The Best of Bond… James Bond

New compilation + Billie Eilish seven-inch single

Like death and taxes, a new compilation of James Bond theme tunes, when the next film comes around, is a certainty and the delayed No Time To Die proves not to be an exception.

Yes, with ‘Bond 25’ due for release at cinemas in November, The Best of Bond… James Bond (no marks for originality) is scheduled for release at the same time.

This is very simply a collection of all 25 theme tunes, starting with Monty Norman‘s classic ‘James Bond Theme’ from Dr. No (as performed by The John Barry Orchestra) and ending with Billie Eilish‘s ‘No Time To Die’.

If you don’t want to buy a whole compilation album for one new song, you could opt for Eilish’s new theme tune as a ‘ice’ coloured vinyl seven-inch picture disc.

The Best of Bond… James Bond is available as a two-CD or 3LP vinyl set. The Billie Eilish seven-inch single is out next week, on 5 October, while the compilation is released on 2 April 2021 (was 20 Nov 2020).

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Billie Eilish

No Time To Die - ice coloured seven-inch single


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Various Artists

The Best of Bond... James Bond 3LP vinyl


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Various Artists

The Best of Bond... James Bond 2CD set


The Best of Bond… James Bond 3LP vinyl

3 LP

LP 1

  1. James Bond Theme – The John Barry Orchestra (Side A)
  2. From Russia With Love – Matt Monro (Side A)
  3. Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey (Side A)
  4. Thunderball – Tom Jones (Side A)
  5. You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra (Side A)
  6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – The John Barry Orchestra (Side B)
  7. We Have All The Time In The World – Louis Armstrong (Side B)
  8. Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey (Side B)
  9. Live And Let Die – Paul McCartney & Wings (Side B)
  10. The Man With The Golden Gun – Lulu (Side B)

LP 2

  1. Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon (Side A)
  2. Moonraker – Shirley Bassey (Side A)
  3. For Your Eyes Only – Sheena Easton (Side A)
  4. All Time High – Rita Coolidge (Side A)
  5. A View To A Kill – Duran Duran (Side B)
  6. The Living Daylights – A-Ha (Side B)
  7. License To Kill – Gladys Knight (Side B)
  8. Goldeneye – Tina Turner (Side B)

LP 3

  1. Tomorrow Never Dies – Sheryl Crow (Side A)
  2. The World Is Not Enough – Garbage (Side A)
  3. Die Another Day – Madonna (Side A)
  4. You Know My Name – Chris Cornell (Side A)
  5. Another Way To Die – Jack White & Alicia Keys (Side B)
  6. Skyfall – Adele (Side B)
  7. Writing’s On The Wall – Sam Smith (Side B)
  8. No Time To Die – Billie Eilish (Side B)

The Best of Bond… James Bond 2CD edition

CD 1

  1. James Bond Theme – The John Barry Orchestra
  2. From Russia With Love – Matt Monro
  3. Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
  4. Thunderball – Tom Jones
  5. You Only Live Twice – Nancy Sinatra
  6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – The John Barry Orchestra
  7. We Have All The Time In The World – Louis Armstrong
  8. Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey
  9. Live And Let Die – Paul McCartney & Wings
  10. The Man With The Golden Gun – Lulu
  11. Nobody Does It Better – Carly Simon
  12. Moonraker – Shirley Bassey
  13. For Your Eyes Only – Sheena Easton
  14. All Time High – Rita Coolidge

CD 2

  1. A View To A Kill – Duran Duran
  2. The Living Daylights – A-Ha
  3. License To Kill – Gladys Knight
  4. Goldeneye – Tina Turner
  5. Tomorrow Never Dies – Sheryl Crow
  6. The World Is Not Enough – Garbage
  7. Die Another Day – Madonna
  8. You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
  9. Another Way To Die – Jack White & Alicia Keys
  10. Skyfall – Adele
  11. Writing’s On The Wall – Sam Smith
  12. No Time To Die – Billie Eilish


110 responses to The Best of Bond… James Bond

  1. Francois says:

    I have the 7″ of the Billie Eillish song. The song is beautiful, and she is really an incredible singer. Take a look at the video for the song, it is also worth it. Totally on par with Skyfall, albeit in a different style.
    Unfortunately the vynil quality is poor, the color is nice, but even after two returns and as much replacement received, it is still plagued with surface noise and background noise. For such a quiet song it is a pitty. I keep it because I really like the cover, and it still is a kind of collectable item, but I ordered the CD version of the compilation just to have an audible version of the single.

  2. Michel Banen says:

    This has now been pushed back to april 2nd 2021. Good news; the triple gold vinyl is available again via UDISCOVER and Sound of vinyl now.

    • Scott Carrick says:

      I know the movie has – but is this CD/Vinyl Compilation still out in November? Would be clinically insane to postpone the audio releases in the run-up to the Festive Period when they will get maximum sales :-)!

  3. Strangely Brown says:

    Comment 100 – so easily pleased

  4. Ryk says:

    Now that the movie release is delayed until April 2021, I wonder if the compilation still be coming out in November.

  5. Edu says:

    I read that Pet Shop Boys’ This must be the place I waited years to leave was supposed to be a bond theme. It would be a exotic but really beautiful theme.

    • Craig Hedges says:

      It was, they submitted it in 1987 for The Living Daylights.

    • Scott Carrick says:

      Yes it’s very good. Got it on a 62 track unofficial fan produced download on my PC. Though I do think they were right to go with A-Ha on that one as their theme tune is superb:-)

  6. Keiran82 says:

    I suppose an updated Bond theme compilation was expected, however this one I think is timed a bit better given its the 25th Bond and Craig’s last outing, so more of a milestone marker IMO. I’ve owned a cpl of these compilations over the years – the 2CD 50th anniversary edition from 2012 for me was pretty definitive, however having this on vinyl is very appealing….

  7. Berlin says:

    I like most of the newer songs, including Adele, Billie Eilish, Madonna, Sam Smith & Chris Cornell. Only this catastrophe of White/Keys is hardly to bear. But fortunately the song doesn’t last that long. This will be my first vinyl purchase in a long time.

  8. Paul Berney says:

    When they first announced this album months ago, I was sad that they were continuing the trend of covering every Bond theme up to the previous entry, all while trying to cash in on the new movie. But then some decent person out there decided it was time to include the very latest entry, to give fans every Bond theme on one album, to coincide with the new movie. As someone who’s collected every issue of this album down through the years, I say God bless whoever put this new version together. This is how albums should be done. No greed, so scrimping, just give us fans something good for the money. I’m so delighted about this release, I can’t wait to have it. Made even better by the fact that No Time To Die has grown on me massively since its release, Billie Everything delivers the good stuff. PS – Love this site and Paul Sinclair, keep up the good work and you’ll remain the best website for new music releases.

  9. Yani P says:

    At least no one is saying stop getting Bond wrong

  10. Erik says:

    Last Bond compilation CD I bought ended with You Know My Name and included both of The Pretenders and k.d. Lang songs so I think that will continue to do me. Sadly it did include Madonna’s “effort” but that’s why God gave us the skip button.

    Running the risk of sounding like too much of an old fuddy duddy but I remember it being an event to hear the new Bond song and while there were ones that didn’t quite live up to the grandness of others (while I’m sure there are those who would rate All Time High near the top, I have a feeling they are few and far between), the excitement, anticipation and payoff really seem to be missing for quite a while. More like “Here’s the new Bond song” “Yay! Um, already forgot it…”

  11. Quatrmass says:

    It’s so weird… up through Duran, I know every song off by heart. After that – the Garbage is the only one I even remember, and I still watch every film regularly. Well, except the bad ones.

    Ah, they don’t write them like they used to, and they haven’t for a very long time.

  12. bruce kelso says:

    there is only one james bond and that was sean connery. when albert broccoli and connery steped aside the glory days of foreign intrigue were over. for me its shirley bassey goldfinger that is still the best.

  13. David says:

    On the Madonna song – if you remember the actual film, the North Koreans torture Pierce Brosnan by playing it to him on repeat for 18 months.

  14. Nobody has mentioned Scott Walker’s bond song. I think it was on the tomorrow never dies soundtrack.

  15. Mark R says:

    Forgot to add, yeah, I like the Billie Eilish song.

  16. Mark R says:

    Personally the last great Bond theme was Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name” for Casino Royale. It was controversial at the time as it was the first by an American solo male artist and bar the odd exception (Carly Simon), us Brits always seem to want a Brit singing the theme song. Anyway, recspect for Cornell’s song has gained more and more traction over the years, perhaps more since his tragic death and the reassessment of his work. Cornell was a massive Beatles fan and was clearly channeling Macca’s LALD when he wrote the song. I think it’s a belter. It totally suits the film.
    Love Duran’s AVTAK as well. Worst? Not a fan of Madonna’s song, neither Garbage or A-Ha’s efforts.

  17. Adrian Swatridge says:

    Sounds like we need an Ultimate Bond playlist with all the title themes, end title songs, incidental songs and official ‘nearly made it’ songs… Who’s up for the task?

    • Scott Carrick says:

      I have an unofficial, fan produced version of the 62 rejected, alternative and unreleased tracks which goes all the way up to and including Quantum Of Solace on my PC.
      I would imagine this could never be released on CD or vinyl as the rights / copyright issues would be nightmare.
      Johnny Cash’s Thunderball theme tune is particularly bonkers, a great country song but I see why they rejected it!
      You can hear Blondie’s rejected theme song for For Your Eyes Only on “The Hunter” album – it’s very good, not sure why they rejected it for Sheena Easton.
      And I particularly like Radiohead’s Spectre Theme Song, wish this had been in the film instead of Sam Smith’s caterwauling!

      • freddyk says:

        Yello is one of my favourite groups. I heard one of their songs was a rejected Bond song but I cannot find which one it was. Do you know?

        • Scott Carrick says:

          No sorry freddyk, there aren’t any Yello outtakes in my 62 track rejects collection. Unless it was for Skyfall or Spectre? It only goes up to Quantum Of Solace. Forgot to mention that Shirley Bassey had a fourth bond theme No Good About Goodbyes rejected for Quantum Of Solace! Not great, I see why they rejected it, also she wasn’t really hip in 2006 :-)!

    • Scott Carrick says:

      Just for you Adrian, (and anybody else who’s interested :-)) Here’s the full tracklisting for the rejected / alternative Bond Themes. Can you imagine the rights nightmare trying to release this lot on CD / Vinyl / Streaming :-O?

      56 Rejected and Alternate Themes + Bonus Tracks

      For years now, I’ve been putting together a folder on my computer strictly for my own personal amusement,
      and to feed my obsessive Bond fandom. In it, an attempt to collect each and every rejected or alternate
      James Bond title theme in circulation. Mostly sourced from MP3’s I’ve found scattered around the ‘Net
      (seriously, a lot of these songs would be ridiculously difficult to find in high quality, if not impossible),
      this collection of tracks gives an in-depth look into what could have accompanied the silhouetted nudes had
      the producers been tempted towards different musical choices. While some of these rejects are, quite
      honestly, complete crap, a very small number of them (namely, Saint Etienne’s “Tomorrow Never Dies”) should
      have been chosen instead of the sometimes-weak final tunes.

      Also in this collection are a handful of demos, allowing a glimpse into the genesis of well-known Bond songs
      such as “Goldfinger” and “A View To A Kill.” In fact, making its debut here is Anthony Newley’s orchestral
      demo for “Goldfinger” – his stripped-down solo demo already appeared on the 30th anniversary Bond compilation,
      but this one existed only in the hands of a few online fans. (Until now, that is!) A couple more polished
      alternate takes of familiar tunes can be found here as well.

      Rounding out the set is a handful of bonus tracks, included just for fun – a couple songs that seem like they
      should have been intended as Bond songs (but, of course, weren’t), and a few odds and ends. MST3K fans, you
      might find a particularly familiar tune in this set….

      Everything has been neatly divided into directories, and tagged with Winamp. Enjoy!!

      1962 – Dr. No
      01 – Diana Coupland – Under The Mango Tree (originally planned for titles, appears later in the film)

      1963 – From Russia With Love
      01 – Matt Monro – From Russia With Love (single version with alternate vocals)

      1964 – Goldfinger
      01 – Anthony Newley – Goldfinger (demo 1)
      02 – Anthony Newley – Goldfinger (demo 2)
      03 – Shirley Bassey – Goldfinger (single version with alternate vocals)

      1965 – Thunderball
      01 – Johnny Cash – Thunderball
      02 – Shirley Bassey – Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
      03 – Dionne Warwick – Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

      1967a – Casino Royale
      01 – Herb Alpert featuring Mike Redway – Casino Royale radio spot (with alternate theme)
      02 – Herb Alpert featuring Mike Redway – Casino Royale (complete vocal version)

      1967b – You Only Live Twice
      01 – The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (originally titled ‘Run James Run’)
      02 – Lorraine Chandler – You Only Live Twice
      03 – Julie Rogers – You Only Live Twice
      04 – Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice (re-recorded single version)

      [No tracks are available for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service or Diamonds Are Forever.)

      1973 – Live and Let Die
      01 – BJ Arnau – Live and Let Die (single version)

      1974 – The Man With The Golden Gun
      01 – Alice Cooper – The Man With The Golden Gun (demo)
      02 – Alice Cooper – The Man With The Golden Gun

      [No tracks are available for The Spy Who Loved Me or Moonraker.]

      1981 – For Your Eyes Only
      01 – Blondie – For Your Eyes Only
      02 – Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only (unused song)
      03 – Sheena Easton – For Your Eyes Only (demo)

      [No tracks are available for Octopussy.]

      1983b – Never Say Never Again
      01 – Phyllis Hyman – Never Say Never Again

      1985 – A View To A Kill
      01 – Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (unused song – session)
      02 – Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (unused song)
      03 – Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (demo 1)
      04 – Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (demo 2)
      05 – Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (demo 3)
      06 – Duran Duran – A View To A Kill (demo 4)

      1987 – The Living Daylights
      01 – Pet Shop Boys – James Bond 01
      02 – Pet Shop Boys – James Bond 02
      03 – Pet Shop Boys – This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (rewrite of ‘James Bond 02’)
      04 – The Pretenders – If There Was A Man (moved from opening titles to end credits)
      05 – A-Ha – The Living Daylights (album version)

      [No tracks are available for Licence To Kill.]

      1995 – GoldenEye
      01 – Ace Of Base featuring Meja – The GoldenEye
      02 – Ace Of Base – The Juvenile (rewrite of ‘The GoldenEye’)
      03 – Motiv8 and Kym Mazelle – Searching For The GoldenEye
      04 – Bono – GoldenEye (demo)
      05 – Tina Turner – GoldenEye (single edit)

      1997 – Tomorrow Never Dies
      01 – Dot Allison – Tomorrow Never Comes (rewrite)
      02 – Pulp – Tomorrow Never Dies
      03 – Pulp – Tomorrow Never Lies (rewrite)
      04 – The Fixx – Fatal Shore
      05 – Swan Lee – Tomorrow Never Dies
      06 – Saint Etienne – Tomorrow Never Dies
      07 – k.d. lang – Surrender (moved from opening titles to end credits)

      1999 – The World Is Not Enough
      01 – Straw – The World Is Not Enough

      2002 – Die Another Day
      01 – Red Flag – Beyond The Ice

      2006 – Casino Royale
      01 – Wilss and Fry – Casino Royale
      02 – Sandra – Casino Royale
      03 – Chris Cornell – You Know My Name (album version)

      2008 – Quantum of Solace
      01 – Alex Ford – Is Something Wrong
      02 – Huck Whitney – Quantum of Solace
      03 – Jo Harrop – Quantum of Solace
      04 – Will Oliver and Scott Fletcher – Back Again
      05 – The Neon Empire – Weapons
      06 – Eva Almer – Forever (I Am All Yours)
      07 – Shirley Bassey – No Good About Goodbye

      Bee Gees – Never Say Never Again (unrelated – 1969)
      Christy – Man For Me (from ‘Operation Kid Brother’)
      Joe Cornish – Quantum of Solace
      Peter Cowap – The Man With The Golden Gun (unrelated – 1971)
      Peter Serafinowicz – Goldfinger
      unknown – ‘James Bond 777’ Theme

  18. Klaus Michael Jackson Neumann says:

    This look quit great for one new track…. But why does they not release a full soundtrack for the new Bond25 movie… Can’t find any place on internet or regular off. music shop who has something like that. think it is goin back and more boring with the James Bond the last decade of years :(
    It will be much better if the release a full box set with all 25 soundtracks, off movie posters and other rarities inside it.

    Remember back in days when buy the first couple of JB soundtracks. with the offKlau. sound score precisely with the tracks and effects what was used in the movies way back then.
    For me the best tune are from “The Man With The Golden Gun”

  19. Roland says:

    “The Living Daylights” by a-ha was actually quite good – and the movie version sounded much better than the one on the album.

    And let’s not forget “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” by the Propellerheads. Wish they had made more than just one album. Or done a soundtrack to a Bond movie.

  20. O(+> Petrr B says:

    I just found the themes by Sam Smith and Adele to be so boring, dull and unoriginal. They need to get a rock band like Kasabian, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Muse or Ash to do the next one, bring some excitement back.

  21. Daniel says:

    I’m not mad at new comp but why does no one mention inclusion of Louis Armstrong? Absolutely nothing against him or WHATTITW. But this was included on previous comps as well yet many other fine secondary themes were not. Agreed Spectre was great song but so was Sam Smith’s contribution. They’re hardly a flavor of the month! Also I love Die Another Day AND Another Way To Die! Haters be damned lol

    • Codebreaker says:

      I’m having great difficulty deciphering what you’re trying to say here.

      • Daniel says:

        I’m so sorry for you. No worries though. It’s been a tough year. Let me break it down:
        1. Why the inclusion of Louis Armstrong to the exclusion of other great songs
        2. Sam Smith is not a flash in the pan
        3. Madonna and Jack White/Alicia Keys contributions are highly underrated in my opinion.

  22. Dan says:

    The great Bowie Bond theme that never was –

  23. Peter Muscutt says:

    I know it wouldn’t really”fit” but an LP or CD of curios like the discarded/unchosen songs by the likes of Pulp (Tomorrow Never Dies) and Radiohead (Spectre) or demos of the old theme songs would be cool!

    • B Fyfe says:

      This version had demos but not for newer films like the tracks you mentioned.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        My favourite Bond compilation, although I may pick up the 50th anniversary set because that looks good too.

        • Klaus says:

          The 30th anniversary 2-cd was the gold standard for 20 years but imho the 50th anniversary 2-cd is even better (although more song oriented and lesser John Barry symphonic stuff on there).

          Maybe we’re gonna get a 60th anniversary triple cd that brings both together and adds the newer theme songs. I especially enjoy Adele’s “Skyfall” every time i listen to it. It brings back the grandezza of the themes from the sixties but you have to listen to it loud.

        • Klaus says:

          Forgot to mention that there’s an enjoyable 4-CD – box for the fans of the scores called “The Ultimate James Bond Film Music Collection” with re-recordings by The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. It came out as a mid price compilation in 2006 and is now deleted but easily available via Discogs and other platforms for small change.

  24. AllStars says:

    I thought the Sam Smith track was so instantly forgettable that I genuinely have no recollection of what it sounds like. The Radiohead track, Spectre, on the other hand, was a memorable masterpiece. The Madonna track was ridiculous for a JB theme but fitted well on her American Life album which I really liked (and where I preferred it).
    My favourite would have to be the excellent Wings track. I have a soft spot for Licence to Kill.
    But you are right Paul if you were implying there’s no need for this album to exist.

  25. joel ivins says:

    never liked “for your eyes only” even though i enjoy sheena easton…i will get this to have all 25 at one time…have been streaming the one that came out right before skyfall…always love to go through all of them, even the supposedly sucky newer songs…looking forward to jewels new sde coming out in november

  26. HS says:

    The first two LPs are overall excellent and LP 3 has Madonna, Garbage and Billie, all great tracks. The rest on LP 3 I would never listen to.

  27. Larry Davis says:

    I’ll get this because it’s actually up to date with Billie Eilish’s new song…for me, the only lame track is the Quantum of Solace theme by Jack White/Alicia Keys, mainly because it was a rush placement…it was supposed to be by Amy Winehouse, but things fell apart at the last minute and the Bond people needed a very quick replacement because of deadlines with the film…I do wish there was a deluxe version of this comp with all the other songs (Pretenders, KD Lang, etc) from the earlier deluxe edition…

  28. Shawn C. says:

    As a life long Bond and John Barry fan, I obviously love the music from the films. Agree with others that this is simply the latest in a long string of collections of the Bond theme tunes. Having said that, I don’t have all the tracks on vinyl and UMG has a nifty gold colored vinyl edition (available at UDiscover) which I will be picking up. I’m not a Billie Eilish fan, but I don’t really get all the hate. The song is ok, not the worst (I’m looking at you Jack Black/Alicia Keys) and not the best (Duran Duran obv).

    When the “No Time to Die” soundtrack was announced, it was also stated that Decca would be releasing an album with “new arrangements” of the 25 theme songs newly recorded with the London Philharmonic. That certainly doesn’t appear to be this set, but I can’t find a reference to an actual release of it anywhere. Anyone know if it was scrapped or yet to be released?

  29. Mikael says:

    I have a 30th anniversary compilation that goes up to License To Kill, but also includes stuff like Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It’s great.
    The only thing I’d want past that is Skyfall, which, criminally, was not on the soundtrack.
    Of the rest, the Billie Eilish is the one I like the best.
    It surely has gone downhill since the classics, people still remember Bond themes from forty years ago, but not from ten.

  30. Paul Corser says:

    Always thought that George Harrison’s Cheer Down would have made a good Bond theme.

  31. Mark G says:

    There was one Bond movie that had not one but two big hits.

    Yep, the original “Casino Royale” which also had “The Look Of Love”

    I don’t remember the “Never Say Never Again”” theme..

  32. MüllerMüller says:

    Letˋs make a cd single of the Billie Eilish song!!! Itˋs so much better than Sam Smith – who had a cd single……..

  33. Ralph says:

    No Need to get hold of this Eilish person, easily the worst Bond song along with that joke of a song Alicia Keys delivered.

  34. Tim K says:

    John Barry was a brilliant film composer and is sadly missed. I have several of the Bond fil soundtracks and Goldfinger still takes some beating ! You expect me to talk ? NO Mr Bond, I expect you to listen to CD2 of this new compilation and then die !!!

    • Trash says:

      Ha Ha – love it!

    • Kenny says:

      Great composer except for “The James Bond Theme” composed by Monty Norman

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Although John Barry disputed that didn’t he, which I’m not sure did him any favours. I went to a concert of Bond music a few years and Monty Norman came on stage and gave a little talk about how he wrote the Bond theme, and how the melody was actually pinched from some other song he was working on. Charming fellow.

        • Shawn C. says:

          Agreed Paul. I’m a huge Barry fan and the many year argument over the Bond theme tarnished his image. I suppose I understand it – Barry contributed more to the Bond sound than any composer, but didn’t get credit for THE Bond song. I suppose only he and Norman know the truth. I think it is an excellent example of how writing and arrangement go together to form the final product. Based on what I know, they should have received equal credit – but Barry lost the court battle.

        • Philce3k says:

          The guitar melody and the first flush of the brass fanfare are adapted and tweaked (heavily tweaked in the case of the brass part) from Monty Norman’s Bad Sign, Good Sign. Literally everything else, including the whole arrangement is Barry’s. He should have received a co-writing credit. He got 200 quid for what is one of the most iconic pieces of music and arrangement ever. Bad Sign, Good Sign on the other hand…. Is not iconic in the slightest.

        • BJ says:

          It was from an an abandoned musical called “A House for Mr Biswas” which was set in Trinidad. So it originally had a bit of a Caribbean feel.

  35. Trash says:

    Maybe it’s an age thing but I agree with those that say that the content on the third vinyl LP is below par when compared to the earlier classics.

    Whether you like Bond as a franchise or not, there have been some amazingly-good theme tunes – Live and Let Die is a brilliant piece of writing (and even the songs from pop stars A-Ha and Duran had a certain something to them).

    My all time favourite Bond song has to be ‘Nobody Does it Better’ which unfortunately didn’t quite make it onto my favourite Bond soundtrack album:

    One of my first ever vinyl purchases – bought second hand at the age of 16 and still treasured to this day.

    P.S. Quite like ‘The Best of Bond… James Bond’ album cover though…

  36. Rog says:

    I think Billie’s theme is ok, but it feels like it’s building up to a big moment which never quite arrives.

    Of the recent run, I liked the Jack White and Adele ones a lot. Less keen on Cornell or Smith.

  37. GTR says:

    LP3 should be renamed ‘the worst of Bond…’. Full of stinkers.

    Last great Bond film: ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.
    Last great Bond song: ‘Goldeneye’.

    • Shawn C. says:

      Wow, have to disagree with this opinion. “Tommorrow Never Dies” (along with most of Brosnan’s films) was pretty terrible IMHO. “Goldeneye,” the last great Bond song? I think most would disagree, given we’ve had both “You Know My Name” and “Skyfall” since. Personally, I thought “Goldeneye” was one of the worst Bond tunes. To each his own.

      • Trash says:

        Yes to each their own indeed. I couldn’t even begin to recall the melodies of You Know my Name or Skyfall.
        And that’s my problem with the recent themes – they just seem to be instantly forgettable (but then again I find I am starting to have the same problem with the plots in that I’m not sure I could tell you which Daniel Craig film title goes with which plot – apart from Casino Royale and that’s only because I read Fleming’s original in my youth).

  38. Andrew r says:

    “Sky fall Sherry trifol I had an eyefull “
    Dire dire dire . 1st disc classy representation of the swinging sixties/ seventies . Then like the films
    Simple repetition of a winning dollar formula culminating in Adele the pub singer and Sam smith .

  39. Alan Graham says:

    As a bonus track they should have included Radiohead’s unused Spectre main title song. Why they picked Sam Smith over this is beyond me !

  40. Tyrone says:

    There is no compilation with Skyfall on it.
    The Skyfall CD doesnt iclude it either, which annoyed me. I sent it back

    • BJ says:

      Adele’s Skyfall was released as a CD single along with an instrumental version, easily available on amazon and eBay.

  41. Gareth Jones says:

    The last (well, only!) Bond compilation I bought was released in 1999, going up to Sheryl Crow. I quite liked the Garbage sone after that, but I can honestly say I haven’t really liked any Bond theme since then! From Madonna to Billie, they’ve all been fairly “meh”! So I think I might just stick with my ’99 compilation!

  42. Sean Daly says:

    In 2012, there was a 50 track (yes 50 !!) 2cd release called “Best Of Bond…. James Bond!”

    … so 8 years later you get the same 25 tracks MINUS another 25 tracks…. oh, but you do get that Billie Shellfish dirge added on as a bonus instead !!!
    Well worth it !!!

  43. Dylive says:

    Don’t know why (since it’s not my favourite type of music), but I have always had a soft spot for “For Your Eyes Only”.

    • Scott Carrick says:

      Have you heard Blondie’s rejected theme for For Your Eyes Only? It’s on The Hunter album. Much, MUCH better than the Sheena Easton effort IMHO :-)

  44. Michael says:

    Sorry, but James Bond movies are all style and little substance. Fun to watch once, but never inspiring and never surprising. The viewing audience knows in advance that 007 will always triumph and escape danger in a custom Aston Martin, Bentley, or private Leer jet along side a beautiful, but snarky woman who is as narcissistic as Mr. Bond. Even Marc Behm (the Beatles’ “Help!” movie) and Mike Myer’s (the “Austin Powers” trilogy) couldn’t resist writing screenplays that showed the ridiculousness of the James Bond mystique.

    The movie producers know there’s a lack of depth to these 007 plots, but to make these films feel more inspiring, James Bond theme songs are commissioned to emote drama, depth, and even a little pathos — which they do. But, all that falls away once the song is joined to the eye-candy superficiality of the movie. For that reason alone, I find it difficult to enjoy what would otherwise be good music. So although admittedly this is the best James Bond compilation to date, I’m going to have to pass.

    • Rog says:

      Sounds great to me, looking forwards to the new one! It’s Daniel Craig’s last you know.

    • Shawn C. says:

      Sorry, but as the Dude says, “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

      I absolutely love the Bond films and I’m not a mindless consumer of junk media. I definitely agree with you that many of the films are all style and no substance – especially the Moore and Brosnan eras. However, a number of the films are gritty, excellent thrillers – notably the two Timothy Dalton films and all of Daniel Craig’s films. I can easily rewatch those films over and over. They’re exciting, exotic locations, amazing stunts and action sequences, and spectacular music. As far as your argument that there is a ‘lack of depth” between the music and the films – listen to David Arnold’s “Vesper” in “Casino Royale” and then watch her death scene. We’ll talk after.

      I also have to dispute your argument that this is the best bond compilation. A few years ago there was a compilation consisting called “Best of Bond 50th Anniversary.” That is the best compilation, but I don’t think it was on vinyl.

      • Roland says:

        Yes to Timothy Dalton – the most underrated Bond actor ever. And great movies they were.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          He’s a good actor, but his Bond was too ‘nice’ and too emotional. Bond is, in truth, a bit of a bastard, and Dalton didn’t really convey that.

          • My Name is Bond, Bearer Bond says:

            Bit of a bastard? Roger Moore’s Bond wasn’t, he was camp as a Dick Emery christmas.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            This is true.

          • Scott Carrick says:

            What? WHAT? Sorry Paul, got to disagree – Dalton was THE best Bond hands down. All the others were like planks of wood compared to him he was Bond :-)!

        • Scott Carrick says:

          Totally agree. The best Bond ever and his two movies were classics :-)

  45. Luke says:

    Missing the track; Zinno – What’s Your Name ;-)

  46. Halici Arif says:

    How does everyone feel about “You Know My Name”?

    I like quite a lot. I think it’s energetic and builds nicely to the chorus. I am admittedly a big Soundgarden fan, although not so much a Chris Cornell solo fan, so I may have some bias. Also, I think this song is much better than the other “modern” soundtrack song that Soundgarden did for Avengers Assemble.

    • Mark says:


      Easily the best Bond song since ‘Licence To Kill’.

    • Shawn C. says:

      “You Know My Name” is one of the best. Suits the film perfectly. Perhaps the best since “Living Daylights,” although I’m in a minority who also loved Madonna’s “Die Another Day.”

  47. H says:

    I’ve always found that Bond themes never hit the spot on first listen but you grow to love them over time and no matter who the artist is you always associate it with Bond . There a magic formula to them that certainly works for me.

  48. Michel Banen says:

    Love the Billie Eilish track ! After the awesome Goldeneye track it wasn’t until Adele that the Bond tracks got that classic feel again (to me at least). I liked the Madonna track, Sam Smith not so much but No time to die is what I had hoped for.

  49. Adrian Swatridge says:

    Of course the best ever Bond song is The Man With The Golden Gun by Alice Cooper which criminally lost out to that dreadful Lulu song. I once edited it onto the opening titles sequence and it was so much better! An ‘almost’ bonus disc of end themes and rejected songs would be a nice different spin on the same old selection.

    • Harcourt Fenton Mudd says:

      there is a 50-track bond collection : 50 years , 50 tracks which does have some of the end-titles songs like eric Serra , the pretenders, and kd lang…as well as other more eclectic incidental tunes, like “do you know how are christmas trees are grown” (??!!) from OHMSS.

      speaking of ohmss ……….if you have a bond compilation already. i would highly recommend you searching out the soundtrack especially the 21-track version – one of the very best bond soundtracks …”over and out” being a track on it that is sheer brilliance.

  50. Blakey says:

    All Bond themes have been below standard since 1990. There have been some crackers (Shirley, Macca, Duran, Lulu, Carly) and Gladys Knight’s was the last classic. It’s not simply getting whoever is flavour of the month to do a theme song. A Bond theme has to be epic, powerful and uplifting. Some of the later choices have been woeful. How in God’s name did Garbage get to do a Bond theme? And Sam Smith?! And as for Jack White and Alicia Keys? Adele has the voice for it, but the song is dull. And Madonna’s theme is diabolical. Eilish is also too miserable, I agree. Like a musical version of Neil from The Young Ones. Bond isn’t emo. Well, at least it never used to be….

    • Steven Roberts says:

      Have to agree with you. That third LP…not a memorable track among the lot of them (well, except for the stinkers, that is).

    • Tim Weldon says:

      Agree with pretty much everything you say, mate. Ironically, ‘Garbage’ would be the word I’d use to sum up every song since Tomorrow Never Dies, but especially the most recent 3.

  51. Steve says:

    Gold vinyl version available at thesoundofvinyl etc

  52. My Name is Bond, Brooke Bond says:

    Love Bond, but I’m gonna stick my neck out, and I will cause offense to fans, but I find the Billie Eilish tune a tad load of old depressing bollocks, not as catchy as Wings or Shirley Bassey is it.

    • WayneUK says:

      I don’t see the fuss with Billie Eilish anyway. Well overrated . As for her dress sense, it’s awful. If she is trying to impress, then l cant see it’s working. Give me Madonna in her heyday any day.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Since you’ve made the comparison… Madonna’s theme tune is much worse than Billie Eilish’s.

        • Michel Banen says:

          By what standards is Madonna’s song worse ? Guess it’s personal taste. I love the Madonna track and I love the Billie Eilish track although the “No time to die” track has way more of the classic Bond feel to me.

          • Paul Sinclair says:

            By the standards of my opinion :) Also, there is something of a consensus that by Madonna’s own standards it was poor. Live and Let Die is a classic McCartney song, regardless of Bond. Would you say the same thing for Die Another Day? I can think of 30 singles of hers that were better!

        • WayneUK says:

          Can’t agree there Paul. Sorry. Eilish is terrible. So dark and dour.

        • Jay says:

          Couldn’t agree more – Madonna’s was utterly atrocious. At least it suited the appalling ‘Die Another Day” Film it soundtracked. And Madonna’s dress sense and demeanour at that time wasn’t much to write home about – I think it was her intense, serious Earth mother phase (i.e. dull).
          Radiohead’s lost Spectre song was great – shame they got bumped for the flavour of that month Sam Smith. I also really like the Chris Cornell one – not usually a fan. And Casino Royale was a genuinely great Bond film – perhaps the last. I think there may be a correlation between strength of song and film ( again as evidence I hold up The truly dire Quantum of Solace and its Jack White/ Keys song).

        • Arnd says:

          Billie Eilish … didn’t you attend a show of hers with your daughter?

      • Michel Banen says:

        Try listening with your ears instead of your eyes. Who cares what she dresses like ? It’s that voice ! Ofcourse it depends on your personal taste but I love her voice.

    • Mark R says:

      Better than Sam Smith’s song though.

    • Dan says:

      Sorry Paul, I have to disagree, I was really intrigued to hear what Billie Eilish could offer to a Bond film since she’s one of the most interesting artists to come out in the charts recently, and I was very disappointed, it was no different than the past few safe Bond offerings (Sam Smith in particular).
      Die Another Day gets a hard time from the general public, but do a little research and you’ll see it’s a highly regarding song in Madonna’s back catalogue in her fan base. She took a concept and ripped it up with electro-clash beats, cut up meddling strings and disjointed vocals.

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