T. Rex / Remixes: limited triple vinyl set

Potentially controversial remix set • Very limited 3LP coloured vinyl

Demon Music are to mark the 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan’s untimely death with a project that is sure to divide fans of T. Rex. They have commissioned new remixes of classic tracks such as Metal Guru, Telegram Sam and 20th Century Boy for a two-CD set that is also available as a strictly limited 500-only triple coloured vinyl set.

T. Rex Remixes features 16 modern remixes by people you have probably never heard of, including The Reflex, Wye Oak, STOOF, Castleman, Ra Ra Riot etc. There are also 12 bonus instrumental remixes on both the triple vinyl and two-CD editions (they have exactly the same audio content).

Only 500 of the translucent red vinyl package will be pressed (click to enlarge)

I’ll admit, I was prepared to hate this, but having been given an early sneak audio preview, some of the remixes are surprisingly good. The ‘Jaxon Frank Remix’ of Children Of The Revolution is full of unexpected pathos and the STOOF remix of 20th Century Boy keeps the structure and heart of the song in place, but with a sprinkle of 21st Century audio dust.

For the most part, the remixes are respectful enough and there’s no really hideously ‘boom-tish’ club transformations, although I accept that this isn’t going to be for everyone.

However, the 500-only triple vinyl is pretty desirable and limited for a T. Rex release and it is an Amazon UK exclusive. Non-limited black vinyl is also available, as well as the two-CD set.

T. Rex  Remixes will be released on 1 September 2017. Update 9pm 13/7 – Red vinyl appears to now be sold out.

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Remixes - 2CD Edition


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Remixes - limited 3LP red vinyl

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Amazon uk   52.91
Amazon de   60
Amazon usa   150.99

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Remixes - non-limited 3LP black vinyl


T. Rex / Remixes – Limited edition coloured 3LP vinyl


  • 1. Children Of The Revolution [The Reflex Revision] 5.07
  • 2. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix] 4.41
  • 3. Metal Guru [Book Remix] 2.58
  • 4. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix] 3.53


  • 1. Light of Love [The Reflex Revision] 6.26
  • 2. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix] 3.01
  • 3. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix] 3.19
  • 4. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix] 3.23



  • 1. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix] 3.36
  • 2. Calling All Destroyers [Infuze Remix] 2.31
  • 3. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix] 2.52
  • 4. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix] 3.59


  • 1. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix] 3.45
  • 2. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix] 2.12
  • 3. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix] 2.57
  • 4. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Remix] 2.55



  • 1. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix – Instrumental] 4.41
  • 2. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix – Instrumental] 3.57
  • 3. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix – Instrumental] 3.00
  • 4. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix – Instrumental] 3.19
  • 5. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix – Instrumental] 3.24
  • 6. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix – Instrumental] 3.36


  • 1. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix – Instrumental] 2.52
  • 2. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix – Instrumental] 3.59
  • 3. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix – Instrumental] 3.45
  • 4. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix – Instrumental] 2.13
  • 5. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix – Instrumental] 2.57
  • 6. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Club Mix] 5.17

T. Rex Remixes – 2CD Edition

CD 1

  • 1. Children Of The Revolution [The Reflex Revision] 5.07
  • 2. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix] 4.41
  • 3. Metal Guru [Book Remix] 2.58
  • 4. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix] 3.53
  • 5. Light of Love [The Reflex Revision] 6.26
  • 6. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix] 3.01
  • 7. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix] 3.19
  • 8. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix] 3.23
  • 9. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix] 3.36
  • 10. Calling All Destroyers [Infuze Remix] 2.31
  • 11. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix] 2.52
  • 12. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix] 3.59
  • 13. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix] 3.45
  • 14. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix] 2.12
  • 15. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix] 2.57
  • 16. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Remix] 2.55

CD 2

  • 1. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix – Instrumental] 4.41
  • 2. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix – Instrumental] 3.57
  • 3. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix – Instrumental] 3.00
  • 4. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix – Instrumental] 3.19
  • 5. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix – Instrumental] 3.24
  • 6. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix – Instrumental] 3.36
  • 7. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix – Instrumental] 2.52
  • 8. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix – Instrumental] 3.59
  • 9. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix – Instrumental] 3.45
  • 10. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix – Instrumental] 2.13
  • 11. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix – Instrumental] 2.57
  • 12. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Club Mix] 5.17


126 responses to T. Rex / Remixes: limited triple vinyl set

  1. Jim says:

    Bob… no it’s not utter shite and Marc will not be turning in his grave. I suspect if Marc were alive today, he’d be commissioning or orchestrating projects like this himself. Exactly as he re-invented himself in ’77 ushering in “new” acts like the Damned, Group X, etc. and revisiting/updating his older classics like Deborah, etc.

    My wife bought this as part of my early Xmas gift. First listen today, loved it, actually more than I thought I would. Cadilac came on, first I got goosebumps, then when the bass kicked in, a large smile overtook my face and I turned it up. Instant sunshine.

    Lastly, the artists involved in this project are testimony to the import and influence of Marc’s work. I strongly disagree with your comment about the estate mismanaging the catalog. Just the opposite, they are sharing it, liberating it, and allowing it to continue its immortal journey.

  2. Neil Kelly says:

    Paul, i didn’t get your last point what did you mean by ‘but are using a system…’? Did you just mean to say ‘but they are using a system…’?
    I note it’s been available for months now after selling out on day 1. I ordered on day 1 and was very happy. I’m now VERY annoyed. Promising 500 yet making loads. How’s that allowed? Can i ask for my money back? Mine’s still sealed so i haven’t even checked to make sure it’s the red vinyl which is something i worry about but obviously i’m keeping it new and sealed for a reason! A reason which seems pointless now tbf

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, my point was “You [Straker] are using a system you don’t understand to ‘prove’ a point”. Where is your evidence that they are ‘making loads’. All you know is that they are still available on Amazon. There are many reasons for this… the primary one being they didn’t sell out of the 500. Yes, they were ‘unavailable’ for a while. So what. You don’t know the reason for that. Amazon may have had an initial inventory of 300 sold out, waited for Demon to confirm the final 200 and they’ve been available for a while. You don’t know. The best strategy is just to buy a record if you want it. If I want something because I like the sound of it, I couldn’t care less how many are being made.

  3. Straker says:

    I see this continues to be restocked with more available on the 18th. Currently able to add an unlimited amount at checkout.

    Still, I’m sure there are only 500…….Yeah, right.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You don’t actually know, but are using a system you don’t understand to ‘prove’ a point. If you can order an unlimited amount then that also ‘proves’ an unlimited amount of these exist, I suppose? The record label have secretly produced an infinite amount of these and haven’t stuck to the 500.

  4. Tony Orwell says:

    BE WARNED – Amazon have been sending out black vinyl versions instead of the limited red vinyl release. There is an easy way to check without unsealing the product, the small black lable on the front of the shrink has a catalogue number at the bottom of the label, the red vinyl version ends with an ‘x’, the black vinyl version does not. Amazon have no replacement stock to satisfy these errors. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. Wayne Savill says:

    Guys and Gals, as a lifelong Marc fan I have collected over 500 pieces of vinyl 7″ 10″ 12″, flexis, coloured, pic discs, Sgl, Dbl & Triple Albums, boxed sets, demos, stock issues, white labels, pic sleeves, wax co, various other labels from the UK & all over the world both original pressings and re-issues plus 8 tracks, cassettes & cd’s, they all have their merits. The latest I have the red vinyl (& the cd’s are just for the car!!),

    These specials should be welcomed and given a hearing, as I believe that Marc would have been excited that so many other artists would want to either cover one of his songs and even remix it, I say live and let live, and let’s all just Boogie On!!!

    Easy Action Records are doing fab stuff, Edsel do some very good and interesting issues

    Danielz and T.Rextasy have been keeping the flame burning since the early ’90’s so if you want hear a true fan do a fab job of keeping Marc’s music ‘LIVE’, go see them … as it’s the 40th Anniversary of his passing AND he would have been 70 on the 30th Sept…

    Also if you want the originals try record fairs .. I will be at the Olympia Weekender 18th/19th November feeding my vinyl addiction, buying and selling. Rob & John run great events..

    Tanx for reading and Boogie On!


  6. Chris Squires says:

    Mine’s just turned up. Nice wide spine. Now to give it a proper listen…..

  7. Neil Kelly says:

    Confused about this release. I noted around 24 August it was back in stock and came back here to see it had been noted as back in stock on the 08 August. Had it been back in stock for around 16 days after initially selling out on day 1? I was going to cancel order but don’t want to regret doing that. I’ve purely bought with selling on in the future in mind. Doesn’t mean i ever will though! Is there really only 500?

  8. Tony Orwell says:

    sold out again

  9. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I ain’t getting this release ! it reminds me of the Brian Connolly Sweet remixed album released many years ago. the original versions are still the best !

  10. Phil Wilson says:

    When Amazon put this back on sale, they had over 230 copies, so I suspect this is more than just cancelled orders. I don’t entirely trust their 500 copies only. The hank Marvin signed lp took weeks after release to be sent our, and had sold out on pre-order way in advance of release, o am fairly sure they have some left too

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m not sure they did have 230 copies, even if the system might have let you order a large quantity.

      • Chris Squires says:

        I don’t think Amazon are that stupid to make 1000 copies and say they have only 500.

        They know they are one of the most *watched* companies in the world and there are 1000s of people worldwide looking for any excuse to sue them or cause them as much trouble as possible just because they are ideologically opposed this kind of company.

        I genuinely think it is a few people ducking out at the last minute and therefore a few copies make it back onto sale….

  11. elliott buckingham says:

    i think the t.rex has been given the goahead by his son who now owns the rights or so ive read

  12. Chris Squires says:

    I think it’s down to the way that Amazon do business rather than more than the original 500 being made available.

    Like many I usually go from here straight to Amazon and put in a pre-order. Sometimes between doing that and the actual release date I decide I can’t afford it – or I don’t actually need it so I cancel my order. This will usually be quite close to the release date. I guess this frees up a few copies which would then go back on release.

    I am not sure if people can go on a reserve list…. if they have 500 copies do the people who are 501st, 502nd and so on get first dibs if some are cancelled or do they stop taking orders when exactly 500 are gone?

    I have kept hold of this one but I let the signed Blancmange go back and a few other things where I got caught up in the moment. With only 500 I could see how this could happen, less likely if the limited edition is much larger.

  13. Alan Wilson says:

    Red vinyl back in stock as of Tuesday 8th August 11.45

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  15. Mark says:

    Finally >> I was able to place a Pre-Order for the Amazon Exclusive ( Red Vinyl edition ) just today :: I’ve been signed up to receive emails etc from Amazon UK & each Time I was either in bed or at work or even today I had to go out for an hour just before 8am > I got home at @ 9am and I had received an email at 8am from Amazon saying it was available to pre-order > Tried the link, IT was unavailable again :-( Then @ 10.30am I was sitting here & an email came through saying it was available & this time I grabbed one :-) Its worse than Record Store Day !!!

  16. Dennis Cattell says:

    I think it quite likely that if Marc Bolan was still alive today he’d be happy to let people have a go at remixing some of his early hits and then release them. I don’t have any problem at all with this album as such.

    I’d like to think that he’d still be making music today at 70 (almost!), rather than doing the rounds of shows like Celebrity Big Brother and IACGMOOT! And that he’d have made his peace with guys like Tony Visconti and Bob Harris.

  17. richard says:

    Just bagged a copy of the red vinyl set. I asked to be emailed by Amazon when the red set came back in stock. Received three emails on different days and tried to buy the red set on three occasions ( first two times I tried around thirty mins after being emailed ) Third time lucky I ordered it within a minute of the Amazon email arriving.
    I guess some people must be cancelling their orders.

  18. Heinz says:

    Does the vinyl-version include a download code?
    (Sorry, should this already have been part of the discussion….)

  19. Bolan's Zip Gun says:

    I liked ‘Children Of The Revolution’ by Baby Ford. Not a direct remix of T-Rex, but definitely done in the style of Bolan for the rave era (early 90s).

  20. Kenny says:

    Doesn’t anyone one this site realize how the music industry works? Sell Sell Sell…usually the same product again and again. And if people are buying a product for its cover…kerching! Reminds me of when I used to buy those A+M vinyl releases in the 70s ’cause they smelled divine.

  21. Michael G says:

    Obviously its remixes of bolan tracks nobody is forced to buy it,500 people snapped the ltd edition up in very quick time,I suspect some will be flipped for a profit on eBay,on a personal note I ordered it for the cover,it will certainly stay in my collection for good.

  22. Craig says:

    I’m open minded about this. I’m not bothered about Vinyl so I’ll listen to it first and if I like it , I’ll get the CD version.

  23. AlexKx says:

    Oh, wow! Just because certain recordings were not released in an artist’s lifetime does not mean that they were not good enough or did not want them to be released! This thinking has GOT to stop!

    • bob says:

      Oh really, so what are you suggesting, that as soon as an artist is dead allow their vaults to be raided?
      It is (often) up to an artist to decide what they think is good enough to release during their lifetime, that shouldn’t change once they die.
      Also, do you know anything about the abuse of Bolan’s back catalogue? Over 300 compilations (many of them shockingly poor) Dozens and dozens of releases of demo recordings, a few good, most very poor. Not one person from Marc’s family has any kind of say in these releases.
      No offence but your post is just plain daft.

  24. SimonP says:

    All the preview links seem to be removed now.

    This thread is making me laugh with all the fans saying Bolan would be turning in his grave at the thought of his stuff being remixed, yet at the same time are clamouring for some unreleased tat that he no doubt deemed not worthy of the public’s attention at the time it was recorded. There’s a reason why some recordings are left unreleased and that reason is because the artist didn’t think they were good enough. How about respecting those wishes, too?

    • Randy Metro says:

      Had Marc lived a full life, he may have revisited that “unreleased tat” as he often did. One example being the Children of Rarn Suite. The demo is quite nice. Tony Visconti’s posthumous mix is lovingly done. Marc went back to it several years later with a radical rework obviously believing it was worth being heard.

      Look at the even shorter life & recorded works of Hendrix. Tons of his posthumous recordings are rework after rework of songs he was determined, but did not live, to release.

      Isn’t a good share of what Super Deluxe Editions is about is exploring that “unreleased tat deemed not worthy of the public’s attention”???

  25. elliott buckingham says:

    just gave these a listen on amazon and they sound very good and not ott at all excellent

  26. Brian says:

    Take note Bowie fans. This could be the future

    • elliott buckingham says:

      id be up for a david bowie remix set as long as they didn’t stray too far from the originals

  27. Francesco says:

    Pointless. Merchandising, nothing more or less. Aimed squarely at the gullible and will no doubt hit its (limited) target but not for me. If Marc ain’t involved, what is the point? I’ll stick with the original versions.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You don’t like the concept, fair enough, but it’s a bit rude to label people ‘gullible’ just because they are interested. John Lennon wasn’t involved in the Giles and George Martin remix of The Beatles’ Love album, but I wouldn’t say that means there is no point in it.

      • Francesco says:

        I disagree, and I can be as gullible as anybody for the right artists (for good quality live recordings anyway) but my comments are still valid and this kind of remix exercise is the worst kind of merchandising, in my opinion. There is definitely a place for the statement someone made about Joy Division – ‘they released two studio albums, everything else is merchandising’ and up to a point we are all gullible because we all buy it a some point, myself included!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Being gullible means being taking in by something that’s not true, or being easily persuaded to believe in something that turns out not to be what you expect. People ordering this remix set know exactly what they are getting, and Demon Music are not trying to deceive anyone…so your words are simply inappropriate, however much you ‘disagree’.

          • Francesco says:

            Sorry Paul but that is not what gullible means, only the first part of your definition is correct (up to the ‘something that turns out to be…’ bit) and as collectors we are all too easily persuaded to buy something more (that all too often does not deliver).

    • elliott buckingham says:

      that must mean then that you will never buy a release but another dead artist ever again

  28. Lesley says:

    When there’s original unreleased recordings of Marc still out there, that should take priority. Find some way of getting it released before it’s too late. None of us are getting any younger – and who else would Marc have wanted to hear it. He loved his fans and he was taken from us too soon, that’s why we love discovering stuff we’ve not heard or seen before. 40 years on, Bolan is still pure genius.

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  30. John says:

    4 versions of 20th Century Boy, and no versions of Bang a Gong. Just saying.

  31. Lainey says:

    Not in my lifetime would I ever buy this shite…..proper BolanFan

    • colm47 says:

      Chopdog, I don’t know whether to say Tanx or not for posting that link!

      I just searched it out and listened to a few clips of the “remixes”.

      My ears are still bleeding!

      Lainey’s comment below says it all.

  32. If they had got Steven Wilson to remix the classic songs into 5.1 on a BluRay with added videos of his hits, that would have been a better tribute to the man and a better product to buy and enjoy

  33. Chopdog says:

    You can head 30 seconds of each track on iTunes – TODAY.

    They are charging £4.99 for the album.

  34. chris cummings says:

    Sharon M says it all.
    This may be good for Bolan’s profile out there, but the real fans want what Sharon says!!!

    • bob says:

      Actually speak for yourself, I am a huge Bolan fan and consider myself to be ‘real’, but that is not what I want.

  35. AlexKx says:

    Can we just go ahead and put an announcement out to the music industry that if you don’t want us to purchase your products than just fucking quit. Don’t bother. There is no reason for an announcement or acknowledgement of some thing (I’m not directing this to you all at all SuperDeluxeEdition! :) You all rock and are GREAT!) that will only have five hundred copies and not be possible to be bought before I can do my daily stumbling over here. How many times a day do I have to check this website out? Or WHERE EVER?! I mean five hundred copies should be enough family, friends, and industry people who will privately purchase this many copies without releasing it to the public! I don’t want you all to strain yourselves and get hurt! Five hundred copies of a release like this shouldn’t even make it out of England because that many people should have bought them all long before they could shipped out. This dumbfounding. Very disappointing yet again (in particular to the two David Bowie colored vinyl discs for “Labyrinth” that were sold out before I knew anything about them because I think the same number of discs were made as this T-Rex release.

    If there are not five hundred one people to sell these products to then my interests must be seriously misplaced in thinking there is any relevance to collecting music in a physical format. Let’s just be clear. Five hundred copies is NOT a public release. It is private! It was not meant for public consumption. It is a glorified private release at best in this case! Which goes back to if there are not five hundred people who can purchase this between the Bolan Estate (or whoever), people in the industry, family, and friends then they have a much bigger problem on their hands than trying to sell whatever amount at all.

    • Kai Karkkainen says:

      I understand what you’re saying AlexKx as I have experienced the same thing myself. I recommend that you sign up to SDE’s newsletters and deal alerts ( if you haven’t done so already ), they have “saved” me many euros and helped me to grab limited editions of records I wouldn’t otherwise even have known about ( like this T.Rex red vinyl ). So thanks again Paul for your valuable service and please keep doing what you do so well.

      As for those opinions that proper Bolan fans want a deal with Thunderwing and nothing else will do, not true. I consider myself a proper Bolan fan, Electric Warrior was the start of my Bolan collection ( I was eight years old at the time, now I’m 54 ). Sure, it would be great to have unreleased music from Thunderwing, but as this is unlikely to happen, even remix projects like these are in my opinion better than nothing at all. The main thing for me is to see that Bolan’s music will live on and that younger generations also get a chance to appreciate it. Keep a little Marc in your heart, indeed.

  36. elliott buckingham says:

    ill be happy if these are as good as the bob marley remixes that were done the other year. stayed faithfull to the originals without being too ott with hardcore dance beats

    • SimonP says:

      And some of the Roxy Music ones from a few years back. The Todd Terje dub of Love Is The Drug is excellent…

  37. Chris Squires says:

    I guess that Edsel / Demon / Cherry Red and the like know, to a few dozen, exactly how many of any one album they can sell. They will also have the number crunchers to know what they can charge for a particular release and a particular artist. There will be a few exceptions but generally they will get it about right. If Thunderwing are asking as arm and a leg and it is more than Demon can sell, or think they can sell then it’s no deal. If they can do a deal but the vinyl has to be £45 instead of £27 and the CDs £20 to make it pay then the moans will start coming as “Rip-off”.
    Every post has a “I’m not paying these rip-off prices” with little comprehension of what has to be done to get this stuff to market.

    If any of us owned the rights to the demos we wouldn’t give them away, would we? It would be good if a deal could be done though.

    • Randy Metro says:

      In the past, Thunderwing were able to get through a loophole by selling a T.Shirt for the same price as a CD and then gave the CD away free with the shirt: The Slider Sessions & The Tanx Sessions CDs. They are nothing like those pathetic “alternate versions” released by Edsel. I don’t think Thunderwing/TPL are the ones holding up the release of material. Unfortunately the 2005 Twentieth Century Rock N Roll CD sits unreleased with the artwork and track list completed. I’m not sure how their T.Rex Rock & Roll Ensemble CD EP was able to get out but I was lucky to get a copy.

  38. Sharon M says:

    Another cash in job. Do the decent thing – a deal with Thunderwing and give us proper Bolan fans something back before we all shuffle off this mortal coil or are too befuddled to care.

  39. elliott buckingham says:

    red vinyl has now gone.

  40. don cooper says:

    Tony Visconti did remixes for a Japan-only cd issue.I have that. It is the benchmark.
    I expect this to be the wood-shavings below…

  41. John says:

    Won’t be getting it but it is at least what it is: a full collection of remixes, not a few remixes thrown on top of another collection of something else. Kudos on releasing a dedicated remix album. If you’re into remixes you can buy it and if not you’re not forced to buy it in order to get something else.

  42. James Demestihas says:

    If Tony Visconti isnt involved…its not authentic.

    • Catweazle says:

      Well the ’87 TV mixes weren’t really that good, were they?

      • Randy Metro says:

        Actually, they weren’t that bad because they were lightly remixed. Those Dawn & Dusk mixes were fun if you can pretend you don’t hear those GONGS! The Free Angel remix was hardly noticeable, while I think the one T.Rex single I hate – Children of the Revolution – was improved, at least the first half of it.

  43. Noel Brownle says:

    I’ll be giving this a miss. Just another money making re-hash in my opinion. Enough remixes out there and the number of re-pakaged albums is a disgrace. I reiterate what others have said, would have been a fitting tribute in this Marc’s 40th anniversary year that we got some of the un releaded stuff from Thunderwing. Disappointing to say the least.

  44. Chris S says:

    Since I passed on most T-Rex material the first time around, maybe I will give the remixes a try. Will try to get the red album, but black would be alright.

  45. Marc Hartley says:

    I don’t understand why the fans of Marc are not trying to get Edsel to do a deal with Thunderwing productions Ltd to get their unreleased outtakes, unheard songs and alternate mixes released..all original Bolan and just lying there not doing anything? The 40th Anniversary for Marc would have been far better served doing that than releasing this kind of thing…..saddens me to be honest.

    • george kilpatrick says:

      Totally agree Marc, there must be so much unseen or heard material, that could have or indeed should have been released especially as this is a very special year, his 40th Anniversary, not just for his loyal fans, but for any music lover to appreciate. I personally have no urge to purchase material that is just being re-mixed by unknown artists, and for what purpose? profit perhaps. Very sad.

    • MamboSon says:

      I heard that Thunderwing want a ridiculous amount of money for their archive..Demon/ Edsel /Spirit won’t budge..Shame this Golden Egg will soon turn rancid..Only to be heard by the “Chosen Ones”.. now that is sad..

      • Randy Metro says:

        It is not Thunderwing/DanielZ’s fault. They have contributed to recent releases when asked. As I understand, it isn’t Edsel either, but Spirit Music who currently hold the rights and won’t allow Thunderwing to do anything. TPL have leaked a couple free small acoustic downloads (Do Your Thing & Baby Hold My Hand).

      • Marc Arscott says:

        Nobody has to buy this material from Thunderwing, they are able to licence it from them if they want to include tracks on their own releases, as they did with ‘The Final Cuts’, they have chosen not to since. Thunderwing have asked Spirit for the opportunity to release ‘new material’ for many years and as yet this has not been forthcoming. The ‘Chosen Ones’ (which I presume you mean to be Thunderwing) have been wanting this material to be heard since the moment they obtained it and find it very frustrating not to be able to share it with the fans.

    • Romany says:

      Totally agree with you Marc Hartley !
      Such a missed opportunity by Edsel to make up for the poor sound quality on the Slider Deluxe 40th Anniversary boxset.
      They should of used the original multi track tapes that Thunderwing productions Ltd offered.
      I gave up on expecting anything good to come out of Edsel years ago.

  46. Andy says:

    Snagged one as soon as I saw Paul’s email, especially given there’s only 500 of the red version – now all gone – thanks again Paul!

  47. Paul Wren says:

    It’s sold out. Whoever bought one is probably sitting on an instant profit even if they don’t like what it sounds like.

  48. Michel Kempes says:

    Sold out

  49. Jaqob says:

    Count me among the perverted. I took the swing and am having it shipped to the states. I have so much good and bad posthumous Marc that this triple red atrocity will feel right at home no matter what the quality. And as another poster wrote above, how could it possibly be ALL bad? You know, like MegaRex 1 and 2 megamix bad?

    Perhaps lesser known remixers is a positive. There is room out there for more than just the “names” we know. As Frank Zappa said (paraphrased) there are so many great musicians you’ll never get the chance to hear. Maybe some of these remixers will provide a thoughtful and enjoyable remix experience. (Fingers crossed!)

  50. -SG- says:

    This actually looks really interesting, I have heard some mixes by The Reflex which were quite good and faithful to the originals utlizing the multitracks not unlike the ZTT mixes done by Blank and Jones. Look on youtube for his excellent mix of Michael Jackson’s Rock With You. The cover looks more like Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Well I’ve heard The Reflex mix of Children Of The Revolution and it’s very much as you describe. It’s great!

  51. Howie says:

    Let’s hope they don’t re-release the Bruce Springsteen 12″ mixes from the 80’s…. “US, US, USA. U,U,U US, US, USA. B, B, B, Born in the USA”. Simply dreadful.

  52. Pablo says:

    I like the art of the cover… but in my opinion… T.Rex must leave it as it is… I don’t like the new remixes of any artist…

  53. colm47 says:

    Tanx but no thanks Demon.

    Fan of Marc since I grew up watching him on Top Of The Pops.

    As others have said, he must be turning in his grave.

  54. Trev says:

    Cheers Paul just ordered. Keep A Little Marc In Your Heart.

  55. Catweazle says:

    Red vinyl ordered, many thanks Paul. As a Bolan fan since 1972 I just have to have this. Since Marc’s death we’ve had tons of unreleased songs, some excellent, some good, some unlistenable, same goes for live recordings, and also for remixes so there’s a chance these LPs might include some good ones. (And if not the set looks great anyway!)

  56. Andy Marriott says:

    sitting here with my finger over the order button, but just wish there was some audio of it somewhere. Can’t find anything other than some other artists tracks mixed by those from this album. Some of them are most definitely of the ‘boom tish’ variety, but can’t speak for the Bolan stuff. Arrghh. What to do???

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I should have some audio for people to listen to tomorrow… having said that, I think this red vinyl will sell out TODAY, so bear that in mind.

      • Kauwgompie says:

        Remix compilations are often hit or miss. I’m a huge remix fan myself but having said that, my experience is that most modern remixes of old songs are not great. The Donna Summer remix album “Love To Love You Donna” was atrocious and from a record exec I heard it cost an arm and a leg to remix and sold nothing. In the 80’s they remixed a song by adding an instrumental part at the beginning or the middle (often times), that kept the integrity of the song intact. Today, remixes have all kinds of extra production and I almost never think it enhances the song. That is why I so much prefer 80’s remixes. Mostly the essence and production of the song is left intact (when will we get So80s Part 11?) and you just get a longer version of a song you already like. I would not buy this album without having heard what the remixes sound like.

        • Chris Squires says:

          Spot on Kauw.

          My era was really 1979 to 1985 and remixes when they came (Japan, Paul Young, Wham!, TinTin, Spandau, Nik, Howard etc.) sounded like the original song with a few new bits, intro, outro, an extra chorus and so on but the integrity of the song remained and if you liked the 7″ you will most likely like the 12″. I remember the first time I really fell foul of the “what have they done to this track” facepalm was with Mike Oldfield when they (whoever it was) destroyed so many of his beautiful tracks in the mid-1990s. Unrecognizable. Obviously encouraged by Mike who was out of his head in Ibiza.

        • Randy Metro says:

          Yes, that Donna Summer Love to Love You was a dog. She seems to be one artist who can’t be remixed. A crate full of remixes of No More Tears hit the net recently and they were pitiful as well. I do love remixes but it seems to me they only work when done at the same time as the original release.

    • Georgia Price says:

      Give it a miss a triple vinyl of unknown bands singing T.Rex even at £30 I wouldn’t want or have any desire to listen to this !!!

      • Chris Squires says:

        As far as I am aware this isn’t “unknown bands singing T-Rex”. What gave you that idea? It’s remixes of proper T-Rex songs not some kind of “You scratch my back” or “I’m Your Fan” – both of which I thought were quite good anyway.

        I find it interesting the height of the horses that some here are climbing in an effort to label themselves “proper Bolan fans” as if to enjoy something like this makes it impossible to be one. Musical snobbery doesn’t make anyone a better or bigger fan. Open-mindedness must be on holiday.

  57. T.Stanton says:

    Why would any T.Rex fan want to hear his music remixed ? Leave his music the way he recorded it! How about about putting out a new retrospective of his career and promoting his importance in the history of rock and roll? He hardly gets any airplay on the classic radio formats. He seems to be remembered only for Bang a Gong. A couple of his songs are heard on tv commercials but no one knows who he is. I would also love to see his tv show Marc.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      To be fair, Demon have constantly reissued and put out hits compilations. Not sure we need any more! This is a least something a bit different…

  58. David McCallum says:

    The VS. KCRW remixes a few years ago are fun so I’m optimistic about this new set:

  59. gwynogue says:

    Okay, I’ll bite, but I’m going to check the remixers out on Discogs and see if I can get an idea of their styles.

  60. Ralph says:

    I can’t wait for these guys to remix all the hits of Kate Bush! Or not. Yuck!

  61. Howie says:

    This goes to show people will buy anything.

  62. Peter Muscutt says:

    I’m saying this ‘blind’ (or should that be ‘deaf’) having not heard any clips or whatever, but for a 40th anniversary project, could they not have used more established artists/groups who were perhaps influenced/worked with T-Rex or Bolan? I’m all for giving new musicians a chance and from the sounds of it this is what has happened here, but might have been nice to see more ‘relevant’ remixers….?

    • Bryan says:

      I suspect that such a move would have pushed the price up significantly – top remixers require top money, and look at the prices of this issue…

  63. Daryl says:

    I love stuff like this. The Beatles’ Love was proof that it can work, and in very surprising ways. I wish other bands would commission this kind of album. I personally would love to hear a Stones or Beach Boys version.
    People seem to forget that just because a remix has been made, it doesn’t automatically delete the original recording! It’s the same with film remakes; the original films still exist – calm down!

  64. Rick says:

    Wish there was at least a sound bite of one or a few of these. Hate to order something that might be garbage.

    • Randy Metro says:

      I never met a T.Rex remix that wasn’t garbage. …. there are a few exceptions. Get It On by London Bus Stop, but, maybe that is considered a cover???

  65. Ciaran Beattie says:

    So Edsel have finally run out of ways of repackaging “The Slider”.
    I like coloured vinyl Bolan releases but I won’t be wasting money on this.
    Save your money for the next Easy Action release.

  66. Josh says:

    Puled the trigger on this – thanks, Paul.

    I predict this will be gone fast.

  67. Mylene says:

    Last century the fan club did a whole album of remixes called Til Dawn. It was totally unlistenable garbage. To make maters worse there was a bonus disc of (then) unreleased radio broadcasts which was essential. History may repeat itself.

    • Randy Metro says:

      The only great thing about that wretched remix album was the beautiful front cover of Marc looking into a mirror. If I remember right, for some idiotic reason Bill Legend re-did/replayed his drums on that album??? I framed the LP cover and trashed the LP itself. I do have the CD version, though. I keep hoping my opinion of the album will mellow over the decades but it is an ear bleeder.

  68. bob says:

    This shite project demonstrates is everything that is wrong with the people in charge of the Bolan/T.Rex legacy. Complete and utter tack taking us back to the 80’s when they messed about with the songs.
    Marc Bolan must be truly turning in his grave. In the 40 years since his death there have been simply hundreds of cheapo compilations and barrel scraping albums of demo’s released. It is ironic that during his lifetime Marc used to take his recordings home each night from the studio such was his concern that they would get into the wrong hands, which makes the free for all on his catalogue since his death even more depressing.

    I have been posting on this site for years and am usually respectful of artists and their releases, but whoever gave the go ahead for this piece of crap should hang their heads in shame.

    • Colin littlewood says:

      I totally agree with you. I will not be buying this piece of shit.

      • David Regan says:

        After buying the You Scare Me To Death CD on Eporio Records only to find its the 80’s Remix Crap…only original studio versions and original demos for me..I won’t be buying into this remix crap…with maybe the 40th Anniversary of his death..but they could have come up with a set of his original recordings.. And unreleased early tracks or something like that..not this maybe a limited edition..but us not going in my T.Rex collection.. A shameful way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of his passing

    • Randy Metro says:

      Marc was cremated but I get what you mean.

  69. Jonathan says:

    pre-ordered, there’s a lot of music on those there LP’s for only £27 which is rare these days. You can expect to pay that for one LP alone!

  70. Steve Palmer says:

    Thanks Paul! Just ordered this ( red vinyl) has to be better than the remixes the Bramley’s ( fan club) did in the 80’s !

    • Kai Karkkainen says:

      Might just look better than it sounds but it’s Bolan. A welcome addition to my T.Rex collection: Red vinyl ordered.

  71. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    Sometimes re-mixes work & at other times the original track is unrecognizable – so lets see.

    However as a T.Rex fan – this sets looks very attractive overall and hey – its the 40th anniversary of Marc’s death this September – so a purchase is a must.

  72. Kevin Barrett says:

    Remixes? How can you possibly improve on perfection?

  73. Adam says:

    Trusting Paul’s comments on this one! Red vinyl ordered.

  74. Andy Scoffin says:

    looking forward to this – as stated will split fans but worth the risk it might actually be good.

  75. elliott buckingham says:

    just pre-ordered the red vinyl shame there is no autorip

  76. Dave says:

    I’ve gone for this! Looks interesting and I like the cover. It’s T-Rex. not going to be shite is it?!

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