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Suede have announced The Vinyl Collection, a numbered 11xLP box set which contains new vinyl pressings of all of their studio albums to date, and also finds space for 1997 B-side compilation Sci-Fi Lullabies. The latter, and A New Morning, are issued on vinyl for the first time as part of this set, which will be limited to 1500 copies.

All LPs remastered on 180 gram vinyl except Bloodsports which is pressed on 140 gram, using the existing master. The box also comes with a an exclusive book with 2013 interviews with the band and photos.

To be honest, we hesitate to recommend a Suede box set after the shameful debacle that was the Bloodsports deluxe box set. But as if to underline how crap that was, this new box is ALL their albums on vinyl for only £30 more than the Bloodsports deluxe, which gave you one LP, a CD, a book and a USB-thingy.

The new vinyl box is available EXCLUSIVELY through a new Suede online store. The first 150 pre-orders come with a free t-shirt and a tote bag. We think you are supposed to order the ‘fan bundle’ version on the site and hope for the best (it’s the same price as the non-fan bundle version). Just to show that Suede still don’t quite ‘get it’ when it comes to selling online, potential purchasers are told that “T-shirt sizing will be random” and “cannot be specified” when purchasing. That’s all right then.

The Vinyl Collection ships ‘on or before’ 21 October and you get an instant MP3 downloads of the whole thing when you pre-order.

You can place your order the box/bundle by clicking here.

The Vinyl Collection contains:

  • • Suede
  • • Dog Man Star (Double)
  • • Coming Up
  • • Head Music (Double)
  • • A New Morning
  • • Bloodsports
  • • Sci-Fi Lullabies (Triple)

+ an exclusive book with 2013 interviews with the band and photography.

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  3. Nyoman says:

    Mine too, missing second lp head music. So what should i do??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Depends where you bought it from. First step is to contact the retailer as you normally would and see what they say. Demon are issuing Head Music individually next year, so should be no issue getting a replacement, I wouldn’t have thought.

  4. Johnny says:

    The pressings are superb and the package excellent. Disc 2 of Head Music is missing from my box however and this is a massive disappointment after looking forward to it for so long. Customer service yet to reply….

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  6. Andy says:

    Whoever is managing Suede’s output is hopeless. Why aren’t the different LPs available as standalone purchases? We’re in a bloody recession! After the Bloodsports debacle you’d think they would’ve learned, but the random T-shirt business is beyond taking the piss…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Andy – the box is being done by Demon, so I think we will see individual releases at some point, perhaps limited coloured vinyl, as they’ve been doing for Deacon Blue and a few other artists. Probably not until next year though, or at least after the box sells out.

  7. Jack says:

    All artists should make all the music they are putting out in these super boxes available separately if they are going to make the sets so expensive.

    I don’t want to pay for t-shirts, marbles, coasters or whatever other useless crap they decide to fill them with just because it is the only way to get extra tracks they purposefully leave off the the budget editions.

    Labels should start scaling down these deluxe packages so that they give us all the music in full and leave the junk ephemera out of the equation. That way they will be more affordable and fans get what they want, the music.

  8. leoconsole says:

    I agree with you on the t-shirt thing with the new box. If true that’s terrible

  9. leoconsole says:

    I’m not debating the fact that £100 for 12 tracks is a lot, how could I? But the fact that the same 12 tracks are also available for £35, the people who paid £100 were after the other stuff too.

    £35 is still a lot of money for 12 tracks yes, but it isn’t £100 as your article, and subsequent responses to me imply.

    If people want to pay and additional £65 for some extra merchandise that’s up to them, but if we’re talking about the boxset itself, with all the music, it was £35.

    And yes, the new boxset is still better value for money than the £35 version of Bloodsports which had manufacturing problems (which were subsequently remedied) .

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Suede had a cheek to charge £100 for that box, bundle whatever you want to call it. They also have a cheek to encourage fans to order this new box quickly in the hope that they might get a ‘randomly sized T-shirt’. I’m a big fan of their early albums and actually really like Bloodsports, but they are inept online shopkeepers, however you wish to look at it…

  10. leoconsole says:

    Also, for the heck of it I just clicked on the link. That doesn’t provide the full list of stuff on the £100 Bloodsport either. So, yeah, my point is valid.

    p.s. I honestly really like your website normally, just felt this was worth pointing out :)

  11. leoconsole says:

    I agree, it is much better value than the £100 box, but then you list the contents which (apart from the USB thingy) more accurately matches the £35 version rather than the £100. It would be more accurate to list the full contents or JUST provide the link. I was just pointing out that the sentence was misleading.

  12. leoconsole says:

    Just to pick you up on your comment: ‘this new box is ALL their albums on vinyl for only £30 more than the Bloodsports deluxe, which gave you one LP, a CD, a book and a USB-thingy’

    For the version of the Deluxe Bloodsports you mentioned you actually got One LP, One CD, One 7″, The aforementioned USB Thingy PLUS a photography book, A SIGNED art print, and a t-shirt. While maybe not as great value as this new boxset your post is a bit misleading by not listing all that was included in the Super Deluxe Bloodsports Bundle.

    The regular Deluxe version came with 1LP, 1CD, 1 7″ and the photography book for £35. Which is not such bad value compared with a lot of boxsets out there.

    I ordered the £35 version and mine arrived damaged, but when I contacted the Warners (who were selling the product, not Suede). They sent me a new boxset (I got to keep the old one too!) and WAVs of all the tracks (including bonus tracks).

    So in the end, I don’t feel it was a rip-off at all!

    That said, I’m said all these LPS are bumdled together. I already have Bloodsports & Coming Up on vinyl, I would’ve bought the others seperatly too. I’d really like to read the book though

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The general point was that this new box at £130 for 11 LPs is good value compared to the old £100 box. The full detail of what is in that old box and the limitations of it are covered in detail elsewhere, and I provided a link for those interested.

  13. John Able says:

    There must have been a glitch with your system as there was a clear DOWNLOAD ALL button with mine.
    This set looks superb and reasonably good value. I would happily have paid half the price of the box set just to get Sci Fi Lullabies on vinyl.
    I should imagine that most of us ‘ original ‘ fans have everything on vinyl already but for the completist or newer fan forced to pay crazy Ebay prices, this represents a great buy.
    Why complain about ‘ on or before ‘ ? I would rather that than not at all. Within the next 8 weeks this will be in my collection.

  14. Urs says:

    When you order the box set, you get immediate access to all the 93 songs as MP3 files, which is nice, but you have to click EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM to download! What were they thinking??

    (That said, probably every person who orders that box set has already all of their songs as MP3.)

  15. Steven Cacciaroni says:

    and… not available to the U.S… Can’t even ship it here.

  16. Gazelle says:

    Suede are also releasing a double 7″ single on Monday, 21st October 2013 replete with new b-sides. The track-listing is as follows:

    Record 1:
    A. For The Strangers
    B. Darkest Days

    Record 2:
    A. Hit Me
    B. Human Tide

    It can be pre-ordered here:

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