Texas celebrate a quarter of a century with “Texas 25”

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Texas 25 is being issued across many formats

Scottish band Texas will celebrate their 25th anniversary early next year with a new album, Texas 25.

This release is effectively a greatest hits, although every track is “re-recorded and reworked” which at least offers fans something of interest, as will the four new songs that are also included.

A two-CD deluxe edition adds a bonus disc of the standard version of the hits and perhaps inevitably, there will be a super deluxe edition box set which contains the two-CD version, a red vinyl edition (also available separately), five art prints and a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Sharleen Spiteri.

Texas had a top ten hit in the UK in 1989 with I Don’t Want A Lover and then followed that tune with five singles that failed to even breach the top 30. The none-hits continued deep into the 1990s and they looked dumper-bound until 1997’s Say What You Want reached number three, with a little help from BBC Radio One Breakfast Show host Chris Evans who famously championed the single, playing it often (and on at least one occasion, twice in a row).

The White On Blonde album that track was taken from relaunched their career spectacularly. They ended up having had five top ten hits from that one record and went on to become a big selling act in the late 1990s.

Texas 25 is released on 16 February 2015.

Super Deluxe Edition box set


2CD Deluxe Edition

Red Vinyl Edition

Single CD Edition

Track listing

CD1 / LP
1.Start A Family 
2. Black Eyed Boy 
3. Say What You Want 
4. Supafly Boy 
5. Halo 
6. Inner Smile 
7. The Conversation 
8. Say Goodbye
9. When We Are Together 
10. Are You Ready
11. I Don’™t Want A Lover 
12. Summer Son 

CD 2 (original hits)
1. I Don’t Want A Lover
2. Everyday Now
3. Say What You Want
4. Halo
5. Black Eyed Boy
6. Put Your Arms Around Me
7. Summer Son
8. When We Are Together
9. In Our Lifetime
10. In Demand
11. Inner Smile
12. Sleep
13. Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)

27 responses to Texas celebrate a quarter of a century with “Texas 25”

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  4. Lone Star says:

    Looks like the cover art has indeed been changed. This is the new one:

    Much, much better…

  5. neill2407 says:

    What a strange tracklist. Only 12 tracks on disc 1 and omits quite a few of their singles. I hope the reworkings are good but have a feeling they won’t be as strong as the originals.

  6. SimonP says:

    This will be a Deezer only album for me, purely to check out disc 1. I already have everything on disc 2 numerous times and am incredulous at the inclusion of that awful second version of Say What You Want!

  7. Kevin says:

    (That’s a remark about the photo, not Ms. Spiteri, by the way.)

  8. Kevin says:

    I didn’t know Roger Waters was in Texas…

  9. Orig80'saddict says:

    Only 13 tracks on the second cd? There could certainly have been some other songs included.

    I agree the cover looks like she just received a fright or was caught on camera unexpectedly.

  10. Eddie says:

    As much as I love Texas this release looks rushed and tacky……………

  11. bob says:

    I think that sleeve will backfire on Sharleen, I bet you that all people will talk about with this release is the dreadful sleeve. Surely someone must have had a word with her, friends, record company, neighbour, band members, anyone………

  12. probablyrustin says:

    this whole thing just seems like it could have been executed a lot better. the re-recorded hits part is OK (i’m not super enthused), but it does miss an opportunity for a properly updated greatest hits in the process. cd2’s tracklist is a bit random. where is “getaway”?! and for a super deluxe, they could have easily tacked on a disc of b-sides, rarities, live sessions, whatever really… but maybe she’s trying to make a point with that unflattering, unretouched photo?

  13. Manuel says:

    One of the worst pictures ever used for an album! From a psychological and marketing point of view it does not suggest anything good about the quality of the production. It looks poor and cheap as an 80’s lost glory greatest hits found in a supermarkets. It’s so bad and desperate that it seems a joke!

  14. mike says:

    More like Texas 50 by the photo ;)

  15. bob says:

    Well this is my nomination for worst album sleeve of the year, by a clear mile.

  16. AnonyMousE says:

    cd2 tracklist is very poor !

  17. bob says:

    The more I look at that sleeve the more I think it’s a mock up, surely Sharleen wouldn’t pass that would she? It’s not even a good pic of her never mind the God awful cuddly toys beside her hogging the pic.

  18. Hans Jörg says:

    Agree the artwork is shit. But luckily the music is what counts. I opt for the double cd. Don’t need vinyl and the other stuff.

  19. bob says:

    Please tell me that is a mock up sleeve and not the official artwork…

  20. Lanny Justice says:

    I love Texas! I however would preferred reissuing the older albums properly. As in Cherry Red or Edsel doing them up right. sigh Why don’t these artists consult with us? We are the ones that will be shelling out the money. :(

  21. GHB says:

    p.s. have a signed red 180g vinyl exclusive too if anyone is interested for £19.99

  22. GHB says:

    For Texas fans they often do signed copies via the store on the band’s website – just had a quick look and if you pre-order the super deluxe box before 20th December you will receive an exclusive Texas Christmas card signed by Sharleen, plus a numbered certificate of authenticity, also signed by Sharleen (if I read it correctly). Plus £74.99 is cheaper than Amazon (currently).

    • Lone Star says:

      Hi, Where exactly on the band’s official website can you see the pre-order link? 74.99 sounds way better than Amazon’s price but all I can see on the official website are the Amazon links… :-(

  23. Jeremy says:

    I’d have to go for the 2xCD Special Edition, just so I don’t have to display that horrendous cover !

  24. Piotr says:

    They could have done a bit better with the artwork.

  25. David says:

    It looks like there will be a 80-pages book in the boxsetas well, as the Amazon description tells.

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