The Police / Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings / 6LP vinyl box

Half-speed mastered • 6LP vinyl box • Bonus LP of non-album cuts

This November, Universal Music will release Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings a new six vinyl LP box set which brings together The Police’s studio albums, along with a bonus disc of non-album recordings and B-sides.

All six five albums – Outlandos d’Amour (1978), Reggatta de Blanc (1979), Zenyatta Mondatta (1980), Ghost in the Machine (1981) and Synchronicity (1983) – have been remastered and cut at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios by Miles Showell.

Miles has actually cut a Ghost In The Machine half-speed before, back in 2015 for the first wave of Abbey Road Studios-branded albums put out by Universal Music. SDE can exclusively reveal that ‘Ghost’ in this box set comes from the same remastered source, but is an all-new cut for this Every Move You Make box, because since that time Showell has restored and made operational a new lathe which he considers to be the best he’s ever used and therefore in theory this new cut could/should be slightly better than the 2015 version.

The 12-track bonus LP is called Flexible Strategies and features songs such as ‘Dead End Job’, ‘ Landlord’, ‘Visions Of The Night’ and ‘Murder By Numbers’.

The box set comes with a 24 page, 12” x 12” photo ‘book’ (looks more like a bookLET to me) and features the usual ‘rare and unseen’ images. Everything is packaged in a lift-off lid box set. Every album in the box has been pressed at Optimal in Germany. No CD version has been announced.

Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings will be released on 16 November 2018.

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The Police

Every Move You Make - The Studio Recordings


Outlandos d’Amour (1978)

Side One:

Next to You
So Lonely
Hole in My Life

Side Two:

Can’t Stand Losing You
Truth Hits Everybody
Born in the ’50s
Be My Girl – Sally
Masoko Tanga

Reggatta de Blanc (1979)

Side One:

Message in a Bottle
Reggatta de Blanc
It’s Alright for You
Bring on the Night

Side Two:

Walking on the Moon
On Any Other Day
The Bed’s Too Big Without You
Does Everyone Stare
No Time This Time   

Zenyatta Mondatta (1980)

Side One:

Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Driven to Tears
When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around
Canary in a Coalmine
Voices Inside My Head
Bombs Away

Side Two:

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Behind My Camel
Man in a Suitcase                               
Shadows in the Rain
The Other Way of Stopping

Ghost in the Machine (1981)

Side One:

Spirits in the Material World
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Invisible Sun                               
Hungry for You (J’aurais toujours faim de toi)
Demolition Man

Side Two:

Too Much Information
Rehumanize Yourself
One World (Not Three)
Secret Journey

Synchronicity (1983)

Side One:

Synchronicity I
Walking in Your Footsteps
O My God                               
Miss Gradenko
Synchronicity II                       

Side Two:

Every Breath You Take
King of Pain                               
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Tea in the Sahara  

Bonus Disc: Flexible Strategies (2018)

Side One:

Dead End Job (1978)
Landlord (1979)
Visions Of The Night (1979)
Friends (1980)
A Sermon (1980)
Shambelle (1981)

Side Two:

Flexible Strategies (1981)
Low Life (1981)
Murder By Numbers (1983)
Truth Hits Everybody (Remix) (1983)
Someone To Talk To (1983)
Once Upon A Daydream (1983)

130 responses to The Police / Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings / 6LP vinyl box

  1. eric e weinraub says:

    I just bought this for $80 dollars on

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  3. Big Lozza says:

    Very late to the party on this one but wanted to share my thoughts having just bought Ghost In The Machine half-speed remastered sold separately. I have my 1981 original and was curious to see how the half-speed remaster compared. First thing I noticed was a couple of clicks on one of the tracks on the half-speed remaster on first play. Second thing I noticed was how much quieter the remaster is to the original – but that I mean you need to turn the volume up a bit to match the volume of the original press. My original is without clicks or any noticeable surface noise which is admirable for a nearly 40 year old record that I have played many times, yet already a click or two on the brand new remaster – not a great start. Copeland’s drumming is noticeably snappier and more crisp on the original, even when accounting for the volume difference. I’m still evaluating the differences in sound but the inner-sleeve isn’t the best reproduction of the original either so all in all I’m a bit diappointed by this re-master to be honest. If you don’t have or can’t find a really well looked after original then the half-speed remaster would be worth buying, otherwise if like me you do have a well looked after original then keep looking after it and enjoy it !!

  4. Jude says:

    I’m late to the party here, but I have to wonder why they used generic inner sleeves for Outlandos and Regatta in the vinyl box and replicas of the original inner sleeves for the other albums? My old copies of those albums have printed inners…

  5. Chris says:

    Appears to me the have left the door open to stand alone deluxe versions of the albums, on cd and digital i suspect. Lots of unaccounted for b-sides, demos, etc. We shall see…

  6. Chester Edwards says:

    Anybody else having a problem getting this from Amazon? I preordered it from back at the beginning of the month because it was slightly cheaper than ordering it from even though I’m in the US. has been sitting on my order about a week now after it was released and I can’t get a straight answer out of them why they won’t ship it to me. In the meantime, the price on has gone from $130 to $200. has it in stock. I preordered at 109 GBP, and it’s gone up to 120 since release there. I’ve been trying to get an answer out of them as to if they have any plans whatsoever to ship it to me and they only respond (3 times) with the same form answer. I’d love to get this, but apparently Amazon doesn’t want to sell it to me at the price we agreed upon on November 1.

  7. smorrissey says:

    The “Flexible Strategies” album is now available for streaming but not for buying as digital files..definitely not a flexible strategy….

  8. Roberto Zúñiga Torres says:

    I am pretty sure it will come back but the Amazon US link has been gone for a few days now. Just when I was ready to order… oh well…

  9. Joe Donato says:

    I have no interest in this vinyl box set. I have the original CD issues from the 1980’s of all five studio albums plus the Message In A Box CD set. My question is, what is the general opinion of the sound quality of the Police CD remasters from the mid 1990’s that were packaged in the digipacks? Are they worth tracking down? Is the sound an improvement over the Message in The Box? Or just hope and wait that the Police eventually reissue those albums on CD using 2018 technology? Thanks

    • Annie fos says:

      I have no interest in your original cd set….i much prefer my actual original vinyl albums. I would however really like this because much as i love my vinyl they have the sound of well, much loved records, no pops or clicks but scratches & hisses, old, tired but authentic. Give me this new vinyl set so can play these to death like i did the others.

  10. Michael says:

    I definitely want this Police vinyl LP box set! Hopefully the color reproduction of the five original album covers are as vibrant as shown in the promo photo.

    I always regretted trading in my old Police records many years ago, since I had replaced them with “Message in a Box.” At the time, I thought the sound of the Police CDs were an improvement, plus the box set took much less storage space. Years later I discovered and bought the stunning SACD versions of each of the Police studio albums, which are a quantum leap in sound quality. So for me, the “Every Move You Make…” box set is more about the artwork and nostalgia, although I know these Abbey Road half-speed cut vinyl editions will be something quite wonderful.

  11. Rob says:

    My vinyl copies are beat up, so this is a perfect time for me to upgrade. I’ve heard good feedback on the Ghost In The Machine half-speed master from a friend so I have high hopes that this set will sound good. Plus the Optimal pressed LP’s I own have been of top notch quality.

  12. Glen says:

    God I hate these vinyl box sets. I have desire to spend $$$ on a dust collector.

    Please release a CD box set.

  13. Paolo Chiorino says:

    Another useless box set… I don’t know why record companies put out these box sets declaring them as COMPLETE STUDIO WORKS.
    Here we have a complete Police, who miss the first single FALL OUT/NOTHING ACHIEVING, then SECRET JOURNEY, DARKNESS, HOW STUPID Mr. BATES, A KIND OF LOVING, I BURN FOR YOU, DON’T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME ’86, DO DO DO DE DA DA DA spanish and japanese singing.
    Just a second volume of non-LP tracks.
    I mean, these reissues are all around 100 dollars/euros, some even over 200.
    I guess if one is so crazy to pay 100 for an incomplete box set, then at least ten can pay 120 for a complete one.
    And don’t tell me they have not the rights for those tracks because all were included in the previous and even more amazing Message In A Box from 1993.
    Anyway, same thing happens for almost every box set; Steve Miller reissues in a box on black vinyl, but separate LP’s on coloured vinyl.
    Why don’t release a box set with the coloured vinyls?
    A collector has to buy both versions to have the box and the coloured?
    Eagles, Legacy, and here cost is 350!!! On the Singles and B-Sides CD/LP is missing GET OVER IT Live (B-side of Get Over It), HELP ME THROUGH THE NIGHT (B-side of Love Will Keep Us Alive), HOLE IN THE WORLD Live (B-side of Hole In The World).
    Even the reissue of Zepp The Song Remains The Same, there is absolutely no exclusive track on it. It’s just a reissue of the previous 4LP’s combined together with the DVD.
    Tracks are taken from 3 shows, not so great shows even.
    Deep Purple issued Made In Japan, originally a double LP with seven tracks taken from three japanese concerts. The reissue includes the complete three concerts, a 9 LP monstre of one of the greatest live albums of all the time.
    Couldn’t be the same for Led Zeppelin? 3 concerts, 9 LP’s.
    There are tons of other useless and incomplete extremely expensive reissues, don’t be fooled from them.

    • Chris Squires says:

      And the shame of it is Paolo……. when there are 1,000s left unsold some decision maker might say….”Ah, there is no interest in Physical Media, so we will not bother as it didn’t sell”. I hope (but I am not holding my breath) that they will realize that it is not that Physical Media is not wanted….but that they just got the package wrong. It’s their fault not ours….but I don’t think they will be brave or open-minded enough to think that.

      Paul should be rushed off his feet, rather like Steven Wilson, with offers from labels, to put collections together, but I reckon most are put together by some disinterested staffer whose job it is to put this all together. And when it is your job you will, most likely, not approach it in the same way, with the same gusto as if it were your PASSION.

      Most fans would do it for free and do it a darned sight better than a random employee who is probably under 30 years old and can’t remember the Police. I bet everybody (or just about everybody) who posts on this board could put together a “Complete Studio Recordings” or “rarities and b-sides” of their favourite artist, whomever that may be, and do it better than what passes for most current releases. Paul, you ought to keep a contact sheet so that when a label makes contact you can pass the details on to someone who actually cares. I guarantee I know more about the career of my favourite artist than my favourite artist does.

      My wallet is open for those that want to get it right. For this release I shall stick with Message in a Box and my original vinyl from back in the day.

    • FM says:

      Secret Journey,Darkness?…It’s right there on Ghost in the machine.

  14. Nigel Quinless says:

    I’m old enough to own the original black vinyl versions so please make this on coloured vinyl. Also with the thousands of rare and unseen police photos make it a proper book with at least 100 pages.

  15. Darren Leach says:

    This is brilliant and well over due! :)

  16. Mick says:

    I hope this set gets a hi-res digital release (HDTracks, Qobuz, etc.). THAT would be of interest to me.

  17. JC says:

    Thank you for posting the mastering and pressing plant information. This is vital information for vinyl buyers and so many times, it seems like it’s highly classified and top secret.

  18. Jason Brown says:

    Message In A Box – back in ’93 – was the first box set I ever wanted. I think it’s still in print? Yes, it’s missing a few tracks & the live album from 95 (obviously) but it’s pretty much perfect. Unless the remastering adds massive difference to the audio, why bother reissuing? It’s already out there…

    Best thing to do is what happened to the Stranglers The Old Testament (my first box set) : reissue it in a fat box, do away with the book, add a fifth disc of ‘other’ tracks (as per those mentioned above)…done. Everyone happy.

    I understand ‘why?’ in many cases, but in this instance, apart from those missing tracks (which, for completions sake, could be dealt with as per above), let the vinyl box do it’s thing. My Message In A Box will do just fine for me.

    • Harve says:

      The sound from this new set will probably be a huge upgrade over a 25-year old box set, that used early 90’s technology. This will be a welcome addition to my library!

      • Neil says:

        You do realise talking about the sound being upgraded that the vast majority of stuff released nowadays is brickwalled to hell. I actually think the mastering on Message In A Box is ok.

  19. Joe says:

    Were this on CD I’d be really tempted to replace Message In A Box with a fresh remaster and the albums presented properly. Oh well, CDs are dead despite all of the people on SDE clamoring for them.

  20. John says:

    I still think the Message In a Box set is probably one of the best “bang for your buck” sets ever made. I don’t think any record company would even approve it today: “here’s (nearly) everything the band did, for one low price.” These days, keeping some stuff for later (like this set does) is standard. Yeah, seeing the albums broken up across 4 discs is annoying, but the chronology makes sense.

    I wouldn’t want vinyl anyway, but it’s a bummer so much of Message In a Box is missing, and particularly great tracks like “I Burn For You” especially.

  21. Jason says:

    With the half speed mastering this is a must buy for me.

  22. Reed says:

    How come Ghost in the Machine is abridged?

    I rather like Mother…

    • AndyB says:

      Gotta be a misprint. The tracklisting is truncated on the official Police website, too. I’m sure both Secret Journey and Darkness are still there.

    • Martin Kilroy says:

      Hi Paul, do you have any connections to check if Ghost in the Machine is abridged or not?
      Many thanks

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It definitely isn’t. Miles Showell told me he used the same remastered source as the last half-speed and that isn’t abridged. Put this down to a PR/label error on the track listing (which I copied!).

  23. Peter says:

    The ”single” Visions Of The Night is currently for sale on Qobuz.
    I bet the whole package will get at least a digital release.

  24. Andy says:

    CD’s please! And would also love to see Joe Jackson box! On CD, of course.

  25. David Olstein says:

    (Throwing up hands in disgust.) Honestly, why the |%}<\!] couldn't they have made Flexible Strategies a double LP and at least come close to giving us all if the officially released studio recordings? Do they really think that someone who'd be willing to buy an overpriced 6LP box set would suddenly balk at buying an onverprised 7LP box set? I can only assume that the same jdiot responsible for Message in a Box is also responsible for this monstrosity. Seriously, I can understand a "complete albums" box, and a "complete studio recordings box," but a half-assed "let's split the difference" box is pathetic.

    • Neil says:

      Sting who probably had nothing to do with this release has absolutely no intention of reissuing his back catalogue either solo or with The Police. DVD’s have been kicking about for 20 years now and you cannot even get a compilation of his videos. If those two tracks at the end of Ghost In The Machine are omitted i hope people aren’t silly enough to buy this. One last thing Once Upon A Daydream is far too good to be a b side and should have replaced Mother on Synchronicity.

      • Jordan says:

        In case anyone was in any doubt, the artist – particular one of Sting’s stature – has absolute control over what is released; their full approval is what shapes these sets.
        I know we love to give the record companies a kicking on here but often it’s showing up a lot of ignorance.

    • Trash says:


      Personally I think that the only thing really wrong with Message in a Box was the fact that the albums are split across CDs which is indeed annoying. However, this seemed to be pretty much par for the course at the time – I’m thinking of similar ‘Complete sets’ by the Jam, The Style Council and Steely Dan which all had albums split indiscriminately across CDs.
      I agree that doesn’t make it right though…

      I do sometimes get the impression (reading the posts on here) that some people would rather have no reissue at all rather than a reissue that doesn’t quite meet their particular desires.

      P.S. Leave ‘Mother’ alone – it provides a nice counterpoint to the rest of the highly polished stuff on Synchronicity (I’m half-joking!).

      • Neil says:

        When it comes to vinyl i would rather no reissue at all but vinyl still floats some peoples boat. Oh and Mother is crap whatever way you look at it.

    • Eliot Wien says:

      You’re right. Would have liked to see a more complete Studio Box set with more released studio songs. I remember there was a Do Do Do Japanese language single. Just to have that as part of the package would have been cool. I’m sure there’s a lot more! I would be willing to buy an 8 LP set if everything was included.

      • Chris Squires says:

        So basically a better structured and organized Vinyl version of Message in a Box. 4CDs equating to 8 pieces of Vinyl £140…..sign here….yes please.

        The 5 LPs and the other bits across 3 extra LPs I think that would have gained some applause.

  26. Kevin says:

    Secret Journey and Darkness appear to have been left off of Ghost in the Machine side 2. The listing from the Police web site also omits them,
    Secret Journey is one of my favorite song from that album, and Darkness is the Stuart Copeland song from that album.
    Paul, any way to confirm this if these songs have really been omitted?

    • Trash says:

      I’m believe that Ghost is the same half-speed master that was released in 2016 which has a complete tracklisting.
      I assume (hope) that the omission is just a simple mistake. I really can’t see any reason why they would omit these last two tracks…

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Ghost is from the same remastered source, but it’s a new cut for this box, with a better lathe. I’ve added details in the post.

      • Kevin says:

        Agreed. Those last two tracks are on the 2016 remaster, and i can’t imagine any reason why they would be purposely omitted. Hopefully it’s just a simple mistake in the listing.

  27. Keith says:

    I think this is great value at the price for half speed masters, I’ve been very impressed with the Stones set and the queen set of half speed vinyls . I don’t have any police on vinyl only cd. Mainly only buy vinyl now so this will be an early Xmas present to myself

  28. R.naud says:

    Can’t believe they didn’t include “I Burn for You” on the Flexible Strategies bonus album of B sides. The track was recorded in 1982 and released on the flip side of the 12″ single “Wrapped around Your Finger” in 1983. It’s probably one of the best songs by the Police and Sting has been singing it live on his first solo tour (a live version of it was released as a B side to the single Russians in 1985) and it was also part of his album Symphonicities that came out in 2010.

  29. karl says:

    When it goes down to half price because they cannot move them, I will hit the buy button.
    Until then Meh…

  30. Ben in Colorado says:

    Love the packaging. The combination of Zenyatta Mondayya and Regatta design elements and colors are a welcome relief. Ghost in the machine and synchronicity, from the packaging point of view, were nowhere near as cool as the first three albums. The red, blue and yellow theme was way overused.

    In my opinion the first three albums are classic. The fourth and fifth album suffered way too much from a lack of Copeland songs, saxophone and Sting’s ego.

    I bought synchronicity on cassette the day came out while in Paris.My first impressions were such a disappointment because the energy an incredible power of the earlier Police seemed to be missing. It’s an excellent album but it’s Way over produced for the type of music from the Police turned me onto them with Outlandos.

    Of course I ordered the box through the SDE link. Thanks Paul!

    • Trash says:

      I’d agree about the last album. Some great songs on it but not their best.
      However, I rate Ghost in the Machine very highly indeed. One of the things that is interesting is the change in sound from Nigel Gray’s production (first three albums) to Hugh Padgham on Ghost and Synchtonicity. Everything sounds much crisper and, as a huge fan of Copeland’s drumming, I really appreciate the clarity with which they come through on the last two albums.
      Listen to the fills on One World.

      In my view all five albums have merits but for me its the 2nd, 3rd and 4th that I return to the most.

      Also I love the change in style of the artwork for ‘Ghost’ – it mirrors the change in sound (and I quite liked the simple rendering of their faces… I’ve always thought it was done very well.

  31. Mark Sumner says:

    Wish these had been on coloured vinyl as I’d of been all over it. Good originals can be picked up cheap on a car boot. What a missed opportunity?

    • Mike Williams says:

      Looking at the artwork, I agree that colored vinyl would have been cool. Synchronicity would have to be a 3-striped colored vinyl! I would have bought this!

  32. richard says:

    I think good news … i only have 1 original LP and this is for me a nice change to get all 5 albums in excellent sound, many other “Abbey Road” lp’s made me very happy when playing them, so this will be a great addition to my collection …

    and i don’t see it as a rarities release, i hope Joe Jackson’s legacy will be next !!!

  33. Gavaxeman says:

    Managed to get decent vinyl copies of all the police studio lps and the orig compilation lp for less than £30 over the last few years , they are always in the bargain racks

  34. Charlie Waffles says:

    I will pass on the vinyl. I am still a huge supporter of cd. Come on, UMG. Gimme the cd box set.

    Flexible Strategies needs Don’t Stand So Close ’86! And Fall Out. Put the missing tracks on the cd version. I will pay for it, UMG.

    By the way, I do love Miss Gradenko and Mother. Synchronicity II sucks outright!

    I found the Brimstone and Treacle soundtrack many years ago on cassette. Glad I got it!

    UMG, you need to give special attention to a band that only put out five albums in their time.

  35. Brad Breault says:

    I have a question regarding the half speed mastering process for anyone who might know; once this process is done and tapes/files are completed for vinyl production, can those tapes/files also be used for CD production? Seems if it’s such a superior-sounding end result they should want to maximize it to other formats. And I’m with many other readers here, a CD version of this box would be preferable for me, even my girlfriend who still has original vinyl pressings of the Police catalogue looked at this box and questioned sound quality, lack of new artwork, lack of bonus content, etc. not to mention “is it coming on CD too?”

  36. Ken Moore says:

    I have zero interest in vinyl. I also do not believe the reports of people no longer buying cds. I definitely see a decrease in what is available on compact disc. I truly believe the labels are trying to do away with cds, because they can sell a digital download for the same price as a cd, with no manufacturing costs. They also know they can sell vinyl for $25+ a disc. It’s all about gouging the consumer. I still buy a ton of cds and know many others who do the same. It’s a scam.

    • Truth Hits Everybody says:

      What a negative, spoilsport curmudgeon you are.

      Oh – and you also happen to be 150% correct.

  37. Paul English says:

    Walking On The Moon and Message In A Bottle- will the 7” mixes ever be released on CD?

  38. Benjamin Adams says:

    Where’s “Fall Out”?

  39. mr mercury says:

    Could of done with a single or deluxe cd set Remaster 2018 for folks who don’t want a bunch of vinyls.

  40. Randy Davis says:

    “Once Upon A Daydream” is a great Police outtake (and b-side). It should have replaced Andy’s terrible song “Mother” on the “Synchronicity” album. It the Police had done this, “Synchronicity” may have turned to be my favorite album ever made. Even over the Beatles records. Track 6 (“Synchronicity II”) through track 11 (“Murder By Numbers” – on the cassette version) is the greatest set of consecutive songs on any album ever. Every song is magic.

  41. Robert says:

    I already have the studio albums on vinyl. I bought them before I started to collect CD’s. This boxset would have been a “must have” for me, if it was released on CD. The Police was one of my favorite bands, when I grew up.

    I hope that the record companie will listen to the fans and release this boxset on CD.

    • Pauly Walnuts says:

      I agree…on CD, Instant purchase

    • Gisabun says:

      There is already a box set of Police on 4 CDs with loads more of B’sides and stuff. Called “Message In A Box”. It was listed as the complete recordings – which wasn’t true because they release a 12″ of [I think] 4 tracks which included Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 mixes and stuff.
      But yes. The box was released 32 years ago and probably not remastered.
      Unsure why this box doesn’t have more of the extra tracks. Probably at least an hour of stuff not in this box.

      • Ted says:

        The message in a box also did not include the Spanish and Japanese language versions of De Do Do Do, still have my 7″

  42. smorrissey says:

    “New” single on iTunes: Visions of the Night. Apparently this is gonna be released on iTunes too.

  43. bostonnn says:

    Please issue this on CD and please include the extended mix of Don’t Stand ’86.

    • Glenn says:

      The extended version of Don’t Stand ’86 is on the European version of Message in a Box CD set or the scarce CD Video release.

  44. Christophe says:

    My message in a box stuff and my five original vinyles are enough Stewart snare drum will never be as good as on originals lps ..and the best bside ever is Murder by numbers (bside of every breath)

    • Sally Bemo says:

      Murder By Numbers was also put on the cassette version of the Synchronicity album. It should have been put in place of Miss Gradenko. Once Upon A Daydream should have replaced Mother. If The Police would have done this, they would have created one of the 5 greatest pop/rock albums ever, and it’s already a darn good record even with the 2 weaker songs on it.

      • AndyB says:

        Aw, man. I absolutely LOVE Miss Gradenko. Why the hate?

        • Trash says:

          Me too!
          Miss Gredenko is superb.
          I’m less in love with Mother BUT I am glad that ‘the other two’ managed to at least get a song each past Sting’s ego :-) Notably he refused to sing on them (and maybe even refused to play on them I can’t recall exactly).

  45. ross says:

    Half speed masters are not necessarily “infinitely superior”. You’ve got all sorts of other factors to consider in there as well.

    True half-speed in analogue Yes , from a digital file No just marketing BS to flog the same records again & again
    Decca started using half-speed mastering 70 years ago

    • Mike the Fish says:

      I thought Decca used two thirds speed at some point. Even with digital there are other factors, such as the condition of the original tapes used for the digital transfer, EQ applied, etc… But with analogue there’s all that and potential issues with tape head bandwidth for lower frequencies. Digital gives the chance to micro manage before cutting and without losing bottom end.

  46. AdamW says:

    Owning the Message In A Box CD set, and only ever owning Synchronicity on vinyl, I can see the appeal of this. I don’t know if it’ll be enough to make me buy it, but I think they chose the “right” B-sides for the Flexible Strategies platter (how often do you listen to the extended
    “Don’t Stand ’86,” really?). A bigger, nicer book might have sealed the deal.

    If the remastering is a revelation, I might reconsider.

  47. art moy says:

    Too many vinyl box sets. I will stream this one from Tidal.

  48. Trash says:

    I’ve got Message in a Box (the CD recordings) but my original vinyl albums are pretty worn out from constant playing (on some dodgy turntables over the years). Almost picked up the Ghost in the Machine Abbey road remaster recently for an exorbitant sum but really glad I didnt.

    This is a much better value box set than the Kate Bush ones I think (purely on the basis of number of discs not on quality of material).

    A definite purchase for me…

    By the way for those interested – it is still possible to get Message in a Box at sensible prices if you look hard enough.

    • Chris Squires says:

      yup, I have the narrow and earbook versions of “message in a box” and it is just about perfect. Picked the earbook version up for £20 earlier this year and it’s superb for dodgy eyes with the bigger writing.

      This is a lovely set and I think I will jump in and get it, hopefully it might drop a bit but the albums are excellent and remind me of some great parties…….

  49. Mathew Lauren says:

    Stewart admits he doesn’t “get” surround-sound. Shame. While I’m very interested in all ‘80s-‘90s Sting remixed by someone willing to aggressively, immersively and discretely re-remix his solo work, especially the very “weakly” mixed, imho (from 80-tracks!) “Brand New Day” 5.1 (I call a merciful “mulligan” on that ES surround effort); the real kick would be to see all The Police original albums with era-inclusive extras (like: “Murder by Numbers”) available in discrete, immerisve audio.

    Vinyl — been there, done that!

    The Police original albums (w/surround extras) via Japanese mini-lp, multi/hybrid 5.1 SACDs, or even 24/96 5.1 Blu-ray Audio or ATMOS/X via (4K) Blu-ray Audio would work just fine by me.

    …or how ‘bout a Genesis-style effort with stereo-multi/hybrid SACDs packaged with “lossless” & 24/96 dts DVD-A/V or 24/96 2.0 & 5.1 Blu A/V original albums, extras & MTV-vids — or similarly packaged 5.1 SACDs with (4K) ATMOS BR-A/Vs offering 2.0, 5.1 and even ATMOS/X audio codecs (if and where applicable) for the original albums, extras & MTV-vids — something for everyone!

    Now that would be an awesome offering! I really hope Universal is listening. All record companies need to recognise that “Immersive Audio” (5.1+ physical-audio disc) interest in original studio-albums has continued to increase and ATMOS (physical discs and streaming) is the future!

    I’ll have to pass on MORE vinyl.

  50. Joe Donato says:

    With 2018 being the 40 year anniversary of their first album release, I was hoping that the Police would begin a SDE treatment of all of their studio albums. And on CD too. I am not interested in the vinyl. Maybe someday in the future….

  51. Steve W says:

    I like the look of this but will hang on for the inevitable cd set, I like the Police but not enough to have everything on vinyl.

  52. daveid76 says:

    Seems to me like a wasted opportunity. As the other messages say above where are the ’86 tracks, Brimstone and Treacle and no doubt various other b sides?

  53. Stan From Ohio says:

    As the years pass, and I intermittently revisit the albums, I fall so much deeper in love with them. What a spectacular piece of good fortune I had to be an adolescent, getting to experience these albums as they were being released. And, while you can add my name to the list of customers who would love the option to purchase this in the compact disc format, I’m nevertheless thrilled to see their catalog getting some fresh love and attention. Thanks, Sting!

  54. VanMar says:

    First single ‘Fall out/ Nothing achieving’ missing as well !

  55. MARK LEVY says:

    I’ve got MESSAGE IN A BOX. A 4 CD set which effectively does something similar to this vinyl collection. It would be nice if a CD version of this new one came out.

  56. Andrea says:

    If I understand this correctly, and these being single discs, these are half speed remastered but NOT 45 rpm, as (say) Brian Eno’s (et alii) ?

  57. Foxee says:

    Rather than focusing on and grizzling about only one apparent ‘new’ track in this collection, it should be emphasised that half-speed masters are, sonically, infinitely superior to original masters (note this treatment on ‘Abba – The Album’ and the recent Japan re-releases), and to get five albums treated in this way, plus a disc of rarities, plus a very nice presentation box and book, on heavyweight vinyl – and all for £100???? I’d say it was a bloody bargain!!!!

    Thank God the beautiful and best vinyl format is back to stay and horrible compressed files and synthetic sounding CDs are on their way out!

    • Neil says:

      It’s hardly a disc of rarities as all of them are on Message In A Box apart from the remix of Truth Hits Everybody.

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Half speed masters are not necessarily “infinitely superior”. You’ve got all sorts of other factors to consider in there as well.

    • Steve W says:

      Until pressing plants can guarantee quality control, currently produced vinyl will not be the best format. Some absolutely beautiful remasters out there, let down by some badly produced and packaged vinyl. I would be more interested in CD boxset of this, depending on your hi-fi set up, a lot of modern CD mastering can sound just as good as vinyl, all without the danger of the static pops, factory inflicted scratches and tonearm challenging warping.

  58. EW99 says:

    Wonder which version of Shambelle that’ll be….

    • Friso says:

      What versions are there of Shambelle?

      • EW99 says:

        The b-sides of “Invisible Sun” and “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” and the version on “Message In A Box” are all different. According to wikipedia anyway.

        • Friso says:

          I first knew of the track from the B-side of the european Every Little Thing 7″, and had it later on CD with the Message in a Box set. But…after browsing Youtube and Discogs, I think that the 5.42 version doesn’t exist, and that the tracklength is a typo. I believe the full version has the Copeland hi-hat intro, which was NOT on my 7″, and also not on the boxset, but is the version from the Invisible Sun 7″. It seems to fade out a bit later too. The tracklength is 5.10 and the others are 5.00 in duration.
          But these are my findings, because I haven’t got the Invisible Sun single. In any case, the various Youtube videos featuring Shambelle as the Invisible Sun B-side all have a length around 5.10.

          • Ron says:

            To my knowledge there are two versions: the original 7″ version with hi-hat intro and the 1993 box set version where the intro has been edited out. The 5:42 version is indeed a typo on the 7″ label as it runs for 5:10.

  59. Rodolfo Martin says:

    What about the official live CD album which was probably never released on vinyl? Although I am (happily) not interested in LPs, I understand that others are and those deserve much more than this box. How much better they can sound? I think it was time to released more bonus materials, demos, etc. Former Manager said 10 years ago, that there was a lot of rare material that could be released someday. The Police fans are still waiting for expanded albums.

  60. Nigel Hall says:

    For new vinyl junkies only I think. None of the tracks from Brimstone & Treacle, no single version of ‘Bed’s Too Big’, no 86 remix of Don’t Stand So Close, none of the foreign language versions, only one track which wasn’t on the early box and doesn’t even have the alternative lyric version of Every Breath You Take which was used on Spitting Image either. Lucky the title of the box is just ‘the studio recordings’ not ‘the complete studio recordings’, eh?

    • Ian says:

      I agree with Nigel Hall comments with regards to this vinyl box set. Its a missed opportunity not to have pressed these on coloured vinyl, like Queen. Outlandos d’amour on blue vinyl with the hype sticker saying – “hey vinyl Junkies this record is pressed on coloured vinyl” is a gem within my Police collection & would purchase if CD version is released with the missing extra tracks.

  61. DavyT says:

    No CD version… frustrating. The vinyl resurgence is alive and well but some of us either have no desire or no space to go back there… plus the ‘incompleteness ‘ – don’t get me wrong, I love a Deluxe Reissue or supposedly ‘Complete’ box set as much as the next person, but time and time again we see that term bandied about and it falls short. The Kate Bush sets being another example – I’ll certainly buy them, but it still means having to hang on to the ‘Woman’s Work’ bonus discs, when I really should downsizing.

    Plus, is it just me or is this holiday season officially out of control with expensive product? Surely the record companies know we only have so much disposable income to shell out for all these releases, making the choices on what to get and what to risk missing out on even harder than usual- or will we see a glut of SDE deals in the new year on Amazon UK /US / Europe that we Australians won’t be able to take advantage of… Rant over !

    • Caroline says:

      Christmas is basically the only time of year a lot of people buy music now – net result: the labels are going all types of nuts with expensive objects that are maybe a satisfying gift to give/receive but not necessarily what a collector would be asking Santa for. Such is the “market”.

  62. Neil says:

    The only thing exclusive to this is Truth Hits Everybody (Remix) which wasn’t on Message In a Box. Glad i’m not interested in vinyl as that price is a joke.

  63. colm47 says:

    I heard So Lonely on the radio yesterday and I thought to myself :
    why is there no Police vinyl box set?
    Lo and behold, later on in the day comes the news of the box set.

    Now if only I could think of the lottery numbers so I could afford all these boxes!

    • gary oliver says:

      Colm47 – you will be getting requests on here !

    • StevieB says:

      Colm, could you think ‘why isn’t there an expanded version of Stiff Little Fingers’ Inflammable Material album, complete with Peel sessions etc? Thanks, I’d be really grateful.

  64. AndyB says:

    Yawn. Guess we’ll have to wait until the 50th anniversary of the debut for something interesting.

  65. Tim in Miami says:

    Missing the Brimstone and Treacle tracks but adds the TruthHits Everybody 83 which was left off the first box. Nothing else adds to the previous box. This is a cash grab on the vinyl resurgence that’s all. Not a single demo, alternate take or even the Spanish/Japanese versions of De Do Do Do.

    Hard pass

    • Javier says:

      The ´83 remix of TRUTH HITS EVERYBODY is a Sting solo recording, with a drum machine.

      • Yves says:

        Truth Hits Everybody is not a remix, actually it is a re-recorded version made in 1983 during the Synchronicity sessions. It was available on 7” (backed with a live version of Man In A Suitcase) and was part of the limited edition UK double 7” pack Every Breath You Take (AM 117 + AM*01). This version was curiosly not in Message In A Box – the original version is far better than this one, though. I found a copy of this record (AM*01) some weeks ago at the record shop near home at a very low price!
        In my opinion, buying the original records (LP’s + 7”for the b-sides) could cost less than the price of this box. The pleasure of collecting vs. “I want everything right now”.

  66. poptones says:

    Not really a fan of the Police or Sting but I must admit it’s a nice box set and the price seems right with 6 LPs included.

  67. Steven Roberts says:

    Quick question – given that every artist and their dog seem to be hawking around a vinyl box set at the moment – just WHERE are these albums being pressed?

    Has Pallas (Germany, very well regarded) expanded it’s operations to cope with the extra demand, or is GZ (Czech Republic, not so well regarded) running double shifts?

    Or Optimal, maybe (Germany again)?

    Or a new kid on the block?

  68. Kauwgompie says:

    Disconcerning that box sets like these are not being released on CD. This would be a guaranteed buy for me if it was on CD. I’ll have to skip it now. Record companies really don’t understand what the fans want. Hopefully they will change their mind.

  69. Claire says:

    where is the dodgy 86 remix of Don’t Stand So Close to Me ? LOL. Not a huge amount to jump in on this one for for me.

  70. Tiago says:

    It’s okay, I guess. Not that impressed, to be honest. They could’ve included more unreleased stuff and even demo recordings like “Don’t Think We Could Ever Be Friends”, which I’d love to have in good quality.

  71. Marc K. says:

    Looking forward to some new shiny half speed mastered Police vinyl.
    Let’s hope the price drops some 25 euro’s…..

  72. Steven Roberts says:


    Whilst “The Frustratingly Incomplete Studio Recordings” isn’t as pithy as the title chosen, it would be altogether more accurate….

    If anyone is curious as to what ‘studio recordings’ are missing, compare the above tracklisting to that for the “Message In a Box/Book” set from several years ago…..

    • maxx says:


      and the thing is… the old “Message In A Box” was missing many tracks, such as De Do Do Do ’86, Truth Hits Everybody ’83, Roxanne (backing track), Every Breath You Take (backing track), Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 (short version)… and many more!

      will we ever seen a “proper” deluxe version of any of The Police’s Album?

      • Eric M. says:

        The US version of the old box had the shorter version of “Don’t Stand…” ‘86 instead of the 12” Version. I’m still miffed about that.

        • christian says:

          There’s a cd floating about at record fairs that I picked up years ago called Missing In A Box which scoops up most of the (at that time) missing material. If I remember it’s still missing a couple of things but I can’t remember what they are for now.

          01-Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86
          02-Roxanne (backing track)
          03-Can’t Stand Losing You (live Paris ’79)
          04-Fall Out (live Boston ’79)
          05-De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Japanese)
          06-Message In A Bottle (classic rock mix)
          07-Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 (video version)
          08-Invisible Sun (video version)
          09-De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Spanish version)
          10-Every Breath You Take (backing track)
          11-Truth Hits Everybody ’83
          12-Don’t Stand So Close To Me (live Atlanta ’83)
          13-Wrapped Around Your Finger (live Atlanta ’83)
          14-King Of Pain (Montreal ’83)
          15-De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da ’86
          16-Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 (dance mix)

          • richard says:

            Now that would be fun to grab hold of !
            Would love some of these but will wait until they are available seperately . ( hopefully )

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