The Doors / London Fog 1966 box set


Historic early recordings unearthed

Rhino will issue London Fog 1966 in December, a new archival Doors box set that features unearthed audio recorded at the LA club of the same name.

All tracks are previously unreleased and not even known to exist until recently and marks the earliest recordings of the band, finding the quartet mixing blues covers with early versions of Doors originals (Strange Days and You Make Me Real).

This London Fog 1966 set contains a CD and a ten-inch vinyl record (made to look like a test pressing) and is presented in a lift-top box package designed to look like a vintage storage box. Doors engineer Bruce Botnick recently mastered the audio for this collection.


In addition to the music, this box comes with packed with replica memorabilia including a poster, the set list handwritten by John Densmore, a program for the Royce Hall UCLA student film screening, plus a London Fog coaster. Liner notes include thoughts from Nettie Peña, someone who was not only at the London Fog show, but actually captured the audio on a ¼” reel-to-reel recorder (borrowed from her father who was a teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District).  Five black and white 8″ x 10″ re-prints of Peña’s unpublished photos of the band taken on that evening are included in this collector’s set.

London Fog 1966 is a numbered, ‘limited edition’ of 18,000. This set is the first of many ‘special activities and releases’ coming to celebrate The Doors’ 50th anniversary in 2017. London Fog 1966 will be released on 9 December 2016.

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The Doors

London Fog 1966 box set



London Fog 1966


Side 1
1. Tuning (I) [Live at London Fog 1966]
2. Rock Me (Live at London Fog 1966)
3. Baby Please Don’t Go (Live at London Fog 1966)
4. You Make Me Real (Live at London Fog 1966)

Side 2
1. Tuning (II) [Live at London Fog 1966]
2. Don’t Fight It (Live at London Fog 1966)
3. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Live at London Fog 1966)
4. Strange Days (Live at London Fog 1966)
5. Lucille (Live at London Fog 1966)

1. Tuning (I) [Live at London Fog 1966]
2. Rock Me (Live at London Fog 1966)
3. Baby Please Don’t Go (Live at London Fog 1966)
4. You Make Me Real (Live at London Fog 1966)
5. Tuning (II) [Live at London Fog 1966]
6. Don’t Fight It (Live at London Fog 1966)
7. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man (Live at London Fog 1966)
8. Strange Days (Live at London Fog 1966)
9. Lucille (Live at London Fog 1966)

30 responses to The Doors / London Fog 1966 box set

  1. Ernie says:

    The only comment I will add is If you don’t want all the litttle bits included in this wonderful box set burn a cd off of a friend who owns it. Please stop complaining about what get or don’t get or the price. The Doors are one of the greats in musical history and I look forward to any releases the remaining members put out.
    A brilliant piece of history.

  2. Giles Roditi says:

    Sound is actually great considering the vintage etc. very listenable and a worthwhile addition to my many live Doors recordings. I was a bit apprehensive but overall I really like the box and surprisingly don’t feel short changed at all. Some really nice touches such as the proper glossy 8×10 B&W photos, Densmore’s handwritten crumpled setlist and especially Pamela Courson’s smudged ‘phone number on the reverse of the beer mat !

  3. Tino Stabile says:

    I have heard some sound clips on Youtube and the sound is quite good. If any of you are mega Doors fans like me, collectors and were hesitant about the sound… on whether it would sound like a bootleg… from what I hear….. the sound is good. So Godwilling I will go get my Doors box set in the upcoming days especially seeing that they are not making a huge amount of them. Soon to be out of print and higly collectible.

    I want to wish all SDE subscribers and readers as well as Paul and all at SDE Merry Xmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year 2017.
    God bless
    Peace to all and may we all be healthy to continue to experience physical media the way it was meant to…. in our hands and ears. AMEN


    Tino Stabile

  4. Tino Stabile says:

    Has anyone received this box set. How is the sound. I am kind of hesitating now. As much as I would love to get the collectibles (extra goodies) that come with the box… if the sound is not up to par…. I am not as much in a hurry to get it now .
    Bootlegs are collectibles yes but sound is important too. Will not deny that the collector in me would still want to get it.


  5. Gisabun says:

    I can imaging what they’ll do for the anniversary in 2017, re-release the studio albums again for the 20th time?

  6. ANDREW r says:

    Whether one agrees with the price or not this will be collectible
    The doors released” boot yer butt” some years ago ,it was criticised for poor sound quality,
    it sold out, was limited and now goes for hundreds of pounds if you can find one!
    The Doors and doors releases are hot and will remain so in my opinion

  7. Tino Stabile says:

    Huge, Huge Morrison and the Doors fan,
    Did not know of this and I am glad to have gotten the notice from… thank you Paul. I have the bootleg that came out a few days ago. No matter how it sounds… it is a piece of history and any else that the box may contain will be a bonus and with only 18,000 units produced we have to preorder in advance. Let us hope that this release does see the light of day on December 9th. This Christmas will be a little extra special.

    Thanks again Paul


  8. gogandmagog says:

    damn it, where is the wax cilinder?

  9. Paul Wren says:

    Sound quality: Do we have any idea about this yet? Presumably a mono recording?

  10. Keith says:

    Released as a CD this would have been an automatic buy, because it comes with vinyl and and as a consiquence overpriced not so much of an automatic buy.

    It could have been amde a worthwhile set buy adding the 1965 demos that appeared in the box set a few years back, at least we would then get around 40 minutes of music. and have everything pre Elektra in one place.

    treating the Matrix as a separate box release later

  11. Gisabun says:

    What a waste of money to spend on vinyl, a CD and a bunch of reprints and stuff.

  12. adey says:

    is the 18,000 number a misprint?!
    surely 1,800 could be seen as limited edition, but i can’t see them selling 18,000 of these, especially at the hugely inflated price they are asking for…

  13. Rocket Sr. says:

    I’m not sure that any of the collateral is worth more than an initial vaguely entertaining look and don’t understand at all the idea of faking a test pressing when these tracks were never originally submitted to Elektra — this tape existed prior to the band being signed and was never owned by their label. I know for a fact that the original packaging design concept for this set included the entire contents not only on CD plus reel-to-reel tape — the original creative director sourced one of two companies in the US that still produces them — the way it was stored for years in Nettie’s closet, plus a replica matchbook from the London Fog with Pamela’s (Jim’s ultimate main squeeze) home phone number hand written since this is the concert where Jim and Pam first met. Still ultimately irrelevant to the music? Maybe but unquestionably a whole lot cooler, that’s for damn sure.

  14. MiG says:

    Not the “earliest recordings of the band” because there are September 1965 demos. But the first live recordings, and the first with the classic lineup, I guess. That’s pretty fantastic. But what an uninteresting setlist – mainly just the blues they revisited on “Morrison Hotel” — and it is only 30 minutes long (hence the 10 inch vinyl), so it’s not going to rock your entire day. Apparently there were two reels to the original recording, but the second one has gone missing, and that’s a shame because it contained an embryonic “The End”. Still…if they ditched the gimmicky vinyl and all the fluff, this would be a purchase. As it is, you’re kidding.

  15. Sean Gregory says:

    Way to go, Nettie!

  16. Fat Old Bloke says:

    Before you rush out to buy this I’d strongly advise to hear it first.
    The sound could be horrible as it appears to be an audience recording

  17. Wazza says:

    A nice release for the completists , I will add this to my list for santa ….. maths was never my strong suit but surely if this gig was may 1966 then shouldn’t 2016 and not 2017 be their 50th anniversary ?

  18. HalloweenJack says:

    Easily one of the best bands we will ever hear. Period.
    Very nice set! Been looking forward to this release for a couple of years!
    Now if only they could release the Warehouse 1970 tape!
    … and eventually the Isle of Wight 1970 show on blu-ray!
    Still a few more releases on the agenda for Bright Midnight Records… including the remastered Matrix box set and the Stockholm ’68 shows… and Bakersfield ’70!

  19. Giles says:

    It is an historical artefact to be enjoyed for what it is, the ephemera are fine by me. Ordered !

  20. David Bourgoin says:

    Limited to 18,000 better get in there quick then…. :-)

  21. Bogdan says:

    I think this is exactly how such a historically important release from a seminal band like The Doors should be presented. Really looking forward to this set! And the prospect of getting more special releases next year is mouthwatering.

  22. frank says:

    A CD buyer needs to pay over £35 for a 9 track CD? No chance.

    I don’t want vinyl or bits of paper, I want music on a CD.

  23. Avitom says:

    Will there be a CD only version? No need for all the other “goodies”!

  24. Straker says:

    I’d buy this nine tracker on CD but resent needing to pay an extra £20+ for ephemera I’ve no interest in in order to get it. I suppose there’s no separate CD only release?

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