The La’s: LP reissue on coloured vinyl


The vinyl reissue of The La’s one and only studio album, which SDE reported on back in May, will not be pressed on black vinyl, but will be a limited coloured vinyl edition…

The 1990 album is ‘digital remastered’ (from a digital file using the most recent remastering) and will be pressed on ‘sky blue‘ 180g vinyl. There is no black vinyl pressing – they’re all blue, regardless of where you purchase from.

The vinyl reissue will come with an MP3 download voucher and SDE enquiries suggest a fairly low 1000 copies are being manufactured. The La’s is released on 19 August 2016.

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The La's

The La's / sky blue vinyl reissue



1. “Son of a Gun” 1:55
2. “I Can’t Sleep” 2:37
3. “Timeless Melody” 3:01
4. “Liberty Ship” 2:31
5. “There She Goes” 2:42
6. “Doledrum” 2:50
7. “Feelin'” 1:45
8. “Way Out” 2:32
9. “I.O.U.” 2:13
10. “Freedom Song” 2:23
11. “Failure” 2:54
12. “Looking Glass”

19 responses to The La’s: LP reissue on coloured vinyl

  1. I have a vinyl reissue on Plain Recordings (USA) from a few years ago. Not sure if it was issued on LP in the States originally.

  2. JWL says:

    If they are using a digital file rather than pure analogue, it’s definitely a shame, however such a vinyl can still offer upgrades over the regular CD if the resolution of the digital file used is higher. CDs are at 16 bit/44.1 khz, while many digital files used in such projects are at a far higher resolution.

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  4. Jeff Svirtunas says:

    Cassette, Vinyl , CD. Doesn’t matter much to me. Just blow it thru a good pair of speakers! My OG LP pressing sounds quite the same as my Japan CD. If Lee and bandmates are getting royalties I’m in for sky blue.

  5. Shawn says:

    Digital file? Just buy the CD! What’s the point in buy a CD pressed to vinyl

  6. Peter Yarrow says:

    £19.99 on Rough Trade plus P&P.

  7. MARK ROSSER says:

    ordered mine on 02/06/16 from € 27.00 delivered

  8. Andrea says:

    “from a digital file using the most recent remastering”. That’s precious. For about half the price you can get the 2008 2-CD deluxe version, crammed with alternates… and this vinyl being pressed from digital files, most certainly THOSE digital files, is no way going to be an improvement over the latest CD version. Plus, you miss all the extra tracks.
    It’s amazing to witness the things they’re willing to do in order to exploit the artists’ legacies and squeeze every penny from music buyers…

  9. Lance says:

    This just dropped to $23.28 at a few hours ago… half off!

  10. Scott Whitt says:

    I’d be interested in this if it was a bit cheaper. $27 is way too much in my opion.

  11. auteur55 says:

    Am I crazy or has there never been a remastered edition released on CD? And why not?

  12. Jonathan says:

    i own an original uk vinyl pressing, and will buy the reissue to put it on a safe.
    just kidding btw. but i’ll buy the reissue for sure.

  13. Martin says:

    Gawd how many times can they reissue this?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      This will be the second time it has been released on vinyl in the UK in 26 years.

    • granata says:

      Original LPs are difficult to find in good nick for under £30. Got lucky on a £20 copy years ago but am pleased to see it reissued for the *first time*. I know it’s the done thing to complain about every release featured on here, but in this case it’s really not justified.

    • popomatik says:

      First, let’s get things straight. The number one song that has been borrowed accedes anything, including The Beatles. “There She Goes”.

    • popomatik says:

      Long enough to hear it perfectly. Have you written a better song or album? Didn’t think so.

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