The Human League / Octopus reissue

The Human League / Octopus reissue

Rhino are to reissue The Human League‘s 1995 album Octopus across a number of formats, to mark the album’s 25 anniversary.

Octopus was originally issued on East West Records and with the band then officially a trio – vocalists Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley – they cocked a snook at the guitar-driven Britpop of the time and created an album fashioned from analogue synthesizers. Their instincts were vindicated when The Human League enjoyed their first UK top ten hit in nine years with the infectious Tell Me When. Follow up single One Man in My Heart consolidated the success (peaking at number 14) and even third and final single ‘Filling Up With Heaven’ still sneaked into the top 40.

As a result of all this Octopus went gold and peaked at number six in the UK album charts.

The 25th anniversary reissue is available as a two-CD set with the bonus disc offering many demos as well as some single edits and remixes. A vinyl LP edition is also available along with an limited 2LP set with the second LP featuring a selection of remixes (the latter is only available via Rhino’s own store).

Octopus is reissued on 6 March 2020.

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The Human League

Octopus - 2CD deluxe


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The Human League

Octopus - vinyl LP


The Human League / Octopus 2CD deluxe reissue

Octopus 2CD deluxe

CD 1

Tell Me When
These Are The Days
One Man In My Heart
Filling Up With Heaven
Housefull Of Nothing
John Cleese; Is He Funny?
Never Again
Cruel Young Lover

CD 2 – The Demos / Singles / Edits

Tell Me When (Demo) 6.23
These Are The Days (Demo) 3.54
One Man In My Heart (Demo) 4.24
Words (Demo) 4.47
Filling Up With Heaven (Demo) 3.58
Housefull Of Nothing (Demo) 4.38
John Cleese; Is He Funny? (Demo) 3.51
Never Again (Demo) 5.09
Cruel Young Lover (Demo) 5.11
Tell Me When (7” Edit) 4.45
The Bus To Crookes 4.50
Stay With Me Tonight (Single Version) 4.01
Behind The Mask (Yellow Magic Orchestra vs The Human League) 3.49
Kimi Ni Mune Kyun (Yellow Magic Orchestra vs The Human League) 3.54

Octopus vinyl LP

Side One

Tell Me When
These Are The Days
One Man In My Heart
Filling Up With Heaven

Side Two

Housefull Of Nothing
John Cleese; Is He Funny?
Never Again
Cruel Young Lover

Octopus 2LP Rhino exclusive

Side One

Tell Me When
These Are The Days
One Man In My Heart
Filling Up With Heaven

Side Two

Housefull Of Nothing
John Cleese; Is He Funny?
Never Again
Cruel Young Lover

Side Three

Tell Me When (Utah Saints Mix 1)
One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Nasty Sue Mix)
Filling Up With Heaven (Hardfloor Vocal Remix)
Stay With Me Tonight (The Biff & Memphis Remix)

Side Four

One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Radio Edit)
These Are The Days (Sonic Radiation)
Filling Up With Heaven (ULA Remix)
Tell Me When (The Real Purple Mix) *

* Previously Unreleased


69 responses to The Human League / Octopus reissue

  1. Karl Cook says:

    Did anyone get the 2LP edition today? I got it but was expecting a download code with it.Couldn’t find one!

    • Chris says:

      Also did anyone Notice that when they got there bundles copied that the Two YMO vs Human League tracks were both missing?

  2. Kevin Henry says:

    I bought this album on release and the three CD singles (4 CD singles as One Man in My Heart was a part 1 and 2.) I loved the Kimi Ni Mune Kyun with the Yellow Magic Orchestra which was on one of the singles. A great album with Never Again and Filling Up with Heaven being favourites.
    Hard to believe that following the albums success the next head of East-West dropped the band. Saw them at the Sheffield City Hall on 5 November 1995.

    • musicoloog says:

      All three singles came in two parts, so 6 CD-maxis. The 12” and several promo CD-maxis include different edits as well…

  3. Paul says:

    I’m lucky enough to have the original release of the vinyl LP. On release, a big deal was made that it was recorded by Absolutely Analogue …. I for one will NOT be buying this Digital remaster …. if you ever get the opportunity to hear the original Analogue LP, buy it … trust me, no digital remaster will sound as good as the original LP !!

  4. Ten Thousands Watts of Power says:

    People are not wrong when they note the vast numbers of remixes that aren’t included in this re-issue, but in fairness, all these remixes come from CD singles which any collector or Human League fan worth their salt can still pick up second hand pretty easily for a few quid – so you should already have them all in excellent audio quality

  5. fuzzywuzzy says:

    Can anyone advise as to whether this is a remastered release . Thanks

  6. David says:

    Tell Me When
    Album mix
    7” edit
    Radio edit
    Utah saint mix 1
    Utah saints mix 2
    Utah saints mix 1 radio edit
    Red Jerry remix
    Strictly blind dub
    Overworld mix
    Overworld edit version
    Happy energy mix
    Ministry Dub Vocal
    Ministry Vocal
    Real purple mix

    One man in my heart
    Album mix
    TOEC radio edit
    TOEC extended
    TOEC unplugged
    TOEC nasty sue mix
    TOEC nasty sue radio edit

    These are the days
    Album mix
    Overworld mix
    Sonic radiation
    Ba ba mix
    Symphonic ba ba mix
    Man with no name vocal
    Man with no name instrumental

    Filling up with heaven
    Album version
    Hardfloor vocal remix
    Hardfloor remix (filling dub with heaven)
    ULA remix
    Neil McClellan club mix
    Neil McClellan vocal mix

    John Cleese is he funny
    Album mix
    Self preservation society house mix
    ULA mix
    Valentines bonus beats

    Houseful of Nothing
    Album version
    Huminates joyful dub
    Tall Paul vocal mix
    Tall Paul instrumental mix

    Stay with me tonight
    Single version
    Tv edit
    Space kittens vocal mix
    Space kittens future dub
    Biff and Memphis remix
    Biff and Memphis dub

    Behind the mask
    Kimi ni Mune kyun 3.55
    Kimi ni Mune kyun extended 5.52
    Kimi ni Mune kyun 4.55

    Feel free to add if I’ve missed anything

  7. Joseph Carroll says:

    Loved this album! ‘These are the days is probably my favourite HL song. I would have loved if they included Madonna’s’ In to the groove cover

    • David says:

      I’m almost 100% certain into the groove was recorded after octopus from what was to become secrets along with Weekend their cover of the Todd terry project track.

      • Joseph Carroll says:

        Thank’s David! Would be nice if it see’s the light of day,
        Along with ‘Just Be Good To Me(post octopus era) & ‘ Human Nature(crash era) studio covers/demos
        Although they have played the latter 2 on’ live show’s’ over the years and i was very impressed.

  8. Jason says:

    Love this album and glad to see it on vinyl. Wish they’d put the actual bonus songs on record #2 instead of remixes. Rather frustrating. At least the 7″ of Stay With Me Tonight would have been great since it was rather left off the album and would have made it even stronger (some say side 2 sort of fades, but I personally love “Cruel Young Lover”). Does “John Cleese” really qualify as a song though when nobody sings on it? Takes a 9 track album down to an 8, so it’s good the rest of the material is basically very good. Still, that additional single and the YMO B-sides would have forced the issue on a deluxe vinyl purchase. Now it will probably just be the basic version. Lost opportunity…

  9. Richard Fenick says:

    putting aside remixes & extd versions, this is well put together. How many versions of one song do you need to listen to…not enough time in life for that. I’d rather have B sides & outtakes which I see none were excluded so that is fine by me…I will buy this. At least they included the non-album single

  10. Shane says:

    What a poor selection on bonus tracks! Not even one track from the One Man In My Heart promo and so on….how Eurythmics of them!

  11. Nancy says:

    Loved this album a lot when it came out back in 1995. It was one of the most played albums from my collection from that year.
    I too agree it should have been reissued as a 3CD set with remixes off the vinyl to make it complete regardless of their quality.
    “Hysteria”, “Crash” and “Romantic?” albums should get decent deluxe treatments as well.

  12. David says:

    Their best album after Dare hands down,everything about it was perfect,the videos,the design,the tour and even a lot of the mixes stand up today.
    I don’t think we really need every mix that was released at the time,but there’re unreleased mixes of tell me when by the beloved(4 in total)and also 3 mixes of Houseful of Nothing,along with various edits 0f tell me when and one man,which were on promos cd and some mixes on cassette and promo 12”.It could have made an amazing super deluxe,they could have included the U.S interview disc for example.But that being said the demos are a nice touch and I’m sure fans will be happy with them.

  13. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    if someone of rhino or human league should read this article here is a 4 CD reissue of “octopus” that would be a perfect package for ( probably ) everyone. this is what i have from this era in my collection ( understandably enough without the new announced demo versions )


    tell me when – 4:52
    these are the days – 5:46
    one man in my heart – 4:05
    words – 5:55
    filling up with heaven – 4:21
    housefull of nothing – 4:31
    john cleese – 3:59
    never again – 4:43
    cruel young lover – 6:57
    stay with me tonight – 4:03
    the bus to crookes ( 12” bonus track ) – 4:52
    behind the mask – 3:47
    kimi ni mune kyun – 3:53
    tell me when ( 7” single version ) – 4:10
    one man in my heart ( t.o.e.c.unplugged mix ) – 4:17
    don’t you want me ’95 ( 7” snap remix ) – 3:59
    don’t you want me ’95 ( 7” red jerry remix ) – 3:43


    tell me when ( 12” utah saints mix 1 ) – 5:10
    tell me when ( 12” utah saints mix 2 ) – 6:13
    tell me when ( 12” strictly blind dub mix ) – 5:53
    tell me when ( 12′ red jerry remix ) – 7:36
    tell me when ( 12” overworld mix ) – 5:25
    one man in my heart ( 12” t.o.e.c.extended mix ) – 8:29
    one man in my heart ( 12” t.o.e.c.nasty sue mix ) – 5:32
    these are the days ( 12” baba mix ) – 6:09
    these are the days ( 12” symphonic baba mix ) – 6:01
    these are the days ( 12” overworld mix ) – 6:26
    these are the days ( 12” man with no name vocal mix ) – 6:52
    these are the days ( 12” man with no name instrumental mix ) – 6:54


    these are the days ( 12” sonic radiation ) – 7:05
    filling up with heaven ( 12” neil mclellan vocal mix ) – 6:20
    filling up with heaven ( 12” neil mclellan club mix ) – 5:57
    filling up with heaven ( 12” ula remix ) – 5:27
    filling up with heaven ( 12” hardfloor vocal remix ) – 7:33
    filling up with heaven ( 12” hardfloor dub remix ) – 6:43
    john cleese: is he funny? ( 12” self preservation society house mix – full length ) – 9:26
    john cleese: is he funny? ( 12” ula remix ) – 5:16
    don’t you want me ’95 ( 12” oliver lieb extended remix ) – 6:43
    don’t you want me ’95 ( 12” oliver lieb club remix ) – 6:54
    don’t you want me ’95 ( 12” red jerry extended remix ) 6:13
    don’t you want me ’95 ( 12” red jerry dub mix ) – 7:03


    don’t you want me ’95 ( 12” snap extended remix ) – 6:14
    stay with me tonight ( 12” the biff & memphis remix ) – 6:45
    stay with me tonight ( 12” the biff & memphis dub mix ) – 6:45
    stay with me tonight ( 12” space kittens vocal mix ) – 8:32
    stay with me tonight ( 12” space kittens dub mix ) – 8:57
    kimi ni mune kyun ( 12” extended version ) – 5:51
    give it back ( if it’s not the same as the announced demo version ) – 4:39
    happening woman ( if it’s not the same as the announced demo version ) – 3:26
    tell me when ( demo version )
    these are the days ( demo version )
    one man in my heart ( demo version )
    words ( demo version )
    filling up with heaven ( demo version )
    housefull of nothing ( demo version )
    john cleese ( demo version )
    never again ( demo version )
    cruel young lover ( demo version )

    • seikotsi says:

      that would be great for collectors, but i think the current version is more (repeatedly) listenable. maybe they should make deluxe versions in ‘further listening’ and ‘collector’ versions.

    • David says:

      I certainly wouldn’t include any mixes of Don’t you want me and would rather have edits and the unreleased mixes or those not on cd than every mix available.

      • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

        i think the same david. but i have here only wrote what i have in my personal collection to show what could be possible if they want that.
        i would be very happy if they release some unreleased mixes as well. but the remixes “don’t you want me” are from 1995 – so it is the same period. and to seikotsi: this is a good idea with the 2 different versions. …and truthfully: on the original cd singles were often also 4 or 8 mixes consecutively. it was usually in the 90’s i think to have many remixes of one song. i never thought it’s bad to have more remixes to find out which mixes i love and which not.

    • VanDev says:

      Omg Daniel why don’t you just make a bootleg and I will buy it off you! For me the attraction has always been completeness of singles/ mixes, demos and bonus or non album tracks. I have always been handy with skip forward and changing media so having a few versions of a song isn’t a problem, on the contrary I enjoy listening to maxis and 12” singles in entirety of all versions. However this post isn’t about me but my love for Daniel’s awesome track lists.

    • Kauwgompie says:

      Well done Daniel. Thank you. This is what that reissue should have been. If you see how cheap Crimson Productions are able to offer their 3 x CD Gold series, this could have been a 4 x CD for an affordable price and everyone would have been happy. Missed opportunity. Check out the Stevie Nicks 3 x CD of Bella Donna, a copy of the 3 x CD Gold series (That’s why you can still get it for 6 Pounds on Amazon UK, same price of the Gold series). Yes the hard paper sleeve is a bit flimsy but it’s 3 CD’s and cheap. Point is, if you can make a 3 x CD for 6 Pounds, you can make a 4 x CD for 8 or 10 Pounds and you will sell more of those than the half-ass 2 x CD of Octopus with all the remixes missing.

    • robert says:

      hi Daniel
      Firstly your tracklist is spot on. I might even make it myself!

      Secondly can you elaborate on this ABC mix you claim to have because I can’t find it anywhere and its been bugging me for months.
      how to be a millionaire ( 7” instrumental $$$$$$ ) 3:35

      Please reply if you can and put me out of my misery!

      • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

        hello robert i try it:
        i have 7 mixes of “millionaire”:
        – new cd album version ( it’s the 7” single remix with the ” how dollar…” intro )
        – bond street mix
        – wall street ( on some 12” also called “how to be a zillionaire” )
        – original 7” single version ( drums & synths intro without any voices )
        – a-cappella mix
        1 “trillionaire mix” ( the harajuku mix )
        1 “billionaire mix” 3:37 – it is almost the original 7” single version with a few differences – mostly only drums in the verses and the end is with more ( longer ) sound/hall ( this mix you can find on youtube )
        the 7″ instrumental $$$$$$ mix is basicly the new 7″ single mix with “how dollar…”
        intro and the “corruption…” middle and a simply “drum end” without any sound/hall.
        paul should ask martin fry about an interview and a 3 cd deluxe edition of the whole album. it is so much material there. i am still searching for the original british promo vinyl pressing of the album with alternate versions on side b. more information you can find on wikipedia. if you have any more questions robert, paul has my mail address.

        • Robert says:

          Ah thank you Daniel. But I think if that 3:35 7″ instrumental is the 3:35 one on YouTube then it’s a fan made mix and not official. I don’t think there is an official instrumental of the new remix or if there is, it’s still in the archives. I am also 90% convinced that Wikipedia entry is fake but you never know.
          Martin said on Twitter he was planning a Lexicon musical.
          Given this new HL package and the recent Heaven 17 box it would seem logical ABC should be next.

          • Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

            hello robert i can tell you that both instrumental versions that i have cannot be fan-made from maybe the “bond street” or “wall street” mix. both mixes have different ( unknown ) instrumental parts with synths and drums and clear ends! without martin’s vocals. so it’s not possible to make both from the official mixes. the problem is that on some 12” singles the “$$$$$$” mix is the 7” single remix with vocals. but i have it without the lead vocals. only backing vocals and in the 1st verse only the word “whispers”. and additional effects from 1:20 to 1:40. sorry that i confuse you now again….
            maybe also interesting for you is a cd single from 1987 of “king without a crown” that i have. cardcover with 4 tracks. track 1 is “king without a crown” 4:40 – a complete alternative mix with different female vocals and a more simple arrangement. not listed on the cover as such. we should ask martin fry next time… and about an official release of “i wish i were in love again” from the 1983 tour. …and the “dozen of tapes” with the unreleased “that’s it folks!” mix of “so hip it hurts” and pre trevor horn demos incl. “all of my heart” and more…

        • Robert says:

          Hi Daniel
          Thank you.
          I would love to hear more about those mixes and rarities from ABC and others. Maybe I know of some that are new to you.
          If you like you can send me an email at (it’s a non personal one so don’t mind it published)

        • Robert Plunkett says:

          Ok final word on this Daniel but based on your description, I really think this ABC mix is a cover version by a guy named Jesahel which you can view at

          It’s very good and it seems he has done some nice covers of Tears For Fears and others. Talented guy

  14. martin farnworth says:

    Would be curious to hear the demo’s as the ones on the anthology differed significantly to the finished versions

  15. John Pettigrew says:

    Read the news and decided to definitely buy this – then I read the CD track listing and changed my mind. This is pathetic and I’m totally sickened by the marketing decision to include some stuff on CD and other stuff on vinyl.

    I have no interest in vinyl whatsoever so unless Rhino have a last minute change of heart and include everything that’s missing from the CD version on a third disc, they can get stuffed with this release.

    This is another example of record companies bringing on the death knell of CDs and promoting vinyl and I will be voting with my wallet.

    • Sutekh101 says:

      You won’t be missing much as those 90’s remixes were mostly awful but if this reissue is up to the standard of Rhino’s New Order releases then this album will sound miles better on vinyl than CD.

    • Eamonn says:

      Mid 90s remixes are mostly shit and have dated badly. I’m surprised so many people are disappointed at this. You can track down the original singles I’m sure. Demos/alternate versions don’t come along too often so I’m glad they didn’t clog the second CD up with repetitive remixes instead.

  16. blink says:

    Clearly this should have been a 3 CD set. Having remixes on Vinyl only is just wrong.

  17. mike says:

    awesome news. ordered the 2LP set and 2cd set from rhino direct.
    hopefully they re-release Romantic, Crash and Hysteria on 2LP sets too!!

  18. BillyD says:

    I ordered both.

    The remixes are going to sound quiet on vinyl. That’s a lot of material to be squashed onto each side + most of the bass will be lost. Yes, I still turn up the volume. Haven’t lost my hearing so far.

  19. BillyD says:

    Wow can’t believe it!
    An album I own one copy of. I’ll take it in whatever format they issue.
    1995 was a bleak time for synthesizer nusic in the US. Never thought there would be another Human League album. Glad their was.
    Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post golden-era Human League album. It would be nice to have updated versions of all their work. I know some have been reissued, but not all deluxe.
    Perhaps the time has come for the various companies to take stock and give in to demand.

  20. colinthebruce says:

    The first I knew of the Behind the Mask track was when they played it live the last time I saw them (2019 or 2018) It was a great cover and hunted it down after the concert. But the concert version is still much better so hope that gets a release some time.

  21. Luke says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Romantic is the better of the two (?!). Gonna skip this. Unlike Secrets, this one lacks remixes from the era. Could have been a 3CD (think Howard Jones – One to One … anybody?!). Pity this still happens in 2020.

  22. Jan V. says:

    Great news! Can’t you do a special edition for the SuperDeluxe Shop, Paul? Where you get an extra cd with the remixes, like the Bronski Beat Special Edition??

  23. DJ Salinger says:

    Great news and about time, too. We could do with a proper deluxe reissue of ‘Hysteria’ as well.

    Much like Monkey, the power of the League is irrepressible.

  24. Paul Rymer says:

    The YMO tracks aren’t really collaborations they are more like cover versions. They were produced by the band’s old record company Alfa who Sakamoto, Hosono and Takahashi were in dispute with at the time over their use of the name YMO when they signed a new contract with EMI for the album Technodon. As a fan of both bands I’d have liked them to have collaborated properly but it didn’t happen in this case. Whatever the circumstances they are nice tracks, particularly Behind The Mask.

    • -SG- says:

      Wow they tricked me. What an elaborate scheme, I thought at the very least Human League phoned in their parts and left the rest to YMO, or someone leftover from the band, liner notes were no help. The original had Tong Poo on it, so I thought for sure this was a legit collaboration I suppose that was just there to satisfy the YMO quota. However, Behind the Mask is still a good track.

  25. FrankB says:

    I want the remixes on cd! Would that really have been too much to ask?

    • negative1 says:

      Absolutely not.

      By my calculations, all the remixes add up to about 220 minutes,
      which is at least 3 cd’s by themselves.

      So adding the cost of those to the cd, and the demo’s would
      make it way too expensive for them to even consider.


  26. torchomatic says:

    Nice to have on vinyl. Always regretted not buying originally. Shame Rhino have added all those awful remixes to the vinyl version rather than b-sides such as Kimi Ni Mune Kyun and/or some of the edits

  27. negative1 says:

    I’m happy to get the demos on CD.
    I already have all the mixes on cd singles, and vinyl.
    But might get that one too anyways.

    All in all, a good release for collectors.


  28. Francis says:

    I will be purchasing this reissue to update it from the original because I do like editions with bonus tracks. The only downside, I would have liked it to feature remixes, such as Tell Me When (Overworld Mix), Tell Me When (Red Jerry Remix), Tell Me When (Strictly Blind Dub), Tell Me When (Mix 1), Tell Me When (Mix 2), Filling Up With Heaven (Neil McLellan Vocal Mix), Filling Dub With Heaven (Hardfloor Remix), Filling Up With Heaven (Hardfloor Vocal Remix), Filling Up With Heaven (ULA Remix), These Are The Days (Ba Ba Mix), These Are The Days (Symphonic Ba Ba Mix), These Are The Days (Man With No Name Instrumental), One Man In My Heart (T.O.E.C. Unplugged), John Cleese; Is He Funny? (ULA Remix), John Cleese; Is He Funny? (Self Preservation Society House Mix).

  29. fredpostman says:

    God it only feels like yesterday, or the day before, that I brought the album on original release, and what a return to form it was, especially when ‘Tell Me When’ charted.

  30. Andrew says:

    Awesome! Love the Human League. I get what virtually everyone is saying about the vinyl/CD track mix but I suppose it does make sense. Obviously I would have preferred everything on CD but the pricing for both sets is pretty decent. Will order the Rhino bundle.

  31. Trash says:

    Strangely enough, I dug this album out over the weekend to give it a listen as I hadn’t listened to it in years.
    Really enjoyed it (apart from One Man in My Heart which I have never cared for much). Tell Me When however is a really strong song and a great way to open the album.
    Have to get the vinyl (for my collection) and the 2CD set as I love hearing demos. Also as a big YMO fan I’m interested to hear those tracks. I never bothered before as I presumed they were just remixes but if, as someone has mentioned, they are collaborations then that will be interesting (the YMO songs are both great songs in themselves).

  32. Timm Davison says:

    Excellent! Seeing as how I never picked this up originally, this gives me a chance to rectify that situation. Should I plump for the 2-lp set? Are the remixes worthy?

  33. Eamonn says:

    I’d much rather demos over lots of remixes which are usually too long and repetitive so I’m very happy with this. Presumably the demos come from 1992, around the time they were dropped by Virgin.
    A live third CD would have been champion – their setlists on this tour were very interesting (each of their then seven albums getting a look-in) and it was the first time they had played gigs since 1987!
    I’ve ended-up ordering the 2LP and 2CD bundle on Rhino’s website, decent value, even with P&P coming to just over £30.

  34. Ryan Sinclair says:

    YES! Glad this is getting a vinyl release and at only £14… PRE ORDERED :)

  35. Stephen dC says:

    Glad I was collecting the singles at the time for the mixes or this would be a complete dud.

    The Nasty Sue version of ‘One Man In My Heart’ is every bit as brilliant as the album/single version so it’s a crime it’s not on the CD

  36. Billy says:

    I remember being very impressed with “These are the days”. Standout track for me from this period.

    • Dennis says:

      found it extremely surprising that they didn’t decide to release ‘These are the days’ as a single, could have made a nice promovideo as well.
      Would have personally prefered it as the 2nd single + ‘One man in my heart’ as the 3rd.

  37. Xav says:

    No remixes on this deluxe ? Why ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There are two, but yeah…

      • -SG- says:

        The two YMO tracks are actual collaborations not remixes, at the time released as a single in Japan. Behind the mask being the same YMO track recorded by Michael Jackson and Eric Clapton. I loved this album when it came out, it was so different than anything else happening in 1995 , seeming both retro and futuristic at the same time. I may have to go for the Rhino Bundle for this one. Shame no remixes, on the CD, but I did actually want to get this on vinyl–now I have an excuse to get it.

  38. John Orr says:

    Great to see this. Have the CD’s from the era. Saw them live in November 1995, in Edinburgh, spoke to them backstage, very gracious. Good to see the vinyl as well. Will keep an eye on this, thanks.

  39. Kauwgompie says:

    This is a new one, the demos are on the cd and the remixes are on vinyl. What’s the strategy behind that, getting people to buy both? They should have made it a 3cd with both demos and remixes on cd. What a total let-down. I don’t do vinyl so I guess I’ll have to buy the cd singles to get the remixes. Or skip this release all together. These record companies are completely losing it.

  40. Daniel ( from Berlin ) says:

    why is this only a 2 disc set ? so much material around “octopus” were made & remixed. “deluxe editions” are made for fans and collectors. why not 3 cd’s ? is there another oil crisis like in the days back of elo’s “secret messages” ? a question that i have since the release of “stay with me tonight” is: if this is the single version, where is the original or “album version”? obviously there was also no original extended mix made at that time. the same for “tell me when”. “octopus” is for me the only human league album ( besides “dare” ) which has no fillers. great tracks and very electronic production. i am glad for all the vinyl collectors out there. but the fact that the only unreleased mix of “tell me when” will be only on the vinyl version makes me angry.

  41. daveid76 says:

    Tell Me When was and still is a cracking tune. Refreshingly 80s amongst the guitar driven Britpop posturing of 1995

  42. Steven Campbell says:

    Must admit though not being a huge fan of the human league I was tempted into this one however the 2nd disc is a bit disappointing as it doesn’t include very many of the remixes from that album on the CD version. I note that they’re on the vinyl version though I think I’ll wait until it comes down a little in price before I think about it. I have both the CD singles of Tell ME When and 1 of the CD singles of Filling Up With Heaven for the remixes but they could have made a better job of how it was issued I think for much as I love my vinyl, indeed I prefer it these days over CD, the CD version is very disappointing and in order to get all the tracks you have to buy both formats instead of issuing it as a box set of some sort.

    • Dennis says:

      For me it is exactly the opposite: I am personally glad that they chose to rather include unreleased demos on the 2nd cd rather than multiple remixes.
      Obviously a 3cd version could have solved the problem. But as we all know, if it comes to logic and recordcompanies, those 2 words rather seldom mix well together.

      • KevinK says:

        With the original album coming in around 45 minutes, and the demos etc totalling (at a guess) around 60 minutes, there should have been room to add those eight remixes and still fit on two CDs.

  43. John-Paul Sanders says:

    A classic album and return to form for ‘the league’ – best of all though is the drumming on the TOTP clip – has to be seen to be believed !

  44. Ian Harris says:

    This looks great, and very reasonably priced too.
    The demos on the A Very British Synthesizer Group anthology were often very different so keen to hear these.

    Apparently the band recorded a version of Into The Groove for Octopus, would have been nice to hear that, but what we have here is good.

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