T. Rex / The Slider deluxe 2LP vinyl


Demon will reissue T. Rex‘s classic The Slider album as a ‘limited run’ 2LP deluxe vinyl edition next month.

The 1972 album features two UK number one singles (Telegram Sam and Metal Guru) and this new vinyl set features an alternate version of the album pressed onto a bonus vinyl record. Rabbit Fighter: The Alternate Slider is made up of alternate takes, demos and B-sides. One record in this set is pressed on silver vinyl, while the other is on red.

The Slider deluxe 2LP set will be released on 20 January 2016.

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The Slider [VINYL]



LP 1
1. Metal Guru
2. Mystic Lady
3. Rock On
4. The Slider
5. Baby Boomerang
6. Spaceball Ricochet
7. Buick MacKane
8. Telegram Sam
9. Rabbit Fighter
10. Baby Strange
11. Ballrooms of Mars
12. Chariot Choogle
13. Main Man

LP 2
1. Metal Guru
2. Mystic Lady
3. Rock On
4. The Slider
5. Thunderwing
6. Spaceball Ricochet
7. Buick MacKane
8. Rabbit Fighter
9. Baby Strange
10. Ballrooms of Mars
11. Cadilac
12. Main Man
13. Lady
14. Sunken Rags

14 responses to T. Rex / The Slider deluxe 2LP vinyl

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  2. julie says:

    No more box sets please. Surely after waiting 40 years we are entitled to the unreleased material that spirit music are keeping from us.

  3. Dave says:

    I see no reason to go out and buy these. I already have the originals of these LPs. They may not be on silver and red vinyl or limited editions. I got one will not be buying these albums. I’ve spent thousands on regurgitated recordings from various sources but will no longer do so. The Loght of Love Foundation should look at other ways of raising money for the Marc Bolan School of Music.

    • don cooper says:

      How have you Rabbit Fighter on vinyl? Only on CD as far as I know…

    • Randy Metro says:

      Are the Light of Love Foundation (Gloria Jones & Rolan) involved in the release of this? It looks to be a vinyl version of the Slider digipak from the mid 1990’s.

  4. Kevin Barrett says:

    Fantastic news! Love this album, definitely going for this, wow!

  5. Randy Metro says:

    Any mention of which remaster? Hopefully the 2012 remaster that was only available on the expensive box set. The bonus vinyl sounds like the dreadful alternate version from the late 90’s. Again, I’d hope for more recent alternate takes that may have been available from that box set. Too bad Demon, Spirit Music, & DanielZ couldn’t come to an agreement and release some of the still unavailable alternate takes and outtakes.

    • MamboSon says:

      The Visconti 2012 Slider remaster was released separately on Vinyl in 2013…still available on Amazon.
      .I understand that there’s Bolan ZipGun/ Futuristic Dragon deluxe cd set coming February 2017.. Mark Paytress has just finished his 10.000 word booklet…Set includes a cd 0f “unreleased gems” which rumor has it that they have come from Thunderwing.

      Spirit Music have denied Thunderwing releasing any Bolan Gems for years.

      ..2017 marks 40 years since Marc passed..if the vault s aren’t opened ,they will miss a great opportunity…some of us Electric Warrior 1971 tour screamers will be hitting the big 60 ..
      Senior Railcard or a Boley box set?
      No more re re releases Please more bare bones Vinyl sets with no booklets etc and NO rosettes!
      Visconti will hopefully give us the complete My People were Fair session from his archive..
      Desdemona will be 50,Debora 49 and I,m hoping for a decent 40th Anniversary campaign.

  6. Catweazle says:

    Beautiful! ‘The Slider’ was my very first LP, I bought it when I was twelve (still have that copy), and after all these years it’s still one of my favourite albums of all time. I am really looking forward to this release!

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