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SIGNED poster and bundles available

Suede‘s new documentary The Insatiable Ones will be issued on DVD next year and fans can pre-order limited SIGNED versions of the triple-disc package.

Brett Anderson has made a point of saying that this documentary – directed by Mike Christie – isn’t “a powder-puff promotional tool” rather it “grasps at the very essence of what the band is, charting the scruffy inglorious years of struggle, the vertiginous heights of success and the dank depths of self-destruction and hopefully emerges at the end of it all with some truths revealed and some myths destroyed”.

The film was made with full access to the band and their personal archives and explores “the highs and lows of Suede’s career”.

Early pre-orders can secure a SIGNED poster from the official Suede store, available either separately or as a bundle with the DVD set. The poster design hasn’t been confirmed but it will be big: 420mm x 594mm and printed on 250gsm paper with matt finish.

The Insatiable Ones will be issued on 12 April 2019.

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The Insatiable Ones - 3 x DVD


Official store options:

Disc 1

The Insatiable Ones feature documentary

Disc 02

Interview Extras including

– Mat Osman and Brett Anderson return to Haywards Heath.
– Richard Oakes and Neil Codling Coming Up.
– Brett Anderson in conversation with Peter Saville.

Disc 03

Simon Gilbert’s Archive

More exclusive behind the scenes footage shot by Simon throughout the band’s career.

28 responses to Suede / The Insatiable Ones

  1. Kevin says:

    Any idea who has signed the limited edition print? Is it just Brett? Or do the other members of the band (minus Bernard Butler) get in on the signing?

  2. David S says:

    I have recorded it and burned it on to a blank DVD, so not interested in a few extras that bump up the price to £25 and will stick with my bootleg. A good documentary, but how many times are you actually going to watch it again? Maybe if it was a tenner I might have been tempted with the extra discs on offer or it may come down in a year or two.

  3. paolo says:

    Paul, do we know if this is a limited exclusive release like the Royal Albert Hall double DVD originally was? Is it supposed to be only available through the band’s website?

  4. Rik Skyline says:

    Superb documentary. Ricky Gervais’ joke to Simon right at the end was hilarious. I pretty much knew all the facts and history, but the thing that struck me the most was just what a bunch of nice guys they are. I’m so pleased this band got back together and restored their legacy.

  5. Kevin Galliford says:

    I like it & I’ll buy it! Fantastic viewing of a truly unique band. I love “Head Music” & knew about the drug issue complicating it’s creation but had no idea how much the band had to put up with from Brett

  6. mike says:

    is it NTSC/all regions?

  7. Steve says:

    Do we know yet if ex-guitarist/songwriter, Bernard Butler was newly interviewed for this brand new Suede Documentary ? I hope so. Any USA DVD release planned ?

  8. Sombre Bongos says:

    Simon, any clue about subtiles?

  9. Johnb says:

    I’m a bit confused, is this basically the film that was on Sky Arts at the weekend (in full HD) with a couple of discs of extras but all in Standard Definition??
    Assuming it is why is it not on Blu-Ray??
    (For those interested it’s still on catch up on Sky)

  10. Gareth Jones says:

    Or save your money and watch it on Sky Arts if you can live without the extras!

  11. Shaun says:

    Great! Would be nice to have on blu-ray but I guess most of the archive footage would be SD video anyway.

  12. Richard says:

    The documentary was awesome. It was on the sky arts on Saturday night and was compulsive viewing. Biggest takeaway for me was the band’s attitude to A New Morning.

  13. GentleRabbit says:

    Thanks Paul!

  14. David Carter says:

    I really want to see this as I dont have Sky, but why no Blu Ray

  15. Andy K says:

    Enjoyed the main film the other night. Hope the extras prove to be worth it…

  16. Tippy says:

    No Blu Ray? Come on music industry! We want to move on!

  17. michael59 says:

    mhh, not sure if you would have needed 3 DVDs as the bonus on DVD2 and DVD3 look a bit thin, but i think the documentary looks fine – must buy for me!

  18. Bobby says:

    Any idea if this will be available elsewhere that don’t charge ridiculous p+p charges to the UK?

    • Urs says:

      Yeah, I’m also curious! I mean, I’m all for musicians marketing their music (and other releases) directly to their fans, but do the p&p charges always have to be so high? I find it always very offputting if I have to pay 10-15 euros (sometimes more) to get a CD/LP delivered. :-(

    • Eamonn says:

      Ridiculous p+p charges? It’s only three pounds!

      I don’t have Sky Arts so didn’t see this at the weekend but am going to see a screening of it in a couple of weeks with a Q&A in London. Can anyone confirm how long it was (without adverts)? I’ve seen mentions of an hour and a half and closer to two hours.

      I know the film has been a labour of love for the drummer, Simon, (I remember Mojo magazine reporting on its genesis circa 2010) so I’m hoping that the third disc has so much content (i.e over two hours) that an additional extra disc was required for the other features on the second DVD.

      The sequel to Brett’s acclaimed early-life memoir is due for release early Autumn next year, presumably a 25th anniversary reissue thingy for Dog Man Star will coincide with it.
      Can’t say Suede have been shy in empyting their wares these past few years!

      • paolo says:

        Hopefully not a DMS25 next year, that would be just ridiculous! More likely a 20th anniversary for ‘Head Music’ though.

        • kook says:

          DMS25 might be welcome if done properly, as opposed to the Del Boy version chucked out for the 20th anniversary.

          I expect you’re right about ‘Head Music’ though – I just hope it avoids too much overlap with the 2011 reissue (and forgoes the carrier bag).

      • kika says:

        The film’s 113 minutes long.

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