The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group: four-disc anthology

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

Career-spanning anthology includes a DVD & CD of rarities

A Very British Synthesizer Group: The Anthology is a new four-disc super deluxe overview of Sheffield’s electronic pioneers The Human League.

With almost 40 year of activity under their belt, this new collection seems well balanced with the first disc two discs containing largely original single versions of all their 45s, from 1978’s non-album debut Being Boiled to the radio edit of Sky (taken from 2011’s Credo).

The third CD is packed with previously unreleased early versions of 17 songs, and the DVD which completes this set is crammed full with promo videos and, more interestingly, twenty-one their appearances on the BBC, including rare early appearances of the Oakey/Marsh/Ware line-up on BBC 2’s Mainstream and on Top of the Pops (promoting the Holiday 80 EP).

The four-disc super deluxe will come with a 58-page book with a new essay by David Buckley and a cut-down two-CD edition (featuring just the singles) will be available, along with a half-speed remastered triple-LP vinyl edition (containing the tracks on the two-CD set). The vinyl comes with a download code.


A Very British Synthesizer Group: The Anthology will be released on 18 November 2016. They will support this release with a UK tour in December.

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The Human League

A Very British Synthesizer Group 3CD+DVD - deluxe


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The Human League

A Very British Synthesizer Group - 3LP Vinyl


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The Human League

A Very British Synthesizer Group - 2CD Edition



CD 1
Being Boiled (A-Side single)
The Dignity of Labour (Part 3)
Empire State Human (A-Side single)
Only After Dark (single edit)
Nightclubbing (from “Holiday ’80 EP”)
Boys and Girls (A-Side single)
The Sound of The Crowd (instrumental version)
Hard Times (B-Side single)
Love Action (I Believe In Love) (A-Side single)
Open Your Heart (A-Side single)
Don’t You Want Me (A-Side single)
Mirror Man (A-Side single)
You Remind Me Of Gold
(Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version)
The Lebanon (single version)
Louise (DJ Edit)

CD 2
Life On Your Own (A-Side single)
Human (extended version)
I Need Your Loving (DJ Edit)
Love Is All That Matters (DJ Edit)
Heart Like a Wheel (William Orbit remix)
Soundtrack to a Generation (edit)
Tell Me When (radio edit)
One Man In My Heart (A-Side single)
Filling Up With Heaven (A-Side single)
Stay With Me Tonight (single version)
All I Ever Wanted (radio edit)
Night People (radio edit)
Never Let Me Go
Sky (radio edit)

CD 3 (Super Deluxe Edition)
The Path Of Least Resistance (early version)
No Time (The Word Before Last, early version)
Being Boiled (State Of The Art Mix 1)
Stylopops You Broke My Heart (Marianne, early version)
I Am The Law (early version)
Darkness (early version)
Louise (early version)
The Real Thing (early version)
Love On The Run (early version)
A Doorway (early version)
F.M. (Soundtrack to a Generation, early version)
Happening Woman (Filling Up With Heaven, early version)
Give It Back (Houseful of Nothing, early version)
New Start (All I Ever Wanted, early version)
SH5 (Liar, early version)
Biller 10 (Single Minded, early version)
Jupiter 4c (Sky, early version)

The Circus of Death 1978
Empire State Human 1979
Love Action
Open Your Heart
Don’t You Want Me
Mirror Man
Keep Feeling (Fascination)
The Lebanon
Life On Your Own
I Need Your Loving
Love Is All That Matters
Heart Like A Wheel
Soundtrack To A Generation
Tell Me When
One Man In My Heart
All I Ever Wanted
Filling Up With Heaven
Night People
Never Let Me Go

The Path of Least Resistance (Mainstream 6/11/79)
Empire State Human (Mainstream 6/11/79)
Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part 2 (TOTP 8/5/80)
The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 30/4/81)
The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 21/5/81)
Love Action (TOTP 6/8/81)
Open Your Heart (TOTP 8/10/81)
Don’t You Want Me (TOTP 24/12/81)
Love Action (Christmas TOTP 25/12/81)
Love Action (Multi Coloured Swap Shop 30/5/82)
Mirror Man (TOTP 18/11/82)
Keep Feeling (Fascination) (TOTP 5/5/83)
The Lebanon (TOTP 3/5/84)
Life On Your Own (TOTP 28/6/84)
I’m Coming Back (On The Road 25/8/84)
Rock Me Again and Again… (On The Road 25/8/84)
Human (Wogan 13/8/86)
Human (TOTP 28/8/86)
Heart Like A Wheel (Wogan 13/8/90)
Heart Like A Wheel (TOTP 23/8/90)
Tell Me When (TOTP 22/12/94)
Tell Me When (TOTP 5/1/95)
One Man In My Heart (TOTP 16/3/95)
The Stars Are Going Out (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95)
The Sound Of The Crowd (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95).

3LP Vinyl Edition

A1: Being Boiled (Fast Product Version)
A2: The Dignity of Labour – Part 3
A3: Empire State Human
A4: Only After Dark
A5: Nightclubbing
A6: Boys and Girls

B1: The Sound Of The Crowd (Instrumental)
B2: Hard Times
B3: Love Action (I Believe In Love)
B4: Open Your Heart
B5: Don’t You Want Me

C1: Mirror Man
C2: You Remind Me Of Gold
C3: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version)
C4: The Lebanon
C5: Louise (Radio Edit)*

D1: Life On Your Own (Radio Edit)*
D2: Human (Extended Version)
D3: I Need Your Loving (Radio Edit)*
D4: Love Is All That Matters (Radio Edit)*
D5: Heart Like A Wheel (William Orbit Remix)

E1: Soundtrack To A Generation (Radio Edit)*
E2: Tell Me When (Radio Edit)*
E3: One Man In My Heart
E4: Filling Up With Heaven

F1: Stay With Me Tonight
F2: All I Ever Wanted – Radio Edit*
F3: Night People – Radio Edit
F4: Never Let Me Go
F5: Sky – Radio Edit

165 responses to The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group: four-disc anthology

  1. John Archbell says:

    Well, I’ve taken 3 years to reply to this – and I expect my only reader will be Paul!! Lol

    I’ve been contemplating buying the CD box set for an eternity – waiting for prices to drop etc. In fact the complete opposite is happening. It’s rising and rising. I don’t think the price will ever drop and I really don’t think there will be any more Human League Box Sets. I don’t think there is demand.

    So I just paid out £80 for the CD set and balls to everyone who thinks I’m nuts. Human League were there at almost the beginning of synth and there won’t be another chance.

    Cheers all

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  3. Peter says:

    Ordered vinyl version from Amazon and they have no idea when it may arrive. Not impressed.

  4. memoryboy says:

    (3) Ok, after spending some time with this new Box Set, I find the sound quality is much improved over the Human League’s 2003 Compilation “The Very Best Of The Human League”. This new Box Set sounds much better in my opinion. I do have some seperate individual tracks of their’s off carious compilations, which seem to sound superior to this Box Set, but maye it’s because the volume is a bit louder. In the end I have decided that this Box Set is an improvement in sound. Including this new remaster of “Don’t You Want Me”. Just disregard my comments earlier. Still over priced tho!

  5. memoryboy says:

    (2) To be fair, some tracks sound decent, while others sound awful. They obviously gathered some tracks from poor sound quality sources. Not sure why they can’t take the time to get high quality sound sources for all tracks. I just hate this kind of thing where they don’t take the time.

  6. memoryboy says:

    WASTE. OF. MONEY. Some of you may disagree with me. But the Remastering on this Box Set is disappointing, when compared to other released. This makes me angry when I spend my money on something like this, and it sounds like I am hearing it through a cloth. Slightly muffled sound, Compared to other remasters. Could have been much better. I have other Human League tracks and albums that sound so much better. Compare the song “Don’t You Want Me” up against other releases. I just would like all my music from this band to sound great all across the board. Not different albums and box sets with different remastering, some crap, some excellent. And the Price doesn’t help. I am very disappointed.

  7. Chris says:

    A nice concept but I could probably re buy all of their albums for the same price I could buy that!

  8. Dan says:

    I went for the 2x CD for £12.99, that’s all I need.

  9. Paul says:

    HMV honoured at £44.99.

  10. Kenny R says:

    I had it ordered but cancelled it.
    Good sense prevailed, I had the vinyl ordered and a few weeks ago I saw Amazon had the Sting box set for £99. By all accounts it is a quality box set with great sleeves etc. I know it was an offer but it just makes the pricing of the human league 3 x lp even more ludicrous

  11. Carl P says:

    I originally ordered this thinking the pricing was wrong. Amazon always change their prices somewhere along the line dont they. But I see it’s still ludicrously overpriced.

    What a shame. Shan’t be buying this. Interesting to see if anyone is?

  12. rk says:

    While I’m only a medium sized fan of THL, Dare is one of the greatest albums of the electronic age. In fact, I think I may have 2 versions of it. Someone put out that very nice box set a few years back that contained both Dare and the Fascination ep, with bonus tracks, all contained in mini sleeves, housed in a cardboard box. It was dead cheap and the sound quality was great. As far as I’m concerned this box set is ludicrous and clearly aimed at hard core fans. Why include the instrumental to the sound of the crowd over the single or album version? It was one of their first big hits! The demo’s and early working versions don’t really jump out at me and videos are a bore. The price is questionable at best, so I’ll definitely be sticking to my greatest hits and dare / fascination remasters.

  13. Ian says:

    The deluxe mp3 version on Amazon UK is 13.99 – you get all the audio tracks from discs one to three. So the book and DVD cost an extra £66 if you buy the physical product at the current pricing!

  14. Matthew Holbrook says:

    Vinyl now £84.99 on Amazon. The pension funds must need a top-up

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  16. Yani P says:

    vinyl 70 quid on pledge music – still pricey

  17. Barry Grayshon says:

    HMV must have made a mistake as it was £44.99 for the 4 disc set and £29.99 for the 2 disc. Now they are £79.99 and £12.99 respectively, in line with everyone else. I’m glad I got my order in for the 4 disc set, I just hope they honour people’s orders at that price.

  18. Carl says:

    Its a pity the later stuff they recorded with Colin Thurston couldn`t come out,i read somewhere that it exists ,the stuff they aborted to go and work with Jam and Lewis or the death of imagination as Phil called it.

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  20. Neil says:

    Wow £79.99 now on both Amazon and HMV. I wonder if those people who preordered from HMV at £44.99 will have their orders fulfilled at that price. Nice way to treat their fans with the worst pricing i think i have seen for what you actually get.

    • David says:

      Nice way to treat their fans?Are you for real?
      Yeah,Philip rang HMV first thing and told them to put the price up quick smart or else he was Gina send Sysan round.
      Sorry,I understand the the price is all over the place at the moment but to suggest the band are directly to blame is ridiculous.

      • Neil says:

        Do we know this for a fact that they aren’t involved in the pricing ? I have been reading about this release on various forums as well as the HL one and lots of people aren’t happy about the over inflated price which i would imagine will lose the band sales which makes you wonder if they even care. To be honest i was only really interested in the 3rd disc in this collection as the first 2 discs holds no interest to me at all and the TOTP performances are on youtube albeit in lesser quality than will probably be on the DVD.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The label set the ‘dealer price’ and the retailers are free to decide how much margin they want to make on the retail price, which they set. The labels cannot control what the final price is, although ‘normally’ it’s 1.3 or 1.4 times the dealer price. Having said all that Amazon has been known to sell below dealer price, and so they don’t necessarily follow normal retail models. They are in interested in something called the ‘lifetime value of the customer’ – which is why their customer service is pretty good and they can be more generous than they need to be.

  21. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    I remember an interview with martin rushant. He said they did hundreds (!!) of edits for the “love and dancing” remix album. This was a chance to bring 2 or 3 of them to an
    official release. Btw i hope that someday it will be a re-release of “love and dancing” with
    unreleased edits of the songs / mixes as bonus tracks.
    But i think this will be only a dream (not come true)…

  22. Pete Chilton says:

    Whilst I recognise that for some buying this is a no-brainer, regardless of the cost, the fact is the price is treating us all as gullible mugs. Compare and contrast with the recent Simple Minds reissues which were better and almost half the price.

  23. Liam says:

    As of this moment, all the prices on the HMV site have gone up. The 3 CD/1 DVD Super Deluxe Edition is £79.99….go figure!

  24. David says:

    The cd has gone up to £29.99 too!

  25. Andrew says:

    The vinyl version is currently £100.99 on Amazon. Do they just make these prices up?

  26. Jason Buchanan says:

    I would have loved for B Sides from the Hysteria era such as The World Tonight, Thirteen and the extended of The Sign to be added on this collection, that is a missed opportunity as the Hysteria B Sides are absolutely fantastic and actually better than some tracks on the Hysteria album. Though they were released as extras on the Caroline Records Hysteria release from 2005. Which goes for 75 pounds or so second hand at Amazon. But again, as a League collector I would spend 75 pounds on a deleted edition . So this Deluxe Box Set is not expensive at all, I have spend just as much on some vinyl

    • David says:

      Hopefully we get a proper reissue of hysteria in the future,we’ll all the albums in fact.I agree the world tonight is fantastic and I much prefer the sign (extended remix version)from the 7″ to the 12″.i also think life on your own 12″ is one of their best.

  27. Adam says:

    Sorry, but when the Dead or Alive 19 disc set is only £117.99, this seems ridiculously overpriced.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Don’t apologise Adam. It is ridiculously overpriced. Some though seem to consider the more they can spend over the odds as a badge of honour. But in an era of shrinking physical product record companies just use such loyalty to fleece the punter.

  28. David says:

    Well even the over sensitive BBC didn’t omit it from the repeat in bbc 4 last year.It was introduced by Peter Powell by the way.
    Abc re imagined themselves as cartoons right across the board for zillionaire (probably my favourite album of theirs and Image)which is slightly different than this.
    Philip just likes Pete McKee,he wrote the forward in one of his books.

  29. Neil says:

    I just hope it’s not jimmy savile introducing them on TOTP with Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part 2 How sick would that be ? in fact that should have been omitted from the DVD.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think we can more or less guarantee that it will be JS free.

    • bob says:

      TOTP is maybe the best resource we have for historical pop music performance’s on TV and it’s archives are hugely important. What JS did was hideous but we cannot wipe out hundreds of episodes of the programme because of this. Most episodes could be edited in a way that JS is never seen on screen. The only thing preventing this is finances, I know this because a friend of mine works on the BBC archives and I am told there is no money for this.

      • Adam says:

        So this is something I’ve been wondering for a long time now: Gary Glitter is one of “Rock And Roll”‘s songwriters. That means he would get royalties from the sale of the deluxe edition of this set (as well as any new copies of Travelogue), right? (He’ll be 85 if he lives to make it out of prison.)

  30. Carl says:

    Ludicrous price ,i think it will come down though ,HMV already proved that .I am a massive fan ,but you would have thought the band would have more to say about ripping the fans off.The third CD is all the fans want,and to bury it within such a high priced set is bad but not surprising.
    The artwork is quite ironic actually,in the eighties i remember an interview with Phil and he mentions Zillionaire by ABC and how he thought the cartoon personas of the group was such a bad idea,now here he is doing it himself.

  31. David says:

    So at one end there’s the 2 Cd on HMV for £30 and just under £13 on Amazon.
    Or the deluxe 3Cd/DVD for £45 on HMV or £80 on udiscover.
    The vinyl on udiscover £75 or £1o1 on HMV.
    Bizarre to say the least.

  32. Jason Buchanan says:

    I have pre ordered the Deluxe Edition with 3 Cd’s and the FABULOUS DVD but missed out on the signed print as I only found out about this amazing release a few hours ago. I see the signed print is a poster of the Art Work, I don’t think the cover is great so I don’;t care about missing out on the signed poster. It’s the content on Disc 3 and the DVD I am in rapture with, so all good :-)

  33. Jason Buchanan says:

    It’s simple, those who don’t want to spend the price that it is, don’t buy it. For us who have already pre ordered and don’t care about how much it is, it is our money and we can spend as much of it as we like on our favourite electronic band!

  34. Chris Merritt says:

    Wow – would love to go in for the vinyl, but that cover is truly awful. What happened to good design?

    • David says:

      @Chris-You wouldn’t buy it because you don’t like the cover ?

      • Chris Merritt says:

        I suppose not – not that I don’t have some ugly vinyl, mind you. But I would have been really grateful to see the design ethos of the late 70s to mid-80s releases continued, as 3/4 of this is a celebration of the releases from those years…

        • gb says:

          exactly. when I saw the cover I thought “that’ll serve me for laughing at the elton cover” … a band I love end up with a cover even worse … now I know the artist I see it a bit differently. still don’t like it. just wish they had had some cool photographs took for it.
          love the HL. saw for first time in 95. met after that Nottingham gig. loveliest people

      • BearUK says:

        If you don’t like the cover, AND you don’t like the price…

  35. Clive says:

    Another moan about the price…. are we surprised how many people are complaining about the cost when…
    Marc Almond Trials Of Eyeliner box set- 10 CD’s + 64-page hardcover book. COST: £75.00
    Simple Minds New Gold Dream Super Deluxe – 5xCD’s, 1xDVD. COST £39.99
    Human League Anthology – 3xCD’s, 1xDVD + 58-page hardback book. COST: £79.99
    All available from the same supplier yet their pricing is all over the place.
    Makes you wonder what is behind the pricing difference in these box sets, surely it cannot be a hardback book, especially when the Almond is giving more at a cheaper price.
    Up until last week The Human League Anthology 3xCD, 1xDVD was selling on eBay for £39.99, now its £84.

  36. Neil says:

    I have no clue what those first two CD’s are supposed to be about with extended versions, instrumentals and b-sides which if it’s meant to be a singles collection then it’s a complete mess. There is nothing unreleased on the first 2 CD’s either so why on earth would anybody want to buy it when there are about another HL 15 singles collections out there that are a hell of a lot better than this.

    • gb says:

      agree. instrumental sound of the crowd?! sure the casual buyer will love that!
      I would rather have a comprehensive singles 2 cd package or all mixes. not a bit of each,
      Heart like a wheel is perfect in original form, so why put the remix on!? (which I love BTW)
      I just don’t like something that is *nearly perfect* … that said, still will be getting the
      deluxe. love this band.

  37. Alan says:

    Hi this is my first post on this excellent website. Just to let you know that I have spotted the 3 cd/ DVD version on for £45. I have pre ordered it from them.

    • Neil says:

      That’s a big saving over £27 good spot i still think it’s too expensive even at that price. I noticed the 2 CD on there for £29.99 ???

    • David says:

      Nice find Alan!
      Its an Anthology and not a straightforward GH,hence the track listing,by putting different edits on they’ve tried to keep people who want the hits and fans who want something a bit different happy.
      As far as I know the below have not been officially released on CD.
      I am almost certain that the single edit of only after dark is included & the (add your voice ) version from the 7″ of sound of the crowd too (even though timings state otherwise)
      Nightclubbing(without rock n roll)
      Louise dj edit(promo 7″)
      I need your loving dj edit (promo 7″)
      Love is all that matters dj edit(promo 7″)
      Tell me when radio edit (promo cd)
      Night people radio edit(promo cd)
      Sky radio edit(promo cd)

  38. Stefd says:

    Very expensive. Not worthy in my opinion

  39. Paul Mac says:

    Have to agree with those complaining about the price of the deluxe version. For what you get, it’s the most ridiculously over-priced item I’ve seen…well, possibly ever. I’m not above paying ridiculous prices for a CD or vinyl that I really want, but that’s for something rare that isn’t generally available any more. This is a new and as far as I know, unlimited release. I’ll be waiting for the price to drop substantially before buying, I think.

  40. David says:

    Well if you became a big fan after hearing dignity of labour,you were hardly gonna love Human,lol.I love Crash,it may be more a ‘featuring The human League’ but I love it non the less.The Jam & Lewis penned Human is a great track and as we all know saved their career worldwide.

  41. Simon F says:

    The artwork is abysmal, the price is a joke and the track listing is more than a tad disappointing. Why do we need two versions of the horrific Louise? I was big fan of the League for many years after hearing Peel play the Dignity Of Labour EP, but it all went wrong when they hooked up with Jam & Lewis for the Crash album. J&L were great for Janet Jackson but totally wrong for the Human League. When a song as dreary as Human features about six songwriting credits you know it’s time to get the hell out. ‘Please forgive me’ intones Phil at one point in that song. No.

    • Trash says:

      I love the Dignity of Labour (also first thing I heard by the Human League) but I also really love Crash (I actually prefer it to Hysteria) although I must admit that I am really really not a fan of the track ‘Human’.
      However I don’t think of them as being by the same band even though the name is the same.
      Reproduction and Travelogue are vastly different to anything that came afterwards and so I don’t tend to compare them (I actually prefer League Mk I but that doesn’t diminish my love of Mk II). Similarly with Ultravox I think of the Foxx and Ure eras as two different bands (although I do think that Vienna at least sounds like a natural progression from Systems of Romance whereas the second side of Penthouse and Pavement sounds more like a natural progression from Travelogue than Dare does).

    • Chris Merritt says:

      “Why do we need two versions of the horrific Louise?” is the quote of the day as far as I’m concerned.

  42. Phil G. says:

    *puts on Amazon Wish List, waits until price drops to something more reasonable*

  43. Trash says:

    Not happy about the price (hoping it will come down) but I am ordering it anyway…
    The tracklising is interesting – quite frankly any Human league compilation that omits “Together in Electric Dreams “(a god-awful song and not from the League) immediately has something to recommend it.
    In any case I feel that there are enough standard League compilations around to please the casual buyer.
    CD3 looks great (although I am also disappointed about the ‘missing’ Long version of Toyota City and the alternative version of Marianne – it would have been great to have these on CD finally).
    I won’t watch the DVD often but I am looking forward to the Marsh/Oakey/Ware footage.

    As for the artwork – I know I am in the minority but I like it! Again it makes a change from the usual.

    I was waiting with bated breath for the David Buckley book – I hope he is still planning on releasing it.

    Thanks for digging this info up Paul – was desperate to find out more when I heard the initial rumours.

  44. Neil says:

    All those videos crammed on to a single DVD the quality will be terrible.

  45. Neil Kelly says:

    Doubt many will know this but missing TOTP2 ‘All i ever wanted’ and the Later with Jools Holland track that the record company involved wouldn’t license out cheaply last time out for the DVD probably ‘Tell me when’ or ‘One man in my heart’ (at a guess – memory lost). Disappointing. Especially at that price!

  46. Neil says:

    Horrific pricing.

    At first I thought the vinyl was bad, that’s over £24 per disc.

    But then I saw the 3CD and DVD for the same price!

    I’m a big League fan, but would only get this at half of the price.

    Jog on

  47. Ralph says:

    Why do so many Folks Point out that for x Pound less I can buy an Erasure box or a Dead or Alive box and I get 15 or 20 or 65 CDs more than the Human League has to offer? I don’t Need a Dead or Alive box, I want the Human League set, and no-one who wants this set will say: “Oh, wait, I can save a lot of Money when I buy a bigger box from another Artist.”
    If you want to argue with the amount of CDs and the Money you have to pay for it, then you have to Forget about all the box sets on this site and buy this Frank Sinatra box set with 46 CDs for only 49 Euro. Slightly more than one Euro per CD can’t be beaten by Erasure or whoever.

  48. negative1 says:

    first : both deluxe signed versions are sold out, that means 200 copies have been sold

    so if you think the price is deterring people, it hasn’t yet.

    i’ll be getting the deluxe version at some point, when i can find it for less.

    to me, i’ve been collecting human league for 30 plus years, and have spent more
    money on promo’s, releases, and other items than how much this costs.

    i currently have nearly 100 items from them.

    and just ordered a 12″ from the uk for a promo, that cost 20UKP. (and i already had those mixes on CD already also, i just wanted the tracks on vinyl).

    so the price of this boxset, while high, is still not bad, considering what you are getting for it.

    since the human league has wound down their career, and there’s not really anything new to look forward to.

    getting all the back items i’m missing is about the only thing left.

    this new collection might be one of the last new things from them, so i’m going to keep supporting the band while i can.


    • Jon says:

      Raj (Negative1),

      I am with you – it’s a bit expensive but why not? It’s got a lot that Human League collectors will want. I hope the book is really nicely done. The DVD looks superb.

      I was just looking through Human League on Discogs and there is a lot of rare stuff that some fans have noted here. Are the greek mixes of Sky/Egomaniac from Marsheaux and Fotonovela worth the price? Weird they never came out anywhere else – same question for that promo cd of “You’ll be Sorry.” Are those remixes any good?


      • David says:

        The Greek mixes are really good,in fact I was listening to them today and I think they are the best mixes from Credo.
        Regarding you’ll be sorry,it’s pretty rare but,I don’t like the mixes,other than the instrumental.The others are very generic club mixes.

    • Neil says:

      200 copies sold isn’t that many is it ? Your comment about the price of the box set being not bad for what you are getting is seriously misguided. If you think that £72 is an acceptable price for for 3 CD’s and a DVD then you are the only one who thinks that proved by the hundreds of posts on various discussion sites on the net.

      • David says:

        Ok so 200 isn’t that many but it makes your comments ‘seriously misguided’and ‘the only one who thinks the price is acceptable’ a load of nonsense.I would bet a large amount of the ‘hundreds’ of posts on various sites will complain about anything and everything and wouldn’t buy it regardless.
        I can’t understand why the price is bringing out such venom.we all know it really is as simple as don’t buy or wait until the price drops.I waited for the first Bowie box price to drop and the bananaramma singles box.No biggie,didn’t feel the need to slag them of in the mean time.

      • Paul E. says:

        @Neil…perhaps but I’ve seen his (negative1) posts all over the net (i.e. NO forum) and believe he is a huge music consumer as am I. I guess it’s just an individual’s decision at the end of the day to buy now, wait for a lower price, etc. Personally, this site (my favorite by far) certainly tempts the wallet, scares my wife, and regardless of the artist on topic: is always an enjoyable read. This hobby for me is passion and it’s almost therapeutic to see others spend to the same or greater degree than me.

  49. memoryboy says:

    Ok, I am going to complain, because I end up buying all their collections/Best Of’s… The first thing I noticed on this track list was that once again they have included the “Extended Version” of (Keep Feeling) Fascination. They seem to like that version quite a bit, because it’s been on most all the past few releases, I was hoping for the Single version. Blah Blah Blah

  50. Erik Vang Olsen says:

    I don’t understand what can justify the price difference between the 2CD set and the 3CD+DVD set? You pay an extra 60£ for a CD and a DVD. Why?

  51. peter m says:

    I was looking forward to this, but the tracklist isn’t for me.

  52. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    I think it is only a good beginning of hopefully more to come.
    My interest goes only to CD 3 with the early versions of the songs.
    I have 2 CDs full of 28 original demo versions from the “Dare” era. Part of them with different lyrics and instrumentations. Almost 150 minutes of Human League treasures.
    So i hope it will be soon a real Super Deluxe Edition
    with 4 CDs of all material from “Dare”.
    ( if anybody is interested in the complete list of “dare” demos i have on CD
    – with all details – i can write it here later )

    • Ross says:

      I’d be interested in that demos list Daniel, if you don’t mind posting it for us. Would be most appreciated.

    • Guy says:

      It would be interesting please.

      • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

        ok guys here the list of what i have on the 2 “DARE Demonstration ” CD

        01 Beauty – 4:04
        ( instrumental track with some effects from “love and dancing” remix album )
        02 Seconds – 4:30
        ( complete instrumental demo with dead end )
        03 Don’t You Want Me – 4:18
        ( take one – simply demo with bassline drums and keys – different lyrics –
        only phil vocals and only one verse then instrumental until dead end )
        04 The Things That What Dreams Are Made Of – 5:13
        ( different lyrics in 2nd verse – higher backing vocals – dead end )
        05 Love & Dancing ( Early Version of “Do Or Die” ) – 2:18
        ( complete different lyrics in verse 1 – chorus line: “it was a night of love and dancing…” )
        06. Letting It Show ( Early Version of “Open Your Heart” – Take one ) – 4:59
        ( intro only drums – same lyrics in verse – chorus with complete different lyrics )
        07. Hard Times ( Take One ) – 4:03
        ( complete intrumental demo with some “love and dancing” remix effects )
        08. Open Your Heart ( Take One ) – 4:24
        ( vocals only on first verse than instrumental parts until the end )
        09. I Am The Law – 4:13
        ( complete instrumental version with some strange keys and dead end )
        10. The Sound Of The Crowd ( Take One ) – 4:02
        ( instrumental demo with some drums echo effects – not on the “love and dancing” album )
        11. Lost Love – 1:28
        ( phil singing a-capella melodies and with some lyrics )
        12. The Sound Of The Crowd ( Take 2 ) – 4:34
        ( only chorus with lyrics – finally with female vocals too + drum echo effects like on track 10 )
        13. The Sound Of The Crowd ( Take 3 ) – 4:19
        ( instrumental demo with more keys like on track 10 )
        14. Boxing On TV – 5:36
        ( instrumental demo – sounds more like pre “Dare” )
        15. Open Your Heart ( Take 2 ) – 4:35
        ( drum intro – almost same sound as on final version – complete instrumental )
        16. Hard Times ( Take 2 ) – 2:51
        ( different keys – then break with only bass – then bass and drums – then keys only )
        17. Darkness ( Take 1 ) – 1:04
        ( no vocal intro – full instrumentation and drums from the beginning – dead end )
        18. Darkness ( Take 2 ) – 4:10
        ( organ intro w/o phil’s vocals – instrumental demo faded and then start again to dead end )
        19. Hard Times ( Take 3 ) – 3:01
        ( different keys playing different harmonies )
        20. Love Action – 5:09
        ( vocals – slighty different lyrics – different keys – vocals until 2:50
        – then instrumental part with additional synths until dead end )
        21. Banjo Song ( Early Version of “Do Or Die” ) – 3:59
        ( complete different instrumentation with some drum breaks )
        22. Letting It Show ( Take 2 ) – 4:15
        ( intro only drums – same lyrics in verse – with additional drum effects on chorus with complete different lyrics )
        23. In The Park – 4:00
        ( vocal demo – “it’s late at night, i hold your hand, we’re in the park and see you breathing…” )
        24. Don’t You Want Me ( Take 2 ) – 5:27
        ( complete instrumental – simply – demo until 4:30 – then only drums and partly
        different harmonies – dead end )
        25. Darkness ( Take 3 ) – 3:32
        ( with alternate vocal / organ intro – different lyrics with some “la la la” lines w/o lyrics )
        26. Hard Times – 0:27
        ( only some key effects with drums )
        27. River Deep Mountain High – 3:12
        ( instrumental demo – only bass and keys and synths – complete w/o drums )
        28. Don’t You Want Me – 3:09
        ( a-cappella version – complete with phil and female vocals )

        • Jason Buchanan says:

          WOW, thanks for that list. If these were all added to the release it would have been EXTRA immaculate! … I would love to hear Boxing On T.V.!!!!!!!!

          • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

            my favourite tracks from the 2CD are 5 and 10.
            track 5 is very good and interesting to hear how the song grows from
            “love and dancing” to “do or die”.
            and on track 10 i like the special echo effects not used for the final version
            of “the sound of the crowd”.

  53. David says:

    I thought the (add your voice)version may have been used too.
    Regarding Human,the album version(4.25),7″(3.47)& 12″(5.04)are all different lengths the 7″ & instrumental both fade (and are the same length)where as the others just end.
    Rock and roll was an edit on the Australian green vinyl 7″,but I don’t think nightclubbing had been released on its own.I personally prefer the extended Fascination to the 7″ I think it sounds more complete.

    • Derek T. says:

      @David. Yeah, you’re right about Human. Dunno what I was thinking there. But Sound Of The Crown (Add your voice) is the 3:01 7″ B-side. If the duration on Udiscover is right then its the 12″ Instrumental that’s been used here, not Add Your Voice.
      Rock ‘n Roll was issued on it’s own on some UK single disc editions of Holiday ’80 too.

      There are a couple of rarities that I wish they’d included. The long version of Toyota City would have been good. Don’t think that’s ever been on CD. And the alt version of Marianne from the Australian pressing of Travelogue would have been great too.

      • David says:

        Derek,of course it’s amazing what you forget about holiday 80 and rock n roll.You spot on about Toyota city.I don’t think I had ever realised about the 7″ of only after dark,I had to go and look,lol.

      • Ian says:

        The “Stylopops You Broke My Heart” early version of Marianne is priceless as is the alternate take on Being Boiled (Holiday ’80/Travelogue version) and the early versions of the Dare tracks. You’ve gotta love The Human League! My tribute

  54. Derek T. says:

    The UDiscover site gives durations for the tracks on CD and there is some strangeness in the singles tracklisting. The 4:10 The Sound of The Crowd (Instrumental Version) is the dub mix from the 12″. The 7″ was different from the album version so why not include that? Only After Dark is listed as 3:45 but the 7″ edit of that is only 3:15. I can understand including the 12″ version of Human since the 7″ was the same as the album version, but why use the 12″ of (Keep Feeling) Fascination? That was originally a non-album single. And I don’t think Nightclubbing has ever been released on it’s own before. It’s usually part of a medely with Rock ‘n Roll, so that will be interesting. On the plus side, there’s a few radio edits there that I’ve never seen before.

  55. David says:

    The band don’t set the price Gary.Even though the price may be a bit rich for some all 100 deluxe editions with signed poster have already sold out.

  56. Gary Hunter says:

    The price they are charging for this is a disgrace, blatant rip off.

    I have supported this band for years but won’t have anything to do with this release!!

  57. David says:

    I don’t depend on you is the men,hence its omission,in the same way TIED isn’t on it either.
    Are you ever coming back edit,would have been nice,and the sign (extended Re-mix version) from the 7″ rather than the 12″ remix would have been good,but these things always omit something it other.

    • negative1 says:

      the men, was just a labels name for the human league, where they threw in some backing singers, but it really was the human league. would have been a nice addition.

    • Barry Grayshon says:

      In that case why are I Don’t Depend On You and Cruel included on the remastered version of Travelogue?

  58. Robert Lett says:

    I think I got the last one with the signed print, as sold out directly after. I’m really grateful to this site for keeping us up on such things, thank you!

  59. Eamonn says:

    David Buckley wrote/was writing an aborted book on The Human League a few years ago, I guess he will know the subject matter better than most.

    Very pricey overall though. Phil and the girls tour most winters, doing one to promote this is unlikely to shift many more units. I can see the merch stand being roundly ignored if this is on offer at the current price.

    Also, seeing as it covers all eras of the Human League, it would have been nice to have given Marsh and Ware an ”emoji” on the front.

  60. omar says:

    I’ll probably end up getting this at some point ,although i was slightly disappointed with the track selection. Here’s what i would’ve also added on:

    1. Seconds
    2. The Sound Of The Crowd (12″ Complete)
    3. I don’t Depend On You
    4. The Sign (ext.)
    5. The Lebanon (inst.)
    6. Thirteen
    7. Are You Ever Coming Back (US edit)
    8. Jam
    9. Words
    10. Betrayed

  61. gwynogue says:

    I’m guessing it’s the added book that’s blowing up the price of the deluxe – there’s no mention of its actual ‘dimensions’, but at 58 pages and hardcover it’s surely gonna add some weight. As much as my heart wants it, my head is saying no – the price is just too ridiculous. Plus the DVD sounds amazing, BUT – as gogandmagog has already pointed out – having 46 videoclips squashed onto one disc raises alarms about picture definition/compression quality.

  62. Shane says:

    This will stay in my Saved Items For Later on amazon, until the price is less than half thank you very much.

  63. Martin says:

    There is no wonder people do not buy physical product – This has £80 release and £20 as a price reduction six months later when they realise people are not mugs

  64. Davy says:

    I love them but that price point. For $20 more you get 17 CDs and 2 DVDs from Dead Or Alive. Adam & The Ants had both the LP plus the CDs, a DVD’s and a ton of tchochkes for roughly the same price. Universal really need to bring that price down.

  65. Pingback:George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice reissued as super deluxe | superdeluxeedition

  66. Ruedi says:

    Geil! :-)

  67. Robert says:

    It looks like it can be shipped to the U.S. however the price is out of this world.

  68. Neil says:

    Why put the instrumental version of sound of the crowd on this ?

  69. Adam says:

    Also, the DVD only has three videos and 19 TV appearances more than the existing Very Best DVD – there are six TV appearances on that one, and all the same videos save the last three.

    Kinda disappointing, frankly. Nice to have the Oakey/Ware/Marsh TV appearances, I suppose, but still. Could have been more creative there. It’s more like a “Very Best” update than anything else.

    • David says:

      So the DVD only has an extra 21 tracks..only

      • Adam says:

        My point was more that it was rather unimaginative, since there’s already an existing DVD with a decent chunk of the same content. I mean really, how many instances of them miming Love Action do you really need, or are realistically going to watch? I’d think one should be plenty.

        Even if you appreciate the “completist” nature of watching them mime Love Action three times, it’s difficult for me to argue that it justifies the huge premium being asked for. They could have done a lot better, I think.

        • Jason Buchanan says:

          How ridiculous, there are 3 performances of Love Action here, only one on the best of DVD from years ago and that DVD had NO UK TV performances from the pre Dare era or after the Dare era. All the performances added on this DVD from Reproduction, Travelogue, Hysteria, Crash, Romantic? and Octopus are not at all available on any other Human League DVD release till now, and the ones I have from the post Dare period I have in shitty dubbed VHS, so this is a TREAT. More so, for the DVD than anything

          • Adam says:

            Hm, I seem to have hit a nerve. I didn’t mean to.

            I’m not saying it has NO value, only that for the premium price, it doesn’t stand up. Don’t you think they could have done better for the price being asked?

            For contrast, here are some things they could have put on for something like this (in addition to all the videos, wouldn’t cut those):

            1. New career-overview documentary (think New Order Story, for example)
            2. Any live concert footage
            3. New interviews with the band (including Ware and Marsh) – I’d love to watch them talk about their gear, or songwriting process

            Look, if what’s on offer is good enough for you, that’s your call. I’m simply saying that with a little imagination and effort, I think it could have been a much better offer.

  70. Dayvv says:

    Love this, but it’s weird:
    – A 60 pound difference between the 2CD and the 3CD/DVD versions
    – Amazon UK shows that they can’t ship the 3CD/DVD to the US
    – After recently being spoiled by Dead or Alive’s Boom Boom Box, this collection seems woefully incomplete (not that it was intended to be comprehensive, but this could’ve been SO great–heck, give me another CD of b-sides and extended mixes, and I’ll be happier!)

    • Adam says:

      Amazon UK seemed perfectly happy to ship to me in the US. The site still says it’s available to ship here.

      (Really hope the price comes down, though.)

  71. Pete Ryan says:

    There isn’t an error with the pricing. uDiscover have the super deluxe version for £79.99.

    WAY too expensive.

  72. Adam says:

    I love this band and am buying the SDE, but even the US price (about $85 with shipping from Amazon UK) is kinda steep for what it is, and it’s not clear whether it’s limited at all (Paul, do you know?). Hope the book is really good.

    • negative1 says:

      there is a limited signed print version, but those are sold out.
      david buckley had been working on a book of them for several years

      either this is most of the material, or part of a future book.

      looking forward to it.

  73. Kauwgompie says:

    So the 2cd version is 12 Pounds and the 3cd + 1dvd version is 72 Pounds? You pay 60 pounds for 1 cd of early versions and a dvd!!!!! No thanks.

  74. elliott buckingham says:

    id of wanted this if the blank and jones remix of don’t you want me was included the original 12″ mix was nothing more than an instrumental

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Idon’t think the Blank & Jones version was a remix: it just edited some of the standard version into the 12″ mix, didn’t it? Doesn’t the sound change where it’s slotted in?

  75. Paul English says:

    Looks great, definitely will be getting this. Price is quite high – hope it will fall.

    Interesting that an instrumental version of The Sound Of The Crowd is used. My first ever vinyl purchase – and an accidental one at that.

  76. gogandmagog says:

    Interesting…but 72GBP for 4 discs???..and the DVD image left me with doubts about its quality, considering such huge amount of duration.

  77. richie says:

    It seems like the guy/guyess at Amazon has been on the alcho-carrot juice again. At those prices they can shove it up their jacksy!

    • Adam says:

      To be fair, it’s even more expensive at the label store, so it’s not Amazon’s fault there. Blame Universal, or the band, or both.

  78. Paul says:

    Nice Buy if the price comes down on the DVD pack.

  79. Francis says:

    When I first saw this on Amazon I thought “what dreadful artwork” and looking at it again on here, I still think the same about it. Phil Oakey looks like an ex-con. And why are they drawn with their eyes closed? Horrid and odd artwork!

  80. Paolo says:

    Not a Human League devote but this collection looks interesting, especially for a beginner or casual fan.

  81. Stan Butler says:

    There seems to be an error with the pricing. Hopefully this will be rectified.

  82. Darren Briscoe says:

    Would rather have more 12″ versions and £90 for 3LP set….. they weren’t that good!!

  83. Ralph says:

    Just wondering, Paul, is this only a temporary issue or is there a reason that the 3 CD + DVD Version is only available via Will this Version not be available outside the UK? Thanks ahead!

  84. Aevion says:

    Looks good! Some interesting mix choices, but otherwise a solid compilation.

  85. Steve Robertson says:

    When you say the vinyl comes with a download code, is it just for the tracks on the vinyl or for the SDE version

  86. elcid says:

    I see this as a semi-wasted opportunity. While I appreciate the “rarities CD” and the DVD with all of their videos and the BBC presentations, I think more b-sides and key album tracks could have been included here. I own their entire back catalogue in remastered versions, but still it would haven been awesome to see tracks like “I don’t depend on you”, “I love you too much”, “Love on the run”, “Men are dreamers”, “Housefull of nothing”, and others all included in this package. Erasure is definitely doing a much better job at putting together a real anthology of their work.

    • David says:

      For me though the erasure box may have more content,but how many discs are stuff already released?so if anything you get more tracks you already have for your money.It put me off as out of 13 discs I am only interested in 2 so won’t be buying it.
      I understand there could have been more on it and it wouldnt please everyone ,but it is what it is and I for one like the look of it.

    • Marcel says:


  87. Neil says:

    Here is another link*/*/Anthology-A-Very-British-Synthesizer-Group-Super-Deluxe/5ARI0000000 I don’t want to influence anybody on their spending habits but if anybody pays this price for 3 CD’s and a DVD they are completely off their rockers as this is just pure greed. I thought to begin with when i saw the price on amazon ok fair enough the price will come down as we all know amazon has that reputation for silly pricing but seeing it on udiscover just confirms that this will be the price. That cover is hideous btw.

    • negative1 says:

      both signed editions have sold out. so 200 copies have already been sold.

    • Jason Buchanan says:

      Oh seriously, shut up. You can’t tell people how to spend their money. I have just pre ordered the Deluxe edition. For all the TOTP etc performances which I have on shitty VHS dubs like minus the Dare era, these are quality copies I have been waiting for,m for sooooo many years as I am a DIE HARD League fan. And to finally have the Filling Up With Heaven video clips as well and the Rare unreleased early versions of many tracks is totally stunning for me. I would pay an extra $100.00 if that was the price.

  88. Paolo Meccano says:

    The price for the 4-disc edition is ridiculous. The only circumstance in which I’d purchase it would be if it had a significant price-drop. However, while waiting for a decrease in price, I’m unlikely to purchase the 2cd set as that would detract from any saving on the bigger set.

    End result: I don’t buy either and neither the record company or band get my money.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      At first I thought the pricing was a mistake going by the 2cd version. The US price is $15 for the two, but for $80!!! more you get another cd and a dvd. Clearly the deluxe version its meant for serious fans, but this is price gouging.

    • Marcel says:

      I collect and buy it all, support THL as much as you can! Who cares about money….

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