Tears For Fears / The Seeds of Love reissue coming in October

The wait is finally over! 4CD+blu-ray box set of the 1989 album

The reissue of Tears For Fears‘ 1989 album The Seeds of Love is officially confirmed today after literally years of hints, rumours and whispers, along with a fairly large dose of frustration from fans who were left disappointed when the TFF reissue bandwagon ground to a halt in 2014, after The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair box sets in consecutive years.

Although five physical formats are available (more on them later), the one everyone is going to be interested in is the 4CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition box set. It features a remaster of the album (created by Andrew Walter at Abbey Road in 2015), a CD of B-sides, remixes and edits, and then two CDs of unreleased audio. The fifth disc is a blu-ray featuring a 5.1 surround sound mix by Steven Wilson.

As some SDE readers may be aware, as with The Hurting and Songs From The Big Chair reissue campaigns, I have been deeply involved in this project (since late 2014!), co-compiling the track listing, writing sleeve notes and interviewing band members, producers and collaborators for an extensive ‘in their own words’ history of The Seeds of Love which features in the 36-page booklet which comes with the box set. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this process and there’s some irony in the fact that the reissue has now taken longer than the original album to reach fruition!

‘The Seeds of Love’ 4CD+Blu-ray super deluxe edition (click image to enlarge)

The box set is beautifully presented and the four additional bonus discs have the titles ‘The Sun’ (CD2), ‘The Moon’ (CD 3), ‘The Wind’ (CD4) and ‘The Rain’ (blu-ray) and explore different aspects of the album.

CD 2 – ‘The Sun: 45s and B-sides’ features flip-sides such as ‘Always in the Past‘ and ‘My Life In The Suicide Ranks‘ and the various mixes of ‘Johnny Panic and The Bible of Dreams‘. The much-desired ‘Canadian Single Version’ of ‘Year of the Knife‘ (a completely different mix and only issued as a promo single) is released here commercially, for the first time, and other rare radio edits and instrumentals are also included.

As stated, nothing on CD 3 and CD 4 has ever been commercially released anywhere. CD3 –  ‘The Moon: Radio Edits and Early Mixes’ starts with an extraordinary ten-minute ‘suite’ of ‘Year of the Knife’ segueing from an imposing orchestral version (‘Overture’) to an unheard instrumental mix with a unique and hitherto unknown spooky synth intro! Other highlights on this disc include an alternate mix of ‘Sowing The Seeds of Love’ that runs for nearly seven-and-half-minutes and doesn’t fade at all, ending in laughter and screaming, an alternate version of Badman’s Song, numerous attempts to create a single version of ‘Year of the Knife’, an instrumental/backing track mix of Advice For The Young At Heart and a brilliant early take on Sowing The Seeds of Love – it’s an instrumental but this sounds incredible!

CD 4 – ‘The Wind: Demos, Diversions & Jams’ features some truly amazing content, including four home demos recorded by Nicky Holland, Roland’s songwriting partner for five of the eight tracks on The Seeds of Love. These are ‘Rhythm of Life’, a song that never made it onto The Seeds Of Love (and was later given to Oleta Adams), ‘Advice For The Young At Heart’ with Roland on lead vocals, ‘Swords and Knives’ and ‘Famous Last Words’.

Talking of Oleta, she joined The Seeds of Love sessions in early 1988 along with world-class session players such as drummer Manu Katché and bass player Pino Palladino and Oleta would of course play a significant part in songs such as ‘Woman In Chains’ and ‘Badman’s Song’. DAT tapes of these sessions –  which took place at London’s Townhouse studio – were discovered early in the research process and so CD 4 contains around 30-minutes of highlights of these live-in-the-studio sessions, exactly as it was performed at the time, complete with chatter, some laughter and no overdubs. These jams were mixed at the time by Dave Bascombe and include very different versions of ‘Woman in Chains’, ‘Badman’s Song’, ‘Standing On The Corner Of The Third World’ and ‘Rhythm of Life’. They are a fascinating insight into Roland’s process (Curt was rarely present) and one of the many highlights of this package.

Perhaps the most interesting peak-behind-the-curtain is a instrumental version of Badman’s Song as produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley! In January 1987, after Chris Hughes had left The Seeds of Love project (he would return) new inspiration was sought. Roland told me: “We met up with Clive and he took my Fairlight and drums version of ‘Badman’s Song’ and we worked on that, but of course at that point, it wasn’t a duet at all. In fact, it wasn’t anything like the monster it became. It was much simpler and didn’t really have the essence of what it gained when Oleta came along.”

The sessions were aborted for the simple reason that (according to A&R man Dave Bates) “Roland decided it wasn’t working. There just wasn’t the spark and it was not the thing he was looking for.” These almost mythical sessions with Langer and Winstanley are a fascinating part of the legendary four-year gestation period and the audio offers a glimpse down the path not travelled.

Beautiful themed disc and wallet designs exclusive to the super deluxe

For the final disc,  Blu-ray – ‘The Rain’, Steven Wilson has created what he calls a “very immersive 5.1 surround sound experience” by rebuilding the album from the multi-track tapes. It took the best part of a year to locate all the tapes and was an incredibly complicated process. Steven says that by the time he had all the elements for ‘Year of the Knife’ the multi-track session ran to “well over 100 channels”! Steven’s 5.1 mix of The Seeds Of Love was created with the input and approval of engineer/co-producer Dave Bascombe and Roland Orzabal and he goes into some detail in the booklet around the challenges of creating this mix.

Although there is no new stereo mix (Steven Wilson calls the original mix “sonically one of the best sounding albums I’ve ever heard”) the blu-ray does contain both the newly remastered version of the original mix and significantly, for the purists, Bob Ludwig’s original 1989 mastering.

The box set is the same height and width and style as the previous Tears For Fears boxes (it’s actually not quite as thick) and each CD comes in a gatefold card wallet, which make great use of those ‘sun’, ‘moon’, ‘wind’ and ‘rain’ illustrations. It includes a tour programme replica (in miniature) and the aforementioned booklet. For the latter, I interviewed Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith, Chris Hughes (Producer of Songs From The Big Chair), Dave Bascombe (co-producer of The Seeds of Love), Nicky Holland (songwriter, keyboard player and backing vocalist for The Seeds of Love), Oleta Adams and Dave Bates (Head of A&R, Phonogram),

The four CDs on the box set feature a total of 50 tracks. By my estimation, eight tracks have never been commercially issued on CD, one track is new to CD in the UK and 22 tracks are previously unreleased. This does not include the eight tracks of audio which make up the surround sound mix, so technically that’s 30 previously unreleased audio tracks.

Two-CD edition offers discs one and two from the box set

Moving on from the box set, there’s a two-CD digi-pak edition which features discs one and two from the box set (but not the interviews in the booklet) a gatefold black vinyl edition and a single CD version. Universal Music have also created a special picture disc edition of the album which is only available via their channels.

The Seeds of Love will be reissued on 9 October 2020. Given my involvement in this project, it’s probably no surprise to hear that SDE is selling the box set – and the black vinyl edition –  over on the SDE shop. Use this link to pre-order or alternatively make use of the buy buttons below. SDE stock allocations are guaranteed – if you pre-order we will supply! Other purchasing options are listed on the widgets below.

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Tears for Fears

The Seeds of Love - 4CD+blu-ray box set


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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love - remastered vinyl LP


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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love 2CD deluxe


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Tears For Fears

The Seeds of Love - single CD remaster


The Seeds of Love
– 4CD+blu-ray box set


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26


01. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – 7" Version: 5:43
02. Tears Roll Down: 3:16
03. Woman In Chains – 7” Version: 5:28
04. Always In The Past: 4:38
05. My Life In The Suicide Ranks: 4:32
06. Woman In Chains – Instrumental: 6:30
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – 7” Version: 4:49
08. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Instrumental: 4:18
09. Music For Tables: 3:32
10. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix One: 6:22
11. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix Two: 5:55
12. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – US Radio Edit: 4:04
13. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 1: 4:42
14. Advice For The Young At Heart – Italian Radio Edit: 3:40
15. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version: 5:40
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams: 4:17


01. Year Of The Knife – Overture: 1:47
02. Year Of The Knife – Early Mix – Instrumental: 8:50
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Alternate Mix: 7:22
04. Tears Roll Down – Alternate Mix: 4:07
05. Year Of The Knife – Steve Chase 7″ Remix: 4.29
06. Badman’s Song – Early Mix: 7:56
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – Instrumental: 4:56
08. Year Of The Knife – The Mix: 06:55
09. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams – Mix One Edit: 3:43
10. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Early Mix – Instrumental: 6:40
11. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 2: 4:19
12. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version – Instrumental: 5:40
13. Famous Last Words – French Radio Edit: 3:07
14. Woman In Chains – Reprise: 6:39


01. Rhythm Of Life – Demo: 5:12
02. Advice For The Young At Heart – Demo: 4:52
03. Swords And Knives – Demo: 3:51
04. Famous Last Words – Demo: 4:12
05. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – Demo – Instrumental: 6:06
06. Badman’s Song – Langer / Winstanley Version – Instrumental: 7:30
07. Woman In Chains – Townhouse Jam: 7:06
08. Broken – Townhouse Jam: 1:37 Tears For Fears
09. Rhythm Of Life – Townhouse Jam: 3:09
10. Badman’s Song – Townhouse Jam: 8:17
11. Badman’s Song – Reprise – Townhouse Jam: 2:50
12. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World – Townhouse Jam: 9:09


Steven Wilson 5.1 MIX

01. Woman In Chains: 6:30
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:55
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:20
07. Year Of The Knife: 6:55
08. Famous Last Words: 4:11

Original Album Mix (Bob Ludwig 1989 mastering)

01. Woman In Chains: 6:31 (Original album master)
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32 (Original album master)
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19 (Original album master)
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50 (Original album master)
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33 (Original album master)
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12 (Original album master)
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08 (Original album master)
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26 (Original album master)

New remaster (by Andrew Walter at Abbey Road)

01. Woman In Chains: 6:30 (New remaster)
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32 (New remaster)
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19  (New remaster)
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:55 (New remaster)
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33 (New remaster)
06. Swords And Knives: 6:20 (New remaster)
07. Year Of The Knife: 6:55  (New remaster)
08. Famous Last Words: 4:11 (New remaster)

The Seeds of Love vinyl LP remaster (same tracks on picture disc)

Side 1
01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50

Side 2
01. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
02. Swords And Knives: 6:12
03. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
04. Famous Last Words: 4:26

The Seeds of Love 2CD deluxe


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26


01. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – 7" Version: 5:43
02. Tears Roll Down: 3:16
03. Woman In Chains – 7” Version: 5:28
04. Always In The Past: 4:38
05. My Life In The Suicide Ranks: 4:32
06. Woman In Chains – Instrumental: 6:30
07. Advice For The Young At Heart – 7” Version: 4:49
08. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Instrumental: 4:18
09. Music For Tables: 3:32
10. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix One: 6:22
11. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams Mix Two: 5:55
12. Sowing The Seeds Of Love – US Radio Edit: 4:04
13. Woman In Chains – US Radio Edit 1: 4:42
14. Advice For The Young At Heart – Italian Radio Edit: 3:40
15. Year Of The Knife – Canadian Single Version: 5:40
16. Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams: 4:17

The Seeds of Love single CD remaster


01. Woman In Chains: 6:31
02. Badman’s Song: 8:32
03. Sowing The Seeds Of Love: 6:19
04. Advice For The Young At Heart: 4:50
05. Standing On The Corner Of The Third World: 5:33
06. Swords And Knives: 6:12
07. Year Of The Knife: 7:08
08. Famous Last Words: 4:26

472 responses to Tears For Fears / The Seeds of Love reissue coming in October

  1. Ant in NZ says:

    Having finally received my copy after months of Covid-induced postal delays….I can finally add my congrats to Paul on a nicely curated set – well done!
    Comparing the different remasters, I have to admit that I still prefer the original Bob Ludwig master compared to this 2015 remaster (after matching the levels on what was a much louder remaster). The original album production has a characteristically “lush”/”glossy” 80s sound and in my opinion, Bob Ludwig’s master does a better job of putting all the elements together with the right “scale” in the soudstage and gives a better definition to the bass and other instrumental sounds – one can enjoy all the elements and sonic details without feeling overloaded. I’m curious how many others felt the remaster didn’t quite hit the mark compared to the original. This isn’t always the case and in the case of PSB, Please etc really did benefit from the Remaster treatment, but STSOL was a much better production to begin with and I would have been happy with this set even without the Remaster. This is just my opinion!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks! I wouldn’t disagree with you to be honest. You are really on a hiding to nothing trying to ‘better’ Bob Ludwig’s mastering. It’s one of the reasons I was keen to get them to put it on the blu-ray, which they did. I guess labels like/need to say ‘newly remastered’ but this is one instance were it probably didn’t need it.

  2. Aidan says:

    Hi Paul
    I’d had the 4CD & Blu-Ray set on my wishlist but now it appears to be sold out! Do you know if that is it for the manufacturing run or might they press more? There is clearly a demand

  3. Robert says:

    So…pre-ordered this in August. Release date came, went. All along supplier asked for patience. Today, order cancelled. Looks like it’s fairly unavailable now. Paul…is it out of print? Was it extremely limited. Scored The Hurting and Big Chair boxes in the spring. Going to be really unhappy to have missed this one.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      We’ve been selling about 5 copies a day for the last two weeks but have now also sold out. Might have been worth paying the extra shipping (presume you are in the US) and getting one from SDE…

      • c_q says:

        yeah, I wound up doing that, even though the amazon uk price and shipping was less than SDE (boy did I grumble about it too), but I’ve gotten burned more than a few times with amazon uk ultimately not shipping new releases to US.

  4. David says:

    I am disappointed with the sound quality on the Blu-Ray Audio (24bit/48khz) which I am lead to believe is little more than cd quality. When I look back at your other News announcements for the likes of Yes, XTC and Jethro Tull, you go out of your way to state 24bit/192khz stereo from original master and 24bit/98khz 5.1 surround mix. So going back to ‘Seeds Of Love’ you appear to have left out the sample rate of this release ’24/48′ as maybe it wasn’t a plus point. David

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The sample rate wasn’t announced at the time. Which version are you talking about, as there are THREE versions on the blu-ray and I don’t think SW’s mix is 24/48.

  5. Berry says:

    Does anyone know if it’s really the 7″ single version (mixed by Bob Clearmountain) on disc 2? To me it sounds like the normal album version from disc 1

    • If you’re referring to “Advice…”, yes, it’s definitely the Clearmountain mix. The guitar solo is mixed differently, there is wind in the intro, some other things different with key and string parts.

      The Italian radio edit, on the other hand, is just a ill-advised early fade of the LP mix.

    • James Ingles says:

      Of note also is that this set does not include the full version of Sowing the Seeds of Love from the CD single that clocks in at 6:50. I wonder why that is?

  6. Stephen says:

    Advice for the young at heart at the end of side 1 on the vinyl carries on into the run out groove, which is rubbish as you either get a loud thump of the needle as it ends or if you play on a semi/automatic turntable the needle picks up before the song proper ends. Sort of makes this vinyl release redundant to me. Haven’t tried the picture disc yet

  7. Alleah says:

    Really suprised the tour which heavily promoted this cd is not with this box set!! Having Oleta Adams with them brings it sll together. I loved the mix of music and visuals the previous Tears for Fears box sets had! Can’t wait to get this.

  8. Stéphane says:

    I can’t find laid si low! A great omission ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:


    • Erik Richardson says:

      Exactly what I was looking for , “tears roll down , laid so low” flag single version which was on tears roll down singles compilation eh ?

      • Stephane Ruscher says:

        It’s weird that the Laid So Low sleeve is in the booklet, but Paul is right, it would make more sense on an Elemental Super Deluxe Edition, it’s already the Orzabal/Griffiths Tears For Fears at play here.

  9. Jos says:

    Bought it at Dutch Amazon at the day the news was announced, for just € 19,30 and they are actually going to deliver it at that price!!! Cheapest box ever!!! Wow!!!

  10. James Auman says:

    I liked hearing that this is one of Steven Wilson’s favorite albums and he considers it a masterpiece in production. So much so he wouldn’t do a new stereo mix.

  11. Nigel Day says:

    Looks lovely and I was so close but I really cannot listen to Badmans Song and 1 version of YOTK is one version too many. Their worst track imo. So, enjoy guys. I’m slightly envious but I can’t handle that rawk stuff. Well done on what does look like a beautiful finished product though Paul.

  12. Shane says:

    Dear Mr Paul will there be anymore of the other boxset i keep missing the mark on the first 2 which annoys me greatly. I’m not paying the scalper prices for them which they would release some more

  13. Steve K says:

    Some other audio from the box has been shared by the band via YouTube

    Tears Roll Down (Alternate Mix)

    Advice for the Young At Heart (Italian Radio Edit)

    Sowing the Seeds of Love (Early Mix/Instrumental)

    Standing on the Corner of the Third World (Townhouse Live Jam Session)

    Woman in Chains (Townhouse Live Jam Session)

  14. Roderik says:

    Will there be an unboxing video?

  15. Chris hudson says:

    Boo-yeah! I can finally retire all my odds and ends as the 3 box sets gives my the complete output of the orginal tears for fears run! The track listing / organization looks great by the way Chris! Nicely done!

  16. Stephen Nash says:

    I wonder if I order the 4CD box set from you if I’ll get one, I remember pre-ordering a signed Paul Young CD from you months in advance only to be told there was no more stock when it came to the week of delivery, despite pre-ordering about two months in advance. It’s put me off a bit because you might just hold my money for a month only to give me another disappointing refund?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Stephen.. you ordered the Paul Young CD three weeks after it week on sale, not immediately. By that point we were out of stock, but there was some unfortunate error where we were the order was taken even though it shouldn’t have been possible by that point. Can’t recall the ins and outs of why this happened, but there’s a few reasons why it *could* happen, which I won’t go into here. We did apologise at the time. Because you had also ordered the Distractions this didn’t come to light until mid-March when we were due to ship everything together. You did get your signed Andy MacKay and Phil Manzanera CD as part of the order and the Distractions with the free art print. Seeds of Love is totally different… no one has signed it so availability (for the time being) is not an issue. Thanks, Paul

  17. Chris says:

    Just seeing this news now — amazing! Paul, will there be a download card of some kind available with the box set version? I don’t have CD or Blu-Ray but I’d order it anyway to get access to the tunes in electronic format. Thx either way.

  18. mike says:

    Finally watched Going To California again after all these years, really is a brilliant audio document of that tour. The intercutting, colour switching etc does get painful after a while but still a lot of fun. Actually, can I use the word fun in a discussion about TFF?

    • It would be even better if it included “Standing on the Corner of the Third World” (which was broadcast but not released). While we’re at it, I’d also like an audio release of the 1990 versions of “The Working Hour”, “The Hurting” and “Let It Be” which were all played at some 1990 gigs. (Not sure about “Swords and Knives”, lists one instance, but I’m skeptical…)

  19. Brian Nelson says:

    Is the Bluray “all region?”

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, because it’s a blu-ray audio and by definition they are always ‘all region’.

      • Brian Nelson says:

        Thanks for the quick response. The reason I asked is that Grooves out of Berlin, Germany was selling this set for ~$60 but they advertised it as being region B. So I thought maybe there are videos on it or something, but reading the description here it appears that it was just the bluray audio. Thanks for the clarification.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          No problem. Even if it had included video it’s very rare these days for labels to region-lock the content. They are ultimately selling to a global marketplace, so why give yourself the headache?

  20. Fulvio says:

    At long, long last! A serious contender for the title of 2020 best reissue. The real best reissue would have been, by far: Tears for Fears, The Seeds of Love in an XTC (CD+BluRay) style.

  21. Ryk says:

    Rhythm of Life (demo) is up on YouTube. Hopefully this post will work (as I have not had much luck getting posts with links in them to work).

  22. Stephen dC says:

    Curious that Amazon now have The Hurting & Songs From The Big Chair SDE’s at £190.00 while HMV sell at under £30.00 just as this is announced. Just saying.

  23. Marco Larocque says:

    Great news. Will the boy ray be available on its own like SFTBC?

    • Paul Sinclair says:


    • Dean says:

      I asked this. Pity really when companies only release them as part of the box set as I am sure they are missing out on a market that wants excellent sound quality but probably don’t want all the extra tracks etc.

  24. Michael says:

    Bravo, Paul! The new TFF box set compilation looks perfect :-) Since you’re a music collector enthusiast like the rest of us, I can only wish you were personally involved in the planning of many other box set releases.

    Regarding shipping to the U.S., the Trump administration’s newly appointed post master has made attempts to diminish the U.S. postal system by removing automated mail sorting machines and public post boxes, etc. In recent days our domestic mail delivery has become delayed by three to seven days, so I have to assume international mail to the U.S. will also be impacted, if not more so. Very troubling.

  25. Jules(Rules) says:

    Wikipedia says this:

    “Some of the tracks, particularly “Badman’s Song”, were recorded several times in a variety of musical styles including, according to Holland, versions of the song that were reminiscent of Barry White, Little Feat and Steely Dan before settling on the jazz/gospel version that is on the finished album.”

    From reading the tracklist, it doesn’t seem like those are all included. Was this just a rumour or are those versions so bad that they couldn’t be used? ;-)

  26. c_q says:

    good golly, shipping cost to US from SDE is about half the cost of the deluxe edition cost! did royal mail double their prices recently or something?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The short answer is yes. Lower airfreight traffic combined with Trump pulling out of the postal Union and feeling like the US is subsidising international mail means costs have gone through the roof. We are also only sending ‘tracked’ to the States now because items have gone missing.

  27. Mark says:

    Probably on my own here but I really don’t like this album at all. For me The Hurting was by far their best album although SFTBC is very good. I bought both on vinyl originally and then the Blu Ray reissues. I lost interest in TFF when they got this (a bit like Curt himself I expect!) and did not buy it first time around and won’t be getting this, but will be buying the Vienna super deluxe for the hi res DVD-A.

    • Ryk says:


      To some extent I agree. I personally like SftBC best and The Hurting second best. I’m not sure if TSoL comes in third as I haven’t fully connected to any other TfF album as much as the first two. Elemental and ELaHE are also contenders for my third most liked. One day I will sit down and listen to all three to find out which I prefer. Also, after some hesitation, I’ve also ordered the Ultravox set, mainly for the 5.1 surround.

      On another note, I’m leaning toward wanting ELaHE as the next deluxe release (should their be one) as it seems to rather hard to source now (and is the only TfF album I’m lacking).

      • I second the wish for an ELAHE reissue. The mastering on the US version is not good, and the EU version sounds abysmal. Could also get live recordings and/or remixes added to it. With the many layers on the album it also sounds like a natural candidate for surround, although I don’t know whether the multis still exist. (Personally, I would also get a new drummer, but that would probably be seen as sacrilege!)

  28. Leonardo Lotti Marques says:


    Will SDE be releasing any any accompanying magazine/booklet to go along with the box?

    Is the booklet from the box itself incorporating any elements of “The Seeds of Love” that came out in 1990?
    When you meant tour book, that does not have anything to do with that (the book), right?


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I thought about it… but really everything you’d want to know is the box set booklet! Nothing from the book you mentioned is included.

      • Ivan says:

        There must be a story in the various causes for all stopping and starting of the release over the years. Not ire how interesting that is though.

        • mike says:

          It took me a while to find my copy but there was an excellent six page article in Q magazine from September 1989 (no 36) by Phil Sutcliffe, which charted the development of the album, with input from all the key protagonists. Well worth finding on eBay.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Remember that well!

          • Steve M says:

            Great shout as that ought to be in the loft ! I knew I’d be vindicated for keeping all those back issues. I think there’s a fair number of Vox’s as well up there…

  29. Neil says:

    Something i just found out is that the full version of Sowing The Seeds Of Love was renamed Wen’s Overnight Mix and is on this as well as this

  30. Neil says:

    £69.99 on no wonder they keep going out of business.

  31. Robert says:

    Serious and slightly off topic question Paul but have you ever considered writing a biography of bands like TFF? You writing skills are excellent and you would have enough material from your interviews to draw on.

    Can’t wait for this boxset. I hope Universal will do the same for ABC. Lexicon of Love at least needs a Super Deluxe..

  32. Branny says:

    Was dithering over this one but after the first lot sold out I had second thoughts. I should have known really, as a regular SDE follower I know this has been eagerly awaited, probably more than the other two so ordered as soon as I received the “more stock” notification from you. I missed out on the first run of The Hurting and regretted it so didn’t want that feeling again. Thanks Paul.

  33. Jos says:

    First of all, thanks Paul for all the work you put into this project, for all the research that has been done to find all these interesting tracks. You couldn’t have made me more happier this week!! Waited so long for this news.
    As I wrote earlier here, I am reading this book ‘the seeds of love’ with background stories behind every song and sheet music. Both Roland and Curt were interviewed for this book and in one chapter they say the album went though various working titles:
    “Among some of the more unwieldly monikers were such evocative mouthfuls as ‘Raoul And The Kings Of Spain’ (Raoul being Orzabal’s oft-quoted nickname), ‘Zen And The Kings Of Bohemia’ (a restaurant and pub respectively in North London), ‘Alight Here For Gospel Oak’ (abus-stop sign in the same vicinity) and ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’ (the eventual winner in slightly shortened form)”
    Do you know if this story is true and if there were more working titles for the album or for the seperate songs? Or will this be revealed in your booklet? Thanks Paul!!

    • Robert says:

      I’ve read on more than one occasion that Raoul and the kings of Spain was the original title but Curt vetoed it.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        There’s some very interesting stuff about the Seeds of Love running order in the booklet. Curt wanted it one way and Roland was insistent it be another way. Guess who won? :)

        • SimonP says:

          What order did Curt want it? Do we get to find out?

        • Jules(Rules) says:

          Curt might have a point there. As much as I love the Seeds album, I think if there’s one thing that’s maybe not quite right, it’s the running order. The previous two albums opened with the big anthem, whereas on this one we have to wait until track 3 to get it (and STSOL has musical as well as lyrical ties to both “The Hurting” and “Shout”).

          Of course I don’t know whether that’s what he wanted!

          • Steve K says:

            Agreed. The album probably should have started with Sowing the Seeds of Love or Year of the Knife IMO. That being said, Woman in Chains did kinda set the tone of the album and let you know this was a very different, but still amazing, TFF album.

  34. Neil says:

    I was wondering on the subject of Bob Ludwig’s original 1989 mastering is this a unreleased mix as i can’t find any reference to him being involved with this album at all ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s the original album mix. Bob Ludwig MASTERED the album which was mixed by Dave Bascombe and Bob Clearmountain.

      • Neil says:

        I wonder why he wasn’t mentioned in the credits on the album. Anyway for an album from 1989 the mastering on the original is excellent.

        • Robert says:

          Maybe mastering wasn’t considered an important detail back then. Re-masters yes because often, and regrettable in my view, you are tinkering with the originals.

          Did you in early cinema many films didn’t even list the director in the credits.

  35. Ron I says:

    They’re finally up at Amazon Canada!

  36. Alan Crane says:

    Ordered the box set this morning from your shop before it goes out of stock again. I think I have all the CD singles that were released from the album (including the STSOL 3″ cd single that came in a plastic sunflower shaped case) and also the Johnny Panic CDS. I pre-ordered both of the previous box sets from Amazon and only got Songs From The Big Chair, they must have run out of The Hurting – but by pre-ordering I assumed I’d have got one. Anyway ordering from your shop should ensure I get this one.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi Alan… thank you very much. Yes, I have been in constant communication with Universal over stock this week. If you can pre-order from SDE you will get a copy!

  37. DAVID LOCK says:

    Think it would be really interesting to read what goes on in the making of a box set like this from an insider. Things like how long it took to find all the tapes, do any research etc. Would be interesting to read Paul.

  38. Derek in Canada says:

    Thank you, Paul! Ordered the box set yesterday.
    Can’t wait to hear Woman in Chains and especially Advice for the Young at Heart
    in 5.1.
    Now I know what I’m getting for my birthday gift this year :-)

  39. Jefferson says:

    Forgive me if this was asked already (there are a LOT of comments about this wonderful announcement). The graphic image of the LP almost appears to show 2 records in a gatefold sleeve if you look carefully (you can see a second record behind the first one).

    Am I missing something? Is there a 2LP version as well?

  40. Ernie says:

    371 comments at time of writing! This sums up years of pent up music fan fustration!! Can you imagine how comments there would be for the “Wedding Album” box set? Ha ha ha. For that one, I think we’d have to have DD leave Warners & Warners decide to do their own thing, not needing band approval!

    Paul, how about a booklet on “”Big Thing” ? With say a Daniel Abraham interviewed if you possibly could. A far superior album than Liberty. Better artistically, better artwork, more successful for starters! If there’s anyone who does’ nt LOVE “”Land” please give them my email address! Hopefully, the band will do an official T-shirt with the artwork on. Paul, I’ll give you a tenner now for a booklet on it!!!!!

  41. thomS says:

    Also my first order from your site-thank your for your permanent efforts Paul!!! Saw TFF on that tour on match 12th 1990 here in my hometown in north germany! It was a bit too cherry sweet for my taste at that time (songs and lightshow) but an impressive night! Now I‘m in my ‚old daddy years‘, my better half better doesn‘t know about this investment but I can‘t hardly wait till october!

  42. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Great News. Great Set. Ordered immediately. Sad that the promo videos don’t find it’s way on the blu-ray. Space should not be the problem i think. So this is the first set without any video material.

  43. R.naud says:

    As with everything, there is always room for improvement. Personally I find there are way too many instrumental versions of tracks which you usually listen to once and never bother to listen again. I also deplores the fact they decided not to include a live disc (Going to California?) like they did in previous box sets, particularly when they include a replica of the tour programme. Someone’s going to say that Going to California is available on DVD but so is Scenes from the Big Chair and yet it was included in the previous box set, same with the promo videos and TV appearances. To me the whole point of a box set is to house everything in the same box (which incidentally would have brought the box to the same size as the previous box sets ;) ). Apart from that, of course it is a great box!

  44. Markyp says:

    This looks amazing and happy to support and order from you Paul.
    Box set and the record ordered!

  45. johnny john says:

    order deluxe from SDE to Quebec!

  46. Marxisn't says:

    Ordered… My first from you Paul and thanks.
    I adore this album; I remember having this on my Walkman with an exchanged Always in the Past for the title track (I actually preferred the fluke mix of Johnny Panic) .
    The box set is almost perfect: shame about the missing promo videos and no Going to California… I hope that comes out later as a CD/Bluray or DVD package: as there should be enough sales of this to justify it.
    Odd that they’ve decided to go blu-ray this time. Still a lot of audio content and all those different versions to immerse myself in. This is probably the best in audio content of the three sets.

  47. Stefano says:

    I wanted to support you and thank you for your contribution, so I just ordered from SDE. Thanks Paul! We really appreciate your positive interference.

    I do hope the 7:22 version of STSOF is the same mix as the full 6:48 version but with a longer outtro without a fade-out.

  48. Joe Atari says:

    This is fantastic news. Ordered immediately. I must have played the album 100s of times by now, often just the amazing second part which works as a whole. I’ve long known there was a “lost” version 1986-87 period and sometimes wondered how it would differ. We finally get to find out. Also great that it works with the other 2 albums of this Roland & Curt trilogy. Those extra remixes of “Johnny Panic” are the ones by Fluke, right? Came out in 1990 I think as a low-key single. Also key to this is Oleta so it’s nice to hear “Rhythm Of Life” as it was written for her. Artwork also totally in keeping with the original issues. I don’t think this can be faulted actually. The videos are on Tears Roll Down the DVD edition anyway. Everything you’d want to hear, and at £50. Well done on finally getting through the red tape and over the finish line.

  49. Wayne says:

    Very excited for this – at last!

    Quick question, how do you go about deciding on the tracklist for the bonus discs (like Discs 3 & 4)? Do you try and develop a flow or is it just hodge-podge?

    Would be great if you did a behind the scenes feature of all the work and steps you put into this (and the other two TFF) SDEs.

    Thanks Paul!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hodge-podge? How very dare you ;) Quite a lot of work goes into the running order, but it’s a good idea. I was planning to write some behind the scenes thing so I’ll make sure that happens, but it probably won’t be published until AFTER the reissue comes out. Cheers, P

  50. Wayne C says:

    It’s a shame they couldn’t add the MFSL version onto the blu-ray as well now that would have been something, brilliant as it already is guess I can’t complain?. I did once buy a Rick Wakeman Journey SDE box set which included the MFSL mix as well so it can be done.

  51. Jos says:

    Ordered the box and took the book from the shelf which I bought back in the days of the release (tears for fears – the seeds of love – ISBN 0-86369-329-6) It contains the sheetmusic to the songs from the album, but also interesting stories behind every song. It’s going to be extra fun now to re-read it.

  52. Andrew Woolford says:

    Hi Paul

    I ordered the box set and vinyl from SDE but not had an email to confirm. I paid with PayPal.
    Can you check my details came through under the name Andrew Woolford

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      All good. According to our systems a confirmation email was sent to you at 4.26pm

      • David Steel says:

        I ordered the box set yesterday and I’ve been mulling over the vinyl all day anyway i gave in in the end but it brought back memories i was only 12 when it first came out and i remember asking my mam to get it from woolworths for me with my pocket money i was so excited as i am now like a kid again cheers paul

  53. MüllerMüller says:

    The HOLY GRAIL of SDE is coming – YES!!
    I like the tracking list with the runing times of the songs – perfect!
    Thank you Paul!
    Why has the Steven Wilson Mix other runing times of the album tracks??
    Mix – Remix or Editing? Must i buy a 5:1 soundsystem….?

  54. SimonP says:

    Placed an order if you have any left?

    Can I make a request, Paul? Can you hold back either this or the Ultravox set so they don’t both arrive on the same day and get me a bollocking from the missus!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks. Yep, still have stock. Squeezed some more out of Universal :) haha, if you are being serious, then remind me nearer the time!

      • SimonP says:

        Just thought, I’ll have to wait for one if we separate them. Not sure I can do that. Telling off it is!

  55. Matthias says:

    JPC Germany has a good price for this boxset: 49,99 Euro.

  56. Tyrone says:

    This boxset is proving to be very very popular. No.1 on many outlets

    I was 18 in ’89 – and the production of this album blew me away.
    The 5.1 mix will be fun to play with.

    Well done SDE paul – a great achievement.

  57. Jules(Rules) says:

    Geeky questions:

    1) Do Woman in Chains and half of Year of the Knife also exist as unused TFF/Bascombe mixes?

    2) 24 hours of jamming will have contained a lot of stuff not worth releasing, but 30 minutes feels little. Not wanting to be greedy but any chance that this will be mined again at some point?

    3) While The Hurting was reissued on point, SFTBC came out a year ahead of the anniversary (one reason why the wait felt so long afterwards), now Seeds is one year late. What does this mean for Elemental? ;-)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      1) Probably yes for part 2. Not that we came across it. But does anyone want half a song on a reissue?
      2) No. What is on the box set is the best from these sessions. The rest is just inferior or incomplete versions of Badman’s Song and Woman in Chains.
      3) I’m really hoping Universal would like to tackle Elemental in the same way. We shall see.

  58. Kresimir Abramac says:

    Ordered! I don’t mind paying a few extra quid to support this site. If I could just get my hands on the Hurting box set, which is nowhere to be found.

    • John M says:

      Try Hmv shops not online. It was £29.99 only last week in my local (York) shop

    • Col. says:

      Going for about £50 on ebay if you can’t find one at a HMV!

    • RJS says:

      Available in HMV Winchester when I was there at the weekend, along with the other TFF one. They seem to have an abundance of Prince’s 1999 CD box sets too. I picked one up to profiteer from somewhere down the line.

  59. Just Jake says:

    Thanks for getting a few more in stock Paul. Just ordered the cd set after missing out yesterday. phew! Thank you for your hard work on this project.

  60. garax says:

    I think it’s a terrific album – I’ve had it since it came out (on CD) and saw them during that tour.

    I not that long ago (because no idea when this would drop) sourced a lovely original vinyl which sounds great so I guess I don’t need the vinyl re-issue. If I had one criticism of the album its that maybe a couple of the tracks are over worked to the point of lacking much depth (for me) – so Advice.. and Famous Last Words for me maybe I appreciated but didn’t love. This makes me super interested in the SDE since it promises jams and sessions which maybe bleed a little more or let in a bit more light – and I’d be as fascinated as many to have a better understanding of the development of the album.

    I remember vividly about 6 months before the album was announced – when the bad were heading so far into ‘where are they now’ territory – seeing Curt at the bar of an arts centre in London one evening and just still being totally star struck because SFTBC had been such a massive massive hit – and thinking to myself – well (in those pre internet days) at least theres proof one of them is alive!

    As mentioned above, it’s interesting that seemingly everything recorded is known and was released in one form or another at the time – when you consider how some song writers would write that many songs in a week – it does appear that output is incredibly low on the songwriting front – which personally I find fascinating – if you are not really writing – what keeps you compelled to do music – if you take 800 years in the studio on the same hand full of tracks is it any wonder there is friction from time to time or – as I think is the case with TFF – you maybe don’t get your dues – I think TFF are still a ‘known’ band for people of a certain age – there would be recognition there – but I think they honestly deserve to be considered one of the great bands – maybe how they have engaged/or not – with the industry has had an impact on what, for me, should be a louder and more obvious musical legacy.

    Looking forwards to this release.

  61. Steve says:

    Ordered from SDE store with a sense of great excitement, raised by the stock level notification of earlier today.

  62. Stuart says:

    After picking the SDEs of the first 2 albums (and really enjoying them), I should have been a shoe-in to get the SDE of TSOL….however I’m on the fence between continuing the run and buying the SDE, or going for the 2 disc version as the album didn’t really click with me at the time, it’s still my least-listened to TFF album and discs 3 and 4 look like the holy grail to fans of the album, but seem a bit repetative for a casual fan like me.

    I need to jump off the fence soon I guess, but what a day for releases on that Friday – I pity my poor postie!!

    • Keith says:

      I’m exactly in the same boat .. To me and I maybe in the minority… This isn’t a 0atch on the hurting or big chair…

  63. Jurgen says:

    You can pre-order the box set for 18,99 euro’s on But like the latest McCartney box set (which you could pre-order on for 30 euro’s) that would be obviously a mistake. I ordered it because … why not? But I’m expecting they will cancel the order as soon as they notice they can’t sell it for that price.

  64. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Paul,
    I considered Amazon for a while (a bit cheaper actually) but since this box is so much of your work and dedication, I decided to order from you !
    I remember Manu Katche, the great drummer, saying in 1989 before release that this was one of the best projects he worked on and that it would be grounbreaking. Of course he was right.
    Aside from the box, a picture disc is in the US TFF store, apprently not in the european one (and their site seems down anyway). Do you have any info, will you get some ?
    Merci !

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks you Emmanuel. Sadly Universal won’t let any other retailers sell the picture disc, it’s an exclusive just for their channels.

  65. Jarmo Keranen says:

    In The Second Disc site Larry Davis calls you to his friend, who curated this set. Is it so?

  66. Isaías says:

    After so many years of waiting I’m alive still.
    Sometimes I doubted I would.

  67. Wayne C says:

    This is an essential buy, if any of you haven’t heard it I’d advise checking it out as you won’t be disappointed – for me their best album and it should have been on the classic albums show. Never have I tired of Badman’s Song. This thread will easily reach 500 I’d guess. Great great news for a long time fan. Waiting is nearly over !!

  68. Andreas says:

    incredible price at Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Germany.

  69. Olli says:

    For me this Album has the same importance as Depeches Violator, Inxs Kick and Durans Big Thing. It is just a thoughtless click. Tape, CD, Vinyl, whatever. Every decade I need to buy these releases. Take my money and run!
    By the way: I own the MFSL. THE disc in my big vinyl collection. If you need reference and want to impress visitors with sound and awesomeness, play swords and knives.

    Play it!


    Hey! Just said go and play it!


  70. jmurillo says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks a lit for answering my question on edits.
    I have one more question. Why was only one Langer/Winstanley version included in the box set?. I would personally have loved to hear them.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Because that’s all we could find and as far as I can tell they only worked on Badman’s Song anyway!

  71. Ivan says:

    Great to see the demo of Rhythm of Life is included. We knew that existed. i wonder if there were any unknown new songs uncovered that the boys didn’t want released on an SDE or did TFF release every song they ever recorded up to this point (bar that one)? If so, that’s highly unusual for such a successful band.

  72. Ryk says:

    Really looking forward to this. I hope my pre-order is honoured (the site I used has been fine in the past). Sorry, Paul, I would order from you but the international shipping to NZ makes it rather prohibitive (maybe that will change in the future).

    One question: What makes a re-release “super”? This is considered a super deluxe edition, but the recent HoJo editions are only deluxe releases (and the only difference is a CD essentially). Is it that it is CD & vinyl combined, or CD & 5.1 combined, that makes it “super” or is it merely just the marketing that defines it as such?

    Just curious.

    I am looking forward to the Elemental SDE now (my favourite “solo” Roland album). Got any inside info yet ;) j/k

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Different labels and artists use different terminology. None of McCartney’s box sets have been called ‘super deluxe’ except the limited Tug of War set.

      • Klaus says:

        “None of McCartney’s box sets have been called ‘super deluxe'”…

        Ha, that explains everything! ;)

  73. AndreasL says:

    Surprised there wasn’t more effort in the vinyl release. Thought they’d stretch the album over four sides or add another piece of vinyl with selections from the second/third disc. On the other hand keeping it simple has kept the price down and more than affordable as an addition to the reasonably priced box set itself.

  74. Kauwgompie says:

    Congrats Paul, finally your work sees the light of day and we can all enjoy it. What an outstanding track listing. I wanted to order from you but the shipping to the USA is a bit much in this Covid time so I ordered from Amazon. I did order the Ace Of Base from you though, had it shipped to my parents in the Netherlands who now have a pile of SDE’s waiting for me. They can barely see out of there windows at this point. Due to Covid I haven’t been home in a while.
    What an epic fall this is going to be. Sign O The Times in September and TSOL in October. I cannot wait!!

  75. Richard Rootes says:

    Hoping this will appear on at some point – twenty quid UK shipping is a bit hard to stomach – plus then you have the ‘stand and deliver’ highway robbery from UPS for their brokerage fees….

    • ron says:

      I posted two days ago but it didn’t get posted.

      The orders are up. $25 for Vinyl and $93 for CD set.

  76. Schu says:

    Finally . . . You knew this was going to be one of the biggest announcements on SDE.
    So this makes at least 290 comments, what’s the record?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      We’ve had more, but not this amount in such a short time…

      • Klaus says:

        Usually the McCartney-boxes get around 300 or more but lots of the commenters there are discontent with what they’re getting :)
        I also remember that the infamous “Heroes”- flaw lead to lots of comments around the “A New Career In A New Town”-box by David Bowie…

  77. Isaías says:

    The best comment goes to B57:
    Which I completely agree.

    Now let’s wait for Elemental and Raoul and The Kings of Spain deluxe reissue. Who dare to foresee the year? 2030 or so on…

  78. Jose says:

    Hi Paul, any idea of why “Ghost Papa” the B side instrumental song of “Woman In Chains” single is out of the collection?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That was the B-side to the reissue of Woman In Chains. It’s very much Elemental era (co-written with Alan Griffiths).

  79. Daniel (from Adelaide) says:

    YES!!!! Finally! Still, I’ll really believe it when I’m finally holding it in my hands…

    Now to convince the PTB to release a super deluxe box set of U2’s Pop.

  80. jopla2 says:

    The mock pic of the vinyl edition shows a gatefold sleeve and two discs… Original was in a ‘single’ sleeve and had one disc. Lengthwise this could pass a 2-disc set, the sides would be from 11½ to 15 minutes.

  81. Roderik Bender says:

    The Holy Grail finally!! Paul, you deserve a statue for your website which I religiously read for many years now, and a separate one for your involvement in helping to Deluxe this treasure!

    Ordered the box here within a heartbeat. It doesn’t get better than this album, especially Year of The Knife.
    New Holy Grail: Elemental. I hope Roland/the powers that be are reading….

  82. B57 says:


    • joel says:

      amen and let the saints come march on in…I’ve come back three times now just to read the new comments…I think the re-issue and the hell like heat here is making me giddy

    • Nuno Bento says:

      Hahaha thank you Lord indeed!
      Roland must be having a laugh reading this.

  83. David says:

    Great addition to the previous two.Its Dare 40th anniversary next year,after various poor reissues I hope it gets a worthy one this time around.Great if you could get involved Paul.

  84. CJ says:

    I’m so glad to see this is finally coming out. Congratulations, Paul, on having your work finally seeing the light of day! To be honest, I wasn’t a huge TFF fan (aside from the singles) until I started reading this site, and the enthusiasm for their work rubbed off on me, so I bought the first two SDE’s and they are some of my most prized boxes.

    Wish I had caught this in time to order it from the SDE shop, but it was sold out by time I got here. On a related note, I received my copy of the Ace of Base set that I bought from you yesterday. It arrived faster from England than the book order I put in with Amazon US a week ago that is still sitting in a warehouss in New Jersey somewhere, despite the fact I could drive to Jersey and back inside of a single day. The Postal Service is a mess over here thanks to our less-than-glorious orange “leader.”

  85. Jules(Rules) says:

    There seems to be some confusion over the Bobs. I thought the 3rd mix on the BD was the Bob Clearmountain mix of the album (of which only parts were used), not the original mix mastered by Bob Ludwig?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The original album was mixed by Dave Bascombe except for Woman in Chains and Year of the Knife which were mixed by Bob Clearmountain. Anyway, those mixes were mastered by Bob Ludwig in 1989 for release. *That* is the what is on the blu-ray, in addition to the SW 5.1 mix and the ‘new’ (actually 2015) mastering by Andrew Walter. Hope that’s clear.

      • Jules(Rules) says:

        That means the uDiscover product information is incorrect…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I have no idea what is says on uDiscover, but what I’ve said is accurate.

          • Jules(Rules) says:

            Even the band’s own website gets it wrong!


            BLU-RAY 5 – Seeds of Love – The instrumentals / Steven Wilson.

            Steven Wilson 5.1 Mix

            Woman in Chains
            Bad Man’s Song
            Sowing the Seeds of Love
            Advice for the Young at Heart
            Standing on the Corner of the Third World
            Swords and Knives
            The Year of the Knife
            Famous Last Words
            Andrew Waters 2015 Mix

            Woman in Chains
            Bad Man’s Song
            Sowing the Seeds of Love
            Advice for the Young at Heart
            Standing on the Corner of the Third World
            Swords and Knives
            The Year of the Knife
            Famous Last Words
            1989 Remaster (Bob Clearmountain)

            Woman in Chains
            Bad Man’s Song
            Sowing the Seeds of Love
            Advice for the Young at Heart
            Standing on the Corner of the Third World
            Swords and Knives
            The Year of the Knife
            Famous Last Words

  86. Just Jake says:

    Damn :). Hi Paul – looks like i missed ordering your last copy of the deluxe cd set by 15 minutes or so. Comes of being offline most of the day.

    No worries as if you can get some more in stock i will order from you as i feel i owe you my business thanks to reading your site for the last few years. In the meantime i am sure i can get a copy from somewhere.

    Thanks very much for all your efforts contributing to this release. Great to see so many people showing their appreciation for your work and those of everyone else involved in the project :)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, sold out of box sets for now… Will do my best to try and see if I can get some more from Universal in the morning. Thank you.

  87. joel says:

    I think I gave myself whiplash going to every site I could and pre-ordering…lol…what a great blast of news for today…it will make a fantastic start to my autumn (hopefully the temperature will have dropped to at least 80F during the day by then)

  88. JeffreyB says:

    Good price in the U.S. at Bull Moose – $61.97 free shipping.
    Thank you Paul for your hard work into this set!!!

  89. SimonP says:

    So many comments already!

    I think, after perusing the tracklisting more thoroughly, that I’m not overly keen on this SDE. I’d really like the 5.1 mix, which means I’m going to have to get it anyway, but the extra tracks just being edits or studio noodlings in the most part aren’t floating my canoe like good old eighties remixes do. More excited by the Ultravox than this, to be honest and would buy a standalone Blu-ray were one available…

    By the way, is the full length version of Seeds on here, or have I missed it?

    • Jules(Rules) says:

      According to an earlier comment, there is an even longer version of Seeds, that essentially makes the so-called “full version” redundant.

      I think when you’ve got 24 hours of “noodlings” to choose from and only select 30 minutes, you’d better believe that they’re nutritious noodles! ;)

  90. SimonP says:

    Hamg on a minute. You’ve known about this for 6 years and you’re only mentioning it now?!

  91. Martin Grindley says:

    Ordered from SDE looking forward to this, holding back on the vinyl for now but no doubt I will eventually cave in

  92. Ross Baker says:

    Agh, same day as the Divine Comedy box. Going to really need to put some money aside here.

    Not my favourite TFF – in league below the first two for me – but those extra discs actually look like they’ll get more replay value than the first two boxes.

  93. Charles says:

    What on Earth are we going to do now that we can’t rant about this not being released yet?!?! ;-)

  94. Rob says:

    Hi Paul, I already posted earlier that I’m very very happy with the release of this boxset, but I have just one small question:
    Where you (and the team) able to track down every master (or safety copy) or are there also one or more tracks vinyl sourced? If so, which ones? Just curious, thats all.

    I may have overlooked info about it. If so, sorry for asking this.

  95. Wow. What a lovely way to end my day (2am my time) with such a headline. I’m thrilled.

    Paul, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with you over all the TFF projects of the last few years, and I appreciate how hard you work to not only have these come out in a way that honors the artists original intention, but also with clarity and conviction to see it through. Clearly, the note about the time it took being longer than even the original did … so so so accurate :)

    I can’t wait to dive in, especially after you describe some of the jam session recordings – when U2 pointed out some of the rough spots in the Hansa tapes (DATS) that hinted at what would become “One” and “Mysterious Ways” – it was a euphoric moment. I can’t wait to hear that in these, as well as experience the album “again” in new remasters and 5.1 set ups.

    Something that I am partially surprised not to see is the absence of GOING TO CALIFORNIA, the live home video from after this album that has escaped mass-distribution on DVD (I understand that some say, South American versions of SCENES FROM THE BIG CHAIR include the concert as a bonus item?) Along with the amazing video for the title track, I was looking forward to having a DVD set of the videos from this album to replace my aging VHS (including the odd works for the original “Tears Roll Down”. Without reading too much into it – after seeing the Simple Minds STREET FIGHTING YEARS SDE Box arrive without a DVD 0f VERONA (an already stand-alone period home video VHS in the day, reissued on SEEN THE LIGHTS 2-dvd set) or a 5.1 mix of the album… I got the idea.
    Still my memory of this album includes the tour that followed (and the wonderful expanded backing band including Oleta Adams and the late Jimmy Copley on drums) . My first concert in Cleveland (my home for the last 30 years) was this tour, with Debbie Harry opening. Hearing this albums songs re-created live, along with expanded versions of the older material was unforgettable. (Some audio and even more video of this band is otherwise available via the Knebworth’90 compilations from Eagle Rock). Perhaps its that time was so close to the bone, and Roland and Curt were falling out it’s better if we don’t remind them of that time anyhow.

    My last question is about a VIRGIN BOOKs item that came out at the same with the original release, detailing the albums writing and recording etc. (again, perhaps similar to the original Simple Minds STREET FIGHTING YEARS box set book?) Did you come across that at all, perhaps use it for research? Just curious and wanting to see it for myself, if it really exists.

    Thanks so much for your work on this – I can’t wait to dive in and share it on the air as well. Perhaps another all-day TFF event in 2021? hmmm

  96. Tony says:

    Blarggity!!! Such great news! Thanks!!! Beyond excited for this!

  97. Eric says:

    So good!!! Finally a real box where i could put my concert s ticks..!!! Worthed the waiting.
    How many will do the same?
    Paul, how does it feel for you now this one gets a date of issue???

  98. Tiger Tim says:

    This is fabulous news. Such a great record. Is the UK single version of Famous Last Words included? I can’t see it in the track listing.

  99. jmurillo says:

    I am so happy to hear that this is finally happening. Thanks for the news!.
    One question ; I love alternate and early mixes being included in this release but, why including edit or radio edits of a song ?. I see edits being included as extra tracks in many reissues but I don’t see the point. Isn’t an edit the same as the album track but shorter?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, an edit is the same as an album track, but shorter. However, the very creation of an edit becomes part of the narrative of the album and the release. And sometimes they were promo-only and therefore rare and hard to get hold of. Obviously not necessary essential by any means, but if you are going to compile a box set then for me they earn a place at the table and should be included.

      • Paul E. says:

        @Paul Sinclair – AND edits can be very helpful when assembling a playlist (packing in more songs over a shorter duration). Speaking of “packing”- I’ve packed on a few extra/pandemic pounds and have curated two Tears For Fears playlists using content from the prior box sets named: “Songs from the Fat Chair” + “The Feasting”. I’ll obviously need to start thinking about a new playlist title before October that suits this TFF SDE…any ideas? :)

      • Leroy says:

        Hi Paul
        this is great news seeds of love box set played the cd to death Keep up the great work you do also Paul
        Have you heard of any Level42 news I’m a massive fan 40 years in the business this year & what’s happened to the big boxset of King crimson in the court of the crimson king we had the mini one this year

    • Paul English says:


      Single edits, radio edits or just plain edits are essential to me and one of the main reasons why I buy sets like this. I hate when they’re excluded. Seems to be a rockist view.

      Can’t wait for this one.

  100. Patrick Gleeson says:

    Ordered Paul :-) This (and Vienna) will make October 9th very special indeed :-)

  101. Rich says:

    Fantastic! And dare I say it, worth the wait – reassured by your close involvement in it Paul.
    I’ve pre-ordered the 4cd version through SDE shop (seems only right) and the Picture disc version from Universal music.
    And my birthday is 3 days after the release date!

  102. Wilson says:

    Paul, this is a great set, and we all really appreciate your hard work in putting it together. Can you give us any insight into why no live audio was included? Thanks in advance.

  103. Paul Hoult says:

    Didn’t need to read the article – ordered straight away. Thanks Paul.
    Now I’ve got an order number, I can kick back and read the article!

  104. Derek Langsford says:

    This was a big surprise having only yesterday mentioned it in a response to a post and figuring it might get delayed until next year. But being GMT -8 (US Pacific Time) I missed the early bird £10 off at Amazon UK and there were 137 comments about it on SDE after I looked at my phone and saw the email from SDE Shop!

    Looks absolutely terrific. a lot of good bonus material to explore. Thank you Paul for part in this release.

    I am glad there’s no live material and the single promo videos are on the Tears Roll Down DVD which I already own.

    Can’t believe that two of my favourite albums (Vienna and this) are being issued on the same day as SDEs with Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes. Only my wallet is not in heaven.

    P.S. New Future Islands album also released on that day which is also a must buy for me.

  105. RODOLFO MARTIN says:

    I love this set already but an additional Blu-ray disc, with all the restored promo videos and the concert (I think recorded in California), would have been fair to get it included.

  106. Mark says:

    Just repeating the other comments really. A phenomenal box set for a phenomenal album. Well done Paul.

  107. Philippe says:

    Enfin !!!!! Nothing else to add…

  108. Anthony Hesseltine says:
  109. Tony says:

    Wow , 230 comments about a band I have never really liked or considered to be that popular.
    Pleased for all of you who are looking forward to this release and wish Elton or ELO would do something like this as they must have so much archive material available to release.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Sad to say that apparently there’s not much additional ELO material Jeff Lynne would likely let out and that some of the masters have been lost (so no Out of the Blue in 5.1 from discrete multi-track tapes).

      I had heard that more EJ albums were mixed in 5.1 than were released. They sounded terrific. If they had started with a best of in 5.1 that might have created more in the format. But no.

    • Carl Fink says:

      As a huge tears for fierce fan who is stoked for this release, Thank you for your consideration. It’s frustrating how many people comment just to say they’re not interested in rain on fans’ parade. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they release One of the box sets you are interested in. Cheers.

  110. Pascal says:

    I remember Curt Smith saying about STSOL in last years interview here on SDE: ‘If you consider how many parts there are to that song, and the fact that we actually took parts out – it would have been a nine-minute masterpiece, otherwise.’

    I would’ve loved to see that masterpiece as part of this set.

  111. Mike M says:

    Order placed with you sir, won’t make the mistake of pre ordering from Amazon again, caused too much stress. Apologies for not pre ordering from you last time, lesson learned mate.

  112. negative1 says:

    hi paul,

    glad to see the news make it out, and that your work
    and steve wilsons get to be creditted with it.

    i know projects take a long time to work on, and get
    released. i work on restoration projects too, and people
    always ask how long it takes.

    i’m not a huge fan of this album, but will get it to
    complete the other 2 sets, as this will probably be
    the last super deluxe edition from them.

    interesting that they put a bluray audio on there.


  113. timhaydu says:

    dear paul,
    i believe “the DAT tapes of these sessions – which took place at London’s Townhouse studio – were discovered early in the research process and so CD 4 contains around 30-minutes of highlights of these live-in-the-studio sessions, exactly as it was performed at the time, complete with chatter, some laughter and no overdubs” was what i had heard of as being the “original album that got scrapped” that i mentioned to you in a message before. it had the same mysterey as the full version as “helter skelter” without the fade in and out. this box is gonna put “blisters on my fingers!”!!!!!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      In reality there wasn’t an ‘original album that got scrapped’. I think Roland acknowledges in my interview (in the booklet) that these early 1988 sessions with Oleta coming over to the UK were The Seeds of Love finally starting to take shape and match his vision.

  114. DiscoDave2000 says:

    Wow this reissue has been an urban legend/pink unicorn/bigfoot/loch ness monster of sorts for this site. With this in the can for October (knock wood), is there even a reason for the site to continue on?

    Just kidding…

    Fabulous news. Looking forward to listening to this in all its glory. Thanks for all you do Paul.

  115. timhaydu says:

    i think i just jizzed my pants reading the box set summation!!!!!!!

  116. Hey Paul – quick question:

    Can you do, like, EVERY super deluxe edition? All of them? For everyone? ‘Cuz this is just freakin’ awesome.

    I know the workload seems a little daunting, but seriously, just go for it…


  117. Stuart. says:

    I’ve loved this album since its release but, not being a TFF obsessive, I was unsure if I needed the box set. But your excellent write up leaves me in no doubt that I do need it and that I’ll enjoy it.

    Thank you, Paul, Curt and Roland are lucky to have you with them for this re-issue.

  118. Col. says:

    Is this a typo Paul?

    The Seeds of Love vinyl LP remaster (same tracks on picture disc).
    (I suspect you used the template for the SFTBC release)

    Or is there something you are not telling us

    Great news about this release. I always felt cheated when albums had less than 10 tracks on.
    This is not their best album for me but with all the extras a must purchase for any music fan!

  119. timhaydu says:

    getting this email from you just made my f*cking life!!!!!!!
    thank you paul!

  120. Paul says:

    fantastic news and im sure it will be worth the wait. Paul i dont remember ever seeing so many comments on a reissue in such a short space of time

    • timhaydu says:

      p.s. hoping we don’t get screwed like we did with the blue nile vinyl re-issues!!!!!!!

    • timhaydu says:

      that’s because for many of us this is an all-time favorite record and the torture of waiting for this box set has been well over 10 years.

  121. Dave H says:

    Reading through the comments there’s a couple of mentions about a stand alone blu-ray release. The previous two box sets did include a DVD, one a live concert and the other containing a 5.1 mix.
    Interestingly enough both albums did have a stand alone blu-ray release under the Pure Audio banner. The Hurting was stereo only but SFTBC contained the 5.1 mix. Seeing that this box set contains the 5.1 mix on a blu-ray and not on DVD, does this suggest there will be no stand alone blu-ray release.

  122. James Dawson says:

    The US price already is up to $79.98 (from $60.72), as of 10am Pacific Time Wednesday August 19. Ouch.

    • Scott Wozniak says:

      Yes. When I looked earlier it was $59 and now it’s $79.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Pre-ordered on Amazon UK, after the £10 off early bird deal was over, for £45.46 (about $60) including shipping to the US which is actually less than through which has higher shipping.

      Sorry Paul. If I lived in the UK I’d order from you but I know you have to charge the normal ridiculous UK postal rates. Amazon UK returned to international shipping costs back to pre-COVID rates which is good for me but not for you or other independent European retailers.

      • Glenn says:

        Thanks Derek for the tip. Also in the US and just placed my order on AMZ UK. Nice to see the shipping is back down to pre-COVID levels. Didn’t know if that would ever happen.

        • Derek Langsford says:

          I was worried it was a combination of COVID and Trump not playing nice with the UPU and they’d never get back to previous levels. Now we just have to deal with the “This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location” problem which previously only applied to Amazon UK Prime deals.

  123. Ivan says:

    Will be submitting an order straight away.

    Is that really another version of Broken on the SDE? So, is it on all three TFF SDEs now (including the original ‘We are broken’)? Who would have guessed?

  124. Congrats! Very interested to hear this!

    Not that you’re in charge of such things, but I was wondering if you know when this might be available on Amazon Canada? Needless to say that promo-only single being finally available here is an extra treat for us!


  125. Andy Woolford says:

    Paul, stand up and take the applause you deserve for spending so much time and passion on getting this finally released. The Artwork alone warrents the purchase. Can’t wait to receive this. Here’s hoping that one day we see Box Sets for all the remaining albums and vinyl editions of Raoul and Happy Ending. Ordered Box Set and vinyl from you direct mate

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks for kind comments and orders! I did my bit, but lots of other people contributed to the final product in various ways, so great team effort in the end.

  126. Guy says:

    Steven Wilson posted the news in Instagram earlier and said that he worked on this in 2015 and he is happy that all his work is finally seeing the light of day!

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Makes me wonder when the SOS interview with Steven Wilson published Jan 2019 actually happened as Steven said in that he had just finished work on it.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        He definitely did most of the work in 2015/2016 because I was involved in that process and I have a test blu-ray dated 2016!

  127. TRACY says:

    Paul is the box set a limited edition?

  128. Ryan says:

    Excellent! I was very worried that, like the previous two boxes, we’d see a minimum of behind the scenes tracks. Not the case here! I’ve been waiting 30 years to hear some of the early sessions.

  129. Jose says:

    Great news at last Paul! Congratulations for the job and thank you for has not given up.
    I’m looking forward to buy it.

  130. Don Chump Jr. says:

    Don’t forget if you’re in the USA, order your copy early since the delivery will be held up by the Trump administration’s deliberate attempt of creating a postal backlog.

    If you’re lucky you may receive it after the election.

  131. bret says:

    Is this vinyl AAA?

  132. Larry Davis says:

    Holy smokes, here it is!! And it looks totally tremendous, congrats for seeing it through to the end zone…why it took 5 years for it to come out is beyond me… record label marketing?? Timing?? Looking forward to reading the content as well as taking in all the glorious music & mixes…espesh your interview with Nicky Holland…her input for me is an integral part of the style & sound of this album…and I subsequently bought & loved her 2 solo albums on Epic/Sony in 1992 & 1997…I wonder, Paul, if there will be other TFF SDEs down the pike?? Or at least some kind of remaster/reissue for “Elemental”?? And can’t wait for the new album, “The Tipping Point”, or whatever it’s called now…had to preorder TSOL on Amazon US, the way you can preorder & you don’t pay till dispatch & Prime member so quick shipping… October 9, just after my bday, so that’s a beautiful gift for myself!! Thanks Paul for all you do…

  133. Trash says:

    I’m glad that Elemental seems to be getting a lot of love on amongst these comments.
    It’s my second favourite TFF album, after SFTBC, I dont know what it is about the album but I find myself playing it a lot. That era also brought one of my favourite TFF b-sides ‘Deja-Vu and the Sins of Science’, which sounds like an outtake from ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’.

    It would be great to have a reissue with all the b-sides and unreleased demos. However I’m not sure how well the album did so I’m not sure it would ever happen.

  134. Marc says:

    Hi Paul, very happy that this box set will be released finally, ordered from the SDE Shop… Thanks for all your hard work!

  135. There we are.

    The complete lack of live/video material is a bummer but the unreleased material sounds really exciting.

    There is probably at least one relevant track missing, the Full Version of the title track. While discs 2 + 3 are very full, there would’ve been some space on disc 4.

    I don’t know why one wouldn’t use the gorgeous singles artwork for the discs… the album itself should also be packaged in the original album cover as has been done for the first two albums.

    Quibbles aside, this is some sort of holy grail for us TFF nuts. Let’s hope that it’s pressed in sufficient quantities and that everyone who wants one gets one!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      In general, it’s getting hard to talk major labels into creating DVDs with videos etc. They are more into doing 4k restorations for YouTube.

      • Henrik says:

        I really hoped for live material Why was that excluded from the boxset, poor quality?

      • Jules(Rules) says:

        I know about the first part, Steve told me about that. The second part makes literally no sense to me. Is there any profit in YouTube? Also, you can’t put a 5.1 or other high-quality audio track on it… and I do like to hold the music in my hands, so to speak. You’re more likely to rewatch something you’ve actually bought.

        In this particular instance, there would have been enough space on the Blu-Ray disc, I reckon – Marillion did it with Script for a Jester’s Tear.

        I know I sound like I want to complain but if a separate 2CD+DVD comes out via Eagle (and also Rockpalast and the full Massey Hall 1985, while we’re at it), I’ll be more than happy :)

        And if I haven’t said it before: This is one of my absolute favourite albums of all time. This set is a dream come true.

        @Henrik The touring band was absolutely superb. I guess a line had to be drawn. As I said, I’m really hoping for separate live releases in the future.

  136. Patrick John Wray says:

    Looks amazing. Cannot wait to hear. One of the greatest albums of the era and TFF artistic pinnacle to my ear. This is not only a great looking reissue , but potentially one of the best SDE packages put together by anyone ever.

  137. Reed says:

    Congrats Paul on seeing this through! When you are involved in the reissue for longer than the session players were in the original release, that really says something about the project and the labor of love it must have been to get it across the finish line.

    Looking forward to the release. It will look good proudly displayed beside The Hurting and Songs From…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks. There has been a fair amount of thumb-twiddling the last few years, if I’m honest. Most of the heavy lifting was done in 2015 and 2016!

  138. Nico says:

    Thank you Paul Sinclair,

    Thanks too for the pre-order possibility and guaranteed stock for the Tears of Fears Seeds of Love box set. Without a doubt i immediately placed the TfF order via this website.

    Appreciate the effort in making such a compilation and all its logistics.
    All those different mixes, updated studio outtakes and extras… A wonderful addition to such an already accomplished feat. It will be great revisiting this music.

  139. Stephen says:

    At last, ordered from you, don’t want a repeat of amazon cancelling on me.
    Wonder if the picture disc will turn up in hmv a few months after the sound of vinyl “exclusive” for £12.99 the same as “Big Chair”?

  140. Daz says:

    Hi paul
    Thinking of ordering the seeds of love box set and sign of the times super deluxe from you and was wondering how much the postage would be in the uk (coventry)
    Cheers paul

  141. mike says:

    Just a question Paul, there are some timing length differences between the 1989 and 2015 remaster mainly on Side B tracks – any particular reason why do you know? Thanks.

  142. Mathew Lauren says:

    The vaunted, TFF “STSOL” 5.1 SDE finally sees the light of day. Congratulations to ALL involved bringing this 5.1 RE to fruition, as well as a hearty “Thank You,” from surround-sound enthusiasts, world-wide (I’m sure) — “lossless” 5.1 blu!

    A special “shout out” to our host and fellow surround-sound enthusiast, Paul. This must bring a sense of satisfaction and closure after 6+ years.


  143. Stevo says:

    Just spent the last 30 mins reading the comments
    Seems most are happy, vinyl junkies wanted more!
    One person wasn’t happy – conclusion – MUST BUY!

    Well done Paul, you can’t please everyone but you’ve made most very happy

    Placing my order now for the Box Set

  144. Don says:

    Wow! The SDE email alert was the first thing I saw when I sat down at my computer this morning. And I pre-ordered it from the SDE Shop without even reading a single word about the contents. I can’t wait to get my hands (and ears) on this. Thanks for all your hard work, Paul! This is a rare bright spot in an otherwise dark and depressing year.

    And of course, you know we’re going to be pestering you for news about “Elemental” and “Raoul” SDEs… So gird your loins…

  145. Jeff says:

    Great work PAUL SINCLAIR!!! Congratulations on this project you were heavily involved with. You will one day be a KINGPIN….in this industry!!!!

  146. Mauro says:

    UAU! Great! Paul, sorry, no videoclip, TV show, epk?! Sigh…

  147. Ken Gillespie says:

    Great news to finally read after what feels like the longest wait. Ordered from you Paul, I hope Elemental receives similar treatment before the end of the decade!

  148. Keith Lambert says:

    Good things come to those who wait….and boy, have we waited!!!

    Thanks for cheering up a grey and rainy afternoon Paul!

    • Gareth Pugh says:

      I know what Keith means. Still can’t quite believe the day has come! In fact, the pleasant shock reminds me of that Alexei Sayle sketch where two actors are playing in Waiting for Godot… but Godot actually, finally turns up and they’re stunned!

  149. Neil from USA says:

    Immediately ordered. Didn’t even look at the tracklisting before placing my order.
    October is going to be a good month!

  150. Jan says:

    Congratulations Paul, looks great.

  151. Norbert says:

    … nuff’ said…

  152. Rob says:

    Looks amazing. There’s always a “but” with any release, and I guess I’m disappointed there’s no visuals (promo videos at least) included on the Blu Ray, but the audio content seems exhaustive and a no-brainer.

    Congrats Paul as I know this has been a journey and for it to be coming to fruition must be super exciting.

  153. Nimo says:


    The track-listing is even better than I could dream of !
    Thank you Paul for your sharp involvement and hard work.
    I push the SDE button with a bow.

  154. Gareth Pugh says:

    Thanks Paul!

    Bloody hell. I’m going to have to book a day off work and lock myself away in the man cave on October 9th – two of my personal favourite albums of all time both getting very impressively expanded deluxe editions on the same day. And funnily enough, both featuring production work by Chris Hughes and Ian Stanley (t’other being Howard Jones’ ‘Cross That Line’).

    Vinyl duly ordered from your good self sir.

  155. dazzler says:

    This is how deluxe boxes should be done. All the official 7″ and 12″ material on a 2 (or depending on the amount of content 3) CD set for the occasional fan and all the never before released stuff on the superdeluxe formats for the die hards. Well done, Paul.

  156. Trash says:

    Seems I’ve come late to the party – my fault for not checking SDE today.
    Anyway, resisted placing an order an Amazon in order to support your shop Paul.
    Hopefully there won’t be stock issues.
    Very much looking forward to this…

  157. Alexander says:

    Great to see this finally happen!

    But a little diappointment is the omission of the fantastic 1990 concert “Going to California” which is (though it seems to be “repaired” at some points) absolutely fab. Not to forget the wonderful drumming of the late Jimmy Copley there. An inclusion of the audio and / or the video would have been the icing on this yummy cake…

    • Jules(Rules) says:

      Jimmy was a great drummer, wasn’t he? He was the only drummer who ever made TFF play faster than on record – typically, they tend to be slow live…

      I had the luck of seeing him with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in 2012 and (via livestream) 2013. He breathed new life into that group. A few years later, he was gone :(

      Hopefully there will be future TFF projects, including full live CD/video sets

  158. Atane says:

    This is great great news !!
    Do you know whether both Hurting and Big chair Deluxe box sets can be found somewhere at a reasonnable price?

  159. Darren says:

    How many are they pressing of the box set?

  160. Guzz says:

    About bloody time haha!!
    Looks like an essential add to the box set collection!!
    Plus some fantastic extras,all the different mixes and I’m really looking forward to the instrumental stuff!!
    Bring it on!!!


  161. Dave says:

    Thank you for making all these come true and relive our past generation again

  162. Ernie says:

    OMFG! Half of you readers must have just fainted Paul!! Gonna think about this at that price. I would’ve expected the “Going to California” DVD & some live stuff for that price! All 3 boxes would look very nice together though , Mmmmmm

  163. Richard Lamberti says:

    Brilliant news, at last, as everyone else has been saying – we’ve waited so long for this!

    Thank you Paul – I have ordered the box from the SDE shop and can’t wait for it to look fantastic lined up with The Hurting and SFTBC boxes!!

    Great work you do on this site Paul; I enjoy checking it out daily. Take care and keep well.

  164. Andrew Aston says:

    Any chance of a repress of your Tears for Fears booklet to commemorate this event! I snoozed and missed out on the original run.

  165. toni says:

    Im not interest in this of all..I have the Mobile Fidelity sound vinyl of this album and sound perfect. I need Raoul and the kings of spain and Everybody loves a happy ending on vinyl for firts time. Not this!!!!!

  166. SeanL says:

    Still gutted the Chas & Dave remix of Mad world still hasn’t been officially issued :)

  167. petercw2 says:

    will hi-res digital files be available of the set somewhere?

  168. Frédéric Delannoy says:

    Where is Laid so low and Ghost papa ????

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They belong on Elemental.

      • Frédéric Delannoy says:

        The b-side of Woman in chains on Elemental?… I don’t understand

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The B-side to Woman in Chains is “Always In The Past”. When it was reissued in 1992 for the Greatest Hits, the band had already split up and Roland was working with Alan Griffiths on Elemental. “Ghost Papa” was from the early Elemental sessions. And even though Laid So Low’s origins came from ‘Tears Roll Down’ the point is the recording and the production are all post Seeds and post-split with Curt. Roland was already working on Elemental when that single was recorded. That is why none of these songs should be on the Seeds box set.

  169. Jeffrey Collins says:

    Thank you Paul! Love this album. I am really looking forward to the 5.1 mix! Best to you.

  170. R E Faust says:

    Only interested in a standalone Bluray of this. Can’t justify the cost if the full boxset just to get the Bluray….especially given the financial situtaion at the moment.

  171. DARREN says:

    Absolutely fantastic about chuffing time, awesome news Paul just pre ordered my copy, simply phenomenal album one of the very very best pop albums of all time no question , what a fantastic box set, can’t wait for this best thing to happen this year.
    Now if prefab sprout sorted themselves out then it truly would be maner from heaven.

  172. John K. says:

    Its my birthday on Sunday and new of this release is the best gift I could hope for!

    Congratulations on being involved Paul, cannot wait to read and hear it all.

  173. Thomas says:

    The Holy Grail!

  174. thewildeyedboyfromfreecloud says:

    Big disappointment for vinyl lovers.

  175. Rashers says:

    One of the most under-rated albums of all time. This was reissued by Mobile Fidelity on vinyl a few years ago. It sounds spectacular, but so did the original CD. I’m really excited about this (already ordered) – and a proper Steven Wilson 5.1 Blu Ray – now that’s what I call super deluxe. Are there any videos on the Blu-Ray (Sowing the Seeds is one of the all time MTV greats)?
    I presume that the vinyl is digitally sourced?

  176. Bruce Nicholson says:

    well, this is fantastic news. ordered straight away from you Paul – hope you get lots of orders for it! it must feel good that it is finally on the verge of seeing daylight.

  177. Paul T says:

    Brilliant news at last! Ordered from your shop Paul ( I had the first 2 from you as well) . Great work

  178. Ralf says:

    In a year with such a string of bad news this is something to look forward to.

    One of my favourite albums of all time.


  179. Phil Sharpe says:

    I very occasionally forget what a sublime album this. Each time I play it I am reminded !
    Great news to see this Deluxe Edition finally released. It looks fantastic Paul,

    many thanks

  180. Alex James says:

    Automatic buy from the SDE shop, SO excited for this release. Along with SOTT, my most eagerly anticipated box set release in years, & we finally enjoy the fruits of Paul’s hard work!

  181. Yann says:

    Great news at last ! But it’s a pity we always have to wait 30 years to have superdeluxe albums that we have loved in the 80s, we ll have to wait another 10years to have the following albums ????

  182. Olov says:

    Happy times! Thanks Paul. Ordered from the SDE Shop instantly. Yay!

  183. Pierre says:

    Thanks for the news Paul, just ordered it from SDE as well, I didn’t want to miss out, like I did on the reprint of the Hurting. I was wondering if you had heard of any chance that a third reprint would be in the pipes. Thanks for your fantastic work.

    Best, Pierre

  184. Daniel P says:

    Tick! Just pre-ordered. Thank you so much Paul for your passion for Tears For Fears! The vast majority of the population don’t really appreciate how well this album was made and is probably one of the greatest albums ever produced (up to 1989). I can’t wait! Well done Paul and others involved!

  185. GentleRabbit says:

    Such fantastic news.

    Paul, I too was a little young to have witnessed TFF in their heyday and although was well aware of several songs and their existence in general for years, only became truly aware of their wonder through your coverage on this site over the past near-decade.

    Therefore, I’m proud to be able to order this much longed-for treasure trove from the SDE shop. It seems only apt :) Thank you for all that you do, thank you for the great news… and here’s to – finally – holding the mythical Seeds Of Love SDE box in our hands.

  186. Remon van Aubel (NL) says:

    Never had hoped this would happen and the tracks are amazing. A small point of critisism is that the scope of this deluxe edition is very much the album with 7 inch versions, b sides and really a lot of unheard versions of the tracks. What I personally would have seen as the cherry on the cake is the addition of a full 1990 concert on 2CD. Particularly Oleta Adams added a whole new flavour the new and old songs performed live at that time. Whatever version of California was released, the show was always incomplete and these concerts did mark an important phase of TFF.

    • Daniel P says:

      There was the Going to California concert on DVD but needs a blu-ray upgrade as it looks blurry on my HD telly!

  187. Frank M. Spinath says:

    Wow! Amazing job, as always, Paul. I just ordered the deluxe set via SDE! :) Frank

  188. Wolfgang Mintrop says:

    Upps … no live stuff? Am I right? Disappointing to me.

  189. Fear of the Dark says:

    Wonderful news. Time to buy a Blu-Ray player :-) Sounds like the STSOL 7:22 version could serve as a worthy substitute for the absent 6:48 version (AKA ‘Full Version’ / ‘Wen’s Overnight Mix’).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I vaguely recall that that was our thinking. It’s very similar to the original just with no fade out at all.

  190. Leonardo Lotti Marques says:

    Great news Paul!

    I literally got a boner when I entered the blog and saw it.

    I just cannot wait to hear the 5.1 mix.
    I haven’t heard it yet, but if it does not get a Grammy, then I give up on award ceremonies forever.

    Roll on October.

  191. John Collins says:

    I did my school work experience for a week at Phonogram records on New Bond Street in July 1989 in the run up to the release of The Seeds of Love (issued on Fontana). Unfortunately I do not have any amusing anecdotes to share related to Tears For Fears although David Thomas from Pere Ubu once came into the office and I got the lift to the ground floor once with all of Curiosity Killed The Cat. I remember going to Rough Trade in Covent Garden in my lunch break to buy Margin Walker by Fugazi. They weren’t on Fontana.

  192. mike says:

    Great news, the thread on Steve Hoffman at £40.24 must have taken a few sales unfortunately. Paul, are you allowed to comment on the Langer & Winstanley sessions at some point. as would be fascinating to know the extent of the sessions please?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      When I spoke to Clive and Alan about Absolute Beginners recently, I asked them about it, so will post about that soon…

  193. Rob says:

    I didn’t get round to ordering the previous two!
    No panic SDE had stock – so just purchased those, and the TFF keepsake!

    I just hope there’s still stock available for STSOL from 1st September when my budget resets :D

    Thanks Paul

  194. Dean says:

    Any chance they could release the Blu-ray as a separate disc? Would love to hear it in 5.1 but probably not a big enough fan for all the other tracks.

  195. Ex-Oligarch says:

    Based on the many comments I’ve seen here on SDE over the years, this set will make a lot of people very happy.

    It looks like an extraordinarily thorough effort, as I would expect with your involvement.

    If anyone demands to know why an eleventh version of “Year of the Knife” was not included (“You know, that was released only in Malaysia on promo cassette, that ends suddenly at 2:45 in a wall of static because the mastering desk short circuited. That’s the best one!”) you should tell them to buzz off. You can sleep the sleep of the just, with a clear conscience.

    I haven’t heard this album since it came out, and will take this opportunity to give it another listen.

  196. Greg says:

    Is the black vinyl 180g?

  197. Klaus says:

    So, here it comes, the Holy Grail for 80s interested SDE collectors…

    Thanks to you Paul and to everyone else involved in this. I just downloaded the album into my Spotify library for the upcoming train ride home.
    As i was lucky enough to see the band in concert when they toured this album great memories will arise for me too.

  198. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    No bluray audio standalone release?

  199. Chris Squires says:

    Damn – I know there is a 6 / 7 Vinyl LP box set in there somewhere…..It would make a lovely book type release a la Joni Mitchell “Love has many faces” or John Foxx “Cathedral Oceans”

    Great news and it must be a relief for you Paul.

    Unless I am missing something Paul, why is there no video material whatsoever? Not even a promo.

  200. Luke says:

    Hmm … still have to buy the The Hurting boxset, but I think I’ll make a ‘double boxset’ order … ;-) :-)

  201. ian whiteford says:

    Wanted to support you so just ordered from SDE. Thanks Paul

  202. Friso Pas says:

    Finally. Looks like worth the wait and then some.
    Excellent work, Paul. Hats off.

  203. Andrea Grasso says:

    Paul, one year ago you published some excerpts from the interview book, and in one of those Chris Hughes said there was originally in STSOL a “fantastic floaty, reflective, trippy section. Essentially the lyrics were something like ‘half a dollar, half a crown, half a Guinness, going down.’ “…now I wonder, is this version included in the boxset??

  204. Wayne says:

    ”At last”, as Etta James is singing in my head. Hopefully, I can order this from you site when I get home later.

    Mr. Sinclair, I’m sure that one thing you’re glad about will be not to hear the endless questions we all have had about it’s release, Haha. I look forward to seeing the time and effort you helped to put into this set.

  205. adam karrington says:

    interesting that Rhythm of Life is included on here… Seeing that was Oletas debut single.

    • Trenthamfolk says:

      It was a track that never made it into STSOL and later given to Oleta – tff through and through…

  206. StephendC says:

    My favourite album of all time. Great news at last and glad to hear it first from SDE. I love this site.

  207. DJ Salinger says:

    At. Bloody. Last.

    But worth the wait it seems.

    It’s shaping up to be an outstanding autumn for box sets. The biggest challenge will be finding the time to listen to it all.

  208. Massimo says:

    Thanks Paul, ordered from the SDE shop. The SFTBC super deluxe box is great, sure this will be even better. Much appreciated. Keep it up.

  209. Magoo says:

    Praise the Lord

  210. With Ultravox’s Vienna anniversary release, this is just the best news for me since coming out of furlough. I really needed this tonic! I have ordered the ultravox boxset from you Paul but I was one of the early birds on Amazon and got the Sowing The Seeds boxset at a discount.

    STSOL is in my all time top 10 albums so I am super excited about it – a long time coming! I never thought it would happen with all the rumours of an impending split in 2018/9. It’s the biggest party of 2020!

    Cheers Paul

  211. Craig Hedges says:

    So we got the Alison Moyet and Kate Bush remasters.
    Now this…
    Yikes, we’re running out of reissues to bitch and moan about!

    oh hang on, we’ve still got Duran.

    PS, Is the new TFF album still happening?

  212. Stephen Leigh says:

    Finally being able to post this news made Paul a) Happy b) Relieved c) Happy and relieved or d) very very happy and relieved… Great news Paul, thank you. :)

  213. Simon Long says:

    Given the video content on the previous deluxes, I’m a bit surprised / disappointed that the “Going to California” live video doesn’t seem to be included on the Blu-ray. Is that just an oversight in the information, or was it not included for some reason?

    • Surya F says:

      I am also VERY disappointed that this amazing show is not included. Seems like a no-brainer. At the very least one of the CDs could have featured live tracks from this show/tour. Not sure why the blu-ray has no video whatsoever as the other two Tears for Fears box sets did.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I has been out on DVD before, which was a consideration..

  214. Mark Franklin says:

    Everybody Wants To Rule The World on the SFTBC box has the 7″ version included and I honestly have zero clue what the actual difference is to the album version so does anyone know if this is the same scenario for Advice For The Young At Heart 7″ included here? Can’t wait for this box.

  215. Electric Sydney says:

    Paul! Holy wow! You have been very busy. It truly is a blessing for TFF fans to be assured that the final product is guaranteed to be a box set collector’s dream. If it is successful I would hope that you might be involved in future projects of all varieties, how great to have someone involved who has a personal interest in how it all turns out. I am looking forward to this!

  216. bob says:

    And how fantastic that the box sizes and packaging are consistent across all three box sets. And in those nice shelf friendly boxes as well. Great news.

  217. Stan Butler says:

    Nice to see a sensibly priced boxed set again.
    In an era where single album SDE sets by big names are £100+ (or £200, Macca), it almost seemed a forgotten era, when you could buy a proper SDE for a mere £50.
    No need to bulk it out with a load of unnecessary printed material. The 36 page booklet seems more than sufficient.
    Though not really a fan, it’s obvious that this set will sell by the bucketload.
    Well done to all concerned.

  218. Janice Pugh says:

    Thank you so much Paul – ordered the CD Box set and the vinyl from SDE Shop. Fantastic news that these reissues are finally happening! Keep safe and well folks xx

  219. Brian A Wenner says:

    Glad these is finally coming out.. with a lot of variations..

    QQ the picture of the LP, shows the top edge of a 2nd LP tucked in by the sunflower.. but its a single LP.. its that just a whoops with the picture?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s a single LP but unlike the original this is a gatefold. Not exactly sure why that sunflower is sticking up – probably just a mistake as you suggest…

  220. Josh says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes!! Finally!

    Paul, is there any chance of a Classic Albums documentary on The Seeds Of Love? I noticed that Oleta Adams appears in the recent one for Songs From The Big Chair (via a new interview), but surely she would have a LOT more to say about this album. Perhaps it is already in the works?

  221. Charles Christopher says:

    Very impressive set, and one you can tell was curated by someone who really cares about how SDE’s are presented. From musical content to presentation to talent and effort involved, it’s the kind of thing any artist reissuing their work should be envious of. Considering the content, the price actually isn’t bad at all!

    STSOL was the third CD I ever bought, so getting this will be a real flashback. Unfortunately, as someone mentioned above, US shipping is a bit much to order from SDE ($’s are tight in the pandemic, so I’m stretching to order it from anywhere at all) – but I do want to congratulate the impressive (if long-delayed) work that SDE put into it.

  222. Peter says:

    Made my day… just ordered through SDE…. thank you Paul!
    Now all we are waiting for is the Animals Immersion Box ;-)

  223. cafecoffee says:

    What wonderful news to start the day. Thanks for your involvement with this one Paul.

  224. Andrew says:

    Can you not sort out some signed copies for the SDE shop??

  225. The Golden Age Of The Phonograph says:

    Huge Beatles fan here, however I’ll take The Seeds Of Love S.D.E. over the Let It Be S.D.E. any day of the week.

  226. Eric says:

    Nothing like waking up to some great news, Thank you for sharing this. Ordered.

  227. Mark Thompson says:

    Excellent news Paul, & congratulations to you with all your involvement..looking forward to this release

  228. Dan says:

    The box set and vinyl were an instant pre-order, I’ve waited so long for this!
    although I was really hoping for Laid So Low to be included as it’s basically a rework of Tears Roll Down, but with it being released in 1992 I guess it sort of makes sense to be part of Elemental.

  229. James Barker says:

    Great News! We’ve been waiting patiently and get a tremendous amount of unreleased gems! Is the Prince like early version of STOL included as Roland mentioned in the past included Paul?!

  230. Paul Kent says:

    I’ve always fallen back on Amazon, simply because I’m a Prime member and don’t pay delivery costs. Not this time!

    I’ve always wanted to support the SDE Shop – now seems as good a time as any, if only to offer thanks for your involvement in this and the previous TFF boxes!

    So, ordered from you, Paul – thanks!

    The countdown to Elemental begins – tick, tock, tick, tock…

  231. Alan Fenwick says:

    The Picture Disc pre-order is now also live on the Universal website*/*/The-Seeds-Of-Love-Exclusive-Picture-Disc/6O1P0000000

    £21.99 plus shipping

  232. Kevin Henry says:

    Absolutely excellent. Cannot wait to hear it. All we need now is the follow up to the superb Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.

  233. CosmoCastanza says:

    Ordered with SDE , great write up as always Paul.

  234. Dave says:

    Thank you, Paul! This made my day.

  235. Mark Hughes says:

    At Last the wait is over!

  236. Rob says:

    What a great announcement. And finally! I cant remember when I hit the order-button any faster than this. :)

  237. poptones says:

    Good news but they should make some effort on the vinyl remasters. Maybe a double LP (like R.E.M. did with Monster) or a box set LP.
    I’m not a big fan of demos, outtakes, unreleased tracks, mixes on vinyl box sets so I don’t think they should do that (like Prince with 1999) but a double LP with the original album remastered and the Steven Wilson mix would be a good idea.

    • Ex-Oligarch says:

      Ok, I have to ask, if you don’t want demos, outtakes, unreleased tracks, or mixes in your box set, what do you want in it aside from the original album?

    • This is how one could put together a 2nd vinyl LP of alternate tracks (one side a-sides, one b-sides):

      1. Sowing the Seeds of Love – Radio Edit (promo) 4:04
      2. Woman in Chains – US Radio Edit 1 (promo) 4:42
      3. Advice for the Young at Heart – Single Version 4:49
      4. Year of The Knife – Canadian Edit (promo) 5:40
      5. Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams – Mix One 6:22

      6. Tears Roll Down – B-Side Sowing the Seeds 3:16
      7. Always in the Past – B-Side Woman in Chains 4:38
      8. My Life in the Suicide Ranks – B-Side Woman in Chains 4:32
      9. Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams – B-Side Advice for the Young at Heart 4:17
      10. Music for Tables – B-Side Advice for the Young at Heart 3:32

  238. Daniel says:

    Finally, at last!

    Sounds like a ‘passion project’ for you too Paul.

  239. Mike Davies says:

    Ordered straight away! Plus having a £10 Amazon gift card on my account was a bonus!

  240. Christian says:

    It’s about time! This was a no brainer order for me. I would like to point out that if people here in the U.S. choose Euro as the currency, then Amazon out of France is the cheapest when the VAT is removed. The box set will cost 42.75 Euros – then it’s up to you as to the delivery method and that will bump it up (standard shipping is 8 Euros while Amazon Global shipping is 9 Euros).

    • Surya F says:

      That’s a great idea but I can’t find the box set there. Do you have a link?

      I don’t want to order from uDiscover, I literally received the Hurting box set two weeks ago despite pre-ordering it March 20! I thought it was lost in the mail all this time.

    • Jason B. says:

      Will the Blu Ray that comes with the French version play on USA Blu Ray players??

  241. Chris says:

    Great news

    It’s going to be an expensive October, as I’ve just placed an order with yourself for the CD edition, really looking forward to this.

  242. moog_man says:

    OMG. Finally !!!
    Thank you for the detailed insights for this long-desired package – SDE and vinyl about to rinse my card

  243. Phil Wilson says:


    And for those that spotted it early at Amazon, (ordered on 11th August) dropped to £40.24!

  244. Darren Royle says:

    Great News, pre-ordered the Box Set from the SDE Shop. Something to look forward to and replace my original cassette version at last!!

  245. MP says:

    Fascinating to hear the Langer/Winstanley stuff. Very excited to hear this. Looks comprehensive but, unlike other two, no videos?

    Also, remember buying the STSOL CD single when it came out in ’89 and the version there was longer than LP version (around 6:49) surprised that hasn’t been included.

  246. Rich H says:

    Now that was a very short period in between receiving the email notification and pressing the ‘order’ button!

  247. Steven Lowe says:

    Time to get started on the Elemental Super Deluxe now !

  248. Greg says:

    What a perfect TFF way to do things. Just a few days after Paul said the TSOL SDE was in “the Bermuda Triangle” – and he should know – the box is announced.

    Ordered, of course.

  249. TOM RICHARDSON says:

    At last!! Wonderful news…

  250. David White says:

    Great news! Ordered from SDE
    Thanks for the comprehensive release details

  251. Arnold Tousain says:

    Hi Paul, great news!
    I’m only missing the single of “Laid so Low(Tears roll Down), from their Greatest Hits 1982-1992 album.
    Do you know why this isn’t included?
    Thanks for your work!

  252. Shawn C. says:

    Wow, so excited. Like many, I have been waiting years for this! By far my favorite TFF release. I’ve preordered from Amazon. I am fortunate enough to have an original pressing of the album on vinyl, but I’ve also ordered the remastered vinyl anyway!

    Paul, would have loved to have ordered from the SDE shop as I did the prior TFF remasters, as I love your site and all the work you do. Unfortunately, through no fault of your own, shipping rates to the States are just too h high right now.

    Thanks for this much anticipated update!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I understand Shawn. Thanks for the consideration.

      • Al C. says:

        Ditto on Shawn C’s comments…with one other question:
        As fabulous as the box set is (and it is…), do you think there will ever be a stand-alone release of the Blu-Ray Pure Audio disc as TFF has done with others?
        Thanks again – I check your site almost daily…as my slim wallet can attest :-)

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Probably not. The reason the others got a standalone blu-ray was because there was no blu-ray in the other boxes and Universal were in the middle of promoting ‘pure audio’ bluu-rays as a new format…

          • Al C. says:

            I see. Thank you for the clarification.
            I have to say that I might not have found this box so compelling if not for your write-up.
            Duly ordered from Amazon France as suggested above due to reasonable postage across The Pond.
            Keep up the great work Paul – cheers!

  253. Ian Hicks says:

    Fantastic news… congrats Paul

  254. Phil G says:


    Great news – can’t wait to hear all that unreleased music and Steven Wilson’s 5.1 mix.

    So what replaces this at the top of the Longest Delayed Reissue list?

  255. Sean says:

    Ordered from your good self Paul.
    Cannot wait to see this sitting beside the other two boxsets!

  256. Rob says:

    Paul, just to say thank you for curating these. They make a great trilogy. The best SDEs I think. I’m mostly a digital file person but these make me love the physical products. Job very well done and you were right that the tracklist makes this a must purchase.
    I’m 38 so missed the band at their peak. These are great time capsules.

  257. Nuno Bento says:

    At long fucking last! The hype is real!

  258. ant says:

    i still don’t believe it! ;-)

  259. COLIN naylor says:

    Nice update Paul.
    What’s the release qtys ?

  260. Peter-Michael Sieker says:


  261. Michael says:

    Amazon let me preorder the vinyl yesterday so I figured an announcement was coming…I will go for the boxset definitely. I was hoping for more of the mythical early “fairlight and drums” mixes but oh well…should still be plenty of interest! Thanks for helping compile it, Paul!

  262. Lee R says:

    YEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Paul and all involved, this looks fantastic.

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