The Doors / Strange Days 50th anniversary deluxe edition

Rhino conclude The Doors‘ 50th anniversary celebrations with a tw0-CD deluxe edition reissue of their second album of 1967, Strange Days.

The album, released in September of that year, was a prompt follow-up to their self-titled debut and featured classics like Love Me Two Times, When The Music’s Over, and the title track Strange Days.

The double-CD 50th anniversary edition features the original stereo and mono mixes – both newly remastered. This is the first time the mono mix has been available on CD. This same mono mix will also be issued on vinyl. David Fricke provides sleeve notes.

This Strange Days 50th anniversary edition will be issued on 17 November 2017.

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The Doors

strange days - 2CD deluxe edition


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The Doors

strange days - mono vinyl LP


CD 1: Strange Days Remastered Original Stereo Mix

CD 2: Strange Days Remastered Original Mono Mix

  • Strange Days
  • You’re Lost Little Girl
  • Love Me Two Times
  • Unhappy Girl
  • Horse Latitudes
  • Moonlight Drive
  • People Are Strange
  • My Eyes Have Seen You
  • I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
  • When The Music’s Over

LP: Strange Days Remastered Original Mono Mix

Side 1

  • Strange Days
  • You’re Lost Little Girl
  • Love Me Two Times
  • Unhappy Girl
  • Horse Latitudes
  • Moonlight Drive

Side 2

  • People Are Strange
  • My Eyes Have Seen You
  • I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
  • When The Music’s Over

50 responses to The Doors / Strange Days 50th anniversary deluxe edition

  1. Andy says:

    Just listened to the remaster of this 50th (the stereo mix), utter garbage, Strange Days has either tape hum on the beginning or it sounds like a poor vinyl rip then EQ’d higher, there is audible knocking on the track as well, sounds like a turntable being knocked. Shoddy to say the least. Unless it’s meant to be there LOL

  2. Adey says:

    Just looked on amazon, and there is a listing for a deluxe version of this, described as
    “The Doors: Strange Days (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Limited) [Winyl]+[4CD]”
    There is no photo and its showing as “currently unavailable”.
    no idea what its about. Does anybody know anything about this? They even spelt vinyl wrong.

  3. Gisabun says:

    Unsure when they release these anniversary editions that the DVD version wasn’t included. Not everyone would shell out money for the box set and it is also hard to find or unavailable [or if available at way inflated prices].
    What are they going to do, come out with another anniversary set in 5 or 10 years time but tack on just a stereo version of the DVD and maybe 5 to 10 years after that with the 5.1 mix but not in stereo?
    At least other re-releases {REM, Marillion, INXS] seem to get it right by putting everything in them.

  4. Ken A says:

    The Doors camp has done an awful job for these 50th Anniversary releases. The only interesting release has been the “London Fog” box set, but that was over priced because it included the vinyl. And who is going to listen to a bootleg recording that contains only 7 tracks more than a handful of times? Why no outtakes or bonus material on this release? There has been hints of studio outtakes that have never surfaced. Only one complete song on the 40th anniversary version. This is one of the bands best albums. These 50th anniversary releases seemed like the opportunity to do a good job and offer something unreleased and unheard. I will pass on this like I passed on the First album’s 50th. This is one big yawn.

  5. montel says:

    The DVDs in the Perception box were the 40th Anniv. remixes (2.0/5.1, 24-96) whereas the CDs themselves were reissues of the 1999 remasters. That might explain the differences you hear.

    That said, a curious thing I have noticed is that Light My Fire from the hi-res 40th Anniv. stereo mix of the Perception DVD-A sounds like a different mix than the 2007 40th Anniv. individual CD versions released one year later. Yet, they are both supposed to be from the same 40th Anniv stereo mix (just at different resolutions) and both appear to run at the corrected speed and have the same track time: 7min:00sec. Aside from that, all other tracks on the self-titled album of the DVD-A sound similar to the redbook 40th Anniv mix released on the 2007 CDs (as they should).

  6. Benjamin Adams says:

    Huh. I get what they’re doing. They actually got complaints with the last set from people who didn’t want the vinyl LP. By doing it this way, they’re satisfying everyone (except those of us who kinda wanted another nice box). At least buying these separately comes out to $10 cheaper than the first album box set did, since it’s costing less to produce without the hardcover and the booklet.

  7. Ken Evans says:

    Actually it was all six albums that play faster on the DVD than they do on the CDs in the same box. I’ve got lots of other music DVDs that play normally.

  8. Randy Metro says:

    I’m always harping that we need to think about future generations coming into the fold as the older generations exit. Is there much interest by the newbies for anything else but the original albums as grandpa first heard them? Will they want to invest in a more expensive deluxe set rather than buy just the originals? Try it, buy it.

    I stuck my toe in the water with Bowie and worked my way backwards. Glam was just beginning to push the envelope. The Doors and Hendrix both burned out in a flash like a falling star – no pun intended. (Oddly, Janis Joplin, a contemporary of those times seems, to have fallen off the map – not much to exploit maybe.)

    After the 30th & 40th anniversary, aren’t the oldbies exhausted? I was there in the late 60’s and 70’s as it happened. I’m already starting to wonder what’s going to happen to my collection? Trashed? I’m not thinking only about my demise but also my hearing is slowly deteriorating. Once I give up my house and go live in a “box” or worse: assisted living, will I be able to blow the roof top off in my little box apartment while listening to Hendrix, Bowie, Doors…?

    With Bowie, it has always seemed odd that some excellent albums have never received the 30th, 4oth treatment. Thank God for Ryko. As has been pointed out, these 50th, even 40th, sets seem to be an afterthought (sometimes) with no continuity. Even those little “Original CD Classics” boxes have evolved from a sturdy exterior cardboard box to almost paper thin. At least that is how my Lou Reed sets have gone downhill. Pleasing replica LP sleeves – with bonus tracks – now in crappy cheap looking boxes.

    Rant over. Grumpy Grandpa is calling it a night – after I listen to a Doors album.

  9. Luc says:

    How different is the original mix compared to the remix??? I am one of strange beast that has never heard the original mix!

  10. Gisabun says:

    Seems whomever are handling these 50th anniversary “remasters” aren’t doing an impressive job. Debut album with 3 CDs and vinyl [vinyl shooting up the cost]. Then release this 2 CD release [thankfully no vinyl] but no extras either. Seriously? No takes? Alternate versions?
    I ended up getting the Japanese edition of the debut album [no vinyl] at a cheap price. Will wait for this one to drop quite a bit…

  11. Jim Morisson`s Shed says:

    I`ll be checking out the mono mix`s provenance before committing.

  12. HalloweenJack says:

    This is a complete disappoint, Jeff Jampol.
    WTF not packaged the set like the first album’s 50th?
    Why not include a third disc of the album live?…. sure, a couple of tracks would be found on other releases but c’mon!
    50th Anniversary is a cause for celebration but some folks just don’t get it at all…. like that Stones’ Satanic set… sigh.

  13. Ken Evans says:

    Did anyone else think the DVDs in the Perception box played much faster than the CDs?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      It is true that The Doors debut album runs faster in the “Perception” box remix, but this is the correct speed. The slower speed that we heard for several decades was a mastering defect caused by a tape machine running slowe during original mastering. A similar problem(in original mastering) causes “The Rolling Stones- Beggar’s Banquet” & the debut album by “Little River Band” to now run faster. The faster speed is the correct speed. I hope that this answers your question.

  14. Philip Cohen says:

    As one music critic once said, “This group which had perhaps 18 good months has been turned into a mini-industry”. I’d be more charitable, and say that they had 3 good years, but this is scraping the bottom of the barrel. All but 2 songs in this mono mix have been folded down from the stereo mix. As for further Doors “Product”, this is where I get off this train.

    • Rob Smyth says:

      No, 18 good months is about it. After “Waiting for the Sun” it was all downhill. I got off the train in 1968.

  15. Auntie Sabrina says:

    “STRANGE DAYS (50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION) was produced by the album’s original engineer Bruce Botnick. It includes the original stereo mix of the album on CD for the first time in a decade, with sound that’s been remastered for the first time in 30 years. The second disc features the album’s original mono mix, which has been remastered for this set and is making its CD debut.”

  16. Michael says:

    I got the mono vinyl of the first album. The Rhino rerelease from 2010 and I have to say, it is the most horrible compression I’ve ever heard! As soon as the louder parts set in, they’re distorted to death. The whole thing flat and lifeless. And those are supposed to be the original mono tapes..?? I assume, this won’t be the case here…

  17. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Joe Mac Pherson

    the say

    “Accompanying the set are liner notes by music journalist David Fricke, as well as a selection of rare and previously unseen photographs.”

  18. Joe Mac Pherson says:

    Is there an accompanying book? Hopefully with liner notes, lyrics, photography? I sincerel;y appreciate any information provided!

  19. Mark Carroll says:

    What a disappointment. Thought this would be similar to the Doors 50th anniversary debut album release…ohhhhh sigh….Actually it’s a MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT…

  20. madman says:

    I bought the vinyl mono RSD release a while back as well, so I’ll be passing on this, as much as I love the Doors. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the stereo & mono versions, IMHO.

  21. Sylent Syd says:

    Considering there are no bonus tracks, could they not have fit both mixes onto a single disc?

  22. colm47 says:

    Why couldn’t they have made it like the one for the debut LP?
    That would have been a better package to match the other one.

  23. gogandmagog says:

    I wish they re-realese the 5.1 studio albums in Blu-Ray…never had a DVD-A player nor the $ for the Perception set!!!

  24. Michel Banen says:

    Whatever re-issues there will be of The Doors, the 40th anniversary CD’s and the 5.1 DVD audio / SACD discs of those remain the best they have ever sounded. Mono remastered releases are aimed at those that want everything but my guess is that’s a pretty small market.

  25. Alvy says:

    They could have put the mono and stereo mixes on one disc. You’d even fit the false start/studio dialogue version of People Are Strange and Take 3 of Love Me Two Times (already issued on the 2007 edition, and mentioned above by Auntie Sabrina) as well!

  26. DaveM says:

    Just sold my Doors first album box set as it was the most dissapointing deluxe of the year so far. Couldn’t get on with the mono mix at all, some albums are great in mono, the Beatles up to and including Sgt Pepper, most of the sixties Stones, Maccas Ram etc, but this one didn’t work for me so will give Strange Days a miss.

  27. Auntie Sabrina says:

    There is the 2007 expanded and remastered 40th Anniverary CD version of Strange Days which can be bought for around £6. This includes 2 bonus tracks; People Are Strange and Love Me Two Times

  28. Steve Ferguson says:

    Hands down my favorite Doors album. Paul, any idea which stereo mix is being used, the original or the 2007 remix?

  29. nick-nack-no-no says:

    Why start a reissue campaign with the first album as a box set, vinyl & cd etc… and then give up by the next album release? Re-release the first album again as a 2cd set with the mono & stereo at the same time as this, or continue with the larger box. Also, this should be about £7.99 or so, just like the otis redding “complete & unbelievable” release from rhino last year, which had mono & stereo plus a bunch of other bonus songs. That wasn’t called deluxe, though, for some reason.

  30. Reece Conway says:

    Unfortunately The Doors don’t have much for extras, most of their live shows were the same set lists. Still my favorite 6 album band ever.

    • Wazza says:

      Now there’s a conversation starter , favourite bands per amount of albums they released , do you include live albums or not ?

  31. Wazza says:

    I’m not seeing where the deluxe part of this release is

  32. Steven Campbell says:

    Already have the mono mix of Strange Days on vinyl having got it via RSD last year. might get the 2 CD version though. Will there be an Amazon UK release?

  33. Bobbyjean says:

    ThIs is a crap deluxe set if ever there was one

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