The Handsome Family / Through The Trees 20th anniversary edition

The Handsome Family‘s 1998 album Through The Trees has been reissued for its 20th anniversary as a special coloured vinyl+CD edition.

The alt country band’s anniversary set boasts reworked cover art and the original album pressed on ‘sky blue’ vinyl. The bonus CD is called Invisibles Trees and here’s where fans can enjoy some interesting archive material. The 15 tracks include four demos, six ‘isolated tracks’ and five live recordings. Details are in the track listing, below.

Through The Trees was the third album by the band (husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks) and garnered much critical acclaim. Opening track Weightless Again became a fan favourite, although it was Far From Any Road from Singing Bones (three albums down the line in 2003) that brought them to a wider audience, when it was used as the theme tune for series one of HBO’s True Detective.

This 20th anniversary edition of Through The Trees is out now on Loose Music. The Handsome Family are currently in Scotland, halfway through their UK tour with a dozen or so dates remaining. More information here.

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The Handsome Family

Through The Trees 20th anniversary edition - blue vinyl + rarities CD


Through The Trees sky blue 180g vinyl

A1 Weightless Again
A2 My Sister’s Tiny Hands
A3 Stalled
A4 Where The Birch Trees Lean
A5 Cathedrals
A6 Down In The Ground

B1 The Giant Of Illinois
B2 Down In The Valley Of Hollow Logs
B3 I Fell
B4 The Woman Downstairs
B5 Last Night I Went Out Walking
B6 Bury Me Here
B7 My Ghost

Invisible Trees bonus CD

1 The Giant Of Illinois
2 Cathedrals
3 Down In The Ground
4 Where The Birch Trees Lean

Isolated Tracks
5 Weightless Again – acoustic guitar, organ, melodica
6 Cathedrals – dobro track
7 The Giant Of Illinois – cello and electric piano
8 I Fell – cello and piano
9 The Woman Downstairs – piano, organ and tuba
10 Last Night I Went Out Walking – strings

Live Recordings
11 Cathedrals – Liss Ard Festival, Skibbereen, IE
12 My Sister’s Tiny Hands – Telford’s Warehouse, Chester, UK
13 Weightless Again – Liss Ard Festival, Skibbereen, IE
14 The Giant Of Illinois – Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
15 Down In The Ground – Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA, USA

8 responses to The Handsome Family / Through The Trees 20th anniversary edition

  1. Matt Thurston says:

    Neil, if you have watched “True Detective” on HBO with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson then you *know* The Handsome Family, cause “time is a flat circle…”

  2. Keith says:

    Already have my copy , going to see them at Norwich Waterfront.
    Brilliant album sounds even better on vinyl

  3. Neil says:

    I have never heard of this band in my life and i thought i had a good knowledge of music.

    • The Golden Age Of Musical Knowledge says:

      It seems a good knowledge of music isn`t good enough. Thanks for this Paul, seems my knowledge of music wasn`t good enough also because I didn`t know of this release. `Course I know of the H.F.. I`ve been on board since I came across the first album `Odessa` in `94.

  4. Bassel Hassouna says:

    Does anybody known if it comes with a download code?

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