The Damned / The Stiff Singles 7″ box

Attractive pre-order price in Germany • 11 tracks across five vinyl singles

A new Damned seven-inch vinyl box set, The Stiff Singles 1976-1977, will be issued in March.

Signed by Stiff, shortly after supporting the Sex Pistols at London’s 100 Club in the summer of ’76, the Damned’s first single was New Rose. Issued in October of that same year, the 45 is widely regarded as the first punk single and was backed with a metal version of The BeatlesHelp!

New Rose was produced by Nick Lowe, as was follow up Neat Neat Neat (which featured two B-sides), while Problem Child and Don’t Cry Wolf both benefitted from Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason twiddling the knobs. Stretcher Case Baby is the fifth and final single in this box, although it was never commercially issued – it was given away to fans at gigs. Chronologically, that was actually the third release, in July 1977.

All five singles are recreated here with their original artwork and come in a box artworked with original press cuttings from back in the day. You also get a Damned patch, exclusive to the box set.

This set was originally exclusive to PledgeMusic but is now available on Amazon, which is good news because just check out that superb Amazon Germany pre-order price of £35 which is more than £15 cheaper than PledgeMusic and £25 cheaper than the UK price.

Stiff Singles 1976-1977 will be issued on 30 March via BMG. If this box doesn’t appeal you can always pre-order the new album Evil Spirits. That’s due for release on 13 April

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The Stiff Singles 1976 - 1977 [12" VINYL]


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The Damned

Evil Spirits - CD edition


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The Damned

Evil Spirits - vinyl LP


The Stiff Singles 1976-1977


New Rose


Neat Neat Neat
Stab Yor Back
Singalonga Scabies


Problem Child
You Take My Money


Don’t Cry Wolf
One Way Love


Stretcher Case Baby
Sick Of Being Sick

Evil Spirits

1. Standing On the Edge of Tomorrow
2. The Devil in Disguise
3. We’re So Nice
4. Look Left
5. Evil Spirits
6. Shadow Evocation
7. Sonar Deceit
8. Procrastination
9. The Daily Liar
10. I Don’t Care

15 responses to The Damned / The Stiff Singles 7″ box

  1. smiths22 says:

    Once i bought the deluxe rhino double compilation greatest hits, i only liked track #1 a new rose. I was expecting The Clash maybe The Misfits and didn’t get any of those, they are barely punk sound more like The Cure. A very dark band i don’t like them.

  2. Nick81 says:

    Excellent stuff. Myself and a work colleague enjoy light-hearted disagreements about the Damned. I prefer their mid-80s goth period, he prefers their punk roots, so he’ll enjoy this.

  3. Jim O’Donnell says:

    This was issued by Earmark about 10 years ago, I have it. It doesn’t have replica Stiff labels on the 7”s but the content is identical.

  4. Trev says:

    Many Thanks Paul Just Ordered. Been Watching This On Pledge Music. Great Bargin.

  5. Martin says:

    Great box set for fans – Caught them live at Newcastle last week and they were great

  6. mike says:

    thanks paul i went for it because i like getting up every two minutes to change the disc!

  7. Mike says:

    Luxury item!

  8. Janice Pugh says:

    I ordered my singles set from Pledge Music – £55, and the patch is enclosed in the box. Very happy with the set (especially as I don’t own the original singles). New Rose and Neat Neat Neat, take me back in time to my youth (when I could pogo without hurting my knees!!)

  9. korova says:

    Finally one for the punk collector, offers have been thin on the ground for a while. Box set ordered, thanks Paul.

  10. Stuart says:

    How times change!

    I bought the first four singles in a “special pack” in 1981 which instructed the buyer “Do Not Pay More Than £2.99”. Same thing, reproductions of the sleeves etc.

    I’d still pay £2.99, but not a chance at £60, even for the added 5th single and cuttings.

    • David Bly says:

      Well, I have the originals of all five singles, so it’s even less interesting to me. And I probably still have all the UK papers the cuttings came from.
      No need for a tacky badge!

  11. Tony Orwell says:

    Wow, awesome set, would it have killed them to put the Dodgy Demo in as well? still fantastic

  12. Daniel Wylie says:

    Don’t Cry Wolf, was originally on Pink vinyl.

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