The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Live at the LA Forum 1975


With the Hampton Coliseum Live in 1981 Rolling Stones set still seven weeks away from release, Eagle Vision have already announced the second in their new ‘From The Vault’ series: L.A. Forum Live In 1975.

The ‘Stones tour of The Americas in ’75 was the band s first time on the road with new guitarist Ronnie Wood and consisted of 44 dates between June and August 1975. The five nights at the L.A. Forum commenced from July 9th and the concert film in this set features the show from July 12th. As with before, footage has now been restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show.

The formats are likely to be identical to the Live in 1981 Hampton Coliseum release, so expect standalone blu-ray and DVD along with the formats below. At the time of writing only the UK 2CD+DVD edition of LA Forum Live in 1975 can be pre-ordered but this post will be updated as and when links come through. It’s released on 17 November 2014.

2CD+DVD Edition

3LP+DVD Edition

12 responses to The Rolling Stones / From the Vault: Live at the LA Forum 1975

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  3. Haze says:

    I haven’t had chance to play my 3xLP which arrived this morning but the sleeve indicates several tracks on the DVD are NOT included on the vinyl. (Heartbreaker, Wild Horses & That’s Life)
    If that is the case I’ll be mighty disappointed.

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  5. fan says:

    Charles Bukowski attended theses concerts for a Rolling Stone magazine article :-) I’ll surely preorder the vinyl

  6. joe says:

    why is this not a US release as well, thoughts?

  7. Ron Hatchell says:

    I bought the audio show from the Vault and it is OUTSTANDING! Bob did a fantastic job mixing it. Looking forward to seeing the video!

  8. claudio says:

    …looking forward to a complete videos collection!!! why should we still be waiting???

  9. LedMan says:

    Looking forward to this!

  10. Dan says:

    already announced the second in THEIR new ‘From The Vault’ series

  11. Gary says:

    The Stones must be hurting for cash huh? Haha.

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