The Beatles / The Singles Collection

The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set

23 seven-inch singles in a box • Cut from original mono/stereo tapes

Apple Corps and Universal Music will issue The Singles Collection in November, a new Beatles box set that gathers all of their seven-inch vinyl single releases together in one box set.

The package gathers all 22 UK singles from the original era with their respective B-sides (or AA-side in the case of some). The exception to this is 1995’s ‘Free As A Bird’, which is the 23rd and final seven-inch included in this package, but becomes a double A-side with 1996’s Real Love. The original B-sides of those two Anthology-era singles – ‘Christmas Time (Is Here Again)’ and a live recording of ‘Baby’s In Black’ – are ignored). The EPs aren’t included in The Singles Collection, so no ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ or ‘Long Tall Sally’, for example.

Every single here reached number one in the UK charts, except ‘Love Me Do’ (#17), ‘Please Please Me’ (#2) ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’/’Penny Lane’ (#2) ‘Something’ (#4), ‘Let It Be’ (#2), Free As A Bird (#2) and Real Love (#4).

To make things interesting these seven-inch singles will use various international cover art, so the ‘Love Me Do’ sleeve is from the USA, ‘She Loves You’ from Germany and ‘Ticket to Ride’ is from Sweden (‘Free As A Bird’ had the same artwork everywhere).

Each seven-inch single is pressed on heavyweight vinyl (incorrectly described as “180g” by the label) and these are “newly cut for vinyl from their original mono and stereo master tapes” by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios.

The front cover of this box set is consistent with previous packages like the 2014 The Beatles in Mono vinyl box and this comes with a 40-page booklet with notes by Kevin Howlett.

Sadly, in this rather vinyl obsessed age, this singles box set isn’t being issued on CD. I doubt it was even considered but a set with Japanese style 3″ CD singles would have been cool.

The Singles Collection will be released on 22 November 2019. This is described as a ‘limited edition’ box although we don’t know how limited it is.

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The Beatles

The Singles Collection - seven inch box set


The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set

The Singles Collection seven-inch singles box

1962 [SLEEVE ART: U.S.]
1 A: Love Me Do
2 B: P. S. I Love You

1 A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
2 B: This Boy

1 A: She Loves You
2 I’ll Get You

1 A: Please Please Me
2 B: Ask Me Why

1 A: From Me To You
2 B: Thank You Girl

1 A: Can’t Buy Me Love
2 B: You Can’t Do That

1 A: A Hard Day’s Night
2 B: Things We Said Today

1 A: I Feel Fine
2 B: She’s A Woman
1965 [DO

1 A: We Can Work It Out
2 A: Day Tripper

1 A: Help!
2 B: I’m Down

1 A: Ticket To Ride
2 B: Yes It Is

1 A: Eleanor Rigby
2 A: Yellow Submarine

1 A: Paperback Writer
2 B: Rain

1 A: Strawberry Fields Forever
2 A: Penny Lane

1 A: Hello, Goodbye
2 B: I Am The Walrus

1 A: All You Need Is Love
2 B: Baby, You’re A Rich Man

1 A: Lady Madonna
2 B: The Inner Light

1 A: Hey Jude
2 B: Revolution

1 A: Get Back
2 B: Don’t Let Me Down

1 A: Something
2 B: Come Together

1 A: The Ballad Of John And Yoko
2 B: Old Brown Shoe

1 A: Let It Be
2 B: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

1 A: Free As A Bird [1995]
2 A: Real Love [1996]

247 responses to The Beatles / The Singles Collection

  1. bobbysdad says:

    Has anyone seen it cheaper than Discrepancy Records AU$379.99 [FREE delivery included] in Australia yet, please?
    JB-HIFI have it listed at AU$399 [+ AU$4.99 delivery].
    Both sites don’t appear to have stock tho’.

    • bobbysdad says:

      UPDATE: JB-HIFI are no longer selling it, but Discrepency Records still are but have upped the price by AU$20 to AU$399.99 & still offering FREE Delivery.

  2. Jim Galvin says:

    This box set is discouraging me from ever buying vinyl again. I was on board from the get go even saying they should have done a complete US/UK singles box 2 years ago. That said, I received my box set last friday here in the U.S. and when I finally got to play it Saturday evening I was appalled at how bad some of it was. First off, MOST of the singles were warped. Next, the quality of some of the pressings leave the sound very distorted (before anyone says it’s my cartridge, i’m using an Ortofon 2M Red that has less than 200 playing hours on it). One non warped single was A Hard Day’s Night/Things We Said Today but that crackled a bit at the end of side A. Next up were I Feel Fine/She’s A Woman, We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper, Help!/I’m Down, Ticket To Ride/Yes It Is which were all distorted like they had been played on a jukebox 1000 times. Get Back/Don’t Let Me Down was warped and off center. All the warped ones played through without the needle jumping off the record but at $200+ they should have taken more care for these releases. Quality Control is gone. I’m waiting on a replacement and expecting a recall because as i’m finding out i’m not the only one that received warped discs. (Steve Hoffmann Forums)

    • Bip says:

      Everything you say is true. and ,in addition to the use of the historically innacurate wet LP mix of Ask Me Why instead of the less reverbed dry single mix ,I believe quality control is a major issue for this set.
      The quality of these pressings pales in comparison to the RSD red box 45rpm release from a few years ago.
      I believe all of these new boxes were pressed in Germany
      .Apple/Universal should clearly up its game.I’m sure there are better pressing plants around.
      I will probably hang on to my box.I’m afraid if I return it,the replacement will suffer from the same issues.

      • Bip says:

        I would also like to add that,despite the warpage of several of the singles,they all played on my player and visually the packaging is a 10 out of 10.
        I do not regret buying it.
        I just wish that the quality of the vinyl was much better.

    • Odonnell says:

      I wish i had read your comments before buying. I opened this on Christmas day and my jaw dropped at how shit it was. I own French and Italian OVs that sound great although bought on flea markets. I took the to the shop where i got a total refund after we compared on thw cheap shop turntable.

    • Derek says:

      I believe the faults as you list were always typical of vinyl , which is why we so happily dumped the format in favour of CD’s back in the ’80’s ! It seems ridiculous that a music industry desperate for revenue have brought vinyl back with the same flaws and people have just bought into it . The packaging is admittedly far more attractive than CD’s but you don’t play the covers , and vinyl is a fatally flawed media for music .

  3. Mike says:

    Can anyone confirm if the worldwide releases are all identical – pressing origin, labelling, etc. I normally buy the UK / EU releases but these always seem to more expensive than other country versions, even with postage added. but if they are all the same, I want to save money!

  4. Bip says:

    This is a beautiful set,although the Sie Liebt Dich/Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand 1964 German Picture Sleeve Odeon single would have worked well as a bonus 45 rpm .
    It’s non-inclusion is a minor missed opportunity for Apple.

  5. hendry doran says:

    Got my box set this afternoon

  6. M.Abram says:

    The pitchforks and torches are out over at Steve Hoofman, thanks to Michael Fremer’s “review”.Comedy gold.

    • Peter Kavanagh says:

      Not quite, but definitely will hurt Fremer’s reputation, he will get some kudos for sticking by his original review but will be mocked re his hearing and digital sound artifacts allegedly being present ( my description ) given Sean Magee insists that 20 of the 24 singles are true AAA.

  7. Oliver says:

    Any idea what this version is all about?

    The call it: “The Singles Collection (Limited Edition) (Non Japan-Made Discs)” and charge €280 +

  8. ZoetMB says:

    There’s no such thing as AAA for a CD release. At best, it can be AAD because a CD always requires a digital master. The first letter is for recording, the second for mixing and the third for mastering. Now you can have an analog mix and an analog master, but that analog master would still have to be copied to a digital master for CD, streaming or downloading.

  9. DJ XREY says:

    Paul…When I saw this on SDE I immediately thought “uh-oh: here we go again with the arguments about which tracks, versions, mixes, and covers will be used.” There’s no way Universal can make everyone happy. I’m glad Apple Corp. finally standardized their catalog in 2009 with the UK c0nfigurations. The UK albums and single releases were often different (as were The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Jimi Hendrix, and many other UK-based acts) compared to North America and many international territories. My fellow Americans won’t stop crying about wanting The Beatles US albums and the singles Capitol Records drowned in reverb for this market, which btw, has always out-sold the UK, so Capitol knows this market. “Yesterday” is one of the most played radio songs of all time, and without being a US single, it wouldn’t have gotten as much airplay. It’s a shame the UK didn’t release it too. I’m also glad Giles Martin finally put the “mono/stereo” debate to rest with his fresh, punchier stereo album mixes of Sgt. Pepper, and The Beatles (“white album”) that the mono versions always possessed. Finally after 50 years their catalog has some consistency. By now I believe I have their songs on CD in mono and stereo, in the US and UK versions, and am now awaiting a more mono compatible remix of some of the earlier albums as time allows. I just hate to see the vinyl crowd post their 1-star reviews on Amazon because “their Abbey Road vinyl is warped/scratched/skips” instead of contacting the seller where it will actually help them. I hope the new singles collection doesn’t have the same issues (now it will be big spindle holes, punch-outs, or little holes). I don’t need this box because my CD’s rule!

    • winston groome says:

      why the desire for the boring consistency of everything sounding the same ?
      the difference in recordings over the years is to be applauded for it shows the group going from young band to maturing individual artist.
      the martin mixes are a tilt towards a modernistic brand of blah sound that will never match the freshness of the originals.

    • Jim Galvin says:

      What’s wrong with wanting the Capitol U.S. albums reissued? That’s how I grew up with them. Also, I own the Stereo & Mono sets on CD and Vinyl and the Capitol Masters Vol 1 & 2. Having original (my version of original) recordings again on vinyl would be nice. This singles collection should be melted down and repressed correctly though.

  10. Dieter Leclercq says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that the Larry Williams covers ” bad boy”, “slow down”, and “matchbox” aren’t included! They sound so rock and roll and it would be great to play them as a single!

    • Jamie says:

      You could pick up the repressing of the Long Tall Sally EP which came out on RSD awhile back. It has 2 of those 3 songs and it would fit nicely next to the others in the box.

  11. william says:

    Collection wise, these look fantastic. Music wise, I’m happy with my cds/vinyls I have. If I ever find this at a bargain basement price, I would get one then.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Really love the work you do on this site Paul. When you first posted this on your site,I immediately went and ordered it from AmazonUSA. However,when I checked out,my total was $29 less than was posted on your site. I guess timing is everything because I have checked several times since then and the price has been what you had posted.
    And I really like the picture sleeves coming from different countries for this set.
    Thx for the info,

  13. Mickey Ward says:

    The big $64,000 question is: are these going to be full analog (AAA) pressings or digital->analog (a la the Stereo Albums Vinyl set)? The tricky phrasing of “newly cut for vinyl from their original mono and stereo master tapes” gives me serious doubts that it will be AAA.

  14. Bip says:

    I hope that this box contains the original dedicated mono mixes.
    Previous Beatles UK vinyl 45RPM singles boxes mistakenly used stereo fold downs for some of the tracks ,such as Yellow Submarine and All You Need Is Love.
    PLEASE get it right this time!

  15. Norbert says:

    Squeeze that apple…

  16. Paul Taylor says:

    I have around half a dozen singles box sets in my collection although none as large as 23 singles. I don’t play them very often but some get an outing now and then. If I wanted to buy this it would be no different as I buy stuff to play it at least twice! :-D
    Regional variations are nothing new, and I fail to understand why folk are getting knickers in a twist about this box being the UK releases and/or the later two A sides being coupled. I’m sure Apple will be more than happy to wrench Dollars, Euros or any other currencies from people’s wallets in the future if there’s demand for regional variants!
    It’s a collectors’ piece presented in a nice box, with 23 records in picture sleeves working out at less than £9 each. On that basis alone it represents reasonable value. Ok, you might not want to spend £200 on a bunch of singles but that’s down to CHOICE.
    You might want to question WHY when they’ve been reissued so often previously…….

  17. Simon says:

    Slightly off topic… went along to listen to Hornsey Road tonight. Very enjoyable, although a shame the lawyers turned the screws and prevented the playing of the new element of the tape that was set to be the big finish.

  18. bruce kelso says:

    between 1964 and 1970 emi/ parlophone/apple issued 66 singles in the philippines . over half were unique couplings. so where is that box set? also in Portugal there were no singles as the ep was the norm. with again unique track listing and many cover images unseen else where that would make a great box. and how bout in india where the 78 rpm was still in use until 1966, how bout a box of 10 inches that play 45 as a box set. as with the Philippines many weird tracks were used. this of course will never happen.

  19. Cobber Outback Gummidge says:

    No Aussie No 1’s like Ob-la-di or While My Guitar Gently Weeps?
    This is a load of twaddle, Apple.

  20. michael1984 says:

    I have the original CD issue of this from the 90s. I have both of the Past Masters sets. No interest in vinyl and they didn’t even have the consideration to reissue the 2 Anthology singles with their REAL B-Sides (double 7 inch would not only made it possible but would have boosted the price!). Another Beatles cash grab like the vinyl only Christmas “singles” box with no CD included.

    It seems like Apple gets things really right (Sgt. Pepper & White Album 50th box sets) or really wrong (see above).

  21. Michael says:

    Normally I go for anything Beatles, and although I like the overall design of the ‘Singles Collection,’ I find nothing nostalgic or even attractive about most of the 45 RPM record sleeve art that was chosen. Even the physical design of the records themselves have been manufactured with small diameter LP record holes, so the vinyl itself doesn’t really look like a 45 RPM record from the 1960’s.

    Even though there were just four records included in the 2011 “The Singles Box Set,” by the Beatles, which I own, those four 45’s are a much better and more satisfying reproduction than what’s offered in this deluxe box set. Really a shame.

  22. Tobias says:

    Just when I took a step back letting my wallet rest after the Abbey Road 50″ releases, Apple does this! :) I pressed buy, but really wish this wouldn’t be released until next year. I mean, McCartney Archives will probably release London Town/BTTE later this year and will not be for free. But what can you do! It’s a lovely item this one and it will look good among the other boxsets at home. And my life will be even more complete yada yada :)
    I like it but you get the idea?

  23. Dave Douglass says:

    Two things wrong with this box set. It should be the U. S. singles and have the U. S. sleeve art.

    • SuperSteve says:

      Nah, the US couldn’t even get the albums right… :)

    • Leemer says:

      Why? Were there more singles in the USA?

      • J T says:

        Released as singles in the U.S. but not the UK and so missing from this set include their biggest hit and some of their best-loved songs:
        “And I Love Her”
        “If I Fell”
        “Twist And Shout”
        “Nowhere Man”
        “Eight Days A Week”
        “The Long And Winding Road”

        Also missing:
        “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

        Most if not all these tracks appeared on EPs in the UK, which were relegated to a different chart. I would expect we’ll eventually see a UK EP box. (For that matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see a U.S. singles box.)

    • Ben Williams says:

      Why is that? They are a British band after all.

  24. johneffay says:

    Nice looking box which will sit nicely next to the mono one, but there are some horrible covers in there. I wonder what the selection criterion was? I’ve not seen the Danish ‘Get Back’ before – Why would you choose a shot up Ringo’s nose over some of the other variations available?

    Anyway, it’s not for me, although if they put them all on 2 or 3 CDs I’d probably pick that up.

  25. Jamie says:

    Does anyone know if this will be available in actual record shops? I want to go and buy it in HMV like the good old days! I hope it won’t be one of those situations where it sells out fast and is then only seen on eBay for ridiculous prices. I must admit I’m a little disappointed (they can’t please everyone!) I would have rather seen faithful UK reproductions but as they have gone this route they may as well have used coloured vinyl.

    • Neil gregory says:

      Prob is a lot of early- mid era singles released in U.K. had plain covers. Personally I think the world release variety of covers is more interesting

  26. Geoff Kavanagh says:

    The only comment I have to make about this new set is that we should all remember that the record company is in business to make money. If you happen to like or want an item, you buy it.

    For those who want this material on CD, I suggest that you search out the 1992 box sets “The Beatles CD Singles Collection” and “The Beatles Compact Disc EP Collection” which can still be found for reasonable prices. Both of these sets use UK sleeve designs for the discs.

    • James Sanders says:

      @geoff kavanagh thanks for the memory jog ! forgot about those earlier boxes. if i was in the market th cd singles would be the set to go for. 7in vinyl singles are just a pain in the ass to handle.

  27. Martin says:

    Are we getting the original version of Love Me Do with Ringo on drums? Or the “Andy White” version?

  28. Ian E says:

    This is shockingly expensive. Why am I being compelled to buy this?

    Oh….I’m not.

    Ok, so… yet another missed opportunity to issue a special one-off edition of Carnival of Light. When will these record companies ever listen?

    My serious contribution to this is that it looks rather a beautifully done package. It’s a really lovely object and thanks to Apple for making it so. £185 doesn’t seem too pricey for such a desirable artifact. I’ve read the comments about tracking down Beatles 7 inch records at record fairs for way less money. That’s a very valid point, but this set is brand spanking new and we all love to unbox one of those (excepting those who are loathe to remove the box shrink wrap). For example I still get a disproportionate amount of pleasure out of the Beatles mono box because of the epic quality and attention to detail. I mean the bling element, the box, the sleeves, the inners. And that’s before I even proceed to playing a disc. I really love the international aspect of this new set. It was a fun idea and I bet those people who spring for it will not have a moment of regret. The trick is, if you can afford it, to press “buy” and then not think about the financial aspect of the transaction ever again.

  29. Craig Hedges says:

    Paul, I love this site, it’s the only one I have dedicated link to on my phone and look in several times a day. You’re doing a great job, sad to read that it not appreciated by some people. Not trying to add to your workload but have you considered adding a snap poll on major releases like this where there are going to be a lot of comments, just a couple of questions eg, do you like? Are you going to buy?

    • H says:

      Well said Craig it’s clear there are quite a few negatives creeping in which Paul does not deserve – he does a cracking job bringing everything together and would hate to think his efforts are not appreciated – they certainly are by me . Information and discussion is great but don’t shoot the messenger – negative opinions are fine but shouldn’t be personalised and should be aimed at the record labels and artists ( who usually have some creative input so know what’s being put out and its cost ) . Love the idea of a snap poll – you could run it like Juke Box Jury (look it up – sorry really showing my age now ) – it would be interesting to see a count if people are going to buy or not.

    • Rowly75 says:

      A poll oh god! 52per cent yes. 48 per cent no probably hahahaha!

  30. JayCee says:

    Looking forward to the Let It Be / Get Back megabox next May and the EP Collection on vinyl for Christmas 2020… keep ‘em coming, lads!

    • george glazener says:

      @JayCee; Now you are, but wait until you see the prices…! LOL.

    • george glazener says:

      I can just hear the conversation now in some APPLE accountant’s office:

      “Ok People: They paid us $79.95 for Sgt. Pepper without flinching. Then they paid us $84.95 for The White Album with nary a whimper. Then they gladly paid us $89.95 for Abbey Road with no questions asked. And all those albums were readily available in many other forms prior to these SDE releases. So let me ask the members of the board seated here today: For a long out of print movie, and with unprecedented demand and anticipation for what’s being called “The Holy Grail” of Beatle’s reissues, where shall we price next year’s “Let it Be” DVD, CD, Blu-Ray SDE, 100-page Book and 5-Bonus CD package?

      “499.95”, answers Brenda Sue.

      “I say 549.95”, replies Angie Lou.

      Then Cindy Lu Hoo pipes up: “My research supports a suggested retail price of 599.95, complete with a free bonus 18” x 24” full color poster of The Beatles on the Rooftop.

      All hands clap in unified approval, and the price is thus set.
      “Let’s share the good news with the good folks at SuperDeluxeEditon. Thanks everyone.!”

  31. excerptsoon says:

    I don’t like the sleeves and the price vs content is almost obscene.

    Even with the increase in used trendy hip vinyl prices, people would IMO be better off getting the all-analogue 1970s green sleeve Parlophone reissues of all the Beatles 45s. As recently as five years ago these could be found at record fairs etc for between £1 and £3 each. Probably a bit more expensive nowadays, but over time I’m sure you could pick the whole lot up for £5 or under each. They sold well at the time and are not rare. IIRC most of them were pressed from the original 1960s stampers.

    What a shame the amazing-sounding, amazing-looking analogue vinyl Beatles LPs from 2014 have long ago disappeared from stores and shelves. They were the bees knees and worth every penny..

  32. Tim Abbott says:

    As a former fan of The Beatles who one day realised the truth (that they’re the McDonalds of pop music and I never want to eat a Big Mac again), my initial thought was that this was spending two hundred quid on an inferior and much fiddlier version of an album that’s available for 10% of the price.

    But looking at this again, the premise is satisfying, and their team has obviously put some effort into making this desirable both visually and sonically; I wonder if this might be the benchmark for comprehensive singles sets from the other big hitters (Queen are the first that spring to mind and their own singles box sets a few years ago were a disaster)?

    It’s sad that the 7″ single is more or less dead for new music (I’ve bought a total of four new 7″s this year, three of which were on RSD, compared to 30+ for the past few years), but perhaps this might have the knock-on effect of revitalising the format?

    • RICHARD says:

      Hi Tim

      Re your description of the Beatles as the McDonalds of music. Do you mean their ubiquity or from a packaging perspective? I can’t understand how that analogy could be applied to their music, social impact, influence or legacy. I’m not being confrontational, I’m genuinely interested as I’ve never known anyone who has been a fan of the Beatles but then become jaded with them. Best wishes, Richard

      • Tim Abbott says:

        Good question, Richard – as far as I can explain it, I’ve just lost any sort of passion for their music, despite being a Beatles fanatic in my teens and early 20s. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve overplayed them, or everyone else has (hence the McDonalds analogy; it’s impossible to escape their presence, which doesn’t help), but if I want to listen to 60s pop music these days, I get a lot more enjoyment from bands who’ve taken the Beatles template and done something different with it.

        Alongside that, there’s been a saturation of posthumous Beatles releases from Anthology onward that have made their previously flawless back catalogue into something less than incredible. It sounds a bit precious, but that’s tainted my perception of them too; they’re not pop music wizards now, but just another band with some decent songs and a bunch of mediocre unfinished ones too.

  33. MARK LEVY says:

    Actually I just thought, if this is a worldwide release why just focus on the UK singles. Where are the other American number ones? Eight Days A Week, Yesterday and The Long and Winding Road?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s a worldwide release that concentrates on what is considered the Beatles 45 ‘canon’ – the 22 UK singles. Plus of course FAAB/Real Love.

  34. seikotsi says:

    I really hope the people who say they will buy and never play it, and the people who care about remastering / remixing / versions used are not the same. I love this site but don’t really understand collectors who do not unpack their music.

    • AndyHaines says:

      I am slowly replacing vinyl I, (stupidly), got rid of because I got them on CD instead. Granted some copies had been through the mill a bit, but it takes time finding the right quality at the right price. I listen to my vinyl. Always have and always will. There are those who use vinyl, like wine, cars, paintings etc as an investment and not an object to enjoy, God forbid you actually played that first edition album in case you put the slightest mark on and devalued it!! That said, I will admit to buying two copies of certain releases, one to play and one to sell, but I’d never buy something I don’t like purely for resale however tempting.

    • MARK LEVY says:

      I do. Because I might just want to play them. I’ve got so many

  35. Philip Franklin says:

    How about EMI/APPLE /UMG putting out a reissue of the Beatles In Mono vinyl box set for those who missed the first run, in AAA mastering, of course; now this would be worthy of a rerelease, and surely the demand is there what with the few remaining sets going for insanely deficit prices. Hope you’re reading and thinking, EMI.

    • stevieb says:

      Totally with you Phillip. I missed out in 2013 because I couldn’t afford it at the time. I did contact Apple about this a couple of years ago but they replied that they had no plans to press further copies. Really can’t see why they wouldn’t, they’d sell them soon enough and would the storage costs be that great?

  36. Liam Bastick says:

    Can I just say for those of us neglected in Australia (I know, change the record…) Townsend Music are doing a brilliant deal [comparatively!] including p&p. It’s not a red hot price, but no additional GST and a very reasonable postage price – well at least for me – to Oz. Definitely worth a mention!

    • Steve Devery says:

      Just checked Townsend music on your recommendation. Price was 175 sterling plus 44 sterling shipping. Is there a deal I’m not seeing?
      JB have the preorder for $399…

  37. CraigH says:

    One more little piece of trivia. This set was released in Japan and Europe in 1989 on 3″ CDs. 22 CDs … obviously without the Free As A Bird/Real Love single.

  38. CraigH says:

    The singles collection was released on CD back in 1992 in the US. 22 CDs with everything contained here sans the Free As A Bird/Real Love single. Maybe this has already been mentioned, but I didn’t read all 150+ comments. Apologies if already covered. Just bringing it up because I did read several comments that stated that people wish this was available on CD.

  39. MFG says:

    Would like to have a 3-CD version of this:

    Disc One: from Love Me Do to She’s A Woman
    Disc Two: from We Can Work It Out to Baby You’re a Rich Man
    Disc Three: from Lady Madonna to Real Love

    I never liked the Past Masters discs because they are missing the 1967 singles. Jumping from Revolver-era to White Album-era songs is too abrupt.

    Granted, Magical Mystery Tour sort of works as an album on its own (a nice supplement to Sgt. Pepper). But it would be nice to have a CD set with a continuous run of the singles, and no German-language versions. :-)

    • gootsy says:

      I agree, I think about it every time I’m listening to past masters. I think they should have released MMT as the mini-album (or double single) it originally was and add the b-side on past masters.

  40. thomas solimine says:

    Another label/artist cash grab. The DM box is clearly a cash grab as is this Beatles box. A rather function-less memento from a by-gone era. Is this Beatles released targeted to the generation in which it was released? That would be people in their 70’s. Newer vinyl buyers/collectors? Likely, so the price gets jacked up. Sorry, as usual, I will pass.

  41. wayne A KLEIN says:

    …but which version of “Free As A Bird” as I recall Jeff Lynne went back for the Anthology digital releases and reworked it a little bit.

  42. Ma says:

    Hi Paul
    Loved the link Ben supplied . Hours of enjoyment to come. Off the top of your head is there any good books about said info. Would love to know.
    Ta MJ

  43. Steve Benson says:

    Thank goodness, a Beatles deluxe edition I don’t need to or want to buy. Think of the savings!
    Years ago I bought the full set in a Black box with Gold lettering – was it World Record Club? That’ll do me. Also I don’t care for the international picture sleeves – sometimes using a picture from a period different from the time the single was issued.

  44. AndyB says:

    Dumb question: Will the Xmas records ever see the light of day on CD? I patiently wait.


    No happy and satisfied with the good sells of Abbey Road Anniversary Edition, now they come out with the vinyl singles. I think it is a bad timing. Maybe this is only for super core fans. I can;t complaint. This is a free world. You can buy or let it go. I don’t see the reason to buy the singles if one owns the remastered LPs. I only hope to see the release of Let it Be deluxe soon and after that, EMI should be working on deluxe editions of all the other albums prior to Sgt, Pepper in whatever order they want..It will happen.
    About the sleeve art of these new singles, there are so many different sleeves around the world, that every country should release the singles in their own original cover art. Japan will probably do it. Sorry for those who have to make a big effort in order to keep up with their Beatles collection. Happy not to be one of those although I am a big fan.
    The Beatles taught the language of Shakespeare to several generations of non-English speakers around the world. I am one of those who learned a lot from those lyrics because I knew there were no silly lyrics with that great music. This was in the early 70s, maybe late late 60s and I remember buying a book with all Lennon-McCartney lyrics. Unfortunately, Harrison’s songs were not included which at some point was a big frustration but helped me to realize who had written what. The following step was learning to differentiate when a Paul or John were singing (even as a parent, I continue playing with my kids in the car “Who is singing this one?”. I don’t know why I am telling this. But for most of you who are native English speakers and take if for grant it, non-native English Speakers had to struggle to understand the words. Long life to vinyl (even I don;t buy them), music is great, deluxe editions are always awesome and needed, and long life to this wonderful site.

    • John McCann says:

      The Beatles,,no silly lyrics,

      • Rodolfo Martin says:

        John, I know they can sound silly but they are still good pop lyrics. They did it write like Dylan, or Joni Mitchell (some of my favorite writers) but as a kid, been able to sing those song was very enriching to me. WhenI moved to the USA, I was 40 year old and I was so jealous of my kids because they were able to sing The Beatles so naturally. The Beatles invented a culture And a business that that still last. That is respectable. I think people are buying because of the nostalgia. I disagree but everyone is free to buy orbit to buy. I don’t know what I would do if I had more money and more room in my home. I don’t know what I would do if my wife would no be asking me why do you still by records. You are right. Maybe the Beatles lyrics that really shock me came with the last 5 albums and were mostly written by Lennon.

  46. Lorenzo says:

    This is a fantastic release. I too would love to have this on CD as well. Heres what I don’t understand. Why is there so much love for the redundant nature of this box and so little for much the same idea for the Depeche Mode box? I hope I can afford it all. Thanks Paul for out of the gate reviews on both!

  47. Rob S says:

    Ryk, you could try I’ve used them for outer sleeves for the last few years. Cheers Rob

  48. WOW! says:

    AAA is perhaps the best news Ive ever heard in my life. Holy shi*!

    Kudos to the Beatles, no wonder these are unavailable already.

  49. Mike Williams says:

    Just an FYI – in 1976 Both “Got to Get You into My Life”/”Helter Skelter” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”/”Julia” were released for the first time on 7″ singles in the USA only, reaching #7 and #49 respectively.

  50. Chris S says:

    Wish they would release the Mexican EP collection from the early 70’s as a new set.

  51. Adey says:

    I agree with others who are asking why there is no cd version released. We have the stereo and mono boxes, us albums box and even the japan albums in a box set (all released on cd), so why not THIS boxset to add to the collection?
    There are vinyl only obsessives on here asking “why would anyone want a cd version?”. I say, at least if it was released on cd the discs wouldn’t remain sealed in the box, unlike a majority of vinyl “speculators”, sorry i meant “collectors”.
    I’m not having a pop at vinyl collectors in general, just the ones that seem to think vinyl is the only way forward and cd collectors are spawn of the devil who aren’t real music fans etc etc

  52. Wayne Olsen says:

    I find it curious that NONE of the Capitol USA sleeves are used.
    The Capitol/Apple sleeves were beautiful, mostly full-color and glossy, with p. Oh well, I don’t want to be accused of being xenophobic.

    • Mick says:

      Being an American fan (but an Anglophile, not a xenophobe) I’d jump all over a box of the original U.S. Capitol/Apple singles complete with U.S. mixes, pic sleeves, Capitol yellow/orange swirl labels, and with large center holes pressed on coloured vinyl. I have most of the originals in varying degree of condition (as a child I sadly knew not how to properly care for vinyl).
      As is – nice set. Not for me or my budget though.

      • george glazener says:

        @Mick; I’m right there with you brother. I too am blessed to own most of the original Capitol USA 45’s in those glorious color picture sleeves. I have them all on display in my man cave on a large wooden shelf which I hand-crafted out of oak. Forced to make a choice, I’d part with all my recent Beatles SDE purchases before my 45’s collection. We live in a nice time where all these reissue packages are plentiful and frequent, whereas I well remember the early 1970’s when ANYTHING new Beatles related would have been HUGE NEWS. The arrival of those Red & Blue LPs in 1973 were like the 2nd coming of Christ (if I may be so bold as to channel John Lennon). Live it up and enjoy this stuff..!!

      • Michael says:

        Mick, the “Singles Box Set” by the Beatles that was released in 2011, which I mentioned in my previous posting in this blog, was a Capitol/Apple project. The four 180 gram standard black 45 RPM vinyl records include the yellow & orange Capitol swirl logo, while “Hey Jude/Revolution” and “Something/Come Together” have the Apple logo. The Capitol picture sleeves are the same images used in the U.S., while the Apple label singles are in the original gloss black sleeves with cut-out window to show the label. All four records have the large 45 RPM hole, and the small box set comes with a nice fold-out poster and plastic 45 RPM spindle.

        The “Singles Box Set” originally retailed for around $55 USD, and is now out of print, but I’ve seen a couple of brand new ones recently offered on e-Bay that are still listed for $55 USD, so you may get lucky. A bit pricey, I admit, for four 45 RPM records, but as a nostalgic, perfectly done Beatles artifact, I thought it was rather worth it at the time.

    • Hillel abramov says:

      No need to worry, I’m sure that there will be a box of the us 45’s in a year or to.

  53. Mathieu Houle says:

    Hi there! Just wondering which ones are in mono and which ones are in stereo, do they mention that? On compilations they usually turn to stereo after the 2 or 3 first singles, but I would prefer personally getting, for instance, the mono mix of Revolution than the stereo one!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      It’s a good question. I think they will all be in mono up to Get Back. After that stereo.

      • 7 says:

        Most of The Beatles single releases were mono mixes. (Sometimes also different takes/versions to the album tracks.) They never released a mono & stereo version of the same record. The only exception was the Magical Mystery EP. The late 1960s singles were all stereo, with the exception of one b-side.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The Ballad of John and Yoko was the first single not mixed to mono.

          • Jurg says:

            Well, if there’s a market for the CD singles, why don’t they use the mono versions and stereo versions of the songs and put them together on the single CD. The Beach Boys did that on their “US singles collection: the Capitol Years 1962 – 1965”. It dubbels the playing time of each single.

  54. Stan Waterman says:

    So The UK singles Yesterday, Back in.., and Sgt Peppers ( all released well befor Free as a bird and Real Love). Are not included! I think someone somewhere is taking our pants down and slapping Beatle collectors Arses, any thoughts?.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My thoughts are having the original UK singles and adding the two new ‘Threatles’ tracks makes perfect sense. There is a logic to it. Everything was sanctioned by the band members (or Yoko) at the time of release. Opening the floodgates to dubious 70s singles, that as far as I understand the band didn’t approve, doesn’t make sense. It just muddies the water too much. The 46 tracks here represent recordings that the band worked on at the time and (mostly) wanted to be singles at the time. ‘Yesterday’ doesn’t really fulfil that criteria (although I know it was a single in the USA at the time).

      • Stan Waterman says:

        Paul, Reading through the comments this Release is ruffling the feathers of more than one or two Beatle fans, But any body buying this set should be given a Free Lift up lid Dansette record player to hear them has us older guys did !!

  55. David Fisher says:

    It’s the Fabs – ordered! I’ve got the green 70’s sleeve box and the picture sleeve box (and the singles CDs) not the picture discs though… but they probably sound poor. I have four turntables in the house so I nearly have one box per room – cool :-)

  56. john spijkers says:

    Amazon CANADA is the cheapest option at $255.95 (£151.27)

  57. Shane says:

    Paul wouldnt you agree that people are usually asking for cd versions because of the desire to have the content in digital fornat? I dont think a Beatles fan would want/need a fake replica ? Certainly nobody wants 22 2-track cd singles to play? Not that anyone is going to play the vinyls but at least those are trying to replicate something that actually existed?
    Btw count me in as those who find 2-track cds ridiculous. That should not diminish the value of my point :)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t think so, no. Having 23 CD singles is no less/more impractical than 23 7″ singles. Actually, CD singles are more practical because you can listen to two songs rather than one, before having to ‘take action’. If people want ‘vinyl replica’ CDs (and we know there is a market for them) why wouldn’t they want vinyl replica CD singles?

    • Harve says:

      This has much less to do with play-ability and more to do for the collectors.

    • Brian Burhans says:

      I beg to differ…I would much prefer to have this in a CD replica format. Would they be played? Not much, but who’s going to be spinning the 7″s more than once or twice. The artwork is the point and if this were released in Japan in the oversize CD format that surfaces now and again (see: Rolling Stones Mono box), I would be all over it. I’ll probable give this a miss, more for issues of space than anything else.

    • The other Paul says:


      All The Best!
      Paul McCartney x

      • george glazener says:

        @The Other Paul;
        Good of you to join us kind Sir..!! May we humbly ask that you consider getting “Back to the Egg/London Town” Archives Series out this fall as well? I still have a spare $200 with no where to go..! Thanks for everything..!

    • Adey says:

      Surely a vinyl set like this could/ should be considered “fake” as its trying to look like the original singles. A cd version of the set wouldn’t be trying to pass it self off as a replica of genuine collectables that have already been released, as they have never been previously released in these sleeves etc on cd, but would just be a nice looking set.
      Some vinyl collectors can come across as SO self righteous that its ridiculous.

  58. John Simmons says:

    I bought most of the 20th anniversary 7″ singles that were released between 1982 and 1990, i always think of these as the definitive editions as they all had excellent picture sleeves.

    I can see a lot of people have fallen in love (go on admit it) with this box but me (and my overdraft) will let this one go.

    I’m also incredibly relieved that they haven’t included Carnival of Light as an extra single!

  59. Craig Hedges says:

    I was hoping for a vinyl singles box set but I really associate the Beatles with the black Parlophone and Apple labels. I really don’t like the decision to use international sleeves and labels, then bizarrely just use the UK discography. I’ve got the box from the seventies and as a kid used to stare at the 45 logo when playing the singles which had quite an hypnotic effect!
    The best part was discovering the b-sides, I can still remember hearing Revolution for the first time and being scared by how loud it was.

    • Pedro says:

      Funny you saying that .similar with myself looking at parlophone cover…I’d have preferred actual original parlophone sleeves totally and no picture sleeved.not sure I like idea of mixing up with foreign …it doesn’t make sense..,too expensive..

  60. AlexKx says:

    So if you don’t respond to this discussion in the first two hours it won’t get posted and then if it is no one will see it after twenty four hours, right?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Alex, I’ve checked and you’ve made no contribution to this discussion that is unpublished. All comments are moderated by the way and are only published at the discretion of the editor. You seem to be under the impression you can write whatever you want and it will automatically be published. Not the way it works. There are lots of reasons why comments don’t get posted here, but it’s mainly for being offensive, aggressive, plain nasty etc. You complained yesterday, saying this website is ‘poorly run’ and you are still complaining today. Feel free to go off and do something else.

      • SeanL says:

        Well said Paul, you do a great job moderating this site
        Keep up the good work 99% of people love this site !

      • AndyB says:

        Thanks for you response, Paul. This site is not a public forum for posting whatever we want. Alex should know that there are plenty of comments that I have made that have not been published. Sometimes I wonder why, but I do know that comments that do appear are at the will and discretion of Paul. It isn’t like we are paying a fee for what is, at the end of the day, a public service from a privately run website. There must not be enough time in the day to moderate all of the messages submitted!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Cheers Andy. I should add that most comments do get published… but I’m not perfect and sometimes things get through that shouldn’t and perfectly fine comments get missed. I think I’m very fair (although I would say that) :).

      • Keithgranger says:

        I live in the U.S. and this web site is the first thing I read in the morning. Thanks to Paul for such a great resource, that helps us to keep up with physical releases. I’m not going back to vinyl and sometimes it’s frustrating that you have to buy vinyl you don’t want to get cds. What I wanted to comment on, is the tone of some of these responses. We are all music lovers and fans, why do some of us have to be so nasty and critical? There is so much of that in the world today. We aren’t always going to agree with Paul but at the very least we can be respectful and appreciative. Thanks so much Paul.

      • Cliff says:

        “Poorly run”??? Wow, I’ve seen it all now! This website is an absolute treasure trove of information that is meticulously kept up to date. As for this release, I’m out. But enjoying reading others’ opinions.

  61. Steve says:

    Ordered. Via France amazon.

    I think I hate the Beatles!!

  62. Duane says:

    Simply gotta have it!
    Thanks again Paul.

  63. Paul Gray says:

    It’s a real shame they can’t release a CD version like the fantastic Clash Singles Box and charge £75 for it. The vinyl version is for collectors only and at a ridiculous price. Just like the Xmas Box (isn’t it time they released a single cd version?), A case of ” I saw you coming”.

    • Chris Brown says:

      Not saying they shouldn’t do a CD box, but wouldn’t that be “for collectors only” as well, given that all the material is already widely available on CD?

  64. Steve says:

    Thank you, Paul
    for news on this Beatles Singles Box Set and for identifying which single sleeve came from which country.

    • David Goldring says:

      The information of where the covers originated from were included on the original press release and are available on the official Beatles website store.

  65. Glen Buchanan says:

    At last The Inner Light, the b-side of 1968s Lady Madonna, gets a larger rerelease. Ignored when Apple released “the Hey Jude” LP which collected most of the tracks not then available on LP. The Inner Light was eventually released on The Rarities LP.

  66. Jarmo Keranen says:

    Terrible looking covers. Most of the singles has picture from wrong year. Yellow Submarine has picture from 1964, Lady Madonna from 1967, Hey Jude from 1967, Get Back from 1968 etc. I own the cd singles box from 1992. Compared to this they should have used the same covers. They were perfect!

    • george glazener says:

      @Jarmo; No kidding..! Wouldn’t it be nice to do this kind of package for all the US Singles, with all those original picture sleeves in glorious living color? (Or has that already been done?)

      • Mr. Ska '57 says:

        I’d spring for US Singles and US Albums (vinyl) boxes in a heartbeat but not this.
        Maybe they’ll be coming in the next two years when I’m 64!

  67. Mike says:

    Will get this I have a mint edition vinyl singles from the early 80s worth a lot of money now. Buy it and keep it unplayed.

  68. Shane says:

    Why would anyone expect a cd version of this? They are replicating (with liberty) the 7″ vinyls. Now a download code would certainly make this appeal to some fake fans and not only. Additional sales for little extra work. Oh well

  69. Howie says:

    I’m sure I am in a minority of one but I hate the different styles of picture covers. I really wish they had made repro green Parlophone covers just like the original UK releases.
    At least they are not coloured vinyl.

  70. Yousef says:

    I seem to recall that the Past Masters version of Love Me Do had to be mastered from a 7″ single – not sure what happened with the version on Mono Masters – has the original tape now been located?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, this is true. I think it was the same on Mono masters, wasn’t it?

      • 7 says:

        There were two versions of Love Me Do single released in 1962. The first one had Ringo on drums, & the second version had Ringo only on tambourine & Andy White on drums. The first one was withdrawn, soon after its release! The master tape for version one was apparently destroyed. So they later made a new master of it from a 7” vinyl record. George Martin didn’t think Ringo’s drumming was good enough!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Yes, and didn’t they cock up the 50th anniversary seven-inch six years ago and issue the non-Ringo version?

          • Martin says:

            Yes they did, a few mispressed copies got out. Some were sold on eBay for a lot of money, I seem to recall.

  71. MARK LEVY says:

    I could be very tempted

  72. Ebus says:

    I’ll definitely buy it when the singles comes with original UK sleeves only. The Parlophone and Apple sleeves, apart from Let it Be and Penny Lane. But with this international sleeves? Mehhh…

  73. Oscar says:

    Hi Paul. Do you kwow if the replicas will respect the original record speed. For example, the ER/YS from Argentina is 33rpm. Thanks

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The artwork is the element that is taken from various territories, but any other foibles related to country will, I’m sure, be ignored. So expect these to all be standard 45RPM.

  74. smorrissey says:

    Wow!, but no CD no sale from my side.

  75. Steve says:

    No “The Beatles’ Movie Medley”? As rubbish as it is, it was a single and a top ten hit in the U.K. issued by parlophone and credited to the Beatles

    • Simon says:

      I only looked at this article to see whether or not the Movie Medley would be included. I’m not surprised it has been left out, as if it never happened.

      • Ricardo Gil says:

        Yep, it seems to have disappeared not only from the chronicles but also from conversations like the ones here. I don’t think they will ever publish it. To me, 12 at that time, it was incredible and it was perhaps my first ever “new” beatles single I had ever bought, not just reissues or odd couplings of previously published songs. In a collection like the one in discussion here it would be a really cool bonus.

  76. Kauwgompie says:

    Too bad no CD single version is available. If it’s vinyl, it’s a pass for me. Nice set though.

  77. adam shaw says:

    I’ve got the original dark blue box set from the 70”s and the EP one , then bought the 3” cd singles and the cd EP box .
    Can’t justify this as well , I can hear the wife’s backing vocal again !!

    • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

      If, as someone living in the UK, I decide to order now from France to save myself some money, does anyone know where I would stand if the UK leaves the EU with ‘no deal’ before this is released?

      Sorry to bring up Brexit…..

      • Gary says:

        Kevin from Edinburgh (everyone there voted remain y’know!) you can always vote for independence (it’s what all Scots want, as we keep being told). Failing that, you’re stuck with Simple Minds and Texas! Sorry for taking the bait….

        • Kevin from Edinburgh says:

          You’ve taken the wrong bait then and wasted a cheap jibe. I’m not Scottish, or ‘from Scotland’ in that sense (I’m a Lancastrian by birth, merely spending some time North of the border, hence my posts are ‘from’ Kevin, in Edinburgh), and I’m no seeker of Scottish independence (in case you’re wondering).

          But that aside, I guess no-one knows what the new trade tariffs might look like 3 weeks after the deadline. If anyone has a sensible answer – no, that doesn’t include you, Gary – then please let me and the rest of us know.

      • H says:

        I’d just go ahead and order from France if it’s cheaper – you can always cancel if some ridiculous import tariff gets added at a later date

  78. Kenny says:

    £195 for a collection of reproduction singles and sleeves? (that’s £8:50 each)…someone is having a joke. How long can the Beatles cash cow be milked?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      7″ singles are regularly sold for £10+ so £8.50 isn’t bad.

      • Neil Kelly says:

        £185+ you think this is good value Paul? On this occasion I’d beg to differ. No CD either? Free as a bird / Real love packaged together with the b’s missing. All in all, appalling. Who in the world buys something as awful as this…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          I didn’t say it was ‘good value’ I was just pointing out that seven-inch singles retail for about £10 – I know, because I have bought some from distributors to sell on the SDE shop and you can’t make any money if you charge less than £10.

    • bazz says:

      You don’t have to buy it!

    • Mark says:

      Paperback Writer / Yellow Submarine would have cost you 6s/8d in 1966, which is about £6.30p in today’s money. Given that the economy of scale of the 1960s singles market has collapsed, and that records now are usually made to much higher specs, I think it’s a reasonable price to expect to pay.

  79. BJ says:

    Quite happy with Free As A Bird and Real Love together on one single. If you want to be really picky back in ’76 they released Yesterday/I Should Have Known better and Back In The U.S.S.R./Twist & Shout as ‘official’ singles, which got to No.8 and No.19 in the charts. And in ’95 Baby It’s You was released as a single to promote ‘At The BBC’, that got to No.7 in the charts. But essentially when talking about The Beatles singles collection, it really is only the first 22 that are important.

    • David M says:

      Also Sgt Peppers/A Day in the Life was released in 1978

      • BJ says:

        Yes, forgot about that, didn’t perform well at all, only got to No.63. I imagine it was released in support of that dreadful movie with Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees. There was also a Beatles Movie Medley single that got to No.10 in ’82.

  80. Eric M. says:

    Any chance a download will be included with this box?

  81. wardo says:

    Another lovely package that collectors will covet and never actually play.

    I maintain that a single-CD comp of the fan club Xmas messages would be a perennial holiday seller.

  82. Marc Kieser says:

    So these new cuts are not remixed, nor remastered?
    What about Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane? The new remix is on the dvd, but was not used for this vinyl re-issue?
    I guess we can expect some sort of compilation album(s) with new remixed singles versions?
    Well, the artwork looks very nice. Now lets’s wait for the price to drop…….

    • Beatlearmin says:

      I hope and pray that nobody will ever dare to remix the mono mixes, as they are perfect. As all singles up to get back are in mono, I am glad they took the original mastertapes. Not even the remastered. Would not wait too Long for the price to drop. If it is as limited as the Christmas Messages, that Box will be sold out soon.

      • Happy Man says:

        Some have been remixed. See “The Beatles 1” CD reissued 2015: “All tracks remixed in stereo…” I prefer to listen to Oldies But Goldies in my lovely crackly Lp with the bent cover. Please never clean that up!!

    • Jim Ellison says:

      According to the advert the singles have been Remastered

  83. Jezk says:

    Price on Amazon France looks good-anyone confirm if they’ve had good (or bad!) experiences ordering from Amazon France delivering to UK?

    • BJ says:

      Got both The White Album and Abbey Road boxes from France, no issues at all.

    • H says:

      Never had any issues with Amazon France delivering to the UK – I’ve had new new stuff 2/3 days after the release date.

    • Paul Nolan says:

      Jezj I’ve had the Bowie Box sets from Amazon Fr to Ireland and they were perfect.

      • Andy says:

        I’ve ordered a ton of stuff from Amazon France to go to the USA, no issues. In fact the worst of the EU Amazons is the UK, their packing sucks.

        Most of my recent trips to the post office is to take back box sets from Amazon UK that split open in shipping because they sometimes just put an item in a box with no additional packing materials. Insanely lazy and wasteful.

      • Paul says:

        Hi Paul

        I am in Ireland, do you know the returns situation with France ? Is it free like UK? Cheers

    • Paul Metcalfe says:

      Hi, I’ve ordered sgt Pepper and Abbey Road from Amazon France to the U.K. with no problems at all. I use Chrome so I can auto translate the Amazon site.

  84. Patrick Marchant says:

    Really annoyed at the way everything is going vinyl only , I personally don’t want vinyl and wish the labels would give the option of CD

  85. John Blutarski says:

    I thought I had a Yesterday single stacked somewhere. Guess I was wrong?

  86. Ryk says:

    Not a comment about this release at all. In another post, a long time back, a couple of posters mentioned an online site that sold a variety of vinyl inner and outer sleeves (bulk purchases). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  87. James Kelly says:

    $22900 US. Wow.

  88. RICHARD says:

    Looks lovely and I’m sure my heart will rule my wallet. My one gripe would be the count me in/out nature of the Anthology singles. Either acknowledge them or don’t.

  89. Lee Taylor says:

    I suspected something like this would come along one day. Wonder if we’ll see the EP’s collected in a similar format at some point.

  90. Daryl says:

    Ironically, the only two Beatles singles I own are Free As A Bird and Real Love, and I have always really liked the b-sides. Especially the Yellow Submarine with the extended Ringo intro. I think it’s a shame when they make things like this that are so-very-very-near;ly complete/perfect but somewhat fail on such a minor thing.
    Nice set though other than that!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yellow Submarine wasn’t the b-side but it was an extra track on the CD single. That sort of complication/complexity is probably why they reverted to just a simple double A-side of FAAB and Real Love.

      • Daryl says:

        Ah I see. I was just thinking of the CD singles. Growing up I was all about the CD singles – I’m in my mid-30s, so I kinda just missed the 7″ singles and went straight to cassettes.
        I see what you mean now :)

      • Rowly75 says:

        But these two were originally released on vinyl 7’s though, pricey now. I think 24 singles would sound better for a start! 23 sounds/is(!) odd!!

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Don’t agree. Those B-sides were just ‘filler’, relatively speaking. It’s great how they’ve done it with the double A-side.

          • Rowly75 says:

            I wonder if the double A would be the new mixes from the ‘1’ DVD? These are as yet unreleased. This would make the set a bit more collectable if it had two different mixes? As for the artwork – mixed bag. Some of its great (Ballad of) or poor (Paperback writer). Interesting idea to go worldwide with custom labels too, preferable (to me!) to original/plain covers or the green 70s ones…

  91. Paul Ramos says:

    Definitely incomplete. No German versions of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand / She Loves You”. But I thought some of the original master tapes were erased for early singles.

  92. gwynogue says:

    Okay…just checked Wikipedia – Dusty/PSB are referring to ‘Please Please Me’ the album, not the single.

    As you were…

  93. Gisabun says:

    Should of been split into 2 boxes. Too expensive….

  94. Osko says:

    I had the 2 old CD boxes, the Singles and the EPs.
    I hope they make the vinyl EPs as 10″s.

  95. gwynogue says:

    Hmm…I thought ‘Please Please Me’ DID reach #1…have Dusty Springfield and Pet Shop Boys been lying to me all these years?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not #1 on the chart that counts.

      • David M says:

        Actually it was no. 1 on the chart that counted in 1963, it was only retrospectively declared to be a no. 2 later. The Beatles celebrted it at the time as their first no. 1.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Can’t be bothered to get into this kind of argument. The Beatles acknowledge they’ve had 17 number ones, so Please Please Me doesn’t count because that would make 18.

          • David M says:

            Not saying your write-up is incorrect. It is correct based on the, now official, charts.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            It was 1969 when the various competing charts were amalgamated for a definitive ‘official’ UK chart. So there has been no doubt about the status of Please Please Me for at least 50 years. It wasn’t number one on the Record Retailer chart and that was the one ‘that counted’ (in the end).

  96. art m says:

    looks cool, but who really has the time or patience to play singles?

    • RJS says:

      To be honest, I don’t think many people who buy this will actually play the contents. It’s a collector’s piece more than anything else.

  97. Greg says:

    This is fantastic news, thanks Paul

  98. StevieB says:

    Really pleased that they’re using the mono versions where applicable and that they have taken everything from the original multi-track tapes rather than using the remixed versions as featuring in the current incarnation of the 1 compilation. I have no problem with the Free As A Bird and Real Love coupling. A CD option would have been nice but as this is going to cost me a small fortune anyway then I should probably be grateful. At this point, can’t think of anything about this release that I don’t like so I’m absolutely in. .

  99. Woodsey Niles says:

    I think this is a fairly accurate account of the Beatles publishing rights. I’m leaving out a lot of details.

    1963 – Northern Dreams (Dick James – Brian Epstein – Lennon/McCartney) owned the rights to Beatles catalog.

    1969 – ATV purchased the rights to Beatles catalog when the Beatles broke up.

    1985 – Michael Jackson bought the rights from ATV for $47.5 million – outbidding Paul McCartney in the process.

    1995 – MJ was in financial trouble and sold half of the rights to ATV/Sony for $95 million.

    2006 – Sony bought back all the rights for an additional $750 million.

    2017 – McCartney sued Sony. They then entered into a confidential agreement which will give Paul complete ownership by 2026.

    If the Jacksons are broke after the 2006 $750 million dollar Sony deal then they need a new accountant.

    • Gisabun says:

      @Woodsey Niles:
      Could never understand how MJ outbid McCartney. Surely McCartney would pay just about anything to have it.

      • Rowly75 says:

        According to McCartney he was going to do a joint bid with Yoko but I think he either never heard from her or she balked at the price? I’m sure I remember reading something like that in an interview sometime anyway…

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Yeah… Paul felt ‘uneasy’ buying the whole lot (for £43m) given that half really belonged to John. And he apparently hesitated and lost the opportunity. He should have just bought it and then sold half to Yoko afterwards for ‘cost’. Missed opportunity is an understatement.

    • stupidactingsmart says:

      Not quite. MJ refused to sell the ATV rights (completely) in his lifetime, and it was some years after he’d died in 2009 that the estate sold them on. I think only a couple of years ago.

    • David Bly says:

      Uh, “Northern Dreams”?
      You’re dreaming. It’s “Northern SONGS”!

      [Ghost of George Lennon writes “Only A Northern Dream” to back up Niles’ claim]

    • Jorge says:

      I think it is Northern Songs…

  100. AdamW says:

    Does the US version of this have different sleeves? The country list is different on the US uDiscover site: “She Loves You” from Greece, “Hey Jude” from South Africa, etc:

  101. Leo says:

    Attenzione! Only “Please Please Me” is an Italian cover.. “Come Together/Something” is not.
    Great job as always, Paul, thanks.

  102. Leonardo Lotti Marques (R3:Store Studios) says:

    This could have/would have been a perfect release if they had kept the b-sides to Free As A Bird and Real Love. Don’t think I like them bundled like that…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I get the logic though. Those B-sides don’t really have the historical importance of the original studio compositions.

      • PAUL DEAN says:

        Historical Importance ? is that they Where THE ORIGINAL b sides of those releases No matter when they where records !

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Let’s be honest be honest about this, ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Real Love’ are not the same as the other 22 singles. Therefore I can understand why they were dealt with slightly differently.

          • Paul Moore says:

            I always thought the 90s songs should have been a double-A side anyway (and might have stood a better chance of reaching no. 1)

    • PAUL DEAN says:

      Agree NOT ! staying true to orignal releases NO matter what was on the b sides WHY ! dont they ever ASK FANS ? But Neat collection ! will be buyng ! Cheers to Mr Visa !

  103. Shane says:

    Did the Michael Jackson estate sell the rights to the catalog? Because i think they havent, and are in dire need of money!

    In a way im happy not a fan, as id be long broke!

    • FortyFabio says:

      Jackson had the 50% of the publishing rights, Sony/ATV bought his 50% in 1996, now they own the 100%.

    • Dave Thompson says:

      Love the box and love the sleeves. However, I have the Singles Collection issued, I think, in 1982, which includes singles issued in the 70’s, such as Yesterday, Back In The USSR and Sgt Pepper/With A Little Help From My Friends. Although it includes Free As A Bird / Real Love, it still feels a little incomplete to me.

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