The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band super deluxe edition

New stereo mix • two discs of sessions • 5.1 mix on blu-ray • mono mix

Apple Corps and Universal Music will next month reissue The Beatles 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band  as a six-disc super deluxe edition box set, 50 years after the original album was first released.

This will be the very first time Apple have authorised a super deluxe edition box set of a Beatles studio long-player.

Let me introduce to you… A dream box for Pepper fans

This multi-disc collection will deliver the landmark album in a number of forms. The first disc features a new stereo remix (not remaster) by Giles Martin and Sam Okell (from the original tapes) and two further CDs of Sgt Pepper sessions with 33 additional recordings from the studio sessions, mixed for the first time from the four-track session tapes, sequenced in chronological order of their recording dates. These ‘session’ discs also feature a new stereo mix of Penny Lane.

The mono version of Sgt. Pepper – generally the Beatle aficionado’s preferred version – is on the fourth CD with six bonus tracks including what Apple are describing as “the lost version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and the Capitol Records Mono Mix of Penny Lane.

A splendid time is guaranteed… in Surround Sound

The DVD and Blu-ray include ‘fully restored’ version of the 1992, 50-minute documentary The Making Of Sgt. Pepper and 5.1 surround and hi-res stereo mixes of the album, plus Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever. The content is the same on the DVD and blu-ray, but the latter will offer lossless 5.1 and improved visuals.

As well as the six discs, this box set will include a 144-page book full of rare images, handwritten lyrics and recording notes, two posters and a replica of the original cardboard cut-out insert. These are contained within an outer box designed to look like a period EMI tape box, over which slides the classic Peter Blake cover art of Sgt. Pepper.

We’d love to take you home… SDE on the best deals

At the time of writing (2pm BST, 5/4/17)  Amazon Italy are offering the best price for the super deluxe edition box set, which is £85 or €98 (shipping to UK is just £3). For fans in America, with tax deducted, that’s just $86, a saving of over $60 on the US price. The current UK price of £140 is high, although it is reasonably likely to drop before the date of release. Incidentally, if you’re nervous about shopping in a foreign language use Google Chrome for automatic translation.

Update: 6/4/17: The box set on Amazon Italy is currently unavailable (existing pre-orders will be fine) although 2LP and 2CD still cheap on the Italian site. Amazon UK – as predicted – has dropped in price and is now £110. The French price of £97 / €113 is decent. Check out the price comparison widgets below for the full picture.

May I enquire discreetly…. about other formats?

As well as the six-disc super deluxe, a two-LP vinyl edition will be released which features  the new stereo mix on the first LP and an alternative version of all 13 tracks on the second vinyl record, all previously unreleased.

2LP edition offers an ‘alternate’ version of Pepper on LP 2 via unreleased takes.

A two-CD edition also pairs the stereo remix with 18-tracks of selected ‘sessions’, and for what it’s worth, there’s also a one-CD edition. I think we can safely assume that all the alternates on the 2CD and 2LP are included in the box set.

All 50th anniversary editions of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will be reissued on 26 May 2017.

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The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper - 6-disc super deluxe box set


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The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper - 2LP vinyl


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The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper - 2CD Edition


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band super deluxe edition box set

CD 1 / New Stereo Remix
1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She’s Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
8. Within You Without You
9. When I’m Sixty-Four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13. A Day In The Life

CD 2 / Sgt. Pepper Sessions
1 Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 1
2 Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 4
3 Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 7
4 Strawberry Fields Forever – Take 26
5 Strawberry Fields Forever – Stereo/Giles Martin Mix 2015
6 When I’m Sixty-Four
7 Penny Lane – Take 6
8 Penny Lane – Vocal Overdubs and Speech
9 Penny Lane – Stereo / Giles Martin Mix 2017
10 A Day In The Lif e- Take 1
11 A Day In The Life – Take 2
12 A Day In The Life – Orchestra Overdub
13 A Day In The Life – Hummed Last Chord
14 A Day In The Life – The Last Chord
15 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Take 1
16 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – Take 9
17 Good Morning Good Morning – Take 1
18 Good Morning Good Morning – Take 8

CD 3 / Sgt. Pepper Sessions
1 Fixing A Hole – Take 1
2 Fixing A Hole – Speech And Take 3
3 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
4 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! – Take 7
5 Lively Rita – Speech and Take 9
6 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – Take 1 And Speech
7 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – Speech
8 Getting Better – Take 1
9 Getting Better – Take 12
10 Within You Without You – Take 1
11 Within You Without You – George Coaching The Musicians
12 She’s Leaving Home – Take 1
13 She’s Leaving Home – Take 6
14 With A Little Help From My Friends – Take 1
15 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) Speech and Take 8

CD 4 – Sgt. Pepper in Mono
1. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She’s Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!
8. Within You Without You
9. When I’m Sixty Four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13. A Day In The Life

Bonus tracks

14 Strawberry Fields Forever
15 Penny Lane
16 A Day In The Live – First Mono Mix
17 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – Original Mono Mix
18 She’s Leaving Home – First Mono Mix
19 Penny Lane – Capitol Records Mono Mix

Disc: 5 / Blu-ray: Sgt. Pepper in 5.1 surround sound and hi-res stereo
1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She’s Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
8. Within You Without You
9. When I’m Sixty-Four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13. A Day In The Life
14. Strawberry Fields Forever
15. Penny Lane
16. The Making Of Sgt. Pepper
17. A Day In The Life
18. Strawberry Fields Forever
19. Penny Lane
20. Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
21. Audio Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
22. Sgt. Pepper’s Audio Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
23. Strawberry Field Forever/ Penny Lane Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
24. Video Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
25. Making of Chapter 1 Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
26. Making of Chapter 2 Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
27. Video Setup Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Disc: 6 / DVD: Sgt. Pepper in 5.1 surround sound and hi-res stereo
1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She’s Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
8. Within You Without You
9. When I’m Sixty-Four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13. A Day In The Life
14. Strawberry Fields Forever
15. Penny Lane
16. The Making Of Sgt. Pepper
17. A Day In The Life
18. Strawberry Fields Forever
19. Penny Lane
20. Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
21. Audio Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
22. Sgt. Pepper’s Audio Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
23. Strawberry Field Forever/ Penny Lane Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
24. Video Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
25. Making of Chapter 1 Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
26. Making of Chapter 2 Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
27. Video Setup Menu / The Beatles / Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 2LP vinyl

LP 1 – Sgt. Pepper – new stereo mix

Side 1

1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She’s Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!

Side 2

1. Within You Without You
2. When I’m Sixty-Four
3. Lovely Rita
4. Good Morning Good Morning
5. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
6. A Day In The Life

LP 2 – ‘Alternative’ Sgt. Pepper (all previously unreleased)

Side 3

1 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Take 9 And Speech]
2 With A Little Help From My Friends [Take 1 – False Start And Take 2 – Instrumental]
3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [Take 1]
4 Getting Better [Take 1 – Instrumental And Speech At The End]
5 Fixing A Hole [Speech And Take 3]
6 She’s Leaving Home [Take 1 – Instrumental]
7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! [Take 4]

Side 4

1 Within You Without You [Take 1 – Indian Instruments]
2 When I’m Sixty-Four [Take 2]
3 Lovely Rita [Speech And Take 9]
4 Good Morning Good Morning [Take 8]
5 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [Take 8]
6 A Day In The Life [Take 1 With Hummed Last Chord]

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 2CD edition

CD 1 – Sgt Pepper – new stereo mix
1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She’s Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!
8. Within You Without You
9. When I’m Sixty-Four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13. A Day In The Life

CD 2 – Previously unreleased session takes
1 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Take 9]
2 With A Little Help From My Friends [Take 1 – False Start And Take 2
3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [Take 1]
4 Getting Better [Take 1 – Instrumental And Speech At The End]
5 Fixing A Hole [Speech And Take 3]
6 She’s Leaving Home [Take 1 – Instrumental]
7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! [Take 4]
8 Within You Without You [Take 1 – Indian Instruments]
9 When I’m Sixty-Four [Take 2]
10 Lovely Rita [Speech And Take 9]
11 Good Morning Good Morning [Take 8]
12 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [Take 8]
13 A Day In The Life [Take 1 With Hummed Last Chord]
14 Strawberry Fields Forever [Take 7]
15 Strawberry Fields Forever [Take 26]
16 Strawberry Fields Forever [Stereo Mix – 2015]
17 Penny Lane [Take 6 – Instrumental]

393 responses to The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band super deluxe edition

  1. Kaos says:

    Yes, I got a copy of sgt. pepper 50th SDE at my local Sunrise Records. It was unsealed and I traded it in for the White Album. Not much damage done- just some scrapes on the spine, some blemishes in gloss. but on the bright side, the CD house and the Book were sealed (I opened them for a look.) However, the bonus poster of Mr. Kite was missing and ultimately I sent it back… but not before seeing the documentary and music videos, as well as reading the book!

    • Kaos says:

      I got a second copy off of Amazon in October. it was sealed, it was compete, but unlike other people, I don’t know if it was the rush shipping or my bad luck, but the box it came in was in terrible condition, in which the album was laid in it backwards, and was bashed and scratched in shipment. I decided to keep it nevertheless, because I didn’t want to wait any longer, on the bright side, it was hardly noticeable unless you looked directly at it.\

      All in all, sgt. pepper for the ocntent i give it a 10/10. but for shipping and quality of my copy, I give it a 4/10.

  2. Steve says:

    Does anybody remember what the original retail price of the two-LP vinyl set was in the United States?

  3. David says:

    I feel really stupid about this, but I can’t figure out how to access the video menu on either the bluray or dvd discs. Are my discs defective, or am I missing something?

  4. John says:

    Just got my copy from, and it wasn’t shrink wrapped. Did others’ copies come in shrink?

  5. Serge Coriandoli says:

    Is this deluxe edition numbered? I just received my copy today and could’nt find the number of my copy!

  6. Steve Scott says:

    What Records have this online for £84.99 + shipping

  7. korova says:

    Hi Paul, as an enhancement on the site any chance of a sort by date for the messages? My thumbs hurting from all the scrolling on my phone!! I suppose its one of the perils of a popular topic.

  8. mark browne says:

    I am a Liverpudlian born and bred, i remember hearing my mums copy of the Beatles box set in 1980, ironically the same year we lost one of our most famous sons….not knowing who the Beatles were or the legacy or anything about them…but i remember they sounded special, different from anything, id ever heard, and I’ve been hooked ever since at there shear brilliance, in songwriting and crafting absolute gems, that have lasted the test of time…i’m so looking forward to this set, and I’ve even wished they would have given the same treatment to revolver which also had its anniversary not long ago, (last year lol) fact i would have been up for super deluxe editions of all their work especially if time was taken to really give us something special…

    There’s lots of events happening in Liverpool to celebrate this special album..but I’m proud to have picked something really special…i’m going to see my beloved Bootleg Beatles (the best tribute band), who i have been watching since 1987, who will perform the whole album, with the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra, it is the pinnacle of the celebrations for me…the only thing im debating is can i get the time off to get down to the pop up shop and see if they really do have anything special…my love for this group has cost me a fortune…but as always Paul Sinclair is always looking out for bargains for us and the cheapest comparisons going…I have much to thank Paul for, easily the best website for info, price and shear Brilliance so thank you Paul, i get everyone onto superdeluxeedition…you just cant go wrong!!!

  9. Michael says:

    I can’t wait to receive my copy of the Sgt. Pepper SDE box set this week! Dare I say it — if this box set is a smashing success, which I believe it will be, then maybe Apple Corp. will consider doing a similar 50th Anniversary box set of the Beatles’ White Album next year. To have a deluxe box set of the White Album with session outtakes and inclusion of the single, “Hey Jude” / “Revolution” plus “What’s the New Mary Jane?” would be thrilling. For now, I’m totally excited about Sgt. Pepper, and ready to re-experience the summer of love!

  10. Ken Croteau says:

    Cancelled my $99 U.S. dollar order from and will wait until there is a more significant price drop to purchase.


    From my turret way up high overlooking London’s riviera, there are Sgt. Pepper’s posters plastered all over the main roads – which makes a really nice change from underwear ads and graffiti, almost makes it feel like ’67 is happening now.
    I shall spend the week to a soundtrack of ’67 albums – the Doors, Between the Buttons, Are You Experienced, Headquarters, Forever Changes, Younger Than Yesterday, Surrealistic Pillow, Evolution, Absolutely Free (I’m saving We’re Only In It For The Money for the forthcoming winter of discontent!)…

  12. andrew r says:

    Can someone please explain why Giles Martin is the auto go to for Beatles remixing/remastering. Has his fathers genius passed directly to his DNA ?
    Or is it easier having the other G.Martin as producer on the box.
    There are tons of other options as producer for this project but i wonder
    if they were even asked. Next up Danni harrison and Stella Mccartney re boot the white album!

  13. Tim says:

    I dint have time to skim all these comments but I have listened to some of it on Apple Music and it’s astounding in terms of the mix.

  14. Ben in Colorado says:

    Very excited for this set. But I won’t be watching the unboxing. This one is too special to me and I want the thrill of seeing it for the first time in person!

  15. Kenneth says:

    Paul, you had my attention with the SDE weekend email. Very excited that you have a preview copy in hand. Please let us know how the 5.1 sounds as soon as you can!

  16. Peas and Love says:

    Apparently Sergeant Pepper is getting his own dedicated Pop Up shop in Liverpool with ‘exclusive items’ although no mention of what those are. I think SDE buyers get the box in an exclusive Tote bag. Open at midnight for the release day, I suspect it’ll attract a Record Store Day style queue.

  17. Steve says:

    Hi Paul:

    The Japan edition has a few exclusive bonuses. Japan bonus, regardless of how small, sometimes are a nice addition. These are also SHM discs. Anyway, my question: Is there any way to verify if these discs are region free, without region formatting? Usually, things like the Beatles are region free and format free.. any chance you could find out?

  18. Dean T says:

    Made up my mind to just stick with the 2cd set of now…both the vinyl and deluxe set are a bit over priced for me at the moment and to be honest I want too hear how the new mix and remaster sound ( I’m sure they will sound great ..) and the 2 cd set looks to be a nice set in its own right with booklet and insert, don’t forget the BBC have some great documentarys on tv and radio coming up so it’s a good time to immerse your self in a piece of pop art history.

    • Darrell says:

      Agreed. Too much money even at around £77 +P&P from Amazon France.
      Guess they know these will sell like hot cakes.

  19. John Schofs says:

    People keep banging on about the money…its about the new clarity. Get on and listen as there’s never been such times! Its very exciting to hear these new mixes refreshed, clean and crisp together with prototype tracks to provide the development picture. If you don’t like to spend then don’t get the lower priced version. Remember you are buying art as well as music and it’ll last forever. Peace & Love, Schofi

    • Kenny says:

      If you’re really talking about sound, the only version of “Sgt Pepper” anyone needs is the mono one. Knocks every other version into a cocked-hat.Everything else (remixes, outtakes re-masters etc) is superfluous. Its the kings new clothes syndrome.

      • Kevin says:

        ” the only version of “Sgt Pepper” anyone needs is the mono one.”

        In terms of being what the band intended, yes. But the transitions (listen especially to the transition between Good Morning Good Morning and the Sgt. Pepper reprise) are much smoother on the original stereo mix. On the mono mix, that initial guitar sounds like the tape machine hiccuped…

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  21. John Moore says:

    On a side note has anyone seen the three John Lennon /Yoko Ono LPs- Japan only releases- great packaging and colored vinyl too! Don’t miss out!

  22. Rodolfo Martin says:

    Dear Paul (or anyone),
    I have not read, so far, about those track from Sgt. Pepper that were included in the Anthology editions, during the late 90’s. There where many then, almost the full Disc #2 of the Anthology 2. Are those Anthology tracks included in the new Sgt. Pepper package? They should. If the answer is “yes”, then, the bonus CDs in this new release would not be 100% of unheard music. Also, if the answer to my question is still ” yes”, were they remixed? Thank you, Paul. It is very hard not being checking your site every single day, for the sake of our wallets.
    Rodolfo Martin
    Jacksonville, FL

  23. Dean T says:

    Just ordered the rsd 7″ off strawberry fields on your deal alert,this will sit very nicely with the 2 vinyl set or in the super deluxe box when the time is right to buy it. Only one of the two things I wanted from rsd this year ,the other being the pink Floyd 12″ . Again thank you Paul ,I would have missed this if not for you site( I won’t pay greedy ebay prices ).

  24. Steve says:

    The order page for the SDE is back up at The price is a little higher (€109.54 w/VAT, €89.79 w/o VAT), but it’s still quite a deal if you don’t have to pay VAT. Hope it sticks around for everyone!

  25. Geoff says:

    Same here – vanished from order history, no email.

  26. Philip Cohen says:

    Some bad news: the very low price which Amazon’s Canadian affiliate briefly offered (for the 6-disc box) will not be honoured. They cancelled my order without the courtesy of even e-mailing me to announce their decision.
    I had assumed that they wouldn’t honour the low price, so I had already ordered it elsewhere (from a dealer that only sells to customers in the U.S.A.) at 20% off the U.S.A. suggested price.

    • Mikko Suhonen says:

      The Super Deluxe Edition disappeared from’s catalogue a week or so ago and haven’t reappeared since…

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Yes, but those orders will be honoured. They just ran out of their allocation, I think, because so many SDE readers pre-ordered from Italy.

  27. Pablo says:


    :( I lost it when it was :(:(:(:(:(

  28. Philip Cohen says:

    Having a lenticular(3-D) image on the front of this boxed set is a very good idea, because it will then be difficult or impossible for the Chinese to manufacture counterfeit boxed sets, as they have for The Beatles’ “U.S. Albums” boxed set and The Beatles & The Rolling Stones’ “In Mono” boxed sets.

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  30. Adey says:


  31. Adey says:

    Paul, when you visit abbey road for the preciew, if you get a chance, could you please ask Giles if there are plans to release similar boxsets for other Beatles albums? (revolver … nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!!)

  32. Albert Tatlock says:

    I wonder if anyone has thought to include ‘clean’ versions of the remixed, mono, and 5:1 versions of ‘A Day In The Life’ as bonus tracks? Not unlike the one on the ‘Blue’ CD?
    Or will all ‘new’ versions include the ‘Reprise’ applause?

  33. Paul M says:

    1992, 50-minute documentary The Making Of Sgt. Pepper

    This must the one shown on The South Bank Show that I watched many times in the early nineties. George’s jumper alone makes it worthwhile. Would have bought a stereo+mono 2 disc set, not this.

  34. Ian street says:

    Guys, I am considering purchasing the box set Japenese version from CD Japan. Same content but love the way the Japenese package things and normally, better quality overall. Cost considerations aside, any thoughts?

  35. Paul McNamara says:

    The Beatles cash cow strikes again…………. the best of what was recorded made it onto the album in 1966!

  36. Sean L says:

    Wow going to a playback at Abbey Road… lucky sod ! Not in the slightest bit jealous!!!!

  37. Mick says:

    Paul…if You get to speak with Giles at any length, I’d be curious to know why the decision was made to offer a BluRay and DVD in the set with identical contents. …Rather than a BluRay which could have expanded on the DVD with seemingly obvious additional content like 24/96 versions of the original stereo and mono mixes. PS – enjoy the Abbey Road preview!

  38. michael1984 says:

    After being underwhelmed by the Big Star Third box set I got for Christmas, I am looking forward to this release by the greatest rock n roll band that ever did, and ever will walk the earth. The MMT box that came out a few years ago was a knock out in terms of packaging and presentation of the film, I’m thinking (and hoping) that high quality standard will maintained by this release. And finally a real, true stereo remix! and a 5.1 remix and unreleased songs. Next year will be 50 years since the White Album….come on Apple – do it again!

  39. Adam says:

    I’d buy a standalone blu Ray audio of the album itself, but won’t be bothering with any of the formats currently offered.

    • Rhinojack says:

      I agree Adam, Should we bother waiting for a stand alone Pure Audio Blu-ray 5.1 ? I don’t really even want the extras. Just the album in glorious HiFi multichannel.

  40. Pablo says:

    Once again… I’m not sure that this is totally necessary, I mean… the content of discs 2 & 3 are everywhere (in bootleg format ‘course), but, I can´t believe two discs are used to be DVD & blue ray without more “extra stuff”.

    As one said here…. this was the opportunity to put unreleased and strange songs from the sessions as “Carnival of Light”…

    SPLHCB and Revolver are my fabs LP’s from the Fab’s Four, but… when this was announced, I believed that will have more extras than I expected… I just see this as a commercial and marketing business, and “kill” some booties with these “takes” that will be release them.

    I really hate when it says “remastered and remixed”… in several examples are just only commercial and money biz…

    • Philip Cohen says:

      You are incorrect. There Is some new material in discs 3 & 4; material that is not available on bootlegs.
      “Carnival of Light” is not a song. It is a sound effects piece; similar to “Revolution #9”

  41. Domingo says:

    Japan edition ordered from

  42. Dani77 says:

    Separately Blu Ray???

    • Dima says:

      i wish, unfortunately i think they know huge fans will pay the full price for the box. these boxes take so much space, all i want is the 5.1 blu-ray :(

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  44. Willy says:

    Paul I think you should do the unboxing for this one on a stage, sell tickets, film it, folks would come. You could fill the Albert Hall!

  45. DaveM says:

    I have succumbed to the SDE following the price drop. At least there is some movement already unlike FITD. This year is proving to be another wallet buster but great that the physical product is truly alive and well.

  46. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Ordered the Japan deluxe edition from JPC for 184,99 € incl. shipping. So no duty trouble. And of course this is the longest treat in this short time i have ever seen on SDE.

  47. Jim says:

    I find The price discussion interesting but from this part of the world I would be mad tomourners locally. The best price I have found in Australia IS a little overm200 pounds and some asking over 220 pounds…..and these are the chain stores which usually have better prices than the independents. As usual I will get it from the UK. While your prices are likely to come down a shade around release time, down under they won’t move.

  48. J says:

    In the US not many choices to purchase from. Amazon $150, Sound Stage $127 & Ebay $150
    No Target, Best Buy or Barnes & Noble @ this point.

    If they do all 22 (mas a menos) Beatles Lp’s over time it will cost $3,300 for the lot

    I understand from a reliable source there will be no marbles in the box

    • Tom M says:

      @J Try ImportCD’s – $109. Just a fair warning though, they stiffed me and others on the King Crimson box set not long ago. Caveat Emptor.

      • J says:

        Tom M
        Thanx but they jerked me around for Genesis 3 Sides Live blu ray which took 3 (!!) months to arrive with bent corners

  49. Neil says:

    The Blu-ray or DVD should be released separately but no doubt they won’t.

  50. reed says:

    Bollocks. The price in the CA and US stores have shot way up for the 6CD edition.

  51. Chris says:

    Bummed I missed the Italian option. I even saw this post in time, but couldn’t get a chance to order it before it went away. :(

  52. Auntie Sabrina says:

    You’re welcome Rob C

  53. Bob C says:

    Thanks, Paul and Sabrina, for the region code info. My Italian version is ordered, but they’re apparently not taking any more orders at present.

  54. Chris says:

    While I would love to have the mono version on CD, I have no use for the DVD/BluRay. At this point I will have to skip over this collection.

  55. Emili Lafarga says:

    Just ordered my Japanese copy from for about 180€(20,848 yens) vs my previous-soon-to cancel preordered Italian copy which was 104€.

  56. John Hirst says:

    Have succumbed. I know it’s only six discs and all, but it’s Sgt Pepper and the size of the accompanying book (144 pages) tipped me over the edge. Still hoping amazon drop to at least under the £100 mark. It’s only £99 on but they will add considerable postage and I’d have to pay up front.

    • Derek Langsford says:

      Was horrified to see postage to the USA from Burning Shed is $46.55 making the total $149.90. Amazon US comes in at $124.99 plus tax is $135.61 plus postage (free with Prime). Amazon UK comes in at £109.99 minus VAT which brings it down to £91.66 plus £3.08 shipping for a total of £94.74 or approx $118.63. So the best deal for US residents out of these three is to order it from Amazon UK!

      • Derek Langsford says:

        Amazon UK had this set briefly for £90.86 on Saturday Jun 10 which without VAT came down to £75.72 + £3.08 postage = £78.80 or about $100 total. Snapped it up! Glad I waited and went for the Krafwerk 3-D Catalogue Blu-ray set first (they were issued on the same day) which I got for £86.84 + £3.08 shipping but is now selling for £159 before VAT is subtracted (about £132). So patience paid off with Sgt. Pepper and I made the correct decision on Kraftwerk by buying early. Partially makes up for missing the Blancmange box.

        Gotta stretch the money in these box-heavy times.

  57. Bassel hassouna says:

    This is the most numbers of comments ive seen on a post. Can we make it to 300??

  58. vinyllistener says:

    love the album but giles martin is a tin ear so will pass on this.

  59. Mo Lester says:

    £50 postage for the Japanese set makes it a lot less attractive….

  60. Daran says:

    On course to be the biggest selling SDE of all time? Must be in with a shout. It would be fitting for arguably the greatest album ever, and a release that looks to be really well thought out too if it attains that accolade.

  61. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I hope they honor the Italy price!

  62. Pete says:

    Penny Lane/ Strawberry Fields Forever 7″ now confirmed on the UK Record Store Day site:

    “This single in replica original picture sleeve, marks the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest singles of The Beatles’ career and indeed of all time.

    The music features new stereo mixes first featured on 1+ in 2015.”

  63. Rare Glam says:

    Or £130 for the Japanese version from CD Japan on SHM discs and a 3D diorama sleeve!

  64. Kev B says:

    Just hope the 5.1 mix is vastly superior to the +1 Blu-ray 5.1 mix….which was utterly underwhelming…and this is my point…. Giles Martin was involved in both…… another thing that has my alarm bells ringing regarding the new stereo remix is that he wants to keep it as close to the original mono mix as he can…..Why? when we’re getting the mono version in the deluxe edition!! I’ve been a Beatles fan now for over thirty years and I’m all for tradition but the reason why the Beatles changed music forever is their fearlessness in changing the way people recorded and listened to music…The best mixed Beatles album is by far and away the Yellow Submarine Song track…..why hasn’t their back catalogue been mixed like this?…imagine listening to Revolver,White Album,Rubber Soul,Abbey Road mixed like that?

    Oh by the way Sgt Pepper isn’t the greatest album of all time but it is the most important and influential.

    • vincent says:

      I have the YS soundrack and in general love the remix, except for All you need is love…very sterile sounding and the harpsichord in the beginning lower in volume than it should be.

  65. BeatleDan says:

    this is such a rip off. £100 for a couple of CD’s of out-takes, two CD’s of the same album and a DVD and Blu-ray of the same album and some videos that just amount to DVD extras. The album should be out in mono/stereo stand alone for £15. The Out-takes CD’s could be inc for another £10 and the DVD/Blu-ray should cost no more than £20 (look at the excellent stuff Criterion do for less!) . At most this bundle should be £60 – if you include all booklets and physical extras. £100 is daylight robbery. I don’t have to buy it i know – but that doesn’t justify the price. If it included the Vinyl I would consider it – and Carnival of Light of course should be in there.

  66. Jan says:

    No longer available on Amazon Italy. Have they pulled it as the price was wrong wont honour a la Vangelis?

  67. Brian says:

    Message from Amazon IT, translated: “Currently not available. Still we do not know when this item becomes available again.” :-( So shopping around for a deal…

  68. Stevie B says:

    6-disc set is currently £109.99 on Amazon, but as noted earlier in this thread can still be bought cheaper elsewhere.

  69. Christo says:

    Weren’t all or most of these “alternative” tracks released on the Ultra Rare Trax series of Bootlegs all those years ago?

  70. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Currently OUT OF STOCK on Amazon Italy. Price is up to €101.29.

  71. Joe Figliola says:

    Strange that “Pepper’s” deluxe vinyl release doesn’t contain all the bells and whistles that the CD collection offers. It would have been great for us LP fans to have a matching set to enjoy (i.e., a 4LP/DVD package).

    Someone on an earlier post suggested taking all the non-vinyl CD tracks and turning it into a separate LP release for a future Record Store Day. That’s an interesting idea. As a completist, I’d definitely buy it if that happened. Perhaps such bonuses as the “Carnival of Light” could be included as well. (Then again, I’m also waiting for the six or so bonus tracks from the ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Real Love’ CDs to make their vinyl debuts as well–LOL!)

    I’ll definitely buy the 2LP set. I just wish they would clarify what is meant by “alternative LP” tracks. (I think they mean outtakes, but to me it sounds a little vague.)

    • Craig Hedges says:

      Joe, it’s not really strange, the idea is you have to buy all the configurations and make Apple/universal a lot of money.
      The alternative LP is exactly that – The Sgt pepper album in sequence but different takes, this version is only available if you by the 2 CD or the vinyl version. Those buying the 6 disc box set will need to take the tracks used for the alt album from the 2 sessions cds and make their own version.
      I’d also like the FAAB and RL b sides released on vinyl as well as the 2015 mixes of those 2 tracks.

  72. Carlos says:

    What about of Only a Nothern Song? This was the fith song recorded to Sg Pepper.

  73. GHB says:

    currently £94 on in the UK

  74. J says:

    Pinch Me!!!

  75. … Why not Revolver?

    • Bender says:

      I’m totally with you on that. I was shocked that there was no anniversary edition last year like this one. Considering it was much more groundbreaking album that Pepper.

  76. Peter Stanton says:

    Italian price creeping up.

  77. LeBaron says:

    How will they print the inner run-out groove on the Blu-Ray disc? :D

  78. Gregory says:

    So far, in the comments above I’ve seen too few complaints about the 5.1 mix being available only in the Deluxe boxset.
    I love The Beatles but I am not that much a Beatles fan. I’m a 5.1 enthusiast and I have been looking forward to seeing a Beatles album released in 5.1 surround sound for a long time.
    Once again, as the Pink Floyd Division Bell treatment, I will have to spend more than 100£ just to get hold of that 5.1 mix.
    I’m so bored that as a 5.1 enthusiast I shall be considered as a wealthy consumer, which I’m not…

  79. Gareth says:

    I’ve always loved stereo sound. That is, until I bought Beatles albums! It’s been well reported how crude the stereo mixing was in those days. A vocal in a right or left channel, a drum in the other. Despite George Martin’s amazing imagination, ideas and production skills, technology had not advanced enough in the 60s to make stereo the way it is today. So I, for one, will welcome a mono mix (and, indeed, a hopefully less crude and improved new stereo mix!).

    • Phil H. says:

      Hi Gareth. this isn’t really true. advanced technology doesn’t come into it. it was perfectly possible and easy to centralise drums and vocals etc back at the advent of Stereo. it’s just the Beatles/Martin didn’t seem to get how to use it. :-/

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Early stereo hi-fi equipment still tended to be in a ‘cabinet’ rather than one speaker at one corner of a room and another speaker in the other corner. Therefore the speakers were still quite close together. So the mixing decisions tended to exaggerate stereo separation to give the ‘full effect’. Anything too subtle and buyers might complain it sounded a bit too ‘mono’. I don’t think it was a case of not knowing what they were doing…

  80. elliott buckingham says:

    just ordered the vinyl but will cancel if it doesn’t come down to around the £20 mark

    • Mike says:

      I wouldn’t, I read a while ago that first-pressings are less likely to have quality issues than subsequent pressings, something to do with early copies using first-generation stamping equipment – maybe someone can clarify (or say that’s rubbish!)?

  81. Rob Iles says:

    Surely they could have made this a 4 disk set and provided a download only code for disks 3 & 4?
    (Rob runs before getting lynched)
    I’m so happy they didn’t make THAT mistake!!!

    I like that the Vinyl is all new material, great if you own the original album already!
    VERY pleasing that apple allowed the SDE of this awesome album.
    Superb content.

  82. James says:

    The retail price now showing up on USA wholesaler sites for the Deluxe set is US$149.95.

    So expect to see the Amazon US price drop at least to $120.00, closer to $110.

  83. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I missed out on the Canada thing ( that’s if they really do get it ) and got the amazon Italy one due to its good price. here in Australia in one of the shops the pre-order for the box is $333 Australian! what a rip off !

  84. John Moore says:

    Depending how hardcore you are the Japanese release has a special pop up stand which is exclusive to Japan only- I am signing up for that- have an image but cannot upload the pics- Think carefully!

  85. Jim Galvin says:

    I Pre-ordered the Box and the vinyl before I even received the e-mail from UME or The Beatles website! :D

  86. Lee Taylor says:

    I figured they would pull out session stuff for this release, so no big surprise there. I’m really excited about the new stereo mix, though. I was fully expecting to get the same version of the album in yet another format but am instead now really looking forward to hearing something brand new (so to speak).

  87. Wazza says:

    CD3 track 5 – lively Rita? Is that a long lost unreleased track or perhaps a reworking ?

  88. vincent says:

    What’s all this griping about carnival of light? From what I’ve read, it’s just the boys banging haphazardly on electronic instruments without any semblance of structure.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      To be more exact, it’s a Paul McCartney equivalent of “Revolution #9”

    • Dr Volume says:

      You make that sound like a bad thing!

    • Trash says:

      The thing is that it is a piece of Beatles history that everyone knows exists but no-one has heard. That’s why everyone harps on about it all the time.

      However, as much as i would love to hear it I tend to agree with Paul S when he says that it is bound to be a disappointment.

      This, Bowie’s fledgling work for The Man Who Fell To Earth soundtrack and Japan’s ambient Penguin Cafe piece, are all things I would love to hear.

  89. John Barleycorn says:

    Also… Not seen this mentioned unless I missed it…
    A documentary in UK cinemas 26 May called “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today” about the album with a digital download (don’t shoot the messenger!) on June 1 and a DVD in July…

    • Craig Hedges says:

      Watched the trailer and was immediately put off by the fact Philip Norman is in it. This idiot has spent 35 years dining out on the rubbish and lies he’s written about The Beatles. How can anyone take him seriously. I remember seeing Mike McCartney refer to Shout as Sh*te on Saturday Superstore (1980s kids show for our foreign readers)

  90. Miguel Rocha says:

    So torn about this. I have the Beatles Mono box and Stereo box. I have the Anthology collections. I have the documentary. There’s no denying the brilliance in this box but Carnival Of Light would have definitely made this more interesting…it’s absence is a major disappointment. Just not sure what kind of new light this box sheds on this admittedly wonderful LP. The price would have to come down significantly for me to bite.

  91. David Olstein says:

    First, this is much better than I had expected from Apple. But there are still some glaring omissions — most notably, It’s Only a Northern Song. I assume that it’s inclusion was vetoed by someone. Also, if I had to guess, I’d say we’re only getting hi-res versions of the new stereo and 5.1 mixes, and not the original mono and stereo mixes, which is unfortunate. It’s also been rumored that Sgt. Pepper was mixed to quad in the early seventies. If a quad mix does exist, I wish it had been included as well. Finally, I would have rather had an all analog version of the original stereo mix on vinyl, rather than the new stereo mix (presumably cut from digital files). But overall I’m pleased. I hope we get SDE’s of The White Album, Let it Be and Abbey Road, as well as A Hard Day’s Night, Rubber Soul and Revolver.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      I agree that I’d like to see expanded/remixed editions of other Beatles albums, but be cautioned that this is not possible for “Please Please Me” & “With the Beatles”. The 2-track multitracks & outtakes exist only for 5 of the songs from the debut album(specifically”I Saw Her Standing There”, “Misery”, “There’s a Place”, “A Taste of Honey” & “Do You Want to Know a Secret”). The situation for “With The Beatles” is even worse: with the exception of some alternate takes of “Hold Me Tight” & “Don’t Bother Me”(which survived on a tape reel being re-used to record spoken word messages for Australian radio), all of the other “With The Beatles” session tapes were re-used. For the released songs & takes on “With The Beatles”, all that exists are the finalised stereo & mono mixes.
      Abbey Road Studios didn’t start making a serious attempt to save Beatles session tapes until the group started recording on 4-track(the “I Want to Hold Your Hand”/”This Boy” sessions)

  92. Peter Sherriff says:

    Many thanks for the price comparisons and pre-order links, Paul.

    I live in Australia and it is always expensive for us to buy, however, that Amazon It. price for the deluxe set is very, very good.

  93. ken.e says:

    Wow, it’s very close to what I was hoping to see but thinking the likelihood was very very small as they seem to not want to unload everything and rather hold at least a few things back for the next anniversary event.
    I think they have done a great job on this one and with a little hope we’ll see a White Album version as well as Let it Be and Abbey Road in a similar format. Even the vinyl has me excited, I am surprised it wasn’t coloured vinyl only to generate more interest among collectors.

    Thanks Paul for the great overview. I wonder when the box will be

  94. Michael Fortin says:

    Somehow, the 2-CD set does not duplicate anything I already have. The only thing I’m wondering is if Penny Lane is really a new 2017 mix, since it was just remixed in 2015 for the reissued 1 compilation.

    This reissue really ticks all the boxes I think. Including the original stereo in the Super Deluxe Box would probably be overkill, since anyone buying this box must have the original stereo anyway.

  95. michael1984 says:

    If only they would do this for the White Album…and Abby Road…and Revolver….and Rubber Soul….do I need to continue?

    What The Beatles don’t understand is that almost every fan treats almost every LP the same! I would take the While Album r Abby Road collection over this…but they insist that Sgt. Pepper was the high point. Well it may have been in terms of media, etc. but if they released every LP this way, well…they would make a killing!

    • Richard Starkey says:

      Yep, you are absolutely right. I too would gobble up any Beatles Album in SDE form like the fat pig I am. There’s just no other band in history that continues to fascinate us and delight us these 50 years on. Isn’t it a pity they didn’t do every single album in SDE form as the 50th anniversaries ticked by? Just wait until August 8th, 2019. A certain zebra crossing at St. John’s Wood will be so crammed with people, the police will have to divert traffic for miles around

  96. AlexKx says:

    So once again the l.p. is the only thing in 5.1 and not all of the bonus material? They are already using “planned obsolesce” for this product then in order to re-release it in the future. They should have started off with the first l.p.s or what have you (since they varied)…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields are also in 5.1

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Remember, that since many of the outtakes were in an embryonic state of development, that most of these did not involve 4-track to 4-track reductions, and so there would truly only be 4 tracks of music to mix from. and in a few instances, what they have is a 4-track tape where fewer than 4 tracks had been filled.

  97. Jack MPLS says:

    Super Deluxe with Blu Ray audio disc is awesome! And as others have said I don’t mind it not containing the LPs since I don’t play vinyl but for the price tag I’m sure some fans who want all three formats will be dissapointed.

    I’m very curious what the final box set will look like? The image above makes it look like the super deluxe is housed ina really thin flimsy cover?! Please hopefully it will be a very sturdy beautiful box set. :-)

  98. Strauss says:

    Shame Granada Television’s excellent 1987 Pepper documentary, ‘It Was Twenty Years Ago Today’ isn’t on the DVD. Still, a minor complaint. This is great stuff…

  99. Robert Picard says:

    For about 15 minutes this afternoon, Amazon Canada was offering the Deluxe version for $58.96CAD (YES, Canadian dollars)

  100. Tom M says:

    “Do we know if the tracks on the 2nd LP are also contained on the 2nd/3rd discs of the largest set, or might they be different takes? I don’t want to miss out on unreleased goodies!”

    Yes, they are on CD2 along with the alternate takes/new mixes of SFF and PL.

  101. Philip Cohen says:

    By the way, while it’s not yet certain that any other Beatles albums will receive the Super Deluxe treatment, I would note, that if Apple Corps wants to assemble a Super Deluxe “Magical Mystery Tour” box, that, via previous remixing projects (for the DVD & Blu-ray releases of “1+” and the movies “Yellow Submarine” & “Magical Mystery Tour”) that 5.1 surround mixes already exist for 10 of the 11 songs from the “Magical Mystery Tour” album(all of the songs, except “Baby You’re a Rich Man”), though 8 of those 10 mixes were done by Apple Corps’ previous remixer of choice(Abbey Road Studios staff engineer Peter Cobbin). Giles Martin would probably want to create his own mixes.
    The only notable omission from the forthcoming “Sgt.Pepper’s” 6-disc set is “It’s Only a Northern Song”, which was originally set to be George Harrison’s contribution to the “Sgt. Pepper’s” album, until he wrote the superior “Within You, Without You”. We’ll eventually know whether Olivia Harrison vetoed the inclusion of “It’s Only a Northern Song” from the “Sgt.Pepper’s” box set.
    Also, it will be interesting to see if the U.S.A. promotional mix of “Penny Lane”(with the 7 extra trumpet notes over the closing chord) will be “RM 11″(remix mono 11) as on the actual rare U.S.A. promotional single, or whether it will be the widely bootlegged “RM 10″(remix mono 10); a somewhat different mix which also has the 7 extra trumpet notes . I have one the 1000 copies of the rare 7” single, albeit used and in only fair condition, but I’ll be holding on to that rare piece of vinyl, at least until I see if the new box has the correct mix.

    • Dave H says:

      Don’t forget Giles Martin has been working on software to single out elements from a mono mix. I think it was initially used on the Xbox games on the bass notes.
      I just wonder if the technology was used in the 5.1 mixes. Hopefully the 5.1 mixes will be worth hearing as this is a major selling point for me.

    • peter wolf says:

      Some great news although it’s early stages i guess one step at a time the next Beatles edition is to be The White Album!!

  102. Friso Pas says:

    I really hope they will go back to the more aggresive approach of the Anthology surround mix. I love that mix and was therefore so disappointed in the lackluster 5.1 of the 1+ release.
    The Anthology mix brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it, and still does sometimes. (Listen to Strawberry Field Forever, and Something, for example, really powerful).
    Having said that, looking very much forward to alternative versions and a good upgraded documentary. Too bad they don’t include the vinyl in the sdl box, but I can always can get that one seperately.

  103. Tracy says:

    Is the deluxe edition a limited edition?

  104. Ern says:

    Ordered this one, Paul and I’m glad that they have included a 5.1 mix, as discussed.

    As a side note, if you have not come across it, the reggae version of Sgt Pepper’s by Easy Star All Stars is worth a listen. Some tracks work better than others.

  105. Eric Thiessen says:

    Amazon US is coming up at $149.98

  106. quixotictic says:

    I learned through NPR that there will be a Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane 7″ single for Record Store Day, which I confirmed by checking the RSD U.S. site. I’m not sure if this will be released in other countries as well, but that wouldn’t surprise me. Is this going to be the new stereo mix of Penny Lane? It seems strange that both weren’t remixed.

    • CJ Feeney says:

      This is bugging me, and I’m wondering if it’s an error. The listing says the Strawberry Fields mix was done in 2015 and Penny Lane 2017.
      Surely Penny Lane was remixed in 2015 for 1+ and Strawberry Fields requires the new mix?

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I read that there were a few very minor errors with the 2015 Penny Lane mix (to do with fade-in on piano overdubs) which goes some way to explaining why they have redone that mix (e.g. 2017) but kept the stereo remix (2015) of Strawberry Fields Forever, which presumably they are happy with.

  107. Catweazle says:

    Wot – no download only content? So disappointed!

  108. Stevie B says:

    Interestingly, thus far no news that I’ve seen on DD availability (or perhaps less surprisingly if it’ll be available for streaming, as Live at the Hollywood Bowl was when it was issued on CD last September).

    It also looks as if the 2009 stereo remaster will remain available. I was concerned that the new remixed version of Pepper might replace the original, they did something similar with the 1 album when they remixed the tracks from that for the late 2015 release.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m a little bit surprised they haven’t maintained the original stereo mix *somewhere* in this box, but with the original mono mix included, perhaps they thought it was simply overkill. That said, could easily have crammed more on the blu-ray – XTC style – as others have mentioned. Minor criticisms for what looks like an excellent box.

      • Craig Hedges says:

        My impression is that Apple want this to be seen as a ‘new’ version of Pepper which stands apart from the the original stereo version which hads already been release countless times over the years and sit’s in most music lovers collections. I’m not disappointed they havent included it. I’m guessing the reason the mono mix is there is to compare it to the new stereo mix which Giles and Sam have based it upon, like the ‘1’ mixes.
        As this is an aniversary edition I’m interested to know how long this will stay in circulation, there’s been no mention that the 6 disc set is a limited edition but they must be producing a set number of them and when they have sold are they likely to produce any more. The 1+ set were toted as limited edition but are still available to buy.
        Re: Carnival of Light – Paul, Ringo, Olivia and Yoko should arrange for the track to be played once on radio and then the master tape should be auctioned off for charity, like Jean-Michel Jarre did with ‘Music for supermarkets.

  109. LeBaron says:

    Paul, once I heard the news on the radio this morning, I struggled to find a comprehensive track-list for this Sergent Pepper Super Deluxe Edition, on the Internet.
    Then you published this article.
    Thank god this site exists !!
    You rule, Paul !! ;)

  110. Danny says:

    Why is the Carnival of Light track not on this box set? It’s from januari ’67. Too bad.

    • Stevie B says:

      A track called Anytime was also recorded during the Pepper sessions, mainly featuring Ringo. Not sure if that’s ever been bootlegged or was it erased?

      • Caroline says:

        I think “Anytime” is actually “Anything”, a jam session which took place on the release date (1st June 67) rather than during the Pepper sessions…it’s not worth releasing.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If they ever do release it, it will surely be the biggest anti-climax ever, since it’s not supposed to be that good, from what I’ve read…

  111. Alexander says:

    Paul, I wonder whether sides 3+4 of the double vinyl are exclusive to vinyl. In the above description it says “alternative St. Pepper” and on the tracks are listed like this:

    Side 3
    1 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [Take 9 And Speech]
    2 With A Little Help From My Friends [Take 1 – False Start And Take 2 – Instrumental]
    3 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [Take 1]
    4 Getting Better [Take 1 – Instrumental And Speech At The End]
    5 Fixing A Hole [Speech And Take 3]
    6 She’s Leaving Home [Take 1 – Instrumental]
    7 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! [Take 4]
    Side 4
    1 Within You Without You [Take 1 – Indian Instruments]
    2 When I’m Sixty-Four [Take 2]
    3 Lovely Rita [Speech And Take 9]
    4 Good Morning Good Morning [Take 8]
    5 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [Take 8]
    6 A Day In The Life [Take 1 With Hummed Last Chord]

    Anyway – this is great news!

    • Graham Turner says:

      Thanks for this listing Alexander – this was the information I was looking for above.

      Based on this, it looks likely that all of these tracks from the 2nd LP also appear on the ‘Sessions’ CD in the 6-disc set. Compared with the listing at the top of the page, only ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ and ‘Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!’ are not completely certain since the CD listing doesn’t specify which Take is included (Takes 2 & 4, respectively, on the LP). It’s probably safe to assume these are the same too.

      The listings also differ slightly as to when they specify if ‘speech’ is included or not, so this could possibly be an area of slight difference – although I suspect it’s just because they’ve been listed by different sources.

      The ‘alternative St. Pepper’ labelling is probably just to clarify that it’s an alternate to the earlier released versions, and not to the other formats in this 2017 Deluxe release.

  112. Paul W says:

    I’ve probably already got most, if not all, of the ‘unreleased’ sessions on bootlegs, but it will be nice to have them in better quality. I do hope they have included my favourite, which is the ‘oboe’ verwion of Penny Lane. Without checking, I think it comes from the John Barrett tapes, but I might be wrong. It’s lovely though, so I hope it’s on there.

    I’ve long wondered why they have never done big sets for the Beatles albums, including mono/stereo versions,msessions, alternate takes, live versions, outtakes, non-album tracks, etc, along with a Blu Ray, etc. We know there’s lots of stuff out there. I reckon this is just the start. The Esher demos of the White Album have never officially been released, so there’s a good starting point for next year’s boxed set.

  113. paolo says:

    I don’t own the album yet, so I guess it’s the right moment to grab a copy. The 2CD option sounds ok for me.

  114. fan says:

    The box is outstanding. Nothing more to say.

    Sad point : if you only want the 5.1 mix,you must cash up for the complete box

  115. Kevin says:

    Based on that YouTube video, it sounds as though “She’s Leaving Home” will finally be at the proper speed in stereo, rather than the slowed-down version that they never bothered to fix in 1987 or 2009.

  116. Mick says:

    OK – questions (some of which have already cropped up here):

    1. Why do we need a DVD duplicating the content of the (superior) blu-ray that’s included? Is there really anyone who’d spring for this type set who doesn’t own a blu-ray player in 2017?
    2. Can we assume the hi-res stereo is the new remix? If so, pity they didn’t include hi-res versions of the original stereo and mono mixes. Surely they’d have fit on the blu-ray. Clearly Apple didn’t take the cue from the Tull & Yes SDE’s.
    3. “Sessions… sequenced in chronological order of their recording dates”. So where are Carnival Of Light and Only A Northern Song? Tsk tsk Apple (see Tull & Yes).
    4. I’m a musician/producer myself, yet I still don’t comprehend how You get a bona fide 5.1 mix from a 4-track recording (?). I say “bona fide” cause digital inversion/panning/isolating of frequencies is they only option I can think of, and not MY idea of track isolation for a true surround mix.

    All that said from my soapbox, I’ll still naturally be buying this. ;-)

    • Caroline says:

      Re. the 5.1 mix – the Abbey Road/EMI archive still holds pre-bouncedown session tapes. So if the Beatles recorded onto all 4 tracks then bounced down to 1 on another machine, that 4 track tape still exists. Some remixes have already been done by combining core elements from different tapes, as heard on the Yellow Submarine “songtrack” album.

      • Dave W says:

        Yes, this technique of utilizing the first generation tracks from the pre-bounce reels, was used to great effect by Steven Wilson on the “In The Court of the Crimson King” remix.

    • Jim says:

      I will try to answer question 4. By this point in the Beatles career, most of the session tapes and overdub tapes were preserved. This means that in addition to the original 4 track recordings, every step of the mix down process was preserved. In order to add overdubs, the original 4 track tape was mixed down to one track (remember, the original mixes were designed for mono) onto a new four track tape leaving three blank new tracks. These three tracks would be discrete from the original 4. Using digital technology, the original 4 tracks could be synched with any additional discrete tracks to make a new multitrack recording that could be mixed together anew. That’s why the early Beatles stereo albums have all the music one one channel and all the vocals on the other. They simply mixed all the music into one track and overdubbed all the vocals on the other. Additionally there are instances when stuff was added “live” during the original final mix like John Lennon adding the radio broadcast of King Lear to the end of the mono mix of I am the Walrus. That’s why the original stereo mix changes to mono during the fade out.

    • Doug says:

      Re. Question 1: Yes, there are still some of us who don’t own blu-ray players in 2017.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Apparently, yes. If they *just* did blu-ray there would be uproar with fans complaining that Apple are ‘making’ them buy new equipment. That’s why two discs are included.

    • Klaus says:

      1. Yes, me.

  117. Jason Brown says:

    Genuine / dumb / mad question here : as a fan of music, but not a massive Beatles fan (though I have 1, Red & Blue, plus the brilliant book The Beatles Diary 2 : After The Break-Up 1970-2001), and thus have an appreciation for what they did, etc….

    Is Sgt. Pepper actually any good, in the ‘greatest album of all time’ sense of the word?

    I quite like the idea of the 2CD / 2LP version : but to actually listen to the music. £12.99 seems very decent…but, with 50 years distance, how does the music stand up?

    Like I said, dumb question I know!

    • Henry Martinez says:

      Hello Jason

      Not a dumb question at all. Yes, it is one of the greatest albums of all time, mono or stereo, and for any Beatles fan buying this from Amazon Italy should be a no brainer ($116.41, arriving within 4-5 days with Quick AmazonGlobal). As you’re “not a massive Beatles fan” you’ll probably want to go for the two CD set.

    • Mikael says:

      Yes, it still is one of the greatest records ever made!

    • Alex M says:

      @Jason Brown
      Not a dumb question. You’ll find this album is incredibly overrated – they had many, many better albums than this. As someone else posted earlier, quality-wise it is in the bottom half of their catalogue.

      I’m disappointed they didn’t start doing something similar for all their albums. Revolver and Rubber Soul would make for some very interesting and enjoyable sets.

  118. Anyone else not buying this? Anyone?! Exciting news for the fans and I’m happy for them but I thought it sounded underwhelming and dated given the hype when I first heard it in 1990 (but I do like the “woke up, got out of bed…” song).

  119. Neal Ruehlen says:

    Amazon IT again for the win! $64 cheaper than US after shipping, I can wait a couple of weeks for delivery considering the backlog of SDEs I have purchased thanks to this site. Regardless of the redundancy, Thanks again for doing the leg work, Paul.

  120. Cees says:

    I read this news today, Oh boy.
    I’m sure the price will drop, but larned a bit of Italian and couldn’t resist ordering the box set from amazon Italy.

  121. Paul Nolan says:

    Why both DVD and BluRay ??? Dvd is just filler

  122. Germaine Scalp says:

    Only a northern song and carnival of lights are missing. Should we wait for another 50 years ?

  123. Jeffro says:

    Lots of sites reporting this news today, but only yours carrying the practical info letting your readers know how to get it most affordably, for which I am most appreciative. Thanks as always, Paul!

  124. Bruce Padgett says:

    The seven-notes-extra-at-the-end of Penny Lane were previously presented on the U.S. “Rarities” album, as well as the Beatles Box and Anthology 2 collections, tacked on at the end of various mixes of the song. The Pepper box set will finally give us the original Capitol mix. Yay!

  125. Richard Bristow says:

    Plenty of UK sources currently much cheaper than Amazon on the Deluxe set but as Paul says their price will probably come down.

    Thanks Paul for your work on this.

    The price of this Deluxe set compared to Flowers in the Dirt….. oh dear!

  126. Lowell says:

    This would have been perfect with Carnival of light. Also some of the outtakes were on Anthology 2. Overall looks like an impressive set.

  127. Paolo Meccano says:

    I’m in for this because, well, Beatles.

    Two gripes, though: –

    1: If both ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ are included, then why is ‘Only a Northern Song’ excluded?

    2: By including ‘PL’ and ‘SSF’, Apple/Universal have shot themselves in the foot with regard to any possible expanded ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ set.

    Still, this is more than anyone was reasonably expecting and so I’m pleasantly surprised.

    • Just out of curiosity, why is Apple shooting themselves in the foot about a possible MMT set a personal gripe for you?

      • Paolo Meccano says:

        An expanded ‘MMT’ set would hold more interest for me than even this, to be honest. But, with the ‘SFF’ outtakes necessarily being such a large part of that, this release would make it unlikely.

  128. John Barleycorn says:

    Don’t know if anyone has already covered this but are the Sessions CDs 2&3 in stereo or mono? I would prefer stereo but seems everything was mixed for mono by the band for the finished album and then left to others to do the stereo version. Just asking!

  129. Graham Turner says:

    Do we know if the tracks on the 2nd LP are also contained on the 2nd/3rd discs of the largest set, or might they be different takes? I don’t want to miss out on unreleased goodies!

  130. Normand Tremblay says:

    Where is ONLY A NORTHERN SONG, George Harrison’s initial song for this album recorded during Sgt. Pepper Sessions on 13–14 February 1967?… The Beatles began recording Only A Northern Song on February 13 (after Fixing A Hole on February 9 and before Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite on February 17) and they taped nine takes of the rhythm track, four of which were complete. The best was take three, onto which Harrison overdubbed two lead vocals the following day, February 14… I expected it to be there on CD 3 / Sgt. Pepper Sessions, but it shines by its absence… Well, nothing is perfect!

  131. Jorge says:

    One, please!

  132. Peter Stanton says:

    I have had superb service from Amazon Italy, mega quick delivery and great packaging. I have no qualms about ordering this.

  133. Greg says:

    Although expensive, this is what a super deluxe edition should look like. I think the folks at Apple got this one perfect. Sir Paul should the embarrassed by the price and configuration of Flowers in the Dirt. If you compare the quality and quantity of the music, forgetting about the superior configuration of Sgt. Pepper, Sgt. Pepper is really a bargain compared to Flowers in the Dirt. I think this “real” SDE puts the Flowers in the Dirt comments to rest. I imagine that Flowers in the Dirt will soon be selling at half price soon.

  134. Dean T says:

    I’m in when the price drops a bit.

  135. Adey says:

    I agree with R.Naud, they should have released a sde version of revolver, the beatles best album!

  136. Adey says:

    For those out there who are wary of ordering from “overseas amazon”, i ordered the jams fire and skill boxset a while back from amazon germany and it was actually sent out from an amazon uk warehouse!

    • Klaus says:

      I’m in Germany and i order regularly from Amazon UK and from time to time from their sites in France, Italy, Spain and the US, never having a problem with any of these orders (except for price glitches like the one with pre-ordering “Delectus” from France, but even that went out well after a few weeks of waiting for re-stock and several (english) mails between me and them, ending up with crediting me the price difference between their then-current price and the pre-order price).
      What you have to watch are p&p though because all foreign Amazon sites charge them (even for Prime customers) but it’s normally per order and not per item, so every item you order lowers the p&p cost per item.

  137. CJ says:

    Wouldn’t it have been better if they had stuck to just two disc of “extra “material and left everything else download only? You know, to push fans to streaming? Since, you know, wave of the future and whatnot?

    Sorry….still being bitter about Flower in the Dirt.

  138. Peter Piazza says:

    Amongst all the talk of ” remix” and “remaster” could someone explain how we get a 5.1 mix from a 4-track master tape?

    • Caroline says:

      By recombining the elements from the pre-mixdown tapes still held by Abbey Road. They’ve done this before on the Yellow Submarine “songtrack”, although that wasn’t for 5.1.

      • Dave H says:

        Hi Caroline,
        A 5.1 mix was done at the same time as the Yellow Submarine ‘Songtrack’ as the release coincided with the release of the Yellow Submarine DVD. The 5.1 mix can be found on the movie DVD.

  139. R.naud says:

    I wish they’d done that for the 50th anniversary of Revolver. It is after all the album that has constantly topped those Best Albums of All Time these past 10 years. In hindsight Sgt Pepper’s is more trendy as an album and stuck in 1967 (visually and musically), definitely not the Beatles most enduring album. And speaking personally I find the American Magical Mystery Tour album much more interesting, diverse and fun than Sgt Pepper’s (I am the Walrus, Fool on the Hill, Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane , All You Need is Love, Hello Goodbye, Blue Jay Way … speak for themselves)

    • Jorge says:

      Controversial topic. Both are very colourful pieces of work and undoubtedly. Still, I’m looking forward in a much more enthusiast manner for a 2018 White Album in steroids!!!

    • Anthony says:

      Exactly what I thought when I heard about this yesterday. Bit of a missed opportunity there to celebrate Revolver last year.

    • Chris says:

      I do love Sgt. Peppers’; but Revolver is the one I would have been excited about, too.

      Then again, I don’t know much about what the sessions for that album were like. Maybe there’s little revelatory there — maybe the alternate takes etc. weren’t much different from what was released.

  140. Neil says:

    Maybe “New stereo” remixing is of the Beatles catalogue is the next round of reissues. Hopefully solid bass & drums centre with everything else floating about left and right.

    Also nice to watch DVD version of 1992 documentary instead of blowing the dust off my VHS (recorded on Channel 4 I think?). Some lovely moments of George Martin listening to isolated tracks. Hopefully this version included all the old Yellow Pages and Carling Black Label adverts inbetween too – in new stereo!

  141. DUKEVIKING says:


    Only in dreams did I think a SDE of any Beatles album would be possibly.

    2017 – that dream became a lovely reality.

    Just as 1+ was probably the best release since the Anthology tv/vhs/dvd series – This 50th Anniversary celebration is the best audio release since the Anthology cd sets.

    I can’t believe we are actually getting a 6 disc set (of course dvd and blu-ray same material but at their respective quality formats)

    This was my first Beatles album on cd when I first received it in 1995 for my 11th birthday – and what a summer that was with that.

    I spun for the Mono box back in ’09 to obtain that elusive Pepper mono mix.

    FINALLY – we get everything but the carnival of light kitchen sink with this set. (And I’m ok with that). The documentary looks like it was shot yesterday (although that was 25 years ago already)

    MPL should and probably will take this a pages from the Apple Corps folks on 2 month lead announcement (like 1+ and now this set). AND NO DOWNLOADS!!!

    Of course – us fans of the bootlegs will have a few more outtakes of these songs – the quality we will receive these new mixes will be incredible.

    I’m happy to share my birthday (June 1st) with this album.

  142. Ron says:


    Are the tracks on the 2nd discs of the vinyl and CD also on the box set? They don’t mention which “takes” they are, so I am wondering that in order to get everything on, am I going to have to get the box set AND the 2-CD set?

    Thank you.

  143. Mark McKendrick says:

    What…? No “Only A Northern Song”? Tsk, tsk, Giles.

  144. Pastuiven Verkwil says:

    “This will be the very first time Apple have authorised a super deluxe edition box set of a Beatles studio long-player.”

    Not quite: there’s also a big, big Help! box…

    • Paul says:

      True, and a very nice box for Magical Mystery Tour also, but those were more for visual content and not really music box sets. This really is the first deluxe set for a Beatles album, similar to the ten Paul McCartney sets. It is pretty cool and I hope there might be a few more to come from the Beatles in the next few years.

  145. Steve Burke says:

    I mentioned how timid the 1+ surround mixes were to Sam Okell and asked if Peppers would be more adventurous and he said “Yes!”

    • russell finch says:

      Good news, but then they could hardly be less adventurous. The 1+ CD and Blu were both mastered pretty loud, let’s hope Pepper is better.

  146. Craig Hedges says:

    The rumours started about this release yesterday as Amazon US broke the embargo. I sat watching the Steve Hoffman forum last night as the details were discovered. It was really exciting as it was first announced that there would be a 6 disc boxset but no one at that stage thought there would be any unrelased material, then someone posted the picture showing the discs and the word Sessions was spotted on two of them and slowly through the evening the details were discovered until the video showing the box set was posted… and it was game over.
    As a lifelong Beatles fan (44 years and counting), of course I’m excited but these releases are always tinged with sadness as I know a lot of Beatles fans who dreamed of a release like this have sadly passed away. Why have theyt left it so long.
    Probably in 100 years time they will be releasing the multi tracks and kids will be mixing their own version of the album.
    Really looking forward to getting the Making of Sgt. Pepper on Blu-ray as my VHS copy is very worn. This, by the way was made in 1992 and not 1987 as has been reported a few times. This programme was made as a test run for the Anthology… but it also inspired the makers to create the Classic Album series.

    • Henry Martinez says:

      Hello Craig

      Agreed that there is a sense of sadness for those who will not be able to hear this version, but they did have the great experience to anticipate and then hear this music when it was first released. While I’m happy to still be around to hear this new set (at 63, I know I’m assuming a fair amount), my memories of the original release, as well as the 1987 and 2009 re-masters, are memories I wouldn’t trade for anything. And who knows, if heaven is heaven, then those folks probably already have this one!

  147. Tim says:

    McCartney insisted that A Day In The Life be download only, but was overruled.

    • Mike says:

      “McCartney insisted that A Day In The Life be download only, but was overruled”.

      Beat me to it!!

  148. Jan says:

    No ‘Carnival Of Light’, but I’ll still get it.

  149. Phil G. says:

    Paul – when you do the Super Deluxe unboxing video, we DEMAND you do it dressed as one of Sgt Pepper’s band! :)

  150. Guy Vitti says:

    FINALLY! Apple looks like they have gotten this right! This appears to be a worthy super deluxe edition! My box is ordered! White Album next year please!

  151. Chris Squires says:

    Ordered from Italy, agreed Eric, a triple Vinyl with more of the sessions or Mono / Stereo would have been nice.

  152. Eric says:

    At least all of the bonus content was NOT made as a download only…. How is it Beatles fans get the proper treatment and Paul fans don’t? If ever there was an opportunity for another Beatles box set book it was this one…disappointing. Also, we vinyl fans would have preferred a triple…stereo/mono/alternate tracks

    • Ben Williams says:

      I agree, especially if Paul supervised both at the same time I know he gets absolute say on his solo stuff but he still gets a big say in Beatles boxes!!

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Older fans can’t figure out downloading with their computing device.

  153. Phil G. says:

    Very happy with the Super Deluxe box contents. Personally surprised (and delighted) that vinyl wasn’t included – I don’t play it, so don’t need it.

    What next, though? Is this a one-off (unlikely) or will other Beatles albums become available as Super Deluxe Editions in due course? Whither White Album and Abbey Road 5.1 mixes…?

    *Homer drool*

  154. Philip Birtwistle says:

    This looks a mighty fine and comprehensive set, but I’m in the minority that doesn’t find Sgt. Pepper’s to be the best Betles album, let alone the masterpiece so many find it to be…….

    • Sean says:

      I’m with you. It is in the bottom half of the catalog.

      • Billy Dojcak says:

        Bottom half with me as well. I’ll take MMT any day.

        • Edward Bates says:

          It’s definetely far from their best but it’s more of what it represents. This album broke the mould of pop music, smashed it into many pieces and then put it in a blender. Just wish that I was old enough to hear it when it originally came out.

  155. Daryl says:

    This looks great – I am a Beatles fan, but not a completist. I will probably plump for the 2CD.

    Genuine question (and I’m probably going to look stupid) – why do people like mono over stereo? To my ears (and understanding), stereo is an improvement, but a lot of people seem to prefer mono. I’ve always wanted to ask true aficionados!

    • Kevin says:

      Re: Mono vs stereo

      In most cases, it’s not that people necessarily prefer the mono, but that most of the work went into the mono mixes. With Sgt. Pepper, for example, two weeks were spent on the mono mixes (though you’d never know it listening to the sloppy transitions), with the band present during mixing. The stereo mix, on the other hand, was completed in three days, while the band were off doing other things.

    • Gavin says:

      Try listening to Beatles stereo albums on headphones vs mono – then you’ll understand why everyone prefers mono – vocals one ear – music the other

  156. Richey says:

    They’re still not keen on issuing the mono albums as single discs, are they? Annoying.

  157. eric slangen says:

    Ordered the superbox and later the vinyl will come.

  158. Sean says:

    Thanks for the hustle on the price from Italy. It lacks the romance of getting my Stones Box from the UK, but “urrà”!

  159. Steve says:

    I would’ve liked to have had the Mono mix available as a separate CD or as a 2-CD set set with the Stereo mix. Maybe even a 3-CD set with the Sessions CD as the 3rd CD.

  160. Eric says:

    Hope the Brexit will not make Amazon UK prices increase more and more…

  161. Rod says:

    Amazon Italy price has gone up to 98 Euro

  162. Keith says:

    Note on the beatles official website its Only £100 so i do expect the price to drop on Amazon UK and the preorder promise to kick in

  163. Martyn Alner says:

    Anyone noticed this on the Beatles website:-

    “For Record Store Day on April 22, Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe will release an exclusive, limited edition 7-inch vinyl single for The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane,” the first songs recorded during the band’s ‘Sgt. Pepper’ sessions, which began in November 1966.”

    • Richard Starkey says:

      Cool….which stores in the USA will carry that? Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart??

    • JohnnyJohn says:

      The Anniversary editions of The Beatles’ classic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band are coming to record stores on May 26, but just like back in 1967, a very special 7″ is going to be there first. A limited edition 7″ of “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane” joins the list of exclusive releases coming to record stores on April 22 to celebrate ten years of Record Store Day.

  164. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Bob C

    Say the blu Ray is Region A, They have yet to confirm this though. Wasn’t the 1+ blu-ray all-region?

  165. DenonHD8 says:

    Ugh, please disregard the grammatical errors in my previous post. The coffee hadn’t kicked in quite yet. :o/

  166. Paul Wren says:

    Once again the UK version of the double vinyl is £10 more expensive than in Italy. – sigh………..
    This is a comprehensive overview from Paul – well done sir.

  167. Bob C says:

    Is there any info on whether the blu ray and DVD on the Italian version are region free?

  168. Manuel says:

    If it’s a new mix then the mastering must be new as well. It can respect the characteristics of the latest remaster but it will be a different one.

  169. DenonHD8 says:

    Regarding to the Blu-Ray, as I am in North America, if I order from the Italian Amazon – is there any indication that it will be region locked, or in PAL??

  170. M. Weber says:

    ““most” on the sessions discs are previously unreleased, but not all.”
    I guess everything is already released – on bootlegs, for example the LSD-Boxset 1967 Sessions. I would be surprised if there is really something “unreleased”.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think we all understand what ‘unreleased’ means. Bootlegs aren’t official releases, so anything on a bootleg that hasn’t been officially issued is ‘unreleased’.

  171. Philip Cohen says:

    The “Capitol Records Mono Mix” of “Penny Lane” was a rapidly withdrawn promotional 7″ single sent to radio stations in the U.S.A. which contained 7 additional trumpet notes over the song’s final chord. Only 1000 copies were pressed and distributed before the Beatles decided that they didn’t like those 7 notes.

    • Gavin says:

      That version of penny lane with xtra trumpet at the end was also on the vinyl Beatles box – from Liverpool- released in 1980 I think – and as that’s the place I first heard penny lane I’ve always missed it

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Wonder if this is the real Capitol mono mix or one reconfigured by Giles? The Capitol lp mixes from a few years back were deemed inferior and reassembled in the ‘style’ of the American mixes. They still sound off.

    • Jon C says:

      Still kicking myself for owning one of those and not selling it for $$. Ah well.

      [And for the record, I’d found a very scratched and completely dusty and forgotten copy at a radio station I used to work at. They basically shrugged and let me have it considering they weren’t playing vinyl there anymore.]

  172. JR Larsson says:

    There should have been a DVD and a Blu-ray 5 disc box set since they are identical. That being said, I will start saving now for Abbey Road in 3 years!

    • Kenny says:

      Good point. Why two versions? Either you have a Blue-ray player or DVD. Who has both? Oh I see…you can charge more cash for six discs than five!

    • Paul Herberts says:

      This seems to be The Beatles way, the Magical Mystery Tour box contained both DVD & Blu-ray.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      It’s easier to have one version to stock, ship, whatever.

  173. Dustin Soper says:

    @ATF – maybe the Carnival of Light is coming out on Cassette Tape for Record Store Day Black Friday. HA!

    • mike says:

      Best comment so far, i suspect Macca would plump for 8 track – the way it was meant to be heard… Carnival of Light doesn’t belong on Sgt Pepper, it needs release one day but not on this.

  174. Phil H. says:

    A remix also allows the drums to be centralised ;-)

    I am a Beatles NUT but, for me, “Beatles Stereo” is one of the great travesties of the 20th century, especially as I have always been predominantly a headphones listener.

    • Charles K. says:

      Agreed, one of worst stereo mixes of all time. Totally ruined the entire catalog. I just kept my old copies and bought the mono box.

  175. Ben Williams says:

    Looks very cool!

    HMV price is alright at £109 I thought.. especially considering:

    A – it’s the Beatles
    B – Cheaper than Flowers In The Dirt
    C – it looks pretty choc-o-block with extras!

  176. GHB says:

    Hoorah – I can buy this without the usual (for me I appreciate!) unwanted vinyl in the everything-musical-included box set. Thank you EMI ….

  177. John Barleycorn says:

    Anyone got any physical dimensions for this box?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think it’s around 10-inches square

      • Michael says:

        Paul, I watched the promotional video of Sgt. Pepper SDE posted on Amazon. The animation of the “unboxing” shows the four 5-inch CD slipcases situated in pockets (with no overlap) on the left inside cover with 1-inch yellow border all around, while the Blu-ray and DVD (also in 5-inch slipcases) located in pockets on just one-half of the right inside cover of the gate-fold LP jacket replica. Given that, it appears to me that the outer dimensions of the box would have to be at least 12-inches square to accommodate the package configuration :-)

    • Michael Fortin says:

      According to the Beatles website, it’s 12″ x 12″

  178. GP says:

    UK edition most expensive because…of BREXIT.

  179. Nigel M says:

    Any ideas whether we will get a high res download that can be purchased separately?

  180. Pete says:

    Will be amazed if the Amazon UK price doesn’t drop significantly before release so have pre-ordered in expectation of precisely that. If that doesn’t happen I can always cancel.

  181. Rare Glam says:

    In UK HMV currently have the SDL set on offer for £110, so that’s £30 shaved off Amazon’s price straight away, though I would expect it to drop in price quickly on Amazon anyway.

  182. John Barleycorn says:

    I am not used to all this positivity on here…
    I have to say this does look value at the Amazon Italy price.
    If you haven’t ordered from them before it is pretty easy and fuss-free.

  183. Matt B says:

    The Amazon UK price seems to follow Amazon UK’s recent policy of charging well over the top at the start so that they don’t get caught out by their pre-order price guarantee later on. I would expect that it will drop to match the £100 price tag from the Beatles UK store before too long.

  184. Geoff G says:

    Wow, look at the price! I’d like it, but ouch!

  185. ATF says:

    Looks wonderful, some excellent thought an attention paid and something for everyone. Super Deluxe duly ordered from Italy.

    But, what a terrific shame that they did not include the Carnival of Light. The last unreleased Beatles composition, of sorts (song does not seem to be the right word). Recorded during the Pepper sessions, on one of the days they worked on Penny Lane, and heard in public only during the The Million Volt Light and Sound Rave at London’s Roundhouse.

    If there was a release on which to include the recording, this would surely have been the most appropriate. Yes, it is likely not the most entertaining Beatles recording or even a lost gem, but it is unreleased Beatles music that now seems further away from release now than ever; following George’s veto of its inclusion on Anthology 2 and now absent from a Deluxe set covering those very sessions.

    Ah well, along with the epic Helter Skelter and Let It Be DVD the Carnival of Light remains on the Beatles devotees want list for the time being…

  186. John Hirst says:

    Waiting for the price drop on this one. even at £80 this seems steep. Given what happened with the Floyd box (which I did pay full price for) I think my patience may be rewarded.

  187. Eddie says:

    I have pre-ordered the SDE via Amazon Italy.

    If I change my mind or find it cheaper elsewhere can I cancel and, if so, up till when?

    • Simon says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Like any pre-order on an Amazon site, as long as it hasn’t reached the shipping stage you will be able to cancel it. The release date is 26 May so you would probably want to cancel it if you need to by say around 23rd or 24th May at the latest. As a guide with pre-orders they can ship a few days early, or sometimes on release day, or even sometimes a day or two afterwards.

      • Eddie says:

        Hi Simon,

        Many thanks for your explanation.


      • Paul J says:

        With pre orders I would like Amazon to deliver to my door
        6 am May 26th. Though of course I’d prefer to have it May 25th.
        I actually discovered a misplaced in the bins early Brainwashed at Kmart
        I thanked my lucky stars, since an E.T. DVD was above it. ETs magic finger
        was pointing to it. I kind of freaked.

  188. Leemer says:

    I am looking forward to this!

  189. John says:

    No case of the Laupers here.

  190. Adey says:

    I think i will (definitely) order the sde when the price goes down on amazon. Nice to see a box WITHOUT vinyl stuffed in as an unwanted extra. Why do they drastically mark up box sets on amazon uk prior to release date, only to reduce them considerably, on release day, to their “true” retail price? Do they think people see something as a bargain when an £80 box set is marked up considerably then “reduced”? Are they trying to copy dfs??

  191. Jon C says:

    Ordered, of course. :)

    It just occurred to me, though…it would have been interesting to hear “Only a Northern Song” in the context of the sessions cds, if only for completeness’ sake. :)

    • Philip Cohen says:

      I should note, that with respect to “It’s Only a Northern Song”, it is well-served elsewhere. You can hear the original mono mix in the 2009 remasters, a remixed true stereo version on “Yellow Submarine Songtrack”, a 5.1 mix on the “Yellow Submarine” DVD & Blu-ray discs, and a (cobbled together) outtake version on “The Beatles Anthology Vol.2”

      • Jon C says:

        Oh, totally agree. In the context of OFFICIAL release, it should be right there with Yellow Submarine. Just thought it would be interesting hearing it in the context of the album it was originally recorded for before George made the MUCH better decision to add Within You Without You instead. :)

  192. Adam says:

    Italy again FTW. (Seriously, how can it be $49 less coming over the Atlantic? I’m grateful either way; it’s saved me a huge amount.)

    No mono on the Blu-ray? That would have been a nice to have indeed.

    Honestly, even $100 seems a bit steep; consider what the SDE for Pet Sounds cost for basically a similar amount of content. (That one had mono on the Blu-ray, but no 5.1 and no documentary, so…)

  193. moog_man says:

    Interesting… thanks, as always, SDE for the heads up.
    This maybe premature to ask but, does anyone know if there are plans to release the blu-ray separately? Ideally, with all the content of this Super Deluxe Edition included, i.e.
    “The DVD and Blu-ray include ‘fully restored’ version of the 1992, 50-minute documentary The Making Of Sgt. Pepper and 5.1 surround and hi-res stereo mixes of the album, plus Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever. The content is the same on the DVD and blu-ray, but the latter will offer lossless 5.1 and improved visuals.”
    Either way, we look forward to the ensuing price yo-yos…

  194. john gwinnell says:

    Are the demos the same ones that featured on the anthology discs?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      “most” on the sessions discs are previously unreleased, but not all.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        It should be noted, that Universal’s info suggests(but doesn’t confirm) that even those outtakes that had previously appeared on “The Beatles Anthology Vol.2” will be newly remixed by Giles Martin when they appear in the new boxed set.

      • Paul J says:

        You know that really gets my goat that some session tracks were already released.
        First of all the price, for what the box costs, all should be previously unreleased.
        As if they only had 2 takes to choose from. I personally would like to hear plenty of the jam sessions when they were pounding out a tune. Perhaps they were wiped back then.
        Maybe when all original fans are dead, the Abbey Road Beatles library will be available online so you can listen to any or all takes if you want to.
        For the price of your first born

    • Jason says:

      Looks like most of what was on Anthology 2 from Sgt Pepper is there, but I don’t think all of it

  195. Lee Taylor says:

    Ordered the vinyl from the U.S. and the box from Italy, though I’ll be keeping an eye on the U.S. price to see if it drops….

  196. Andy K says:

    Looks lovely but the price is crazy, especially in the U.K. But hey, it’s The Beatles so we can charge what we want. I reckon the super deluxe box should be about £50, maybe £60 at a push. After buying the supposedly limited mono box on release for full-price back in 2009 (and then seeing the price tumble thereafter) I think I’ll pass. Once bitten, twice shy.

    • David Crozier says:

      Exactly. It’s not as if the album hasn’t made any money for anyone over the past 50 years!

  197. Michael Leek says:

    A splendid time indeed – can’t wait.
    Sub £100 version ordered from
    Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ Paul…

  198. Greg says:

    Is it possible to have a new stereo mix without a new remaster? I’m asking because I really struggle with the 2009 stereo box set. In my view they didn’t need to compress the sound to meet ‘modern expectations’ so I’m hoping they haven’t done it on these new mixes.

    If any further information is available Paul, that would be appreciated.

    • Marshall Gooch says:

      You cannot have a new stereo mix without a new master. Anything coming out on cd or record has to be mastered (in order to replicate copies for sale) so if it’s a new mix it will have to be a new master. Btw, someone earlier said a new mix can let you add more bass, etc. Well… You can boost any frequencies you want when creating a new master, but not by boosting it from a specific track. That is, when you do a new mix, if the bass is on a track of its own then you can boost that by itself. In the mastering stage, you boost the bass frequencies (everything that falls in that range, be it bass, kick drum, low parts of guitar and keyboard) but not specifically the bass by itself. Does that make sense?

    • Mark Jensen says:

      Well if you make a new mix, of course that mix has to be mastered, but it technically is not a re-master, because it is the first time it is being mastered. I share your concern that this newly mastered stereo remix will very likely be more compressed that the original mono cd found in the mono box.

  199. Neil says:

    2CD Edition £12.99 and the box £109.99 on Stuff Amazon and their silly pricing.

  200. DDB9000 says:

    “The mono version of Sgt. Pepper – generally the Beatle aficionado’s preferred version”

    I don’t know that this is necessarily true. In fact, the whole mono craze in general is over-promoted, just cause that is what some people only heard on their transistor radio ages ago.

    But many true Beatles fans, certainly by the time of “Sgt Pepper’s…” already had some sort of stereo system. So I’m a bit sceptical of the claim. The album’s great in mono, but excellent in stereo.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It was mixed in mono with the band sitting there, chipping in. Unlike the stereo mix. It’s not the case that mono with The Beatles is always better, but I find Pepper far more powerful in mono.

      • Kevin says:

        When I first heard the mono version a few years ago, I couldn’t believe how sloppy it was. Hard to believe they spent two weeks on it. The stereo mix is so much smoother—except, of course, for slowing down ‘She’s Leaving Home’…

      • Kenneth says:

        Definitely my favorite version. I miss Paul’s carrying on at the end of Sgt Pepper Reprise. Why they left that out of the stereo version I’ll never know. Anyway, this is another instant preorder for me!

      • Dazz says:

        I must be one of the few people who found the monaural Pepper very over-rated.

      • colin says:

        I have Stereo/Mono comparison print outs for all of The Beatles albums released before they split. Collated over years of research. If you want to know anything about Stereo/Mono differences on any of these albums I can find the answer for you (anyone, not just Paul @ SDE) – Just Ask, no probs!

    • Tim says:

      Also, Sgt pepper was the first Fabs LP that they were involved in the stereo mix.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      While I personally prefer stereo sound, many 1960’s stereo mixes were done quickly and by assistant engineers who were not involved with the original sessions. This is why there are musical difference between the stereo & mono mixes on some Beatles recordings, as well as Bob Dylan(“Blonde on Blonde”) & The Bee Gees(“Idea”)

    • Jochen Mosthaf says:

      They recorded on a 4 track machine and did a thousand, our rather a million overdubs, so a lot of things ended up on one track and couldn’t be separated anymore, which made it difficult to create a proper stereo mix. EMI were so poor, they could not afford an 8 track machine!
      At the same time releasing mono albums was very much an English thing. I am German, and here everything since Beatles For Sale was released in stereo only. We did not even know mono albums still existed. Same goes for the US, the biggest market, albeit a little bit later. There is also a bit of a marketing ploy: after everybody had bought everything in stereo, downloads, vinyl, CDs, we were told that mono was the real thing. I am glad both versions exist. I may have bought Pepper 10 times by now, and there is indication this will ever stop. Until the day i die.

  201. john gwinnell says:

    A must buy. would have been nice to include the 1987 documentary. I think it was called it was 20 years ago today.

    • Jim Brancato says:

      I had the exact same thought. That one could sure use an upgrade itself. A wonderful history of the time period as well as the album, and the interviews are much more revealing IMO. Paul comes off quite worse than George, which I always assumed was the reason it was never re-released.

  202. Joao says:

    Superb, but I’m afraid that the box are manufactured in China, as latest McCartney’s Super Deluxe Editions ones. It would be disrespectful with fans.

  203. DaveM says:

    No four disc limit on this one then!! The dilemma for me is that I already have the mono version on CD (the best way to hear it IMHO) and not that bothered about Bluray / DVD so that leaves the mono extras and the stereo tracks not on the 2CD and of course the packaging… Mmmm, I need to think about this as not really as much a completist about the Beatles as I am for the John, Paul and George solo stuff.

    • David M says:

      A solo completist, but not a Beatles one? That’s strange!

      • DaveM says:

        @David M, very strange (Couldn’t resist LOL). I guess its because I grew up with and bought the solo years from the mid to late seventies so they kind of mean more to me. My ‘desert island discs’ would probably not be Beatles albums, but many of the solo albums. Lennons POB is my favourite album of all time and has been for decades.

  204. John Ireland says:

    Beatles store are advertising this at £100. I would expect Amazon UK price to come down. I’ll hold off and see how the price moves.

  205. Mark Hanson says:

    I am happy that the deluxe box does not include vinyl, which I’d never use. Seems a reasonable price for all the work involved.

    The sessions discs give them something to release in vinyl for Record Store Day next year…

  206. Phil says:

    Perfect!! But what should I do with my 1987 HMV cd box set signed by George and Ringo!!?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’ll take it off your hands… ;)

    • Hopiman says:

      Phil, get it signed by Paul!

      • Phil says:

        There’s a thought!!

        • Mark Carroll says:

          Best of luck with that.. My mate once tried to get his signature & he refused to sign. He asked him again later & Mr McCartney told him to F$%K OFF…true story…

          • Jochen Mosthaf says:

            Paul McCartney is not the nice person he tries to project as an image. But he was when he was with the Beatles. George Harrison once said “he was always the one with an autograph and a smile”. All water under the Mersey bridge.

          • Lou says:

            So Paul was in a bad mood that day? String him up!! :) Every single Beatle had/has moments when they were rude to fans and/or refused to autograph something. Each of them could be “nice” and “not nice.” But because Paul was “the nice one” I guess he was supposed to be nice every single moment of every single day.

    • Tim says:

      Send it to me.

  207. Martin says:

    Sorry way too high on price will await the inevitable SDE price drop

    The vinyl price is once again a total joke – That too will wait for another day

  208. Scott G says:

    Thanks Paul.
    If the Love DVDA is anything to go by I am sure Giles Martin will have done an excellent job of this.
    Amazon Italy in the bag. :)

    • colin says:

      I must dig that Love CD/DVD out and give the DVD a listen. Had it for years and not got round to it yet!

  209. Neil Thompson says:

    ok I give in… What’s the difference between a “remix” and a “remaster”?

    • Mark Hanson says:

      A remaster uses the original mono or stereo master tapes and creates a new version of the original mix.

      A remix takes the multitrack masters (4-track in the case of Sgt. Pepper) and perhaps any intermediate recordings (“stage tapes”) and uses them to produce a new stereo mix – and, in this case, a 5.1 multichannel mix.

    • David M says:

      A remaster changes nothing on the original master tape. A remix may boost bass, vocals, guitars etc

      • Richard says:

        That is backwards.
        Remix is taking the original multi-track recording and remixing it. Thus thew term “remmix”.

        Remastering is enhancing the audio dynamically. It’s the specialty of Bob Ludwig.

  210. russell finch says:

    Hopefully the 5.1 mix is rather more impressive than in the 1+ release, which was disappointing to say the least.

    • Neil Wilkes says:

      Oh my yes.
      That was up there with the worst 5.1 mixes ever.

    • Andreas says:

      I agree with your comment totally. I have expected more. Sgt Pepper could be one of the ultimate surround sound releases ever if produced well. Steven Wilson is the man who makes the best in my opinion but let’s see what Gill has to offer. He would had enough time to prepare this classic album.

  211. Julian H says:

    A bit ironic that they’re having bonus tracks following the mono mix, when this is usually given as the first example why there shouldn’t be any bonus tracks following an album… but I don’t mind that much…

  212. David Crozier says:

    Yet again the British are charged the highest price. How can it be right that exactly the same product is £50 cheaper AFTER being shipped to Italy and returned to the UK? Doesn’t make any sense at all. I didn’t buy Flowers in the Dirt deluxe edition because it was too darn expensive (£95 in the US, £135 here) and I shan’t be buying this one either. A shame, because I’d really like to own them both. Doesn’t McCartney realise we don’t all have as much money as him?

  213. Gavin says:

    £140- starting to make the Floyd box set look good value – but will have to order – Beatles isn’t it!

  214. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Definatly worthy of the Super Deluxe tag, pity about not being able to get the mono mix on standalone CD though…

  215. gogandmagog says:

    great, no vinyl in the box

    In the Blu-ray will be also the “original” stereo mix? whay not the mono in HR?

    An advance…XTC Blu-rays are the woundeful, but seems most labels want more profit.

  216. James says:

    Amazing. Including both blu-ray and DVD is nice. I can’t really complain about this one. A must buy for me.

  217. Johnny Feathers says:

    Probably not a big enough fan to pick this up, but if ever an album deserved the deluxe treatment, I’d say it’s probably this one.

  218. Steve gilmour says:

    All formats ordered :)

  219. richie says:

    YES!!!!!!! ; )) Ordered and Happy!

    • SteveT says:

      What is the point?
      We all have it in the way it was meant to be heard.

      Over £100 for 5 extra albums of potato peelings.

  220. Noel says:

    A splendid time is guaranteed for all…

  221. Marcel Rijs says:

    Very nice! I’ll look forward to a 50% discount though….

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