T. Rex: Gold / new compilation

T.Rex Gold is a new, improbably priced, three-CD compilation that brings together the greatest hits of Marc Bolan & T.Rex. It’s available as a double vinyl set, too.

The 45 tracks on the triple-disc digipak include classics such as ‘Get It On’, Metal Guru’, ‘Hot Love’, ‘Children Of The Revolution’, ‘Ride A White Swan’, ‘Telegram Sam’, ’20th Century Boy’ and ‘Cosmic Dancer’.

On the double 180g vinyl edition (black vinyl) the selection is distilled down to 24 essential tracks. This 2LP set comes with printed inner sleeves.

Every household needs a T. Rex compilation, so in the perhaps unlikely event that you don’t have one, Gold isn’t a bad option, and the three CD set is not much more than the price of a pint of lager in my neck of the woods!

T. Rex Gold is out on 7 September 2018.

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T. Rex

T.Rex Gold


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T.Rex Gold [VINYL]


T Rex Gold 2LP vinyl edition

LP 1

1. Debora
2. One Inch Rock
3. Ride A White Swan
4. Cosmic Dancer
5. Life’s A Gas
6. Hot Love
7. Get It On
8. Jeepster
9. Telegram Sam
10. Metal Guru
11. Children Of The Revolution
12. Solid Gold Easy Action

LP  2
1. 20th Century Boy
2. The Groover
3. Truck On (Tyke)
4. Teenage Dream
5. Till Dawn
6. Light Of Love
7. New York City
8. Dreamy Lady
9. London Boys
10. I Love To Boogie
11. The Soul Of My Suit
12. Celebrate Summer

T Rex Gold 3CD edition

CD 1
1. Debora
2. One Inch Rock
3. King Of The Rumbling Spires
4. By The Light Of A Magical Moon
5. Ride A White Swan
6. Hot Love
7. Get it On
8. Cosmic Dancer
9. Life’s A Gas
10. Jeepster
11. Is It Love?
12. The King Of The Mountain Cometh
13. Woodland Rock
14. There Was A Time / Raw Ramp /
Electric Boogie
15. Lean Woman Blues

CD 2
1. Telegram Sam
2. Metal Guru
3. Children Of The Revolution
4. Solid Gold Easy Action
5. 20th Century Boy
6. The Groover
7. Truck On (Tyke)
8. Teenage Dream
9. Light Of Love
10. New York City
11. Dreamy Lady
12. London Boys
13. I Love To Boogie
14. The Soul Of My Suit
15. Celebrate Summer

CD 3
1. Born To Boogie
2. Cadilac
3. Thunderwing
4. The Slider
5. Life Is Strange
6. Venus Loon
7. Till Dawn
8. Zip Gun Boogie
9. Solid Baby
10. Chrome Sitar
11. Laser Love
12. All Alone
13. Life’s An Elevator
14. Crimson Moon
15. Dandy In the Underworld

65 responses to T. Rex: Gold / new compilation

  1. Alan Eagan says:

    I picked up a Gold Vinyl copy of the 2LP issued by Demon. This edition was in my local Sainsbury’s (a big one) and is exclusive to Sainsbury’s according to the sticker on the front – similar to other releases such as Madonna etc. in the past. It may have been issued last Friday (31st May). I bought mine 4th June and it cost £20.

  2. Gazzer says:

    We’re can I get the Gold coloured vinyls / all I can see our black vinyls

  3. Philip Perkins says:

    Above tracks on K-Tel NE 1297 double VINYL l.p. from 1985 except for
    Sunken Rags, Summertime Blues & Jitterbug Love.
    A few added in their place on the 3xCD.
    Would be nice if a reasonably priced box set of the original albums, similar in concept to the eight c.d. Bruce Springsteen “The Collection” was issued. Decent remastering from original master tapes would help. Whatever happened to the promised legacy from the Bolan estate?

    • Randy Metro says:

      If you’re still following this thread:

      Paul did an SDE post about an 8 CD box set, creatively called The Album Collection, released in 2014. I was only interested in getting the Slider CD because it is the 2012 remaster; otherwise only available in the monstrous & expensive Slider SDE. I don’t know the remaster dates of the other albums. Debates are endless on another music forum as to which remasters are the best. Take your chances, trust your ears. Your mileage may vary.

      Be warned that the Bonus discs do not include the earlier B sides – probably due to licensing.

  4. Mark G says:

    Initial reviews of the CD and Vinyl editions are not good – very poor mastering from a very poor source seems to be the story of the day. I have the LP but haven’t opened it yet…

  5. Big Nige says:

    Mine arrived from Amazon yesterday, they even refunded 99p as it had gone down to £5 later in the day.

  6. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Imagine this being a bit of a “Supermarket Special” so will be looking in Sainsburys this Friday!!

  7. Kevin says:

    This man was a genius and should be worshipped till the end of cosmic time!

  8. Andrew B says:

    Not another bloody comp of the same ole T.Rex material, the teat of the back catalogue must be worn out and sore by now from all that milking of the same tired old tracks.

  9. David S says:

    Paul, do we know if the vinyl and CD’s contain the full versions of the songs or single edits released at the time? Only someone has commented that the versions may be abridged. I recently bought a compilation where the tracks fade out well before the song is due to finish, sometimes in a not very subtle way. If this was the case with this compilation, it would put me off buying it.

    • bob says:

      The only T.Rex single that came with a different edit is Dandy In The Underworld. It was actually a re recording as the original album track has the word cocaine. The single version is shorter and inferior as the vocals were recorded when Marc Bolan had a heavy cold.
      I have had dozens of these T.Rex compilations and were the original tracks are used it has always been the full versions, I have never heard ‘single edits’ of T.Rex songs.
      T.Rex singles are mostly under 3 minutes long, they didn’t need editing.

  10. stevieb says:

    HMV now have the CD on their website at £5.99p

  11. Ann says:

    If the vinyl release had all the songs of the 3CD version, and was on Gold vinyl, I would have went for it!
    The record company’s marketers just don’t get it! lol

    • Chris Squires says:

      It would be interesting to see the lengths of the CDs Ann. Typically you would imagine a 3CD set would encompass up to 4 hours of music with almost 80 minutes per CD if stuffed as they should be. So a properly curated 3 CD set would need at least a 6LP set with 20 minutes per side to match the tracklisting of a 3CD set.

      These CDs would, on the face of it seem quite short with most, not all, but most songs coming in slightly under or slightly over 3 minutes. So I would imagine the 3 CDs don’t have much more than 47 to 50 minutes on at the most. This would mean that this set could have, if they had wanted to, been similar to Pure McCartney of the recent Phil Collins singles box set at 4LPs. Collins’ 4LPs covered the 2CD set (only 33 tracks – but mostly 4 to 6 minute tracks with one track at 7 minutes long and only two at under 3 minutes)

      As they have already put 24 tracks on 2LPs it’s not a stretch to believe they couldn’t have put 45 tracks on 4LPs.

      The question at this point is….. did they need to make this a 3CD set? These 45 tracks might have fitted across two CDs or they should have filled it up with an extra 15 tracks at least so there are 20 tracks per CD. Either way it’s an odd thing…. the maths just don’t make sense.
      Neither fish nor flesh…..

      • Caroline says:

        You’re overthinking it a bit…

        There’s already a series of 3CD sets knocking around from people like John Martyn, Alex Harvey, Big Country etc offering an extended look at their catalogues whilst not really being a full-on “Greatest Hits”. Demon are just entering this market through their Crimson imprint. The other “Gold” compilation being issued the same day, in similar artwork is….Chas & Dave (which is being issued as a 3CD and a single LP on…yup…gold vinyl).

        Yes, this one could fit on 2CDs but this is, effectively, a format change for the budget market; people aren’t impressed by double CDs for £6-8 any more. Given them the same material on a triple and they bite. (see also those 3CD Top Of The Pops compilations that you can find in HMVs 2 for £10).

        Nothing to worry about, really.

        • Chris Squires says:

          “You’re overthinking it a bit…”

          ’twas ever thus……..must get out more. :-)

          • Chris Squires says:

            As an aside Caroline, your post made me buy 5 of the Top of the Pops 3CD sets…. all under 160 minutes (ahem) but I liked the tracklistings for my favourite years… advertising pays.

  12. Texquad says:

    Someone missed The Boat. Where’s the Gold Vinyl version?

  13. Daniel Heilman says:

    This great glad to see all these fan this love what Marc done. But let’s keep it real greats hits uh the ‘ll at that time in our lives hit the note we loved an needed then as I am and all of you rock on

  14. Dean says:

    This looks like the most generic release possible. Goodness knows what the mastering will be like. I have my doubts that it’ll be good based on the price and cover.


  15. bob says:

    This CD is on the Crimson label apparently, I think they are a budget label.
    Marc Bolan and T.Rex must have had more compilations than any other artist that I can think of, easily more than 100.
    Most of these compilations have been shockingly bad, from the cheap artwork and picture sleeves to the crap selection of tracks, missing key singles etc. This avalanche of mostly cheapo compilations, endless box sets, and re releases over the past 40 years has certainly damaged the T.Rex brand.
    This compilation is actually one of the better ones, I know its cheap but some nice packaging would be a good thing.

    • Catweazle says:

      I think there’s more Beach Boys compilations…

      • bob says:

        I very much doubt it.
        T.Rex producer himself said there had been over 100 compilations and that was about 12 years ago. There was a whole bunch of them on this Crimson label in the 90’s that sold in Woolworths.

  16. AlexKx says:

    I hate the vinyls that are abridged versions. Like Bowie’s compilations…

  17. AlexKx says:

    Of course the “Gold” vinyl is on a black disc!

  18. Mark Stuart says:

    Couldn’t this fit on a double?

  19. EW99 says:

    Why do they never put Pewter Suitor on these compilations? I think I’ll buy it anyway but I would really like a compilation that had all of the singles on it.

  20. Paul Taylor says:

    Who’s publishing this one?
    I find anything issued by Demon never has anything from Electric Warrior on it

  21. Jah Wibble says:

    Edsel and Spirit milking the catalogue for all it’s worth, as they have nothing unreleased or different to release. We have to wait 5 years for that deal to end, and hopefully we’ll see the Thunderwing Productions releasing the many unreleased songs and takes they have from master/copy tape reels.

  22. Jack says:

    Wow, nothing from Tanx?

  23. Colin says:

    This is actually quite tempting.
    Most ‘best ofs’ I’ve seen for T-Rex are missing one or two of the ‘big name’ songs, which has annoyed me in the past. Not that I couldn’t afford to get two or more collections (as they are usually budget priced), but more the annoyance that I can’t seem to have all the tracks I want in one place.

    This seems to have pretty much everything that the average person with just a passing interest in the band (of which I’m one) would want.

    £6 for three CDs is great value and, who knows, people like me may hear the other lesser known tracks, love them and want to get more goodness, leading to further purchases. A good idea by the record label, I think.

  24. Craig Hedges says:

    I haven’t got any T-Rex so this looks ideal, apart from the big hits I don’t know which are their best tracks, any suggestions???

  25. paolo says:

    Used to have a T.Rex compilation, I can’t even remember what was the title, but it wasn’t that comprehensive. Have these tracks been recently remastered though?

    Can’t believe the Amazon Italy price, it’s four times the UK one! Gonna wait for this 3CD set to show up in physical shops then.

  26. Simon says:

    I only have a single disc best of. How does the track listing looks compared to previous compilations? I’ve pre ordered as always liked the sound of some of his folky early stuff. Does this one respresent all eras, miss much that a compilation should cover?

    • John sidsaff says:

      The best compilation covering all eras 20th century superstar boxset includes every single from the early years Toby tyler,John’s children,tyrannosaurus Rex to t.Rex and more,the only one you will ever need.forget the rest except 2 original compilations that may as well have been albums as the material so good,bolan boogie and t.Rex great hits

  27. Simon Franklin says:

    Bolan was my first (music) love! I’ve collected some of the deluxe editions but not all of them. I don’t find his demos particularly riviting – in fact some are awful without all his glam band backing! I’ll be getting thus too, nice little carter over view.

  28. Gary Hunter says:

    Wow that is a good price for the 3CD set Paul :)

  29. John Spasm says:

    My house hold has a T.Rex compilation, but it may have 2 soon.

  30. Dean Taylor says:

    Solid gold easy action… first record I ever bought along with crazy horses.. Christmas 1972… 9 years old .. record token money from me nan and grandad and a plastic portable record player for Christmas ..
    Been buying ever since…

  31. Gra says:

    Insane price.$15.12 on Amazon Australia. Yes… every houshold needs!

  32. Gerry says:

    Since I don’t have a T-Rex compilation this is going to have to be a purchase, probably the vinyl set.

  33. elliott buckingham says:

    its a no brainer for £5.99 even if you already own a best of.

  34. Catweazle says:

    Do we really need this? No. Will I buy it? Certainly!

    • Don Cooper says:

      Keeping the faith eh? Should have asked for a percentage on BTB’s posthumous earnings.I’d get straight on the Telling Bone if I were you. ;-)

  35. Mike R says:

    Price is very good,but do we need another Bolan Greatest Hits cd ?,I doubt it,there are numerous compilation T Rex formats out there,shame they can’t push out the door a little further and venture outside to see what is unavailable to the music masses awaiting “new” music

  36. John Murray says:

    “Every household needs a T. Rex compilation”.

    Wise words indeed! I’ve got a couple already, but at this giveaway price, it would be wrong not to order!

    • edji1 says:

      Personally all I ever need is this 1 cd compilation I made for myself…

      20th Century Boy
      Get It On
      New York City
      The Soul Of My Suit
      Mambo Sun
      Cosmic Dancer
      Ride A White Swan
      Rip Off
      Hot Love
      The Leopards Featuring Gardenia And The Mighty Slug
      Metal Guru
      There Was A Time – Raw Ramp
      Laser Love
      Solid Gold Easy Action
      Diamond Meadows
      The Slider
      Light Of Love
      Telegram Sam
      Children Of The Revolution
      Life’s A Gas
      Teenage Dream

      Not all of which is on this admittedly cheap as chips 3cd set

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