Suzanne Vega / An Evening of New York Songs and Stories

Only 200 red vinyl • Signed • Guitar and production by Gerry Leonard

Suzanne Vega will release a new album, An Evening of New York Songs and Stories in May.

On this record, Vega revisits familiar songs in her repertoire, as well as some hidden gems. It’s actually a live recording, made at New York’s Café Carlisle (on 14 March last year) on which she is backed by longtime guitarist, Gerry Leonard (who is amazing with Vega on stage), bassist Jeff Allen and keyboardist Jamie Edwards.

Red vinyl pressing limited to just 200 units and is now sold out.

The album was produced by Gerry Leonard, mixed by Kevin Killen and mastered by Grammy Award winner, Bob Ludwig.

Sadly, the vinyl signed editions are now sold out. Vinyl is a gatefold package and the CD version comes in a fold-out six-panel digi-sleeve.

An Evening of New York Songs and Stories is being released by Cooking Vinyl on 11 September 2020 (was 1 May).

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Suzanne Vega

An Evening of New York Songs and Stories - 2LP black vinyl edition


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Suzanne Vega

An Evening of New York Songs and Stories - CD edition


1. Marlene On The Wall
2. Luka
3. ‘So how many people are here from out of town?’
4. New York Is A Woman
5. ‘This next song takes place on 59th street…’
6. Frank and Eva
7. ‘So I myself came to New York City when I was 2 ½ years old’
8. Gypsy
9. Freeze Tag
10. Pornographer’s Dream
11. ‘This next song is called New York Is My Destination’
12. New York Is My Destination
13. ‘The first time I saw Lou Reed…’
14. Walk On The Wild Side
15. Ludlow Street
16. Cracking
17. ‘And now we’ve got a song about those times…’
18. Some Journey
19. ‘I’m gonna close with this song…’
20. Tom’s Diner
21. ‘Would you like another one?’
22. Anniversary
23. Tombstone
24. Thin Man

57 responses to Suzanne Vega / An Evening of New York Songs and Stories

  1. Jeffrey McCann says:

    Mine arrived today! That was a long wait.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I was sure I ordered the red vinyl… but can’t find any trace, so apparently not! :(

    • Trev says:

      Mine arrived yesterday red vinyl and test pressing must say though test pressing packaging very under whelming white generic cardboard signed numbered done

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        That’s what test pressings are supposed to look like! :)

        • Trev says:

          Well my chrissie hynde vave bone woe came in a nice white outer sleeve signed numbered and sealed !!

          • bruno says:

            Just come back home to find Suzanne Vega and Nick Mason have arrived. Both great live packages. Back to their roots in London and New York. Great performances. Nick Mason is such a treat for Floyd fans. These songs are great live and played by a band who really enjoy bringing these songs to life. Possibly better than the entire later years box set. Lashings of signed posters and red vinyl all round !

  2. fanpages says:

    “Dear Customer,

    This is a notification to let you know that the release date of An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories has been changed to 2020-09-04.

    Kind Regards,
    Suzanne Vega Store”

  3. Yazid Manou says:

    Oh the Paris date on May 6 is already sold out ! They added Olympia on February 4, 2021 !!

  4. William Noel says:

    If she is doing this theme in retrospective fashion, for starters it is incomprehensible that she left out Ironbound Fancy Poultry.

    • Huub says:

      Indeed, when I first heard about this concept Ironbound was the 1st song I thought about. Angel’s Doorway came close second though, and Neighborhood girls wouldnt have surprised me.

    • Catherine Vitale says:

      William Noel, I am with you 1M % on your thoughts. An incredible song/lyrics and the way that Suzanne performs reality with a juxtaposed dreariness is genius. One of my top 5 favorites of her catalogue I was also disappointed not to see it on the set list. Then again, how do you fit a body of work with so many standout songs in one night? Impossible, but I’m happy to hear you have the same passion for this song as I. Be well, Catherine

    • That song is about a section of New Jersey, I believe, and this is an album of New York stories and songs, so that may be why it’s not included. I might be wrong. Anybody else want to weigh in?

  5. Steve Carson says:

    Just ordered the CD and recieved Walk on the Wild side download. It’s gonna be a great CD if this is anything to go by. Thanks for heads up – my daily fix of SDE always pays off

  6. Glenn Roger says:

    I was told “ not available in my territory “ when accessing to purchase here in the US. I am a HUGE fan of Suzanne Vega, however, these pressings were obviously directed to one group or country and it was disappointing to not get a crack at owning something or getting the signed set list. I’m sure most of these copies will end up on EBay at exorbitant prices.

  7. Domingo says:

    Paul, thanksssss. This morning, I ordened the limited to 30 signed. You are doing an awsome job.

    Thank you so much

  8. David Bly says:

    It seems that the page to order this from the UK is geolocked so I can’t even see what others have said is already sold out, or for that matter those items that haven’t.
    I just get a “This page is unavailable in your territory” message here in the US.

    Boooo! Especially as I would think that the majority of her fans are here in the US.

  9. David says:

    Weird that the red version was available before the test pressing…so far there is no clear version to buy. Seems odd to me that there are so many signed versions….

  10. Paul says:

    Where is the clear vinyl?

  11. Paul says:

    Seems strange only doing 200 copies. Would I buy a red vinyl copy along with the CD…yes. Will I buy a black vinyl copy….no.

  12. Mike says:

    My dealings with the store have been less than exemplary, Two vinyl purchases and both poor quality (Pops/Crackles etc.). My circumstances meant I couldn’t return the first album and I kept the second one as replacements weren’t available.

    What annoyed me was having sent two emails I received no reply…

    I think it will be the CD for me.
    (And yes I appreciate I am a statistic of one)

  13. phil kindermann says:

    A little odd that there’s no mention of this release on Suzanne’s official website (….hope there isn’t any forged signature malarkey going on!

  14. Ken.e says:

    Not available in Canada, pity…

    It would have been an instant purchase for me.

  15. Tony O says:

    #Gutted, should have checked in earlier

  16. John McCann says:

    Saw her Glasgow pavilion,86 or 87, marc shulman was her guitarist then and he was amazing,very clean, my favourite and in my view her best song, left of centre is missing from this record,iv always disliked toms diner in all its variations,amen

  17. Robert Baillargeon says:

    thanks for the info Paul. Pity that those of us in the U.S. have to wait. I would have to believe the option for any special packages will be disappear with the U.S. release.

  18. Darren Linklater says:

    Drat. Missed out on the red vinyl. Is the black limited aswell Paul?

  19. Richard Sutton says:

    Don’t you just love it when you have something in your basket, then go to pay & it’s out of stock

  20. Steve W says:

    Just missed it, sold out. Shame it looked quite good.

  21. Richard Fisher says:

    I see some of the signed variants have sold out now. I had a confirmation order so hopefully got in just before that happened.

  22. Hub Hamers says:

    Red vinyl ‘sold out’ already…

  23. Richard Fisher says:

    Fantastic item. I had the pleasure of seeing Suzanne when she performed at the Beautiful Days Festival a couple of years ago. She was playing songs from her first three albums. In between songs she happily chatted with the audience. She came across as intelligent, funny and very personable. I’ve ordered the double red vinyl as this will be a nice reminder of that gig.

  24. David White says:

    Great stuff! Red vinyl ordered! Thanks Paul
    Takes me back to her first album in ‘85 which actually got me into playing the acoustic guitar :-)

  25. Alan B says:

    Does anyone know if there are only 200 red vinyls in total being pressed or is it 200 per bundle? There are several bundles available that include the red vinyl each mentioning 200 copies.

  26. Sebastian says:

    Got it!!! I love Suzanne Vega, thanks Paul!!

  27. fanpages says:

    Thanks Paul.

    I went for the “Red Double Vinyl” (£30) & “Add An Evening Of New York Songs And Stories (CD) for only £7.00” option.

  28. R.Naud says:

    Suzanne Vega is very chatty in concert and even more when it’s a small venue. That sounds like a cracking collection on a theme. Reminds me of when I first saw her live when she came to Aix en Provence back in 1985 on what I think was her first international tour on the back of her first album ‘Suzanne Vega’ . She played on the University Campus, a very small indoor stage. We were about 30 people, it felt like a masterclass in folk songs. Before every song she would tell a story, mostly stories about her life in New York. She ended the gig with Tom’s Diner which would not become available before her second album ‘Solitude Standing’ was out. Great memories.
    This new live album seems to hark back to those distant days, albeit updated with songs she wrote through her 35-year career.

  29. Ralph says:

    Nice of her to include a classic like ‘Would you like another one?’ :)
    But seriously, her words about the next song get their own track number?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There’s a simple reason for this, if you just want to play the song without the chatty intro, you can.

    • R.Naud says:

      I guess these spoken tracks which are introductions to the songs are what is referred in the title of the record as ‘stories’? Hence why track-numbered…

  30. Gary says:

    Brilliant, cheers Paul! Funnily enough was only looking at her website last night and there appeared no mention of this, consequently, snapped up! Thank you!

  31. Gareth Jones says:

    Revisiting old songs in an acoustic style was done to death on her Close-Up series. Not that I’m suggesting this is similar (it won’t be acoustic for a start!), but revisiting old songs just grates with me (hello Sting!). I’d much prefer deluxe reissues of old albums or an album of brand new material, rather than new versions of old classics that are unlikely to improve on the originals. But then I guess this is more of a live album than re-recordings, so I can forgive this release! :)

    • Maxe says:

      Hve you really listened to her Close-up-Series? Yes, there are songs redone in acoustic style but most of songs have more than an acoustic treatment.

  32. Murray Robbins says:

    This should be well worth picking up. Her band with Gerry Leonard (Bowie Reality Tour) was superb in 2018 (Bristol St. Georges)

  33. Maxe says:

    Bought immediately. Thank you.

  34. andré says:

    thanks, i ve justed buy the red one + signed set-list !!!! Very happy to complete my 80’s talent collection !

  35. bruno says:

    Hi Paul. Thanks for the heads-up. I couldn’t resist that. I last say Suzanne Vega live about 35 years ago so this will bring me up to date. It’s good to see some really limited items.

  36. paul wren says:

    This is exactly what’s great about SDE – early heads up info on limited edition releases with “extras”, vinyl or CD. I’ve just bagged one of the 200 red vinyl plus signed set list options. Thanks!!!

  37. Bruce Nicholson says:

    Ordered this as Suazanne Vega is great. I’m right in thinking Gerry Leonard is ‘David Bowie’ Gerry Leonard?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That’s the one! I’ve seen Suzanne Vega with him on guitar 2 or 3 times and he’s amazing, adding all sorts of textures to the songs.

      • Bruce Nicholson says:

        Gerry Leonard – looking forward to this even more then. He’s a fabulous guitarist – ‘textures’ is a good description

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