The Jesus and Mary Chain / 21 Singles

The 2002 Jesus and Mary Chain compilation 21 Singles will be issued on vinyl for the first time in July.

The compilation features some of the band’s best-loved singles, and starts with the non-album single Upside Down (from 1984) and ends with I Love Rock N Roll (from 1998’s Munki).

This collection had only previously been available on CD but is now pressed over four sides of black vinyl.

21 Singles will be released on 6 July 2018 and is reasonably priced right now in the UK for a double.

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The Jesus And Mary Chain

21 Singles [VINYL]


Side 1

1. Upside Down
2. Never Understand
3. You Trip Me Up
4. Just Like Honey
5. Some Candy Talking

Side 2

1. April Skies
2. Happy When It Rains
3. Darklands
4. Sidewalking

Side 3

1. Blues From A Gun
2. Head On
3. Rollercoaster
4. Reverence
5. Far Gone And Out
6. Almost Gold

Side 4

1. Snakedriver
2. Sometimes Always
3. Come On
4. I Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll
5. Cracking Up
6. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

12 responses to The Jesus and Mary Chain / 21 Singles

  1. Bobbyjean says:

    The last few vinyl reissues of grateful dead on amazon have said Unassigned label but when they arrive there always rhino earners records

  2. Paul Wren says:

    Rhino look likely favourites to be releasing this compilation as they produced the same release on CD in 2002 along with Warner Music.

  3. Paul Wren says:

    21 singles are included and in many cases these versions are different/shorter than the album versions ie, the single version of “Happy When It Rains” shaves off a glorious 30 seconds of the classic, the single for “April Skies” slices off almost a minute.

  4. RJS says:

    This really is turning into the second half of the eighties / early nineties in reverse. Not on this release obviously, but there must be people who’ve gone full circle on the vinyl / CD / CD SDE / vinyl / coloured vinyl merry-go-round with some releases.

  5. Jorje Chica says:

    Paul, do you know what label is releasing this? Amazon says the label is “UNASSIGNED”.

  6. Auteur55 says:

    Surprised you never announced the Peter Murphy box set Paul. It looks great. Coming out in June.

  7. Dan says:

    pre-ordered. Bargain price.

  8. Larry Davis says:

    Always dug this collection… What’s not to love?? Great selection. The JAMC are a perfect singles band, so this is both a perfect primer and car disc…and on 2LP is a cool piece too. Black vinyl is fine…clear would be cooler tho. What I love also is the artwork with various mock “Greatest Hits” covers…my fave is the one that says “Greatest Fucking Hits”… Haha!! JAMC Rock!!

  9. Ben Williams says:

    A very, very cool album to have on vinyl. Good news.

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