Suede / “Sci-Fi Lullabies” 3LP vinyl


Any Suede fans who recently missed out on the recent (now sold out) Vinyl Collection box set  might be pleased to hear that one of its main attractions – the vinyl debut of their sublime 1997 Sci-Fi Lullabies B-sides collection – will be available separately early next year.

The 3LP set will be pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl and will come complete with a download card. It’s released on 17 February 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. My Insatiable One
  • 2. To The Birds
  • 3. Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
  • 4. He’s Dead
  • 5. The Big Time
  • 6. High Rising
  • 7. The Living Dead
  • 8. My Dark Star
  • 9. Killing Of A Flash Boy

Disc: 2

  • 1. Whipsnade
  • 2. Modern Boys
  • 3. Together
  • 4. Bentswood Boys
  • 5. Europe Is Our Playground – new version
  • 6. Every Monday Morning Comes
  • 7. Have You Ever Been This Low?
  • 8. Another No One
  • 9. Young Men
  • 10. The Sound Of The Streets

Disc: 3

  • 1. Money
  • 2. WSD
  • 3. This Time
  • 4. Jumble Sale Mums
  • 5. These Are The Sad Songs
  • 6. Sadie
  • 7. Graffiti Women
  • 8. Duchess


5 responses to Suede / “Sci-Fi Lullabies” 3LP vinyl

  1. Joni71 says:

    I’m a Long time Suede Fan but i can’t afford 250€ for this boxset , i bought all them paying 160€ and i’d love to see the Book … is there anybody who can help not-so-rich fans to enjoy the Boxset book ??

  2. Pearson says:

    Hm, maybe they could provide some digital pdf etc scans of the actual booklet with this or any other individual Suede vinyl-reissue (if they decide to release the albums separetely from the box).
    As I bought the vinyl-set, I would not like the booklet to be available to just anybody and feel it should be special to the vinyl-boxset.

  3. Andy says:

    That’s the Christmas spirit Pearson!

  4. Pearson says:

    Hopefully they wont be releasing the book on its own, as it was part of the boxset.

  5. Andy says:

    Lovely. I will definitely be ordering. What we all really want though is access to the book that came with the vinyl box.

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