCHY ERIC says:

    Compared to the deluxe 2 cd + dvd Edsel version of 2011 that i own, no need to buy this Amazon Exclusive in my opinion…

  54. PuptonBluton says:

    Another reissue of this great album so soon after the last edition feels more than a little cynical, especially as it doesn’t even include everything from that 2011 release and is three times the price. I missed out on the previous issue (still available for £10.99) because I couldn’t find a copy where the digipak wasn’t badly damaged and the reviews were patchy. The price of this version, as well as the new content, makes it a less than attractive proposition. Ok, it’s got some new audio and visual stuff but really, would it be too much to have at least replicated the content of the previous version? It’s not as if there isn’t enough room on those discs. Sigh, on paper this could be great but I think I’ll save my hard-earned and stick with my original copy and the excellent Sci-Fi Lullabies instead….

    • Heinz says:

      So just don’t buy it…..

    • Kauwgompie says:

      True, they should have included the entire content of the 2cd/dvd version but there is only 1 song missing. Yes, bad, but not disastrous. You still get decent value if you buy the signed version. And thank god, no vinyl.

      • Eamonn says:

        No, they should have included new content not on the 2011 reissue – why would you want the same stuff again? I think it’s a fair assumption that most people interested in this already have the first reissue.

        • Larry Davis says:

          I had the 2011 reissue at one point, but got kinda worn from lots of handling…was eventually gonna rebuy it…until this expanded/improved(??) one came along…a no-brainer with the Brett-signed print and sturdier box and good price/discount…I just wonder if, with this and “Coming Up”, if the other Suede titles will be getting similar anniversary expanded boxset treatment?? Wait or just settle and get the other previous editions?? Will get the Brett solo box as well…and will the Bernard solo and McAlmont & Butler stuff get expanded too??

        • Aevion says:

          Most of this stuff wasn’t on the 2011 set. Only a few demos were put on that reissue, whereas this set includes a whole disc of them. However it’s left out the music videos and some other tracks. Ideally you need both reissues to have a complete set.

  55. Daniel says:

    Lol! Used BIGTHANKS only an hour ago…now had to preorder this too! Not a bad deal to US after VAT is removed!! Thanks for the head’s up!!

  56. Dan says:

    Ordered as soon as the email came through. Now I’ve read the content, it all seems great. I wish Placebo would do something like this.

  57. Matt says:

    £30+ more than the 2011 2CD+DVD – for a few demos and a handful of TV and radio spots? (And likely the same brickwalled remaster used for the earlier reissue). This fan’ll be passing (or at least hanging on until it’s discounted to the £25-odd the Coming Up SDE can currently be had for).

  58. Matthew Langhorn says:

    Ordered, with the Elvis If I Can Dream on vinyl……which was FREE!

  59. James says:

    Ordered! After I already bought two other albums today… Also threw in the reissue of ‘Drums and Wires’ by XTC. Thanks a lot, Paul!

  60. Larry Davis says:

    Well as the deal is over 50 and this Suede signed box by Brett was 42, close, no prob…I had the Manics on preorder, so I simply cancelled it and preordered again with the Suede, and i didn’t even have to punch in the code…total came to 51 to the States…thanx much Paul

  61. Jorje Chica says:


  62. Michel D. says:

    The £10 discount does not work for me, even though my order is more than £50, can it be it’s because I’m in Canada?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Probably to do with VAT deduction. You need to divide the sterling total (before shipping) by 1.2. If that comes to less than £50.01 then you won’t get the discount!

      • Derek Langsford says:

        I am in the USA and it worked for me. Item subtotal (after VAT removal but before postage) must be over £50. e.g.
        Item Subtotal: £51.98
        Postage & Packing: £4.07
        Promotion Applied: -£10.00
        Order Total: £46.05

        Original price of items with postage was £66.45, so knocking off the VAT and the £10 coupon resulted in over £20 in savings. Can’t grumble.

        • Tom says:

          I am in USA too and mine came to 36 pounds?

          • Derek Langsford says:

            I was just giving an example of how the calculations worked but it was not the Suede box. It was for two other boxed sets that I had in my basket and bought using the £10 discount. Sorry if I confused or misled.

  63. Tobias says:

    Add 200 more Euros spent because of you, Paul!
    Must cancel my newsletter or I‘ll be broke ;-)

  64. Matt says:

    In for one. After shipping, total came to 38.49 to the US.

  65. Bogdan says:

    Istant pre-order, thanks for the heads-up, Paul! Nice of Brett to take the time to sign some of these, I also have his solo collection vinyl box, signed. Fantastic contents for an affordable price, that’s how you do a fan-friendly boxset!

  66. Amanda says:

    Ordered. Glad they’ve listened and learned re those awful clips on the otherwise excellent Coming
    Up box.

  67. Steve says:

    Thanks, Paul. Do we know yet if this is a true upgrade and improvement over the original 1993 CD vs. the 2011 CD reissue which most buyers/fans didn’t like ?

  68. Neil McL says:

    Ordered thanks Paul

  69. Rory says:

    Pleased to see this and ordered the signed one. I hope DMS gets a 25th anniversary edition in this style as the 20th anniversary edition was awful. Still annoying that this and the coming up reissue don’t include everything from the 2011 Edsel reissues

  70. Martin Tolcher says:

    Paul (or anyone else!)

    If one already has all of the Suede deluxe cd reissues what is/is there any merit in getting this and/or the mentioned 20th anniversary edition?

    Asking for a friend, of course…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Although this duplicates a fair bit (album, B-sides etc) it also complements the earlier set with extra demos, BBC session, Live CD and all-new DVD content.

  71. John says:

    Ordered. Together with Smith box and discout. Thanks again, Paul!

  72. andrew R says:

    Paul are you aware that its one use bigthanks per customer .
    Itried for further purchases and nothing doing!

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