The Beatles / Abbey Road reissued for its 50th anniversary across six formats

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition

3CD+blu-ray box • 3LP vinyl • 2CD deluxe • vinyl picture disc • 5.1 & Dolby Atmos surround mixes • Two discs of outtakes in both CD and vinyl sets

The Beatles‘ 1969 album Abbey Road will be reissued for its 50th anniversary in September. All six physical formats offer a brand new Giles Martin (& Sam Okell) stereo mix and for the first time all the bonus sessions are available on vinyl and CD. Full format details below…

The 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition delivers Giles Martin’s new stereo mix on CD 1 with two further CDs of outtakes and unreleased rarities (‘sessions’). A blu-ray audio is the fourth and final disc and it delivers two separate surround sound mixes – a standard 5.1 and a Dolby Atmos mix (along with a hi-res stereo version of the new Giles Martin stereo mix).

The super deluxe is packaged as a 100-page hardcover book which slots into an outer slip case. The volume features chapters written by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett, track-by-track details and session notes, the cover art and photo shoot, and the album’s reception upon its release; plus an essay by music journalist and author David Hepworth looking at the album’s influence through 50 years. The book is illustrated with rare and previously unpublished photographs (including many by Linda McCartney) plus images of handwritten lyrics, sketches, Beatles correspondence, recording sheets, and tape boxes; and reproduced original print ads. Unlike The White Album package, this is a square 12″ x 12″ set.

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition
Abbey Road 50th anniversary 3CD+ blu-ray set (click image to enlarge)

As well as the standard vinyl LP of the album remix, a 3LP vinyl box is offered which includes all the sessions (from the two CDs in the super deluxe) in their entirety. A 12-inch vinyl picture disc is the third vinyl option available.

Additionally, a 2CD deluxe edition offers the new stereo mix on CD 1 with an alternate version of the album (drawn from the sessions) on disc two. A single CD with the stereo mix of the album will also be issued.

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary 3LP vinyl box set

Abbey Road 50th anniversary 3LP vinyl set (click image to enlarge)

Abbey Road was recorded in 1969 after Let It Be, although as is now reasonably well known, the album was actually released seven months before Let It Be, on 26 September 1969 (largely because no one could face the arduous task of going through those Let It Be tapes and trying to salvage an album out of them).

Incredibly, work on songs that would end up on Abbey Road started just three weeks after the Let It Be sessions finished at 3 Saville Row. The fact that one-time ‘fifth Beatle’, Billy Preston, was still around for the recording of ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)‘ – in Trident Studios – underlines that fact. A different take of this song, with Billy letting loose at the end, is one of the outtakes included in the super deluxe and 3LP vinyl.

Other bonus material of interest (let’s face it, it’s ALL of interest) includes Take 7 of the non-album track ‘The Ballad Of John And Yoko‘ – The Beatles’ last UK number one (and the only one to feature just John Lennon and Paul McCartney playing on it) – and an alternate reading of that song’s B-side, the George Harrison composition ‘Old Brown Shoe‘.

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 2CD deluxe
The 2CD deluxe edition of Abbey Road (click image to enlarge)

McCartney’s solo demo for what would become Mary Hopkin’s ‘Goodbye‘ shows man and guitar at the peak of his powers. This much bootlegged recording – which has the air of a classic knocked off in his lunch break – is finally officially available on this Abbey Road set, as is George’s demo of ‘Something.’ That song was Harrison’s first single A-side, and while it won an Ivor Novello award it also became the first Beatles’ single not to reach either #1 or #2 in the UK singles chart since ‘Love Me Do’ peaked at 17 back in 1962 (‘Something’ stalled at #4).

The demo of ‘Something’ has already appeared on Anthology 3 of course, although this is a different mix. Talking of which, very little Abbey Road related material from Anthology 3 has been repeated here – ‘Something’ (along with Paul’s demo for ‘Come and Get It’) is the exception rather than the rule. So for example, take 1 of ‘Because‘ features in the new Abbey Road sets but the ethereal acappella version from Anthology isn’t anywhere to be found.

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th Anniversary vinyl picture disc
A vinyl picture disc of Abbey Road will also be released (click to image to enlarge)

The two discs of ‘sessions’ also includes three versions of ‘Her Majesty‘ (originally a ‘hidden’ track, of course), a 30 July ‘trial edit/mix’ of ‘The Long One’ which would become the famous medley (at this stage ‘Her Majesty’ was still slap bang in the middle of the sequence) and alternate takes of ‘You Never Give Me Your Money,’ ‘Here Comes The Sun‘ and ‘Oh! Darling‘.

The blu-ray audio that comes in the four-disc super deluxe edition of the Abbey Road 50th anniversary reissue features not only the standard 5.1 mix, but also a Dolby Atmos mix. The latter was also created for Sgt. Pepper in 2017 but not completed in time for inclusion with the super deluxe of the 1967 album. Despite Dolby’s claims that Atmos mixes work fine on standard 5.1 set-ups, we basically have the best of both worlds here.

Finally, a vinyl picture disc of Abbey Road is released at the same time as the four other physical formats. With Sgt. Pepper it followed a few months later. It’s worth noting that the original stereo mix of Abbey Road doesn’t appear anywhere on any of the formats (there was no mono mix).

The 50th Anniversary editions of Abbey Road are released on 27 September 2019.

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The Beatles

Abbey Road - 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition


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The Beatles

Abbey Road - 3LP vinyl box set


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The Beatles

Abbey Road - vinyl picture disc


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The Beatles

Abbey Road - 2CD deluxe edition


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The Beatles

Abbey Road stereo remix - single vinyl LP


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The Beatles

Abbey Road stereo remix - single CD


Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray super deluxe edition

Disc 1 (CD) : 2019 Stereo Mix

1. Come Together
2. Something
3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4. Oh! Darling
5. Octopus’s Garden
6. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7. Here Comes The Sun
8. Because
9. You Never Give Me Your Money
10. Sun King
11. Mean Mr Mustard
12. Polythene Pam
13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight
16. The End
17. Her Majesty

Disc 2 (CD): Sessions

1.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Trident Recording Session & Reduction Mix)
2.     Goodbye (Home Demo)
3.     Something (Studio Demo)
4.     The Ballad Of John And Yoko (Take 7)
5.     Old Brown Shoe (Take 2)
6.     Oh! Darling (Take 4)
7.     Octopus’s Garden (Take 9)
8.     You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36)
9.     Her Majesty (Takes 1-3)
10.  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Takes 1-3 / Medley)
11.  Here Comes The Sun (Take 9)
12.  Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12)

Disc 3 (CD): Sessions
1.     Come Together (Take 5)
2.     The End (Take 3)
3.     Come And Get It (Studio Demo)
4.     Sun King (Take 20)
5.     Mean Mr Mustard (Take 20)
6.     Polythene Pam (Take 27)
7.     She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Take 27)
8.     Because (Take 1 – Instrumental)
9.     The Long One (Trial Edit & Mix – 30 July 1969) (Medley: You Never Give Me Your Money, Sun King, Mean Mr Mustard, Her Majesty, Polythene Pam, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End)
11.  Something (Take 39 – Instrumental – Strings Only)
12.  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Take 17 – Instrumental – Strings & Brass Only)


Audio Features:

– Dolby Atmos
– 96kHz/24 bit DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
– 96kHz/24 bit High Res Stereo (2019 Stereo Mix)

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3LP vinyl box

Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3LP vinyl box

LP ONE: Side 1 (2019 Stereo Mix)
1.     Come Together
2.     Something
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4.     Oh! Darling
5.     Octopus’s Garden
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

LP ONE: Side 2 (2019 Stereo Mix)
1.     Here Comes The Sun
2.     Because
3.     You Never Give Me Your Money
4.     Sun King
5.     Mean Mr Mustard
6.     Polythene Pam
7.     She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
8.     Golden Slumbers
9.     Carry That Weight
10.  The End
11.  Her Majesty

LP TWO: Side 1 (Sessions)
1.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Trident Recording Session and Reduction Mix)
2.     Goodbye (Home Demo)
3.     Something (Studio Demo)
4.     The Ballad of John and Yoko (Take 7)
5.     Old Brown Shoe (Take 2)

LP TWO: Side 2 (Sessions)
1.     Oh! Darling (Take 4)
2.     Octopus’s Garden (Take 9)
3.     You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36)
4.     Her Majesty (Takes 1-3)
5.     Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Takes 1-3) / Medley)
6.     Here Comes The Sun (Take 9)
7.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12)

LP THREE: Side 1 (Sessions)
1.     Come Together (Take 5)
2.     The End (Take 3)
3.     Come and Get It (Studio Demo)
4.     Sun King (Take 20)
5.     Mean Mr Mustard (Take 20)
6.     Polythene Pam (Take 27)
7.     She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Take 27)
8.     Because (Take 1 Instrumental)

LP THREE: Side 2 (Sessions)
1.     The Long One (Trial Edit & Mix – 30 July 1969)
2.     Something (Take 39 – Instrumental – Strings Only)
3.     Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Take 17 – Instrumental – Strings & Brass Only)

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 2CD deluxe

Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 2CD deluxe edition

CD 1: 2019 Stereo Mix
1.     Come Together
2.     Something
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4.     Oh! Darling
5.     Octopus’s Garden
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7.     Here Comes The Sun
8.     Because
9.     You Never Give Me Your Money
10.  Sun King
11.  Mean Mr Mustard
12.  Polythene Pam
13.  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14.  Golden Slumbers
15.  Carry That Weight
16.  The End
17.  Her Majesty

CD 2: Sessions
1.     Come Together (Take 5)
2.     Something (Studio Demo)
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12)
4.     Oh! Darling (Take 4)
5.     Octopus’s Garden (Take 9)
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Trident Recording Session & Reduction Mix)
7.     Here Comes The Sun (Take 9)
8.     Because (Take 1 Instrumental)
9.     You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36)
10.  Sun King (Take 20)
11.  Mean Mr Mustard (Take 20)
12.  Polythene Pam (Take 27)
13.  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Take 27)
14.  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Takes 1-3 / Medley)
15.  The End (Take 3)
16.  Her Majesty (Takes 1-3)

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary single CD

Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition single CD edition

2019 Stereo Mix
1.     Come Together
2.     Something
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4.     Oh! Darling
5.     Octopus’s Garden
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7.     Here Comes The Sun
8.     Because
9.     You Never Give Me Your Money
10.  Sun King
11.  Mean Mr Mustard
12.  Polythene Pam
13.  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14.  Golden Slumbers
15.  Carry That Weight
16.  The End
17.  Her Majesty

353 responses to The Beatles / Abbey Road reissued for its 50th anniversary across six formats

  1. smorrissey says:

    Well i received my box today and so far so good with the blu-ray, yes, the playing surface is not completely clean (i think i can see some glue remains) but it plays. Being sincere i’m just gonna play this box once pretty much then its gonna end gathering dust inside my closet.

  2. Trevor Pugh says:

    I’m absolutely delighted with this 2019 remix, which still sounds like the original, of course, EXCEPT, oh wow, the vocals sound warmer, fuller and clearer, Ringo’s drums never sounded better and that pesky hiss (on I Want You/She’s So Heavy) has gone!! Thanks Giles and Sam et al, job well done.

  3. eric c says:

    Question about the bluray; is it only the PCM / 5.1 of the new stereo mix, or is there both the 2019 mix and original mix? not very clear on the sleeve

  4. David Bly says:

    I didn’t get my CD/Blu-ray box yet (ordered it last Friday as I’ve been skint lately), but got the free Amazon downloads the same day. There are some interesting new things to find, but nowhere near as much as were on the deluxe “The BEATLES” set.
    But then I’ve never been a huge fan of “Abbey Road” ever.

    But this reminds me of very annoying thing they’ve done of both these sets. While they include new takes from songs done at the same sessions as the albums, they don’t include the original releases of those songs, whether in new mixes or not.

    So we here have new takes here of “The Ballad of John and Yoko” and “Old Brown Shoe”, but WHY NOT the original single versions?!

    And on “The BEATLES” they had new takes of FIVE SONGS all recorded around then, and yet NOT the originals of “Lady Madonna”, “The Inner Light”, “Across The Universe”, “Hey Jude” and “Revolution” [single version].

    I had all the mp3s of the “deluxe album” downloaded and basically added a new folder called “Extras” with mp3s of those 5 songs (I made them the imaginary disc 7 in the numbering of the tracks).

    Also, they could’nt’ve also included the tracks on “Anthology 3” too? Cheapskates!

    There’s really no excuse for this unless they mean to rob us blind with a 30 disc mega-set combining “Past Masters” volumes 1 & 2.

  5. MARK LEVY says:

    Got my picture disc copy and the single cd edition. Was thinking, wouldn’t it have been nice if there had been a limited white vinyl version of The Beatles last year.

  6. Josejo says:

    Hi. Does anyone know if the 3-vinyl edition contains the digital album for download? regards

  7. Lode says:

    3 beatles super deluxe reissues: Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles (white), Abbey Road.
    3 different packages…… messy!

  8. It’s been stated by computer scientist Monty over at that ADC/DACs upsample to some extent on the majority of modern digital audio equipment so if it was me, I wouldn’t be concerned over it.

    It got me to realize my MIDI was not an inactive piece of OS utility that had to be launched to affect sampling/bit rate. I have to set it manually but when I did, it didn’t change the sound on my headphones.

    However, I am going to test how it affects the sound quality of my editing songs in Audacity on files upconverted to 32bit floating point. Audacity has its own upsampling prefs for both quality conversion and Real Time conversion meaning how the MIDI settings for headphone out will affect what I hear while editing digital files.

    I’m going to ask this over at Audacity forums to get a more authoritative answer.

  9. Euron Griffith says:

    I love Abbey Road. It’s probably the best album the ‘Beatles’ never recorded. But I really couldn’t care less about these outtakes. I’ve fallen for this trick too many times and discovered that I only listen to them once, shrug my shoulders and then favour the finished versions. Nice looking box though.

  10. J.Oteri says:

    I’ll wait and see what Steve Hoofman and his forum say about the sound quality before purchasing this.

  11. Mark says:

    And of course continuing the incredible service provided to Australia by the world’s largest online retailer (not!) this release is still not available from Amazon Australia on Amazon Australia; it’s only available from third party sellers. Just pathetic Amazon.

    • Alan Blevin says:

      If you are still looking at Amazon Australia at all you are wasting your time.Even if they list box sets they never finish up getting stock and will eventually cancel your order.Best options for the Abbey Road deluxe for Australians are and imports

  12. Major Tom says:

    As a musician myself, I think if you’re going to dig into the vaults then just go all in and release the sessions as a box set; similar in the way Dylan has been doing as of late and, to some extent , Neil Young with his Archives projects. To me, that’s what makes spending all this money worth it. It’s much more interesting to see how the album came together and reveals much more about the songwriting and recording process. I recently purchased Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks Complete Sessions and it’s phenomenal. Also, the complete recordings of hos basement tapes with The Band is amazing. Also, Neil Young releasing so many unreleased albums from the 70’s, as well as live recordings has been so fantastic. Honestly , that’s the only way I can justify spending the kind of money they ask for with these sets. I will probably just download this reissue for the unreleased session material.

  13. Kevin Henry says:

    My second favourite Beatles album after the White Album. The 50th anniversary set was tremendous.

    A shame the Abbey Road tracks from Anthology 3 (is it eight?) were not included as it would have been nice to have them in one package and remastered. I am sure there is enough space on CDs 2 and 3 to include them, but maybe EMI are thinking that it will tarnish sales of Anthology 3.

    Dolby True was used on Sgt Pepper and the White Album and I presume that Atmos is superior which is why it is being used? I wonder if they wanted to include a Dolby True mix, but due to space considerations didn’t?

  14. Andrew R says:

    Just a general comment, I’m a big fan of the SuperDeluxe and Deluxe reissues.

    Something to keep in mind though with a lot of these re-issues people already own them many times. Personally, I already own an ‘early’ but not original copy of Abbey Road, a recent vinyl re-issue, an early cd issue, a later remastered cd issue and a thats 5 formats of the same album. For me to part with ‘big cash’ for 4 more versions of 48 minutes of music, taking my tally to 9, I’m going to need more than just another ‘remastered’ ‘remixed’ ‘reconfigured’ version. Coloured vinyl, Blu Ray music mixes, 5.1 mixes aren’t enough for me.

    Alternative takes, demo’s, studio outtakes, specific sleeve notes and essays are of more interest to me. Seeing how the album formed into its final cut and how it could have been I’m happy to explore. Different soundscapes of the same album become less relevant as I just don’t have the equipment to justify it.

    Is this expanding and adding to my collection and experience or just re-marketing and cashing in on the same thing? Just my thoughts – thanks.

    • george glazener says:

      @ Andrew R:
      I’m 59, and I see it like this: you’re exactly right, all of these classic albums/CDs get re-mastered, re-packaged and offered up to us in new ways every 5-10-15 years. I too have seen many different offerings for music I’ve enjoyed since 1970 or so. But I don’t think the record companies necessarily expect all of us to buy EVERY new variation EVERY time. One particular reissue of (for example) Sgt Pepper might have a booklet that some people like, or the right combination of outtakes, or just the right mixture of 5.1 and booklet, or extra photos..whatever. Many folks will pass on some releases, and then all of sudden discover JUST the right package that floats their boat or suits their budget at that moment in time. That’s why they keep tempting us with so many variations over 20-30 years. Nobody likes EACH release EVERY time, but SOME people do, and that’s all they need.

  15. johnnyv says:

    Sorry, there’s no need any 5.1 mixes. That fits much better in mopvies but not classic stereo music. Let’s enjoy music from the look that was originally intended from. Or does someone really like theses surrounds? Is it really worthwhile?> I don;t think so.

    • Eric Kalet says:

      All due respect, have you listened to multichannel or immersive music? It’s not the same from the quad days. Multichannel or immersive isn’t just for movies but it opens up the soundstage beyond what you’ve experienced with stereo. It’s so hard to convey in writing, you just have to hear it. Have you explored the discussion board ?
      Also take a look at You Tube channel Life In Surround. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      • Michael says:

        Eric, I agree with you. I invested in a surround sound system back in the late 1990’s primarily for movies, but found 5.1 mixed music to be quite impressive, and have since upgraded my equipment over time, and most recently adding Dolby Atmos height speakers and a second sub-woofer for an even greater effect.

        What I’ve found is that music (if well engineered for surround sound) is much wider and clarifying; producing noticeable improvement to both the harmonics and the sonic quality of the music. I know “Abbey Road” mixed in 5.1 will be magical, and its inclusion makes this anniversary box set an essential purchase for Beatle fans and audiophiles.

        In summary, all I can say to Johnnyv, is that 5.1 surround sound is to stereo, what stereo was to mono. Once you have it, it’s very hard to go back.

        • elliot davis says:

          Eh. Respectfully, one problem I can see from your comment: you suggests mono is inferior to stereo. It really isn’t. Why do you think the Beatles werent even in the studio for the stereo mixes, leaving them to George to oversee. That like me appreciate that mono often surpasses stereo

    • Gisabun says:

      @Johnnyv: Maybe The Beatles music is not the best movie for a 5.1 mix, but have you listen to Dark Side of the Moon, Eye in the Sky or any 5.1 mix from Steven Wilson?

  16. Ronnie says:

    It’s the hardcover book that makes the superdeluxe edition so expensive.
    Personally I would be happy with a cd-only edition + book but alas.
    I think blu-rays with 5.1 and whatever mixes are never issued sepeartely because there would be no market for them. I for one could do without them.

  17. Phil Cohen says:

    I don’t think that Apple Corps wants The Beatles’ original 1960’s stereo mixes to be available as High Resolution audio. Abbey Road Studios has archived those mixes as 192Khz/24-bit, but the nearest thing to high resolution release that they’ll permit as the 44.1Khz/24-bit release on the USB Drive.
    I’m aware of the criticism of Giles Martins remixes of “Sgt.Pepper”, but the most irritating thing (the “Loudness Wars” mastering) was a Universal Music decision, not Giles Martin’s decision.

  18. Peter says:

    Remixes are surely subjective? What I find interesting in a boxed set are demos, lost songs and radically different takes eg extended guitar solo, different rhythm etc.
    Yet, to get those items here we have to buy the big box for the 3rd CD. Surely they could have been included in the 2CD version. I really don’t care about 5.1 as I only have two ears not 5.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Do you have to have one ear to properly enjoy mono mixes?

      • Peter says:

        Good point! Mind you, the way my hearing is going it might not be a moot point very soon. My ref was to Virgin’s publicity for quadrophonic ‘For people with 4 ears’. Smart arse comment aside I can really live without 5.1 and resent being only to get the interesting bonus tracks if I buy the big box. There is plenty of room to put them on the 2 disc set.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I think it’s good that they put the sessions on vinyl this time. Let’s be honest, they aren’t going to give you ALL the goodies in a cheap 2CD set. You have to pay more for the premium stuff. Way of the world and why should music be any different?

      • Andrea says:

        Was this music coinceived, arranged, played, recorded, mixed, mastered, produced for a stereo medium or for a 5.1 home cinema setting?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          It’s a multi-track recording, that the artist chose to mix to stereo at the time. It remains a multi-track recording and the artist has now chosen to mix into 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos. Are you saying that you know better than the artist in terms of how the album should be mixed?

          • Andrea says:

            Are you saying that you know that “the artist”, and by that I guess you imply John, Paul, George, Ringo, George Martin and Geoff Emerick – meant this to be 5.1?

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            I’m saying the artist WANTS the album to be remixed in 5.1 in 2019. We know this because The Beatles have to approve what is happening. Your stance appears to be that it should stay stereo forever because the decision they made in 1969 should be binding and FINAL…

    • johnnyv says:

      Exactly! Fully agreed.

    • Guy Flamand says:

      Peter I agree with your two ears. This is what I have too lolll

  19. Carlos says:

    I understand the criticism towards the decision of not including the original mix (a deluxe album edition without the original album???), though there’s an easy solution in the already released single CD. I do find the sessions CDs to be underwhelming given the number of outtakes available.

  20. Reed says:

    Seems like we won’t be hearing Ringo’s longer drum solo, that was edited down for the final album, nor the version of Here Comes The Sun with the guitar solo that we’ve heard bits of already. Is Giles Martin really the right man to make these important decisions of what demo’s get included on these repackages. He was lazy on the White Album by giving us instrumental versions of several songs. Perhaps someone more qualified as a historian/fan might be Mark Lewisohn, though he has fallen out of favour with the surviving Beatles. Giles is riding his fathers coat tails and seems to be untouchable with regards to criticism.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Giles Martin prepares stuff, but it’s not his decision what goes on these reissues. As to whether he is the ‘right man’ it’s hard to think of anyone who would do a better job and be as well trusted via the inner circle.

      • Andrea says:

        George Martin studied music and various musical instruments. He could play professionaly various wind instruments, and very well piano; he could sight-read music; he could chart, arrange and orchestrate brass, wind and strings. And he was excellent at it. And he was a brilliant producer. All this was his daily job already, way BEFORE even meeting the Beatles. With the Beatles, he took his musical knowledge on a whole new level, and especially from 1966 onwards, I’d say he’s responsible for much of the Beatles greatness… Saying he was the 5th Beatle is certainly not an exaggeration: on some records, he was possibly the 3rd Beatle, in terms of his overall contribution.

        As for Giles Martin – just asking really, don’t mean to be cheeky – what are his qualifications for sitting in Abbey Road and turning the knobs on the Beatles’ records – beside being George Martin’s son?

        • Willy says:

          His qualifications for sitting in Abbey Road and turning the knobs on the Beatles’ records ARE actually sitting in Abbey Road and turning the knobs on the Beatles’ records.

          Is there a better qualification for sitting in Abbey Road and turning the knobs on the Beatles’ records than doing just that?

  21. Mathew Lauren says:

    So, it’s no secret I’m not a huge fan of Giles and Sam’s (surround) mixes and masterings. They are NOT audiophile “reference” quality mixes (mostly hit ‘n miss), and if anything they’re a blueprint on how NOT to surround remix and RE these overpriced BEATLES SDEs, or any seminal band into surround for that matter, imho. Until the “powers that be” STOP rewarding mediocrity and nepotism, all we can do is muddle through and exclaim:

    “Hey, at least it’s the Beatles in surround!”

    Although I don’t like paying to hear Giles learn to mix surround properly, I felt “The White Album” held much promise, until ~track 7 and then, again, it was hit ‘n miss — better than “Pepper’s” 5.1+ mix, and with better mastering than “Pepper’s…” 5.1+ SDE, for sure!

    I will be buying the “Abbey Road” 50e (surround) SDE and hoping for the best.

    Further, my hope is that after “Let it Be” in surround is released (Spring 2020) that “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul” get the 5.1 treatment. From there, I’m partial to the U.S. Lp release “Hey Jude” being mixed into 5.1 surround. I like the cover art, as well as the songs chosen to populate that album, though I’m aware (that) many want proper “MMT” & “YS” 5.1 SDEs.

    As far as ATMOS, a BD-50 disc with music-only (~45 minutes) should be able to handle a 24/96 (hirez) ATMOS codec along with 24/96 5.1 and 2.0 mixes. I won’t hold my breath, though. It will most likely be a traditional 24/48 ATMOS (movie) codec defaulting to 7.1 — and yes, one can hear a difference (depending on ones’ equipment) between HD & HIREZ. ALL those years (we’ve been) aspiring for lossless, HIREZ, surround mixes and as we’re being treated to (new) 3D (object-based) surround mixes, we’re back to HD — and as Paul (Sinclair) has pointed out recently, even with traditional surround mixes, we’re back to 24/96 (mastered) HD AUDIO DVD-V 5.1s in far too many cases – not lossless 24/96, HIREZ 5.1!


    As far as his last (released) ATMOS mix, “Kick 30e,” (also HD 24/48, only) Giles was ALSO hit ‘n miss, often neglecting the surrounds/rears by concentrating too heavily on the height channels. Same-same with the unreleased ATMOS mix of “SPLHCB.” At that time, Giles stated (here in America where the ATMOS mix was previewed in theatres) that (he) was reticent to release the “Pepper’s” ATMOS mix that (he) felt needed tweaking (quote not verbatim) — and in retrospect, I agree, it needed more surround (rear) activity, however, it WAS ready and COULD have been part of the “SPLHCB” 50e SDE. Also, there still seems to be A LOT of confusion about the Dolby TrueHD 6.1 mix that IS an ATMOS downmix – a slightly different mix than the 5.1 DTSMA and the reason one can’t “shift-on-the-fly” between surround codecs on the 50e “SPLHCB” release.

    Maybe one day we’ll finally be treated to a (proper) “SPLHCB” ATMOS (stand-alone) offering, esp. if “Abbey Road” ATMOS goes over well.


  22. Trevor Pugh says:

    50 years on and I’m as excited now about hearing Abbey Road (remix, super deluxe cd) as I was on the original day of release back in’69. After the impressive job done on Pepper and the White Album I’m eager to find out what magic Giles and team have worked on an album that still sounds as fresh now as it did all those years ago, maybe lose some of the hiss?!

  23. sir twosheds says:

    Why can’t we just get the BluRay – I’m only interested in the 5.1 mix. I have no use for all the other gubbins.
    Most bands seem to have gone down the route of putting the 5.1 mix in the most expensive package.
    Oh well, another one I won’t be buying

  24. dime says:

    Macca is simply Genius . Can’t wait for this Abbey Road…

  25. Robert says:

    Get 15% from Music Vaultz Canada with this PROMO CODE: VAULTZVIP
    Thank you Paul for introducing me to Music Vaultz. A good alternative to Amazon.CA

  26. bruce kelso says:

    I heard the preview of the track something and its missing the piano on the middle eights, not happy bout that. what other instuments did they mix out on the others tracks?

    • Steve Miller says:

      Are you referring to the Something Demo – first released as a Guitar only version in Anthology and now issued with the piano part included? What makes you think there WAS a piano during the middle eight? Look up the date it was recorded in The Beatles Recording Sessions book – 25 Feb 69 – and see these demos were recorded with George and Guitar first and the piano parts were overdubbed next…so it’s hard to claim anything was removed when you don’t know for sure there ever was a version recorded with the items you think we left out…

  27. Jeffrey Warrick says:

    So early this morning on Amazon US, the price of the SDE dropped to $83.42 for a brief time, maybe only an hour or so! Those who already pre-ordered are getting a good price now. :-)

  28. John says:

    So it’s actually cheaper to buy the vinyl if one simply wants the outtakes? Because it’s not a full box set? Looks like that’s the route I’ll be going. In my top 3 favorite Beatles records.

  29. Mike says:

    More coming! There are reports that the Beatles are to release their singles in a special collection set sometime mid November.

    • george glazener says:

      Really? In what manner? Do you have a link with the info? I’d be interested in that.

      • mike says:

        It looks like The Beatles are about to release a new boxed set with the 22 original titles, as released in Great Britain, plus single no. 23, which combine the nineties songs, «Free as a bird» and «Real love» on one disc.The boxed set, thought to be a limited edition, was accidentally listed on Amazon Italy and briefly on the Brazilian official Beatles online store, according to fans. Release date for these vinyl singles is November 15. People «in the know» who have seen the set, are describing it as a nice package.
        According to our sources, the single sleeves will neither mimic their 60’s U.K. originals (mainly just factory sleeves), the 70’s green series nor the individual picture sleeves of the eighties.

        Update: The set also appears on Amazon in France for 221,39 € (248 USD). An insider is saying that this will not simply be a re-release, so perhaps we can expect the set to feature the latest mixes of the songs. Also, in line with recent official calendars and licensed products by the Beatles, it is starting to look like they are going to use foreign picture sleeves from the sixties as front covers of the new series. Like we had in our illustration photo all along!

        • george glazener says:

          Sounds good, thanks Mike.!! I’m anxious to see how that looks. The US Capitol 45 Picture Sleeves were works of art in their time, and great collectibles now. It’d be nice to see those reissued in one package.

        • patrick says:

          Releasing a box of singles 2 months only after the abbey road reissue is not reasonable. Don’t forget that probably in may 2020 , there will be a huge box with CDs and DVDs for “Let it be ” 50th anniversary. Why not wait november 2020 or even 2021 as there will be no anniversary ? The purse of fans is not inexhaustible and we can wait for a while.

          • greg sinclair says:

            I think you may be the first to suggest
            A slow down, you’re moving too fast approach to Beatles reissues.
            Here’s another approach…you alone, deciding to buy what you want, when you want. If you can’t afford a set on release day, you can wait until you’re feeling flush.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        A collection of 7″ vinyl singles. How many consumers want it remains to be seen.

  30. patrick says:

    Paul, The Beatles are still very popular as shown by the number of comments. Almost 300 in 5 days. I have perused them, but have been unabled to find one written by a woman. I had already noticed that for other reissues even from well known groups or singers. I am sure that you are not a misogynist and that there is no filter to prevent female comments. So it seems that women are not interested by those kind of records packed with demos, alternate takes, previously unreleased songs, remixes, ect.. They make do with the originals. Maybe it’s a sensible attitude ?Is there a lesson to learn about the difference between men and women? The reactions from readers might be of interest and be a change from usual comments on music Regards Patrick

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      SDE welcomes comments from everyone… although the fact is that 90+ percent of SDE readers are men. I’d hate to generalise, but seems arguments about mastering, whether a dub mix should be included on disc 7 of a box set, and so on… are ‘enjoyed’ more by men than woman. Please ladies, feel free to prove me wrong!

      • Eleanor Rigby says:

        Well, I read this site all the time, but I never bothered to comment because I’m too busy working in the church, cleaning up after weddings and such like. And the Vicar doesn’t appreciate me using the Internet very often while on the clock. But I do love The Beatles’ music, especially the Revolver album, where my sad little life was epitomized in music and lyrics. And yes, I died, but I got better..!

    • Stephen J Powell says:

      I think it’s because men are a tad more nerdy than women.

  31. Wayne C says:

    Although I will no doubt buy this album as it’s the best album they did for me personally, an opportunity missed not making this an LP sized hard back book with the three vinyl albums integrated inside of it. That would have been tremendous or something akin to the Rick Wakeman Journey Hardback vinyl box set with the hardback book neatly slid inside next to the triple vinyl. Who decides these things?, a little bit of extra thought goes a long way!.

  32. Ian Moore says:

    Regarding this Anniversary Edition of Abbey Road, I couldn’t be more happy: I’m 47 now and have been collecting Beatles records since the 80’s in precorded cassettes, vinyl (mainly poor reprints), orginal CDs, remastered CDs and countless bootlegs.
    As every reader of Mark Lewisohn’s Sessions Book came to learn, the 60’s mixes were inevitably limited by the technology of the day (with reduction mixdowns, tape-to -tape dubbings, splicing and editing with scissors and scotch tape, weird positioning of the instruments in the stereo image, etc.), so to me the main draw in these deluxe box sets is the chance to re-listen to the most gorgeous music of the 20th century in the best possible way fidelity wise.
    I perfectly understand these new mixes can sound odd (or even harsh) to many people after 50 years living with the originals, the good news is that everything is still available: mono where available (as mentioned, the White Album was the last true mono mix prepared at Abbey Road, from there on they were fold-downs), stereo, UK mixes, US mixes… so, to each it’s own!
    And Paul, really want to take the opportunity to thank you for the love and care you put everyday into SDE!

  33. Douglas says:

    Thanks for this Paul. I always appreciate the detail of information you provide even if I don’t decide to make a purchase – and all archived on one go-to site. This Beatles deluxe reissue is the one I’m most likely to buy.

  34. MARK LEVY says:

    If Paul wasn’t happy with this project he wouldn’t have provided a foreword in the sleeve notes.

    • Bill says:

      Don’t be fooled by that… These box sets would have happened with or without McCartney’s approval. EMI/Universal own the masters of the albums and all additional outtakes etc. and there was no way they were going to pass up a 50th anniversary cash grab on any of these releases. They don’t need McCartney’s approval for any of this, he does not own the masters and has no right of refusal. So it comes to a point where is it better for him to get on board because that will sell more copies which equals a lot more more money in his pocket or protest what is ultimately going to happen without his approval anyway.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        This is not correct. Universal can’t reissue anything without APPLE’s approval. Apple is controlled by the two surviving Beatles and Olivia and Yoko.

        • David Bly says:


          While I will be getting the 3CD+blu-ray box, I also wish the original mix would be available.
          But also, I don’t have a Blu-ray player, so that’s annoying.
          Not that I expect them to do 19- and 21- and 24-disc sets like Fripp does for King Crimson, at least on those they have both DVD and Blu-ray version of all the 5.1 mixes and video material.
          Would’ve killed them to add a DVD disc?

          And speaking of them, as you rightly observed, Universal can no nothing without “The Beatles” approval. One thing that happened when Universal bought the rights to some EMI masters was the creation of a specific company, Calderstone Productions, a joint venture which administers the Beatles’ recorded music
          This company supersedes a previous company started in 2012 called Beatles Holdco Limited.

          Note that this is the first time though that the publication copyrights have not said anything but EMI Records Ltd. or Capitol Records, Inc.

          In an unrelated thingy, about the time that “The BEATLES” SDE edition came out, I got a copy of the first US version (in the double white jewel case) at a place called Ollie’s (a budget liquidator kind of place) for only $5.99.
          What was interesting it that must’ve been the last pressing before they made the new versions in 2009.
          It is neither a Sony nor Capitol pressing (two of the earliest versions in the US) but some other company whose name has escaped me.

          And finally, an item that doesn’t really belong here, but may interest some, is that I got my giganto 36-disc Woodstock box (after a few days of it being held hostage by UPS for a signature), and while I have not listened to any yet (maybe I should’ve spent this last weekend listening to it all), out of 1969 copies worldwide,
          I got number 0003!

          Yow! That’s the lowest number I’ve ever gotten on a limited edition, not counting a punk/new wave single where all the copies were numbered ‘1’!

          Hope you’re doing well!

      • elliot davis says:

        Clearly Bill you know zilch about artist contracts. I do. Your wrong.

  35. Russell says:

    It is still not clear what “problem” Giles was assigned to fix with the new remix. Given that all for band members signed off in the original mix and two are not available to approve this mix, we are moving into dangerous territory.

    Second, as a vinyl consumer, I object to to the decision to not make the book available as a standalone item. Why is vinyl penalized? Lastly, I imagine that the CD consumers will object to the fact that all of the 40 outtakes were not included in in the 2 CD package and instead, that configuration got a “new” album based on the outtakes. Say what?

    I’ll just hope that the outtakes will be available on iTunes as standalones. Yeah, right.

    • Ben Williams says:

      I think they want to remix these albums so that they have a different feel, perhaps more modern sounding, making them timeless recordings rather than ‘sixties’ recordings, rather than just reissue exactly what we’ve all bought before.
      As for issuing the book separately, they’re creating a Super Deluxe Edition, it has to have exclusives, the same for the 10 extra outtakes.
      And yes the extra tracks will be available on iTunes – the White Album certainly is.

    • greg sinclair says:

      I think you’re pretty much missing one of the basic ideas of the deluxe sets and that is simply “pay more, get more”.
      You’re not being penalized for buying vinyl, you’re choosing not to get the version with the book. It’s a bit like buying a new car and choosing the basic version, instead of the full optioned, bells and whistles model and then complaining that your car doesn’t have seat warmers and on board navigation.
      Personally, the book seems pretty scant, especially considering how few pages make up the “book”. Pages are numbered on each side, so you’re only talking about 50 individual pages. Most children’s colorful picture books are of similar size. I’m sure it’ll be very nice, but there’s not very much of it.
      It seems more a thick booklet. It looks to me they only make a bullet point of being a hard backed book is because, well it sounds more appealing, doesn’t it?
      But, really the whole package is the “book”.
      It houses the discs and doubles as the boxed set’s “box”. I’ll take a guess and say, they’re saving $$ configuring it like that, because they don’t have to cobble together a nice sturdy presentation box, they also don’t have to actually have a separate hardbacked book to put inside and it probably ships cheaper, as well. Look at the bright side, your 2LP version, looks like a nice package. You DO get a box, a couple of nice LP jackets and colorful inner sleeves as well, I think. Not bad.

  36. Nick Love says:

    Thanks Paul it’s a pleasure to see the three most important bands in my musical development right in a row The Beatles, Oasis and XTC. If you manage to uncover some Genesis and Blur related news next you will have hit my top 5 :-)

  37. Derek Cornish says:

    I just pray that the new stereo mix is more like Sgt.Pepper than the White Album. He totally buried the guitars on that one

    • Stuart Ansell says:

      I have no idea what you’ve been listening to, but that simply isn’t true of the set I bought – I can hear all of the instruments, including and especially the guitars, with fantastic clarity. I think he’s done an amazing job with both Pepper and The White Album, and I’m looking forward to hearing Abbey Road.

      Have a great day!

  38. Peter Stevens says:

    Can I make the point that I thought the idea was to kill the Bootleggers not encourage them.Why on earth is there no Mono version of Abbey Road in this box….We know it exists as it came out on 8 Track in the States.A real opportunity missed

  39. Louis says:

    ” a square 12 x 12 set” Why? why they use the same size as in teh white album? I never understand this kind of silly things,

  40. mark browne says:

    Thanks Paul,

    Beatles stuff is always a bit pricey, but the quality shines through…gone for the superdeluxe as a die hard fan…abbey road alongside revolver and rubber soul is my favourite….im actually going to see the bootleg beatles perform all of abbey road and let it be on friday 27th September at the Liverpool Phil with the RLPO in tow…i know their working on let it be now, so does this mean that will be released next year?

    also are you likely to do a review of this boxset , love your reviews

  41. J says:

    I really wish they would release stand alone Blu ray but oh well I guess I just need to suck it up buy the big box and move on. I finally just found the Hendrix Electric Lady Land box for $80 and the Blu ray version of All Along the Watchtower alone is worth the price of admission and the rest is oodles of gravy. I bet the new Abbey in 5.1 will be equally revelatory. The unrealeased stuff will get listened to 1 time I suppose.

  42. Tim Goodacre says:

    Great Release. Cannot understand the negativity of some people. I have ordered the Super Deluxe set on SHM cd from CD Japan.
    Love the Japanese SHM cd releases – along with the millions of Japanese buyers.

  43. Joel Rabinowitz says:

    Went on Amazon CA and they had the three CD and Blu-ray box set for C$37!! I ordered it immediately I also got the vinyl box at $97 Canadian. They have since taken down the three CD Blu-ray set. I hope they honor my order, I’ll know more in September!

  44. Iain McDermott says:

    For me it’ll be the 3 LP plus the single CD.
    Good to see that the vinyl and super deluxe feature the same track listing. This for me was an issue with white album last year.
    Streaming services like Spotify had all tracks so catching up was fine.
    Buying vinyl covers all available tracks for AR. And for those of that don’t have Dolby Atmos et al, no big loss. But yes, if there was time to get that book added to the 3 LP vinyl please…

  45. Kevin says:

    With all the grumbling of the original stereo mix, I listened to the PCM stereo mix of the White Album blu-Ray (I don’t have the equipment to hear surround). To my ears that mix sounds like it was based on the original stereo mix based on snare drum sound alone. I’m assuming Giles has taken the same approach with Abbey Road as he did with White Album since they are sonically quite similar. Anyone able to refute or substantiate?

    • christian says:

      I compared “Something” based on the current upload of the new version.
      It’s very compressed and some of the hard left and right elements have been brought closer to the centre.
      It’s lost a whole lot of the old sonic charm and just sounds the same as all other contemporaneity music “sounds”. Every element is amplified, there’s no subtlety. George Martin knew what he was doing. The vocal was way higher in the original.
      When you drop the volume to match an original pressing, it just sounds boomy, there’s very little grace left.
      A quick dynamic range check also rings alarm bells. the new version is 8, a vinyl rip I play is 12. The 2009 remaster is 9 so it’s getting progressively worse.
      Not a mix I will ever listen to, but each to their own.

      • mpb says:

        probably compressed for the commercial / mastered for the internet. the real thing is bound to breathe more. we’ll see…

    • christian says:

      Here’s a shot that shows how much louder the new version is.
      Obviously it’s actually much louder, they can’t help themselves, i’ve normalised both to 70% so it’s a straight comparison.

      • Bern says:

        You should listen to music instead of looking at it…

        • prettypictures says:

          unfortunately there is a lot of “looking at the music” simply to show to those with poorer hearing that their ability to critique what they are listening to is woefully lacking. raise your game and then there won’t be a need for the pictures as proof – you should be able to hear it yourself – then the pictures will stop.

        • christian says:

          Yes Bern, I agree.
          And having listened closely to the remix of the currently available track from an album I have listened to all my life and named my daughter after, I drew a conclusion.
          As noted above, stereo elements have moved, the vocal is less dominant and the sound of the 60s has, in my opinion, been lost to contemporary compression techniques.

          I illustrated the last point using an image which, more clearly than words can, shows how the verses are now much closer in volume to the chorus.
          It’s that fattened up, homogenised sound that I hear and personally don’t like.
          I don’t need to look at the waveforms to hear that.

          The question I was responding to was a request for information about the sonics of the track, and how the mix compared to the original stereo.

          I don’t buy any newly mastered reissues of albums I like until I have heard them first using a streaming service for those exact reasons. In this day and age, where the sound of reissued archive music seems a distant second to the quality of the paper the free postcards are printed on, I would suggest it’s always unwise to purchase an expensive reissue unheard if it’s to listen to rather than put on a shelf.

  46. David B says:

    Great set .. thanks for the info Paul .. I’m just wondering though after “Let it be” anniversary will there be any more Beatle related deluxe sets .. if not then what do I ask for for Christmas? It’s already been suggested a revisit to earlier albums .. now that’d be good ..

    • stevieB says:

      I’ve no doubt Apple will come up with something desirable to sell us each year for a long time to come. A Magical Mystery Your de luxe box has much potential.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        We’ve already had one of them!

        • stevieB says:

          There are substantial amounts of both film and audio outtakes/demos that remain unissued ‘officially’ and we’ve never had the album (cd or vinyl) available as a Giles Martin/Sam Okell remix.

          The HMC label issued several DVDs worth of previously unseen film outtakes, totalling well over 2 hours, in 2017 and 2019 alone. The 2012 box DVD/Blu Ray box was good, but the only audio included was a reproduction of the original vinyl EPs, it was principally a re-issue of the film rather than being about studio outtakes. Thus there is much scope for Apple too produce an expanded version.

  47. Alan B says:

    I would prefer it if there was a consistency in the sizing of the 3 Beatles super deluxe editions. The Abbey Road one looks the same size as the Sgt Pepper but the White album one is completely different. Am I the only one who prefer all of them to be the same size so they look great and consistent sat next to each other on a shelf?

    • Rowly75 says:

      Let’s face it you don’t buy the white album for its cover so I understand why they did it in the narrower style.

    • Michael says:

      Yes, Alan. I have some OCD too, and feel the same way :-/

      Although I love the White Album SDE, it looks more like a large coffee-table book, rather than a deluxe album. I’m still a tad bothered that the White Album SDE outer dimensions don’t match “Sgt. Pepper’s”, and won’t match “Abbey Road”.

      Given Apple executive’s decision to make the White Album package a different size, I was actually fearful that they would get really creative, and possibly release the “Abbey Road” SDE in a cardboard cube, or something so totally mismatched, it would make music collectors like me go really bonkers (LOL)! Thankfully, that’s not the case.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Also, every time I picked up The White Album SDE the book nearly always half slides out of that outer cover, threatening to full on the fall. It’s a cute idea in theory, but actually quite a badly thought out piece of design.

    • kook says:

      Nope – you’re not!

      (See also the Stones, Springsteen, REM… and now the Kinks as well. It’s like playing bloody Tetris.)

    • Uncle Meat says:

      The Led Zeppelin studio albums SDE campaign is still unmatched. It was consistent and the items looked just gorgeous. Work of art really, but musically speaking they left a lot to desire for. Then again, they are great to look at in your hands or on the shelf!!!

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        £100+ for one bonus disc of audio, no physical hi-res, massive duplication of vinyl and CD, boring text-free books. They were consistent but awful!

      • Steven Roberts says:

        Those Zep boxes don’t hold a candle to the Tull re-issues, neither in presentation, content, value, nor – dare I say it – musically!

  48. Aljaz says:

    With all the holier than thou / political corectness everyday life we live, I’m just thankful Paul still holds a cigarette on the cover. Music is great, goes without saying, but this small detail still made my day.

  49. Mean Mr Mustard says:

    The French Amazon site seems to have mislabelled the 3 cd+bluray deluxe edition as “Abbey Road [2CD Digipack Deluxe]”. The ‘proper’ 2cd version is labelled accurately and I’m hoping that no errors will be made when sending the correct version. I’ve flung my money at Blu-ray version anyway and hope that I don’t have to grapple with returns and refunds in October. My French is rudimentary at best.

    • David B says:

      Don’t worry their French site can be viewed in English ..

    • hendry doran says:

      Hopefully there won’t be a problem but if you have to contact them ask Amazon to reply in English. It has worked for me several times in the past

  50. Mr Foley says:

    Anybody interested in Abbey Road in its own times and context etc… then check out Beatles author and historian Mark Lewisohn’s web site.. The man will soon be on a nationwide presentation /speaking tour (UK) timed perfectly to coincide with with this SDE release.
    Looks interesting to say the least – looking forward to both..

  51. bruce kelso says:

    ok ,heres the low down at cd japan. super deluxe shm cd $120,80 ,single cd shm $24.54,2 cd shm $33.98,3 lp $ 103.81 single lp $37.75, does not include shipping.

  52. Schu says:

    Just saw the Fab Four (Beatles tribute band from Cali) perform an excellent recreation of Abbey Road, in order, in its entirety. I remembered how much I love the second side of that album. Now I don’t want to get sick of it in the near term, so I must use restraint and hold off from listening to it until the SDE comes out. Can’t wait!

  53. Michael says:

    Great news that “Abbey Road” SDE is officially announced for release!! Thankfully, I have a birthday coming up — so yeah, Abbey Road is what I’ll be asking for. Now I just I have to be on my best behavior :-)

    I do speculate that “Rubber Soul”, “Revolver” and “Let It Be” will come out in due time as special anniversary sets that would include Giles Martin remixes, Blu-ray 5.1 surround mix, plus the A and B sides of singles that were released during the same time period. But, I don’t think these remaining re-issues will be adorned with large, lavish packaging, or replete with endless demos and outtakes as Sgt. Pepper’s, White Album, or Abbey Road, which were the Beatles most acclaimed albums. Regardless, anything BEATLES is such a joy!

  54. Bassel says:

    Unrelated to this release but to another one that was announced earlier, the kinks Arthur. I know it was announced and for pre order at the website but is there any amazon links that anybody knows of?

  55. Kevin Pascual says:

    My wallet will indeed carry that weight

  56. Mike M says:

    Lot of negativity towards these releases on here which I find very strange. The Beatles haven’t been that active of late so buzzing for this new release. Got to admit I wasn’t a fan of Giles Martin’s Pepper & White album remix so I’m hoping for better from the Abbey Road remix but it’s the demos and outtakes that I look forward to listening to most from these boxsets. Whereas I waited for the White album 4LP boxset I’ve pre-ordered The 3LP Abbey Road boxset already, CBA playing the waiting game for this one .

  57. What? Lennon? Worry! says:

    Alot of moaners on here bout not gonna buy it. The easy answer is don’t buy it then F F S. Others are and will even at the asking price and in the sales later. I think it’s a decent enough box set with some bits missing like 2009 mix but in the end it’s better than having fuck all. Im glad they are doing this in my lifetime Least it isn’t Flowers In The Dirt or the recent Bowie demo boxes (strange folk forked out 80 quid for this shit but bemoan forking out 80 quid for a book blu ray and 3 discs)

    • moanerlisa says:

      I’d posit that the people moaning about this in acutal fact did not buy the bowie demo box and flowers in the dirt.
      I put it to you that the people who didn’t moan about them, and other overpriced ephemera we keep getting held under our noses, think a little more like this ….
      “You know . . . what a fantastic album, and all, this is, but I’m not too bothered about the original mix let alone an analogue mastering of it – the beatles don’t deserve that level of effort put into their releases, and the fact giles martin probably knows nothing about analogue mastering can’t possibly have influenced this decision (thanks giles for the great work you do – where would we be without you!) – I’m happy with a nice big book of pictures (only chance I get to pick up a book – so I likes them big and shiney!) I just want to feel like I’m in the room with the band . . . well, obviously not ACTUALLY like was in the room with the band as it would sound naff all like a 5.1mix if I was actually in the room with them, but you know whats I mean etc. etc. etc.” (Reiterated for about a week – and then, a new release will come along and the process starts all over again)

      • kook says:

        Am I alone in not having any complaints about the ‘Flowers’ box? OK, I could have done without all the superfluous books bumping up the price but the audio/visual content was pretty solid. (I know some people wanted to see the b-sides and remixes in there but honestly, only a couple of them were much cop anyway.)

        I’m not sure how much debate there is to be had about this one*. Personally, I wouldn’t want the previous mix included as I have the stereo box; also, I can’t imagine that there’s much more material from these sessions that would really warrant anyone’s attention. No-one likes the sounds of a barrel being scraped, do they?

        * No pun intended.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          There is really NO excuse for not including the B-sides, the remixes and the Costello cassette demos. This was the late 80s and there were loads of interesting bonus tracks such as Back On My Feet, Flying To My Home, The Loveliest Thing… I know it’s sad, but two and a half years on and it still REALLY annoys me. It’s little short of a disgraceful way to treat your own commercially released work.

          • Kevin Sims says:

            I agree. Loveliest Thing is actually one of my favourite Macca solo songs.

            Sixteen-year-old me bought the CD single that included the track, and I remember Nicky Campbell playing it on his late-night BBC Radio 1 show. (Those were the days!)

          • kook says:

            Oops, looks like I may have touched a nerve…

            Well, I’d concur on the cassette demos and the three tracks you mention – they were great, but some of the other b-sides really weren’t (e.g. ‘Party Party’, ‘Good Sign’, ‘The First Stone’). And speaking as someone who gamely forked out for all the 12-inch singles at the time, I found a lot of the remixes quite ropey – although the single version of ‘Figure of Eight’ probably should have been included.

            Given a straight choice, I’d always prefer to have previously unreleased material but each to their own, I suppose. I still don’t think leaving out b-sides is half as annoying as trying to rewrite history by buggering about with track lists/sequences or sleeve designs.

            THAT is my personal peeve – and I shall be taking it up with the Manics next time I see them!

  58. Jim says:

    The SDE logo is very “on-brand” for this release. Particularly the picture disc.

    • Steven Roberts says:

      @Kook Paul is quite right – no excuse for not including everything. Hell, just include a blu-ray in the package and you can have the original album mix, the anniversary remix, the 5.1 mix, the b-sides, the remixes, the demos, unreleased tracks….all in hi-res. And video content to boot.

      See? Easy.

      Maybe too common-sensical, but easy :)

      • kook says:

        I didn’t say it wasn’t easy, just that I personally wasn’t bothered about the tracks in question not being included – partly because I’ve already got them, and would rather hear previously unreleased recordings.

        In any case, an artist doesn’t need an “excuse” to omit their own material from their own boxset. If they don’t want something on there for whatever reason, that’s their call. (The REM reissues, for instance, don’t include any b-sides either but I don’t recall anyone complaining about those?)

        Anyway, we’re going way off topic now…

  59. Brian Scott says:

    First album I ever heard in stereo on my mate’s Dad’s very expensive hi-fi and it blew me away, and it’s remained one of my all time favourite albums ever since. Will be buying the SDE but at over £80, like others, I’m planning to wait a bit to see if the price comes down. What Records are listing it at £69.99 (plus postage) so hopefully we will see it come down a bit in the coming weeks. If not it’s bound to feature in a future SDE deal alert …

  60. gogandmagog says:

    Really lovely, as the previous boxes.

    BUT, it would make no harm to include the original stereo in the Blu-ray, there is not option to get that anywhere.

    • What? Lennon? Worry! says:

      It is no harm and I think it should of As Paul said a few posts back on another box set it would he nice to have everything in one place, so in this case to do awayveith the mono and stereo mixes already bought before.

  61. Paul Lewis says:

    Just been comparing the 2009 version of Something with the new mix, which is available now, wow… I’m used to being sceptical about this kind of thing, but you can really hear the difference. Seems to me that Giles has nailed it… it’s the same but better, everything pops more. It’s like hearing it with new ears!

  62. Tony says:

    You’ve taught us well Paul, I’m going to wait for one of your deal alerts for the super deluxe & vinyl.

  63. Terry says:

    Interesting but the real event of late september is of course the massive box set « Love from the planet Gong » !!!

  64. Steve Gilmour says:


    Well not even that….ten ectra tracks for an extra 100 bucks or so….nah…no major difference like WA SDE. Pass. Same price get the 13 disc Gong Set 8 discs unreleased and first 4 albums in quad :)

  65. DaveM says:

    Preordered the four disc CD/Bluray set. Reservations about whether the album actually needs a new mix, and hope to be pleasently surprised, but also glad they didn’t bundle the 2009 remaster in the box (I mean there can’t be many people ordering this who don’t already have it). I think its a reasonable price point for what we are getting and the book will no doubt be superb.
    To quote Paul S on the outakes ‘Lets face it, it’s ALL of interest’.

  66. Bruno says:

    We can all surely decide whether to buy this or not. I am delighted to have the choice. If you don’t like demos then don’t buy the expanded editions. If you like the original mix then don’t buy it at all. If you think this dilutes the Beatles legacy then ignore them. For sure it demonstrates the enduring importance of the Beatles. Let it be.

  67. Dr Magus says:

    Are you watching QPL?

  68. Eddie says:

    Sorry to go slightly off-topic, but where is the cheapest WA deluxe now?

  69. Danny says:

    for me Giles Martin’s new mixes are unnecessary and i don’t listen to music through DVD players, so I have to ask myself is £80 for a hardback book and 2 CD’s of out-takes worth it? Does the book come with the Vinyl option too? If so then that would be preferable to me. I can always needle drop the out-takes to my laptop.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The product is clearly not for you. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad product and personally I think £70-£80 is okay. The White Album was £125, although clearly there was more content.

    • David M says:

      You would need a Blu-ray player.

      • Danny says:

        well I am a massive beatles fan, the book and out-takes are hugely attractive and i purchased both the pepper and white album deluxe sets. But i think you are right on some levels – blu ray listening doesnt appeal and lack of any documentary or performance footage means i may just plump for the vinyl option

    • J Bowden says:

      I actually like Giles Martin’s stereo mixes. At the end of the day it’s the same songs and same instruments so it’s not going to be mind blowing but when you compare something like ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ you can understand why the idea of a new stereo mix was put forward.
      It even sounds better in 5.1 if you’ve been able to listen to it.

  70. paul wren says:

    It will be fun (1) To hear the demos and therefore how the songs progressed to their finished state (2) Compare the overall sound quality of the album itself to the 1970’s pressing I already own. Why do people whinge so much about these archive releases? Triple vinyl ordered, thanks Paul for the early heads up here.

  71. Phil says:

    As with the recent White album reissue it’s a shame you don’t get the book with the 3 vinyl LP set.

    • Mike Thorn says:

      Just what I was thinking. Mind you the CD/BluRay you pay £60 more that 2 CD and get 8 tracks and book. Do many people actually listen to the BluRays could they not have been separate?

      • paulg says:

        I actually will be buying this FOR the bluRay in order to hear the surround mix.

      • Darrin HYDE says:

        Absolutely they listen to the blu ray discs. The surround mixes are the main selling point for me and for people with the right set-up, it’s real hard to go back to stereo (let alone monaural!)

  72. Tim Abbott says:

    I won’t be getting this. I know it’s nice to have new stuff, but the combined Beatles outtakes and historical material now exceeds their original catalogue (which, depending on how you slice it, adds up to about ten hours of music). And aside from advances in technology (e.g. surround sound), there seems to be no reason for any of this to be released from a musical perspective.

    For me, each of these releases dilutes the quality of the band’s original, near-perfect output even more – nothing I’ve heard on any of these releases (BBC sessions, Anthology, deluxe sets) suggests that they missed anything with their stringent quality control first time around.

  73. Ian McJannet says:

    Yeah .. Way to go ….. Dig up all the dozens of old out takes you can find and put them
    out as a 50th anniversary issue !!!!
    Am I the only person in the world that thinks out takes are out takes for a reason ?????
    Milk every penny out of the mugs because we’re the Beatles we can get away with it !!!!!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Your job is to create a four-disc reissue of an album. No live content is available, so what would you include if not demos/outtakes?

      • Marcelo Gobello says:

        I really love demos outtakes and works in progress. The different versions or outtakes of “Good Night” on the Super Deluxe version of the White Album makes me literally cry of joy!
        We are talking about thge Beatles and their masterpieces!!!

      • Bill says:

        In addition to the demo’s & outtakes a 24/96K Hi-Res version of the original album mixes on bluray would have been nice to include on any of the three box sets so far. It would have been respectful of the powers that be at Universal to give the original work approved by the full band, the original engineer(s) and producer the respect it deserves. I don’t know about anyone else but I would certainly love to hear the originals in Hi-Res if they are going to include the remixes in Hi-Res.

    • Jarmo Keranen says:

      Ringo Starr also thinks so. He says he’s a bit of fed up of those endless out-takes, but they are necassery evil of boxsets. He also says he loves all the re-releases because of the remastering, so you can hear the drums, which got dialed down in the old days!

    • Paul S says:

      Personally I enjoy them, you know the standard album inside out, the demos outtakes offer an insight in to the process of creating the album and how the songs were created and then got to final versions.

      I owned pepper, white album, imagine but bought the expanded editions for these demos outtakes and I’m sure many others will do the same.

    • johneffay says:

      The only outtakes I care about are from jazz sessions, so I won’t be buying this. However, I’m happy for the people who do want these outtakes & there’s clearly a market for them. I don’t understand why people get so upset about this sort of thing; purchase is not compulsory.

  74. Charlie Waffles says:

    Sweet! This is a definite purchase for me.

    Now, I wish Apple would remaster the three Anthology releases for cd.

    Can anybody explain to me why I cannot purchase Paul’s “Spies Like Us” on iTunes US? It did not appear on Pure McCartney. I would appreciate any information. I have a radio station locally who plays it but I cannot purchase it.

    • Ben Williams says:

      A lot of Paul’s b sides and non album singles aren’t available currently as the ‘Archive Collection’ is still rolled out. I imagine it will be out when Press To Play is reissued.

    • David M says:

      Why on earth would you want to buy “Spies Like Us”? ;) worst thing he ever did.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        ‘Freedom’ would like a word with you…

        • John McCann says:

          Biker like a icon could give freedom a run for its money,

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Biker Like An Icon is at least quite catchy, it just has an awful lyric. While Freedom is just plain awful.

          • John McCann says:

            Yes Paul after posting about biker I then played it and if it was a instrumental it would be a great track, I then played freedom and you are correct that is a bad song,also if I remember on the back in the USA DVD he did one dedicated to heather, don’t think that was up to much if I remember correctly,,great sight Paul

    • Liam says:

      Spies Like Us is possibly his worst ever single. Maybe he doesn’t want it available.

  75. John McCann says:

    Abbey road 50th ,,,at time of writing ,134 comments,
    Definitely maybe 25th,. 17 comments,
    I think its safe to say they weren’t the new Beatles after all.

    • gary oliver says:

      a lot of negative comments in that total, though

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Largely people who say they don’t like The Beatles… or don’t see the point in big box sets with outtakes!

    • Eddie says:

      That’s not really a fair comparison.

      With Definitely Maybe you’re talking – it being vinyl – the reissue of a reissue.

      I don’t think you need to resort to disingenuous comparisons to make your point.

      • Nick Love says:

        Also I think the Beatles comparisons are unfair, I love Oasis but you are comparing a band with one songwriter and one primary vocalist to a group with 4 very talented writers/singers with diverse backgrounds and styles. And while the Beatles are a huge influence on Oasis they also have large portions of 70’s glam and punk, 80’s indie and the Madchester scene in their sound all of which came to be after the Beatles split. The only thing they had in common IMO is they were British guitar groups that were huge in their homeland while pulling the rare trick of conveying this success overseas.

    • Tom from FIN says:

      Good point, John. Except that The Smiths already were the new Beatles. Def not the Gallagher bros.

      This boxset has to be considered seriously, although not purchasing in the first wave.

  76. Francis says:

    £81.25 for the Super Deluxe Edition – No thanks! I have the CD albums box set of a few years ago – that will do me. I am certainly not paying out good money for demos, vinyl and surround sound blu rays when I do not even have the capability to hear it. I like The Beatles and always have done since I was aged about 8 but how much of their material can they keep releasing, including duplicate material and milking of us dry of money?

    • Marc says:

      1. I bought the deluxe box for 75$ (=61£, not 99$ (=81.25£)
      2. I adore the demos. A lot of them are available for the first time ever
      3. You also get a 100 page book.
      When I think about what people spend at weekends for drinks etc. than 75$ are actually a quite good price for such a lovely box set!

      • Sean Hewitt says:

        Exactly, Marc! These sets *are* very expensive but let’s face it – the albums in question are masterpieces, the very pinnacle of work by the greatest, most influential band of all time. The surround sound and new mixes are fascinating in themselves and the demo/outtake/alternate take content for such well-known material is utterly gripping. And the presentation of these releases – whether it’s the 2CD or super deluxe sets – is first-class. I hope we get the rest of the albums after next year’s Let It Be campaign.

        As for the people complaining about being “milked” by the Beatles super deluxe sets on Paul’s superb Super Deluxe Edition website – I really don’t know where to start. Nobody’s forcing anyone to buy anything. It’s fine to stick with the old vinyl or CD editions. But how marvellous it is to have these revised, in-depth sets available for those who want to listen.

      • Eddie says:

        “1. I bought the deluxe box for 75$ (=61£, not 99$ (=81.25£)”

        Are you talking about this reissue?:

        I just pre-ordered it from for 77 euros (+3 euros for postage to the UK) = 80 Euros = £74

        Where did you get it for £61?

        • Marc says:

          @Eddie (the eagle?!)
          Yes, I am talking about the reissue. I payed 75$ (actually a little bit less) at Amazone France.
          I don’t live in the EU (I am Swiss) – so there was no VAT. And there was no shipping costs from France to Switzerland as well. I never have to pay shipping costs if I buy stuff for more than I think 35$ (it is alway like that also when I buy things from or

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Ask Bowie’s estate, they’ll know…. :-D

  77. MARK LEVY says:

    I will probably just get the single cd of this and the picture disc. Don’t see the point in the sessions unless there were some unique songs included or a perfectly good reason for including them. The bonus disc that was included with the White Album made sense.

    • Leo says:

      And I see no point in buying a picture disc….it has the same content like the normal cd or lp – just in a much. worse sound quality. You buy actually 2 times the same thing.

  78. Blakey says:

    Will Iain Macmillan’s other ‘crossing’ photos be included in this set as covers or art prints?
    And – like the rather ace ‘Glass Onion’ video last year – It’d be nice if there was a decent one done for ‘Come Together’. The ‘flash animation’ promo that should never have got near the ‘1’ DVD was crap.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Some of them are in the book, I know that…

    • edward bliss says:

      I bought the five other ‘crossing’ photos plus the original unadorned back cover photo, all lp size on ebay about two years ago. $120 ish. I’d been looking for years. This stuff is out there if you’re prepared to look.

  79. Kevin says:

    Guys, a fully remastered issue of the original mix is on the 2009 cd issue that came from the stereo box.

  80. Paul Thomson says:

    The 5.1 is what mainly interests me but I think I’ll pick the SDE up once the feeding frenzy has died down for £50. Got royally screwed buying the White Album SDE from Japan last year so won’t be doing that again, SHM or no SHM!!!

  81. andrew ricci says:

    Has there ever been a situation where the rerelease actually improves or adds to the original ? I bought the Sgt and white rereleases and still return to my originals . You can’t bottle lightning and that what Giles Martin tries to do . Probably should pass but in the absence of modern lightning bottled is all that is available! Sad but true .

  82. John Moore says:

    No need to preorder this as it will be discounted in a few months later-so hold back-a lot more coming before Christmas-so be smart! Almost nothing sells out these days!

  83. Michael DeJoseph says:


  84. Paul says:

    Not again from the vault give us a break 50 years
    Lets move on people stop living in the past save your money

    • kook says:

      I think you might be on the wrong website mate…

      • George glazener says:

        LMAO, yes I think he is on the wrong site. Good sensible advice for most situations, but when it comes to The Beatles, these Super deluxe editions are a sumptuous feast for the soul. Live and love it while you can fellas..!

      • Paul says:

        What would have happend if john was alive this would nothappen mate

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Pure speculation. Yoko knew John *fairly* well and happily issued a six-disc Imagine box set, so that rather suggests he would have been fine with it.

    • Kenneth says:

      Oh, FFS!

    • Francis says:

      I totally agree. Okay, it is The Beatles and they were the fantastic four to many (even if not to all) but there are so many more artists that could do with this type of release.

    • AndyB says:

      ??? Is there a newly recorded Beatles album coming out? If not, guess I’ll be living in the past. (What a shockingly weird comment. Isn’t 99% of this site about music from the past?)

  85. Marc says:

    I think I will wait on this one for the inevitable price drop. I really am only extremely interested in the 5.1 – the rest will be just add-on to that. At $110 USD (right now on Amazon US), I don’t think it is a good value for dollar.

    • andy says:

      Marc – Buy it from Amazon France (you can sign in with your US account). I got the big box plus the 3 disc vinyl for $136, including shipping. I got the other Beatles super deluxe releases via either Amazon France or Italy, much cheaper than the US.

  86. Eddie says:

    Does one need a special surround set-up to get the full value of the Dolby Atmos mix?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You need an amp that can decide Dolby Atmos and appropriate speakers or a Dolby Atmos soundbar. In short, yes.

      • Paul E. says:

        Paul…please…Beatles via a soundbar? At least go 5.1.2 minimally for Atmos :) Also, can I request Amazon Spain do another Def Leppard-ish Vol. 2 move and under price this set too?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I’m not recommending a soundbar necessarily, but with Atmos you have to be a bit realistic. I’m not going to start installing speakers in my ceiling!

      • Eddie says:

        Thanks, Paul, for your reply.

        That being the case I don’t think its worth the expenditure on new kit, yet, given there is so little out there in Dolby Atmos, at least in terms of music.

  87. ZoetMB says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that the original stereo mix (but perhaps remastered) isn’t included, especially in the big box. IMO, it’s like destroying history not to have included it.

    But I have to admit I’ll wind up buying just like I bought the others.

    An Atmos mix only makes sense if they put something in the overheads and created objects suitable to 7.1.4. But what would make sense in the overheads? The 5.1 mixes on White and Pepper were very conservative, so I have to wonder if this isn’t Atmos in name only.

  88. Emilio Lafarga Giribets says:

    It was 36€ shipping included but not taxes on only lasted for a short while.

    • Robert says:

      Keep your shoes and socks on before crossing that victory crosswalk…..Amazon Canada has in the past not honoured “momentary sales” of an item that disappears and comes back a few moments later at a higher price. This happened to me with the Sgt Pepper SuperDeluxe box set. I recommend that you keep the order and also pre-order from another Amazon site. You can always cancel the backup order if needed.

  89. Mark Jensen says:

    Hopefully this will follow the same pattern as The Beatles set last year, in that the stereo mix on the Blu-Ray will be less compressed than the cd. I say that as the only likely option to get us a decent sounding digital version of the new mix – of course it would be even better if the cd also had less limiting applied to the new mix, but for some crazy reason, that seems like too much to ask for these days. People think cd’s need to sound compressed for some reason? It is really frustrating to listen to The White Album 2018 mix on the Blu-Ray and hear how much better it sounds than the cd, and then realize that the cd of course could have been mastered just as dynamically but someone just chose not to.

  90. hendry doran says:

    What a bland front cover for the picture disc album. The same lack of imagination that was shown for the Sgt. Pepper picture disc

  91. Laszlo Molnar says:

    Dear Beatles, You can’t say I never give you my money… :) This is so exciting! I will get the super deluxe set and likely the 3LP box.

  92. I’ve received this week my SPLHCB and THE BEATLES super deluxe editions… at time I guess…

    Ordered… thank you Paul!!

  93. Nick says:

    I Still Can’t Belive there was No 50th Anniversary Revolver LP – The Beatles Best LP!!

    • Nick says:

      Not Forgetting Rubber Soul 50th Missed Out of Too!
      Whoever makes the decisions on commissioning the 50th Anniversary editions (Or Not as the case) Should be Sacked!

      • Mitch says:

        I’d guess we’ll see 55th anniversary releases of those.

      • Willy says:

        Well they’d have to sack Paul McCartney, Ringo, Yoko, Olivia, Dhani, their respective managers, Jeffrey Jones and everyone at Apple. In fact Apple would have to sack itself. Brilliant.

  94. greg says:

    Is this a misprint or is the original stereo mix not included even in the 3CD+BD edition? That seems like an odd decision for a Deluxe Edition of a classic album. Hope this doesn’t set a precedent!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No it’s not. The original White Album mix wasn’t in that set either!

      • christian says:

        I really don’t like this trend either. These contemporary remixes are a novelty at best and by definition serve no historical value whatsoever. This is an anniversary release that does not include the material that it’s celebrating the anniversary of…

        I find that ridiculous. But it’s also now the case that anyone picking this up for the first time won’t hear the record The Beatles released, and won’t be able to. How is that in any way respectful?

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Apple’s decision. Their view is the original mix is readily available and has already been remastered etc.

          • greg says:

            Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to have a 24bit Hi-Def transfer of the original album, though? And Sgt. Pepper and the White Album boxes both included the original vintage mono mixes.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            Don’t disagree. Personally, I’d have put the original mix on because how much does it really cost to do that? You then have everything. If they’d wanted to be really creative they could have included that early Japanese ‘black triangle’ CD mastering which I think is different.

        • James Sanders says:

          original mix not included because it would show up how bad these new remixes are.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            People can easily listen to the original mixes and compare, so this makes no sense, even with your haha at the end.

  95. Moonhead says:

    A bit disappointed about the content of the bluray… maybe a small documentary about the remix… maybe they could include (only for the bd) the original mix but in HD.
    Anyway… great release.
    I must admit that i can’t wait for the next year with Let It Be anniversary with the restored film and the Peter Jackson’s documentary.

    • Paul says:

      Is it fair to assume there will not a package for “Let It Be” that gives you everything? I guess there would be a SDE with the remixed album and sessions, book etc. The Peter Jackson doc is likely a separate purchase while the actual movie may or may not be in the box. I don’t want to veer off “Abbey Road” too much but I wonder what others think about “Let It Be?”

  96. Nass Khan says:

    Big price differance between the 2cd & the full on box set ….but I will buy this because the Beatles are a bamd I enjoy more & mote in tecent years .

    Funny I was underwhelmed by this when I first heard it in 1986 ( more impressed by White Album) but this one gets better all the time.

  97. Mark Morb says:

    Fantastic…my favourite album of all time. Will all tracks be available as 24/96 download as per the previous deluxe editions?

    ….and those wanting the original mix…it’s already available! no point including that at the expense of the sessions or increasing the price…

    Can’t wait….

  98. Alastair says:

    Anyone else wondering where 50 years have gone? For this old man, this is part of my DNA now. I have just played the 2009 remaster and I still find it pretty much faultless. Really looking forward to the super deluxe.

  99. AndreC. says:

    Will QRP be the pressing factory for the vinyl worldwide?

  100. What? Lennon? Worry! says:

    Of course they could of crammed alot more on the blu ray. Wasted opportunity which seems to be the norm of late, but looks a bloody good set.

  101. daveid76 says:

    This may smack of pedantry but the final track recorded for Let it Be was “Dig a Pony” in January 1970, so it depends how you look at it.

  102. Shane says:

    I totally read this as a joke from Paul as it being reissued for the 50th time! Lol. This is great news to those who want to hear classic 60s recording in a way they were never meant to sound! Surround, 5.1, Atmos…. I mean, to each their own I guess.
    The picture disc looks cute.

  103. elliott buckingham says:

    I have an atmos set up and before I brought atmos speakers I used just the 5.1 set up and atmos mixes like kick didn’t sound right at all. £80+ for a couple of discs extra when the dbl cd is only £20 seems a bit steep

  104. Michael Holt says:

    Great info as ever, Paul. I’m just hoping George’s guitar solo is in Here Comes The Sun. That alone would make me buy the box! Thanks.

  105. Christoph Tiber says:

    Strange thing while trying to order from Once the super deluxe boxset is in the shopping card, it says the following Abbey Road [2CD Digipack Deluxe] – The Beatles
    EUR 76,34 – Quantité : 1

    Anyone else noticed that?

  106. patjoller says:

    Now we’re talking… the holy grail in my opinion.
    Can’t wait to have this one and as said I hope the take of here comes the sun will include the solo.

  107. Jeffrey Warrick says:

    Bull Moose has the 4-disc for $83.97.

  108. Jeff says:

    Best news I’ve heard in awhile!
    Thanks for the update, Paul

  109. Kenny says:

    I see the 3CD box is being sold as a limited edition. Wonder how “limited” that will be?

  110. eric says:

    Can’t decide between box or 2CD, Though I did lock myself in on for 72 euros just in case. But looking at the track list-with 24 total sessions tracks, 16 of those are on the 2CD, is the extra $ worth the 8 tracks for the box set? Being a Beatles collector this is one time where I can’t decide. Also guessing that some of the 8 unique tracks already appear on Anthology 3 [Come at Get it, for one example].

  111. Larry Huston says:

    Will there be a US release?

  112. bobbysdad says:

    The Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray super deluxe edition will be available thru JB HI-FI tho’ for anyone from Melbourne, Australia, but considerably dearer at AU$175 [approx. GBP100]

    • Jack Moon says:

      With respect, Bobbysdad, why do you recommend JBHifi? Their vinyl stock is very mainstream and way over-priced. Melbourne has a LOT of great record stores that sell better and cheaper.

      • bobbysdad says:

        @Jack Moon.
        “With respect, Bobbysdad, why do you recommend JBHifi? Their vinyl stock is very mainstream and way over-priced. Melbourne has a LOT of great record stores that sell better and cheaper.”

        I wasn’t really recommending them Jack, it’s just at that particular moment it was the only place that I could find.
        If you know of others that can offer a cheaper, better deal, please post here. I for one, would appreciate it immensely.
        Cheers lots….

    • peter chrisp says:

      Thanks Bobbysdad i must admit with these box sets in Australia our prices are considerably more expensive. I remember buying Sgt Peppers box set @ Amazon UK around $150 & when it arrived in Melbourne the same box was $250! Also the complete recordings the “Black Box” set bought overseas @ around $120 & @ JB it’s close to $280. I know what you mean. With the new government rules on import & taxes last year, i find Amazon UK may not post to Australia, what can we do

  113. Thanks again for the tips.
    Ordered from Amazon France right away!
    Now the waiting starts again.

    Wondering what the next Archive album will be ….

  114. Michael C says:

    Thanks for this great news Paul. I am happy with any Beatle product and this is no exception (I had hoped for Revolver). But I cannot wait for this to arrive.

    No offence, but how do you get this news so quickly? I subscribe to and only got the news from the horses mouth at 15.30?

  115. bobbysdad says:

    Not available to Australia…. :-(

  116. Rashers says:

    “Super Deluxe”
    It is a pity that they have not been reissuing these Beatles albums (Pepper, White and Road) as standalone vinyl and digital products. I bought both for Sgt Pepper but bought neither version of the White Album. Long term a vinyl-digital superdeluxe box would be more valuable.
    If you just want the music, in terms of cost-effectiveness, the best option is the high res download version from Qobuz sublime. Dolby Atmos would be awesome though if you have a quality surround system. Abbey Road is definitely the best sounding Beatles album.

  117. Artie says:

    Is the Macca vocal on ” I Want You” included?

  118. adam shaw says:

    I hope Here Comes The Sun with George’s guitar solo is on here .
    This seems very early for Apple’s usual Christmas release , is there more to come later in the year ?

    • stevieB says:

      Well it’s determined by the release date of the original album. Pepper 50th was in June 2017 and Let It Be re-issues next year will almost certainly include a May release. Doubt there’ll be anything else in between but the final two Wings re-issues might well be out for Christmas .

    • Caroline says:

      There are rumours of something for Xmas…with one of the leaders being a box of reproduction UK 7″s. Time will tell.

  119. Geoff Lowe says:

    not only the standard 5.1 mix, but also a Dolby Atmos mix. The latter was also created for Sgt. Pepper in 2017 but not completed in time for inclusion with the super deluxe of the 1967 album.

    A Dolby Atmos mix was created for Sgt Pepper ?? What happened to this ?

  120. Jim Breeds says:

    Awesome. That is all.

  121. Peter Rustin says:

    No USA preorder??

  122. Francois says:

    Thus begins the end of the year assault on my wallet. The last four months of the year are those for which I save my money during the 8 other months…
    My wife hates this period of the year..

  123. GentleRabbit says:

    Happy 50th Abbey Road… We love you!

  124. Larry says:

    Am I to understand that there will not be a US release of this?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Of course there will be

      • Andy says:

        Larry – I ordered the Super Deluxe and the 3-Disc vinyl from Amazon France (via Paul’s links on this page) for $136 including shipping. Both items are much cheaper than anyone I’ve seen in the US so far. The only downside is that you will have to wait an extra week for it to travel from Europe.

  125. fan says:

    Remix for 5.1 version > YEEES very good indeed
    Demos > for the fans,yes
    Books,marbles,poster> why not

    stereo remix > WAIT A SECOND :

    imo : a new stereo mix of any Beatles album is like asking Banksy to copy La Joconde.
    Utter nonsense.

  126. Gareth Jones says:

    I’ve been very happy with all the 2-CD editions so far. So much cheaper than the lavish box set, but still with a 2nd disc crammed with demos/rarities and a decent informative booklet. If you’re a bit skint, I’d suggest the 2-CD set for now, then if you fancy the full box set, wait for the price to drop. I got the full Sgt. Pepper box 2 years after it was released for £50!

  127. Spencet says:

    Great news indeed. But how can an Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition be devoid of its original stereo mix?! I don’t understand it and I don’t like it.

    • What? Lennon? Worry! says:

      Wait for the 60th if we’re all alive by then. Looks a fab set overall.

    • Karl Bray says:

      I think this LP has been re issued many many times with the original stereo mix so can be purchased readily. Non of the Beatles recent 50th anniversary editions repeat the original mixes, the point of them are the new Giles Martin Stereo mixes and out takes…

  128. Gisabun says:

    I’ll be sticking with the 2 CD version. Doesn’t really justify shelling out what they are charging for 3CDs and a BR. Jimi Hendrix’s EL box set was a proper price for a box set. So why is this double the price?

  129. Re-Release of the Year says:

    What a great way to start the day.
    Here comes the sun

  130. Richard Royston says:

    CD 3 is listed as having 12 tracks, but surely it should be 11, as Tracks 9 and 10 appear to be the same thing:
    9. The Long One (Trial Edit & Mix – 30 July 1969)
    10. (Medley: You Never Give Me Your Money, Sun King, Mean Mr Mustard, Her Majesty, Polythene Pam, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End).

    No matter. I’m still happy!

  131. Bern says:

    Finally a worthwhile email from this site……Mel & Kim boxsets, I ask you….

    Pre-ordered it all, except the vinyl.

  132. herecomesthegun says:

    Well Giles Martin’s bound to do a better mix than his daddy – isn’t he folks? lol
    He’s hardly the 5th Beatle. Maybe the 5th Rutle.
    What’s their reasoning behind remixing this one, they can’t complain that the mono mix got all the attention and the stereo, therefore suffered.
    Would have been nice if they’d just done an AAA remaster of the album, and let Gile’s sod about with the outtakes, but I guess not.

  133. Phil Cohen says:

    It seems that, from a standpoint of minutes, that we’re getting less outtakes than we got in the “White Album” & “Sgt.Pepper’s” boxed sets, but still the Abbey Road box is an instant purchase (Albeit from a U.S.A. independant dealer, since Amazon’s U.S.A. affiliate opted not to list the Abbey Road products for pre-order on the date of release announcement)

  134. Sean Hewitt says:

    Sorry, Paul – that’s really weird I oluldn’t see it!

  135. Eric says:

    No book with the 3lP Vinyl box is unacceptable.

  136. Mark Turrell says:

    Sadly, this seems to be following the trend of the be bop deluxe reissues, which is the massive price difference between the 2cd and 3cd bluray. Yes it’s a larger package and you get some nice photos, but i’m all about the music, I’ll buy a book if i want photos and deep analysis. 60 quid more for the extra CD and bd. Come on.

    • Jeff says:

      The books have been fantastic, but if they just released the BluRay with the 5.1 mix, that’s the one I would choose every time.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      But The Beatles surround mix is Blu-ray lossless high resolution audio. The Be Bop Deluxe Surround mixes are DVD lossy (data-reduced) DTS & Dolby Digital.

  137. Christian Schmitz says:

    Passed on the other deluxe editions, but with the full outtakes now available on vinyl as well, this is a must.
    Also, I hope they managed to source the cover photo from the original, and not just a scan of an old album copy (like they did with the recent vinyl re-releases, which had all the Beatles covers look really dull).

  138. Rowly75 says:

    Is something the long version with remember love at the end?? Also should have put come together take 1 from the anthology, for historical value that should be on there for me, classic right from the off.

  139. While it’s right to say the fab four couldn’t themselves face the arduous task of weeding through the tapes of what became Let It Be, I believe Glyn Johns took on this thankless duty while they were recording Abbey Road.

    I’m fairly confident that the above chronology is correct because it says so in a book called The Greatest Albums You’ll Never Hear, which I edited and which is therefore 100% correct, generally brilliant and, in summary, a title without which any nerdy bookshelf is incomplete.

    Me, I’m waiting for the deluxes of Rubber Soul and Revolver that it would have been nice to have several years ago.

    • Steve says:

      John Glyns autobiography Sound Man, is really worth a read. excellent and covers this period of course.

  140. Adey says:

    5.1 mix of abbey road? Yes please!!!

  141. Neil Parnell says:

    Three versions of something including Giles’s remix are now up on all the streaming platforms

  142. Dave says:

    Slowly Apple is getting it right. This looks like a really great collection. Just one complaint, NO FOOTAGE. I wonder if a Blu-Ray or DVD of The Making Of will come out later this year.
    Now we can start salivating for Let It Be.
    Hey Apple, if your listening – PLEASE DON’T LET US DOWN.
    With the end of the 50th anniversaries coming up, let’s all pray Apple goes out with something much larger than a bang. For how important this band was, is and always will be, PLEASE PLEASE US and open the Let It Be floodgates.

    And YES JPG+R

    • Warren says:

      There is no footage I’m afraid. The only footage from the Abbey Road era that exists is some 8mm from Tittenhurst Park, there is nothing else at all. Obviously when it comes to Let it Be that will be a different situation!

  143. Andrew Greenwood says:

    Have they deliberately reduced CDs two and three so they would fit on vinyl? I read that there are 107 takes of Polythene Pam alone so surely there should be more than 80 minutes of interesting takes from the sessions

  144. Bren says:

    Dolby Atmos mix? Sold! (I was in for the SDE anyway but elated to see the album being mixed for Atmos)

  145. Kenneth says:

    Okay, picked it up at Amazon France for 72.65 euro delivered to USA. I’ll stick with this depending on what Amazon USA does. Can’t wait!

  146. David says:

    The Reel to Reel edition was issued in Mono , it maybe only a fold-down mix but it’s advertised as being a mono mix.

  147. Sean Hewitt says:

    Strange that Come And Get It is on the vinyl version but not the big box. Have they got the tracklisting wrong on the press release?

  148. Leemer says:

    Thank you Paul! Now we need you to keep us abreast of the best and biggest bargains on this so we can get the biggest bang for our hard earned money.

  149. Mikko Suhonen says: rules if judged by the initial prizes. No doubt other retailers will adjust their prices a little later.

  150. Phil G says:

    Thanks for the info, Paul – Super Deluxe Edition ordered via your link from Amazon UK. Love Giles Martin’s 5.1 mixes and Abbey Road should sound spectacular…

    Next year’s biggie will obviously be Let It Be, with Peter Jackson’s new documentary and the original film restored and remastered. But what comes after that…?

    • Gorecki says:

      The 60th Anniversary editions of ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘With The Beatles’??? ;)

    • stevieB says:

      How about a follow up doc by Ron Howard – The Studio Years.

      Or Anthology on Blu Ray
      Or singles and EP box sets
      Or the Christmas Fan Club records compilation album on CD and Vinyl

    • Joe Mac Pherson says:

      I’m not alone when I say, I hope Revolver and Rubber Soul finally get the deluxe treatment they deserve. Also, in 2020, All Things Must Pass could easily receive a 50th Anniversary deluxe edition box set. This time, issued properly, as opposed to the last time it was reissued- with bonus tracks absolutely, incongruously tacked onto the original album tracks, where they didn’t belong.
      Paul- I have come to realize, you have significant influence, thankfully. Perhaps you can get others aware of issuing All Things Must Pass, as a proper box set?

  151. Erwin says:


    I read somewhere that the famous photo of the crossing was taken exactly 50 years ago today, so a fitting day for this news

    • bobbysdad says:

      How many here have done the walk across the ‘Crossing’?

      • george glazener says:

        I did in June 2001. I never knew what a busy city street it was until then. It looked deceptively quiet on the LP cover. I was even able to walk right up into the forecourt of EMI studios and right up the steps where they entered to go to work. I didn’t go inside, but I felt pretty honored to go that far. After 9-11, I’m sure that access was stopped. Then over to the gift shop near the St John’s Wood tube station. I forgot to go round to Paul’s house for a spot of tea though…

      • Wayne Klein says:

        Did it last year. A bit disappointed that we didn’t get more demos of material but it’s a asolid set.

  152. Heath says:

    Yes man, two great album reissues announced in one day, thanks again Paul!

  153. Preetam says:

    Jai Guru Deva Om!
    Jai Guru Deva Om!
    Jai Guru Deva Om!

  154. David says:

    Do we think the extended “Here Comes The Sun” ending that we heard in Living In The Material World be included?

  155. Craig Hedges says:

    Happy Abbey Road day to all Beatle people everywhere. Be careful on that crossing today!

  156. John Berry says:

    Fab Paul!!! Wonderful package, Team Giles has smashed it again! One question, there will be a hi-res stereo mix on the Blu-ray, right?

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