Tears For Fears / MASSIVE “Songs From The Big Chair” box set coming


Universal team up with to create stunning 6-disc super deluxe editon box set.

Roland Orzabal: (speaking to Paul Sinclair in 2014)

“We had let go of any Tears For Fears ideology, because it all came out in The Hurting. We were getting older, we had a bit of money, so life wasn’t that bad [laughs]. I mean, I bought my first house at 21. There wasn’t the ‘difficult second album syndrome’. It was an easy second album syndrome. You know, instead of being so het up by ‘the message’ we started to relax.”

Universal Music will reissue Tears For Fears second album Songs From The Big Chair in November as a six-disc super deluxe edition box set that, amongst all the bonus material, delivers every commercially issued b-side and remix of the era, previously unreleased radio sessions and early mixes and a high-resolution 5.1 surround sound mix courtesy or highly respected remixer and engineer Steven Wilson.

As with last year’s The Hurting reissue, Universal brought SuperDeluxeEdition editor Paul Sinclair on board to assist with the reissue project. He has not only had access to the archives to help with the track selection, but has also interviewed the key players from the era, including band members Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, producer Chris Hughes and A&R man Dave Bates. The result of this work is an extensive “In their own words” track-by-track guide to Songs From The Big Chair within the 32-page booklet. Additionally, Paul has written a guide to every bonus track within the box set, so as well as knowing what has been included, fans will understand why each extra track has been included.

Disc one within the box set contains the remastered album and includes all the original Songs B-sides. In fact, the first 14 tracks deliberately replicate the original running order of the limited edition UK cassette version of Songs From The Big Chair that added six bonus songs to the eight-track album.

The second CD – Edited Songs From The Big Chair – largely contains various single versions/edits released around the world, including the U.S. Remix (actually a re-recording) of Mothers Talk (a song that was both the first and last single from the album), and I Believe (A Soulful Re-recording). Previously unissued on any audio format – but included on this disc – is the ‘Video Version’ of the American remix of Mothers Talk which contains a unique intro, as well as a promo-only ‘Radio Version’ of Head Over Heels that has never been commercially released. Charity single Everybody Wants To Run The World finally makes it onto a Tears For Fears deluxe edition (along with the semi-instrumental B-side ‘Running Version’ of the same song) and stunning album closer Listen is included with a clean intro so it can be enjoyed without the normal cross-fade. A Curt and Roland interview with short audio clips (originally included on the UK seven-inch double-pack of Everybody Wants To Rule The World) completes disc two.

Songs From The Big Chair / 6-disc super deluxe

Remixed Songs From The Big Chair is an appropriate title for the third CD which is packed full of twelve-inch remixes. The UK extended versions of The Way You Are (a non-album single), Mothers Talk and Shout are all included (having all been omitted from the 2005 deluxe edition) along with the ‘Acappella’ Mix of Shout and the instrumental version of Everybody Wants To Rule The World – both previously unreleased on CD. The alternate US Remix of Mothers Talk which (apparently inadvertently) appeared on the 2005 deluxe in place of the standard US Remix is also repeated here.

A fourth and final CD contains 14 tracks that have never been commercially available. Unreleased Songs From The Big Chair treats listeners to 1984 BBC radio sessions, the three tracks included on the Canadian promo-only Live At Massey Hall twelve-inch, along with three further tracks from Massey Hall (Shout, Mothers Talk and The Working Hour) newly mixed from the multi-track tapes. For the first time the band have authorised lifting the lid on some of their work-in-progress. To that end, early mixes of Mothers Talk, The Way You Are, Broken and Shout are included on disc four along with an unheard, rejected seven-inch edit of Everybody Wants To Rule The World.


Hi-res 5.1 surround mix / Cover to disc 5

A fifth disc is a DVD that contains a brand new 2014 5.1 surround sound mix of Songs From The Big Chair created by Steven Wilson and personally approved by Roland Orzabal. A new 2014 stereo mix is also included. Both mixes are flat transfers with no additional mastering EQ or compression applied. Paul Sinclair encouraged Universal to issue this as
a DVD-A (DVD Audio) to allow fans with the appropriate hardware (DVD-A compatible DVD player) to enjoy a lossless hi-res surround version of Songs From The Big Chair. The disc remains fully compatible with standard DVD players which will still be able to deliver the surround mix in Dolby 5.1 and DTS. A hi-res stereo mix can be enjoyed by all. This DVD is region free.

A standalone Pure Audio blu-ray audio is also being released that includes the 5.1 and stereo mixes in hi-res as well as the original album mix.

A sixth and final disc is another DVD that delivers the classic Scenes From The Big Chair documentary, along with the 2005 interview with producer Chris Hughes that was added to the standalone DVD reissue). Additionally, all the promo videos from the album are featured separately, including the rare early UK promo and US versions of Mothers Talk and non-album single The Way You Are). The icing on the cake is a selection of eight performances on BBC TV including six appearances on Top Of The Pops and a couple of spots on eighties chat show Wogan.

Songs From The Big Chair super deluxe box set and other formats are released on 10 November 2014. This BIG box is currently available for a relatively SMALL price from Amazon UK. See links below along with the full track listing.


6-disc super deluxe edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition


Blu-ray Audio


Vinyl Edition


2014 Stereo Mix on vinyl

Track listing


  • 01. SHOUT : 6:31
  • 02. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:29
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK : 5:04
  • 05. I BELIEVE : 4:54
  • 06. BROKEN : 2:38
  • 07. HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:02
  • 08. LISTEN : 6:54

Bonus tracks 

  • 09. THE BIG CHAIR : 3:20
  • 10. EMPIRE BUILDING : 2:41
  • 11. THE MARAUDERS : 4:13
  • 12. BROKEN REVISITED : 5:15
  • 13. THE CONFLICT : 4:02
  • 14. THE WORKING HOUR – Piano Version : 2:08
  • 15. PHARAOHS : 03:42
  • 17. SEA SONG : 3:51 

DISC TWO – Edited Songs From The Big Chair (this is second CD in the 2CD deluxe)

  • 01. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:49
  • 02. MOTHERS TALK – Single Version : 3:53
  • 03. SHOUT – Single Version : 5:58
  • 04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Single Version : 4:14
  • 05. HEAD OVER HEELS – Remix : 4:15
  • 06. I BELIEVE (A Soulful Re-Recording) : 4:39
  • 08. THE WAY YOU ARE – Short Version : 4:21
  • 09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix : 4:14
  • 10. SHOUT – U.S. Single Version : 4:51
  • 11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD – Running Version : 4:30
  • 12. HEAD OVER HEELS – Radio Version : 4.20
  • 13. MOTHERS TALK – Video Version : 4:14
  • 14. SHOUT – Short Version : 4:03
  • 15. LISTEN – Clean Intro : 6:52

DISC THREE – Remixed Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

  • 01. THE WAY YOU ARE – Extended Version : 7:37
  • 02. MOTHERS TALK – Extended Version : 6:18
  • 03. SHOUT – Extended Remix Version : 7:40
  • 04. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Extended Version : 5:40
  • 05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS / BROKEN – Preacher Mix : 8:00
  • 06. MOTHERS TALK – Beat Of The Drum Mix : 8:54
  • 07. SHOUT – U.S. Remix : 8:02
  • 08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Urban Mix : 6:06
  • 09. MOTHERS TALK – U.S. Remix alternate : 4:12
  • 10. SHOUT – Dub : 6:49
  • 11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Instrumental : 4:21
  • 12. SHOUT – Acappella : 5:02

DISC FOUR – Unreleased Songs From The Big Chair (exclusive to box)

  • 01. HEAD OVER HEELS : 4:14 Richard Skinner Session
  • 02. THE WORKING HOUR : 6:06 Richard Skinner Session
  • 03. BROKEN : 3:19 Richard Skinner Session
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK : 4:05 Live At Massey Hall
  • 05. BROKEN / HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:01 Live At Massey Hall
  • 06. MEMORIES FADE : 6:50 Live At Massey Hall
  • 07. THE WORKING HOUR : 7:31 Live At Massey Hall
  • 08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 4:19 Live At Massey Hall
  • 09. SHOUT : 7:50 Live At Massey Hall
  • 10. MOTHERS TALK – Early Mix / Instrumental : 4:39
  • 11. THE WAY YOU ARE – Early Mix : 4:25
  • 12. BROKEN – Early Mix : 5:38
  • 13. SHOUT – Early Mix : 5:08
  • 14. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Alternate Single Version: 4.20


5.1 and Stereo mix

  • SHOUT : 6:32
  • MOTHERS TALK : 5:10
  • I BELIEVE : 4:54
  • BROKEN : 2:38
  • HEAD OVER HEELS : 5:20
  • LISTEN : 6:49

DISC SIX (DVD-V) (exclusive to box)


  • 01. SCENES FROM THE BIG CHAIR – Documentary : 1:14:43


  • 03. THE WAY YOU ARE – Music Video : 3:57
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK – Alternative UK Video : 4:00
  • 05..MOTHERS TALK – Music Video : 4.49
  • 06. SHOUT – Music Video : 6:31
  • 07. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Music Video : 4:52
  • 08. HEAD OVER HEELS – Music Video : 4:26
  • 09. I BELIEVE – Music Video : 4:45
  • 10. MOTHERS TALK – US Mix – Music Video : 4:52
  • 11. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RUN THE WORLD – Music Video : 4:52

 BBC TV Appearances

  • 03. THE WAY YOU ARE : 4:11 Top Of The Pops
  • 04. MOTHERS TALK : 3:48 Top Of The Pops
  • 05. MOTHERS TALK : 3:51 Top Of The Pops
  • 06. SHOUT : 4:20 Top Of The Pops
  • 08. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 3.35 Top Of The Pops
  • 09. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 3.45 Top Of The Pops
  • 10. THE WORKING HOUR : 4:28 Wogan


6-disc super deluxe edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition


Blu-ray Audio


Vinyl Edition


2014 Stereo Mix on vinyl

312 responses to Tears For Fears / MASSIVE “Songs From The Big Chair” box set coming

  1. Scott DeAscentis says:

    Mr. Sinclair,
    Are the promos videos and live performances on the dvd portion of the box set have DD 5,1 or DTS 5.1 audio options?

  2. Any news,updates or scheduled release date for the Seeds box set? Patiently waiting….

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  4. Henry says:


    Can you tell me which track are ‘remastered’ on the first four discs please.

    Thanks in advance!

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  6. Vils says:

    Trawled through these comments whilst waiting for my box set to arrive.
    There is some useful information here that could usefully be consolidated somewhere more accessibly – particularly the explanation of the DVD sources and the compromises that had to be made.

  7. Matt says:

    Paul I forgot to ask, in the Shout mixes/acapella what is Roland saying in the break. It sounds like some type of chant.

  8. Matt says:

    Paul, what’s the difference between the 8:58 version of the” Beat of the Drum Mix” of “Mothers Talk” and the longer 9:18 “full version” that only appeared on acetate?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Good question. I’ve never heard the long version – probably a few extra ‘James Browns’ at a guess. I’m not losing sleep over it, although we did try unsuccessfully to get it for the ‘Songs’ box!

      • Matt says:

        I see. I thought it might have been a little different mix. It’s a very bizzare mix and strange that they chose to do it instead of extending certain things here and there and thwing in some reverb etc. like the 12″ mixes of this time.

  9. Matt says:

    Paul, I was curious when I saw some of the promo clips on the DVD having title cards and credits. They also look like they come from VHS sources. What are the sources for these especially Head Over Heals where you can just see credits start to roll at the end and why did you choose these sources. Also, any chance of ever hearing those versions of Run The World with the soundbytes and the Mother’s Talk version you too late to include?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Nothing was from VHS. I know some of them were from a 1″ reel. Up to Universal Music about those other tracks, I’m afraid. It will be a while before another “Songs” reissue :)

      • Matt says:

        Very interesting to see them from those sources and yes I think this is the final word on “Songs” as this set really can’t be beat.

  10. Mike says:

    is there a possibility to have a new relased of the DVD in PAL ?
    and in 4:3 aspect ratio to have the full cinematography seen on the screen?

    all clips were 4:3 and all 16×9 TV’s have aspct ratio buttons to
    display 4:3 content correctly

  11. Mike says:

    Can the DVD with all the promos also be had in PAL format ?

    I’m asking because most of the clips were filmed 25 fps.
    PAL would faithfully represent the work of the Director.



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  13. Jonah McGarva says:

    So, I now have this box, and although I am quite happy with it (despite NOT including the proper We Are Broken and featuring some vinyl rips of the Massey show, which makes no sense as the rest of the trax are sourced from master tapes) – I have discovered another “error”

    The original songs from the album (CD1 tracks 1-8) have a weird volume fluctuation going on.

    If you listen carefully and examine the WAV files, yuo can plainly hear and see that the Left channel is approx. 1-2.5 dB louder than the right channel.

    Why? This is a crazy expensive box set, and the content is amazing – and even the sound of the remastered album is great (finally some low end bass!) – but it is a pain to have to go into a sound editor to fix a mistake, that the mastering engineer should have caught.

    Being a mastering engineer myself, I find this appalling, as a lot of deluxe editions and box sets have come out with errors in the mastering (the Frankie box from a few years ago comes to mind, where the first 5 songs were transferred with only the left channel intact) and the fact that we, as consumers who put our hard earned money into the labels’ coffers, get left out in a lurch – having spent large sums of money to get a faulty product.

    I have researched this issue with this particular box, and I am not the only one who has heard this issue, as it has been reported on many music forums.

    Any ideas on if this will be fixed? or if better attention will be paid for the Seeds box?

  14. Rich says:

    Excellent release and wonderfully put together. I treated myself to the box set. The following may interest aficionados of the album: I noticed that on the DVD’s Stereo Mix, ‘I Believe’ ends by fading out completely, rather than running into ‘Broken’, giving ‘Broken’ a clean intro possibly for the first time ever.

  15. Dan Stapleton says:

    Hi Paul, sorry if this has already been addressed, but can you please let us know exactly which version of the album is on CD1? I gather it’s the “original” mix, but has it been compressed/EQed/normalised for this reissue?

  16. Hi Paul! Excellent job here! I got this for Christmas and there is soooo much to love! I’ve going through the rare tracks first – have a new 7.1 system on the way so this will be the first surround mix I try on it.

    I have a question that was skipped waaay above that I can’t find the answer. The “single version” of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”… what’s the difference between that and the album version? It’s almost identical running time and I can’t tell any differences. Not sure if this was added because it was a different mix on paper?

    My only minor gripe is yeah like someone said above – some of the BBC vids are like widescreen, made full screen, then made widescreen again, which is the effect of when you watch full screen stretched to a wide screen, but then put a black bar around it… pretty sure most tv stuff would have been 4:3. It’s an OCD thing mainly. But I fully understand what a nightmare it can be getting those right in a time constraint – I have a compilation that was all wrong like that and fixing it was a headache and a half. Again MINOR in a box full of major triumph. The sound – beautiful! The extra mixes… US and UK both… the promo vids I hadnt seen like the first Mothers Talk. Top Notch box set!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Robert. My memory is that there are some very minor mix differences on the single version of EWTRTW, although I agree they are very similar. What was used was definitely the single version, so it’s a case of ‘it is what it is’. Hopefully, historically accurate, even if not that that satisfying as a single mix!

      • Dan Stapleton says:

        Hi Paul, sorry if this has already been addressed, but can you please let us know exactly which version of the album is on CD1? I gather it’s the “original” mix, but has it been compressed/EQed/normalised for this reissue?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It’s a 2014 remaster of the original mix. From all the comments I’ve read, everyone seems happy with the new mastering – in fact I don’t think I’ve read any criticism, so you can rest easy if that’s a concern.

  17. Mike the Fish says:

    Well I’ve been listening to this, and as a lover of 5.1 mixes it is actually the huge amount of stereo bonus material that I’m really enjoying. I particularly enjoyed the regular 12″ version of Mother’s Talk, and the US mixes. I was also surprised, having not listened to the 12″ of The Way You Are for years probably how much I enjoyed that too. Meant in the nicest possible way, it could have been a classic b-side.

  18. Don says:

    I am also getting my refund as they have confirmed I was sent the wrong one. Still would be great to have that vinyl mix though.

  19. pocox says:

    the turquoise 2014 stereo mix vinyl can be ordered from here:

    this is where I ordered it from and got it correctly!



    • Jason says:

      Can anyone confirm that the U.S. 12″ version of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is different than the U.K. 12″ version? In one of my reviews, a fan states that his U.S. 12″ of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is different: “the most striking difference is the beginning”.

  20. Kelton says:

    Can someone help me sort out Disc 5? My surround equipment isn’t high end, but I’m trying to understand exactly what’s on the disc. According to my player, it looks like:

    Title 1 = Original Mix (What is this exactly? The same mix as on Disc 1?)
    Title 2 = 2014 Mix (With 2 audio choices? PCM stereo and DTS 5.1?)
    Title 3 = 2014 Mix (In Dolby 5.1?)

    Is that right or am I way off? Sorry for sounding like an idiot, I’m new to surround/5.1 stuff.


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Kelton – you’re more or less correct…

      Original Mix – same as disc 1 but this version better quality being in hi-resolution stereo (96/24).
      2014 Mix (Stereo) – this is the new Steven Wilson remix in hi-resolution stereo (96/24)
      2014 Mix (5.1) – this is the Steven Wilson surround mix. This is available in Dolby 5.1, DTS, and lossless MLP. The last version (MLP) is only accessible if you have a DVD/Blu-ray player that supports the DVD-Audio format and is equal in quality to the blu-ray edition which is available separately.

      • Julian H says:

        “Original Mix – same as disc 1 but this version better quality being in hi-resolution stereo (96/24).”

        Which is debatable (at least the profit of a higher sample frequency) due to the use of that digital compressor.

  21. mike says:

    i got same letter saying their is no turquoise 2014 vinyl available.
    any idea where to get one?

  22. Heinerich says:

    Sigh* I received the standard “grey” vinyl instead of the turquoise 2014 remix, which I preordered from Universal… Today I got the “standard e-mail from them, telling me that they don’t have it any longer…
    Is there any way to get this resolved and receive the correct LP? Please

  23. Jason says:

    I received my 4-CD/2-DVD box set today. It is wonderful! Beautifully packaged and loaded with information and music, of course. Nice work, Paul and everyone involved in the project. You guys truly did an overall fantastic job!

    With that said, I have to admit that I am puzzled with the inclusion of a vinyl transfer for the U.S. Single Version of “Shout”. In my own collection, I have it in digital form (not vinyl transfer) on Universal’s own “More Pure 80’s” CD, released in 2000 on UTV Records, plus a few other compilations (no vinyl transfers either). I am thinking that the U.S. Division of Universal Music has it readily available in digital form, since it just recently appeared on the 2014 release, “ICON: ’80s Hits”, released by Universal Music (U.S.) as well.

    If one glances over the All Music ( page for the various versions of “Shout” featured on compilations, one will see that the U.S. Single Version (often running 4:03-4:07) has appeared on CD numerous times over the years. I doubt that they are all vinyl transfers either since, as I mentioned above, all the ones in my music collection are not from vinyl.

    Any ideas, Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t know to be honest. The whole finding-the-right-tapes situation is a nightmare and you are dealing with a major label going back and fourth on various things. Sometimes a tape will turn up but the whole thing is too far along to stop the process and correct. Not saying that is what happened here, but sometimes ‘business’ stuff or deadlines or budget ‘trump’ other things. We found a great version of Mothers Talk too late to include, which was very annoying!!

  24. Ronen says:

    I also received the ‘grey’ LP from Universal instead of the ‘blue’ 2014 remix. Can you please let me know who I need to contact in order to get this resolved and receive the correct LP? A direct email address would be great. Many thanks.

  25. axs says:

    Just noticed a 2014 mix vinyl sold on eBay for over £100!! Still seems to be available on the record label website though.

  26. trash says:

    Hi Paul –

    Just received the correct vinyl version. Not had a chance to play it yet but it ‘looks’ great.
    I can’t thank you enough for sorting this out for me (and others), you really went the extra mile. Please convey my thanks to the product manager also.
    Very much appreciated!
    P.S. By the way, do you happen to know if the MP3 download mentioned on the front cover is a download of the standard mix or of the Stereo Mix?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You’re welcome. Don’t think that download works yet, but I’m not expecting it to be the 2014 version, even though that would be logical!

  27. pocox says:

    HI Guys,

    does somebody know where can I order the :

    Tears For Fears ‎– Songs From The Big Chair (2014 Stereo Mix)
    Label: Mercury ‎– 4700591, vinyl?

    I followed the link for preorder that was here in the article. It was working I ordered the vinyl, it was showing the green cover one on the site. Then i received today and it is the grey one:

    Tears For Fears ‎– Songs From The Big Chair
    Label: Mercury ‎– 3794995, backtoblack vinyl.

    I checked the Udiscover link here again and the item is not available anymore…can I be so unlucky that they mixed up my order, and this is sold out already and i can only buy it for hundreds of euros??? sometime..????:((

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This seems to have happened to a lot of people / everyone. I’ve given up trying to figure out what’s going on to be honest. Sorry.

      • pocox says:

        Hi Paul,

        If you have a spare one for me i would be very happy to get one and pay you the price. (Only now i went through the comments..sorry)



    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Email me your address (via ‘get in touch’ button) and I’ll try and get one to you.

  28. Keith says:

    Stumbled upon this amazing site and had to run out to get the BR-audio! It states that the “original mix” is included, in addition to the Steven Wilson 2014 Stereo Mix & 5.1 Mix. Does anyone know if this “original mix” is the 1985 version or the new 2014 remaster by Chris Hughes?

    Anyway, am super chuffed with the reissue and now cant wait for Seeds of Love to come next yr!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Keith. The ‘original mix’ is the Chris Hughes version from 1985 but it’s remastered in 2014 by Andy Walter. Despite people worrying about the remaster I’ve read that most are pleased with how it sounds. thanks, Paul

  29. Kit says:

    Thanks Paul. Email sent. This is most gracious of you.


  30. Kit says:

    Hi Paul.
    Got an email reply this morning. Same reply Trash got. Simply said they are not available and that I’d get a refund in 3-5 days and to keep the vinyl received. Would love to get what I pre-ordered. If you know of a way to get me a copy it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Email me your address (use ‘Get In Touch’ button on the site) and I’ll get a copy sent to you. I’m bypassing official channels and doing this renegade SDE style :)

      • trash says:

        Thank you so much Paul.
        You’ll see my message subject:
        “Message from ‘Trash’ re: TFF 2014 stereo mix”

        Really appreciate this.


  31. Kit says:

    Just received my pre-order vinyl of the 2014 mixes, but received the Back To Black version instead. Sent an email to the support email listed above. Will see what happens. Very disappointed that this has happened.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, it seems to have happened to quite a few people. Let us know what happens.

      • trash says:

        Hi Paul –

        Did you see my comment above – even after insisting and mentioning the conversation you had with the product manager they are still insisting that there is no stock :-(

        Somehow I don’t see this being resolved…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          This is ridiculous. I don’t know WTF is going on. They’ve got 400 of them apparently. Anyway, email me your address and I can get one sent to you because I know a man who has a few spares.

          • trash says:

            Thank you so much Paul.
            You’ll see my message subject:
            “Message from ‘Trash’ re: TFF 2014 stereo mix”

            Really appreciate this.


            P.S. Maybe someone is hoarding the 400 in the hope they may be valuable one day :-)

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            No worries. Got your email. I’m reckon the ‘missing’ vinyl will surface at some point…. P

  32. trash says:

    Hi Paul –

    Had a response from Universal who are still insisting that the item is out of stock. Can you get the product manager to have a word with them – this seems ridiculous.
    FYI here is the latest response:
    Hi Joe

    We are sorry as stated in the email below, we have no further stock left and are unable to send this out to you.

    We have therefore issued a full refund and the payment will process within 3-5 days. Please note that there is no need to return the wrong record.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment caused by this.

    Kind regards
    Digital Stores Customer Services

    • trash says:

      Incidentally I now notice that the product has now been removed from the site…

      This is all so so strange…

      Many thanks for any further insights you can glean on this Paul.



  33. Wayne Carter says:

    Hope I am not asking something a second time…
    Does anyone know where I can get good jpegs of all the covers for the Super Deluxe Box Set? Have imported all into my digital library and am a bit of a perfectionist..

  34. Paul Chapman says:

    Not wanting to take away from the fantastic audio content, but the DVD is awful, looks like awful youtube clips, ratio is all over the place.

    Very disappointing, wouldn’t a simple port from any of the few available dvds been easier than what Universal served up

    10/10 for the audio 0/10 for the dvd

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Paul – I’ve had a couple of comments about the DVD so I went back and had another look.

      Putting to one side the whole aspect ration situation, I have to say I completely reject the idea that anything looks like “awful youtube clips”. They don’t. They look like ’80s videos and an ’80s documentary much of which was almost certainly shot on video tape and not film. But even with that proviso I still think they look fine. I’ve watched them on a 40″ HD TV as well.

      I’d go further and say “The Way You Are” looks really good. So does the video for the US mix of “Mothers Talk”. I mean, how “good” do you expect these things to look? I don’t see how the quality of that US version of Mothers Talk could be improved, short of going back and colour correcting all the promos. If this was a £100 box set perhaps the budget would have been there to do that.

      All of the Top of the Pops and Wogan clips also look quite clean and sharp. Only “I Believe” does look a bit crap and grainy, but that’s mainly because it’s so dark.

      On to the aspect ration ‘situation’. Four videos aren’t 4:3. That’s probably about 16 minutes out of 160 minutes of promo/documentary/interview. Two of those four videos (Everybody Wants To Rule The World and I Believe) look like they might be the original aspect to me, which leaves just the second Mothers Talk and Shout
      as promos that look a bit cropped. Yes, it would be better if they were 4:3, but a couple of videos at a sub-optimum ration does not make for an “awful” DVD.

      The Top of the pops all LOOK fine except nearly all of them are widescreen and not 4:3. Only both clips of Everybody Wants To Rule The World are the exception.

      Ideal? No. A disaster/travesty/something worth writing to your local MP about? Hardly.

      In short we will have to agree to differ on this. In my opinion the quality is in general FINE, often better than fine. The odd video is cropped and for some reason virtually all the BBC stuff isn’t 4:3. It’s not perfect, but the only reason I’ve answered this point at such length is because I’m worried people with think it’s horrendous and it’s miles from that.

      • Paul Chapman says:

        Hi Paul,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I have the videos from multiple sources over the years & my comments are based what I’ve seen over the years.

        Using Mothers Talk (US Version) as you have highlighted it I have in far better quality, so it’s out there.

        The incorrect ratio of the clips is terrible quality control, there are many 80’s artists where a professional job has been carried out, Frankie’s – Frankie Said recently being a good example, BBC footage in a ratio that wasn’t in different ratios??

        The quality isn’t so much the issue, it is what it is.

        Couldn’t Universal have done just a simple port of the Promos etc?, would have been easy & cheaper.

        This isn’t a criticism aimed at you Paul in any shape or form & I hope you haven’t taken it that way.

        It’s an outstanding Box Set as I’ve said several times over the last couple of weeks, all over Twitter etc

        But the DVD isn’t of the same quality , a simple fact

  35. Mark says:

    Paul, the 24/96 stereo 2014 mix is divine, thank you.

    Is there a 24/96 stereo mix of the Hurting lurking about? The hurting box set did not have a DVD-A disc?



    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks. There is a 24/96 version of the standard Hurting mix on blu-ray audio, but that’s obviously nothing like the 2014 stereo mix of “Songs” which was a proper remix.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Paul, I wonder if Universal will release this to HD Tracks as they have with SFTBC, where you can buy the two 24/96 stereo mixes.

  36. John Drake says:

    SFTBC is available over at HDTracks now. Stereo only, but both the original recording remastered as well as the stereo Steve Wilson 2014 mix.

    At first I wasn’t all that interested, as I’d always assumed from the sound of it that SFTBC was a digital recording (or had been entirely processed thru a Fairlight or something). However, I found this curious note at HDTracks:

    “Songs From The Big Chair was originally recorded on 1/2″ analog tape in 1983 using a digital compressor that cut frequencies higher than 20hKz before being written to tape. This 2014 remaster was done by Andy Walter, at Abbey Road Studios from these same analog tapes which were transferred to digital at 96kHz/24-bit.”

    So it sounds like the original master, having gone thru probably a 44.1kHz/16-bit digital compressor back in the ’80s, might as well be a digital recording. In other words, there’s little to no advantage to doing a high-resolution edition of the original master.

    However, now I’m very interested in Steve Wilson’s 2014 remix, since that would have been taken from the original analog multitracks which were NOT run thru a digital compressor. So, apart from anything that had been sampled thru a Fairlight on the recording, you should see quite a bit of improvement in any 24-bit, 96kHz version of Wilson’s remix. The bass in particular should be a lot more realistic at 24-bit.

  37. Matteo says:

    Am I wrong or the track list in cd 2 is wrong? Track 14 should be the short version of shout while my player reports 4.40 time while track 9 that should be the us version reports 4.04

  38. Mark says:


    We’re the original studio recordings analogue or digital and if digital does this mean the source for the 24/96 2014 remaster was actually 16/44.1?

  39. trash says:

    By the way – with all my whining about not get the correct vinyl edition I think I may have totally neglected to say what a great job you have done on this Paul.

    – The packaging is great – I liked The Hurting packaging too and it is nice that the boxes are consistent. Loved the Gold sticker :-)

    – My CDs were held together with a white band which was a nice touch as these things often come loose in transit.

    – The content is superb – I have not worked through everything yet but, being a huge fan rather than a detailed completist, it certainly contains all I could want (perhaps more demos would have been nice but I suspect they don’t exist or they would have been included).

    – Soundwise: I do most of my listening on headphones and to my ancient ears things sound very nice indeed – balanced and full with nice separation and no remastering artefacts (of the type that unfortunately still seem to blight some remasters).

    – I’ve only skimmed the booklet so far and it’s nice to have the artist commenting on their work especially with the benefit of distance. I look forward to reading it all.

    – The reproduction program…. hmmm….. I guess it’s a nice addition but as I flicked through it, it really reminded me of why I always found programmes a bit of a rip off (especially as an impoverished student). Still it could have been worse – at least there are no glass marbles in sight :-)

    Overall a fitting tribute to a great album. As much as I rave about Elemental, SFTBC is still my favourite TFF album and this reissue *finally* does it justice.

    Thanks again Paul.

  40. Dave Harris says:

    Quite annoyed to get the black and white version of the vinyl…thought the blue version LOOKED great as well as I’m sure sounding great. Hope universal pit this right!
    The box set though is ACE!!

    • trash says:

      This is indeed annoying as mine was posted late last week and received the next day. I email them straight away to say there had been an error and yet they are clearly still sending them out.

      Perhaps they think/hope we wouldn’t notice :-)

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I’ve contacted Universal and this is the email address that you need to contact if you have received the wrong SFTBC vinyl:

        Apparently you need to just explain the situation and include some kind of receipt number or proof of purchase and they will sort. You’d hope they might let you keep the other vinyl as a gesture of goodwill, but I’m not promising that that will happen…. let me know how you get on. thanks, Paul

        • trash says:

          Hi Paul –

          Thanks for doing this. I have been using the web from up until now which seems to send emails into a black hole.

          I have now contacted them using the email above as you suggest. I’ll let you know when/if I hear anything.

          Thanks again

          P.S. Ordered the David Rhodes album :-)

        • trash says:

          Hi Paul –

          Just received this fromUniversal:

          Good morning

          We are sorry to hear that you have received the wrong album.

          Unfortunately we have no remaining stock left and are unable to arrange a replacement.

          We have therefore issued a full refund and the payment will process within 3-5 days. Please note that there is no need to return the wrong record.

          We apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment caused by this.

          Kind regards

          I’m kind of suspicious as I pre-ordered this pretty much straight away. I’m wondering was it ever *actually* available?

          Oh well disappointed but at least I won’t be out of pocket. :-(
          Thanks again for your help with this.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Really sorry for you re this. It’s poor from Universal I have to say. I’ll make a few further enquiries…

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            What were you offered? Refund, but return the black LP? Or refund and keep the black LP or what?

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Sorry about lots of messages. Here’s the situation, there are PLENTY of the limited edition 2014 mix vinyl left in stock. Please contact them again and if necessary say James Meadows in UK marketing has confirmed that.

          • Tony Law says:

            I got the same reply as trash. Thanks for the advice Paul – I will try that as well and hope they don’t now suggest an exchange as I have now unwrapped the black vinyl!

          • trash says:

            Thanks for the continued updates on this Paul – I really can’t believe the effort are having to o through just to to get a simple order fulfilled.

            Luckily I I have kept the album intact and unopened (as I really have no interest in replacing my original with a repressing).

            I’ve taken your advice and written in again. I let you know what I hear…

            Thanks again.

          • Tony Law says:

            No reply yet. Meanwhile, I notice that the album seems to be available here:
            I wonder if I should place an order or whether I will get yet another black album…

  41. Tony Law says:

    Just got my vinyl and it too is the black cover vinyl version instead of the 2014 Stereo version. Really disappointed after the long wait.

  42. Steven Roberts says:

    “Do deluxe editions get any better than this?”

    Yes – IMHO, the XTC CD/BD release are still the yardstick by which other SDEs need to be judged…

    • trash says:

      Totally agree – The XTC reissues certainly set the benchmark in terms of quality and value for money…

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        But not packaging. XTC isn’t as nice as this. And the booklets just fall out when you open the digi-packs ?! Can’t argue with content though and obviously a great price.

        • Steven Roberts says:

          I’ll tell you why the XTC edges out the Tears for Fears, and it’s not (just) the price – it’s the fact that all the music (original mix, remix, 5.1, demos, b-sides) is on the XTC Blu-ray in hi-res.

          I think Universal have missed a trick with the Tears box set – if I had been in their shoes I would have pushed to put everything on the CDs on the included Blu-ray as well (at least in hi-res if not in 5.1), and included this expanded Blu-ray only in the box set.

          So the casual fan gets the option of the standalone 5.1 Blu-ray in hi-res – and the dedicated collector gets *everything* in hi-res.

  43. Mark says:

    Will there be a CD of the 2014 stereo mix?

  44. Will says:

    Mine has just dropped through the door.
    I went straight for the DVD-A 2014 stereo mix as I don’t really do surround. It’s clearly less compressed and more detailed than the previous deluxe edition without even running it through the Dynamic Range Meter.
    It’s not a big an upgrade as the Hurting but it’s one of my favourite albums so any sound improvement is welcome.
    Probably could’ve lived without the tour programme but the booklet is a good read with a lot more detail than you usually get with these sort of things.
    Will work my way through the cds next week.

  45. spaceboy says:

    So glad to hear they’re going to do this for ‘Seeds.’

    • trash says:

      Really? Where did you hear that out of interest. I hope it’s true.
      Seeds would be good but I would be even more interested in a remaster of Elemental – a great album with a really strong set of b-sides. I’d love to hear the demos for this album too.

  46. NeilKelly says:

    Bad feedback already?

  47. Tom says:

    I received my copy today, looks good and sounds good.

    My only comments ate the booklets feel like fanzines, other Universal box sets I have like this are hard back books.

    Why no CD of the 2014 Stereo Mix? Its not even available to download, poor. I’m not an audiophile who has a surround set up and don’t fancy sitting in front of my tv to hear this new mix. Poor.

    The booklet says the footage on the DVD was restored, but it looks like straight transfers from the old ‘Tears Roll Down’ VHS compilation complete with bad blurry graphics and at one point you see credits for it before they fade out quickly. I’m disappointed with the TOTP’s clips, the ratio for most of them have been recreated as widescreen but while others aren’t, strange. they are also poorer quality, probably due to the disc being a DVD9 and compression. The same happened with Universal’s Big Country BBC box set.

    However, saying this its a great box to have and look forward to the next one one.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comments… a few further comments in response…

      I like the soft-cover booklets. Much easier to actually read (the whole purpose after all) and I always think the spines on the hardcover ones will fall apart quite quickly!

      You don’t need a surround sound set-up to hear the new stereo mix – just a DVD player which is connected to two speakers or your TV. You have to draw the line somewhere with these sets… a CD of the new mix would have meant 7-discs! It’s on vinyl if you have a turntable.

      The videos came from various sources – it wasn’t a straight transfer from the Tears Roll Down compilation as you suggest. Some are better than others – I think The Way You Are is very good for example. Some of TOTPs are 4:3, some aren’t. I can’t recall all the details but if Neil Wilkes reads this he might be able to offer some further comment. We did the best we could with the deadlines and budget etc.

      • Tom says:

        Hi Paul

        As I said, I don’t want to sit in front of my TV to listen to this new mix. I’d rather have it on the go, car, mp3 player etc.

        I don’t have a turntable and its a bit much to buy just to have the download of the new mix. I know, everyone is different but if it was me compiling I wouldn’t have included the bsides from The Hurting, regardless if they were on a SFTBC cassette because they shouldn’t have been included on that anyway. They are on The Hurting box set already. I don’t need a disc of single edits either. A new stereo mix is far more interesting than those, but I know there are completists for these things.

        • Neil says:

          I’m going to rip the new stereo mix from the DVD with with some software and burn it to a disc assuming there is a LPCM layer on the DVD. I do agree though that the new stereo mix should have been released on CD because for the life of me i cannot see why anybody would be interested in buying the 2 disc edition to get a bunch of edits and i agree The Conflict should not be on this.

  48. NeilKelly says:

    I have a 2nd copy secured at £37.99 but i may cancel it. Was hoping it would go back to £31.90 at some point. It’s currently about £45.99. I may be able to make a few quid towards my first copy but don’t think it’s worth the risk!

  49. trash says:

    Just received my supposed 2014 Stereo Mix blue cover vinyl edition – ordered specifically from Universal. Was very excited until I opened only to find it looks like a reissue of the standard edition – despite the fact that this is not actually listed on their site!
    Still waiting to hear what they have to say about it – I still have my original so I’m not interested in a reissue of the same thing!


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Do you mean you got the black cover vinyl version by mistake?

      • trash says:

        Yes indeed – I got sent the black cover version which is not listed on the site so I don’t see how I could have ordered it in error.

        Not happy…

        • trash says:

          To be clear – I ordered directly from Universal using the link posted above…

          The link still points to the new Stereo mix version (and Universal don’t seem to be selling the normal version) so I think someone screwed up – but I’ll see what they have to say when they eventually get back to me.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          You may get to keep that one too, so might work out….

        • Dave Harris says:

          Hi Trash. The same happened to me! I’m not happy either. Ordered the “blue version” and today received the normal black and white version.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I’ve made some enquiries about this for you at Universal. Will let you know what they come back with.

          • trash says:

            I’ve sent three emails to Universal so far and heard nothing (not even an acknowledgement that they have received my emails).

            Thanks for following up on this Paul – anything you can find out will be much appreciated.
            Dave, if I hear anything I will post back here…


          • mike says:

            the same thing happened to me. They sent me the normal black and white edition. Not the green color tinted package. i emailed them now

  50. Richard says:

    Slightly annoyed Amazon just jacked the price up for the 6 disc set by £10 over the last few days.

    I was over the moon it was £35, now it’s £45 I’m a little more “wait and see”. I’ll still get it mind you, I just will need to wait.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Why didn’t you get an early pre-order in to secure the lower price? It doesn’t cost anything to do that.

  51. Robert says:

    Jose, I believe the b-sides of that era are the original Hughes/Stanley material.

  52. Daran says:

    @ Neil – yes i have seen the ‘new’ price too! I was sure I had pre-ordered it at £31-32 pounds. No such luck, that was the new PF album I ordered.

    What on earth is Amazon playing at with a near 50% increase? Monolopy arrogance? Where is that SDE shop Paul! We need alternatives to Amazon.

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  54. Jose says:

    Paul, congratulations for fantastic job! I remember that I’ve read in 1987/1988 that Tears for Fears had abandoned a project because the songs were sounded very similar to “SFTBC” album. They’ve started all over again and finally released “TSOL” in 1989. Is it possible to confirm these information? If it’ true, is there any possibility for those previous unreleased material (After SFTBC and Before TSOL) to be release next year on the “TSOL” Super Deluxe version?

  55. Neil says:

    The price has gone up to £45.99 on Amazon.

  56. negative1 says:

    always thought this song was great,
    and i found a japanese EP that had
    other cool tracks:

    A1 The Way You Are 7:44
    A2 Pale Shelter (New Extended Version) 6:52
    B1 The Marauders 4:16
    B2 We Are Broken 4:02
    B3 Start Of The Breakdown (Live) 5:52

    Then got the UK 12″, it was ages before i even
    knew about the 7″ edit. but got it eventually
    on vinyl.

    it was on : Living In Oblivion: The 80’s Greatest Hits – Volume 3

    the extended mix was on cd : Richard Blade’s Flashback Favorites Volume 4

    this was before all the re-releases.

    i don’t mind the band didn’t think too highly of it,
    a lot of bands put out non album stuff – u2 – a celebration,
    new order – confusion, murder, blue monday, etc. so if it works
    for the fans, fine.


  57. Rob Plunkett says:

    Thank you for all your hard work Paul. This is how deluxe editions should be done. I am really looking forward to the informative booklet with the track details and interviews. Regardless of what some people say, I think a lot of these remasters would be worse off without your involvement. Of course there are some concerns about the sound of the remastering but that is outwith your control and you can always keep your original CD and enjoy them both.

    Does Universal have the rights to the ABC catalogue? Would you consider being involved in a Lexicon of Love SDE? I am sure Martin Fry would be happy to assist also.


  58. Daniele Paladini says:

    The actual link in the article to buy from amazon italy is the import version, the regular super deluxe it’s much cheaper, 34,99 euro right now. Can’t copy/paste the link from my smartphone, but if you make a search will find, it’s not listed very well, has the picture of the regular cd and is listing 4 cds content, but being released in November you can’t go wrong

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  60. Hello Paul
    I noticed that you mention an alternative “Mother’s Talk” US Remix on here that’s never been out before. I think it may have been as I have 2 different (but quite similar mixes) myself. I think the one you mention is probably on the CDV Single of “Head Over Heels”
    I will check myself when I get the box set :)
    I’m also quite pleased that the 2 oddities from the MFSL CD of the album are not on the box set as it makes that CD quite unique still.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Both versions of the US Mix of Mothers Talk have been out before, but not on the same reissue! There is a completely unreleased version of Mothers Talk on disc four which is instrumental.

  61. D.A. Siano says:

    A point of clarity would be appreciated, because I am confused about something (or rather, it’s not readily apparent to me from this post, nor was I able to find something in the comments):

    The single CD version or disc 1 of the 2CD and boxed set versions is NOT the Wilson stereo remix? It is simply a remastered version of the original mixes?

    If I am understanding correctly, the only way to get Wilson’s stereo remix is on the DVD-A in the boxed set, the Blu-ray, and the vinyl.

    I certainly plan to get the Blu-ray as I am a huge on both Wilson and TFF (this is something of a “worlds colliding” moment for me). But I would also like Wilson’s stereo remix on CD, admittedly mostly to rip for portable reasons.

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Your understanding is basically correct, which means you should probably worked out that you can’t get the new 2014 mix on CD, unfortunately.

  62. Sergio says:

    What are the choices for sound selections in the Blu-ray Audio?
    DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and PCM Stereo 2.0?

    Thank you

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  64. Andrew says:

    Universal have just announced a Limited edition coloured vinyl version if this too now….

  65. LedMan says:

    Great Job Paul!

    I hope this is just the beginning and that Universal will at least consider including a true DVD-A in future “SD” edition box sets including many future Classic Rock reissues. Even if there won’t be 5.1 mixes included, I hope these future sets will include a hi rez stereo mix including flat transfers of the original mixes.

    Will the DVD-A in this SD edition set also include a flat transfer of the original mix or is that only available on the Blu-Ray disc? I pre-ordered the box set and probably will order the Blu-Ray too which hopefully will be available in the U.S. soon.

    Glad to hear that you’re working with Universal!

    • Julian H says:

      “Will the DVD-A in this SD edition set also include a flat transfer of the original mix or is that only available on the Blu-Ray disc?”

      Good question. Conflicting bits of information on here and other sites. Clarification, please?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It includes the 2014 remaster of the original mix – i.e. what’s on CD 1 in the box / deluxe edition. It’s not a flat transfer but it is high res being on the DVD.

        • Julian H says:

          “but it is high res being on the DVD.”

          I’d rather have a flat transfer in non-hi-res than a bad remaster in high res (I doubt I can hear the difference between CD and higher res anyway… my hearing stops at around 17 kHz which is well below the CD Nyquist freq), but we’ll see how it sounds. If it is compressed to death that will not be good when you’re switching on the DVD-A!

  66. peter says:

    Paul, is there any chance that even though they put out a deluxe of ‘The Hurting’ the one thing that was missed was a 5.1 surround for it. Now that they got Steven Wilson to do SFTBC in 5.1 is there any chance for a 5.1 of ‘The Hurting’ and Steven Wilson please for the remix.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I did suggest that, but don’t think it’s going to happen (unfortunately).

      • Derek Langsford says:

        That is unfortunate. Just gong through my SFTBC Box that I received for Christmas and love the 5.1 mix, and seeing TSOL is going to get the SDE treament, presumably with a 5.1 mix, it leaves Hurting out in the cold with no 5.1 mix. Perhaps a future Blu-Ray issue? Though having an existing 2.0 Blu-Ray and a boxed set surely must shrink the market for another disc. Very unfortunate state of affairs for the 5.1 fan.

  67. SimonP says:

    I haven’t unwrapped mine yet.

  68. Michael Bird says:

    Paul, if you are in contact with such people, I would like to know if it was intentional that The Hurting box boasts just enough empty space to accommodate the blu-ray being tucked inside it, which is where mine now lives.

  69. SimonP says:

    The UK wowhd site shows there is a sale on, but none of the prices are discounted!

  70. Mike Williams says:

    Little nudge also to wowhd Ireland offering 15% off, a little under £26

  71. Sterling says:

    Heads up US buyers, head to Wow HD for the sale today. I only paid $42.49 with the discount added. More than half off what Amazon is charging!

  72. I’m getting a little confused by some of the various retailers and their marketing.

    UVinyl, Universal’s vinyl reissue brand, are offering the box set AND an exclusive vinyl release of the SW new 2014 stereo mix (I presume the regular vinyl release is the original stereo mix?), as a bundle for £49.99. Or you can by this green tinged vinyl release on its own for £15.99

    So, more editions! ;-)

    Then there’s the Blu Ray which Amazon UK still don’t list, yet Amazon Germany and France do, albeit that the German’s are charging twice as much as the French. Even Universal’s own HFPA store isn’t showing it.

    Lots of confusing messages, all compounded by the official video trailer failing to mention the Blu Ray too.

    If you can enlighten us in any way on this Paul, I’d be incredibly grateful :-)

  73. Julian H says:

    Great news but avid TFF fan has a few quibbles:

    – PLEASE listen to all the cds! No more glitches, please…
    – Is the “Beat of the Drum Mix” of “Mothers Talk” the 8:58 version also found on the 2006 deluxe edition or the longer 9:18 “full version” that only appeared on acetate?
    – “Broken Revisited” was on SFTBC 1999, on SFTBC deluxe 2006 and on Hurting deluxe 2013 (although mislabeled as “We are Broken”). I know it belongs here but it would be nice to finally have “We are Broken”. After all, it was the early version of a SFTBC song…
    – What is the difference between the 7″ and album version of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”?
    – I don’t have the MFSL version but it has been repeatedly stated that “Head over Heels” has a longer chorus on that CD. Would have been nice to have this alternative version here but I see it would have been hard to integrate it.

    But largely, this is really on the plus side – especially when considering the missed opportunities on the Hurting deluxe editions:

    – A 5.1 Mix by Steven Wilson! This is not just “another” 5.1 mix. It actually raises TFF up into the league of respected progressive acts such as Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Caravan, Gentle Giant, XTC etc.
    – Many rarities! (including oddities such as the interview and short versions) I’ve counted at least 12 rare tracks on discs 2 & 3, and the complete disc 4! Amazing when you consider the 2006 deluxe edition already included 20 extra tracks.
    – All the videos! Again this makes me wonder why that wasn’t done for The Hurting…
    – More rare material on the DVD (ok TOTP were playbacks but nice to see anyway).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Julian… some answers

      Is the “Beat of the Drum Mix” of “Mothers Talk” the 8:58 version also found on the 2006 deluxe edition or the longer 9:18 “full version” that only appeared on acetate? ANSWER: It’s the 8.58. We tried to find the tapes to 9.18 but to no avail. Presumed no one wants a scratchy version from an acetate?

      – “Broken Revisited” was on SFTBC 1999, on SFTBC deluxe 2006 and on Hurting deluxe 2013 (although mislabeled as “We are Broken”). I know it belongs here but it would be nice to finally have “We are Broken”. After all, it was the early version of a SFTBC song… ANSWER: There is a cool demo/early mix of We Are Broken that no one has ever heard on disc 4 (we’ve called it “Broken (Early Mix)” so as not to confuse. It lasts for about a minute longer (it doesn’t have the backwards tape intro) and features saxophone. Hopefully that will make up for the lack of the proper We Are Broken :)

      – I don’t have the MFSL version but it has been repeatedly stated that “Head over Heels” has a longer chorus on that CD. Would have been nice to have this alternative version here but I see it would have been hard to integrate it. ANSWER: Took a similar view to this as the extended version of Shout on the same disc. An interesting quirky error that doesn’t really belong on here since not an official remix or even an official promo. And an element of ‘you have to draw the line somewhere’ most of the discs are already full on this set.


  74. Friso Pas says:

    As long as there’s a blu-ray or dvd-a in deluxe boxsets with 24bit audio, I’m very happy. A hires DL would be a bonus with that, but actually necessary when it’s not on one of the physical discs.

  75. Jos says:

    Great Job Paul, you are a true example for the whole musicbusiness. THIS is how a box should be compiled, by a musiclover!! Welldone!!!!!!

  76. Michael says:

    I forgot to thank fisonic as well.

    By the way: the MFSL uncut version can be heard here:

  77. Michael says:

    @ Jason & Paul:
    Thanks for the info. Yesterday I analyzed both versions (the 7:38 and 8:02 mixes) and found, that the So80s 8:02 mix not only fades later, but also has a longer intro! It adds about 10 seconds of instrumental build-up. Not that it adds something new, it just repeats the gimmicky bass line at around 11 seconds into the songs one time more than the shorter version. Additionally, as you both pointed out, it fades out later. so mot just a later fade out but also a longer intro.

    • Jason says:

      Wow. I had not noticed this previously. I will pull out my “so80s 8” CD and take a listen. Interesting that the compilers decided to extend that section. Strange. Thanks for pointing that out!

      Now I must get my hands on that longer version of “Head Over Heels” from the MFSL CD. It can be heard here:

      • Jason says:

        So, I pulled out my “so80s 8” disc, and I don’t hear the extended section in the intro to which you are referring. It sounds exactly the same as the MFSL version, except that it fades out at 8:02 instead of 8:17. Are you sure about this? Or, am I missing something?

        • Michael says:

          I will check again, but when I analyzed them, I noticed that in the so80s version all the elements (singing, drums, solos etc.) after this point happen 10 seconds later… I really stood there with my watch and for me there is a longer intro. But, as I said, I will check again to make absolutely sure, I don’t want to add confusion to all these various mixes.

          • Michael says:

            I now checked again, I compared the ‘Extended Version’ from the so80s 8 CD to the version from the Pearls Of The 80s CD and they are indeed different insofar as former fades out later AND really has a longer intro.

            After 10 seconds the melody stops and there is just a goofy bass solo. The so80s version repeats this solo twice whereas the Pearls Of The 80s CD plays it only once. Hence the time difference of 10 seconds.

            Can’t talk about the original 12″ versions, but the same mix on these two CDs is indeed different!

  78. Ronald says:

    Dutch readers can get a good deal at The deluxe set is there for just under € 63,00. I had a € 5,00 gift so € 58,00 is a great deal for this box.
    With the Donna Summer, Another Place And Time also underway this was a great year for me in the form of Re-issued 80’s albums.
    Still hoping for Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night coming anytime soon.

  79. Pharaoh says:

    THANK YOU – This is wonderfully exciting!!!
    I really hope that the complete Massey Hall gig may come out as a stand-alone release as DVD/BLU-RAY/LP but with the few tracks included in this set, it seems unlikely.
    “The Seeds Of Love” box release will no doubt blow us away! Can’t wait!

  80. gary c says:

    What is the track-listing for the vinyl, will it have a DL card, and what will be on it?

  81. Michael says:

    Or is this an edit of the aforementioned MFSL CD version?

    • Jason says:

      My understanding is that the MFSL CD version from 1998 featured the full, uncut “Extended Version” (A.K.A. “UK Extended Remix”) of “Shout” at 8:17. (Some person was kind enough to send me a FLAC copy of this 8:17 version from the MFSL CD a few years ago). The original 12″ ran about 7:37 because it simply faded out earlier. That’s the way that it was heard at that time and for years (7:37 of playing time, that is) … until 1998 when MFSL put out a full, uncut 8:17 version.

      “So80s8”, which apparently used the MFSL CD as a source, simply faded the song at 8:02 before it faded out, went back up in volume again, and faded out again. In other words, the ending sounded a bit sloppy by going up and down in volume, so the creators probably decided to get rid of those last 15 seconds, opting to fade out early. My understanding is that this “Super Deluxe Edition” of “Songs from the Big Chair” will feature the original 7:37 version of “Shout” as it was originally pressed and released at the time.

      That is what I have gathered from all of this, unless someone can confirm or comment otherwise.

  82. Michael says:

    Being not a hardcore Tears For Fears fan, but always a great admirer of their song “Shout” I noticed that the ‘Extended Version’ of this song (track 3 on the third CD) runs 7:37 minutes.

    At the same time this same mix can be found on Volume 8 of Blank&Jones ‘S080s’ series but here the running time is given with (and actually is) 8:02 minutes. The 12″ info on Discogs also has the 7:37 minute info, so is the mix on B&J So80s CD another, longer version? It definitely is not the’ US Mix’ (which also runs 8:02 minutes), as it starts and ends like the ‘Extended Version’, still it is 25 seconds longer…?

    Has anybody any information about this?

    • fisonic says:

      As far as I can tell, the So80S 8 version of Shout is the UK Extended Version, but has a longer fade-out. Not totally sure if it’s otherwise 100% identical, but from a quick comparison it seems to be.

  83. Lonewolf says:

    Great news!!! The new mixes look tempting, I hope the mastering engineer do not apply a lot of compression on the tracks like the ’99 & the ’05 releases…

  84. fisonic says:

    This seems simply perfect!
    Thanks for doing it with style, Paul. And thanks for convincing Universal to do it the right way.
    Great work! I can only second DJ Salinger’s words from above. :-D

  85. Mike the Fish says:

    Hi Paul

    Is the stereo remix on the DVD-A?

    I’m deffo up for hearing that!

  86. Renato says:

    Cool! I’ll get this as soon as possible :D
    By the way, considering that We Are Broken wasn’t really included on The Hurting boxset, wouldn’t it be possible to release it now?

  87. Karen says:

    I had an email this afternoon from Amazon stating that the release date has been put back to 10 November 2014

  88. Dan Slattery says:

    Has the Pure Audio release been pulled? I see there’s just an link now, and it has a “sign up to be notified when this item is available” message on the product page.

  89. roberto bessa says:

    And now waiting for the seeds of love, money for nothing, the head on the door, the dream of the blue turtles……all with 5.1 and of course with mr.wilson

  90. Joe j says:

    Well done Paul on this great achievement and I hope you continue to be involved in future TFF releases. Do you know if the dimensions of the actual box itself is the same as the hurting box set? Also is it a lift-lid style like tho hurting? Hoping that it is as they would look great beside each other on the shelf. Hoping as well that TSOL will be the same to complete the trilogy!! ;-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Joe. Yes, I’m almost certain the boxes are the same, so hopefully will look cool next to each other on the shelf!

  91. Friso Pas says:

    Paul, someone mentioned that on the MFSL cd version of the Big Chair, the Shout – Extended Version is actually almost 40 seconds longer, totalling 8 min.17 s. So why is that one not in the boxset?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Because it shouldn’t have been 40 seconds longer. That was simply an error where someone accidentally left the tape running. It sounds terrible, and is in no way an official remix. It was never released in the 1980s for a start.

      • Friso Pas says:

        Thanks a lot, Paul, for all your efforts and comments here in the post.
        I appreciate it very much that you take the time to answer all our questions. I really get the impression that you try to make the best boxset possible. Kudos!

  92. Mark says:

    So what were the glitches on the Hurting box set please, Fedge?
    I have it and I only noticed the shitload of background noise on Change (New Version)

    • Julian H says:

      The glitches were on Ideas as Opiates (album version). One halfway into the song, right before the sax solo; the other one in the crossfade to Memories Fade.

  93. Mark says:

    So what were the glitches on the Hurting box set please, Fedge?

  94. Mike the Fish says:

    I for one am very pleased with the DVD-A/V choice – thank you Paul. Also, it’s not clear to me, but is the new Steven Wilson stereo mix on the DVD?

    I’m looking forward to the interviews you mentioned, and your track by track commentary for that matter. I’m really pleased to see such a fan oriented set. It ticks pretty much all my boxes (lyrics aside, but then maybe that’s a publishing/money thing. I’d rather pay less than have the lyrics for this) with the edits, remixes, unreleased stuff associated video stuff and 5.1. Delighted there’s going to be 5.1 mix. So thanks for your involvement Paul. This looks like a really, really good set.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Mike the DVD has everything: Steven Wilson 2014 Stereo Mix (hi-res), the Steven Wilson 5.1 mix (dolby 5.1, DTS and MLP lossless for DVD-A) and it has the original mix in hi-res stereo.

  95. Griffin says:

    Paul, thank you for your effort & involvement in this project! Very excited about, but missed out the 15% discount offer when buying 2 items on wowhd. I’ll wait for the next offer.

    Very happy about this release. But less happy that the record company took/takes 3x of my money (original release/2CD deluxe/now 6CD deluxe)! I hope all other future deluxe editions by all record companies will be “last time”, that means it will include everything, released, unreleased, first time on CD, unused etc. So they won’t be taking our money every 5 or 10 years. They have to do right the first time around, especially with help/involvement by the fans/Paul would be even better!

  96. mike says:

    paul, am not buying this as you have let us down and not included the Venezuelan 1986 Dub Acappella edit from the limited 12” release of Shout…

    Wow, amazing set, amazing value and utterly definitive. Congrats!

  97. Friso Pas says:

    Hi Paul, what a great lavish set.
    I think it’s great that Universal let you have input and make it a boxset that fans would love to have, as you are probably a big fan yourself.
    I pre-ordered it straight away and I can’t wait for the Seeds box set as well.
    So I read you pushed for a DVD-A, instead of blu-ray audio.
    Is the content still uncompressed 24bit, as a blu-ray would be?
    I do have blu-ray at home, but if not higher res than the DVD-A, there is no incentive to order that one as well. Am I wrong?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Pushed for DVD-A instead of DVD-V. Blu-ray in the box wasn’t on the agenda.

      • peter z says:

        A BIG THANKYOU for pushing for Dvda for the box and Steven Wilson 5.1 mix, this is golden indeed.
        If Seeds of Love is scheduled and another 5.1 and Steven Wilson involved, thats another buy as long as I can afford these special releases.
        For next release(hoping for Seeds of Love) is it possible to have a cd\dvda or DVDA by itself as seems to be working for Yes,Xtc,King Crimson releases to come out like that and they must be making money s o I am not only person that loves surround 5.1 Dvda’s.

  98. Daveyman19 says:

    Superb box-set – ordered mine with Amazon UK just before the price increase. One of the best 80’s albums and great to see lots of new and unavailable additions for collectors.

  99. Edu says:

    Why the blu ray audio is not included in the box?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It was going to be ‘just’ a standard DVD, so at least DVD-A is one up from that.

      • peter says:

        Paul, just saw that your comment about was only going to be standard DVD, well that would have been crazy, DVDA format is fantastic, no difference than Bluray in sound quality other than Bluray has way more space, so a BIG THANKYOU if you helped to make this happen. Only thing that would have been better for my pocket book is if they could have done a stand alone DVDA or cd\dvda format, as good as the box is the 5.1 DVDA is the prize in the box for me. Keep up the good work, look forward to The Seeds of Love and if in 5.1 and Steven Wilson, instant buy.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Thanks Peter. You definitely won’t see any standalone DVD-As from Universal I don’t think. Their format of choice for that now is blu-ray audio (Pure Audio).

  100. Piet Blank says:

    fantastic job! orderd mine! good luck with this!

  101. fedge says:

    I’d like to add in my concerns that Mike the Fisher and Kevin brought up regarding the mastering. I really do hope the band and management LISTEN CAREFULLY to the the test pressing as the glitch from The Hurting box set stuck out like a sore thumb – yet both the band and management both “approved” it all. It’s like the audio glitch on the Paramount US Titanic Bluray mere seconds into the movie – one glitch can pretty much ruin the whole presentation.

  102. Robert van Diggele says:

    Hi Paul, great work on this box set! Looks fab with a very decent Price. Great to see my favorite surround mixer is present as well. Hopefully Steven will be involved in the Seeds of Love reissue you mentioned in the comments. Thanks, looking forward to the box.

  103. David Martin says:

    It appears the Companies are belatedly learning, and it took the influence of music lovers, and not bean counters to make it happen.

  104. Daran says:

    Just to say then Paul, if possible can that California ‘shed’ concert be included on the Seeds box set. It perhaps is a better fit on that tbh. As mentioned it is just that it was included on the ltd edition Scenes DVD so it has been tagged into that era (probably in error really with hindsight).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think ‘California’ is almost certainly going on Seeds, which will be next. As you say it really didn’t belong on the Scenes DVD, but was a welcome bonus at the time. It would have made no sense to include as part of the Songs box set.

  105. Daran says:

    Well done Paul. For some reason I never got around to buying SFTBC, my ony TFF omission. That will be put right with this box set.

    One question though Paul – I am lucky enough to have the ltd edition DVD of (Scenes)FTBC with the included Going To California concert on it (which think was only relisted as a stand alone title in USA?). Was there any chance to include either the whole concert or just the relevant featured album songs from it on the included box set DVD’s? I know that concert was from the Seeds era, but TFF themselves put it in with the Songs… material and it would have been nice for others to be able to have it too. Although there is some live material included in the Scenes documentary.

  106. peter says:

    Paul you have done a tremendous job on this. Only complaint I would have is that since there is so much room to put extra stuff on the bluray and it could all be put on at 24/96 why would they not have put more stuff on the bluray , just take a look how fully loaded XTC-Drums and Wires cd/bluray is(you get all bonus songs in 5.1) get all songs in 24/96 and priced much lower than even the best price on this boxset. Then you can still order a cd\dvda, I have ordered both versions for Xtc as dvda can play in car/home and bluray in home all in glorious 24/96. The quality of stuff in the box as fantastic but to me hearing songs in best possible sound 24/96 for stereo and lossless 24/96 5.1 trumps everything so they got that part right for regular album on dvda and bluray.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it’s just the difference between a major label and smaller labels that license the content in. Different approaches and strategy to the material etc. The Grace Jones release seems to be the exception (and there was no super deluxe for that release) but Universal consistently stick to ‘just’ the album for their Pure Audio blu-ray. Having all three mixes of Songs From The Big Chair (original, 2014 stereo mix and 5.1) is much better than some offerings. Thanks for your comments!

  107. Stephen K. says:

    Wow, Paul, thanks! I do have some questions, but let me say first that the box set looks fantastic! Okay, so usually I might have some minor quibble about the running order of the remixes and b-sides… but not in this instance, since I’ve been making my own tracklists for ages, and none of them have ever come off just right… so, I give up on that front. Thanks for: some rare music videos, the Massey Hall live tracks, the 5.1 mix, demos, radio sessions, and Shout (Acappella), all free of compression!


    The double 7″ of I Believe uniquely featured a non-crossfaded (“clean outro”) version of the LP mix of I Believe. It also is more of a cold stop version than a fade out. Very interesting. Maybe you can still get it? It’s the most ‘in demand’ track from my wantlist not to appear on here.

    Also, shouldn’t Broken/Head Over Heels/Broken (Massey Hall Live Version) be 7:36, not 5:01? In fact, 5:01 (or 5:02) would be the running time of the album version of Head Over Heels/Broken (Live).

    A popular circulated discography has long shown a Japanese 12″ of Shout that included live versions of Shout and I Believe (otherwise unreleased)… I don’t know, since I’ve seen no other proof, and they don’t list a catalog number for it. It would be nice to hear these live versions… I don’t even know which show they’re from. With the caveat, I have no proof that this release really exists!

    The same discography also lists something I have heard, a fairly decent Tears for Fears MegaMix (I would imagine it would make the band cringe, though):

    12″: 1986 UK (Mercury; DMC42/2)
    ?:?? Head Over Heels
    ?:?? Shout
    ?:?? Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    ?:?? Everybody Wants To Run The World
    ?:?? Mad World
    ?:?? Change
    Total run time around 8m55s.

    Also, a brief re-request: maybe the band can do a stand-alone CD single for Mad World, since none of the tracks from the 12″ (the clean outro single mix, the single version of Ideas as Opiates, and the “unjustly maligned?” Saxophones as Opiates) appear on the box set of The Hurting.

    Lastly, I own some DVD-A releases which I can play on my regular DVD player, mainly because the 5.1 content was also released as a DVD-V track. It looks like that is not the case here? Is the 5.1 material on the DVD-A layer only? No big deal, I wouldn’t mind the Blu-Ray.

    Hey, thanks for your fantastic work! I love this box set!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Stephen – thanks for your comments. I’ll address the things I definitely know about.

      Broken/Head Over Heels/Broken at Massey Hall is 7.26, so 5.01 is just an error which I will correct.

      The DVD-A does have the surround mix on a DVD-V layer, so everyone gets to hear it. It’s just that the DVD-A players play a lossless hi-res version where everyone else gets Dolby 5.1 or DTS (still good!).

      • Stephen K. says:

        Thanks for your response, Paul!

        My stereo set-up developed a technical fault and lost its capacity for surround sound a while back. No big deal, I’ve been happy enough with 2 channel sound (on an otherwise prosumer setup) for the past 3 years.

        However, with the SFTBC 5.1 mix, I think I finally have an urgent and compelling reason to update my system!

  108. Neil says:

    “Listen (Clean Intro)” lasts for 6:50 on that CD single. They seriously haven’t butchered it have they ?

  109. Paul Brown says:

    Yay! Have pre-ordered the deluxe set today, great price, thanks Paul for your work on this release and the web site!!

  110. Cyrille says:

    This set truly looks incredible !

    Thanks Paul for your dedication to make sure Tears For Fears’ reissues get the Super deluxe treatment ! I stumble accross the tracklisting on a forum some days ago and thought it was fan-made because it was too good & complete to be true. I’m so glad I was wrong ;-)

    I have one small question regarding “Listen (Clean Intro)” on CD2. The track duration 4’03 seems weird. Is it a typo or is it a different (edited) version than the one released on the CD Single for “Famous Last Words” ?

  111. Kenny says:

    Incredible touch replicating the cassette running order. I threw all my tapes out 10 years ago apart from three … and if I’d only got to keep one it would have been SFTBC for the extra tracks.

    Sorry to be coarse but you must feel like a dog with two dicks getting involved with this stuff, Paul! More power to you.

  112. Brian says:

    So are there any bonus tracks with the Blu-ray audio? It doesn’t say. Great if it was like Grace Jones’ Nightclubbing.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Unfortunately not, but you do get THREE mixes of the album: Original, 2014 Stereo Remix and 2014 5.1 remix! Not too bad :)

  113. Mike Cox says:

    Congrats and thanks for helping out Paul!! This set looks awesome. The price will hold me back for now but maybe I’ll pick it up later—no rush.

  114. ChuckO says:

    Would have made more sense to me to have disc 3 with the 12″ versions as the 2nd disc in the 2-disc version, but I’m just glad it’s all finding its way out finally. Hopefully I can download the extended mixes from itunes (no interest in all those 7″ mixes or other extra stuff)

  115. Dave says:

    Wow! This is the way a boxset should be done. Great work Paul.

  116. trash says:

    Just like to add my thanks to Paul for the work on this.

    I already have this album 4 times:
    – Original vinyl release
    – 1999 CD reissue (single CD with bonus tracks)
    – Ultradisc II 24 Karat (sic) edition
    – 2006 2CD reissue

    But this release is to0 good to resist (almost too good to be true)!
    Thanks again!

  117. Kevin says:

    It’s sad that the flat transfers are limited to the DVD-A disc. To me, that sounds like the CD discs *have* been subjected to mastering EQ and compression—which shouldn’t be necessary, except perhaps to the extent required to ensure the bonus material fits with the album proper.

    I’d rather see a flat transfer remastered in a high-resolution format with volume the only real adjustment made—I haven’t opened up this album in an editing program to check, but some 1980s CD releases kept peaks well below 0 dB, in which case volume could be increased accordingly *without* affecting dynamic range.

    Then again, I seem to be one of the few people who think that remastering ought to be primarily about getting the highest quality reproduction possible from the original masters, not trying to get older material to conform to current production/mastering practices.

  118. _mostlybobbins says:

    I think a little bit of wee just came out…

  119. Gerry Forrester says:

    Wow..that’s how you do a deluxe edition folks…

    • Jason says:

      Indeed! I will be getting the 6-disc edition for sure! Absolutely amazing. Congratulations to the team behind this deluxe edition for getting it right and making it more than complete! Thank you!!! This is one of my favorite albums/eras.

  120. This is one of the box sets of the year. With Steven Wilson on board and the plethora of material included this box is what this classic album deserves. Ordered straight away!

  121. NeilKelly says:

    Just gone to order another and it’s now £37.99 lol

  122. paul griffiths says:

    ordered mine from amazon
    2 questions
    are universal music doing a ltd 7″ single like they did with the hurting???
    are they gonna tour this album…..there were rumours when they issued the hurting box set??

  123. Can you confirm the release dates, Paul?

    Your article states the 10th, Amazon UK state the 3rd and the TFF FB page state the 7th (I’m presuming that’s the U.S.)

  124. Eric says:

    Bloody hell.

    I didn’t think anything could tempt me to buy yet another version of my all-time #2 album….but you just have. And the biggest 6-disc version too!

  125. Omar says:

    All this makes my 2006 deluxe edition seem pointless. I wish there was also a 3cd version which includes the first three discs.

  126. Steve says:

    Any word on if the DVD will be region free NTSC like The Hurting is? I ordered from Amazon UK due to the much lower price but live in the US.

  127. Will says:


    Paul – have the got the channels the right way round in this re-issue? The only cd release of SFTBC with the correct polarity was the Musical Fidelity one.

  128. newmusicmark says:

    Paul, I think this now makes you the king of re-releases. Congrats. :) What’s next in your bag? Can you end up working on Malcolm McLaren Duck Rock or Grace Jones – Slave To the Rhythm?? :D

  129. Jan says:

    Lovely Paul. Are there plans for Universal to do a limited 7″ again like The Hurting?

  130. leo says:

    Even the extended version of everybody is quite hard to find.
    Has every single 12″ mix been included on here nothing missing?

  131. Mike the Fisher says:

    Wow, great job everybody. Now, somebody remember to include the lyrics and check the audio this time!

    And please can done people here stop telling companies they can raise their prices!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You might be disappointed with the lyrics situation (there are none) but you will not be disappointed with the new interviews with Roland, Curt, Chris Hughes and Dave Bates. It’s REALLY interesting.

      • Julian H says:

        I just don’t understand why the lyrics can’t be included. It was possible for the 1999 remasters (at least the album tracks) so why not in what is supposed to be the definitive version of an album?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          What do you want the lyrics for? Do you really need to see ‘Shout, Shout let it all out…” written down?

          This new edition has over 10,000 words of in-depth interviews with all the key players, extensive guide to the bonus tracks… gimme a break!!

          • Julian H says:

            No, I just think they are an integral part of the piece of art that is SFTBC. TFF were always putting a lot of thought into their lyrics. Now, I have all the lyrics (from various internet sources) but I did find the lack of lyrics annoying already on the 2006 deluxe (as well as on RATKOS’s reissue, especially with Roland’s distorted vocals on many tracks). As a “Not quite native speaker” it isn’t always easy for me to understand all the lyrics if I don’t have them written down, and in many cases reading the lyrics while listening to the songs makes me understand the intention of the songwriters a lot more (sometimes very drastically, as recently with Rush). Pink Floyd did this with all their Immersion boxes, whatever flaws they had apart from that. Try to listen to Curt’s singing on “Listen”: Would you understand all the words if you didn’t have the lyrics?

            I appreciate all the effort from you and the other collaborators that went into this, but I still think that even a little reprint of an original lyric sheet or sth. similar wouldn’t have hurt.

            Anybody who likes to play his/her favourite songs on the piano and sing along should know what I’m talking about…

            (Also, I think that many of the bonus tracks have never ever had their lyrics printed anywhere, apart from that japanese deluxe edition you wrote about awhile ago…)

            I know I’m searching for something to gripe about and this set will be incredible value but it still doesn’t explain why no TFF re-release since 2006 has included any lyrics.

  132. Le Baron says:

    Paul Sinclair for President!!
    I’ll buy this box set just to make Universal Records sure that there is still a massive interest in tears For Fears reissues…so that Seed of Love will be their next project ! :)
    Paul, you’re my hero !! ;)

  133. Kiki says:

    whaoh ! Can’t believe it ! Simply Awesome !
    I Don’t really care about a DVD mix of the album, but apart of this, the content is just “more than meets the eyes” ! We couldn’t even have thought we would have the canhe to hear the early versions of some tracks of this wonderful album!

  134. DJ Salinger says:

    Really rather good news, Paul – at last a chance to redress the cock-ups of the 2005 Deluxe Edition, and add a lot more value besides. Comprehensive is the word that springs to mind – even the ‘clean intro’ version of Listen is there.

    Last year’s ‘The Hurting’ box set was a great effort; this looks like it’s raising the bar higher still. An object lesson in what can be achieved when people who know what they’re doing are actually allowed to get involved with a reissue project…

  135. Leemer says:

    Excellent work Paul, looks to be interesting. Thanks for working to improve the standards of what a Super Deluxe Edition is to be!

  136. Gary says:

    A fantastic album and set at an amazing prize!! Pleased that I did not buy the last “Deluxe” version and held out with the ‘original’ re mastered version for the past 10 years :-)
    The 5.1 mixes will be epic!!
    I was listening to this album just recently and it’s great how the songs have held up after all these years.
    I agree with the other comments – here’s hoping for a Seeds of Love box set! I presume there will be recorded versions/songs related to the aborted recording sessions in the archives and that would be very interesting to hear.

  137. Stefano says:

    Really hope this is a prelude for a box with lots of seeds of love.

  138. chdx says:

    Reconsidering my preorder as I suspect an even more massive edition around christmas…One with tote bag & key ring…

  139. Dave Van MusicMaster says:

    I’ve many happy memories of this album – I was working in a record shop at the time of release, so this was on constant rotation :D

    Great to see a reissue with all the associated tracks from the 7s 12s added in.

    Of course I bought them all at the time in all the formats.

    Everybody Wants To Run The World making a welcome return to CD after 28 years – the only previous way to get it on CD is here: – #Now That’s What I Call Music ’86 (Virgin-EMI CD NOW 86) – single disc compilation released in late 1986 – this CD is impossibly rare to find now, I bought mine in about Nov 1986 from Our Price for £10.99, although I suspect it’s worth substantially more now.

    #- not to be confused with NOW 86, or NOW 1986 Millennium Series as these are both double CDs produced much later.

    Really looking forward to the reissue in November – of course I’ve ordered the 6 disc edition :D

    • Dave Van MusicMaster says:

      what on earth are Amazon up to ?

      I bought this at £31.90 less than an hour ago – and nor it’s gone up to £37.99!!!!

      Glad I got it at the lower price – but adding another £6.09 to the price is just profiteering!!!

  140. Don says:

    This is an amazing set. Can’t wait to hear it! And yes, I’m also hoping for a similar Seeds of Love box.

    Ok Paul, please settle this once and for all. Is there any difference whatsoever between the album version of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and the “Single Version” on Disc 2?

  141. Neil says:

    Why is The Conflict on this when it was on the recent deluxe of The Hurting and was the b side to Change and has nothing whatsoever to do with SFTBC even if it was on the cassette why replicate it ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It doesn’t have ‘nothing whatsoever’ to do with SFTBC if it was on a SFTBC tape. I understand what you mean of course, but there are probably loads of people who that tape was ‘their’ version of the album. Why deny them an opportunity to ‘relive’ that running order on CD. If we’d removed it there would have been nothing else to replace it with anyway.

  142. Tim says:

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing stuff!

    Roll on The Seeds of Love deluxe box!

  143. Roberto says:

    I noticed yesterday and since the price I bought it immediately, today the price was reduced ! Ask soon to adjust the price – ).
    here is what Steven Wilson says about it:

  144. Runicen says:

    This is an amazing set. Even as someone only aware of the band by the singles, this represents an amazing package.

  145. Andy says:

    Without a doubt, one of the best albums of the 80’s. The Working Hour is just sublime!

  146. Dave says:

    Eh… is ok I guess….

    JK !WOW! Paul can you be in charge of every reissue box for every act from here on out! Looks amazing.

  147. Michael Bird says:

    It’s significantly cheaper to import from the UK than it is to buy domestically in the US. Cancelling my domestic order now.

  148. Manuel says:

    Ok I am sold…Preorder From The Big Chair…see you for The Seeds Of Love box set :-D

  149. Nigel says:

    Surely Amazon must have underpriced the 6-disc edition? It can’t be THAT cheap, can it? If so it’s utterly amazing value and would still be cheap at more than twice the price they’re charging, considering some of the dross we get subjected to in some so-called ‘Super Deluxe’ editions! A brilliant example of how to do a deluxe edition properly – no stupid badges, coasters, bags, t shirts – just the music! Order it now before they change their minds!!!

    • Roelant says:

      Oh dear, I hate the person who phoned me during the order process… it did cost me a 6 GBP increase from Amazon :(

  150. Michael Bird says:

    Is the blu-ray higher res than the DVD-A? Obviously the box is a purchase, but I’m wondering if the data on the blu-ray makes use of the capacity or if it’s just a port of the DVD-A content pressed to blu-ray.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Nope the DVD-A and blu-ray are the same but only if you have a DVD-Audio compatible DVD player. If you don’t then blu-ray trumps the DVD.

  151. Rob says:

    ^Paul Rymer….yes, that’s the same Steve Wilson. He’s also been doing 5.1 mixes for Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Yes, XTC and others. He’s one of the most highly acclaimed surround sound producers.

  152. eric slangen says:

    very good work. This is a real superdeluxe boxset with many gems and no shit like scarfs or marbles.

  153. Manuel says:

    Ok I am sold…see you for The Seeds Of Love box set :-D

  154. Paul Rymer says:

    Superb. Just want to check, is Steven Wilson the same guy that’s the leader of Porcupine Tree? I know he’s into doing 5.1 mixes of his own material.

  155. Lanny Justice says:

    I just wet myself a little. Am I dreaming?

  156. NeilKelly says:

    Er, wow!

  157. Paul Anthony Chapman says:


    The box set I’ve been waiting for ! , hopefully this edition will give the album the remastering it deserves & what a track listing!!

    Excellent work Mr Sinclair!!

  158. Rob says:

    And there was much rejoicing!!!! Finally TFF have their material mixed into 5.1. If ever there was a band that deserved this treatment, it’s certainly them. And to have Steve Wilson doing it, I’m sure this will be one of the best 5.1 mixes ever.

    And the bonus content…..dear me……this is the mother of all box sets! So psyched that the A Cappella mix of “Shout” is included as that one always seems to get overlooked. Also, the Live at Massey Hall EP is one of my favorites, especially the live version of “Memories Fade” which is an amazing version. It will be nice to have Massey upgraded as the vinyl pressing never sounded too good, despite the amazing performances.

    This is a box set done right! The way all box sets should be. Good job Paul for helping them to steer this in the right direction!

    So November 2015 is Seeds of Love, right? :-)

  159. gary c says:

    I had to check the price three times there, that is pretty amazing value.
    I’m ordering one for my brother too, he will love this. Well done all concerned!
    One question. What is the track-listing for the vinyl, will it have a DL card, and what will be on it? Sorry three questions…

  160. Excellent work, Paul.

    The box set is already on pre-order and I’m just waiting for the Blu Ray :-)

  161. chdx says:

    Count me in for the big box!
    Any plans to follow it with mome Seeds ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, Seeds is next :)

      • Todd R. says:

        YES YES YES YES YES!!!
        Paul you are a life saver – after the craziness of 99 and 05 reissues, finally getting this one right will be a fantastic adventure. Live period recordings and demos have me thrilled. After your great work on THE HURTING, I was hoping that you would be a part of this project – when I heard of it coming down the pike – crossed my fingers and ta da!!!
        Thrilled to see Seeds for next year (or this – as it is 25 -gasp- years on). Obviously the inclusion of GOING TO CALIFORNIA would be ideal, but what about a reprint of the VIRGIN BOOKS “Seeds Of Love” volume that is now all-too-hard to find? Even some of the promo items (logo pins, iconography postcards set etc) would be nice to see in some way. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

      • Poul-Erik Borre says:

        Any plans for at 5.1 mix of Seeds?

      • Dave says:

        Is there any reason why ‘The Hurting’ was only issued as Hi-def stereo on Blu-ray.
        Any chance that it may be released as 5.1 mix at a later stage.

      • Phil says:

        I’m excited about the BIG CHAIR box set.

        I am ECSTATIC that there is going to be a SEEDS box!

        Hopefully a candid documentary about the ins and outs of the production of that album will be included! :)

      • Julian H says:


      • Skip James says:

        Hi Paul – any word on plans for Seeds?

        Thanks in advance!


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