Tangerine Dream / Pilots of Purple Twilight: Virgin Recordings 1980-83

Ten-CD box set continues with Virgin era

Tangerine Dream follow up their superb In Search of Hades box set with another Virgin-era package. Pilots of Purple Twilight: The Virgin Recordings 1980-1983 showcases the next chapter and features newly remastered versions of the albums Tangram, Thief, Exit, White Eagle, Logos, Hyperborea along with the previously unreleased soundtracks.

The soundtracks are for the films The Soldier, the 1982 movie directed by James Glickenhaus and The Keep from the 1983 movie directed by Michael Mann. All audio has been re-mastered from the original master tapes by Ben Wiseman.

The design of ‘Pilots of the Purple Twilight’ matches ‘In Search of Hades’ (click image to enlarge)

Pilots of Purple Twilight also features additional previously unreleased material across four discs, including the full concert at The Dominion Theatre, London in November 1982.

In addition to this the soundtrack to Thief includes an extended promotional only version of  ‘Dr. Destructo’, White Eagle features six bonus tracks recorded for the German television crime drama series Tatort (originally released on a 12-inch single and a seven-inch single in Germany only), all of which are released for the first time on CD and digitally.

Finally, Hyperborea includes five bonus tracks originally issued on the Virgin soundtrack LP for the movie Risky Business, including Tangerine Dream’s biggest streaming track, Love On A Real Train.

The packaging is pleasingly consistent with the previous set and comes with a hardcover book with a new essay and many rare photographs and memorabilia.

This box is released on 16 October 2020. We are stocking on the SDE shop.

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Tangerine Dream

Pilots of Purple Twilight: The Virgin Recordings 1980 – 1983


CD 1 – “Tangram” (Released as Virgin V 2147 in May 1980)

  1. Tangram Set 1
  2. Tangram Set 2

CD 2 –  “Thief” (Released as Virgin V 2198 in March 1981)

  1. Beach Theme
  2. Dr. Drestructo
  3. Diamond Diary
  4. Burning Bar
  5. Beach Scene
  6. Scrap Yard
  7. Trap Feeling
  8. Igneous

CD 3 – “Exit” (Released as Virgin V 2212 in September 1981)

  1. Kiew Mission
  2. Pilots of Purple Twilight
  3. Choronzon
  4. Exit
  5. Network 23
  6. Remote Viewing

Cd 4 – “White Eagle” (Released as Virgin V2226 in March 1982)

  1. Mojave Plan
  2. Midnight in Tula
  3. Convention of the 24
  4. White Eagle
  5. Das Mädchen auf der Treppe*
  6. Flock*
  7. Katja*
  8. Speed*
  9. Daydream^
  10. Moorland^

*Bonus tracks: Taken from the 12-inch EP “Das Mädchen auf der Treppe”, Released in Germany as Virgin 600 651 in May 1982 Previously unreleased on CD

^A & B-sides of single – Released in Germany as Virgin 105 271 in May 1983. Previously unreleased on CD

CD 5 – “The Soldier” soundtrack

  1. Main titles
  2. Cue #1 – variation on Logos #1
  3. Cue #2 – variation on Horizon #1
  4. Cue #3 – The Soldier #1
  5. Cue #4 – variation on Dolphin Dance
  6. Cue #5 – variation on Tangent #1
  7. Cue #6 – The Soldier #2
  8. Cue #7 – The Soldier #3
  9. Cue #8 – The Soldier #4
  10. Cue #9 – The Soldier #5
  11. Cue #10 – variation on Horizon #2
  12. Cue #11 – The Soldier #6
  13. Cue #12 – The Soldier #7
  14. Cue #13 – variation on Logos #2
  15. Cue #14 – The Soldier #8
  16. Cue #15 – variation on Horizon #3
  17. End Titles

CD 6 – The Dominion Theatre Concert 6th November 1982

  1. The Dominion Concert Part One*

*Previously unreleased

CD 7 – The Dominion Theatre Concert 6th November 1982

  1. The Dominion Concert Part Two*
  2. Midnight in Tula*
  3. White Eagle*
  4. Dominion

*Previously unreleased

CD 8 – “Logos Live” (Released as Virgin V 2257 in December 1982)

  1. Logos (Part 1)
  2. Logos (Part 2)
  3. Dominion

CD 9 – “Hyperborea” (Released as Virgin V 2292 in November 1983)

  1. No Man’s Land
  2. Hyperborea
  3. Cinnamon Road
  4. Sphinx Lightning
  5. The Dream is Always the Same*
  6. No Future (Get off the Babysitter)*
  7. Guido the Killer Pimp*
  8. Lana*
  9. Love on a Real Train (Risky Business)*

*Bonus tracks: Taken from the soundtrack album: “Risky Business”. Released as Virgin V 2302 in 1984

CD 10 – “The Keep” (Soundtrack to the 1983 film directed by Michael Mann)

  1. Puer Natus Est Nobis (Gloria) (Thomas Tallis, arr. Edgar Froese)*
  2. Arx Allemand (Edgar Froese)*
  3. Truth and Fiction (Edgar Froese)*
  4. The Silver Seal (Edgar Froese / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  5. Ancient Powerplant (Edgar Froese)*
  6. Supernatural Accomplice (Edgar Froese)*
  7. The Challenger’s Arrival (Edgar Froese)*
  8. Heritage Survival (Edgar Froese / Christoph Franke / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  9. Parallel Words (Edgar Froese / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  10. Canzone (Edgar Froese / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  11. Voices from a Common Land (Edgar Froese / Christoph Franke / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  12. Wardays Sunrise (Edgar Froese)*
  13. The Night in Romania (Edgar Froese)*

* Previously unreleased

83 responses to Tangerine Dream / Pilots of Purple Twilight: Virgin Recordings 1980-83

  1. Charlesworth says:

    Does anyone know if Musicvaultz will stock this? Wonder where to purchase this from Canada.

    • Squire Wakeman says:

      The rare hard to find 4 cd Electronic Orgy released in the mid 90s covers mostly the unreleased material in this new box set particularly the Tatort, Risky Business and Dr. Destructo, and some of The Keep tracks. Orange records released The Soldier BUT the ski chase score is missing, and the tracks are mostly taken from other albums like Poland, Underwater Sunlight. If this new box set has the ski chase in its roster then this is the real deal. The Soldier on Youtube seems authentic but it was derived from VHS since dialogue is present. The closest to The Keep score is the one with Blue Records (Vanishing point cover of walls and pyramid back cover), it is not “tangetized” or edited by Edgar Froese. The Keep from Orange records ( The Keep letters as castle image with 2 soldiers in cape and vehicle) is just a copy cat release of The Keep that was released in limited editions during a concert in the early 1990s and “tangetized” by both Edgar and Jerome meaning new instruments were used to enhance the music as evidenced by Heritage Survival adding acoustic guitars. This is just the tip of the iceberg there is so much in the vault that needs to be released during TD’s stint with Virgin. For now we have to satisfy with this release and I am happy that they were able to keep the price affordable in contrast with the Pink Floyd box sets of the early years and latter years box set with so much useless bulk and physical presentation. For those who are unhappy with how the Hades box set are holding the cds. I would suggest pull them out put them in cd cases or use portable cd binder. If they follow how Pink Floyd sell their boxes, you might end up selling your house or your car to buy these reasonably priced Tangerine Dream boxed sets. I am a big fan of Steve Wilson, I have all the Porcupine Tree albums and all his solo albums. Honestly I do not see any difference with the original remaster with his own mastering skill. I am glad he’s not involved with this Pilots of Purple Twilight since it will only inflate the price. I am not sure and it is hard to tell that he toyed with either the Oedipus score or some of the live albums in Hades, what I mean by toyed is that he added some of his instrumentation, which evidently out of place, obviously new. I am anxiously waiting to have Pilots box set available in the states which currently on Amazon is only for mp3. I am very frustrated that Amazon US is always delayed in Tangerine Dream releases particularly the box sets. Any idea about Amazon US posting the pre order? Thank you.

      • Robert says:

        It should be remembered that Electronic Orgy is a bootleg and the tracks you mention were all taken from vinyl whereas this set will be sourced from master tapes.

        Orange Records, again all bootlegs and designed to hoodwink the fans.

        Regarding soundtracks, Wouter said that Heartbreakers is no longer owned by Virgin and of course Sorcerer, Firestarter and Wavelength were never Virgin releases.

        Wouter is an expert on TD and I believe the book that comes with this will be very fascinating.

  2. Dave says:

    Since the track names match the TDI release, I’m guessing The Keep doesn’t include the tracks from either end of the film. Were these omitted due to licensing issues? The opening theme is a cover of “Mea Culpa” by Brian Eno/David Byrne and the end theme is a cover of “Walking in the Air” by Howard Blake. The extended version of the end theme is stunning.

  3. tom m hans says:

    Has anyone ever ordered from to the US? This would come down to $110.00 incl. shipping (Universal Store in the US is 150.00 plus taxes plus shipping). If I pay with CC they charge it only by the time the item is shipped – if I use paypal they charge right away. Any troubles along the way? Are things packed nicely or is it hit and miss?
    When I was still living Germany I used them a lot as an contender but ever since I moved to the States 15 years ago I have not ever since.
    Thanks for the input.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      I am also curious to know. Made my first order for the Ultravox Vienna box from JPC after Amazon UK said they couldn’t ship to the USA. Now finding the Lennon and TD Boxes similarly restricted by most Amazons outside the US thought Lennon just popped back up as available on Amazon UK. And JPC can often offer better prices than Amazon so they may become my go-to place if their items are well packaged and they are reliable. You can find bad reviews easily on-line but also good ones from long-time customers.

      Would love to see other SDEers chime in on their experience.

      • Tom M says:

        The first TD box (Hades) was restricted at first from European Amazons. It changed later on and still continues to ship everywhere (and less expensive than the new box). Don’t understand the policy of not making this available right away. Things often change after the release date when physical stock is actually available to ship. Amazon’s websites do have a tendency to push people towards digital only (mp3) versions.

  4. Chris says:

    I have two content-related questions for anyone who was involved in the production of this set.

    The only thing strangely missing from this era is the HEARTBREAKERS soundtrack (also released on Virgin Germany just like the two Tatort vinyl releases), and I’m curious if it had anything to do with either high licensing fees or an ownership issue. Previously in this thread, it was pointed out that the forthcoming 1984 version of The Keep soundtrack is a standalone album- just like TD released their scores of Thief, Sorcerer and Firestarter to name a few. As far as that concept goes, the HEARTBREAKERS soundtrack certainly qualifies as well even though it was only released by Virgin Germany. It was technically the last original TD release by Virgin, so it would have served as an interesting endcap to the box set.

    Also, there was always some confusion as to the correct running speed of the four tracks on the TATORT 12″ single (“Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe”, “Flock”, “Katja”, “Speed”) as the outer sleeve said 45 RPM but the label on the vinyl itself says 33 RPM. Adding to this is the fact- since they’re instrumental- they sound right at either speed. Did anyone ever figure this out? Hopefully- whichever speed is correct- is the one which was used when this set was being assembled.

  5. GentleRabbit says:

    Fun fact: on Amazon AU, this box’s predecessor In Search Of Hades is currently listed as #1 Best Seller in the Educational Children’s Music category. Hmmmmmm…..

  6. Squire Wakeman says:

    When will in the US have this?

  7. Fathomie says:

    I wonder if Paul can field this one? I’ve read on the various promotion pieces for the boxset, that it’s ‘newly remastered’. How can this be? Unless they are simply remastering using the tapes the 95′ set was taken from? Further to that, what’s the point? The 95′ CD’s are the best digital versions out there, and, given the state of the tapes twenty five years further on, they are not likely to be any bettered. Unless of course the Froese estate has given permission for these new masters to be taken from the actual Master tapes? Something I haven’t read anywhere? Or are they just using sleight of hand and mean the unreleased material?

    • Rob says:

      Fathomie that’s a good question but you could use that argument for every new remaster. A lot of classic albums have been remastered several times. My own belief is that remastering is usually pointless and I would question if even the 95 editions were essential. Rarely does it sound better in my view.
      I would have just liked the bonuses and box without the normal albums but that’s never going to happen as most people would like a big box set.

      • Fathomie says:

        You could indeed, and in particular since record companies started ramping up the compression on numerous remasters since the 1990’s, I’d agree many are utterly pointless. Tbh when people get moist over remasters they don’t tend to understand what that means? Remasters, according to every engineer that I seen comment online, are really only ‘tinkering’ with the sound, and unless the sound was very, very poor, and a few tweaks have altered that to a limited extent, they aren’t going to make much of a change – because you can’t. Once a Master is done, that’s it. They can mess about with limited parameters, but not make any major changes. Remixing, as Steven Wilson does, is where real changes to the sound can be made, as that’s going back to the multitracks and building, effectively, a completely new Master recording. Wilson prefers not to make massive changes, but with many albums he’s done, the differences are often night and day, in particular with poor originals. Box sets are really for the completist. The only ones I buy are those that are either a) remixes or b) as you say, mainly new, unreleased, material.

        • Mad Earwig says:

          You may be right about some remastering but on certain 1980’s albums, many were over produced and many just sounded ‘thin’ and some remastering can transform an album.

          Take John Mellencamp ‘Scarecrow’ which was unlistenable on CD ( even on a good player) but the remastered version has ironed out the shrillness and it sounds ‘fuller’ and highlights what a great album it is.

          I think some of the Bowie remasters sound worse ( esp Diamond Dogs) after remastering and a bit muted but Rush’s 2112 and Tom Perry’s ‘ Torpedoes’ sound better to me.
          Some of the Tangerine Dream remasters sounded good like Stratosfear and Rubycon both having reduced hiss and a bit more forward in the presentation.

  8. Kim Porter says:

    Hi Paul, the artwork suggests that the title is Pilots of Purple Twilight, no “the”. (Sounds more Euro without the “the”, too)

  9. Rik K says:

    I didn’t buy digital versions of my old TD albums, because I’m so in love with all the vinyl sleeves with their Monica Froese artwork. But as with Hades, I can’t resist this new set. Once I get it, it’s unlikely that I’ll be playing my vinyls anymore. TD music is unsuited to being interrupted every 20 minutes either. Still, I can’t yet bear to part with my beautiful vinyls, despite them taking up so much scarce space on my shelves. This is especially true since the vinyls would fetch little-to-nothing from shops.

    • Fathomie says:

      Surely that depends on the quality of the mastering? If the CD’s have better mastering, then retire the vinyl. If they don’t, keep, and play both. Unless someone has access to the Froese family vault, these will simply be re-issues/re-hashes of existing Digital masters, nothing new. As far as I know, Edgar’s family have not given permission to use his tape library, and the unreleased material is from Virgins vaults, so..

    • Mad Earwig says:

      I was in a similar position so ‘ricochet’ ‘Tangram’ and ‘Encore’ vinyl sleeves are now in album cover frames on walls in my property ( along with a blue oyster cult, Zeppelin, Rush and Van Halen)

    • Andy Haines says:

      I’d be interested in your vinyl depending on which albums you have and condition! I regret getting rid of mine when I bought the CDs and I had the Exit album with poster. Face palm! Don!

  10. Jeff says:

    Hi Paul……Will there be any Blu-Ray duscs like “In Search of Hades” box set with multi-channel sound?

  11. Jason says:

    Question for all… I had the original Virgin vinyl LP for the “Risky Business” soundtrack when the film was first released, and then later bought the CD, and the versions of the Tangerine Dream tracks were different on these two formats. I remember distinctly that “Love On A Real Train” on the vinyl LP was a little shorter more reminiscent of the mix featured in the film. Does anyone have the skinny on this? Do these original vinyl versions appear on any TD CD releases?

    • Chris says:

      If memory serves, the extended versions of both “The Dream Is Always The Same” and “Love On A Real Train” appear on the DREAM SEQUENCE compilation from 1985 (released on LP, CD, and Cassette formats), whereas somewhat shortened versions originally appeared on the Risky Business soundtrack (LP version). I can’t tell you if the CD version of Risky Business has longer versions of the other three TD tracks however.

  12. John Connor says:

    Since all I listen to is TD live, the Hades box set was incredible and well worth the money. But for this all I see is the The Dominion Theatre ’82 Concert. And I can’t justify the money just for those 2 CD’s. Wish they could be released separately.

    Why not a full remaster of the excellent Berlin 1-31-80 concert? (TT 17) (I was assuming that would be on the next box set, guess I was wrong). Heck, there is even an awesome fan created 5.1 mix of that show taken from the soundboard and FM versions (that have different mixes)

    There is also the Berlin 11-15-82 show (TT 61) and the Budapest 10-19-82 show (TT 87 – second set only, does the first exist?), but the Dominion show is new so I’d rather have that from ’82.

    The other problem is that in the early mid-’70’s every TD show was different. So multiple shows from the same ‘tour’ are worth having because they are all different and unique. By the ’80’s they were becoming more like a ‘normal’ band, where the concerts on the same tour are pretty much the same. So one you find a great version you don’t need any more.

    • Fathomie says:

      The Hades set was worth having for the wealth of unreleased material and for the excellent blu rays. The rest of the discs are still unused as they are likely to be the same mastering as the 1995 re-issues. Steven Wilson only remixed the albums for surround on the Hades set. This set is simply a round up of cutting room floor material at Virgin, and existing masters. If people have the original vinyl already have the 1995 remasters on CD, why bother? Unless the Froese estate lets someone like Steven Wilson have access to ALL Edgars original tapes, we will never see a ‘true’ remaster or remix of TD’s back catalogue.

  13. Stuart says:

    I’ve only recent started listening to TD courtesy of the 2 Virgin Years multi CD sets. As I really enjoy these I thought of getting the Hades box, however on comparing track listings I appeared to have most of these tracks already (certainly the master versions).

    I fancy this box, however on doing a quick comparison, it looks like I have most of these tracks.

    Re-mastering and book aside, am I missing something?

  14. Steve says:

    Looks fantastic. The whole complete Logos afternoon show. 10 out of 10 rating from me for the content in the box. Love the slipcase artwork it all comes in. Cannot wait.

  15. SF says:

    What’s the bloody point of a super box-set, when they skip tracks?
    Three tracks frmo the Keep are missing:
    “Sign in the Dark”
    “Weird Village”
    “Love and Destiny”
    So that fans still hunt down the ridiculously overpriced album that only had 150 copies?

    • Stuart Ansell says:

      No, because that would imply that the band or record company would make anything out of the resale of second hand copies of the album, which they clearly won’t – unless they’re hoarding them for themselves to sell on discogs, which they clearly aren’t.

    • Robert says:

      Here is what “Wouter” from the Steve Hoffman forum has said about The Keep (lots of thanks to him):

      The Keep is not missing 3 tracks.
      For the box set, the original 1984 master tapes were unearthed.
      That means that the box set contains the 1:1 original album that was planned for release in early 1984, but was scrapped and shelved when the movie – which was already released for some months – was a box office flop.
      The version released by TD in 1997 is based on the 1984 planned album, adding three tracks, some overdubs and edits.

      The complete story about the 1984 album version of The Keep is printed in the book that comes with the Pilots.. box. It will be the end to all myths, rumours and assumptions.

      The Pilots… box contains the long-awaited 1984 version of The Keep album – a standalone album, just like TD released their scores of Thief, Sorcerer and Firestarter – to name a few. So don’t expect raw cues of The Keep (…the cd in the box featuring The Soldier does feature the individual cues), but a full length mixed and mastered album that stands up in its own right – and musically is a logical follow-up to Hyperborea.

      • Wouter B says:

        Yes, that’s me.
        I have written the accompanied book, did some additional research and pre-mastering and provided compilation assistence. Seven months of hard and dedicated work!
        Regards, Wouter

        • Mark says:

          Thanks for the info Wouter, much appreciated. Is the music in the track ‘Awakening’ from the Tangerine Tree bootleg included at all? It’s the music played in the film when Glaeken senses Molasar’s awakening, his arrival at the port in Piraeus and his journey on the boat to Romania.

    • Wouter B says:

      Hi, there are no tracks missing.
      You refer to the 1997 TDI version of The Keep (that also contained overdubs and some additional editing) had three tracks that weren’t part of the original 1984 album version – which is part of this box set.
      I can confirm, because I did some work for this box set (including writing the book)
      Regards, Wouter Bessels

    • Lars Blondeel says:

      Because they presumably are in ‘The Dominion Concert’

  16. Straker says:

    HMV has the release date as 30/10.

  17. Robert says:

    This box is too expensive for me. Not saying it’s bad value but I can’t afford it at the moment. I have therefore gone for the Amazon mp3 download which is £26.99. That’s good value although the Amazon mp3 bitrate is still below many other digital stores. It’s crazy that the mp3 digital version of the first is still over £75. I don’t think I will ever buy it.

    A great selection of tracks. I was beginning to think some of the masters for soundtracks such as Solider or The Keep didn’t exist anymore. Maybe the band just weren’t interested in realising the old stuff at that point. I do wish good versions of some of the stellar electronic tracks the played on live early 80s live shows, such as Calymba Caly & The Horns of Doom, had been included.

  18. gordon wheeler says:

    I will be buying this box set as it is the period of TD that I revere the most. However, it is a massive opportunity missed in my opinion in terms of a 5.1 mix release, White Eagle, Exit and Hyperborea would be the best of this bunch to have in multi channel, and I am massively dissappointed that this isn’t happening.

    Tangram is one of my all time favourite albums and not seeing that in 5.1 is something that will follow me to my grave, jealousy particularly invoked when looking at all the work done to the KC catalogue.

    Thanks for the post Paul, I will still enjoy getting this collection and playing it through, the release of Das Madchen auf der treppe is a particular highlight.

    Trundles off mumbling and cursing

    • D says:

      I have pre-ordered this already- a splendid collection (I already own all the already released stuff, but happy to double dip for the remastering and the amount of bonus material). The only disappointment is the lack of any 5.1 surround mixes. Oh well.

    • Mel C says:

      Sadly an ex-member of TD took all of the multi-track tapes and refused to hand them over – even though court cases happened and thousands of Dollars were wasted in the attempt. Unless he admits it openly there’s little chance that the tapes will ever seen the light of day again

      • Heinz M says:

        Sounds like you are talking about Chris Franke, indeed he did take most of the multitrack tapes with him when he moved to the USA.

  19. Dave says:

    This is a must purchase for me!
    Paul, can you update when those of us in the states can buy?

  20. Olli says:

    Finally Das Mädchen auf der Treppe….
    ….and Flock…..
    …..and Speed…
    …..and Katja. Waited so long…..

    • Pal says:

      You didn’t have to. All of those are included on the TDI (TD’s own label) release called Antique Dreams

      • Olli says:

        These songs are not on the sampler. Doublecheck please!

        • Pal says:

          Tangerine Dream – Antique Dreams
          Track #4 Flock of Bluebirds
          Track #5 Speed Dragon
          Track #7 Moorland

          Inner sleeve notes: “originally composed for a German thriller show”

          • Wouter B says:

            Hi Pal,
            The Antique Dreams versions of these tracks are slightly overdubbed and from inferior sources.
            The Pilots… box has these tracks 1:1 from the original masters.
            Regards, Wouter

  21. Michael REMY (from Amiens) says:

    no trace of Street Hawks (AKA Tonnerre Mécanique in French) ? Did they finally release some material about the soundtack of the tv series ? did they ?

  22. Dean says:

    Instant buy.

    It’s not up to the standard of the last box though, since there don’t seem to be any Surround Mixes, or hi-res versions in there. That’s disappointing.

    Of course, everything will hinge on the quality of the remastering. I’ll be paying particular attention to Exit, which hasn’t sounded quite as punchy as it should thus far, on CD.

    I’ll also say they missed a trick by not including the closing titles track on Thief. This wasn’t done by TD, of course, but I can’t listen to the album without it these days (an independent label put out a version of the album including it a few years ago). This extra track is essential, imo.

    • Pal says:

      The original UK CD mastered by Nimbus sounds absolutely gorgeous. I don’t need a remaster of that one.
      I am more looking forward to the remaster of White Eagle

    • Tom M says:

      Wasn’t there another version of “Thief” with alternate/unused versions of this material? They could have included that as well. This box should sound very good if, like the previous box, original tapes were used.

  23. The Expat Geordie says:

    Amazon in the UK and France won’t ship across the pond. Amazon in Germany only list the MP3s (!) and of course don’t list it at all….
    I’d love to buy it from SDE: can you rebate the VAT and ship it to the US for 3 quid?

  24. Rob says:

    I wonder what the source for the soldier soundtrack is. It’s never been released officially and contains tracks from my favourite TD Album: Poland

  25. Simonf says:

    Bugger! Thought my box set collecting days would end with Prince’s Sign O The Times, and then this pops up. I only bought the first Tangs box earlier this year and have still not had a chance to go through it, apart from watching the Coventry Cathedral gig on DVD. I do have the earlier Virgin Years 1977-1983 collection which covers all this minus the s/track albums and live album, so will have to have a think on this one. Nice collection though.
    What’s the betting I will finally crack and buy it….

  26. Patrick Gleeson says:

    Some nice bonus content here, but a little disappointed there’s no DVD or BD content. Will buy for sure though, as there’s enough here to enjoy.

  27. Steven Roberts says:

    Seeing as I still haven’t worked my way through the first box, it might be an idea to sit this one for the moment.

    Y’know, in the hope of a price alert :)

  28. Kauwgompie says:

    Great news!! Wow, Sep and Oct are going to be epic with Prince, Tears For Fears and Tangerine Dream box sets. Absolutely beautiful music and great bonus tracks. Too bad there is no 5.1 mix of any of the albums like “In Search Of Hades” had. But will get this for sure. What a treat!!

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Indeed great news though I was hoping that Paul had just not mentioned the 5.1 mixes in the News “headline.” Steven Wilson has been very busy with two of his 5.1 mixes coming out the previous week (TFF and Ultravox)! To have got more from him within a week was asking too much.

      I am going to have to pace myself on this one. Have the aforementioned boxes on pre-order. And need to find a different vendor to Amazon UK as they are not shipping this to the US.

      Looked at my Amazon UK order for In Search of Hades and the 18 disc set with 2 blu-rays and 3 5.1 mixes was being, and is still offered, for the same £99. And they’ll ship it to the US. I don’t understand their inconsistent shipping policies.

  29. Ross Baker says:

    Never imagined we’d get this, so I’m very excited. Heaven knows how I’m going to afford this alongside the Divine Comedy, Tears for Fears and Mansun boxes coming out around the same time…

    Fingers crossed the Blue and Pink years get similar sets in the future.

  30. DaveySussex says:

    Hyperborea was the first TD I ever heard and sent me on a long fantastic journey. So I’m definitely up for this one.

  31. philce3k says:

    Oh sweet Christ! the Johannes Schmoelling era! Melody is king! :-D
    a no-brainer purchase.

  32. adam shaw says:

    Wondering if Dominion Concert part one and two are the same or similar to Logos part one and two .

    • Paul Kingston says:

      All of Logos was performed at the Dominion concert along with parts of The Keep soundtrack and some previously released material. largely from White Eagle. The full set list (from Tangerine Leave 1) is:

      01: Logos Part I (04:28)
      02: Logos Part II (03:02)
      03: Heritage survival (05:30)
      04: Mirage (02:38)
      05: Sign in the dark (04:09)
      06: The night in Romania (04:35)
      07: Dreamscape (06:06)
      08: Choronzon (08:25)
      09: Tangent (Excerpt) (03:59)
      10: Mojave Plan (10:13)
      11: Logos Part III (07:11)
      12: Logos Part IV (013:54)
      13: Logos Part V (04:15)
      14: Logos Part VI (05:01)
      15: Logos Part VII (05:55)
      16: Logos Part VIII (03:00)
      17: Midnight in Tula (04:31)
      18: White eagle (05:22)
      19: Dominion (06:00)

      That’s assuming that the full show is released.

    • Mel C says:

      The Dominion 2 x CD comes from the afternoon show

      • Wouter B says:

        This is incorrect. The Dominion 2 cd is not just from the afternoon show.
        Where did you got this info?

        For this box set, I have written the accompanied book, did some additional research and pre-mastering and provided compilation assistence.

  33. Paul Kingston says:

    Another good-looking boxed-set of TD to splash out on. Is The Keep soundtrack the original untangentized version? That would be worth the cost of the set alone; it’s the stuff of legend (you know what I mean) in TD fan circles. I have the tangentized version, and it’s alright, and the various iterations liberated in the Tangerine Tree and the Digital/Analogue Soundtrack Collections, but an official release of the actual film soundtrack would be a winner.

    My inner pedant feels that it should point out that The Dream is Always the Same and Love on a Real Train were both released previously in the 1980s as part of the Dream Sequence compilation. The other Risky Business Tracks have only seen bootleg releases.

    • Ross Baker says:

      Apparently The Keep is taken from the original 1984 master tapes. Which is exciting!

    • Chris says:

      Paul Kingston wrote:

      “My inner pedant feels that it should point out that The Dream is Always the Same and Love on a Real Train were both released previously in the 1980s as part of the Dream Sequence compilation. The other Risky Business Tracks have only seen bootleg releases.”

      The official RISKY BUSINESS soundtrack release (1984 & 1985) contained five tracks credited to Tangerine Dream: “The Dream Is Always The Same”, “No Future (Get Off The Babysitter)”, “Guido The Killer Pimp”, “Lana”, and “Love On A Real Train (Risky Business)”.

  34. Mark says:

    I wonder if this is the original recorded soundtrack to ‘The Keep’ as featured in the film itself, or the re-recorded version that was on sale at several Tangerine Dream concerts some years ago? The track titles are the same as the re-recorded version titles so i’m guessing the latter…

    • DaveySussex says:

      It does say The Keep tracks are previously unreleased so I would have thought that would exclude the version being sold at gigs and is hopefully the original soundtrack.

  35. Straker says:

    The Keep is the Holy Grail of unreleased TD music. Countless dodgy bootlegs over the years going for silly money. The inclusion of this here makes it seem like Virgin are selling this box for peanuts.

  36. Don Cooper says:

    Wisely no pretence at ‘strictly limited’ ‘one-time only’ ‘never repeated’ etc. etc.

    Rather steep, considering the classic era had been and gone…

    Essential purchase, (probably).

    • Stuart Ansell says:

      Hi there, the classic era hasn’t ‘been and gone’ in many fan’s opinions. Just as King Crimson, Pink Floyd and many others have devotees of particular period but still more that enjoy each period equally, so the same is true for Tangerine Dream – whilst I adore Phaedra and Ricochet, Exit and Logos are two of my favourite albums of all time, and I’m giddy with excitement at the thought of getting my grubby little mitts on this!

      Have a great weekend everyone!

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