The Cars / Expanded editions on coloured double vinyl LP

The recently announced expanded editions of The CarsShake It Up and Heartbeat City are both available as limited coloured 2LP vinyl pressings.

1981’s Shake It Up is available as double red vinyl, while 1984’s classic Heartbeat City is a limited double white vinyl pressing. Both contain the albums on LP 1 and a full selection of bonus tracks (including unreleased demos and early versions) on LP 2.

These coloured vinyl pressings are released on 30 March and can be ordered from JPC in Germany (they ship worldwide), although there may be regional availability in your area from other vendors.

Expanded CD editions are also available:

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The Cars

Shake It Up - expanded CD


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The Cars

Heartbeat City - expanded CD


Heartbeat City expanded edition

“Hello Again”
“Looking For Love”
“Stranger Eyes”
“You Might Think”
“It’s Not The Night”
“Why Can’t I Have You”
“I Refuse”
“Heartbeat City”

Bonus Tracks

“Hello Again” – Arthur Baker Remix Version
“Drive” – Demo *
“One More Time” – Early Version of “Why Can’t I Have You” *
“Baby I Refuse” – Early Version of “I Refuse” *
“Jacki” – Early Version of “Heartbeat City” *
“Breakaway” – B-Side of “Why Can’t I Have You”
“Tonight She Comes” – From Greatest Hits

Shake It Up expanded edition

“Since You’re Gone”
“Shake It Up”
“I’m Not The One”
“Victim Of Love”
“A Dream Away”
“This Could Be Love”
“Think It Over”
“Maybe Baby”

Bonus Tracks

“Since You’re Gone” – Early Version *
“Shake It Up” – Demo *
“I’m Not The One” – Remix
“Cruiser” – Early Version *
“Take It On The Run” – Early Version of “A Dream Away” *
“Coming Up You Again” – 1981 Version of “Coming Up You” *
“Little Black Egg”
“Midnight Dancer” *

* Previously Unreleased

5 responses to The Cars / Expanded editions on coloured double vinyl LP

  1. Marc says:

    Frustrating, to say the least, when you´ve already purchased the Elektra Years coloured vinyl boxset. The inclusion of all this additional tracks in that boxset would´ve made it a much more enjoyable product.

  2. Mathew Lauren says:

    Just what I needed…

  3. MARK LEVY says:

    I thought it was enough to have a boxed set of the first 5 studio albums on cd. Which have and enjoy.

  4. Alan B says:

    Also available from Townsend Records

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