Tears For Fears: box sets available again + SDE booklet & vinyl pic disc

The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair boxes back in print

Universal Music Catalogue are making the super deluxe edition box sets of Tears For Fears‘ first two albums The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair available again. Additionally, a Songs From The Big Chair vinyl picture disc will be released to mark the 35th anniversary and SDE will publish a special celebratory booklet: How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled the World.

As many readers will know I helped curate both TFF box sets and contributed sleeve notes/interviews for both packages. The Hurting is a 3CD+DVD box set that offers the remastered album, a disc of B-sides and remixes, a CD of rare radio sessions and finally the In My Mind’s Eye concert on DVD. It was first issued in October 2013 and comes with two booklets: a reproduction of a tour programme and my notes, which include quotes from interviews with Roland and Curt, conducted at the time.

Originally issued just over a year later, in November 2014, the Songs From The Big Chair super deluxe edition is a bigger offering, featuring four CDs and two DVDs. This set delivers a truly phenomenal amount of audio with every commercially issued b-side and remix of the era included, along with previously unreleased radio sessions and early mixes. The first DVD includes Steven Wilson’s 5.1 surround mix (and his stereo mix) while the second brings together the Scenes From The Big Chair documentary, a long interview with producer Chris Hughes, promo videos and TV appearances. Again, this comes with a tour booklet replica and a second booklet with band and producers discussing the album ‘in their own words’ (interviews edited and conducted by myself). There is also a detailed guide to the bonus material.

New for 2020, is a limited edition 35th anniversary vinyl picture disc of Songs From The Big Chair and we’re not done yet, since I’m delighted to announce a sixth in the series of SDE ‘keepsake’ booklets with a publication that focuses on Tears For Fears’ 1985 album and is called How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World.

New SDE booklet ‘How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World’ (click to image to enlarge).

The How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World booklet features new content by SDE editor Paul Sinclair (me!), pulling on hours of interviews with key members, a new interview with Roland and fresh insight from engineer Dave Bascombe. It explores, in detail, all aspects of the album, including the recording process, the songs, the singles, the marketing, the chart success and the aftermath.

The two box sets, the new vinyl picture disc and SDE booklet will all be released on 13 March 2020 and everything is available to order via the SDE shop, with the booklet exclusive to that channel. If you are wondering about The Seeds of Love and ‘the new album’, the record label say “new material and further reissues on the horizon”!

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Tears For Fears

Songs From The Big Chair - vinyl picture disc


Compare prices and pre-order

Tears For Fears

Songs From The Big Chair - super deluxe box set


Compare prices and pre-order

Tears For Fears

The Hurting - super deluxe edition box set


Tears For Fears / The Hurting four-disc box set

CD 1 – The Hurting

  1. The Hurting
  2. Mad World
  3. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)
  4. Ideas As Opiates
  5. Memories Fade
  6. Suffer The Children
  7. Watch Me Bleed
  8. Change
  9. The Prisoner
  10. Start Of The Breakdown

CD 2 – B-sides and Remixes

  1. Suffer The Children (7″ Version)
  2. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love)
  3. The Prisoner (B-side)
  4. Ideas As Opiates (B-side)
  5. Change (New Version)
  6. Suffer The Children (Remix)
  7. Pale Shelter (You Don’t Give Me Love) (Extended Version)
  8. Mad World (World Remix)
  9. Change (Extended Version)
  10. Pale Shelter (Extended Version)
  11. Suffer The Children (Instrumental)
  12. Change (7″ Edit)
  13. Wino (B-Side)
  14. The Conflict (B-Side)
  15. We Are Broken (B-Side)
  16. Suffer The Children (Promo CD Version)

CD 3 – Live Sessions

Peel Session 01.09.1982

  • 1. Ideas As Opiates
  • 2. Suffer The Children
  • 3. The Prisoner
  • 4. The Hurting

Jensen Session 20.10.1982

  • 5. Memories Fade
  • 6. The Prisoner
  • 7. The Start Of The Breakdown
  • 8. The Hurting

From ‘The Way You Are’ single

  • 9. Start Of The Breakdown (Live)
  • 10. Change (Live)

CD 4 – DVD – In My Mind’s Eye – Live At Hammersmith Odeon

  1. Start Of The Breakdown
  2. Mothers Talk
  3. Pale Shelter
  4. The Working Hour
  5. The Prisoner
  6. Ideas As Opiates
  7. Mad World
  8. We Are Broken
  9. Head Over Heels
  10. Suffer The Children
  11. The Hurting
  12. Memories Fade
  13. Change

Songs From The Big Chair – 4CD+DVD super deluxe edition

DISC ONE – Album with special cassette-only bonus tracks recreated

01. SHOUT : 6:31
04. MOTHERS TALK : 5:04
05. I BELIEVE : 4:54
06. BROKEN : 2:38
07. HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:02
08. LISTEN : 6:54

Bonus tracks

09. THE BIG CHAIR : 3:20
11. THE MARAUDERS : 4:13
13. THE CONFLICT : 4:02
14. THE WORKING HOUR – Piano Version : 2:08
15. PHARAOHS : 03:42
17. SEA SONG : 3:51

DISC TWO – Edited Songs From The Big Chair

01. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:49
02. MOTHERS TALK – Single Version : 3:53
03. SHOUT – Single Version : 5:58
04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Single Version : 4:14
05. HEAD OVER HEELS – Remix : 4:15
06. I BELIEVE (A Soulful Re-Recording) : 4:39
08. THE WAY YOU ARE – Short Version : 4:21
09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix : 4:14
10. SHOUT – U.S. Single Version : 4:51
11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD – Running Version : 4:30
12. HEAD OVER HEELS – Radio Version : 4.20
13. MOTHERS TALK – Video Version : 4:14
14. SHOUT – Short Version : 4:03
15. LISTEN – Clean Intro : 6:52

DISC THREE – Remixed Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

01. THE WAY YOU ARE – Extended Version : 7:37
02. MOTHERS TALK – Extended Version : 6:18
03. SHOUT – Extended Remix Version : 7:40
04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Extended Version : 5:40
05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS / BROKEN – Preacher Mix : 8:00
06. MOTHERS TALK – Beat Of The Drum Mix : 8:54
07. SHOUT – U.S. Remix : 8:02
09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix alternate : 4:12
10. SHOUT – Dub : 6:49
11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Instrumental : 4:21
12. SHOUT – Acappella : 5:02

DISC FOUR – Unreleased Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

01. HEAD OVER HEELS : 4:14 Richard Skinner Session
02. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:06 Richard Skinner Session
03. BROKEN : 3:19 Richard Skinner Session
04. MOTHERS TALK : 4:05 Live At Massey Hall
05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:01 Live At Massey Hall
06. MEMORIES FADE : 6:50 Live At Massey Hall
07. THE WORKING HOUR : 7:31 Live At Massey Hall
08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 4:19 Live At Massey Hall
09. SHOUT : 7:50 Live At Massey Hall
10. MOTHERS TALK – Early Mix / Instrumental : 4:39
11. THE WAY YOU ARE – Early Mix : 4:25
12. BROKEN – Early Mix : 5:38
13. SHOUT – Early Mix : 5:08
14. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Alternate Single Version: 4.20


5.1 and Stereo mix

SHOUT : 6:32
I BELIEVE : 4:54
BROKEN : 2:38
LISTEN : 6:49



01. SCENES FROM THE BIG CHAIR – Documentary : 1:14:43

03. THE WAY YOU ARE – Music Video : 3:57
04. MOTHERS TALK – Alternative UK Video : 4:00
05..MOTHERS TALK – Music Video : 4.49
06. SHOUT – Music Video : 6:31
08. HEAD OVER HEELS – Music Video : 4:26
09. I BELIEVE – Music Video : 4:45
10. MOTHERS TALK – US Mix – Music Video : 4:52
BBC TV Appearances

03. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:11 Top Of The Pops
04. MOTHERS TALK : 3:48 Top Of The Pops
05. MOTHERS TALK : 3:51 Top Of The Pops
06. SHOUT : 4:20 Top Of The Pops
10. THE WORKING HOUR : 4:28 Wogan

390 responses to Tears For Fears: box sets available again + SDE booklet & vinyl pic disc

  1. Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

    For anyone in the Glasgow/Renfrewshire area HMV in Braehead have one copy left on display (back of shop right hand wall) for £24.99

  2. Julian says:

    I’ve picked up the last The Hurting boxset from HMV Leeds today Thursday 30 July 2020 for £24.99.

    They had it in their back store room after checking it’s availability. The salesman said he sold another copy a couple of days ago.

    It was recently advertised by them at that price online but had sold out.

    So it’s worth asking at your local HMV.

    Other item of interest in the HMV crash sale which was ongoing was the Simple Minds Street Fighting Years CDs & DVD boxset.

    I think that was similar price area from memory now. Sorry, face mask started to steam up my glasses so left soon after!

  3. Alan Crane says:

    I ordered both The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair box sets on March 4th from Amazon – Songs From The Big Chair was delivered on 28th March after initially having given me a May delivery date. Waited and waited and last Monday (4th May) got the dreaded ‘We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item:’ email. I’ve noticed Songs From The Big Chair is still in stock on Amazon albeit at £49.99 and at the moment The Hurting is £77.99 + £1.26 P&P from an Amazon seller. Anyone know if equal amounts were produced of each box set?

  4. Ross Baker says:

    Well, it’s been concluded that mine has been lost in the post. Getting a full refund is all very well, but given that prices are now double the original £40 I’m still not going to be able to afford one at the minute – and judging on what happened with the first issue, the cost will only go up in time.

    These ludicrously low run limited editions – when put out by the largest record label in the world – are such a pain in the arse, as not only do they leave people like myself without an item that I pre-ordered, but the difficulty in getting a replacement is partly because scalpers have clocked the demand (there’s already a new copy for £110 on Amazon).

    Needless to say I’m very frustrated at the whole thing.

    • Dave says:

      Hmv online 50 quid

    • James W says:

      I just got mine today, very, very late. Hopefully, yours shows up soon as well. Now I hope my “The Hurting” box shows up very late, too. ha!

    • S Fernandez says:

      It was a pain to visit the site daily to check inventory but I was finally able to pre-order The Hurting box set on March 5. It was shipped March 19. I’ve lost hope it’ll arrive and of course since it’s sold out I can’t afford it anymore on third party sites. Going back and forth with uDiscover went nowhere, there’s no more in stock. After waiting years for this to be available I’m really upset by this. Why this was reprinted in such limited quantities despite the demand is beyond frustrating.

  5. Tom says:

    How many units of The Hurting Deluxe have been made available? 2 or maybe 3? I wanted to wait with the order til April and it’s already gone. Better no re-release than this rubbish. It’s under a month ago, that it was put out (March 20).

    • Jason M says:

      Tom, this site, and this very thread you are posting in has listed multiple sites selling these box sets, and I put my order in late and got mine on Monday. I think The Hurting is sold out everywhere but you should check all the sites in this thread. Sadly, the economic meltdown could lead to cheaper prices on Eee Bait and Scamazon. Good luck. The Big Chair should still be available on a few.

  6. Robert says:

    Strangely enough, Amazon UK shipped last Thursday and delivered The Hurting box to my US address Monday March 30th but my SFTBC box shipped on March 19th and still isn’t due to arrive until next week. At least I got The Hurting. Was thinking I was just waiting for a cancellation notice like others.

  7. Mick Renshaw says:

    Finally got round to opening these two box sets, without a shadow of doubt this is how to do them properly. Excellent job, Paul, really well done. Not to start listening to them!

  8. Elliott Buckingham says:

    I think this set is well overpriced when you think of recent sets from inxs and marillion were around £25. Why no bluray 5.1 mix just a dvd version

  9. paul widdows says:

    Hi i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem as me with the big chair picture disc. i purchased a copy from amazon and the copy i recieved had a split from the middle outwards so i unsealed it and the picture in the middle was cracked, more noticeable on side b. so i returned it. They had no more copies so i ordered one from the hmv website. I was in hmv yesterday and the copies they had in stock had the same crack in it in exactly the same place. Is this a manufacturing fault or just a coincidence

    • Stephen says:

      Mines fine, although I know what you mean as I’ve had this “split” image issue with other picture discs. When the audio quality is pretty rubbish, the least you want them to get right is the image

  10. Tony walton says:

    Been to hmv today in Sunderland and they have got 4 copies of the tears for fears sde boxset of the hurting in stock…so all you fine people who can’t get one that’s where you can…..

  11. Gregg Adams says:

    So incredibly sad. I found the SFTBC box years ago, but have been on the hunt for The Hurting box. Didn’t hear about this until today and see it’s all sold out. What did they do, only make 5 more copies of that thing? $300 on the secondary market? If anyone picked up an extra set and would be willing to help a fellow music collector in the states out with a reasonable price, please let me know. Don’t mind paying a bit over sticker, but some people want a rather exorbitant amount. Thanks in advance. Also Paul thanks for the awesome interviews with the Tears for Fears crew about the albums.

    • colm47 says:

      Still available through Universal online store as of 12pm today.
      Hope that helps you out.

      • Gregg Adams says:

        Thanks for the heads up I really appreciate it. Unfortunately stateside store is sold out. Doesn’t let me check the UK store. May have found one on Amazon. Listed as Super Deluxe, had pics of everything. Paid for it, now we’ll see when it arrives sometime next month. My fingers are crossed.

    • Jason M says:

      Chair is 66.50 on Amazon and The Hurting is 31.82! Buy now before they are gone.

  12. Shaun H says:

    Stephen Curtis
    My order was also cancelled this morning and a charge made for the download. I rang customer services and they have now credited the download charge and gave me £10 in compensation.

  13. philce3k says:

    The Hurting arrived from Sister Ray Records about half an hour ago and SFTBC just this minute turned up from Amazon.

    With these boxes still having the same copyright details from a few years back I have a question. Have these been newly created or has the record company been sitting on stock for years?

    Looking forward to delving in.

    One petty little niggle. The halftone on the cover of the SFTBC box is a bit shoddy. lol

  14. Stephen Curtis says:

    Pre-ordered these at the time and this morning on the day amazon said they would be delivered they’ve cancelled The Hurting. To rub salt into the wound they charged me £10.99 as i accessed the digital content they made available to me at the time of pre-order.

  15. Wayne Klein says:

    Paul thanks for originally posting about this. I missed the SDE store version and even an earlier Amazon but managed to pick it up from another distributor in the U.K. thanks for your efforts on behalf of those who love physical product.

  16. Tracy says:

    Songs From The Big Chair box set available now in stock at

    • Beechlander says:

      Songs from the big chair box arrived from Amazon today but the hurting “We’ll e-mail you when available.” Quick check online and has it for £32 including p&p. Says in stock and 2-3 days…fingers crossed!

    • Mikey-D says:

      Thank you for the heads up at Ordered them both!

  17. GNB says:

    Have just received the ominous “We’re still trying to obtain the item(s) which you ordered” email re Songs from the Big Chair box set from Amazon. Based on past experience this is usually followed by the “Sorry we can’t get stock of your item” and they cancel the order.

    I always interpret that as – we are not making enough money to fulfil the order. Because of course I could obtain stock by walking into my local HMV and lift a copy!

  18. Johnny Buck says:

    Are these two sets being offered only through the SDE website?

  19. Philce3k says:

    Have actually seen two copies of the Songs box set in the flesh so to speak (in local HMV) and yet I await my Amazon pre-order

  20. Ian Whiteford says:

    When are you posting the Hurting super deluxe Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      As soon as they arrive from Universal, which is supposed to be next Wednesday.

    • Branny says:

      I’ve just had an email from Zoom saying my Hurting box set has been despatched which ties in with what Paul was saying about stock being received today.

  21. philce3k says:

    Am I just being blind or is the earlier single version of Mothers Talk (the one on the video with the kid on the floor watching TV that starts off ballad-like before kicking in) not included on any of these releases?

    Not trying to be THAT guy ;-) but if it isn’t, I am baffled lol

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You are being blind. It’s on disc 2 of the Songs From The Big Chair box set (“Video version”). This was the first time it was ever issued on any format.

  22. Kevin Horton says:

    Anybody else getting messed around by amazon this morning on both these boxes?
    Got an email to say they’re trying to source stock/delivery date pending
    Ordered both on 13th Feb – maybe they’ve overcommitted on orders

    • Steve says:

      Yeah. I have had a delay email too. Maybe because we are now in the delay phase! I have been really excited for these but now feel I might not get them..

      • Tracy says:

        If anyone still looking for Songs From The Big Chair box Base have it for order, although not in stock, but you can apparently reserve. I ordered it a few days ago and mine is on the way. Might be a bit more expensive than some other places but worth a go if you are desperate.

    • Dave Thompson says:

      I phoned Amazon today and was given a date of 25th April (a Saturday?). I asked as to whether there was a delay in release or if they had taken too many orders. The lady said that it was a delay on release. I don’t understand then, why right up to last night, they stated that it was to be dispatched on the 13th March. I will be interested to find out as to if I was fed the truth or not

    • Dave says:

      I’ve just received mine today from udiscover music no problems whatsoever brilliant service

  23. Robert Hammond says:

    Anyone else had their order from Zoom for ‘Songs from the Big Chair’ cancelled and refunded? They’ve just thrown me an email saying, ‘ We are regrettably contacting you to inform that we will be unable to supply your item, this is due to an issue with receiving stock from the manufacturer.’ I then had an email from PayPal with a refund – despite my order status yesterday stating ‘Sent from warehouse’!

    Very disappointing.

    • John 79 says:

      Robert Hammond,
      Yes, I have had my order cancelled for SFTBC from Zoom,I am furious with them,what a time to tell us that they cannot complete our orders,the day before release,I will never use that company again,
      From a very unhappy customer of Zoom……

      • Joe says:

        My Amazon UK order of The Hurting due today has not taken payment from my account. It seems there is a supply issue. I ordered the day the pre-order links went live so I should have been one of the first on the list (If Amazon works that way).

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’ve said this in a few places, but no retailer will get any stock of The Hurting until the middle of next week. Being first on the list will make no difference because Amazon have NO stock, not a small quantity.

          • Joe says:

            Thanks for the info Paul. As long as I get it at some point, I am not in a hurry. Just would hope that if they do get limited stock, it’s first come first served.

  24. Branny says:

    Great job with the booklet. It’s a fantastic companion for the album. I was pleasantly surprised by the A4 size too.

  25. David says:

    Can’t believe how quickly these box sets have sold out. Would like to own both TFF super deluxe editions and am willing to pay in advance of any available copies.

    Also, is the book available as a digital download?

  26. Norbert says:

    Just ordered via jpc/Germany. Has been unavailable the last weeks.
    Great records – great artists.
    Personal all-time-fave from TFF: “Pale shelter” – still shivers down my spine…

    Now still patiently waiting for the seeds of love… to grow.

  27. Francis says:

    I went to pre-order from SDE but it is already out of stock. :o(

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yeah, sorry about that. Hoping we may get some more from Universal. Will keep you posted…..

    • Garry Clayton says:

      Yes they are bought and on eBay again at inflated prices

    • Christian says:

      Hi Francois. Like you, I waited too long. I was able to order a copy at a decent price at I haven’t shopped that site before, so I can’t yet vouch for their speed or reliability.

      • Dave H says:

        Hi Paul,
        Received the SDE booklet today. Thanks on the great job on the presentation and interviews.
        Anyone thinking about whether they should purchase a copy, I would definitely spend the money before this also sells out.

      • Redders says:

        I have used Grooves Land via their eBay shop. I have never had an issue with them so, touch wood, everything will work out swimmingly well for you.

  28. Branny says:

    Just a heads up in case anyone is still after the box sets. They are still available on pre-order at Zoom. £33.99 for The Hurting and £29.99 for SFTBC.

  29. Tony M. says:

    Both boxes are currently back up for pre-order at Amazon UK. Needless to say, I just placed my order. I was not about to make the same mistake thrice!

    • Rob says:

      Now deleted from zoom but I think I may have just ordered in time. Otherwise they may cancel my order.

  30. Lee says:

    Crazy that these box sets are so limited. They seem to have sold out everywhere weeks before they’re even released. So much work gone into them, so many people wanting to enjoy them, but can’t. Nuts!

  31. matt says:

    this is REALLY pedantic, but the only thing that bugs me about the SFTBC box, is that I would have liked the original album to be on a stand alone disc. incorporate the other 9 tracks from the first disc onto the other discs. Apart from that little niggle – the box is just awesome.

    • Jules(Rules) says:

      I think if you do the maths, it’ll be tough to split them up in any way. Most of the CDs are pretty full already, and how would you split up the b-sides?

      There was a precedent here too with the limited cassette that had most of these bonus tracks (except the last three), so I think it’s justifiable. It would’ve been a shame if, say, the demos wouldn’t have been there because of the missing space. (Although I guess some of the edits could’ve been left off disc 2!)

  32. Matt says:

    Just bought the book! looking forward to reading it.

  33. Paulo says:

    Banquet Records seems to be accepting pre-orders.

  34. Jules(Rules) says:

    How many of these booklets are you going to produce Paul? I currently can’t use PayPal (too long story to post here) and I fear I’m going to miss out :(

  35. Hakan says:

    Both sets are shown as available at

  36. Si Rogers says:

    The Hurting now sold out on as well.

  37. si Rogers says:

    The Hurting now sold out on again. Hope people got their copies.

    • Wayne C says:

      Apparently you can pre order both of these again from record store and udiscover, I’ve just looked on them and saying available.

  38. Kevin Greer says:

    I’m wondering if they are re-releasing these to get an idea of how many of the Seeds of Love box to manufacture. I for one will be very upset if they have waited this long for a release and then we have to scramble to get it or it sells out immediately.

  39. Jason M says:

    Success! I hope. 125.22 total USD for both sets and shipping to the US is not too bad. Better than the 190 plus on ebay. Seems that Udiscover music and may be the same thing as I put both in my cart and everything was exactly the same. Ordered them separate so unsure if there was any shipping discount.

  40. Guy.S says:

    all available from to pre-order as of 17:00 with 49 left of the picture disc.

    • jaybag says:

      Thanks Guy!!! Never even heard of this site before but just ordered my Hurting box. I’ve been dying for this set forever, couldn’t believe it sold out again before it even got released. I’m guessing Amazon will eventually get more but didn’t want to take that chance.

  41. DiscoDave2000 says:

    SFTBC Super Deluxe seems to be available at select online vendors for list price range prices. The Hurting Super Deluxe appears to be sold out everywhere but greedBay. Maybe Universal will do another run…

  42. Alan Fenwick says:

    Vinyl Picture Disc now in stock at Amazon UK now and is £17.99

  43. Si Rogers says:

    Just ordered mine from they seem to be plenty in stock . Grab them now rather more expensive than Amazon

  44. joel ivins says:

    i think it is interesting that their website has been down for a few weeks…hopefully, because it is being revamped for the seeds of love extravaganza

  45. Rob M says:

    Hey guys.

    Having just checked, the “Songs From The Big Chair” box seems available to pre-order at again.

    Get it while you can. :)

    • Michael says:

      Thanks. I just ordered one from there. I was hoping to get from a U.S. source to cut down on shipping but oh well.

  46. Daz says:

    Amazing nearly a month to go till release and sold out everywhere apart from the robbers on flea bay!!!

  47. Rob M says:

    Absolutely love this band and some of my earliest musical memories are of hearing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on the radio back in 1985. I’d already bought the single disc reissues from the late nineties and also the two disc Deluxe Edition of “Songs from the Big Chair” that came out back in 2006, but missed both these Super Deluxe boxes the first time around. I always intended to pick them up, but never quite got round to it. Before I knew it they were both out of print and going for crazy money. Over the last few years I’d been periodically checking places like eBay and Amazon to see if I could get a good deal on them, but the prices were always completely ridiculous. Funnily enough, about a week ago I checked eBay UK and there was a seller on there offering both boxes mint and sealed with a “Buy It Now” price of £600. Insane.

    Anyway, I was delighted to read on here last week that they would be reissuing both boxes. I would have preferred to have bought them from the SDE shop but, just two days after being announced, they were already sold out there and gone from Amazon as well. Thankfully, I managed to pre-order both from in time. I feel bad for all the fans who have missed out yet again, though. Surely the band and their management must realise that the demand is there and they still have a strong fanbase who will devour these kinds of releases? I think it’s very thoughtful of them to repress these so that people have a chance to get the full trilogy of their classic ’80s albums in Super Deluxe editions when the “Seeds” box finally appears, but I think the demand has been seriously underestimated. Either that or they only pressed a few of them, because selling out in just a few days when the release date is still a month away is pretty nuts. The sad truth is that I’d be willing to wager that a lot of them have been bought up by the scalpers for the inevitable pricey re-sells on eBay and the like, which only hurts the real fans at the end of the day.

    Anyway, thanks for your work on these sets and the continued work on the site, Paul. Fingers crossed that eveyone who wants to snag these will get them eventually. Having just checked, they still have the box of “The Hurting” available on if anyone is still looking for it.

  48. Lee Farber says:

    As of this morning, The Hurting is still available for pre-order on the US site.

  49. Nick says:

    Anyone wanting the picture disc can pre order still from What Records

  50. Mike says:

    So upset I´ve missed both of the box sets again, why they dont make more available is beyond me, do you think they will make them available agin Paul

  51. Poptones says:

    I ordered both box sets as I didn’t pull the trigger on first release in 2013 as I thought it was a bit pricey, didn’t need all the content and didn’t have a great 5.1 audio equipment at the time.

    About the price, I don’t remember exactly the price in 2013 but if my memory serves well, it was approx £35 ?
    It seems odd now but 7 years ago, I thought it wasn’t worth it (there were very few super deluxe editions at the time, it was still the era of double CD Deluxe Editions) and I didn’t need to hear all that material. I already had the albums on vinyl and CD plus the 12″ singles so I thought there was no need to spend £35 or £40 to own those box sets. It’s kinda funny because nowadays, £35 looks like is a pretty good price for a box set with 4 CDs and 2 DVDs. For example, PIL’s Public Image Is Rotten box set is currently £55 on Amazon UK and it contains 5 CDs and 2 DVDs. Roxy Music’s debut album SDE (3 CDs and 1 DVD) started at £100+ when it was released 3 years ago.

    I guess lots of fans passed on the first release for the same reasons (already owned most of the material, no 5.1 audio equipment, price, etc.). I guess another factor for the renewed interest and high demand now for those TFF box sets is the Rule The World – Greatest Hits album, the Rule The World Tour 2019 and several TV appearances the past two years.

  52. R.naud says:

    Really Looking forward to the SDE booklet of interviews, they really complement these boxset releases. The Paul McCartney ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ and Kate Bush ‘Before the Dawn’ booklets that preceded were absolute gems!
    Now I like the sound of “new material and further reissueS on the horizon”. New material is something we’ve been waiting for since the new single came out back in 2017. Can’t wait for a ‘Seeds of Love’ boxset hoping there will be more demos in the vein of ‘My Life in the Suicide Ranks’. But I’m also definitely counting on an ‘Elemental’ and a ‘Raoul and the Kings of Spain’ box-set. Although, Paul, I would assume you would have been involved in those two as well and you haven’t mentioned anything about them or are you in the process to collaborate on those too and haven’t told us yet?

    • It’s a semi-secret that a deluxe edition (but probably not a box set) of “Elemental” has been in the works – Paul alluded to it when he wrote the RIP piece on Alan Griffiths, who was such a big part of those two 90s albums (plus Tomcats).

      I doubt anything will happen with “Raoul…” though, given that it has already been reissued in 2009 with almost all b-sides appended to the album.

      Complete live recordings from either tour would be magnificent – but so far, the box sets haven’t been so forthcoming when it comes to live material, so maybe we’ll see something separate in a few years?

  53. paul wren says:

    OK, wrong post topic, I know Paul, but here’s an e.mail I’ve received from Rhino Records ( store) this morning and there are still a few hours for our USA friends to take advantage of 20% off and free postage:
    “Round out that record collection with a little help from your friends here at Rhino. Take 20% off* nearly everything in the store and free domestic shipping from Friday, February 14th through Monday, February 17th.
    *Some exclusions may apply. Offer valid until 11:59pm PT, Monday, February 17th. Offer applied in cart. Offer applies to U.S. store only”.

  54. Jeffro says:

    Sold out almost a month in advance of release. I certainly hope they’ll press more.

  55. Toast says:

    Here’s my thoughts on some of the issues coming up on this thread, specifically the enigma of the Seeds of Love box set and the (un)availability of the reissue of the first two box sets.
    Let me preface this by saying I’m a huge TFF fan, I love ALL the albums but I’m not a completist who owns every single on every format.
    So… As someone who owns both the Hurting and SFTBC box sets already I’m going to court controversy and say I probably would NOT jump on a Seeds of Love box set…
    Here’s why: to the best of my knowledge almost all period B-sides are covered by the 1999 expanded reissue of TSOL and the Saturnine Martial and Lunatic rarities comp (with some crossover) except for “Ghost Papa” from the 2nd 12” of Woman in Chains.
    To the best of my knowledge there are no period radio sessions…?
    The Going to California concert is included with the Scenes from the Big Chair DVD.
    So with the the exception of a few single edits I have almost everything from the period rounded up as detailed above. Please let me know if I’m overlooking anything significant.
    BUT… If it contained the scrapped earlier version of the album then I’d be at the front of the line for a copy! Paul: any inside info on whether we’ll get that?
    As for the reissued box sets selling out so fast, I find this interesting because I picked up my Hurting box set brand new on Amazon for a regular price a good 2 or 3 years after it was released back in 2013 (after I found out there was a Peel Session on it, still kind of hard to believe they recorded one!).
    It feels to me that websites like Superdeluxeedition are nurturing a bigger market / demand for box sets today, and perhaps the original releases of these box sets were aimed solely at absolute diehard TFF fans?
    Or possibly it’s come around to an era where the “typical TFF fan” is at the age where they want to own nice deluxe box sets of their favorite albums (whereas they weren’t quite in that zone back in 2013)?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I have to respect the confidences of Universal and colleagues who I worked on the box set with, but I guarantee you you will want the Seeds box when it comes out!

      • Spiral Scar says:

        Paul, your reply is loaded with promise! Anticipation just shot up for me.

        • mike says:

          I always remember the fascinating Q interview with TFF in the Sep ’89 issue and TSOL seemed such a difficult birth, see Badman’s Song too. I have always thought we would be unlikely to see the earlier versions, as if they werent good enough to release then – why would they be released now? But.. enigmatic comments are always good and it would be very honest of the band to allow them out.

          • Toast says:

            I think they scrapped material because they didn’t want to make Songs from the Big Chair Part Two, plus the pressure to follow up an album as big as that probably means anything you write or record is going to seem weak in comparison. I image if the abandoned tracks were more synth / effects based they would sound great today. I think TFF are hard to please, they famously don’t like “The Way You Are” which I think is absolutely fantastic, and in the recent documentary Roland says he isn’t that keen on “Mother’s Talk” but I’m sure 1000’s of TFF fans would say the opposite. (By the way, while I’m here and on the subject: does anyone else think the end section of Jimmy Eat World’s “Lucky Denver Mint” is essentially the end section of “Mothers Talk”…? I mean that in a good way!)

  56. B57 says:

    Great work Paul. TFF

  57. David says:

    Has this come and gone already? It says it’s unavailable on all the Amazon sites.

  58. RobC says:

    I have to say I’m pretty angry that these are sold out again…Amazon UK won’t ship to Australia and they never got a pre-sale on the Amazon Australia site…what’s the point if part of the world can’t get access to things when they’re announced on pre-sale? I wanted The Hurting box (I have the SFTBC box) The SDE shop was an option but that’s not one anymore. I used to buy alot of product from Amazon UK…now I’m left shut out. TFF have a global fanbase but this pre-sale sell out nonsense looks to have potentially left an entire fan base shut out here. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  59. Blair Millar says:

    Still available to pre-order on at £37.99 and £45.99. More expensive than Paul was selling them for but if you missed out…

  60. Dave H says:

    I can’t believe how many people missed out on buying these box sets first time round. It begs the question what other box sets from Universal could do with a reissue?

    Looking at Amazon, the first three Simple Minds box sets with the 5.1 surround disc are only available from secondary sites.

    The Jam Live box set ‘Fire And Skill’ is another that sells for a pretty penny.
    Anything else?

    • Chris Squires says:

      Crises by Mike Oldfield is similar sized boxset to the two TFF ones and that regularly goes for £150+ That would be a good reissue.
      I was lucky enough to get it on pre-order.

  61. jmurillo says:

    As Someone else said, these are excellent news as this is probably the appetizer for the STSOL box set. Since these boxes were both out of print, it makes sense to reissue them before the new release. And I am confident STSOL will have a release. On the other hand, I am happy Universal has just reissued them and not expande them.

    • DavidLG1971 says:

      I agree. I’ve been a TFF fan since 1985 or so, but at the time these boxes came out, I was quite busy – changing industries, cities, getting married, etc. Fast forward a few years and I’d missed out. I bought the 2-CD version to get the main album and various edits / 12″-ers, and hunted for the box via eBay and Amazon. (In fact in January I’d made an offer to someone on eBay for the Songs box set for $150 USD….and was declined.)

      I got home from work this week and saw the SDE e-mail about both made available again. Ordered both from the SDE shop immediately; don’t really “need” the Hurting box, but I’m buying the Seeds box whenever it comes out as well, so…a set. And as sort of thank you to SDE.

      Thank you Paul – this near-completist appreciates all your efforts over the years!

  62. CraigM says:

    I’m listening to the super deluxe set on TIDAL, and I’m surprised that the single remix of “Head Over Heels” has the channels reversed. As Paul posted earlier, they were careful about presenting the correct stereo configuration for the album as it has been incorrect on both the original LP pressing and the MFSL gold disc. At about the 2:40 mark, the album version has the drums panning left (going down from high toms to low), but on the single remix, it’s the other way around.

  63. Michael says:

    Damn!!!!! I missed out on The Hurting boxset again!!!! That’ll teach me. I guess, considering how fast it shifted, there might be another chance?

  64. Ryk says:

    Too many people griping about this re-release. Obviously there were, and probably still are, many fans who did not have these yet wanted them, as they’ve sold out yet again. I managed to get them first time around, and I’m ever so slightly disappointed that I overpaid for the Hurting boxset back then. But, then again, I’ve been able to enjoy it all of this time.

    As for forthcoming deluxe releases, I’d be happy with any of the other 4 albums. I’ve read somewhere a 2 disc version of Elemental has been in the can for some time. Getting upset about the tSoL SDE non-release is a waste of time. It’ll come out eventually, and when it does, great. There’s plenty of other things to enjoy in the meanwhile.

  65. Arcweld says:

    Watched the programme last night with my wife who was surprisingly interested as she remembered the album from our youth….in modern style she download from Spotify as she had forgotten how good they were….only for me to be confronted with “why all these extra songs…I don’t need that crap….I just want the album”…..seems I am still alone with liking that “extra crap”…..

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Ha! Well we already have ‘the album’. No point in reissuing it if there isn’t ‘extra crap’ to enjoy!!

  66. Andrew M says:

    Oh for god’s sake sold out already. Why can’t they just release enough copies? I’m destined never to own this :(

    • Michael Kelly says:

      Got them on record store.
      46.00 plus postage just pre ordered. It it comes back on amazon at 37.99 i will just cancel other one.

  67. Ant says:

    Quadrupled in price on EBay.
    Out of order sellers!

  68. Birt says:

    A very interesting hour it was too! Can’t believe Roland doesn’t like “Mother’s Talk”. It’s brilliant & way way better than that slab of boring drive time that was the big hit & easy playlist fodder for every radio station around the world where the advertisers seem to control the playlist! Anyway, 7 great songs, one shite one! Can’t complain overall. But why only 8 songs on it?

  69. What?Curt?Worry? says:

    my 2 cents, the reissue of the 2 boxes is a taster for Sowing the Seeds, as would assume the band want fans to have all 3 boxes, and for fans who missed out last time. Defo think Sowing is coming up

  70. Steven Roberts says:

    While I appreciate the fact that TfF are re-releasing these boxes, March is going to have me in the poor house (or living on bread and water for the foreseeable). Already on pre-order for March I have:-

    Toyah Solo
    Donna Summer Encore
    Heaven 17 CD box
    Abba Live 3 LP
    His Dark Materials 9LP

    And I expect the 27 disc 4K/BD Star Wars mega box to land in March as well.

    Something’s gotta give. The question is, which of these items will still be around (affordably) in six months time?

  71. Jbrent says:

    Very disappointing. Seems like the band is out of touch with what the true fans really want. These boxes are great but most/many fans have them already! WHY can they not release the SOL box?? I’m losing interest quite honestly.

  72. Martin Tolcher says:

    Away, but managed to watch this from off-Island…

    …Amazed by the references to other artists – Tslking Heads and Robert Wyatt, for example.

    If I may personalise this, I “Ran The World” through Hyde Park on the charity run. For a few minutes with Sting and Bob Geldof, until it was suggested I shouldn’t.

    Anyway, when I returned to the London hotel, the lovely barman spotted that my nylon shorts hadn’t helped by cause, so paraded me (and my bleeding legs) to “encourage” residents and punters etc. to sponsor ne.

  73. Derek Langsford says:

    I wonder if Universal are gauging potential demand for the TSoL box with the reissue of the Hurting and SftBC boxes? The numbers of the two runs together would indicate a minimum of what might be sold of TSoL.

    One can only hope.

  74. Straker says:

    Imagine how many thousands more of SFTBC (and The Hurting) they would have sold today if Amazon still had a live order page to go with the hour long advert on BBC4 tonight. I’m no marketing man but this seems particularly mad to me. Does Universal not like profit? Why are they limiting availability so drastically?

    • Wayne C says:

      I agree with that, just watched the programme and very
      Good it was to!, definitely a strange decision not to flood the market as they would have sold a few more for sure after that, on the other side of the coin the casual will want the album only I guess and not all the extra stuff, we diehards crave!.

    • RJS says:

      “Why are they limiting availability so drastically?”

      The standard edition of Songs From the Big Chair is the #1 seller on Amazon.

  75. Bruno says:

    Looks like there might be an error with the headline – Tears for Fears Boxsets sold out again !

  76. chris says:

    Ive gone from excited about the sde ttf releases, to disapointed (that seeds was taking so long) to anoyed, knowing the seeds sde has been sitting in the can for so long, to unable to listen to ttf without being distracted by what a cluster they have made of managing their catalogue… on to something less frustrating!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I beg to differ. Yes, the wait for Seeds is annoying (tell me about it, I worked on it in 2015) but the first two box sets – and ‘Songs’ especially – set a great example in terms of how you reissue an album from your back catalogue. SFTBC was available as a 4CD+2DVD set, a black vinyl, a 2CD, a blu-ray audio, a limited Steven Wilson Mix vinyl… and the box set had just about everything you could possibly want.

      • Michael Kelly says:

        Are they sold out on Amazon or have they just pulled it off the now. As picture and everything has disappeared.

      • chris says:

        I will give you that Chris. The first two box sets were as good as it gets. I guess it’s my OCD kicking in. I have this itch i need to scratch – ie complete the collection. AND THEY JUST WON’T LET ME. It is for this reason i much prefer campaigns with tighter time lines – simple minds 2002, blondie 2002, the police 2003, the beatles 2009… I expect when they do finally release the seeds box all will be forgiven/forgotten and i’ll be like a kids on christmas morning though!

      • Kok Korpershoek says:

        I completely agree with you that the 2 box sets released are perfect. I’ve paid way too much to own these :-(, but the quality is very good. But do you know why one of the best albums ever made (in my opinion) is still not released as a box? I would love to hear the original takes that were scratched. The 1989 interview in Q was puzzeling. There must be so much material in the vault, 4 years in the making of this very great album…

    • Chris Squires says:

      To have two, pretty much, definitive SDE releases for their first two albums is remarkable. I can’t think of another artist or group that has two such 99% perfect boxes. I can imagine fans of many other artists would love 10 discs worth of material at such brilliant price points. Imagine having The Kick Inside and Lionheart is such depth for £40 each!
      Yes, it’s all a bit Jim Bowen with The Seeds of love. It’s the fact that the bloody thing has been sitting in a warehouse, manufactured, for at least 4 years that is the problem. If we didn’t know that then what TFF (and Paul) have given us is better than anything else out there.

      “Let’s have a look at what you could have won… its 6 discs, it’s 5.1, it sounds beautiful and it’s £40. Never mind, take it away boys”

  77. Richard S says:

    You can still get them at

  78. John McCann says:

    Does anyone know if Roland,still plays his walnut Stratocaster (the strat),with gold Hardwear from 1982,when they play live,i remember him playing it on a TV show years ago, only other person iv seen with one is John smith,the late guitarist with glasgow band scheme,this is the same guitar Lennon has,in the inside cover of the j.l.collection,his is candy apple red,fender had just sent him it,

  79. Nuno Bento says:

    An they’re sold out again! Amazing. I wonder what the hell is the issue with Seeds (and even The Tipping Point), as the demand for TFF is obviously there.

    • Richard S says:

      WOW! So glad I got mine both ordered from Amazon yesterday. I missed these the first time around, and have a (ahem) copy of the CDs. Happy to now finally get my hands on the real thing … assuming all orders get fulfilled!

  80. Larry Davis says:

    Thank goodness I got the preorder in for the SGTBC box reissue when I did…looks like it sold out, then copies again some more…now gone again…missed it first time around…and THEN it was double the price I am paying now…then for years, it was always around $170US!! Good thing I did not bite the bullet then either…I guess timing is everything huh?? Now PLEASE bring on that freaking Seeds box for crying out loud!! Too long of a wait…speaking of…Break It Down Again is on at a local Dunkin…nice way to start the day!!

  81. Nicolaj Schjøtz says:

    Both boxes are now currently unavailable at Amazon UK. Glad I got my order placed on both boxes.

  82. Phil Wilson says:

    As at 10.30 am, sold out on Be interesting to see if they list more, or can manage to fulfil orders (they don’t seem to be great at managing stock levels IMHO)

  83. seikotsi says:

    Does anyone know who the child is on the cover of the hurting?

    • Robert Laversuch says:

      Thought it was Roland’s younger sister??? Or I am remembering this way wrong?

    • The Stevie Show says:

      The kid on the cover of The Hurting (and originally the Suffer The Children sleeve from 1981) was a local kid called Gebby. Not sure if or how he was connected to the band.

  84. Kevin Wollenweber says:

    Wow! I’m glad I secured myself a copy of each album super deluxe before the copies were sold out! I ordered from the SDE shop because, at the time, it seemed as if that was the only site that was offering it at the lowest price. Thanks, Paul; I’ll be looking for further news about the third album, perhaps?

  85. Wayne Russell says:

    Missed out on “The Hurting” box the first time around. Sorry, I missed your pre-order, but I did manage to do so at I’m sure sometimes you get tired of the endless TSOL box questions, your blurb at the end is very encouraging. Glad I read your site on a regular basis.


  86. Colin says:

    I missed out on The Hurting first time around so this is good news for me! Urged me to search for some TFF releases that I do not have in my collection (Secret World CD/DVD and Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (2CD France Pressing). I only have the Promo of the latter and SW is completely new for me!

    I did um and rrr too long and then saw that SDE shop is presently out of stock so I had to go elsewhere for my Hurting Box Set. Incidentally, If you order the Box Sets from Amazon you get the FREE AUDIO AUTORIP of the box sets NOW! You don’t have to wait until release date in March.

    Is it possible Paul to have the ‘leave a reply’ comment section at the top instead of the bottom? Cheers.

  87. Larry Davis says:

    It’s 4:45pm EST, just ordered the SFTBC box, NOT sold out…no problem…I have the Hurting box, and being it’s the same thing coming out again…no vidclips added to the DVD (although they should have or made a second DVD with those clips) so no need to reorder the box…and I will order the SDE booklet in a week or so Paul…and keeping my fingers crossed regarding that long delayed Seeds box…and more…

  88. JAuz says:


    I suppose the band aren’t taking suggestions for new archival releases, but let me put this out there anyway.

    In the documentary Scenes From The Big Chair, we are treated to some fantastic footage of he band playing live at Massey Hall in Toronto. This footage, which looks like it was filmed (I’d guess in 16mm) is electric, in front of an enthusiastic audience, with the boys (and Nicky) playing their new songs that are taking over the globe. And crucially, it is captured well on the video. It’s simply exhilarating.

    Dare I say if this entire concert were put back together, rescanned in HD, with a Bob Clearmountain audio mix, we’d have the definitive live Tears For Fears release. All of the elements are there.

    And it would contrast sharply with Live At Hammersmith, Going To California and Secret World Live, all of which are marred by dated video effects that detract from the performances.

    Pass this on to Roland and Curt if you don’t mind :-)

  89. Birt says:

    No 1 & 2 bestselling items in the Amazon Boxset chart right now. Looks like demand is pretty high, especially at those prices so I’ll be interested to see when they run out of stock & if there are further stock runs to keep up with obvious demand. Incredible really considering the band are hardly prolific, they frustrate their fans continually yet here we all are, 30+ years later after their releases excited! For one, I can’t wait to peruse “The Hurting” when it arrives as the content looks great & it takes me right back to Autumn 1982.

    • -SG- says:

      The music is vintage, but the themes are timeless, actually the emo-wave themes in The Hurting are probably more relevant today than they were in 1983. The retro futurist sound definitely nods to this era as well, just listen to the new Tame Impala record and hear echoes of Tears for Fears reverberate.

      • Birt says:

        SG – You’re right. It does resonate strongly today. I actually bought the reissue with the 12″ versions on from FNAC for 5 Euro’s & was wowed by how great it sounded. I stupidly dithered for a day & by the time I decided to buy the box, Paul sold out but luckily Amazon had it. Phew !

  90. Wayne C says:

    Would be interesting to find out how limited these
    set are I’m Glad I secured a copy on here ( about time I bought something from here ), but on Amazon it shows as number 8 in all sales of music and No 1 in box sets?. That leads me to conclude that they will make enough to satisfy the obvious demand for it at this time?. Any thoughts Paul on how limited it is or may have been?. Obviously if there is demand Universal would be foolish to say 5,000 that’s it?.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My understanding is there’s probably only a few thousand of each box (2-3k). Don’t think they’ve made anything like 5k

      • Tom m hans says:

        Now to something completely different, signed Paul Young CD/ DVD was delivered today in Florida. Thank you, Sir. Much appreciated. Now if I’d only still have a record player that orange No Parlez vinyl would grace my home, too. Ta. Peace.

  91. Robert H says:

    Would love to purchase, but sadly seems I’ve missed it. Any chance of more stock?

  92. Ant says:

    Just brilliant
    I love Both albums.

  93. Rashers says:

    Great to see these boxes reissued but WHERE is the superdeluxe version of Sowing the Seeds – there must be a trove of material – it was a big budget album, after all.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Have been waiting, first patiently, but lately, increasingly impatiently, for the TSoL SDE. Was hoping the news would be for that but again its same old, same old. Happy for those who missed them first time around, but I will have to wait longer and hope that the “further reissues” will include the TSoL SDE.

  94. David says:

    Ordered them both of amazon as you’d sold out,£34 each.

  95. Fabiano says:

    Sold Out! Really?
    Please Paul, bring more!

  96. fanpages says:

    Re-post (as my comment at 2:10pm does not appear to have made it being published [yet]) for anybody that has missed out…

    Although not available to purchase when you posted this article last night, Paul, Amazon (UK) have now updated their product pages with prices; stock available at the time of this comment (13 February 2020 at 2:10pm)

    “The Hurting” £34.00 (with AutoRip):

    “Songs From The Big Chair” £35.99 (with AutoRip):

    No indication in either listing regarding limited quantities, though.

  97. frank says:

    Didn’t think these would go so fast. Started to order from SDE shop last night but got sidetracked. Came back this morning and sold out!

    Got an order in through JPC though, thankfully! Will be ordering the booklet though. How’s stock looking on those Paul?

  98. Angel Chávez Mendoza says:

    sold out? whatt??

  99. Richard Cosgrove says:

    Ah bugger, got tied up at work yesterday and didn’t manage to order The Hurting then, and now it’s sold out! :-(

  100. Phil WIlson says:

    Will this be a straight re-press, seem to remember there was an issue with the live disc on SFTBC with some tracks being in the wrong order to what was on the cover? (have i remembered that right)?

  101. Steve says:

    Ordered from SDE yesterday afternoon with some excitement (and relief given how they’re flying off the shelves).

  102. mark browne says:

    Treated myself as March is my birthday month

    I love everything that Paul does the wealth of info is incredible…
    I just couldn’t pass up this from the SDE shop so both boxsets bought and i continue to support Paul’s excellent SDE shop (bought stuff before)

    Paul just a quick question are the stereo mixes and 5.1 in hi res format?

    thanks for everything

  103. Simonf says:

    Really excellent to see these two boxes back out again particularly Big Chair as I stupidly missed out on it first time around.
    I was only looking at prices for this one on eBay last w/end. (£149 was the cheapest! Och!!)
    Ordered Big Chair box and the booklet and looking forward to the Classic Albums show on BBC this Friday. Very reasonable prices as well methinks.Cheers Paul and thanx for having them in stock.

  104. John Orr says:

    Phew, that was close. Thank you again Paul!! Like many others, never thought I would ever get a copy of SFTBC boxset.

  105. Geezer Graeme says:

    Pity The Hurting doesn’t come with the promotional video clips, any idea why these weren’t included?

    • Larry Davis says:

      Geezer…a year or more ago, I asked Paul why the 3 vidclips were not included on the DVD of the Hurting box or even put on the Chair box as extras being the Hurting box was done & out…Paul curated them both…what he told me was that there was supposed to be some kind of singles/vidclips CD/DVD package with all singles & clips included alongside the Hurting box that did not include them…no need due to duplication then…turns out the CD/DVD never materialized & we have a Hurting box with no clips…with the reissued boxes, Universal could have righted this wrong by manufacturing bonus DVDs with the clips…sucks they didn’t…did I get your story right Paul??

  106. Gunther Steenackers says:

    Dear Paul,

    Both TFF boxes sold out already?

    Kind regards,

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Available again. Having spoken to Universal about stock, best advice is get your order in now because I had to fight to get the quantity needed. I think this reprint will be around for even less time that the original pressing.

  107. Arvind Mohindra says:

    sold out already? OMG… how does one get these boxes?

  108. Wesley says:

    I bought The Hurting box (with the Change 7″) back in 2013 but about a year later saw it in Fopp for a fiver! So when the SFTBC box was announced I thought I’d wait for a similar price cut, which of course never came, in fact quite the opposite. So I’m very happy to see the SDE reissue.

  109. Wow! I had fully accepted that these box sets might never be available again, but never bit the bullet and splurged on second hand copies. To see them up for grabs at reasonable prices has truly made my day – I’ve ordered both sets and the booklet from your site Paul, thanks as ever for all your hard work!

  110. Gerbrand says:

    What remasters are used for the cd’s (not the 5.1) ? I read Steven Wilson did The Big Chair, correct? Did he also remaster The Hurting ? Both boxes have new (for 2013) remastering, right ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Steven Wilson didn’t remaster The Hurting or Songs From The Big Chair. Peter Mew did The Hurting and Andrew Walter did Songs. SW did REMIX Songs in stereo and 5.1 but that’s it.

  111. Redders says:

    Excellent news. The ‘Songs….’ boxset has been on my wishlist on discogs dot com for a few years, so I am glad I waited (which has saved me spending 100+ pounds on it). Thank you, as ever, Mr Sinclair.

  112. Jonathan Riley says:

    They also have it at udiscover store*/*/The-Hurting-3CD-1DVD/6E1O0000000;jsessionid=572A8DFA85956120601A7EAC07A5AB03.t3


    but the shipping turns out to be more, so still SDE has the cheapest price for both of these albums

  113. Rob says:

    Super happy. Ordered The Hurting. Was too late with the initial release.

    Looking at the comments you will be busy Paul.

  114. Gerd says:

    Just ordered the Picture Disc and the booklet. The Picture Disc is the sixth version I buy of this album:
    Original Vinyl, original CD, Bonus Tracks CD, Deluxe CD, Boxset and now the Picture Disc (+ I managed to get a promo with 5 tracks -original 7″ versions in a second hand store)
    The booklet was a must-have as Ihave some of the others (e.g. Heaven 17)

  115. Gert says:

    Nice that they didn’t add the odd extra track to the boxes, so that I don’t have to bother about buying them again.

  116. Charlie Waffles says:

    What is with the pictures of the box sets with the SDE web site address? Can we get the same pics without them?

  117. -SG- says:

    Out of all of this, I was hoping that they would re-press the remixed vinyl for SFTBC, I missed that one last time.

  118. gwynogue says:

    How limited are these boxes Paul? Because as much as I would LOVE to order them from SDE Shop, I can’t afford to pay upfront right now. Maybe in a few weeks.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think you should be okay, but we’ve sold a lot. Going talk to Universal sales later and see what I can find out.

      • gwynogue says:

        Thank you – I did place an order but had to cancel (damn food and rent! LOL), so I hope they’re still there in 2 weeks. :)

  119. Chris Hanington says:

    Wow, what a great deal, love to have both box sets but unfortunately, shipping to Canada is almost $50 Canadian which is almost the same price as The Hurting box…sorry but shipping costs are way to expensive.

  120. tom m hans says:

    If it would not be February 12th then I would think this is an April Fools joke – re-issuing previous SDEs while we are waiting for 5 years for an already finished product to be released eventually. To me this is crazy. I happen to owe both SDEs already and can totally understand that others do not (yet) so I am happy for those to get another chance. But still, it feels like a slap in the face of the long time fan and consumer to milk the cow twice or three times or four times.
    I stand by my joke comment – whats next an Elemental SDE…. Mark my words. Not sure who is to blame in that whole TfF Marketing Fiasco…. maybe bad vibes in general.
    I would love to have the booklet in a smaller version. One that I can actually slide in the SFTBC SDE Box. Maybe a re-issue for the 30th anniversary single disc re-release of “Tears Roll Down” in 2022. Peace.

  121. Richard Lamberti says:

    This is fantastic news! Like others, I missed out of these SDEs the first time around. Thank you Paul – have just ordered both boxes and the booklet through the SDE shop. Excellent and easy ordering process and payment via PayPal as well – great stuff.

  122. Charles K. says:

    I can’t stress how amazing the 5.1 mix of Big Chair is for anyone still on the fence. It equals the amazing job done for the Genesis 5.1 mixes for the 2008 remasters for a comparison. Still hoping the same team does a mix for The Hurting at some point for a stand alone release but either way, get this while you can party people, its worth the price of admission on its own.

    • Christopher Merritt says:

      Agree 150% – the blu ray 5.1 is one of the most stunning 5.1 mixes I own.

    • OV73 says:

      This is great news indeed. I just ordered SFTBC super deluxe from SDE. Thanks for such a great website! It’s now become a daily must-read for me.

      • SimonP says:

        I’m with Mike the Fish (how does he type?). I only ever listened to the 5.1 once and thought it just sounded like my AV amp doing that pseudo surround thing AV amps do with a normal CD. Nothing about it made go wow.

        Detonation in 5.1 on To The Bone is excellent so I know SW can do better.

  123. Andreas says:

    Always been a big fan of TFF and saw them last year in Mainz, Germany at the Zitadelle where they were fantastic…ordered both boxes and the booklet straight away from your shop! Enjoying your webpage for quite a while now…always a pleasure! So please keep on the excellent work…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Their Hurting box set is more expensive, so it’s swings and roundabouts. No independent retailer can sell the picture disc at that price, by the way. They’d make a loss.

  124. Ern says:

    Both of these box sets passed me by first time round. Always keeping an eye on the resell prices and hoping to get them at a decent price, this is a no brainer.
    Both sets and the booklet ordered. Cost of postage is decent too.
    Thanks Paul.

  125. Chris says:

    Aaaah… that’s why I got no reply to my question of a re-release in your previous “celebration” post ;o)

  126. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Already bought both boxes first time round, booklet now duly ordered. ( And while visiting the SDE Shop I also placed an order for the Cat Stevens purple vinyl… ) Thank you Paul!

  127. David says:

    Great news for all the Tears For Fears fans out there (or in here)… and imagine if an endeavour like this could be replicated for some of those Jethro Tull boxsets that have become next-to-impossible to find (or, if found, prepare to spend lots of $$$ or £££ or €€€).

  128. Joe Atari says:

    Seeing as I missed “The Hurting” first time around I’ve pre-ordered form the SDE. I’m puzzled why they didn’t want Saxophone as Opiates on it, it’s a great alternative mix of that song. I’ve got SFTBC deluxe which was perfect. Other than that, what everyone really wanted was The Seeds Of Love boxset, and now I really do want that in an identically sized boxed to complete the triliogy:

    The Seeds Of Love (8 track album remastered)
    Associated B-sides and edited/full versions of all singles (inc Johnny Panic Fluke mixes) and Laid So Low in 1992.
    The mystical first version of the album scrapped around 1987, That would be the most interesting disc.
    All the videos (originally released on VHS as “Sowing The Seeds”)
    A SOL Documentary?
    California show which was on VHS in 1990.

  129. Robert says:

    Will the fire at the Appolo Mastering lacquer plant last week in California restrict the availability of the vinyl picture disc? All reports i have read so far believe it will be a major blow to the vinyl resurgence. I emailed Superdeluxeedition the information but it has not been mentioned in a posting.

    • Paul Taylor says:

      I suspect that they will press a few in Europe. It wouldn’t make sense concentrating the entire print run on one plant.

      • Mike the Fish says:

        The lacquers are the acetates used for the initial cut that goes into the process to produce stampers. It’s not relevant to pressing quantities once the master has been cut, which I expect has already been done. Also, there’s still DMM mastering for vinyl.

  130. Trash says:

    Bought the boxsets first time around and fell victim to the debacle surrounding the remixed vinyl release which I ordered from Universal but then they seemed to pull the release.
    Luckily Paul stepped in and somehow managed to get me a copy (I’m still not really sure what happened there but I am very grateful).

    Ordered the booklet because I have really loved the quality (and content) of the other ones I ordered.
    Thanks again Paul!

  131. Burt says:

    Note for any band / label planning on doing a big reissue of an album, this SDE of “SOTBC” is the way to go, everything you want pretty much from the time, 5.1 mix, 12” versions, a documentary, TV & a concert done in a well presented box with great well done comprehensive sleeve notes. Absolutely perfect & content wise, one of the best SDE’s I have ever bought & it sounds brilliant. I missed “The Hurting” one & was’nt willing to spend stupid money on it and am gonna think seriously about it.

  132. andy says:

    Wow, been waiting for a cheap deluxe set of Songs for a long time. Ordered both with the booklet.

  133. Mark says:

    Have the 2 sets already but ordered the booklet as they’re always worthwhile. Thanks Paul.

  134. Ian Williams says:

    Thanks Mr Sinclair. Always regretted not buying these first time round. Over the moon they are being made available again. Have pre-ordered through the site.

    Keep up the bloody good work. It’s

  135. Eric Generic says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes YES!!!!

    This idiot has been offered a chance at redemption…and he’s bloody taking it!

    Heard rumours that these might be getting a reissue/repress, but couldn’t believe it. However it’s true and both Hurting and Big Chair now ordered from SDE’s shop. Very reasonable prices, too. They’ve been going for crazy money on the used/second-hand market and I couldn’t bring myself to cave in. Now I don’t have to!


  136. jason richards says:

    Good price for the cd sets, ordered both. I didn’t take much notice the first time around and lumped them in with the ‘trendy’ chart acts, over the years my music snobbery reduced shall we say?!

  137. negative1 says:

    Book ordered.
    Already have the boxsets, blurays, etc.

    The picture disc looks nice.

    Thanks Paul

  138. Pierre A Martinez says:

    Thanks. I just put my order via the The SDE Shop. From San Antonio, TX.

    Got to have this, I only have the respective Blu-rays.

  139. Tod H. says:

    Are the 5.1 and Stereo Mixes the exact same as the ones released on the 2014 Blu Ray Pure Audio disc?

  140. Frank C says:

    So my patience for the Hurting box to come back into print has paid off…ordered immediately! Thanks PS!

  141. Keith Ainsworth says:

    Both boxes are highly recommended. The additional discs in The Hurting box get regularly played. Lots of value there to explore in those songs. The 5.1 mix of Big Chair is phenomenal, one of my favourite surround sound mixes.

  142. Stephen Hance says:

    Slightly off topic, but thinking about reissued SDEs now out of orkney, is there any more word on possible reissue of first Go Betwens box?

  143. Fear of the Dark says:

    Glad they’ve mentioned that new material and further reissues are on the horizon. Love the SFTBC super deluxe, highly recommended :-)

  144. Rob says:

    Sorry in case this is a stupid question.

    Is there a difference/benefit in shipping between “standard” or “signed and tracked”. Let’s say package gets damaged as an example.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The second one is more secure, item less likely to get lost, you know where it is… etc. Packing is the same (excellent).

  145. Paul says:

    Brilliant news and thanks Paul! Ordered The Hurting and the SDE booklet..already got the SFTBC box set so this is a perfect addition for me.

  146. Martin says:

    Ordered both sets, thanks Paul :)

  147. paul says:

    Ordered thanks for this. can you tell me if these sets are limited many thanks..

  148. Paul English says:

    Booklet ordered – looking forward to it – all the previous interview ones have been excellent.

  149. Shannon says:


  150. Neil McL says:

    Both box sets ordered from SDE shop Paul. Over the moon these are back out missed them first time.

    Thanks again for all the time and trouble for this site. Saved me (and cost me!) a fortune over the years

  151. Brian says:

    Just ordered the lot! Getting them shipped to ‘de Mammy’ as the shipping to Canada was a little high. So I’ll have to wait until Christmas when I’m back to pick them up.
    Nice one Paul!

  152. Richard Bartley says:

    Hello Paul
    Love your site. First site checked in Brooklyn in the early am. Can you please direct me to what site shows your discount code or is it given when you sign up with a new account. just trying to save on shipment to USA. Thanks.
    Also, do your readers know of the Big California fire that destroyed On Thursday morning (February 6), the Banning, CA building housing Apollo/Transco Masters’ factory and storage space burned. By far the biggest of the world’s two lacquer master disc manufacturers, most of the world’s vinyl mastering facilities (especially smaller ones) relied upon Apollo/Transco blanks, as well as their cutting styli for Westrex cutting heads. Ruled a total loss.
    Some have suggested the Companies now focus on more cds and Superdeluxeedition. This portion came from Malachi Lui and Analog Planet. Vinyl will be set back in USA.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      We don’t do discounts when you sign up I’m afraid! Sorry about that… I understand postage to US isn’t the cheapest, but we do our best. The SDE Shop is a bit of a cottage industry :)

  153. Mark says:

    How many pages is the booklet?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Probably 20 pages (not actually printed yet…).

      • SimonP says:

        How about more pages and sized to fit in the box (if there’s room?)? ;)

        Also, has We Are Broken been reinstated or is it still Broken Revisited on CD2 of The Hurting?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Everything is identical!

          • SimonP says:

            Sorry Paul! I only saw that you’d already answered that question several times afterwards because of the upside down comments section. :-P

            Seems odd that they’d not take the opportunity to fix it, though?

  154. Thib says:

    Is the DVD containing the 5.1 mix a DVD audio ?

  155. K P Young says:

    Very disappointing. Already have both box sets, not interested in picture discs.
    Nothing new here. I’m afraid I’m out

  156. Peter says:

    Both Box Sets and booklet ordered. Great Value Paul, Keep up the excellent work. Thanks, Peter.

  157. geoff says:

    Super glad I never caved and spent crazy money on the Hurting box on eBay despite being tempted many times. I’ll be grabbing a copy of that. Incidentally, my copy of EWTRtW has a skipping error that I believe was in the authoring process during the song Pharaohs, anyone else have this issue ? The disc isn’t scratched as it was only played once just wondered if anyone else ran into this ?

    • Geoff says:

      Ooops meant Songs From the Big Chair, not sure why I abbreviated the hit single as the album title yikes must be losing it …

  158. bret says:

    How come no LP of the Steven Wilson remix?

  159. Dave Pattison says:

    Thanks Paul, you have an order in your SDE Shop inbox.

  160. Anthony Hesseltine says:

    Now I’m curious (not complaining)…Why didn’t they want Saxophones as Opiates included? :-)

  161. Jan says:

    Hi Paul, Lovely to see re pressed.

    Can I check, is this a straight repressing, no different p and c dates etc?

  162. Paul… the timing of the live tracks on SFTBC CD 4 is still incorrect, even after so many years… LOL!

    This would be correct:

    05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS : 7:31 Live At Massey Hall
    06. MEMORIES FADE : 5:01 Live At Massey Hall
    07. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:50 Live At Massey Hall

    Basically just switched around.

    Also, does it mean anything that disc 2 of the Hurting seems to have a different picture sleeve? Why is it shown like that on the packshot?

    Anyway, GREAT that these great sets are being reprinted. I was very sad for those who missed out.

    I’m thinking about ordering the booklet: the reason why I have not used the SDE store so far is because I didn’t like the payment options, but I’ll have to reconsider that.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That packshot must have been done early. I advised them to change disc 2 to the US cover for The Hurting, which they duly did, but the packshot was never updated, it seems!

  163. Runicen says:

    Hell yes! I missed out on the super deluxe of The Hurting and had no expectation of landing a copy (for sane money).

    This reissue is definitely happy news for me.

  164. Rare Glam says:

    Brilliant! Got the ‘Chair’ set a while after its original release it went down to a good price and was all over eBay for a week then just vanished. I never was in time for the Hurting SDL, so really, really pleased to find it for £36, and have ordered from the SDE shop along with the souvenir booklet, amazing, thanks! Just hoping that ‘Seeds’ will now see the same boxed treatment coming in from the horizon.

  165. Mark Poolman says:

    Both ordered & booklet

  166. Daz says:

    Hi paul do you or anybody know if the original version of we are broken is avalible on cd? many thanks

    • Jules(Rules) says:

      As far as I know, it’s only ever been released on a very hard to find CD called “Tears Laid Low: A Tears for Fears Alter Collection”. Other compilations claim to have “We are Broken” but it’s actually the later “Broken Revisited” mix simply without the intro.

      Some kind of compendium compilation including this, the original “Ideas as Opiates”, perhaps also the unfaded “I Believe” and “Broken/Head over Heels” versions, the Mancrab single and some other odds & ends would be a nice gesture to the fans.

    • Klaus says:

      I’m not a specialist for TFF but after looking it up on Discogs it seems to me that “Broken Revisited” (available on the SDE of “The Hurting” is the LONGER version of the track “We Are Broken” that was originally released as a 7″ and 12″ flipside to “Pale Shelter”.

      Looking at the duration of the tracks i assume that this version is not only included on the Canadian promo-only release of “Tears Laid Low” (as Jules claims) but also on the two compilations “Mad World-The Collection” (as Sith wrote) and “Famous Last Words-The Collection” as well.

      Maybe some TFF-afficionado can clear up the confusion?

      • Jules(Rules) says:

        @Klaus: I thought I’ve already said everything on the matter… Broken Revisited is essentially the same track with a weird intro, yes, but the mixing is different. “Revisited” is drenched in reverb – “We are Broken” is more dry like The Hurting material.

        It was noticed by some fans that the compilations you mentioned did not include “We are Broken” as originally released on 7″, but with the additional reverb, so it’s basically “Broken Revisited” without the backwards vocals at the beginning. Since anyone can make their own edit of the track, it’s more superfluous than having the ACTUAL original 1983 mix on CD – which is still a rarity.

        TFF’s discography is littered with things like this, and it’s easy to not see the forest for the trees…

  167. Inge Kjetil Bratset says:

    Two fantastic box sets. This is the way to do it. Great price from SDE as well. Ordered.

  168. Jason says:

    Is any chance of getting the booklet signed by Roland and Curt like you did with Roxy, Heaven 17 ones?

  169. Vishal says:

    Hey Paul, will you be shipping to the States and do you recommend to place the order for Hurting SDE box, the Songs LP and the booklet in the same order? Thanks!

  170. AndyB says:

    Bummer. I was hoping for the a-ha treatment with the re-release of the sde w/o the DVD but super cheap. Guess I’ll be saving my money. :-(

  171. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    Excellent news – I had given up on getting The Hurting box set. Still a shame it didn’t come with a 5.1 mix, although my amp does a pretty decent job of upmixing from stereo.

    Thanks for carrying this.

  172. Brian says:

    I can’t see buying these box sets again just to get the new booklet, but if you were to take these booklets and expand on them and turn them into a full in-depth book about these two albums I’d buy that in a heartbeat.

  173. Shawn C. says:

    Ordered both. Amazing price difference between SDE shop and other outlets! Thanks.

    • Klaus says:

      @Shawn C.:

      The difference in price has to do with Amazon not yet listing the re-releases, so they’re only available via 3rd party sellers (who have to rethink their pricing soon ;-)) ) already lists them for pre-order:

      The Hurting SDE EUR 48
      SFTBC SDE EUR 61
      SFTBC Pic. Disc EUR 32
      SDE booklet not available ;-)

      I missed out when they were available the first time but managed to get VG+ copies of both for reasonable prices (around EUR 60 each) second hand.

      Of course i’m already asking myself if i do need them shrinkwrapped in mint condition too :))

  174. Steven_Wilsons_Prog_Cat says:

    Oh ffs, I missed out on this (the hurting box set) originally, I tried everywhere, kept just missing out on auctions on ebay ect, I eventually caved in and bought it for £100 on Discogs and now it gets reissued?????, thank god I have a sense of humour and can laugh about it!!!….. But deep inside I’m crying my bloody eyes out lol

    • Ian Whiteford says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Great news for those who missed out first time though. Any releases that are clearly limited and sold as such should, in my opinion never be re released. Especially in exact same format. The Gentle Giant box set springs to mind.

      • Klaus says:

        I am glad they do a second run for the “Gentle Giant”-box as they massively underestimated the demand for this.
        First run was sold out about a week after release and prices of “used” units of it soon rocketed skywards.
        I missed it out too and was pleasantly surprised when i learned on the Burning Shed-site that they’ll do a second run.
        In the end i think that it will become a much sought-after collectors item even if there are now 1.000 more copies of it on the market.

  175. Blukaos says:

    So… in order to understand quickly: the real “new” stuff are the picture disc and the Chair box set with new SW remastering and the new BBC documentary, while the Hurting one it’s identical to the one alteady released. Correct?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, both boxes are identical to what came out before (there is no ‘new SW remastering’). The new things are picture disc and the exclusive SDE booklet.

  176. mike says:

    still a very well priced SDE, I applaud all for making it re-available to people who missed out the first time.

  177. Scott truelove says:

    Still got both box sets sealed from new, might be worth getting a couple more!

  178. Barry says:

    Thanks Paul – ordered both via the SDE shop. I missed these the first time round and ultimately regretted it so this is great news as far as I’m concerned.

  179. Charles says:

    Will the dvds be region free / playable in the usa ?

  180. Hector Nunez says:

    How limited will the picture vinyl be? Just curious if there was a certain amount produced. Pre ordered a copy right off the back. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks Paul.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not sure, but don’t expect these reprints of the box sets to last forever, because I don’t think the run is that big (a few thousand is what I’m hearing).

  181. dazzler says:

    Why was Saxophones As Opiates not included? How can I pay if I would order from the SDE store? Is Paypal an option? SOTBC is probably the album I own the most (4 different releases).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Paypal, credit card etc. The usual. The band specifically said we couldn’t put Saxophones As Opiates on the box set!

  182. Vladimir says:

    Will these box sets be available on Amazon UK or other retailers for the people from countries that SDE shop doesn’t post to? That list is about 40-something countries, many are excluded

  183. Ronen says:

    Good times! Already have Songs From the Big Chair on the original LP, original CD, several cd reissues, the super deluxe box set, the blu ray pure audio, the Japanese SHM-SACD, the limited blue-cover LP with the Steven Wilson remix… the new orange-coloured LP that just came out recently… Now the Picture LP is coming… Bring it on!!

  184. Kauwgompie says:

    Ordered the booklet! Thanks Paul. This is what could be reasonably expected. If they celebrate 35 yrs of Songs, they are not going to announce a Seeds SDE. We should all be happy the record company said Seeds and a new album are in the horizon. That’s hopeful. They could have said “no plan to release anything else this year”. That would be bad. So I revel in the fact that I can now buy the Hurting box which I somehow missed as well as the booklet.
    Question: Checking out the pics, the booklet is not made to fit inside the box, correct?

  185. Bret Polish says:

    Any chance of reissuing the Steven Wilson vinyl remix?

  186. Gareth Jones says:

    Seems very reasonably priced for the amount you get in each box. Other artists take note. It doesn’t have to be around £100!

  187. Jose says:

    I’m a really very great fan of TFF. I’ve been collecting all singles, albuns variables and collections since 1985. I’ve been in several concerts. But that…I simply refuse to spend more money with that repeated kind of stuff. We long time fans know that there are a lot of unpublished materials from that time gap between SFTBC and TSOL that could be explored to cellebrate the 35 years of SFTBC and it would show that the band take the true fans in consideration. Paul, I know this is not your fault. I really appreciate your job and efforts to bring us something different but I’m sorry this “new” release is just more of the same again!!

  188. MüllerMüller says:

    Disappointed news……
    Still waiting for SOL !!!

  189. Mike T says:

    Particularly pleased to see The Hurting reissued, been trying to get that one for a few years now, only been available 2nd hand upwards of £200

  190. Paul W says:

    Ordered both box sets Paul, and delighted to be supporting you rather than Amazon!

  191. Remon says:

    What about the Big Chair Blu Ray? Will that become available again too?

  192. Arnold Toye says:

    Will there be a signed version of the keepsake available at some point Paul?.

  193. Beechlander says:

    I get the feeling the SDE shop is going to be rather busy this afternoon.

  194. Jonathan Riley says:

    Are the sde cd reprints exclusive to your online store pr will they get listed on amazon as well

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think they’ll end up on Amazon as well.

      • Christopher Merritt says:

        Paul, do you know if the box sets will be available on Amazon USA? I’m not seeing them show up there yet – and I’m worried about getting a UK version with PAL dvds…

  195. Nuno Bento says:

    What a joke. Not even a mention of the Seeds boxed set. This is officially the most out of touch band in the planet.
    Although I can imagine the answer to this question, Paul, do you know if the correct “dry” mix of “We Are Broken” is included in The Hurting box set this time?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Everything is identical, including the sticker with the wrong wording (!).

    • Steve Bliss says:

      Oh, tempation! your name is SDE!

      These releases came & went before I started buying boxsets, so I’m really glad to see these sets being reissued. Sure, the passage of a few years makes us wish the contents could be refreshed (including a Blu-Ray disc with all the content, 5.1 SW mix for The Hurting). OTOH, “identical reissue” has its own merit.

      “Most out of touch band in the planet”? Oh, please. They’d have to get in line with so many others! No marbles or scarves in these boxes!

      Paul, I haven’t bought from the SDE Shop before. Can you give a rough guesstimate of the shipping to the US?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        If you bought both boxes and the booklet it’s £27 tracked and signed… I think. You can double check before you get to the end.

    • Richard Cosgrove says:

      Nuno, I’ll see your ‘most out of touch band’ TFF and raise you a Duran Duran (and I’m a huge fan of both!) :-)

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