The Police / Every Move You Make: Studio Recordings box issued on CD

2018 vinyl box with remastered audio now available on CD

Every Move You Make: The Studio RecordingsThe Police vinyl box from last year – is coming to CD in November.

The box set collects all five studio albums – Outlandos d’Amour (1978), Reggatta de Blanc (1979), Zenyatta Mondatta (1980), Ghost in the Machine (1981) and Synchronicity (1983) – and adds a 12-track bonus CD called Flexible Strategies which features non-album tracks such as ‘Dead End Job’, ‘ Landlord’, ‘Visions Of The Night’ and ‘Murder By Numbers’.

All CDs come in gatefold CD digipak wallets housed in a lift-off lid clamshell-style box and have been remastered at Abbey Road Studios.

Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings is released on CD on 15 November 2019 (was 8 Nov).

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The Police

Every Move You Make 6CD box set


Outlandos d’Amour

1.  Next to You
2.  So Lonely
3.  Roxanne
4.  Hole in My Life
5.  Peanuts
6.  Can’t Stand Losing You
7.  Truth Hits Everybody
8.  Born in the ’50s
9.  Be My Girl
10. Masoko Tanga

Reggatta de Blanc

1.  Message in a Bottle
2.  Reggatta de Blanc
3.  It’s Alright for You
4.  Bring on the Night
5.  Deathwish
6.  Walking on the Moon
7.  On Any Other Day
8.  The Bed’s Too Big Without You
9.  Contact
10. Does Everyone Stare
11. No Time This Time

Zenyatta Mondatta

1.  Don’t Stand So Close to Me
2.  Driven to Tears
3.  When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around
4.  Canary in a Coalmine
5.  Voices Inside My Head
6.  Bombs Away
7.  De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
8.  Behind My Camel
9.  Man in a Suitcase
10. Shadows in the Rain
11. The Other Way of Stopping

Ghost in the Machine

1.  Spirits in the Material World
2.  Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
3.  Invisible Sun
4.  Hungry for You (J’aurais toujours faim de toi)
5.  Demolition Man
6.  Too Much Information
7.  Rehumanize Yourself
8.  One World (Not Three)
9.  Ωmegaman
10. Secret Journey
11. Darkness


1.  Synchronicity I
2.  Walking in Your Footsteps
3.  O My God
4.  Mother
5.  Miss Gradenko
6.  Synchronicity II
7.  Every Breath You Take
8.  King of Pain
9.  Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Tea in the Sahara

‘Flexible Strategies’

1.  Dead End Job (1978)
2.  Landlord (1979)
3.  Visions Of The Night (1979)
4.  Friends (1980)
5.  A Sermon (1980)
6.  Shambelle (1981)
7.  Flexible Strategies (1981)
8.  Low Life (1981)
9.  Murder By Numbers (1983)
10. Truth Hits Everybody (Remix) (1983)
11. Someone To Talk To (1983)
12. Once Upon A Daydream (1983)

165 responses to The Police / Every Move You Make: Studio Recordings box issued on CD

  1. Anthony says:

    Why is Murder by Numbers not the last track on Synchronicity on this set? It is on the extra disc… gotta say, that’s a little disappointing. Synchronicity is a perfect album.

  2. Christophe says:

    17 euros for 5 cds are a good value. But the truth hits everybody remix is awfull ! Beautiful set meanwhile got it from my usual record store

  3. Andrew says:

    The vinyl box set is being released as well.
    I’m a bit annoyed as i bought this last year under the impression that it was a limited edition… Well how can it be limited then re released.
    Any answers Paul?

  4. Tim South says:

    Perhaps Universal music will put together a 5 disc “live” set to compliment each album. There are plenty of tapes in the archive to do so and it would be about time too . A singles vinyl set wouldn’t go amiss either me thinks………

  5. Neil Hunt says:

    This is a fantastic sounding box and great value too. If only Universal could do the same for other bands such as Thin Lizzy, Level 42 or Dire Straits then I would buy them in an instant (especially if the Level 42 ones were mastered better and not so loud).

  6. Matt A says:

    This really is fantastic value for money. Respectful to the originals plus bonus CD and all nicely packaged.

  7. MARK LEVY says:

    P. S. I went to all the trouble of ordering this from Ebay as I didn’t think this would be available in my local big Sainsburys. It’s too collectable. Sods law, when I went this afternoon to check out the new chart releases, there it was. Talk about selling out!

  8. MARK LEVY says:

    Got it. Just brilliant

  9. AndyHaines says:

    Sometimes you just want the original albums, in a set, with no frills, extra tracks, extended sweepings off the cutting room floor etc and this is what I may purchase. I’ve bought various “deluxe” editions of stuff over the years and you know what? It’s great to hear the development of ideas, but that’s all it is. I just want the album, as it was originally produced as a good sounding copy whether on CD or vinyl. As an example, I’ve got Jethro Tull Stand Up on CD with extra tracks, one being Ian Anderson waffling on about something or other. I don’t need it, I don’t wish to listen to it in the car!

  10. Sean Potter says:

    We need a Sting solo equivalent of Flexible Strategies… Let’s call it ….

    Bs Sting …….!!!!

  11. Paul E. says:

    Just received a delayed notice email from Amazon UK regarding this release:

    The Police “Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings”
    Estimated arrival date: November 25 2019 – November 29 2019

  12. Wayne klein says:

    The main reason to get this set would be if the CD versions of GITM and one or two of their albums that were inferior mastering on the Message in a Box set. The bOttom line here really is why not give us everything that they can rather than limit them.

  13. Stung says:

    Being a Message in Box owner for 25 years, I’d kinda resigned myself to pass on this, especially with no ‘Fall Out’ or ‘DSSCTM ’86’ ……Well now EMYM has gone down to a bargain £17.87 on Amazon UK, I’m sorely tempted!!>>> but then again I am just buying the same OLD stuff again repackaged, just as the record companies want……

    • Paul Berney says:

      To be fair, Fall Out is not the classic Police line up, so it being missing is sad but certainly not a deal breaker. And the 5 albums are newly remastered, which can only be great, judging by the reviews the vinyl got last year. And to be honest, I care nothing for remixes once the original versions are present. The only thing that does bug me is leaving out the 3 Brimstone And Treacle tracks. But the set is certainly a must have.

    • Ed B says:

      REALLY???? DSSCTM 86 is one of the worst remixes that could of been released. Just a huge money grab that tried to make the song a dance hit…HORRIBLE

  14. chris says:

    Missed op for sure. Deluxe albums or remastering message in a box with the 1 or 2 ommissions would have sold like hot cakes. I was betting big on deluxe versions based on some of stewarts chatter last year…

    The proven formula seems like a no brainer:
    Remastered albums proper
    Deluxe remasteres with single version, remixes, demos, maybe some period specific live tracks and b sides
    A greats hits / singles comps with single/edit verions and any non album tracks, just to make it essential…

    Pulls me in every time… BLONDIE?!!!! Where is your box?!!!!

  15. Joe W. says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Paul! What an amazing deal.

    Speaking of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86”, for all your Message in a Box owners, how many of you have the pressing that has the extended intro? Mine does, for years I didn’t realize that was uncommon, at least in the States. I researched and learned the discs made in Germany had the longer version whereas other pressings had the shorter version of the song.

    • Al Snow says:

      I purchased my Germany-made box set of MIAB from a chain store in Northern VA. I also had purchased the EBYT: The Singles which had the shorter version when it was released in ’86. One of the true bonus features of both releases.

  16. Wayne Klein says:

    Still disappointed that the label did not include lol of their b sides, soundtrack contributions, etc. it would have improved on the Message in a Box set if they had done so. As it is, this is far from the definitive Police release that many fans had hoped for. If they had included another disc of material they could have included everything that the band cut in the studio.

  17. Paul Berney says:

    I just sharted in my pants. I brought the Message In A Box set many many years ago and have always loved it. But as it’s been worn down somewhat over the years and my inner OCD/ Diva demand that I have nice things, I’ve never been able to purchase a new copy as the set sells at disgusting prices. So seeing this come along at last (I fumed last year that it was only released on vinyl to grab crazy money from kids trying to be their grandparents) has me in a spin. What’s even better is that the albums are new remasters AND come as individual albums with their original artwork. And I’m delighted for the bonus disc including the non-album B-sides. I agree with some people here pointing out their first single Fall Out is missing and it ignores some other tracks from the MIAB set. But £20? For newly remastered versions? Sweet Jesus! I’M IN!

  18. Kenneth Tilley says:

    £20 i couldn’t resist it, promptly ordered it.
    Thx Paul

  19. AndyB says:

    Question: Police albums have always sounded fantastic on CD, even the original pressings. Does anybody think that this reissue represents a significant upgrade in sound? I have the remasters from 20 years ago or so which sound nearly identical to my original collection of discs and am ambivalent about replacing them.

    • NN says:

      U-Discover (Universal Music’s online site) are selling the CD box set for £15.99 plus postage. HMV often sell at / close to their prices, so that’s a bargain however you look at it. It’ll probably end up being about £10 in the supermarkets!

      • Neil says:

        I was thinking of buying it from there until i noticed the postage was £4 which makes that price redundant unfortunately.

  20. Larry Davis says:

    This is lame…compared with “Message In A Box”…why not just remaster that box?? It has most everything the band ever released…this is too skimpy…

    • Steven Roberts says:

      @Larry Davis I don’t think it’s really intended to be complete – more of a Christmas stocking filler like the Phil Collins albums box from a couple of years back.

      If you want it all (well, almost all) then the Message in a Box/Book compilation is already out there…

      • pinkfloyd says:

        …but the price ain’t a stocking filler, unlike Phil’s

        • Chris Squires says:

          Give it time and it will be. I don’t know how low the Collins effort got to but it was ridiculous… a fiver? Maybe? This might be in the same ball-park by Christmas.

          For, as with Phil’s box, everybody who is a bona fide Police fan will have it all, but it will appeal to those who have something or nothing. Or the kids of those 80s music lovers. A tenner says I. At £9.99 in Sainsbury’s it’ll get picked up a lot in the third week of December for Dad (or Mum’s) gift.

  21. Tony says:

    I saw The Police on the reunion tour at Twickenham, brilliant show.

  22. Paul E. says:

    Well Amazon U.S. has just made this available – if you dig deep you can find it available now for the low low price of $69.98! As it relates to music, the site is notoriously slow to list new releases and why I appreciate SDE’s magical pricing widget to pick and choose when/where to purchase. (PS – Add me to list of customers who got an email stating their signed Pixies’ CD is on it’s way.)

  23. Jeff Rougvie says:

    An “updated” box set shouldn’t be a step backwards (losing tracks). The cost of licensing the Illegal tracks shouldn’t have entered into it – it’s a pittance in the big picture.

    Hoping the title is a clue and the entire Bottom Line show (and others) will get standalone releases – the band was great live (especially in the early days, less so in the latter, IMO)

    • JuanWooNoz says:


      Very fair comment about the live shows. I saw The Police at the Masonic in Detroit in 1980 and Sting literally flew. I was close enough on the reunion tour at DTE to hear the bickering and saw an uncomfortably short show
      I do have an unopened ear book version of Message in a Box, maybe its time to try it

  24. Stephen dC says:

    All things in perspective, I just bought all studio albums for £12 on Music Magpie…

    They may not be new but I got the music [OK, so without the extra disc]

  25. Ian Gair says:

    According to Stewart Copeland there’s more unreleased music in the pipeline. Great clip of him opening the vinyl box set. This news plus the fact this cd box set is less than £20, also my signed Pixies CD has being delivered.

    • Tim says:

      Since that video clip dates back to Jan. 2019, I believe Stewart was referring to the now-released Blu-ray of Everyone Stares, his Police concert documentary. The disc does include some bonus material including the de-rangements of some Police songs plus some extra videos.

  26. MusicFan says:

    As a fan I’ll buy this regardless, but record companies really do need to think about what they are doing! There is more that can be done with the Police which is far more interesting!

    We have over-priced vinyl sets becoming CD sets and CD sets becoming over-priced vinyl sets. They are out of control !!!

    The fact the vinly set was near £100 is pathetic when this set on CD can be bought for under £20!!!!!


    • gary oliver says:

      … why should they think about what they are doing when people are saying ” i’ll buy this regardless ” ?

  27. Jason Brown says:

    For the content and the price, this is simply great value for a lot of brilliant music. MIAB is as close as we’ll get to the definitive article, I think.

    To be fair, this a studio recordings set, so arguably on that basis should be any live stuff in it.

    Would’ve been interesting if Stings My Songs project would have been a full Police revival and reworks, with the band ala DSSCTM ’86 and Roxanne’ 97,as a bonus disc for this project. Like it would happen, mind…

  28. Tonk says:

    Hard to believe a band that picked up a bunch of listeners after the Hairy Cornflake (DLT on Radio 1) thought that they were singing “Sue Lawley” rather than “So Lonely”, could go so far eh!
    I know, ‘cos I woz there . . . and things would never be the same again.

  29. Mark Franklin says:

    My OCD can’t stop looking at “Do Not Stand So Close To Me” instead of “Don’t”

  30. Philip Wilson says:

    Back in August had a 6 CD box set in the movers and shakers chart for £17.61, just said TBC, no other details. Took a punt on preordering as I thought as it had rocketed up that chart, someone must know something I didn’t, and turns out it is this one. Even bigger bargain!

    • KevinK says:

      I ordered it at that price too … back then, using the same Amazon ASIN on some non-UK sites revealed the tracklisting though the artist/title were still listed as TBC.

  31. Jan says:

    20 quid?
    No brainer.

  32. Hilaire says:

    It’s funny to notice that Reggatta De Blanc has become White Reggatta, and Hungry For You (J’aurai Toujours Faim De Toi) has become Hungry For You (The Always Hungry Of You) !
    Also notice that De Do Do Do De Da Da Da became Do Da Da Da!
    I also suggest Outlandos Of Love instead of Outlandos D’Amour! ! …

  33. Paul Taylor says:

    This box set never promised any more than it said on the tin: five original albums plus a disc of B sides, presumably based on the UK releases.
    Fall Out/Nothing Achieving was on Illegal Records and were never on any album so their omission here is perfectly reasonable

    • Steve Thorpe says:

      Fall Out + Nothing Achieving were included on the Message In A Box set however, so another reason to hold onto this excellent release from 1993!

    • “Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings”

      ‘Fall Out’ is one of their studio recordings.

    • Stung says:

      Yes and no Paul…..Fall Out was indeed released on Illegal (Stewart’s brother’s label) in 1977 BUT A+M re-released it in 1979 when the band hit the big time with Message in a Bottle. However, even 2nd time round Fall Out only got to no 47!

  34. Jordan Farquharson says:

    Glad that the vinyl set from last year is getting a cd version. I heard that the Humble Pie vinyl set was supposed to get a cd version. It would be great if that would happen, as well as the Styx vinyl set. For the Styx vinyl set, they should substitute Caught In The Act for Edge Of The Century, and make it a cd box of studio work.

  35. Bob Preston says:

    I had a compilation album back in the day called Propaganda. It was an A&M sampler. There were a couple of live tracks from Joe Jackson amongst others.
    There were 2 Police tracks, next to you and Landlord. From memory they were live? Can anyone recall? If I am right, they don’t seem to be on this collection?

    • allmanbrother says:

      That’s right. The back of the LP reads: “Recorded ‘Live’ at the Bottom Line, New York, on April 4, 1979. Produced by The Police in conjunction with WNEW-FM. Special thanks to WNEW-FM, New York, and The Bottom Line.”

    • Frank says:

      The two tracks on PROPAGANDA were both live as the others on side 1 of that Vinyl album. “De doo doo….” was released in 1981 in the US as a 7″ with one side in japanese and the other in spanish. The spanish version later appeared on the mentioned “Songs in Spanish” CD sampler on Polydor/Canada while the japanese Version came as a bonus 3″ CD with the compilation “The very best of Sting & The Police” only released in Japan. Sorry that all these tracks are missing because the CD Format has more space to fill than vinyl records.

    • Michel Breuker says:

      Is correct. Mao was rocking on the sleeve.

    • Bill says:

      Try message in a box compilation!!

    • Klaus says:

      Hi Bob,

      never heard of that album before but i found it on Discogs. According to the picture of the back cover the two tracks by The Police were recorded “Live At The Bottom Line” in 1979 and are not part of this new box but were included in the “Message In A Box”-set.

    • KevinK says:

      These were indeed live tracks – recorded live at The Bottom Line, New York, on April 4th, 1979. Both tracks were on the earlier Message In A Box set, but as they’re not studio recordings, they wouldn’t be expected here.

    • Thomsen says:

      Bob, you’re right-just pulled out the old and almost forgotten Propaganda Sampler: “Landlord” and “Next to you” were recorded live at the Bottom Line, New York, on April 4th 1979. They are not included in the box!
      And this goes out to Paul and all the music nerds here: Thank you for this fantastic site-it’s one of my top places in the internet!!!

  36. Charlie Waffles says:

    I will definitely order this box set.

    And I do love the song Mother! So there!

    I also love Don’t Stand So Close to Me ’86!

    I also want a new Police album! So there!

    • Andreas says:

      I also enjoy it. Just – Don’t Stand So Close to Me ’86 is not on there…

      On the “Message In A Box” set you even get the 12inch Version of that track.

  37. Chris Squires says:

    The Vinyl version of this is rather lovely. It really is just one of those “nice to have” things. The fact that it sounds great too is just a bonus. I guess it’s good to have the albums together and in the right order rather than the mish-mash that was Message in a Box, more comprehensive but muddled. As a few have said I would like to have a Hunting high and Low type thing for each album now. It’s not impossible to put together a 3 / 4 CD 1 DVD set for each album. Live, demos, b-sides etc. Empty the vaults whilst you are still alive boys. People, and your bank manager, will love you for it. Ditto Kate Bush if we have a wish list.

    • Steve Thorpe says:

      I have Message In A Box from 1993 and also found it a little annoying to have the 5 albums scattered across only 4 discs (plus mixed up with the b-sides etc). However I used the set to rip all 70+ tracks into iTunes and put them back into individual albums with the original artwork / b-sides and extra tracks added where relevant. The sound quality is pretty high on this set compared to the 2003 remasters. I’d like to know how different the Abbey Road remastering is on these new CDs to see if there’s any point in buying a set with less tracks overall.

    • Chris says:

      The _Message in a Box_ set wasn’t out of order, was it? I thought it was in the right order — just unfortunately split across discs. Wrong?

  38. Jim Vandegrift says:

    Could I ask a favor of my fellow SEE readers? Whoever gets a cd copy of this weigh in on the remastering. Love the 1st 4 l.p.’s and would be interested in this if there is a upgrade in quality.The last ones sounded fine but I am always interested in better fidelity. Thanks

  39. Where is ‘Fall Out’? The first single is missing?

  40. Mark says:

    Excellent, i’ll definitely be picking this up.

  41. DaveM says:

    I have Message in a Box and think the SQ is excellent, ironically apart from the track Message in a Bottle. Looks like that box set is a keeper for the extras that are not on Every Move you Make regardless of mastering, whether the new one is better or not. At this price point though to be fair, it’s a no brainer to take a punt on the new mastering.

  42. alan hansen says:

    they just can’t seem to ever get ALL the studio recordings collected (or even released on cd, for that matter). i’m referring to the Japanese 7″ I own with “De Do Do Do De Da Da Da” sung in Japanese on one side and (I think) Spanish on the other. not to mention their own later remake of this song.

  43. John in Manhattan says:

    19.95 GBP/24.85 USD including shipping to the States is an excellent value. Bought.

  44. noyoucmon says:

    Perfect. I’ll buy this in a heartbeat at that price. Looking forward to that B-sides disc as well.

  45. jd says:

    I have the Lp sized version of Message In A Box that includes a 100 page coffee table style book! I always thought the sound quality on this set was excellent so… I have no reason to get the remasters. I was also recently burned by the TOTO All In box set of remasters. The first four albums had slightly better sound quality but the rest were varying degrees of worse sound quality than various previous releases, with one release having three defective trax. I’ll pass.

    • Chris Squires says:

      I have both versions, the thin bookset and the larger (more like 10″) coffee table version and can attest that the larger book is preferable for people of a certain age with dodgy peepers. It was released by the shortlived EarBooks. I also have one on Quo and The Jam and they are all rather indispensable.

      • David Regan says:

        Earbooks are still going they have an up and Running website where you can order from..tho some of the release are out of recently got the Jam Ear book set under £15 pound

  46. Tim South says:

    Having heard the Ghost in the Machine recent remastering i can vouch for it’s superior sound over the 1993 boxset. However, i can’t help but feel that an opportunity for unreleased/rare work to be included here has been disappointingly missed

    • Phil Cohen says:

      This is assuming that there is any unreleased material after the 2008 Universal City vault fire, which destroyed most A&M Records vault materials. Actually, i don’t get the point of this set. This 6-disc set has less music than the 4-disc “Message in a Box” set.

      • Stuart Ansell says:

        Because not everyone has the’message in a box’ set, and a used copy is going to cost you more than £20?

        • Chris Squires says:

          Maybe I was lucky but I found sealed copies of both Message in a Box versions…
          Earbooks 2006 release – £27.99 in November 2017 – Amazon UK
          A&M 1993 version – £26.22 in December 2016 – eBay UK

          For the few extra quid it is well worth getting one of them if you are a bit patient.

      • Wayne Klein says:

        I agree with you Phil. I would hope that some of the outtakes, etc. we’re backed up or that one of the band members had them but given the sorry method of filling and archiving that the Universal vault fire uncovered, I wouldn’t be surprised if unreleased stuff is gone. I also have to wonder if any of these are being remastered from vinyl sources.

        What happened at Universal was sloppy and criminal.

  47. HRS says:

    ‘Message In A Box’ has 78 tracks on 4 cds. ‘Every Move You Make’ has 65 tracks on 6 cds. 13 tracks were lost on the way for no apparent reason. A simple remaster to the former material and an album separation would have somehow balanced the equation. What a wasted opportunity to offer a better product.

  48. Del Murray says:

    Truthfully guys….who’s going to listen to all those B-sides? It was bad enough that they were scattered around Message in a Box and you couldn’t really avoid them. Unfortunately the Police kept the good stuff for the singles….the rest was ok and substandard offerings from mssrs Copeland and Summers made up the albums

    • Tim Abbott says:

      I’ve got the vinyl edition of this box, and yeah, I play the B-sides disc fairly regularly. A Sermon, Murder By Numbers, and Visions Of The Night are all decent tracks. It’s far heavier on Andy and Stewart songs than any proper album, but I think they’re both brilliant songwriters (Stewart certainly had a point where he was far more talented than Sting), so I have no problem with that.

      For those who think The Police = Sting + two dispensable other blokes, there won’t be much appeal on the album.

  49. Gisabun says:

    Only thing good about this is the price. The original box set had way more extras

  50. Neil says:

    Once Upon A Daydream should have been on Synchronicity instead of that crappy Mother.

  51. Auteur55 says:

    As a more passive Police fan this works well for me. I wouldn’t have bought large deluxe editions. I’m a big fan of these smaller box sets that hold all the albums separately. Ordering now.

  52. Peter says:

    Anyone know what’s different about ‘Murder By Numbers’ from the regular album track?

    • Tim South says:

      Peter , to my knowledge there is only one version of this song which was apparently recorded live in the studio at Montserrat in one take. It was the first song to be recorded during the Synchronicity sessions there. The handclaps which you can hear at the end of the song are the band’s roadies Tam, Jeff and Danny.

    • Neil says:

      Murder By Numbers wasn’t on the original vinyl or cassette. It’s a b-side that was an extra track added to the CD.

    • Trash says:

      I believe it wasn’t on the original album.
      It was an extra track included on the Cassette versions of the album (and possibly the CD version too).

    • Roberto R says:

      Murder By Numbers was released only on sincronicity cassette

  53. Dave Smith says:

    Paul, is there no US release date pending for this box that you know of?

  54. DOLPH CHANEY says:

    “I Burn For You” is also missing. Boo. 5 CDs with less music than your 4 CDs had! Aren’t you lucky, consumer?

    Also – surely retitling the track “Reggatta de Blanc” as “White Reggatta” isn’t intentional?

  55. ElCid says:

    Where in the world is the “Don’t stand so close to me ’86” ????!!!!!
    Why oh why they keep skipping that re-recording???

  56. DiscoDave2000 says:

    Just did a quick look up on – Message In A Box has 78 tracks, while this new box has 65? Is that a first for a comprehensive box to take such a big step backwards? Yes there are positives – Abbey Road remastering and each album gets its own disc, but why not fill out the bonus disc with all 25 extras from the original box vs the 12 included here? I guess the price is right is pretty good. What do I know…

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      They were only ever going to repeat what was on the vinyl box last year.

    • smorrissey says:

      Abbey road remastering?? so are these better than the 2003 remasters? I’ve already have them all + Message in a box (which although is complete its sounds muddy for my personal taste).

  57. Reed says:

    So this is the same as Message in a Box, but with updated mastering?

  58. Scott Smith says:

    As with the last box set, it’s still missing the Japanese version of Do Da Da Da Da.

  59. Christian says:

    I’d like to place an order from, is there an english language option?

    • David says:

      A wild guess but you could try pressing the button at the top of the page which says “Switch to English”.

    • Tref says:

      You should see the short sentence “Switch to English” next to a small word balloon roughly in the top middle of the page when you click the link above.

    • Roel Glas says:

      Look at the top of the JPC landing page Christian (in the middle). It says “switch to English”

  60. Rob M says:

    Also, no vastly superior (IMO) single mono version of “The Bed’s Too Big Without You”. Was a revelation to me on the Message box.

  61. Kenny McHardy says:

    Message In A Box sounds really good so I will pass on this

  62. Richard says:

    Fantastic! Thanks :-)

  63. Neil duffin says:

    No ‘burn for you’ which is technically a police track so think I will pass on this.

    The Police and Sting are massively poor when it comes to letting out b-sides, rarities etc. Disappointing for me. I mean, i have most stuff but would love to hear demos etc from the ghost in the machine period.

  64. Ted says:

    Still no De DO Do Do – Japanese and Spanish versions.

  65. william says:

    I think I pretty much agree with a lot of people on here. It would be better if they did Super Deluxe editions for every album that they did.

  66. Cosmo Castanza says:

    I don’t think they ever surpassed the magnificent Outlandos D’Amour. Quality albums followed , more polished but this raw classic is the one.

  67. Vinny Marino says:

    I have the SACDs so I can’t imagine these will sound any better.

    • BillyD says:

      I was just going to say that. The SACDs sound great. Too bad you can’t play them on a standard cd deck.

      • Brad Breault says:

        I agree on the SACD’s for The Police, very nice sounding even at a fairly high volume but bummer you can’t really travel with them. Here’s hoping the new remaster (which I assume is what was used for the half-speed vinyl versions) is what was used here, at least for sonic comparison. Anyone wager a bet this is a test to do the same kind of box set for all the Sting solo albums?

  68. Kevin says:

    Definitely good value for money, but its incompleteness is head scratching. I am sort of curious as to the version of Truth Hits Everybody on the bonus disc. Is it likely that’s the live version found on Message In A Box?

    • -SG- says:

      The Truth Hits Everybody is a completely different studio recording made during the Synchronicity sessions, released as a B-side on some formats at the time, it is the only thing here not included in Message in a Box. Basically this is a bit pointless. As a vinyl set this made sense, as a CD set, it does not, much like the recent Kate Bush reissues, it misses a lot of what was already released and it’s strict adherence to the vinyl tracklisting is a bit silly. Perhaps the good folks running the record companies now never had CD’s and don’t realize that they can can hold more music than a vinyl record.

  69. Fredpostman says:

    What a fantastic price compared to the discraceful price of the forthcoming Bowie set

  70. Alex says:

    It’s not as thorough as 1993’s Message In A Box, which I believe had everything. But at that price and if it’s as well remastered as the 2007 compilation The Police, I’m in! I hope the discs will be in mini versions of the original sleeves in this box.

  71. Eduardo Magossi says:

    No Dont Stand so close to me 86 version?

  72. AdamW says:

    If you already have Message In A Box is there any reason to get this?

  73. Tony says:

    What a great price, £65 cheaper than the Bowie Conversation Piece box set

  74. richard says:

    how does this differ than the first Policy box set?

  75. Harrison says:

    Really glad this is coming to CD, I still have the Message in a Box from years ago but CDs somehow got in an awful state. Has made my day actually, cheers Paul.

  76. Cristian Elena says:

    Is there a booklet included or is it going to be an unloving solution like Phil Collins’ “Take a look at me now” boxset?

  77. I was all set to say, “Great value and a no-brainer were it not for the omission of Invisible Sun’s brilliant b-side,” then I saw that Shambelle actually IS on there.

    As you were then…

  78. Gunther Steenackers says:

    ordered! Thanks for the info, Paul!

  79. ron says:

    Missing ONE track : Don’t stand close to me 86″

  80. Norm Blanchard says:

    OK, fine, but surely this is a band whose work deserves a deeper dive than this after all these years? There are lots more stray tracks floating around, and how about a trip into the vaults?

  81. G Steven Cleere says:

    Well, would have liked some unreleased material – but will probably buy it!

  82. GRAHAM says:

    Not a Police collector so this looks a good buy for me, but even I can see it’s incomplete. The reworked Don’t Stand so Close To Me single is missing. Anything else obvious that isn’t there?

  83. Robert says:

    Shame that Don’t Stand So Close To Me 86 from their best of album and De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 86 from their DTS CD didn’t make it on the bonus disc

  84. Kevin Ruppenthal says:

    No FALL OUT or NOTHING ACHIEVING? Seems weirdly incomplete.

  85. MARK LEVY says:

    At last. I want this. My Message In A Box is a bit worn out!

  86. gary oliver says:

    six CD’s for a score, great value

  87. Rickjapan says:

    The fully expanded song title “Do not Stand So Close To Me” sounds incredibly prissy!! lol

    Amazing the difference an apostrophe can make….

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