The Moody Blues / Live at the BBC 1967-1970 / 3LP vinyl

Universal will issue a 3LP coloured vinyl edition of The Moody Blues Live at the BBC in April.

This set was originally issued as a two-CD set back in 2007 but is now presented as a numbered triple vinyl package with three coloured vinyl records packaged in a gatefold sleeve. It features 41 BBC live recordings of performances between 1967 and 1970.

Live at the BBC 3LP vinyl will be issued on 26 April 2019. It’s well priced in the UK right now at just over £29.

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The Moody Blues

Live At The BBC 1967-1970 [VINYL]



Side A

  1. Fly Me High
  2. Don’t Let Me Be Understood
  3. Love And Beauty
  4. Leave This Man Alone
  5. Peak Hour
  6. Nights In White Satin
  7. Fly Me High
  8. Twilight Time (Evening)

Side B

  1. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  2. Voices In The Sky
  3. Ride My See-Saw
  4. The Best Way To Travel
  5. Voices In The Sky
  6. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  7. Peak Hour


Side A

  1. Tuesday Afternoon
  2. Ride My See-Saw
  3. Lovely To See You
  4. Never Comes The Day
  5. To Share Our Love
  6. Send Me No Wine
  7. So Deep Within You
  8. Lovely To See You

Side B

  1. Nights In White Satin
  2. The Morning: Another Morning
  3. Ride My See-Saw
  4. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
  5. House Of Four Doors


Side A

  1. Voices In The Sky
  2. The Best Way To Travel
  3. Visions Of Paradise
  4. The Actor
  5. Gypsy
  6. The Sun Set
  7. Never Comes The Day

Side B

  1. Are You Sitting Comfortably
  2. Poem: The Dream
  3. Have You Heard
  4. Nights In White Satin
  5. Legend Of A Mind
  6. Question

14 responses to The Moody Blues / Live at the BBC 1967-1970 / 3LP vinyl

  1. LedMan says:

    Paul can you find out if this is all analog source or digital?

  2. paul wren says:

    Ordered – an easy decision for us older farts on this reasonably priced vinyl. They’ve even managed to get it together on the artwork as well.

  3. Wayne Olsen says:

    ordered! I am sitting comfortably….

  4. The Golden Age of Days Of Future Passed says:

    Big Moodies fan hear, ordered within 30 seconds of getting the email. Of course I already have the CD version but it`s The Moody Bloody Blues Innit!

  5. Steve j says:

    Thanks Paul
    Would have made a nice record store day release at least I won’t have to queue at
    Silly o clock to get one

  6. David B says:

    Not a Moodies track. And having got their BBC sessions, I never liked them…nothing like their studio versions.

  7. Gareth says:

    Is there a download code ?

  8. Karl says:

    Great deal!!!

  9. Nick E says:

    I meant Forever Autumn :-)

    • Paul Taylor says:

      Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds soundtrack, credited to Justin Hayward. No connection to Moody Blues
      I was looking for Go Now but of course Denny Laine would’ve been gone

      • Neil says:

        Even if it did have a connection it would be a bit silly putting a song from 1978 on a compilation entitled 1967-1970.

  10. Nick E says:

    Great collection but where’s ‘Forever Open’?

  11. TIMOTHY LEACH says:

    Beautiful colour choices for the vinyl!

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