The La’s / BBC In Session coloured vinyl

On vinyl for the first time • Coloured vinyl edition

The La’s ‘BBC In Session’ was originally released in 2006 on CD but will be issued on vinyl for the first time later this month.

This limited, numbered edition is pressed on transparent green vinyl and features the Liverpool band’s session appearances on BBC radio shows hosted by Janice Long, Liz Kershaw, Bob Harris, and Nicky Campbell.

This edition comes in a gatefold sleeve and is released on 24 May 2019 via Universal Music (a little later in the USA).

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The La's

BBC In Session - coloured vinyl


Side A

1. Doledrum
2. Way Out
3. Freedom Song
4. Come In Come Out
5. Son Of A Gun
6. There She Goes
7. I Can’t Sleep
8. Over

Side B

1. Feelin’ (BBC Nicky Campbell Session / 1989)
2. Timeless Melody
3. Callin’ All
4. I.O.U
5. Way Out
6. I Can’t Sleep
7. Timeless Melody
8. Callin’ All
9. Feelin’ (BBC Bob Harris Session / 1990)

16 responses to The La’s / BBC In Session coloured vinyl

  1. Jim Breeds says:

    I just bought my copy of this BBC Sessions. Do we know how many are being pressed in this limited edition? Mine is numbered in the mid 1500s and it would be great to know how many copies there are. I can’t find it anywhere online, not even on UMC’s website.

  2. Mo says:

    Any indication on how many copies this is ‘Limited’ to? I’m looking to buy but wondering whether I can risk waiting a few days.

  3. Peter Yarrow says:

    Just received an email from Amazon cancelling my order of this. Anyone know if it is available elsewhere?

    • David Hutchins says:

      Yes me too. The email said that it is”no longer available” very strange as it was only due to be released less than a week ago. It’s available from several sellers on eBay. I’ve just ordered a copy, it will be interesting to see what happens.
      Does anyone know if it has actually been released?

      • David Hutchins says:

        …and now despite saying that it is”no longer available” Amazon now have it for sale at a lower price than before. To be honest I’m a wee bit “annoyed” with them it’s like they don’t know what they’re doing.

  4. Kev_mac says:

    BBC used to release Peel Sessions on “Strange Fruit” label – the ones I bought were late 1980’s; you can still hear old BBC sessions recycled on 6 Music in the evening somrtimes, so not taped over (I think); maybe file sharing/ Youtube killed the market for the more esoteric end of the Peel cannon (that’ll be all of it, then)?

    • Jim Breeds says:

      I have several of the Strange Fruit releases. And superb they are too, albeit on the short side (usually 3 or 4 tracks only).

  5. MARK says:

    ordered it locally..cant wait for this..

  6. JohnM says:

    I could buy it on Tom Walsh’s recommendation as a casual fan

  7. paul wren says:


  8. Tom Walsh says:

    This is a fantastic compilation. Superb versions of the few tracks that The La’s actually released. Well worth it for even a casual fan of the band.

  9. Seems like a long duration (16 songs) for one record but perhaps the length is shorter than it appears. Will have to find my CD and check. Love green clear vinyl. Long live The La’s!

  10. MusicFan says:

    I really like seeing BBC sessions being released.

    This does make me think legally / financially it must be viable to do so – so i wish more people would do it.

    I love the sessions by the likes of Thompson Twins and Yazoo – but I wish that one day someone would PLEASE release the Frankie Goes To Hollywood different sessions! The first seession, I think recorded before they were signed to ZTT, is phenominal as the classic hits are played in their rawest possible form!

    • Steven Roberts says:

      I’m surprised that the BBC itself hasn’t released more sessions or In Concert performances, either on CD or (more likely in this day and age) digitally. There are/were a select few In Concert shows available on iTunes, for example – but they really just the tip of a very big iceberg.

      I used to regularly record the Radio 1 In Concert broadcasts and I have a LONG list of shows that I would happily pay to download if the Beeb would only make them available…

      • Trash says:

        I wonder how good the BBC were at archiving their sessions. I suspect a lot of the Peel sessions for example were lost or recorded over.

        i would really like to have, for example, a decent copy of The Cure’s first Peel sessions (covering their first four albums). I have versions recorded from the radio and they are really excellent.
        There was a definitive Peel collection for the Undertones back in the day and I’d love the Cure to get the same treatment.

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